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Don’t go looking for fire in TV news anchors’ belly. It’s China, not Pakistan

Be it Aaj Tak, ABP News, Zee News, or Republic TV, there was no fire and brimstone, no grand claims of India destroying enemy China, all of which is reserved for Pakistan.

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By this time, three things ought to have happened: one, Major General G.D. Bakshi should have declared war; two, TV news anchors should have demanded a ‘surgical strike’; three, India Today’s Gaurav Sawant would have turned out in his army fatigues.

As it was, we have had to make do with tepid headlines like ‘Army firm, won’t step back’ (Times Now), and panoramic shots of the Pangong Lake — which remind you of the film 3 Idiots and CGI war games – the closest TV news has come to facing down the enemy. (NewsNation).

Where is all the fire in the belly we saw blazing during Balakot? Where are the TV news anchors thundering like exploding mangoes, sorry, missiles? Where are the retired army officers, the strategic experts red in the face with battle cries?

Well, they’re missing in action, probably because, in this instance, the opponent in not Imran Khan’s Pakistan, but the People’s Republic of China.

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Why you missed what you missed

If you are a casual watcher of TV news, it might have completely escaped your notice that a border confrontation between India and China is currently on, after reported incursions by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in several parts of Ladakh this month — and even some skirmishes between the two sides.

The only war clouds you may have seen were the one described thus by News 18 India: ‘Tiddi ka hamla….five states under attack’ as locust swarms invaded the western states and, last heard, were heading for the national capital.

Otherwise, what you see is the ongoing battle against the coronavirus and the ‘Maha mess’ (Republic TV) in the stand-off between the Maharashtra government and the Centre on trains for migrants.

But China, where’s that on your TV screen? Mostly confined to papers. News channel after news channel has magnified the map of the India-China border and darted about with arrows to indicate the exact location of the incursions and the relative position of the respective armed forces —although Wednesday, ABP News did show us a bridge and a road India was building, which, it claimed, had “robbed China of its sleep”.

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Sporadic, apologetic coverage

Coverage of this stand-off has been sporadic and mostly confined to news updates. It’s been muted — we haven’t seen or heard a prime time debate firing all cylinders, taking the battle to the enemy with all the lung power at its command.

In fact, it’s been almost apologetic. On Wednesday, an India Today headline simply read, ‘Tackling China’s incursions’. It then asked, politely, “What should India do?” Would it ever have asked such a question if the opponent had been Pakistan?

ABP News described the ‘The dragon’s dirty game’ like it was announcing today’s weather report, before it added bravely, but in hushed tones, “India gave a befitting reply” or “mooh-tod jawab”.

It had played out a computer war game Tuesday and then claimed that China was still smarting from the 2017 Doklam stand-off. Even now, India was pressing forward, it added.

On ABP News, Maj Gen G.D. Bakshi did indeed attack China — he said it was helping Pakistan, but it was also running “scared” since the coronavirus outbreak, but not once did he raise his voice.

When Aaj Tak asked, ‘Does China want war?’ Tuesday evening, its tone was about as aggressive as a lamb’s. No war graphics, no horrendous dragons breathing fire… it’s all quiet on the eastern front.

NDTV 24×7 and Times Now both had most civilised conversations – note we said conversations, not debates – on the situation in Ladakh. On Times Now, Wednesday, Rigzin Spalsar, former chairman Ladakh Council, said China had repeatedly made incursions into Indian territory — and it was “very serious”.

A calm anchor asked strategic affairs expert Sushant Sareen about the incursions. He was equally composed: no need to get “hysterical”, he said; there was a stand-off, but both India and China were keeping quiet. And, so was the media, it seems.

On NDTV 24×7, Tuesday, Gen S.L. Narasimhan, member, National Security Council, said with utmost reasonableness that there were talks on the ground, at the government and diplomatic levels too, and it may be a good idea to not analyse everything.

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How it ought to be

And that leads us to Zee News and Sudhir Chaudhary on Tuesday evening. He was man enough to take on China, saying Beijing was simply trying to push New Delhi around. This was part of China’s larger plan to divert attention from its failings in the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that ‘everyone was against China’. Hence, its recent clashes with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and the US — and now India, according to Zee News.

No fire and brimstone here, no grandstanding or grandiose claims that India will destroy the enemy. All of that is preserved and reserved for Pakistan — when faced with a neighbour who is stronger and bigger, our news channels aren’t half as courageous.

Clearly, they are also following the approach take by the Centre, which is to tone down the rhetoric. That would explain their unusual self-control in the face of great provocation.

Which is a good thing and just as it ought to be: we don’t want the TV studios to turn into a war room with combatants battling across the table. The situation is serious enough without TV debates getting into the fight.

We just wish this sensible, down-to-earth approach was applied to coverage of India-Pakistan confrontations too.

But then, if wishes were horses…

Views are personal.

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  1. Whatever you write your approach to defame hindi news channels anchors is not a good idea mind in your own business.

  2. .india Pakistan issues have Hindu Muslim undertone. Hence the bickering. More acrimoneous the debate, more TRP. With China, there is no such issue. Hence press coverage is vey mature. I know my comment may not be what you call ‘socially acceptable in media. But thats the truth.

  3. You are sick family libertard parasites. You will shit in your pants if you have to go on borders. Shame on you.

  4. India – Pakistan relationship is very different from that of indo – china. pakistan has shown aggressiveness on the border since 1947 and has infiltrated terrorists in indian territory continuously . we have fought 3-4 major wars with Pakistan. Also one can’t deny that there is also an ideological confrontation going on between people of India and Pakistan. the tensions can be observed during india pakistan match. Each day leaders of both countries goes in verbal dispute on twitter escalated by common people. On the other hand china is a powerful country and has always played mind games instead of direct confrontation. Also china is a big player in international arena and its actions are closely monitored by other powerful countries. Coming to what the author has rambled up in this article, she has just focused on a tiny portion of the whole matter. She is blaming news channels for their biased broadcast
    ing but she is forgetting that this is what news channels do. For their audience they only present those programme that appease people. besides media if she had focused on what people of India think about these matters it would be better.

  5. Great article. Indian media is known to be involved in massive false reporting. As we saw in Feb 2019, when our air force conducted a false surgical strike in Balakot Pakistan and later were humiliated by Pakistan Airforce. Even when our pilot Abhinadan was shot down by the PAF was shown as a hero. When in fact he provided victory to Pakistan. We are not fools.

    • hahaha porkis were forced to apologise n hand over pilot with respect despite the fact that he killed their pilot whom they did not even acknowledge due to shame …. false surgical strike ? i think ur ammi n abbu jaan made false surgical strike on each other n hence u were born …..porkis go humiliated royally and thats nice …i think circcumcised brains n ur cult will continue to pay the ultimate price for ur bias

  6. The Print, Wire, Scroll etc.. are same face with different names, these are all corrupt paid media for Pakistan and Chinese propaganda.

    • Then they indian media should go all out ,blazing gun ,, like how we did against Pakistan,, ain’t it ,, give your fart opinion

  7. Testing time for PM Modi.
    I want to add one thing that if unarmed Hong Kong youth have courage why nation of 130 crores cannot muster courage to handle China.
    I m not saying war
    But if we give away our land this way then why the hell we maintain armed forces

  8. So same as you please update your facts ist india has more Muslims than china and pakistan
    Second we respect our people’s so stop dividing our people’s in the name of minorities etc
    Third prophet mohd make first mosque in kerala which is in India.
    Not In any muslim country so update your facts .
    Such as you think only Arab Emirates and society hold all muslim community no change your mind set .

    India is originator of many religions like sanatam dhram which you people’s name us Hinduism Sikhism Buddhism and jainism we are all one .

    So nxt thing is that indian Muslims can follow allha teaching not any Arab world techings.

    So stop tries make people’s follow.

  9. These are the guys we have be wary of. Backstabbers, provocators etc who relish in discomforting Indians. Poor chaps resort to such yellow journalism as no one otherwise reads them

  10. Yes, I am sure Shailaja Bajpai is amongst those who want to carry out candle light vigils and “Aman ki Asha” or whatever the Mandrin equivalent of it is, at the border, because that according to her is the right response. Gra the India TV channel;s go hyper when it is about Pakistan, but isn’t this the same with Left-funded, Congress-funded or backed publishing houses, which blow their top when they are reporting anything about the Modi Government? How come that becomes a “sensible, down-to-earth approach”? In case of Pakistan, their BAT teams with Muslim Jihadi elements and soldiers combined (print this as it is, because that is the truth- don’t say it is objectionable) have beheaded Indian soldiers caught off-gaurd and butchered and maimed them in unimaginable ways. If this had happened to someoe in Ms Bajpai’s immediate family, I would have liked to see she and her family members give out statements with a “sensible, down-to-earth approach”.

  11. What’s wrong with you guys ?
    Comparing reporting on border skirmishes, as you put it, with a terrorist attack ?
    China has never sent terrorists into India, so why the breast beating on lack of uniform coverage on China and Pakistan ?
    Running out of issues to report ?

    • China has sent his troops on Indian border to occupy India’s land! For Indian’s they are obviously terrorist that promote to war in the situations of pandemic started by China🙏🏻

  12. who the hell wrote this..Do you even see th republic TV.. there’s been enough fire in the last 3 days about the china issue. And why do you want fire in the belly..If TV anchors show the fire.. you write something like ..why so much fire ..if they don’t, you write this..(even if they do..just to support Pakistan or the one who paid you to write this.)
    Get a life.

  13. Curious case of a left liberal creep.

    I just wonder, are these persons seriously imbecile or do they get that much happiness when siding with enemy states ? What does she mean btw ?
    indian medias are angry with pak bcoz it is a small country and they don’t show that much energy when the opponent is china bcoz china is bigger. Is that the thing ? Seriously ? Are you not aware that we haven’t had any direct gun fight with china for decades ? And we have it with pakistan on a daily basis. Bcoz pakistan constantly sends terrorists to india, they are tirelessly funding and training islamic terrorists in pakistan and in kashmir to attack india. And actually it is their only engagement. is this person that dumb to ignore these things ? 😂
    You are unbelievable. Though I don’t agree with the ideology of modi at all, craps like you push me towards him when it comes to the issue of national security.
    Get a life madam.

  14. It is not the fault of TV anchors, their strategic affairs guests or the govt that border skirmishes against Pakistan and those against China are handled differently. There are 2 reasons.
    1. Indians want to vicariously enjoy humiliating Pakistan by TV theatrics, rhetoric and similar antics. Same sentiment is applicable on the other side of the Wagah border. Such juvenile psychological high is not obtainable by similar antics against China – hence TV channels don’t bother.
    2. The Indian defence establishment goaded on by Nehru govt tried this in late 50s and early 60s – result was unpleasant. Subsequent govt have learnt the lesson and behave with restraint because similar result is a possibility even today.
    Indian public must realise that the present govt and media have learnt to game their emotions and make them behave as per what the govt desires. Recognising this fact and avoiding giving free pass to the govt’s follies may result in better outcomes for India as a whole.

  15. This article shows that Indian press does not know where to draw the line. They will do anything, including harm ng the country to meet their agenda of ousting the govt.
    These are the traitors who will deal with the invaders. The country has always been weak because the invaders took advantage of such traitors.

  16. Whoever wrote this piece of shit doesn’t have any idea about the situations at LOC and LAC and the kind of relations that India shares with Pakistan and China.
    Not a single bullet has been fired since 1967 between India and China.So why should media screm WAR-WAR.
    Whereas there is everyday exchange of fire at LOC and our western neighbour is a maniac

    And this lady Shailaja has the audacity to criticise General Bakshi.
    Go fall at his feet for his service you ungrateful lady

  17. So print has a stomach ache if pakistan is bashed.After having seen the Chinese and the Pakistani s I can say Chinese in General can be managed and do have civic sense.on the other hand Pakistani s just want to have a fight are radicalized and know only war..If you remove the CCP the average chinese is as cool headed as an indian.

    • Do you mean China has Civic sense for their incursion into our territory. Why don’t the govt and media talk about retaliation now like India doing similar surgical strike or entering their territory. They know it’s not Pak now they have a mighty PLA to face that’s why all of them became like rats now

  18. Your reference to General G D Bakshi in this manner is really demeaning. Pls remember he has been at the forefront of India’s security matters and his anger most of the times comes out of the deep pain at the loss of our brave soldiers and innocent civilians. Most of all to compare China with Pakistan in this matter itself is not right because Pakistan being a smaller nation to india continuously provokes us where as india being smaller to China has never done so. We have never pushed Pakistan unless provoked whereas China is pushing us for construction of infrastructure within our boundary. Hope better sense prevails.

  19. I can call you idiot on face. But I will mellow down and use euphemisms if I have to speak about some fanatic prophet as it would create problem. See, it is as simple as that.

  20. quite funny. in the China-India Conflict, China is dealing with India like India deals with Pakistan. There is always a Head above every head.

    The common Indian people must realize that India under the current leadership is only an inflated bubble nothing else. the more they inflate this bubble the bigger the scale of the disaster would be for India.

    From a Pakistani’s perspective, looking at the policies of Mr. Modi and his Party, at times, Modi appears to be an agent of Pakistan or China. looks like “someone” has invested decades of time and resources in “developing” Mr. Modi and he is now exploiting Indian-patriotism and Hindu-Nationalism to the benefit of his creators. If that is not the case, and if Mr. Modi is doing it all alone “in the best interest of India” then may God have mercy on India. All his policies are ultimately going to lead to wrecked India.

    • So same as you please update your facts ist india has more Muslims than china and pakistan
      Second we respect our people’s so stop dividing our people’s in the name of minorities etc
      Third prophet mohd make first mosque in kerala which is in India.
      Not In any muslim country so update your facts .
      Such as you think only Arab Emirates and society hold all muslim community no change your mind set .

      India is originator of many religions like sanatam dhram which you people’s name us Hinduism Sikhism Buddhism and jainism we are all one .

      So nxt thing is that indian Muslims can follow allha teaching not any Arab world techings.

      So stop tries make people’s follow.

    • Indians respect Chinese. Indians consider Pakistanis as inferior people. Since pakis are all inbred and have always been under Indian rule. pakis could never produce a king. people get treated according to their aukaat. Pakistanis never had any aukaat.

  21. Irony of this country …Whether to deal with corona or Chinese incursion or the sadistic authors like Shailaja Bajpai. It’s clearly visible people like you are ecstatic when India is humiliated. Whom to worry about Pak, China or inside haters like you. Shame on you author and The Print as well who published such articles

  22. This time media persons like shailja behan should be appointed on border to fight in war ,as they seems to be much more interested in war than public, politicians and even the defence personals.
    Look useless stupid lady editor we are going through pandemic ,economical recession , migration ,locust attack , gas leak and many more internal issues , so kindly put a large stop on your attention seeking articles 😒

  23. The wire is the only news agency who always tarnish the image of India. And more interesting the correspondent of wire influnced by the Left front . So they write and brodcast such a studpid things which generally against the integrity of India. Well u can’t expect something good from these people.

  24. If India and the Indians want to see the motherland progress and get rid of poverty of its own masses, to give proper quality education and provide quality health care to its citizens and to really become a regional independent super power then India should be friendly with its neighbours including China and Pakistan and resolve all the differences peacefully including Kashmir by taking all stakeholders into confidence with involvement of Kashmiri people then nobody can touch India because the war mongering approach is not going to help anyone. The mighty US with all its superior weapons was not able to win a war with taliban and is looking for a peaceful solution.

  25. .India should initiate a surprise and a major all-out two-front war in the very near future with whatever resources it has. Arrogant China thinks that the rest of the world is weak and distracted and is therefore using this opportunity to expand its influence and territory. India should scuttle China’s plans by giving China a bloody nose with everything India has got. Whether India wins or loses, devastate China to the greatest extent. Yes, China’s economy has become five times bigger than India’s, but that also means that China has a lot more to lose than India. For every $1 that India will lose, China will lose 5$. The devastation for China will be much more when USA, Taiwan, Japan, and others join the war. After seeing India’s bravery, when these other anti-China countries join in, then for every $1 that India will lose, China will lose $100. 

  26. You and ur credible NDTV will never give due credit to strong central leadership . Withdrawal of proposed bill by Nepal regarding map ammendment , Milder tone of Chinese spokesperson, conditions on Chinese borders are less tensed now has nothing to do with central authority.

  27. Actually they are aware about this fact that India is in a very weak condition in comparison with China on the basis of economy or military strength,and the government also know this.As a result ,they. Do not show much aggressive behaviour with China.

  28. Your love for China is very clear. You want to paint India as cowards. So be it. Time only will tell. Till such time change your name to MISPRINT.

  29. You have an opportunity to be able to express your thoughts to masses. But, surprised that people like you also get to write these days. You really have no idea about India’s relationship with Pakistan and China. Don’t blame others for your not understanding the reality.
    Would not like to read you ever.

  30. war with Pakistan and China are two different type of wars. According to Pakistani version — the war is continuation of war started to kill Kaffirs of India. It was started by Mohamd Bin Kasim in Sindh and many times Muslim invaders came and captured and dominated India while Hindus kept on fighting . So this war is matter of existence for the Hindus and the Hindu civilization and culture. Whereas northern borders have mostly remained calm and peaceful. The skirmish on northern borders started in mid 1950 s and there was a limited war in 1962. Since then there has been some episodic skirmishes but those did not degenerate in to full fledged war. Even the current hostilities seems to be result of present day Goe-politics arising as a outcome of Covid pandemic and possibility of trade war against China by USA and her allies and is not likely to lead to a bloody war. I am surprised to find that this much facts, trends are not known to authors , journalists writing at a political web site like ThePrint. The chief editor needs some well-informed writters.

  31. The print is slowly becoming the worst source of news or opinions or editorials India might have ever seen. Even Arnab Goswami’s ridiculous and laughable attempt at journalism is more bearable than reading anything on the print these days. The writer of this article Ms Bajpai is either profoundly dimwitted or is just a child playing at being an adult. One should consider the severity and seriousness of an issue before dishing out garbage like this.

  32. Let it be China or anybody india will respond. May be china is powerful we cannot keep quiet even if it is defeat india will fight and damage them substantially. China can drag india 15 to 29 years backward but can also made them suffer and drag them at least 10 years backward, china knows it.

  33. Obviously level of personal sentiments are more towards Pakistan than China.. you cant expect same thrill in India China cricket match as in India Pakistan anchor just feed the viewers

  34. The print should be renamed to : the communist print. Can’t understand why your butts are feeling the heat. Show some respect to India defence force veterans.

  35. There is difference between China and Pakistan. China has not exchanged fire, has not sent terrorists, has not sponsered 26/11 and parliament attacks. Where as Pakistan wants to destroy India totaly. So, Pakistan is the top most enemy for India and Indian as for the nationalist news channels. What about you ?

  36. Love with communist country lead to these articles. India is not 60s and now it has powerful PM, powerful army. One war china economy ll be down. Its Billion population ll starve..

  37. That’s the most stupidest news article I ever read in my entire life! It’s like a child is crying out of jealousy to gain some attention 😂

  38. Forget about other TV anchors.. Why are you shouting and celebrating so happily? Something to do with chinese money?

  39. Dear Writer.
    You can not compare two borders and two neighbors. On one border you always hear bullets on other, no bullet fired since 1962. Moreover the diplomats of Pak and China behaves differently. You want all to be treated with same way. I guess your screw got loose when you compare the two, China and Pak. By the way, India and China will never fight in the interest of their own nation. People like you just want some Masala News so just put this article. How are you different then all anchors you mentioned. Rather you are looking a bigger fool out of the bunch.

  40. Print media, NDTV and The Wire belong to same communist propaganda machinery and they will always present harmful fake news on India and Modi Govt. They see lion in Rahul and Tiget in Sonia and a chaiwala in Our PM Modiji. Third class and anti India journalists paid by China have packed these media houses.

  41. Bahapai, are you Chinese stooge, what a shameless article. Atleast don’t claimm you have Indian blood running in your vain. NDTV agents are all Chinese agents. What a shmaless commie you are.

  42. Can you ever imagine a column like this by a Chinese. NEVER . Whenever our country INDIA lost a battle it was people from within the fort who opened the doors. Thankyou Shailaja Bajpai for bringing down the morale of the reader/ citizens/ armed forces. This country does not need people like you because we are blessed to have people like Major Shaitan Singh who were just 124 with outdated weapons faced 3000 Chinese with advanced weapons and killed 1300 Chinese laying down their lives at rezangla. This country will still rise even though we have people like you in our midst.
    Jai hind.

  43. News Agencies are the biggest scam of the century, it’s a well established fact and you know that really well since you are writing blogs for the same…come to China-India issue, it’s again knowing the truth of the situation that we are not going to win a war against China nor we are in a situation to handle the cost of it… secondaly China can’t go for a full flagged war too, because India is not Taiwan or a Vietnam…Now the issue with Pak-Ind situation,in this case you have a country which is directly involved in creating instability in our country by fueling various terrorist activities,sending deadly terrorists on a daily basis through LOC,and is constantly involved in cease-fire violations…and with Ind-China not a single bullet has been shot since 1967,yeah standoffs had happened many a times,China had taken a lot of land of India in Arunachal and Ladakh,but please don’t blame it on the current government… finally it’s good to see that TV anchors are behaving,and other things are considered too apart from Standoffs and surgical strikes…I really hope blogs from The Print had came on Amphan, explaining the destruction in WB,the impact it had on many coastal regions of WB,how many parts of Kolkata is still waiting for electricity,but guess that doesn’t matter.

  44. Its because unlike pakistan, China still not firing a single bullet, its bcz China not car bombing in j&k. Had China done these, then also India would exercise its duty more responsibly, as there is military gap and strategic issues involved. Its that simple. So plz have some study n gather some brain before going to petron such biased writing.

  45. Who r you to comment like it on national security or interest,…. I think this fellow is also to be checked, why he is questioning fires of belly….. You will definitely get your award.

  46. And where will your extremist leftist approach
    take you?? You , Shailja , are not doing any good to your own country when you blabber like this. Please Stop tearing down the holy essence of nation from within the boundaries. India CANNOT treat China and Pakistan in the same manner. Common thing being that both the countries are cunning with equally sinister motives for India, but their modus operandi is very different. As a nation, we ought to respond at the border as the other side . There are no terrorists per say on LAC where as there are hundreds of terrorists along and beyond LOC. Terrorists who kill our army personnel and civilians. I hope Shailja Bajpai would understand this basic difference.

  47. Tum jese log pak aur china se pesa leke article likhte ho .. tumari atma mar chuki h..pak pe action se tumare periods kyun start ho jate h..dalal ho tum .pese ke liye tum apni maa behan ko bi bech skte ho

  48. Paid praise news by one of the few viewers of NDTV as there are no buyers to buy fake news. NDTV is on verge of go off air. And kambhakts praising it shamelessly.

  49. So? that makes sense to me. You would confront a cat and scream and attack it, but would you confront a lion and scream and attack it?

    Size matters. There are different ways to skin a cat- depending on the size and ferociousness of the cat

    Stupid article

  50. Majority Indians hate Pakistan because 1:-
    Islamic terrorism originating from Na pak country 2:- discrimination and hatred on Hindus, Christians, jews etc3:- Forced conversation etc…Mainstream media are aware of this so they focus on pak more than China……but some foolish Indians don’t understand so they are out of power….

  51. I read n understood editors point of view. Some areas rightly pointed out like channels bhakt-giri 4 a particular political party n their news tone goes as per instr frm these parties. (No point for guessing t news channels. ). These news channels have lost their creditability in my eyes (at least) by doing this.

    I support India’s stand against any enemy be it Pak or China. But also wants to req these news channels not to make it a war room. And wud req the editor also not to name or comment on war veterans. They have a right to be agrressive they have seen wars. All the best. We have a bigger invisible enemy virus to prioritize. Jai hind..

    • What is your comments on Chinese channel NDTV and it’s paid journalist like this Bajpai or Rubbish or Rajdeep see their glee in writing nonsensial articles on India and Indians.

  52. Print media is paid by the Chinese like NDTV. These shameless media should be banned.

  53. The Print Team feels like a Pro Pakistan Journalist not because of the message they are conveying but the way they have written this Article. Targeting specific news channels and Anchors. However we all would like media to be sensible & do it’s work of just conveying news and not giving the verdict or anticipating views. Because they do more harm than to do any good. The Print is no different indeed. So first introspect & point a sinner when u r pure.

  54. NDTV most civilised? 😂😂
    I saw that coming from you.
    Anyway i just come here for fun to see how you all are burning.
    Even if we are 1 against 100, we’ll support 1 and will fight proudly for Mother India.

  55. Excellent piece…………..if Indian Govt was half as sensible with Pakistan over Kashmir as it is with China over Ladakh many problems would have been over by now !!!

  56. Well no i saw Aajtak last night …though i agree that it was less melodramatic than when it is with Pakistan….there wad the usual “darr gaya Cheen” and all that. So the belly fire is there but a little subdued.

  57. you know what, you are such a shameless media outlet. how can you even take the names of army people, you don’t weigh even an ounce compared to them, and I stopped caring about your useless media a long time back. the funniest program in this world is cut the clutter by that useless Shekhar Gupta.. Just cut the crap.

  58. Surprisingly its rare that i have seen someone writing about Indian media or Indian situation on the ground.All the time i have seen Indian print media,social media targeting Pakistan from spy piegon,jokes about pakistani politician’s ,pakistani priminster,pay rise in pakistan military ranks,Pakistan weather effects on India and lots of bullshit.if you ever search online news of Indian It will only revolve around pakistan.They are being forced by Indian spy ageny to defame pakistan.You won’t see it from pakistan side.

  59. China has not so far sent home frown terrorists to India, killed Indians by doing bomb blasts in our trains, temples and markets. China and India have not fired a bullet on the border since last many decades. It is understandable that ‘venom’ of the anchors in tv studios and people in general is much less and limited towards China. Dear apologist of the communists, please understand that its not ‘fear’ of China, but rather absence of hatred which makes for peaceful coverage in TV studios.

    • Why they will do that and spoil their name in the world, to do all those dirty things they got a proxy and its name is Pakistan..

  60. In pakistan HINDU temples are desecrated on a daily basis , HINDU woman are raped, men are enslaved and in general total annihilation of HINDUS is a pakistani national programme. How does that compare with china. If you are unable to understand the difference than it shows your poor understanding .

    • Please check your facts…There is no Pakistan national program to enslave minorities……please don’t go mad in your hatred …….
      Biggest Gurdwara in the world is now in Kartarpur, Pakistan !!!

      • Communist Chinese spam, don’t spam here. If Pakistan is so good, why don’t they make their constitution Secular and remove Islamic laws

      • So same as you please update your facts ist india has more Muslims than china and pakistan
        Second we respect our people’s so stop dividing our people’s in the name of minorities etc
        Third prophet mohd make first mosque in kerala which is in India.
        Not In any muslim country so update your facts .
        Such as you think only Arab Emirates and society hold all muslim community no change your mind set .

        India is originator of many religions like sanatam dhram which you people’s name us Hinduism Sikhism Buddhism and jainism we are all one .

        So nxt thing is that indian Muslims can follow allha teaching not any Arab world techings.

        So stop tries make people’s follow.

    • Ignoramus, are you blind to what Hindus do to muslims in India, Gujrat, Ayoda mosque, kashmir, Amritsar etc etc? Look at indias record regarding treatment of all its minorities which are far numerous than the few Hindus you are talking about in Pakistan.

  61. For the last week I’ve observed how a certain section of society and opposition and their cheerleaders are salivating at the idea of skirmish at the Chinese border. They just want to see India embroiled in a war just to point out fingers at the government. Hatred towards government shouldn’t translate to hatred towards our country.
    As for our armed forces, they’re eminently capable to give China a long lasting blow if need arise, however as two great civilizations India and China should resolve differences amicably and diplomatically. We’re in a long drawn confrontation with China on various fronts, unlike Pakistan which isn’t a civilizational state but a security state which needs regular beating to keep it straight.

    • Your hatred towards a smaller neighbour is palpable but you are a toad when you face a larger adversary!

  62. Why you don’t show patience and digest the fact please show some ethics and good moral .

    See the fact China at Sikkim and ladak badly hurt and capture Indian force And after modi era humbled coward request they grant back .

    why media is silence this is a million worth question ?.

  63. If Pakistan was even half the population or size of India, the Indians reactions and approach would be the same as with China. Easy to bully an adversary when you have a billion more people.

    • What you have written is blinded by hatred towards India and its people. Bangladesh is a nation inhabited by muslims. India has never bullied bangladesh. India showed magnanimity in settling its border dispute with bangladesh under the current PM. Even in case of nepal, where unfortunately the communists have power right now, and they have made escalating gestures recently, India has shown restraint and not responded in kind. Hence, its the nature of the beast, which is pakistan, that prompts the necessary response. If you cannot see that, than you are just driven by hatred towards India and its kafirs.

  64. First of all what is toned down is actually is China’s crime. Unlike Pakistan which actually resorts to Ceasefire Violations, Terrorism, Funding separatists, planning heinous terrorist attacks. China on the otherhand is not employing terrorist to do their dirty jobs and doing what it does with other neighbouring countries and with India giving befitting reply which is throwing them back.
    So understand the difference.
    A terrorist state is treated with the contempt it deserves.

  65. India aims to become a super power but when it comes face to face with a real super power, it’s failings begin to show through. India has a long way to go before it becomes a mature power. Right now, India is like man that won a lottery and suddenly wants to sit with the cream of the city in the country club. Well, they’re not ready because money isn’t the only thing that defines your stature.

  66. Let’s go this way.. Chinese haven’t fired a single bullet neither we. They don’t send militia in disguise..
    It’s a plain heated discussion at border..

    Hope it clarifies your getting famous in a day type of article.

  67. Shailaja bajpai how much money u got from terror funding nations for writing this shit? Mithai k dukaan me 200 rs me bik jayegi iski journalism

    • Lol you peado worshippers…isn’t it enough you lost half your country…you cowards don’t need to teach anything to India because neither India nor china a sucidal country like porkistan…

  68. Very anti national article. Serms they are enjoying possible miserable state country is in due to 70 years of congress

  69. So you are happy to tarnish India’s image by writing this report….who cares about your venom against India …Get a life

    • Your author is a fool & can’t distinguish between martyrdom of soldiers & no bullets. Authors view is biased….

    • Of course people like you do, hence you took time and effort to comment on this article. The author came here with facts rather than just baseless allegations. Get a life, moron.

  70. S Bajpai has failed to notice a crucial difference on borders: India – Pak exchange live fire, guns blazing and casualties regularly ( dead soldiers and civilians). On India – China there is no live ammunition use and no casualties yet.
    If she implied that Pakistan being a smaller and weaker adversary and that is why the fire and brim stone aggression, where as China being large and strong is treated in a more sober tones; then she should also notice that with Nepal ( with not only showing aggressive map making, but using intemperate language of claiming Indian virus worse than Wuhan virus or Milan Virus) the tone and tenor is very familial like a younger brother getting temporarily angry.
    With Mr Modi there is zero chance of compromising on national security or territorial integrity. The TV anchors you taunt, understand this and express those sentiments in their own way !

    • Do you expect any better from these pro-Pakistan journalists? The India-China relation, while tense at times, has been amicable for a long time, which is why there is not much anti-China chest thumping. You correctly identify Nepal as a counterexample, they are weaker than India yet there is no calls for violence there.

      Sadly for us Indians, we have never really been united when it matters, which is why you will find such journalists are very common in India, while Pakistani journalists are fairly patriotic.

  71. Yes, it’s really interesting to see hushed media as far as border skirmishes with China compared to LOC firings with Pakistan. In reality, in both cases, it’s the army that takes the action under good political leadership. And in such cases, the leaders of the ruling party should take the opposition into confidence. and the media should do impartial reporting and also conduct mature discussions.
    The ruling party under Modi trumpeted (Modi lead from the front) everything during the surgical strike and the Balakot strike underscoring the role of the defense forces. Also Modi govt. didn’t think of consulting the opposition. The presstitute media became super active with the likes of presstitute Arnab Goswami and the low-level BJP guys, blind BHAKTs and illogical supporters started singing praises of Modi as the crows do “kauw kauw”.
    Not only that, the shameless RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat even undermined the army and gave a criminal statement that the RSS cadres can be deployed at the border in matter of days whereas the army takes 6-7 months. Now all these guys are silent and mum when there is border skirmish with China.
    The real Indian citizens must note these truths because it’s the real Indians who defend India at all costs, take all the burden of India and make India a great country.

    • I knew print is sold out to communists selling lies only ,note one more thing china since 1971 haven’t fire a single shell there have been conflicts but mostly solved diplomatically !!! On the other hand pak has been sponsered terrorism in india borders keep violating ceasefire r two different matters u cant compare!!

    • Oh real Indian please do not type negative instead act then. Diplomacy and war go hqnd in hand and depends upon the Enemy…Pak is no one infront of us and China is someone comparison to us…so a decison out of anywhere cannot be taken. And the political leadership we are under has already postpone the Doklam tension few months back. And Modi and Army is now more confident to step forward then to step back as they did 6 yrs back under UPA regime

    • Can you go to the border ? RSS can do it for nation and has been serving the nation.

      It’s only RSS after the army, that can save India. Not you, don’t write like a moron in public space.

  72. Electronic media in India are the most hypocritical and cowardly bunch in the world. None of them have a decent editorial team. All they can think of are promoting divisive agendas within the country and are the mouthpiece of BJP. Shameless characters. The real anti-nationals of our once great country.

    • The emedia is not shameless, it’s people like you who are shamelss who in name of Andh Bhakts do the terrorism hiding your face and creating insurgency in nation. Tarnishing the Nation’s name and blaming Bhakts….we did not go for supporting the Afzal Guru, or doing the scams. And atleast now the Army is not just a defense on border who has to act after permission, rather they can take actions on choice of the situation. And all this due to Mr Parikar and Modi.

  73. Please show some respect to Major General G.D. Bakshi. He is a war veteran who has successfully defended the motherland in the 1971 and 1999 war.

  74. As if NDYV is immune to such grandstanding! Don’t understand what point you are making – are the channels you mention bad in your opinion or are they being responsuble when it matters.

  75. If wishes were horses, most of India’s TV news anchors would have invaded Pakistan, setup a studio in Karachi and broadcast news from there.

    An analysis has to be made as to why Indians North of the Vindhyas are obsessed with Pakistan and how many prime times news anchors are from this area?

    • Well said. India is used to bully and disrespect smaller neighbours and that goes for its media too. It would also be interesting to see if india accepts mediation offer by UN and US whereas with pakistan it insists its a bilateral issue! Different behaviour when the shoes on the other foot.
      India needs to reevaluate its relationship with all asian neighbours including China and Pakistan and make the region peaceful and stronger as the West countries do with each other and US. Compromising on boundaries and Kashmir is in its longer term interest.

      • Don’t cry.India is a mature country and always have been.If india was like China,it would have been a nightmare for neighbors.

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