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A collection of bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum tokens

To use cryptocurrency or not is no more a question in India. RBI must now fix payment market

Facebook’s Libra clearly demonstrates a demand for cheaper and faster global payments service. RBI must accelerate its research on payment methods to serve this demand.
Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook scaling back Libra cryptocurrency will bring joy & relief to Asian central banks

A stablecoin like Libra could weaken effect of monetary policy on domestic interest rates and credit conditions, a risk for central banks in Asia.

Bitcoin isn’t the world’s most used cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency issued by a Hong Kong firm has consistently surpassed trading volumes of Bitcoin since early August.
A pile of coins representing Bitcoin cryptocurrency | Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

How do we get crypto currency to circulate as money? This experiment might hold the answer

There is a chicken-and-egg dilemma with money — it can’t circulate until it circulates. The currency 'airdrop' could be the doorway to several economic solutions.
Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook’s biggest challenge with Libra might be its own reputation

Given Facebook's failures around privacy, a near-unanimous notion among US lawmakers is that the tech giant shouldn’t be trusted to create a new global currency.
Representational image of Facebook cryptocurrency

Modi govt sceptical about Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

Modi govt & RBI have virtually outlawed cryptocurrencies. RBI has placed restrictions & govt is drafting a law with stringent penalties on their use.
A pile of coins representing Bitcoin cryptocurrency | Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Bitcoin tumbles as cryptocurrency’s 2019 surge starts to waver

Bitcoin saw an 18% dip on Friday even as optimism surrounding a potential increase in adoption of cryptocurrencies has been fueling a price increase.

Why people are worried about Libra, not the sun sign but Facebook’s new cryptocurrency

A look at what Libra is, how it compares to other cryptocurrencies and whether you should be concerned about using it when it arrives.
The Facebook Inc. application | Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Facebook’s Libra is not good news for RBI and other Asian central banks

For RBI & other central banks, prospect of being at the mercy of a cabal of tech czars & venture capitalists could seem less predictable, more sinister.
A representational image of a bitcoin

Who invented Bitcoin? A series of court cases could shed light

An Australian-born technologist gained notoriety 3 years ago when he declared himself the inventor of Bitcoin. But he’s been called a fraud.

On Camera

A manufacturing technician assembles kits for COVID-19 virus testing at a Mesa Biotech Inc. facility in San Diego, California,USA. Photo: Bing Guan | Bloomberg

Coronavirus makes America seem like a civilisation in decline

No advanced nation has responded as poorly as the US. Perverse regulation, a bungled government test & fragmented supply chains held back testing for crucial weeks.
Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint

Ramayan on DD: Best way to keep India’s elderly indoors or show the young TV beyond Netflix?

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, which was a rage in the late 1980s, has made a comeback at a time when the 21-day lockdown has forced people indoors.


File image of medical staff at isolation ward where 3 patients were admitted for suspected coronavirus infection, in New Delhi | ANI

Army doctor and JCO test positive for Covid-19, both had travelled to Delhi separately

The latest cases have come over 10 days after an Army jawan in Leh tested positive for Covid-19 to become the first its victim in the 13-lakh strong force.

Modi’s India isn’t Mao’s China. Silly forecasts assume we’ll let corona kill millions of us

There are many scary scenarios about how badly we Indians may be affected or how many killed by Covid-19. But they presume we will do nothing to influence our fates.