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PM Narendra Modi

Desperate to move fast and break things, Modi acts first and thinks later

The Modi government’s policy-making is marked by the absence of causal evidence and planning.
People take part in a march to protest AES deaths in Muzaffarpur | PTI

Bihar encephalitis to lynchings to #MeToo – why Indians don’t take issues to the finish line

By rapidly jumping from one issue to another, outrage cycles make sustained advocacy extremely difficult. That is the challenge.
A wholesale stall selling mobile phone accessories in Mumbai | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

To keep up with TikTok & Bitcoin, India needs innovation in lawmaking too

Currently, laws dealing with modern technology are either ad-hoc or not truly responsive to the challenges posed by such technology.
A bronze bull statue at the entrance to Bombay Stock Exchange | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Why India’s economy needs Eco-normics – not Left vs Right debate

How do we integrate an ecological horizon with state regulations and market mechanisms?
Graphic by Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint.in

None of the intellectuals on ThePrint’s list work in Indian languages

ThePrint’s intellectual list presents a homogeneous group of English-speaking people who look similar to each other.
Former RBI Governor Urjit Patel | Olivier Douliery/Bloomberg

Former RBI Governor Urjit Patel paid a heavy price for his unseemly power grab

RBI has now acquired far more monetary policy independence than it had during the UPA years.
Indian Army marching at Rajpath

History tells us Indian military was not always marginalised by civilian officials

Indian nationalists identified the problem of military’s outsized influence in matters of policy.
A file photo of Captain Amarinder Singh holding a meeting | Twitter

Amarinder Singh’s first year in power: The good, the bad, the ugly

The good news is his strong stance on Khalistani elements & illegal sand mining; the bad news is pre-poll promises of phones & jobs are unfulfilled.

Off The Cuff with Rajiv Kumar

This edition of 'Off The Cuff' saw NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar in conversation with ThePrint Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta. Kumar spoke on a range of issues including the economic slowdown, GST, unemployment, disinvestment in Air India and agriculture. The event was held in Delhi on 29 September 2017. Also Read: GST to Air India, the headlines from OTC with Niti Aayog’s Rajiv Kumar Off The Cuff with Rajiv Kumar From Left: Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, ThePrint; Rajiv Kumar, vice-chairman, Niti Aayog  Off The Cuff with Rajiv Kumar From Left: KC Tyagi, JD (United MP); Shekhar Gupta Off The Cuff with Rajiv Kumar First row from left: Ramesh Bidhuri, member of parliament Lok Sabha, BJP; Ishan Raina, CEO, Out Of Home Media; Sanjeev Manchanda, noted CA; Deven Narang, MD- Susatainable Biomass, Sindicatum; Jyotsna Suri, chairperson, Bharat Hotels Ltd Second row from left: Utkarsh Amitabh, founder Network Capital; Harish Sachdeva, MD Helix Group; Herbert Traxl, former Austrian Ambassador to India Off The...

Off The Cuff with Amitabh Kant

This edition of 'Off The Cuff' saw CEO, NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant in conversation with ThePrint Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta and Chairman of the Bajaj Group Rahul Bajaj. Mr Kant spoke on a range of issues including Make in India to real estate reforms and relations with China to the controversial anti-corruption law. The event was held in Pune on 23 May 2017. Also Read: Air India is next on disinvestment list — Niti Aayog’s Amitabh Kant Off The Cuff with Amitabh Kant Amitabh Kant (L); Rahul Bajaj (C); Shekhar Gupta (R) Off The Cuff with Amitabh Kant A light moment Off The Cuff with Amitabh Kant Satish Mehta, Founder, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Off The Cuff with Amitabh Kant AN Roy, former Director General of Police, Maharashtra with his wife Off The Cuff with Amitabh Kant Rashmi Shukla, Pune Police Commissioner (second from right); Varsha Chordia, Vice-President, Pune Biennale Foundation (R)  

On Camera

Ajit Jogi played in Congress’ big-boy league, convinced each camp he was their ‘utility’ man

Ajit Jogi liked telling tales about ‘Diggy raja’, whom he loved to hate, but couldn't achieve much in MP politics. Luck finally smiled on him with Chhattisgarh's creation in 2000.

Does Trump help or harm India’s interests when he offers to mediate with China, Pakistan?

US President Donald Trump Wednesday offered to mediate between India and China over the "raging border dispute".


Air Chief Marshal R.K.S. Bhadauria, head of the Indian Air Force | Photo: ANI

IAF hunting for 6 midair refuellers, more UAVs as wars moving to skies, says chief Bhadauria

In an interview to ThePrint, Air Chief Marshal R.K.S. Bhadauria says the IAF is not in favour of ‘rigid theaterisation’ as it will divide already scarce IAF combat assets and effort.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

PM, CM, DM: India’s 3 big power centres have been exposed by one disaster

The prime minister, chief minister and district magistrate are the three engines of India’s governance, but their handling of the coronavirus pandemic is going awry.