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The IAF gifts a model of the Alouette III helicopter to Bangladesh | IAF | Twitter

What is the 1971 war legacy behind Alouette-Sabre exchange between IAF, Bangladesh air force

The IAF gifted a legacy Alouette III helicopter to Bangladesh and received a restored F-86 Sabre. Both aircraft were used during the 1971 war with Pakistan.
Representational image | A cholera patient being given oral rehydration solution (ORS) | Wikimedia Commons

When celebrating 50 yrs of 1971 War, don’t forget this life-saving sachet and Bengali doctor

Dr Dilip Mahalanabis pioneered the use of ORS in refugee camps — a solution that has saved millions and been called the most important medical advance of the 20th century.
Brigadier Hamir Singh (Retd), receives the Vijay Mashaal, in Jaipur Thursday | Via Indian Army

‘Didn’t know I’d live to get this’ — 1971 PoW, Vir Chakra awardee receives Vijay Mashaal torch

Brigadier Hamir Singh (Retd), who was a young captain during the 1971 war against Pakistan, was honoured as part of India’s celebrations to mark 50 years of the victory.
ghost regiment

Indian Army had a ‘Ghost Regiment’. It spooked Pakistanis in 1971 and earned their praise

It is not often that the enemy praises you on a battlefield. But the Indian Army's Ghost Regiment in the 1971 war got Pakistan's grudging admiration.
Representational image of an Indian Army tank and personnel in Ladakh | File photo: ANI

Indian Army’s dash to Dhaka in 1971 was operational brilliance. It holds lessons for Ladakh

Dhaka had 30,000 defenders against 3,000 of Indian Army. But such is the impact of threatening the centre of gravity that General Niazi agreed to surrender.
File image of Indian PM Narendra Modi and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina | Photo: PIB

China, not India, builds a bridge in Bangladesh, but Modi govt believes all is not lost yet

Sheikh Hasina will join Modi in a summit to mark Bangladesh's 50th independence anniversary, just when Dhaka has told Beijing to get lost or pay up for Chinese Covid vaccine trials.
File photo of Indira Gandhi

Two yrs before 1971 war, RAW’s RN Kao told Indira Gandhi to be ready for Pakistan partition

In contrast, higher levels of MEA took a more conservative view and argued that Pakistan's unity was in India’s interest.
Battle of Boyra

Boyra Boys & under-3 minute air battle with Pakistan drew first blood for India in 1971

The battle, which led to the shooting down of three Pakistani fighter aircraft, shows the hallmarks of Indian Air Force — courage, culture and camaraderie.
Pakistan Army signing the Instrument of Surrender in Dhaka in 1971

Rs 30,000 pension soon for men who fought in 1965, 1971 wars but didn’t get absorbed in Army

2,000 short-service & emergency commissioned officers played big roles in India-Pakistan wars. Army Commanders' Conference discussed a pension scheme for them.

How Indian Navy operated a secret commando group and spooked Pakistan in 1971

Operation Jackpot’s success on 15 August 1971 gave a huge boost to Mukti Bahini forces in Bangladesh.

On Camera

Representational image| People stand in queues to register themselves for COVID-19 vaccine dose, in Amritsar | PTI

Less than 4% vaccinated – Transgender Indians have been ‘othered’ by vaccines and forms

Many transgender persons are immuno compromised – putting them at a higher risk of Covid. But transphobia in healthcare have made them vaccine hesitant.

Cairn Energy sues Air India, seeks to seize India’s overseas assets to recover $1.7 billion

Sources in the govt said India will take all necessary steps to defend itself against any such 'illegal enforcement action'.


Armed forces doctors arrive in Lucknow Monday | Twitter/@suryacommand

What’s DGAFMS, Indian military’s medical wing leading the fight against Covid

The Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Service reports to the Department of Defence and not to the Department of Military Affairs or the CDS.

By the rivers of the heartland & across Vindhyas, proof which politics sucks & which works

Politics & economics are at the heart of Covid tragedy in UP, Bihar. The regional imbalance in political power, economic & social indicators is deeply troublesome.