A protest against China by the Indian diaspora in Vancouver, earlier this month | ANI
A protest against China by the Indian diaspora in Vancouver, earlier this month | ANI
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New Delhi: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has torn into China in an editorial published in the latest issue of its mouthpiece Organiser, describing the country as an “expansionist monster” in light of its recent machinations in Ladakh and other incursions around Asia. 

It has invoked the global effort mounted during the World War II to counter Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime, and urged the Narendra Modi government to expose the “inhuman and treacherous” face of the communist regime to the world.

“Through the authentic information, the inhuman and treacherous character of the communist regime should be exposed to the world as happened against the Fascist and Nazi regimes during the World War II,” it said in the editorial, titled Defeating the Deceptive Red Dragon.

“Many would join this dharma yuddha in favour of Bharat. Expanding our tactical alliances’ network for the sake of regional stability and global peace, and enhancing our abilities to counter the adversary on economic, infrastructure and military front is critical in this war,” it added.

“As per the Chinese conception, dragon is supposed to be mysterious and ambitious, but at the same time it is arrogant and elusive. These traits of weakness will ultimately lead to the collapse of the red dragon. Our job is to become an instrument in this process,” said the editorial.

The editorial said the 15 June Galwan Valley faceoff, which led to the death of 20 Indian soldiers, was a “clash but the real multi-front war has been on for a long time”. 

“We have seen another case of treachery and deception. The armed force, along with the political leadership, will take a call on the appropriate military response. Beyond that, we should lead the global strategy to tame the non-transparent, undemocratic and expansionist red dragon,” it added.

Speaking to ThePrint, Organiser editor Prafulla Ketkar said the Chinese incursions at the border were a bid by Beijing to deflect attention from the pressure it is facing at the global level and also within its borders.

“China is facing multiple challenges on the domestic and international fronts, anger against the ruling communists is at its peak,” he added. “Not just the Tibet border, but in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South China Sea, China is following an expansionist, destructive path,” he said. “China, right now, is trying to deflect attention from world pressure and domestic pressure by creating incursions at the Indian  border. We have isolated Pakistan on the international front, this needs to be done with China.”

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‘Brutal gun power’

The latest issue of Organiser, a weekly magazine, is the second in a month that features China on the cover. The issue dated 7 June featured a cover story on the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, which was part of a brutal pushback from the Chinese government against pro-democracy protests in the country.

In an editorial published on the issue, the RSS severely criticised China for its “brutal gun power”.

“After Wuhan mismanagement (a reference to the fact that Covid-19 is believed to have originated in China), many business people, officers of the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army), CCP (Chinese Communist Party) cadres and even ordinary citizens have started questioning the intent and actions of its self-annointed chairman and his coterie,” it wrote.

Ketkar said communism was “brutal and violent in all forms”. “It uses students, workers, and the poor merely as instruments for political power, the so-called people’s republic has never been people-centric but always centred around party and power,” he added.

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  1. Sadly India under Modi is behahing exactly like the Chinese Communist Party by putting political dissidents in prison on false charges. stoking a bogus nationalism to divert attention from poor governance, muzzling or buying out the media, centralising power and turning the ruling party into a lapdog of the Supreme Leader and his sidekick. Under Modi’s watch India has politically become a pale and poorer imitation of China’s authoritarian system. India needs to go back to its civilizational roots of pluralism and tolerance if it is to counter China in any way.

    • Totally wrong analysis bro.
      No need for these high sounding borrowed words of pluralism and tolerance. What others are trying now to observe, Pluralism and tolerance, hhave been practiced in India since beginning of civilization.
      Modi is the best thing that could have happened to India.
      Na bhooto na bhavishyati.

  2. The Print – please report on the Rajiv Gandhi Family Trust Corruption Scandal.
    Why aren’t Sashi Tharoor, Manish Tiwari and Co not defending MadamG & PrinceG? Have they gone underground? Is it it that they don’t want to defend the indefensible & get tarred with the feathers of corrpution?

    Congress = Corruption
    Congress = China
    Congress = Virus = China


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