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Apple Inc. Introduces New Low-Cost iPads And Education Software

It’s not next quarter but the next decade that is playing on Apple investors’ screen

One country after another is discarding China tech and is moving towards alternatives. This will help Apple.
Pedestrians pass in front of the Nasdaq MarketSite in the Times Square neighborhood of New York, US (representational image) | Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

Coronavirus & the decline of US deal serious blow to the rise of developing countries

The replacement of a US-centric global economy with a China-centric one spells trouble for the trend of global development that has prevailed for the past three decades.

Globalisation actually started 1,000 years ago

In the year 1000, an object or message could travel all the way around the world for the first time, as several maritime routes opened up.
Narendra Modi with a statue of Mahatma Gandhi

Modi’s idea of self-reliant India same as Gandhi’s — modernisation yes, Western dependence no

Swadeshi does not and should not be interpreted as isolation. It is India’s bridge between localisation and globalisation.
PM Narendra Modi at 74th session of the UN General Assembly | PTI

Modi can build ‘atmanirbhar’ India, but only going local won’t help the cause

The idea of ‘atmanirbhar’ India is old wine in a new bottle. While pushing us to be world leaders, Modi shouldn’t repeat the mistakes of George Fernandes and Indira Gandhi.
Imran Khan

Ashutosh Varshney sees globalisation in ‘retreat’, Tilak Devasher on Pak’s war on media

Today’s political, economic & strategic punditry from Sunita Narain, Ashima Goyal, Rajat Kathuria and more.
Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping | Graham Crouch/Bloomberg

Covid showed dependence on China poses all kinds of risks. For India, it’s even greater

Under the ubiquitous 'Make in India’, we targeted a manufacturing growth of 14 per cent over five years. However, the 2020 growth is a paltry 2 per cent.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bangkok | ANI

There’s no ‘How to revive economy after Covid’ playbook. But Modi’s India can have an edge

Although economists have warned against decisions like America First and Brexit, India does have the edge when it comes to boosting domestic consumption post-coronavirus.
Google, the world's largest Internet-search company, is making a bigger push into entertainment services, adding music storage and movie-rental features to its Android software for phones and tablets

Quarantined and alone due to corona, I never felt more connected with my friends and family

The Covid-19 pandemic is turning out to be a reset button, with the virtual world of Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype connecting people forced into keeping a distance.

Covid-19: Sanjaya Baru says little impact on globalisation, Jagannathan on better tech

Today’s political, economic & strategic punditry from Sanjaya Baru, Sujan R. Chinoy, Maitreesh Ghatak & many others.

On Camera

Dozens of Indian start-ups join hands to end dominance of Google, Facebook

About 56 Indian entrepreneurs are considering establishing alternative to Google Play Store & ending supremacy of large tech corporations such as Facebook.


Lt General Taranjit Singh, Deputy Chief IDS (Operations) | ANI | Twitter

We are secular, says Indian Army on Pakistan’s ‘malicious campaign trying divide soldiers’

The Army said Pakistan has been carrying out a social media campaign for days now, trying to defame the institution.
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah | File photo: T. Narayan | Bloomberg

Partners dispensable in Modi-Shah construct if they do not bring additional votes

In the Modi-Shah construct, if partners do not bring additional votes, they are dispensable. However old or loyal, either they become supplicants, or die.