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artificial intelligence

Rise of robots could see a new wave of migrants, from poorer to richer countries

As futuristic technology re-shapes global trade and increases dependence of rich countries on AI, poor countries stand to lose the most, further widening the global wealth gap.
Kumar Mangalam Birla

Tensions between nationalism & globalisation will define this decade, says Birla

The world in no longer flat, said Kumar Mangalam Birla as he noted that ‘slowbalization' would be the emerging trend and will be more regional.
Data globalism

The era of data-globalism is over. Where does this leave India?

India is the world’s largest open data market. Yet, Indian organisations figure nowhere among the top data-based technology companies in the world.
Modi-Xi summit

Shyam Saran calls out ‘over-interpreted’ Modi-Xi meet & S Deb on China’s global domination

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US President Donald Trump speaks during the UN General Assembly meeting in New York, 24 Sept | Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg

Keep sipping globalisation Kool-Aid and you won’t get Trump’s globalist vs patriot UN line

In 1986, a Stanford historian accused his peers of ‘dereliction of duty’ because they had ‘abandoned study of the nation’. It’s time to take note.
Chinese goods sold in India during Diwali (representational image) | Commons

India runs risk of becoming loser on trade if it doesn’t sign RCEP deal

India’s turn to protectionism needs to be reversed if it has any hope of employing the millions of young people graduating its schools every year.
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Asia must protect its wealth to survive the next financial crisis

Asia needs to accelerate development of capital markets, create world-class financial institutions and improve confidence in the security of savings.
The behaviour of the two most powerful countries in the world have changed significantly | Commons

India has gone truly global so why is its foreign policy so outdated

Most foreign policy analysis is dominated by outdated concepts from an era of famine and vulnerability, when India was dependent on aid.

Nandita Haksar’s ‘The Flavours of Nationalism’ binds politics, class & gender with food

What starts out as a personal recount becomes a sharp & honest commentary on India’s culture.
File photo of 9/11 attack

In ‘Night of Happiness’, Tabish Khair wants empathy for the liberal Muslim

After 9/11, everyone’s world has changed. Over the last forty years, life has become far more difficult for the liberal, sensitive Muslim whose interests include innocuous subjects like accounting and finance.

On Camera

Supreme Court of India being renovated

Me Lord, use your time for something better: My response to SC order on criminals in politics

Wouldn’t it be better if SC focussed its energy on tackling the root causes – the inordinate delays and miscarriage of justice in India's legal system?
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Will the spectacle of Trump visit without a trade deal boost India-US ties?

Five days ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, he has said that “the big (trade) deal” is being saved for “later”.


A pair of US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawks. Sikorsky was later acquired by Lokheed Martin | Lockheedmartin.com

Cabinet clears $2.4 billion deal for MH-60 Romeo helicopters for Navy ahead of Trump visit

The 24 MH-60 Romeo helicopters will meet the immediate requirement of the Indian Navy that is looking to step up vigil on enemy activity.

Amit Shah’s performance as minister will now determine the success of Modi-Shah power pair

Modi-Shah share a unique power equation unlike Nehru-Patel and Vajpayee-Advani. After Delhi defeat, Shah enters a new, unfamiliar phase of his political career.