Saturday, 19 January, 2019

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Forest Research Institute |

This premier university has always been in the grip of civil servants

Forest Research Institute Deemed University in Dehradun has never been headed by an academic. All its V-Cs are officers from the Indian Forest Services.
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HRD ministry panel wants Institutes of Eminence to get Rs 1,000 crore to boost research

Empowered expert committee says fund should be above general research pool grant and be available to institutions based on their performance.
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Teaching in Delhi University could soon become an essential service

HRD Ministry is looking to examine if DU can be brought under ESMA. If implemented, teachers can face arrest or fine if they participate in protests.

Govt to tweak MPhil & PhD admission rules, now exam will hold more weight than interview

Under current rules, the exam for admission to MPhil and PhD courses in central universities only serves as a qualifying role for the interview stage.
JNU teachers and Students during protest March in campus against arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar by Delhi Police | Ramesh Sharma/India Today Group/Getty Images

Diktat for teachers at central universities like JNU & DU: Can’t criticise govt

University Grants Commission says all educational institutions taking funds from the Central govt will now come under rules that disallow protest.
A statue of Mahatma Gandhi

Studying Mahatma Gandhi is not going to get you a job & Indian students know it

Ahead of the Mahatma’s 150th birth anniversary in 2019, data shows dramatic reduction in students pursuing Gandhian studies. But scholars are unperturbed.

Surgical Strike Day a plot to curb student activism or move to instil national pride?

A University Grants Commission (UGC) circular asked varsities and higher education institutions to observe 29 September as Surgical Strike Day. It als...

Our system considers anything less than rape a ‘frivolous allegation’

To feel safe on campus is the basic right of every Indian student.
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Given Left’s grip on colleges, arranging marriages are easier than holding seminars in India

The malaise towards Indian higher education has made our railway platforms cleaner and technologically better equipped than classrooms.

Forget funds crunch, half of India’s universities don’t even utilise 50% of their grants

Of 162 state universities, 70 have used less than half their central govt grants, with 20 spending less than 30%.
Central transfers can make up some, not all, of the inequality in India (Representational image) | PTI

India needs to fix the growing inequality between poorer east and richer south

Social sector spending by the poorer states remains lower than in the better-off ones. If they are to catch up, this is the opposite of what it should be.

Karnataka crisis: Can horse-trading be checked or should it be accepted as part of politics?

The Karnataka Congress called a legislature party meeting Friday to address the issue of horse trading in the state and put up a show of strength. The Congress ...