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NDTV founder says BJP MP Swamy’s attacks have continued over the last 7-8 years despite him knowing well that his accusations are false.

New Delhi: NDTV founder Prannoy Roy has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging a malicious campaign is being run against his channel by the BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy.

In a letter to the PM, he said that Swamy, through various unethical and dubious methods, has ensured that American media organisations GE and NBC are being accused of “money laundering” and indulging in “sham transactions” with NDTV.

“These outrageous accusations are being made by India’s Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax department,” Roy stated.

The letter said that Swamy and ‘his small group’ were damaging India’s reputation in a motivated and egregious attack on the free media in India, adding that his actions had the potential to dent India’s reputation internationally amid Modi’s own efforts to secure foreign investments for the country.

“At a time when you are seeking more Foreign Direct Investment for India, this sort of wild and baseless charge is damaging India’s reputation. A leading US businessman recently said to us, ‘Why should we come to invest in India – false cases may be filed against us!’” the letter said, adding that these false accusations against GE and NBC’s investments in NDTV had been made for several years without an iota of evidence.

Roy said Swamy and RSS ideologue S. Gurumurthy started making the accusations seven-eight years ago, knowing well that the allegations were false. Yet, he said, they were ready to sacrifice India’s reputation and foreign investment for “their own sordid motives to suppress NDTV and India’s media”. “Should petty personal motives be allowed to come ahead of the interests of our nation?” he asked.

In a response to the letter, Swamy tweeted, “That is, India is NDTV and NDTV is India. In the Emergency India is Indira and Indira is India? Much difference in mentality?”

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  1. Some thing peculiar about NDTV is that it is not noisy, vulgar and does not suppress news which is not in favor of present govt. It does not encourage hate news against any religion or country. It is always pleasure to listen to NDTV enchors.

  2. Dr.subramanyam swamy is a known face 2 indian people from Janta govt days.his political fight with late ram krishna hedge than katha meetha relation with late j.jayalalitha again sweet n sour with mr.Vijpayee also now with mr arun jaitly is known 2 people think BJP donot take him seriously.PM,FM,N party president never support his view as noticed.

  3. Ndtv is there because of dr.prannay power in India can damage d reputation of dr.prannay roy.He is like Tulsidas of Indian media n he have nurtured a group very efficient Tv anchors.ultimately Indians wil suport dr.roy view.

  4. We stand for Freedom of the Press!! Always and every time! S Swami, is known to speak against anyone whom he dislikes personally! He knows his way through the judiciary! Prannoy Roy, always, anytime!!

  5. Just to add a little note to my earlier comment, the length of which reflects great dissappointment with media houses like NDTV and Times NOW. And here is the opportunity for Mr Shekhar Gupta and his wonderful ‘ThePrint’. Please keep delivering newsworthy content in an objective and balanced way, always. Genuine news followers won’t mind if you bring on diversity of views and opinions and authentic news from all quarters – as long as you don’t take a position.

  6. NDTV is the mirror image of the right leaning media that many of us abhor. The only difference is that it is on the other side of the spectrum. There is enough evidence to indicate that they create issues where none exists. While Prannoy Roy – once a brilliant, objective and intelligent media person – tries hard to advertise NDTV with words like ‘Trust’ etc, the channel’s debates have an undercurrent of bias, and its long serving army of presenters push these agendas blatantly by grinding teeth, taking a fake intellectual position, and getting aggressive with anyone who disagrees. It is not hard to see that NDTV adopts the CNN’s stance, a once pathbreaking media house that has shown tremendous deterioration over the years. Just one example of NDTV’s lowly editorial position was exposed last week in a debate on school kids and the values they are getting, wherein the channel kept highlighting that there is a growing discrimination against Muslim kids in schools. Intellectuals (or so called) like Prannoy Roy should ask themselves that if there is discrimination a recent phenomenon? Has there not been bad blood between in ‘ordinary’ society for many decades? Is this a new social phenomenon? Have Muslim leaders taken a very liberated attitude towards the education of their kids (girls in particular)? and many similar questions. I was a regular watcher of NDTV, but just like the corrupt state of cricket at the turn of the century, NDTV stinks. It won’t be surprising if there is truth in what Swamy states. Time for Dr. Roy to introspect, and take corrective action in reviving the quality of its content.

  7. Amazed at Rooy’s gumption to defend the indefensible. His misdeeds are available on website as also covered in the book NDTV Frauds by Sri Iyer. I think it is a matter of time before NDTV winds up with Prannoy and his accomplices behind bars

  8. NDTV is the only channel in India with some sense and sensibility and credibility left. Any self respecting Indian watches only NDTV if they have watch any news channel at all.

  9. haha now Roy is forcefed the taste of his own shit….wow…d smear campaign n canard he was spreading against Hindus his channel unleashes goons like Nidhi Razdhan and Barkha Dutt….called Modi all kinds of names….butcher….mass murderer….Rajdeep Sardesai…. even d t8ny worms like Sunetra Chowdary rem…haha….this is a Madarasa and not a TV channel any more….no respected honest citizens of this Country watches this deep depressing antinational channel…u openly support separation of Kashmir…..Nidhi Razdhan throws out Modi s minister Sambit Patra a much loved jovial minister… u worry about Indias reputation abroad…..what a joke. Dr. Swamy never NEVER accuses anyone without facts…..he s d most honest leader of BJP……

  10. So, Swamy admits that neither India is NDTV nor NDTV is India and assumes any prpaganda/allegations against the channel will not damage the process of foreign investments. So his motive is چھیڑ خوباں سے چلی جائے اسد// گر نہیں وصل تو حسرت ہی سہی۔

  11. Swamy is right.NDTV used finance ministry for its nefarious acts.Modi is supported by Swamy with truth but Modi wants suppressed truth.

  12. India is NOT ndtv and ndtv is NOT India. Don’t give yourself so much credit. Your channel has carried out negative and false propaganda on India for decades now.

    • NDTV is certainly not India. But we must not forget it has educated India about electronic media. Hence, the citizens who have found the act of NDTV was/is contrary to the national interest are earnestly requested to kindly substantiate their points by the way of providing clinching evidences.


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