Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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File photo | People's Liberation Army of China during a military parade | Wikimedia Commons/

Xi calls for PLA to remain combat-ready. The world should be...

The Chinese armed forces remain untested in battle, having last seen active combat in the late 1970s. To bridge the gap, China has asked veterans of foreign militaries to train its personnel.
Respresentational image | A group of women wearing burqas crosses the street as members of the Taliban drive past in Kabul, Afghanistan | Reuters file photo/Jorge Silva

Budget 2023: Development aid for war-torn Afghanistan unchanged, cuts for Sri...

Allocation to external affairs ministry for development assistance to foreign countries & projects fell 13% to estimated Rs 5,848.58 crore from Rs 6,750 crore in FY23.


NSA Ajit Doval interacts with White House National Security Advisor to US President Jake Sullivan during the reception, at India House, in Washington on 31 January 2023 | Photo: ANI

Doval, Sullivan talk jet engines, long-range artillery & Stryker at launch...

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval spoke with his American counterpart Jack Sullivan in Washington this week, highlighting the need to convert intentions, ideas into action through focused, timely steps.

Return of the Muslim: From Modi ‘sermon’ to Pathaan to Bharat...

Most key Hindutva/RSS objectives have been achieved, and Modi & BJP now need social calm, at least till summer of 2024. A de-escalation of some sort is on.