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Topic: Long covid

Does long Covid affect kids? How? What ‘largest coronavirus study on kids’ in Lancet says

Ailments like headache, fatigue & abdominal pain more likely to last longer in children who've had Covid than in uninfected kids, finds study by researchers at universities in Denmark.

55% severe Covid patients still have at least one symptom two years later, finds Lancet study

Study by researchers at Chinese institutions followed up with 1,192 participants at 6 months, 12 months & 2 years after recovery from Covid. Longest follow-up study on Covid till date.

1 in 5 people suffer from long Covid that can damage your brain, heart & spur new diseases

Prevention measures currently in place are not enough, given what we now know about the full population impact of widespread Covid infection.

Study on mice shows Covid virus leads to brain neuron death, higher anxiety, reduced cognition

Researchers injected protein into mice brains & observed behaviour through tests. Protein didn't directly cause cell death, but induced toxicity into supporting cells around neuron.

Oxford study on long Covid says even mild infection spurs ‘brain shrinkage’

Study by scientists at University of Oxford’s Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging involved 785 participants. The findings have been published in the journal 'Nature'.

Covid patients from 1st & 2nd waves can still feel buzzing in ears, doctors say it’s a concern

Long Covid symptoms like fatigue are associated with severity of infection, but tinnitus — a constant buzzing in ears — is afflicting even those with mild disease in 1st & 2nd wave.

65% Indians know someone with long Covid, 8% say virus-induced ailments permanent, survey finds

82% of the individuals surveyed said their contacts suffering from long Covid recovered fully within 6 months, 6% of them recovered within 6 months to a year.

What causes long Covid? US study finds 4 factors, including viral load & Type-2 diabetes

Preliminary findings of study — conducted by Institute for Systems Biology and University of Washington, in association with Swedish Medical Center, US — published in 'Cell'.

Not just disease severity, 2 vaccine doses can also reduce impact of long Covid: Israeli study

Researchers find people vaccinated with at least two doses are less likely to suffer from long-term effects of Covid. Beneficial effect is more pronounced in the elderly.

Long Covid patients face fatigue, muscle pain, lack of sleep even after 1 year, UK study says

Study says people with the most severe forms of long Covid reported a higher number of after-effects compared to those with milder symptoms.

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Mohan Bhagwat

Mohan Bhagwat’s right — no word wounds Hindus like kafir does

In South Africa, the word kaffir, as the blacks were pejoratively called, has been outlawed. It's time India too bans 'kafir'.
A man counts Indian currency notes inside a shop in Mumbai, India | Reuters/Francis Mascarenhas

RBI tells state refiners to reduce dollar buying in spot market, contain sharp fall in rupee

RBI has ensured that $9 billion has been made available at overseas branches of some Indian banks for the country's three state-run refiners to tap, according to sources.


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Famed IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman’s MiG-21 Squadron bows out from Srinagar today

Known as the ‘Sword Arms’, number-plating of the squadron was done Friday. It has made way for MiG-29s to be the new 'guardian of the Valley'.

India’s hijab supporters will lose even if they win SC battle. Because the real war is political

In a highly polarised time, cornered minorities tend to lean back and protect the roots and fundamentals of what is so dear to them. Politically, it can often be a bad trap.