Sunday, 22 July, 2018

Topic: Ministry of Home Affairs

Latest news on lynching in India |

After warning WhatsApp, Modi govt asks states to be alert & prevent lynchings

Fake news propagated through social media has taken a bloody turn in India, with one such rumour leading to at least 29 deaths. New Delhi: The home...
Soldiers guard a street during curfew in Shillong | PTI

Meghalaya DGP says security to be tightened in some Shillong localities

The government has approved deployment of six additional companies of paramilitary forces in Shillong, adds Meghalaya DGP S.B. Singh.

No RFID cards for journalists as govt says tracking proposal ‘impractical’, ‘not feasible’

Flags cost issues, says could damage heritage buildings; PIB proposal had sparked fears that govt wanted to track journalists.
News channels started to celebrate BJP's victory even before the party proved its majority

Red tape is preventing 130 new TV channels from reaching India’s homes

I&B ministry has issued just 6 licences in 9 months, and is playing bureaucratic football with the home ministry and the cabinet secretariat on clearances.
Nirmala Sitharaman

Six government websites down—NIC says ‘technical error’, Sitharaman says ‘hacking’

Websites for the ministry of defence, home affairs and four others went down Friday afternoon and the NIC insisted it was due to 'technical problems'.

After BJP seals victories in northeast, an Airbnb boost for tourism in the region

A tripartite pact was signed between Airbnb, North East Council and North East Tourism Development Council, a move aimed at building micro entrepreneurship in the region.
A woman and children crouched on the floor of the GD Goenka World School bus

Padmaavat protestors attack school bus: Centre lets off Haryana again, doesn’t seek report

Home minister Rajnath Singh insists law & order is a ‘state subject’. But Centre has let off Haryana for worse while pulling up other states for less.

Time for Home ministry to lay down clear objectives and aims for Jammu & Kashmir

It’s a common lament among Army officers — they bring the security situation under control, but political steps aren’t taken to capitalise on it.
CRPF women constables perform drills

The worrying rise of militarisation in India’s Central Armed Police Forces

Once one has a hammer, one tends to see a nail everywhere — the use of lethal force by organs of the state against its own citizens needs utmost vigilance.
Among the proposals made to make digital transactions safer from cyber fraud is the imposing of a 'security fee' for every digital payment made.

Safe Digital India cess? Govt considers ‘security fee’ for every digital payment

An expert said that the cess could be used to create a fund to battle the growing number of cases of online fraud in digital payments.