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Representational image | An employee stacks protective face masks on the personal protective equipment (PPE) production line | Oliver Bunic/Bloomberg

India’s fight against Covid-19 needs wartime industrial production, not more red tape

A credible industrial response during the coronavirus lockdown will translate into better provisioning for India’s overall healthcare sector in future.

China never had to learn English like India because its economy relied on manufacturing

Contrary to China, whose post-1993 growth acceleration was concentrated on the manufacturing sector, India’s growth was service driven.
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Why there are no magic bullets to stop GDP growth slide

Policies must be made after much debate, by experts with feet on the ground. Politicians need to take responsibility and inform businesses early about changes.
Illustration by Arindam Mukherjee | ThePrint

India’s services exports will soon beat merchandise exports. That’s nothing to celebrate

This would make the rupee stronger, further putting the manufacturing sector at a disadvantage. And that would mean lack of domestic jobs for millions of youth.

Companies moving out of China because of US trade war? Here are India’s new sops to woo them

Financial incentives such as preferential tax rates and the tax holiday provided by Vietnam to lure companies are among some measures being considered by India.

Africa could become the new China if it plays to its industrial strengths

The IMF forecasts that six of the top 10 fastest growing economies this year will be African given its immense potential in the manufacturing sector.
Representational image. Africa has lagged in the industrialization necessary to generate mass employment | Photo: John Wessels| Bloomberg

Industrialisation only hope to eliminate poverty in Africa

African development is key to a stable world. For if it remains underdeveloped, Africa, with its exploding impoverished population, will fall prey to climate disasters and wars.
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Govt says GDP will grow at 7.2% in 2018-19, up from 6.7% last fiscal

Data released by the Central Statistics Office said the improved growth will be thanks to agriculture and manufacturing sectors.
A manufacturing plants for trains | Udit Kulshrestha/Bloomberg

Despite India’s economic growth, the moment for China-like job creation may be lost

Reduction of employment-generating tendency of economic growth has been especially marked in the last 15 years

Duty on 19 items increased: Back to License-Raj era or essential to cut down import bill?

The government has hiked import duty on 19 items, including washing machines, air conditioners, footwear, diamonds, jet fuel, as part of its plan to reduce the current account deficit (CAD) and arrest the fall of the rupee. ThePrint asks- Duty on 19 items increased: Back to license-Raj era or essential to cut down import bill? https://youtu.be/aI_Lh83IN-c Govt response to falling rupee shows inability to diagnose disease Narendar Pani Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies The government’s response to the depreciation of the rupee has mixed a touch of realism with an inability to diagnose the disease. Unlike what economists who have controlled the narrative since 1991 would have us believe, liberalisation has not delivered all that it promised. The vow of making India a globally competitive economy is still far from being realised. Exports in dollar terms in 2016-17 were in fact 12 per cent less than in 2013-14. With expectations of export-led growth belied, liberalisation was...

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Hospital staff is seen outside the Special Isolation Ward at the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai

Your coronavirus nightmares are good for you. They’ll help prepare for scary times

If your dreams are dark, it’s just the mind’s way of coping. Dreaming about the precise problem you’re trying to solve may be especially helpful.

Modi’s 9-min candle plan Sunday: Needless spectacle or much-needed motivation for Indians?

PM Modi requested Indians to light candles, lamps or mobile torches at 9 pm Sunday for nine minutes in a show of solidarity in the fight against Covid-19.


Army personnel distribute packaged food to the homeless in Chennai on 31 March 2020 | PTI

In a first, Army deploys medical team at civil coronavirus quarantine camp in Delhi

The Indian Army has so far only been operating out of quarantine camps set up by the armed service for coronavirus patients.

Poke fun at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti all you want. Modi couldn’t care less

Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy.