Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Topic: higher education

Business people

Why middle-aged entrepreneurs are better than young ones

The probability of success increases once people reach 25, then performance seems steady among people aged between 25 and 35.
St. Stephens college

St Stephen’s College to head the list as govt pushes to grant autonomy to 130 institutions

India has 868 higher education institutions, and the plan is to grant autonomy to 15%. A list of 62, including JNU & BHU, was released last month.

India’s central universities have modern sensibilities, but are also deeply conservative

The extreme degree of centralisation in the UGC system that has grown 60-fold since 1950 has had negative effects on the quality of higher education in India.
IIM Ahmedabad

After directors’ protest, IIM boards will now need two-thirds majority to remove them

Committee to frame the rules of the new IIM Act decides against granting the directors’ demand to give the govt a say in their removal.
Representational image of the college enrollment process in Delhi University. | Photo from

Finally, some good news from India’s higher education sector

Girls account for just under half of the total enrolment in higher education, while the numbers for SCs, STs, Muslims and other minorities are rising.
Architects and Professors at a conference at IIT, Bombay. | Photo by Dipak Hazra/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

IIT-Bombay jumps into top 10 of BRICS university rankings, IISC Bangalore falls four spots

QS rankings gives greater weight to universities with focus on hard-sciences, Chinese universities emerge on top again.
The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index says India is ranked 40 among 137 economies

Encouraging signs for economy: India ranks 40th in Global Competitiveness Index

India is the top-ranked economy in South Asia, 3rd among BRICS countries, and has improved in infrastructure, higher education, and labour market efficiency.