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TopicHar Ghar Tiranga

Topic: Har Ghar Tiranga

‘Running out of khadi to stitch’: Meerut flagmaker’s legacy thrives despite ‘poly’ revolution

From being ‘sports city of India’ to electronics industry, Meerut has lots of claims to fame. But its connection to India’s national flag is understated.

BJP Minority Morcha president says AMU vice chancellor ‘refused to meet’ to receive the Tiranga

BJP’s minority wing chief Jamal Siddiqui attempted to present the tricolour flag on the Aligarh Muslim University campus as part of PM Modi’s ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign for Independence Day.

RSS changes display profile to Tricolour amid criticism for not obeying PM’s request

The RSS has hoisted its own flag instead of the Tricolour, with India's first Independence Day, first Republic Day and the year 2002 figuring as notable exceptions.

‘Not a common tailoring job’—Muslim women in Malerkotla stitch flags for Har Ghar Tiranga

Known for its intricate embroidery work, Malerkotla is home to many small-scale units that deal in ceremonial flags, insignia and badges for security forces.

How do Muslims celebrate Independence Day? The many loyalty tests since Nehru

From Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira Gandhi to Modi's India, Muslims must prove allegiance, and visibly so.

A CM’s quest to be ‘prime-atma’ & meet Bihar’s new boss, same as the old boss

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by the editors at ThePrint.

Tricolour vs bhagwa dhwaj — display pix row revives RSS’ ‘troubled’ relationship with tiranga

M.S. Golwalkar said in his 1966 book Bunch of Thoughts that Tricolour was ‘not inspired by any national vision’. But RSS watchers say organisation has never disrespected the flag.

Tricolour for ‘dharm gurus’ — BJP Minority Morcha wants flag at mosques, temples to mark I-Day

Tricolours made by women in Kashmir being distributed to religious places across country, says Minority Morcha chief. Nizamuddin Dargah head responds positively, says 'duty' to hoist flag.

SubscriberWrites: ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ is laudable but it would damage flag’s dignity than evoke patriotism

By allowing the public to hoist the flag in their homes, with the option to post selfies online, the celebration is being turned into a big 'tamasha', writes Vaidyanathan Subramanian.

Why no tricolour in RSS ‘ghar’ to mark PM Modi’s ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ initiative, asks Oppn

An RSS functionary said the organisation does not take decisions under pressure, while the BJP retaliated by accusing detractors of missing the Independence bike rally.

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War to climate change—tech diplomacy can tackle global challenges. India must lead from front

The geopolitical landscape is more hostile than ever, which means technology has a vital role to play in ensuring cross-border data flows.
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How India-Australia FTA is set to boost trade that’s already at a record high

While the bulk of the trade between India and Australia is so far in the energy sector, the FTA is expected to broaden this to include other goods and services.


File photo of French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu | Twitter/@SebLecornu

French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu set for India visit, to board INS Vikrant on 27 Nov

Lecornu's visit comes at a time when France is offering more Rafale jets to IAF at a reduced cost and higher indigenous content besides the naval version of the aircraft.

G-20(24): How ‘Vishwaguru’ can get new strategic space & Modi another stage in pre-election year

Modi has been balancing India’s interests, playing US & Russia and keeping China off his back. You can trust him to exploit this year-long opening to India’s benefit. And to his own.