Tuesday, 28 June, 2022

Topic: Antibiotic

First wave of Covid in India led to increase in misuse of antibiotics, study shows

According to a Washington University study, such misuse of drugs is considered inappropriate as antibiotics are only effective against bacterial and not viral infections such as Covid.

Harvard-rejected Indian, old physiologist & Black surgeon made US’ ‘most versatile antibiotic’

In Pharma, Gerald Posner writes about how an unlikely trio working for a small US company called Lederle discovered Aureomycin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic in 1948.

Big Pharma has failed. It’s been 35 years since a new class of antibiotics entered the market

Antibiotics are among the most important medicines known to humankind, but we are running out of it.

Why antibiotic resistance is a health crisis, and how WHO is tackling it globally

Antibiotic resistance is increasingly becoming a public health problem globally, requiring structural and individual changes.

Study finds multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria in chicken meat, eggs in Mumbai

The study published in Acta Scientific Microbiology says chicken liver meat and egg yolk samples showed resistance to commonly used antibiotics.

Tuberculosis kills 4000 people everyday : Understanding the world’s problem with the deadly disease

From 2000 to 2015, TB claimed 33 million lives and cost the world economy an estimated $616 billion. By 2030, a further $1 trillion and 28 million lives may be lost. 

AIIMS is cracking down on the misuse of antibiotics

A global study shows antibiotic use in India has doubled in the past 15 years; experts say self-medication, OTC sale are causing antibiotic resistance among people.

On Camera


J.P.Singh, joint secretary (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran Division), MEA, meets Taliban's interim foreign minister Amir Khan Mottaki | Photo credit: Twitter/@QaharBalkhi

Hard-nosed, practical—why India has revived relations with Kabul, and why Taliban is welcoming

By protecting the Indian embassy in Kabul for the last ten months, the Taliban is sending a message to its neighbours and the rest of the world.

Central banks in Asia spend billions to bolster weakening currencies against rising US dollar

Learning from the 1997 Asian financial crisis, central banks have been accumulating dollars to help defend their currencies during periods of wild market swings.


The Indian Air Force logo | Commons

Almost 4,000 enrol for IAF’s Agnipath recruitment scheme on day 1 of online registrations

These registrations pertain to the Indian Air Force's Agniveer Vayu programme. The online portal for the first phase was opened at 10 am Friday, and will close on 5 July.

With Agnipath, Modi govt’s shock & awe doctrine may have misfired a vital reform, yet again

Modi govt's biggest flaw has been its disinclination to accept limitations of electoral majorities. This ruined land acquisition and farm reform, stalled labour codes.