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BJP president Amit Shah

Amit Shah is making southern states feel as if they are living off New Delhi’s generosity

The BJP chief’s pinch-hitting against southern states does no good to the Team India spirit that Modi speaks of.

Pictures: Is it Santa Claus? Is it Lord Krishna? No, it’s a Member of Parliament

In the Budget session alone, Siva Prasad has dressed up as a Christian priest, Lord Krishna, Santa Claus, and TDP founder NTR, among others.
Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu giving a speech at Ugadi festival

A status-check of all the grand promises TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu made in 2014

While lack of central funds was the reason for the TDP’s exit from the NDA, how much has the state govt been able to do with what it had? ThePrint finds out.
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu

Naidu did right by dumping Modi, but can he deliver now is the question in Andhra Pradesh

The TDP’s exit from the NDA has got the backing of the people, who blame Modi and the BJP for betrayal. But they’re keeping a close eye on Naidu as well.
Chandrababu Naidu

Chandrababu Naidu: The shrewd politician who didn’t even hesitate to oust his father-in-law

Through his career, Naidu has switched sides to whoever has been most useful to him, leading to his opponents dubbing him an ‘opportunist’.
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

After exiting the Modi govt, TDP trains its guns on Jaganmohan Reddy

As Andhra steps into the election year, how Jaganmohan Reddy plays his cards, how his corruption trial shape could determine his political relevance in 2019.
Chandrababu Naidu

Founded by movie legend NTR, Telugu Desam Party has always punched above its weight

Within a year of its launch, the Telugu Desam Party unseated the Congress government from Andhra after 27 years in office.     
Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MPs stage protest at Parliament House demanding Special Category status for Andhra Pradesh in New Delhi | PTI

I am a TDP MP and this is why my party is at the end of its tether with the BJP

The people of Andhra Pradesh and their representatives aren’t being taken seriously.
Chandrababu Naidu

BJP to keep post-poll options open as TDP is all set to walk out of NDA

Chandrababu Naidu’s move in protest against Centre’s refusal to give Andhra a ‘special state’ status will be a political setback for BJP ahead of 2019.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi shaking hands with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu

It’s complicated: TDP exiting Modi govt is latest chapter in on-off relationship

Chandrababu Naidu has asked his party members to resign as ministers after Jaitley rules out special category status for Andhra Pradesh.

On Camera

Workers at a construction site in Delhi (representational image) | Ruhani Kaur/Bloomberg

India’s caste problem has a silver lining: urbanisation, and inter-caste marriage

Unlike villages, search for partners in cities shifts its focus from family and caste networks to friends and professional networks.

IAS poll observer: With Modi breaking rules, should EC give him special security treatment?

The Election Commission has suspended an IAS officer who had inspected PM Narendra Modi’s chopper in Odisha’s Sambalpur Tuesday.


Satellite images suggest that China is testing and weaponising its naval platforms for space denial

China is now testing laser ASAT weapons from its naval ships

China has already tested missile & EMP anti-satellite weapons from the ground. Now it’s using icebreaker ships in the Yellow Sea/Bohai Sea area.
Graphic by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi & Shah have turned India into ‘Jingostan’ & are out to conquer the paranoid country

The Modi-Shah BJP has resurrected dangers & the enemy from the past, and built a scary jingoism. It’s a great diversionary tactic, but it never ends well.