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Opinionated, on Twitter and from LSR, JNU? Good luck in India’s shaadi bazaar

Indian matrimonial apps once wanted women who were tall, fair and thin, but are now emphasising patriotism, patriotism and more patriotism.

Netflix celebrates ‘aunty gaze’, caste and colourism in Indian matchmaking

The show, which follows matchmaker Sima Taparia find suitable partners for Indians & Indian Americans, perpetuates the regressive idea that parents know best.

Unmarried women in US face shortage of economically attractive male partners: Study

Our study uncovers the demographic reality of large deficits in the supply of men who are suited or well matched for today’s unmarried women.

What the West gets wrong about arranged marriages

Arranged marriage is presumed to be a forced marriage; coerced, dutiful, predictable.

More than husbands, educate moms-in-law if you want to change arranged marriages in India

A study by the Indian Statistical Institute finds that a husband's mother-in-law's education levels can predict inter-caste marriage. 
A wedding ceremony | Commons

The new arranged marriage: When algorithms replace your parents

As a result of India’s rising incomes, higher education levels and technological advances that ease communications, arranged marriage is changing there and among people of Indian heritage who live elsewhere.
A photo of Ankit Saxena, who was murdered in Delhi

The horrific Ankit Saxena murder is thanks to India’s unending faith in arranged marriages

The Rajasthan murder video, Hadiya, Rahul Gandhi’s religion have unleashed our collective anxieties about mixed-faith marriages.
Rahul Gandhi, Hadiya and a screengrab of the Rajasthan murder video

अरेंज्ड मैरिज की गहराई में छुपी खाप मानसिकता

अरेंज्ड मैरिज की मानसिकता, जो जाति, गोत्र और धर्म की पवित्रता की धारणा को बचाए रखने की गारंटी देती है, अंतरधार्मिक विवाह के विरुद्ध हिंसा और असहिष्णुता को बढ़ावा देती है. राजस्थान में हत्याकांड के वीडियो, हदिया प्रकरण, राहुल गांधी के धर्म को लेकर उभरे विवादों ने अंतरधार्मिक विवाहों के प्रति हमारी सामूहिक चिंता को उभार दिया है. अगर आप राजस्थान में हुई हत्या के वीडियो को देखकर स्तब्ध हैं, तो हदिया प्रकरण या सोमनाथ मंदिर के आगंतुक रजिस्टर में राहुल के धर्म को लेकर की गई प्रविष्टि भी उसी श्रेणी में हैं. ये सारे प्रकरण अंतरधार्मिक विवाहों को लेकर हमारी सामूहिक चिंताओं को उभारते हैं. यह केवल भाजपा और आरएसएस के एजेंडा का मामला नहीं है, हालांकि इन दिनों हर बुरी बात के लिए 2014 के बाद बने माहौल को दोषी ठहराने का फैशन चल पड़ा है. यह मामला उससे कहीं गहरा है. हिंसा और असहिष्णुता के पीछे वह मानसिकता काम...

On Camera

Cyclists ride along the Venice Beach boardwalk on May 25.

Social distancing or herd immunity? A combination of both needed to contain Covid

The US desperately needs a solid strategy unlike what the Trump administration has in place — doing almost nothing and telling people the disease will go away.

India at the doorstep of economic revival, says RBI governor Shaktikanta Das

Speaking at a book launch, Das said India followed the fiscal expansion path to deal with Covid-related challenges and govt will have to spell out a fiscal roadmap post-Covid.


File photo of INS Kavaratti | Indian Navy

Navy to commission INS Kavaratti, an indigenously-built warfare stealth corvette tomorrow

Like its predecessors, the new corvette does not have air defence systems than the close-in weapons deployed on board and the Navy is looking at getting new Short Range Air Defence System.
Illustration by Soham Sen

NDA is sacrificial horse as Modi-Shah complete their Ashwamedha & redefine Indian politics

You like Modi-Shah’s new plan, good for you. If you don’t, you will need more than viral tweets to challenge this Ashwamedha.