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Threat of nuclear weapon being used is higher than it has been in generations: Top UN official

The current international environment is defined by competition over cooperation and the acquisition of arms is prioritised over the pursuit of diplomacy, he said.
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US has moved new resolution, but Masood Azhar unlikely to be blacklisted anytime soon

China's vote is crucial for the listing to go through but without a timeline, even that may take years. 

China sends fighters for Pakistan Day parade, days after thwarting Masood Azhar terror tag

China had last week placed a technical hold on a proposal moved by France, the US, and the UK at the UN Security Council for sanctions against Masood Azhar.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

China humiliated India because of these 5 fatal follies of Modi Doctrine

India looks less equal to China than 5 years ago, US alliance is hobbled by trade, and Pakistan looks anything but chastened by Balakot. What’s gone wrong?
Masood Azhar

India didn’t present new proof against Masood Azhar, says state-run Chinese daily

Global Times says main aim of Indian govt behind “forcing” China was to “instigate domestic public opinion” and “win more support for BJP” before polls.
Masood Azhar

China blocks proposal to tag JeM chief Masood Azhar a terrorist for fourth time at UN

India said it was disappointed by China's decision, which had placed a technical hold on the proposal to designate Masood Azhar a terrorist.
Muslims beat posters of Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar during a protest against Pulwama terror attack, in Ahmedabad on February 15, 2019

Not designating Masood Azhar a terrorist hurts regional stability: US tells China, UN members

US, Britain and France have moved a resolution in the UN Security Council to designate Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist following the attack in Pulwama.
Masood Azhar

US ‘pressuring’ China, Pakistan to allow UN global terrorist tag for Masood Azhar

JeM chief Masood Azhar meets criteria for designation as global terrorist by UN committee, US has assured India.
Graphic by Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

Reaction to India’s military action on Pakistan shows how important it is to the world now

The uncomfortable truth for Islamabad is that not one country spoke out in its favour after India sent in its Mirages.
Hurricane Irma ravaged most of Florida and critics say its time to plan for climate change.

Global Pulse: Lessons from Irma & Harvey, Singapore to get first woman president

A roundup of the biggest headlines and views from across the world.

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Electoral bonds are a constitutional hazard but transparency alone isn’t the solution

Supreme Court’s role in setting a reform agenda for political funding has to be limited and not extend to managing how parties function.
CJI Gogoi

Is Supreme Court handling sexual harassment allegation against CJI Ranjan Gogoi correctly?

Two advocates Monday wrote to the Bar Council of India criticising it for its support to CJI Ranjan Gogoi and called the hearing a ‘travesty of justice’.


Indian Coast Guard

Indian Coast Guard increases maritime surveillance following Sri Lanka blasts

More ships and aircraft have been deployed to ensure India faces no security threat after a series of blasts killed 290 in Colombo, a Coast Guard official said.
Graphic by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi & Shah have turned India into ‘Jingostan’ & are out to conquer the paranoid country

The Modi-Shah BJP has resurrected dangers & the enemy from the past, and built a scary jingoism. It’s a great diversionary tactic, but it never ends well.