Sunday, 22 July, 2018

Topic: Partition


The Kathua rape case has brought up disturbing memories of Jammu’s history

In all the din about the Kathua rape outcry, a warning masquerading as a historical reminder has gone largely unnoticed.
Book cover and the author

History in incubation: forgotten tales retold

There is no greater vehicle for high drama, low farce, and ultimate tragedy, than the relationship between Pakistan and India.
Cover of the book, 'Two' and author Gulzar

No Songs for Silence: A Review of Gulzar’s ‘Two’

In Two, Gulzar carves the facts of the partition to its bare bones in a masterpiece stoic prose
People travelling through trains across border during partition and the book cover

‘Looking Back’: Filling in the gaps of Partition

With a mix of fiction and non-fiction, including some brilliant Bangla stories never translated into English, the book tries to present a holistic view of Partition.

I’ve seen more love, bonhomie between communities than hatred – Huma Qureshi

If Indians were inherently a divided lot, we wouldn’t have stuck together and stayed united, says the star of film Partition: 1947 Sanya Dhingra

Partition 1947 – A lesson for 2017

Gurinder Chaddha’s film on partition has no real victors – all characters are taken over by a sense of defeat and betrayal. And just as well. Sanya Dhingra

#TalkPoint: Should we relegate Partition to history books?

Should India consider Partition a history project or does its legacy continue to impact the country today? We ask the experts.