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Rahul Gandhi’s chat with Rajan shows why he should stop doing press conferences, like Modi

Like Modi, Rahul Gandhi will be able to control the narrative about himself much better with somewhat more scripted formats of public engagement.

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Rahul Gandhi’s 30-minute chat with ex-RBI governor Raghuram Rajan on a video call has made the former Congress president look better than any interview or press conference he has ever done.

He would do well to engage in many more such interactions on video call chats and put them out for public consumption. He could have such chats with Congress chief ministers and workers, with experts around the country and the world. This format suits Rahul Gandhi for many reasons. For one, it is not designed to make him face tough questions.

Raghuram Rajan is not going to make Rahul Gandhi look bad. That’s not his job. He’s not a journalist. And Rahul Gandhi is not on test to prove himself. For once, Rahul Gandhi is asking questions, thereby acknowledging he doesn’t have all the answers. This makes him look humble, especially in contrast to Modi who projects himself as the man with all the answers.

Raghuram Rajan is a talented Indian economist Prime Minister Modi shunned. And Rahul Gandhi is asking him, how much money will it take to help the poor? Rs 65,000 crore, says Rajan, and it’s doable. Such a conversation is far more effective opposition politics than what Rahul Gandhi has been doing so far.

Brand Rahul Gandhi has been so down and out that even if he says something wise it does not carry much weight. But today, the headline is that Raghuram Rajan tells Rahul Gandhi the poor need Rs 65,000-crore package. Now if Rahul Gandhi starts to persist with this demand from the Modi government, it will carry weight.

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Controlling the narrative

Right-wingers on social media are quick to make jokes out of anything Rahul Gandhi does. Today, all they can point at is the clock on the wall behind Raghuram Rajan. The clock, they claim, shows the conversation lasted over an hour. But only 28 minutes have been put out. In other words, there’s been editing and possibly re-takes. That’s great, it shows Rahul Gandhi is learning from Modi.

Scripted events, produced like TV serials or films, is how Modi likes to communicate with the people. And not through press conferences.

Modi does give interviews once in a while, which often appear scripted, not least because the journalists interviewing him are so obsequious one feels embarrassed for a section of media. Largely, Modi likes to stick to scripted events to communicate “directly” with the people, wherein he decides what he speaks.

Modi is a politician with decades of experience and can certainly handle any question the media throws at him. One might recall the aggressive The Indian Express interview he gave just before the Lok Sabha election in 2019, an opportunity he used to lash out at liberals.

Modi doesn’t like surprises in interviews because he wants to be able to control the narrative coming out of the interview. It’s the headline he is bothered about. Is this really the headline he wants to make?

When you let someone ask any question they want, they may not ask you the questions that show you in a good light. Indeed, a good journalist won’t ask Modi how you work so many hours a day. A good journalist allowed to ask Modi anything will want to know why his government allowed the export of Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers till 19 February when the coronavirus pandemic was rearing its head.

The infamous Karan Thapar interview of 2007 shows this clearly. Modi walked out when Thapar was virtually forcing him to express regrets for the 2002 Gujarat riots — or clearly say he doesn’t want to express regret. Thapar could have asked him anything about Gujarat’s development after that but the headline would have been ‘Modi refuses to regret 2002’. By 2007 Modi wanted to pretend 2002 never happened. He had already moved on to projecting himself as a development messiah.

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A lesson Rahul didn’t learn in 2014

Modi’s walking out of the interview with Karan Thapar has clearly had an impact on how he perceives the media. It has meant that Modi doesn’t put himself in a situation where he could be grilled by a journalist. So either it’s one-way communication (social media, scripted interviews, speeches and events) or through interviews where he knows the questions beforehand or at any rate, knows the journalist won’t ask tough questions.

Rahul Gandhi also had a defining bad interview moment. The questions Arnab Goswami asked him in 2014 weren’t that tough, but Rahul Gandhi came across poorly. At one point Rahul Gandhi complained, “We have had a 1-hour conversation here, you haven’t asked me 1 question about how we are going to build this country, how we are going to take this country forward, you haven’t asked me one question on how we are going to empower our people, you haven’t asked me one question on what we are going to do for youngsters, you are not interested in that.”

Just like Modi, Rahul wanted to control the narrative. In both cases, two very different politicians had the same concern: can we talk about what I want to talk about?

An interview is by definition a situation in which the interviewer decides what questions will be asked. The interviewee is on test. This makes it a very powerful thing for a journalist to be allowed to interview a top politician. Someone like Modi can’t give someone else such power over himself.

Modi learnt his lesson and stopped putting himself in such situations. But Rahul Gandhi has kept repeating the mistake. He does press conferences and interviews where he isn’t able to set the agenda he would like, ends up making gaffes, and the BJP quickly cuts short videos, often out of context, to show him in poor light.

“I have no problem in giving TV interviews,” Gandhi told Ravish Kumar of NDTV in an interview in 2019, “The worst thing that can happen is I will make mistakes but it’s human to make mistakes,” he said.

Sure, but then don’t complain if people judge you for the mistakes and don’t vote for you. Truth is, making mistakes in an interview is not ok. That’s the sort of thing that turns elections.

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Poor optics overshadow good content 

Recently, Rahul Gandhi did a Zoom press conference on the Covid-19 crisis. He said all the right things. He was consciously making a shift in his tone from the angry young man always out to bring Modi down. He now wanted to be the mature opposition leader doing constructive criticism. This was a step in the right direction. He also said all the right things: lockdown is but a pause, where’s the testing, where’s the PPE, look at the suffering of migrant labourers, and so on.

But as usual, the optics became the focus: Rahul Gandhi trying to figure out Zoom, repeating the word strategic again and again, the poor lighting, and so on. Once again, the optics tend to overshadow the content. You may not necessarily get this impression from watching the 9 o’ clock news or reading the newspapers, but the site of image-making and destroying of politicians today is social media, from WhatsApp to TikTok.

That’s why Rahul Gandhi needs the power of scripted video, following in the footsteps of Modi. They can help you edit out those very human mistakes and look like a leader.

The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. I do not know whether the writer of this article is going to read our comments or not . Almost all comments are against his projected narrative. India loves modi and we are lucky to have such great man as our prime minister .
    Our PM speaks from heart , gives 100 percent effort in service of india.The haters are selected few, segregated from rest of india are visible clearly . Someone is trying hard to become PM as it is his family business to remain in politics. It’s not his father’s jagir. The author is trying to portray a picture of somebody as pious , innocent mind but his efforts are futile.

  2. To this writer: After reading the comments, did you see the writing on the wall? If you did not, then you are as dumb as Rahul Gandhi. If you did and still do it, then you are being taken care of by the Dynasty very well… But these days are numbered.. remember.

  3. I have one doubt in my mind always, whether they have given money to you or only you want to spread leftist agenda or hate against Hindus, Maximum of your news are fake, you are doing it deliberately we know, but you all are doing this for money or something else

  4. The truth is that we Indians love to follow cult figures….somehow, a sizeable majority (especially the middle class segment) loves brash, chest-thumping, authoritarian figures that speak like heroes in Bollywood films….striking ‘masterstrokes’ and asking the public for “sacrifices” and to endure hardships. Never mind that such exhortations and “bold decisions” have often proven to be disastrous….we also love to follow the media in ridiculing personalities that offer alternative viewpoints, especially when the majority of opinions are stacked against such personalities (whether fairly or unfairly, it does not matter). All this enables unscrupulous politicians and opportunistic journalists thrive in their lies and deceipt, while the weaker sections of the country suffer immeasurable hardship.

  5. Hi time caucus see the Nehru brand as damaged goods. Accept that government has done a “Job “ on the continued reliance on just a name. Time to move on. There will be plenty of time to pay respects to the great family later

  6. It’s now known that the 67 min interview was heavily edited, to eliminate stupid comments and faux pas’s , by only person capable of it…… it’s certainly not Raghu. Any number of attempts to project rahul as some kinda thinker and strategist have fallen flat and hard. He simply doesn’t have it in him. That fact has to be accepted. Well informed and articulate leaders of Congress are either throttled or are leaving the party.

  7. Narendra modi speaks. From his heart that’s why he is so effective. Shivam why do you think that all indians are foolish and they will believe you ?There is no comparison between modiji and rahul rahul sounds foolish and superficial.

  8. There isn’t much problem with Rahul Gandhi but it’s people of India who are eager to find fault with him. They want their own guilt of choosing Modi to gloss over by blame it all on RaGa or not having plausible alternative.
    Leader all over the world made mistakes including Obama,Bush & no need to mention Trump here. Even Modi made many hilarious gaffe & incorrect statement,many times on official announcement.
    I don’t think created image make much difference in politics but it’s how one can emotionally connect with people. And many times leader evokes negative emotions to feed their political desire. Modi knows that weakness of people of India. But to nurture negative emotion isn’t helpful for country. But playing with fire.
    But I would like the leader who accept his mistakes,ready to learn from it & eager to take advice. I prefer a leader who doesn’t play with people’s emotions but work on strength of people like what Mahatma Gandhi did. Knowing all answer isn’t just impossible but blatant lie & humiliation of people who ready to believe in.
    So however erring Rahul Gandhi has been projected by conniving media he might be better for India while leader like Modi won’t be able to do good & may be disastrous for very nation he is holding on.

  9. Haha one conversation by RG and the sympathetic journalists from this author to TN Ninan are all wishing how this interaction had never happened!

    • That will be a black day in Indian politics. Yet another loot and plunder of this country with appeasement politics will rule the roost. I pray that that day never comes.

    • So much edited video! 60 minutes video edited to 30 minutes! That too with Raghuram Rajan, a congress supporter NRI!

  10. Well written rahul gandhi pr team. Thing is even if he tries to, he can’t have it.. Because he doesn’t have it. He need not compete with modi. He rather can’t compete with anyone. All he could get is name and nothing else.

  11. So Rahul can not do interviews. Rahul can do conversation which needs to be edited. I think he shout Pod casts like Man Ki Baat. He will not have any reason to worry. Pre recorded and pre edited. Solid content with all the required logic and jargons. So in the last 20 years we have established this. This is called development and empowerment (women ;))

  12. It’s a good read. The BJP planned and branded him pappu. If we need a credible opposition we need a strong and credible opposition leader. India is no facist country and so we need an opposition party. Both the BJP and congress are corrupt so we need a strong opposition party.

  13. I a core congressman
    But Rahul is doing all these drama as he is no where to go for vacation.He lacks committment,sincerity and willingness to sacrifice like Nehurji did.If Congress us to have a future it should be with out him.His sister sells the portrait donated to to the party by Hussein to the highest bidder.once lock down lifted and able to travel he will be gone for larger time.

  14. The article appears like the statement of purpose of an applicant for a PR manager job. Antonia Maino and Raul Vinci have tried for the past 18 years to prop up this gentleman we call Rahul Gandhi in the role of a leader, but have failed.
    Wonder what made the author think that he is able to change the narrative that couldn’t be changed by pseudo journalists who sold their trade for money in nearly two decades and managed by people who have an understanding of the PR trade!
    Why it hasn’t worked is that Raul Vinci is truly incapable. The poor chap must be himself tired of this circus. In fact we should pity him for being born in a family that is forcing him to do what he clearly isn’t capable of, and does not want to do. He has enough money and resources to live the rest of his life in Bangkok, or London, or wherever else, so please let him be. The ‘youth icon’ is nearly 50, let him retire…and let a true leader emerge out of Congress. We are a large nation, and Congress a very old party. There will be someone inspirational, someone who can challenge the current dispensation with true leadership. I have hope that the Congress can come together and find their inspiration and inherent energy outside of the poor, honest, obedient, truthful, down to earth, receptive RaGa.
    This country needs a credible opposition and opposition leader. Both of which are not available today. Not in terms of parliament seats, but in the real sense…someone to challenge PM Modi on merit, not on journalistic narratives, but on true merit.

  15. I don’t understand this…
    You are promoting a “leader” who is ignorant and has no confidence (RG) at the same time downplaying a leader who is confident, who has a strategy and above all has loads of experience in running Governments….
    Is this your idea of democracy?

    Just asking…

  16. How in good conscience can the so called “liberal” writers , peddle dynasty? Puppy is not only a dynasty, but a really mediocre one.

    How much you get paid for writing this crap and throwing it on the face of the citizens of this proud country? Damn turncoats!

  17. Am sorry. My English teacher did this to me. Nothing personal OK? Your title is wrong and could have been differet. Editor and not you?? . The headline is wrong. You did not mean Rahul can do press conferee. You meant He must not do any LIKE Modi.

  18. Mr. Vij, be an independent and impartial journalist. Don’t always bat for Congress. Ask your beloved Gandhi’s to give control of Congress to some capable leader as there is no dearth of leaders in Congress party. Present Gandhi’s don’t know anything about Indian value system as their upbringing is totally different. Also they are not well educated and well read and so their knowledge is very limited. So Congress should encourage capable regional leaders and to begin with first they should get rid of all left leaning advisors.

  19. It’s purely a hopeless article and poor attempt to show Rahul as mature politician which is hundred and ten percent wrong… You can’t compare Rahul with Modi… Rahul is nothing but just a joker… Fullish and “tukde tukde” journalist like Rabish kumar only praise this Gandhi… Modi jee is brighter like Son rahul is Dark Black vacuum of Congress Party which will dissolve under his leadership, and will complete Mahatma Gandhi’s will to dissolve this dirty party…

  20. We are no longer dependent on the left of centre journalists to give us objective analysis. Social media and Google have liberated the Indian reader from the captive grip of those big names in journalism who were more sympathetic to the Congress.

    The above article by Shivam Vij too confuses the need to ask searching and critical questions in good faith which a journalist is expected to do – from bad faith questions based on pre-judging the issue.

    I have seen the Karan Thapar interview and his superciliousness and prejudice is what I can recollect clearly.  We don’t need such journalism. Thank you.

    But Rahul Gandhi’s scripted interview of Raghuram Rajan with 90 minutes of video, edited and cleaned of the usual gaffes, is not so bad. It’s irritating to keep hearing over and over again, a new word like ‘strategic’, recently learnt by Rahul Gandhi. It’s better he scripts his interviews.

    • As they say, once a blind bhakt, always a blind bhakt. You are critiquing the author for the same “crime” that you are accusing him of committing. The blind bhakt tribe look like dead men walking.

  21. Shivam Vij, you got paid handsomely?Keep supporting dunb bacchu like Rahul that will get you somewhere.

  22. Pappu Gandhi chup baithi…hamare prime minister ko apna Kam karne do..tum Abhi chote bacche ho

  23. Efforts of the writer to make Rahul Gandhi look good is praiseworthy. However a leader is not known not only through interview but his or her vision for the country which this gentleman called Rahul totally lacks. His only vision is to be PM of the country because he belongs to a particular family. He also feels how Modi can snatch his birth tight. So he will abuse Modi on any forum often lowering the prestige of the nation itself. I feel pity for those who tries to find calibre in Rahul to become a good leader. For this reasons it may not surprise me if they start looking for similar virtues in Priyanka and Robert Vadra. These people may start mentioning very soon that Rahul being single will prove a great PM like Modi and Vajpayee.

  24. No matter how much Lutyens news traders try to showcase Rahul as modern day Einstein ,fact is Rahul is a dim bloke. And he is where he is purely coz of nepotism and dynasty. Any free thinker in left ecosystem was systematically destroyed by Gandhi -Nehru dynasty in collusion with journalists like you. I mean for Christ sake man you guys can’t find no one of merit other than this super dolt dynast. You guys deserve worst than what you actually getting. Stop being an open publicist for Gandhi dynasty and at the same time branding everyone else godi media,Bhakts. Shameless is how Indian left should be described.

  25. Original length more than an hour. Look at the clock. This is not just scripted but also edited. Still looks OK. Not going to help RG anyways tlrather helps promote Modi.
    RG should call it a day and leave politics . This is best thing for Congress and some natural leader emerges from Congress and can start fighting g fascist BJP.

  26. ” Shoe I am ” is so HAPPY with the interview that “his” Prince has given. That like a pig he is rolling in the FAMILY ” you know what “.

  27. We are no longer dependent on the left of centre journalists to give us objective analysis. Social media and Google have liberated the Indian reader from the captive grip of those big names in journalism who were more sympathetic to the Congress.

    The above article by Shivam Vij too confuses the need to ask searching and critical questions in good faith which a journalist is expected to do – from bad faith questions based on pre-judging the issue.

    I have seen the Karan Thapar interview and his superciliousness and prejudice is what I can recollect clearly. We don’t need such journalism. Thank you.

    But Rahul Gandhi’s scripted interview of Raghuram Rajan with 90 minutes of video, edited and cleaned of the usual gaffes, is not so bad. It’s irritating to keep hearing over and over again, a new word like ‘strategic’, recently learnt by Rahul Gandhi. It’s better he scripts his interviews.

  28. It will be enough if RG sings “Twinkle Twinkle little star ” . All of india knows his level of intellect and instinct for sloganeering like “Chowkidaar …………..” Can L.KG. student understand MACRO ECONOMICS OR ECONOMICS OF GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT . Let him develop his low I.Q. / E.Q for two three decades . Then he will be a best person to be to lead “We the miserable Indian s.” who do not have capacity to produce person to adorn the office of PM of India as this is destined to be monopoly of a dynast family based in New Delhi only.
    Oh God save my country from sycophants journalists.

  29. Things ‘MAY” change for Rahul Gandhi only if he and his family first perish their obsession that Modi has usurped their Family’s legitimate and divinely ordained post of the PM of India, and has ‘somehow’ sneaked in when they were not looking. Moreover, they should also abandon the conviction that “Lutyens’ Delhi is THEIR fiefdom and Modi is an interloper and an outsider. They should open their eyes to the FACT that Modi has won a clear election, TWICE, beating Congress to pulp, in the process. But this is fanciful thinking. They can never change.

  30. This article is a joke right !!!?? I mean how biased can your page be ?? You’re basically trying to whitewash this idiot and everything he says or does by again blaming modi. Like most of it wasn’t his own fault !?

  31. He is looking good because of highly edited nature of the video released. If you guys can see the clock at the back of raghu ram rajan you can see that the total length of the call was about 90 mins. Now could have said the same about Rahul Gandhi had the video released would had been a unedited. But due to the high nature of editing we can cannot say this and he is certainly not worthy of this article. However what we can do is let the video released to cine award their they might have some chance of winning any medal or something.

  32. Yes it looks only as a Dynast Author view which you should keep with himself. Instead of briefing about meeting with Rajan he is more concern trying to project Pahul as Great leader but forget Pappu will be a Pappu unless he stop doing politics and do some genuine support to people(Indians) & not fr sme other countries by being neutral and behaving like a True secular not a typical Indian Siculars gang.

  33. Never seen such bootlicking article trying relaunch the failed Gandhi again ..People like you still hing up on 2002 even if SC has cleared him..what a pathetic piece of journalism

  34. ,न आपको आलोचना पसंद है ,और न ही कड़वे उत्तर,कारण आपकी रागदरबारी मानसिकता।

    राहुल रेजिंग। आज कल। बहुत चारण भाट। इस काम। में। लगे हैं । मुफ्त तो कुछ होता नहीं,लाकडाऊन में वैसे भी सबका धंधा मंदा चल रहा है , विज्ञापन नहीं तो किसी की प्रसऺसा कर कुछ अर्थ लाभ होता है तो क्या बुरा। पापी पेट का सवाल है।

  35. The author is very desperate to fool the people of India, with fool like Vinci. All the best. Vinci should take up a job as a clerk and work for a while. Then only he will understand what is india. We don’t want a Dumbo as PM and project India in a bad light. I’m sure he will not be anything in next 15 years. Jai hind

  36. Shivam vij , we thought the article you scripted was about making rahul Gandhi look good. Or, if nothing, advise him on how to look good.
    But your blinkered mind rattles on about Modi even while you are focused on making a clumsy horse gallop.
    Tch. Tch.

  37. The print is funded by Rahul da Vinci.Obhious, you will support him but not majority of Indian.

  38. Ra Ga is still under the tutelage of his Jeeves. By the time he learns the trick of the trade of politics, his party may be extinct

  39. Oh Mr. VIJ, this composition screams loudly about you, your loyalties, your intense dislikes and your agenda rather than a purported unsolicited advice to the Crown Prince .
    Another assumption of yours that RG is still in the learning phase of the art of public communications, by experimenting with different formats, to catch up with Modi, is rather insulting !
    Mr Vij, the voting public is not going to be impressed with any number of scripted dialogues , on complicated technical topics , conducted in the English language in a managed setting..
    They need to feel the genuineness of the person, by his/her lifestyle, personal achievements, work ethics and ability to connect with them by speaking in a vernacular dialect.
    Alas, “Dilli Dooraast”

  40. This site, a known Modi baiter and Congress bootlicker has left no stone unturned in proving Modi arrogant and Rahul a moderate person. It is sticking on its agenda although it gets trolled quite often. Journalism at its lowest.

  41. It will take a lot more than this to make Rahul Gandhi look credible. Rajan at this point of time is jobless and working hard ‘ read playing to the gallery’ to make himself relevant. Wish lots of luck to both.

  42. Control the narrative?
    What is the compulsion for Rahul to be in public life in the first place? Its not his calling. Its not the narrative of his life. None of his actions speak of that. The poor guy is forced to stay in politics because of idea and ideals bankrupt congress party. All of us should leave Rahul alone and let him live his simple life like any of us.

  43. It is this Raghuram Rajan only spoiled India’s MSME sector. People like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Mody etc got loans when he was at the helm of RBI. Why he again and again interfere in Indian economy is obvious. He is expecting favours from parties like Congress.

  44. Once a duffer, always a duffer. Rahul should bring the money he and his family looted over the last seventy years. is that too much to ask?

  45. Poor Shivam Vij for Rahul Kanwal , Shweta Singh,Rahul Joshi, Smita prakash are not journalists and questions like people say chowkidar chor hai, in other she called the PM a chor was not tough for a man known for personal integrity, What did Rajdeep ask Sonia Ji or Ravish ask Rahul Gandhi it was not even an interview, I bet even Shivam will be tongue tied in Mr. Modis presence , today such is his persona

  46. He doesn’t have any single PM quality, merely having Gamdhi surname will not make any difference.
    It seems Rahul have given the contract of image makeup to The Print, good job lage raho

  47. And it is really painful to see idiots like you still believe Rahul Ghandy is a ‘leader’!

    I believe there is a boundary for everything, and this is really a outrageous!

    Can’t believe how you even become a journalist!

    Just simply say ‘it’s not for him!’

  48. It appears that Article is paid article sponserd by Ambani / Adani !!! Modi who don’t understand difference between optimism and pessimism,courtesy Karan Thapar, is painted superior over Rahul Gandhi !!! Godi media at it’s best !!!???!!!

  49. You cannot put lipstick on a p*g. No matter how much you decorate RG the true color will show. The difference in class in inherently seen by everyone other than some left wing publications and authors like you who are more interested in getting Modi out than looking out for the country. There are so many great leaders in Congress e.g. Amrinder Singh in Punjab. You do not suggest at any point congress should get rid of this dynasty culture and develop party leaders based on merit, and many second tier leaders in congress have an ability to develop a vision and lead. All you want is the family come back again, establish a set-up similar indigenous version of East India company, manipulate and corrupt the institutions, plunder and loot the country and enjoy the personal riches. RG cannot even stay in the country for more than 4 weeks in a row without getting hypoxia, he has to go abroad to get some fresh air and restore sanity.
    Congress with the dynasty is a race to the bottom for India. Manmohan was a great leader, but he had to function under the family control. Non-family party leaders if they are allowed have the potential to create a new and rejuvenated congress, acting like a responsible and credible party developed by with political abilities as good as or better than Prime Minister Modi. Big IF. Shed your family loyalty and public sucking up Mr. Shivam and start looking at the country and its people interests. Stop writing such silly pieces in public. You are free to advise and consult with RG in private but not in the public domain as it looks very silly of your news paper and its branding.

  50. Just not right wingers but also common men make comments because Rahul makes a cool if himself by irrelevant quips

  51. Wonderful article. Everyone should read. Rahul Gandhi as for to me is honest, obedient, truthful, down to earth , beyond all he is receptive… But as it is stated in article he should learn…if possible plz send this article to RaGa

  52. First Part of the article has some sense, especially in the context of Indian journalists who are generally wooden headed. It is wise for Rahul Gandhi to avoid meaningless interviews. But the second art especially the “The interviewee is on test” is an arrogant assertion that can come only from poor and immature journalist. But interestingly the second part in a way justifies why RG should never give interviews to the gang to which this author belongs

  53. The article is unfair…his press conferences were very effective…He should do more of everything he is doing… And he has handled the tough questions better than anyone.

  54. You always try to justify an inexperienced, dumb person like Rahul Gandhi better. This is like as if there is nobody other than him in Congress.
    You seem to have vested interest to put India down by disregarding all the very good actions of Modi.

    You ask yourself, is Rahul Gandhi comparable to Modi in any respect as a personality, Politician, or a leader.
    You people never want to see India progress and prosper. That is why all these false narratives.
    Seems you don’t like my reply. So it is not being mailed.

  55. Forget silly matters. One should have clear goal, dedication, boldness and patriotism to the core to run the country decisively. Modi is one of the top world leaders. Please stop comparing him with Rahul. He can never think of becoming a Modi in his life.

  56. So after all you are holding brief of Congress.
    In the court of public, he will surely lose his case.
    Please do not thrust this man on India.
    What injustice India has done to you?

  57. Raghuram and Shivam are on the payroll of Congress. Can you expect anything different. When did Rahul became so humble and when Modi claimed he knows everything. At least during current crisis period the media should pur more focus on real news and views than negative narratives.

  58. Mr. Vij, Leadership instinct doesn’t come by tutoring lk this. This is yet another session of Tutions classes series from you to Mr. Gandhi…hahahahaha

  59. Lol, looks less of a bit about Rahul’s interview, more of an opportunity to bash PM Modi again. When will you people learn?

  60. Student in K.G. classes are not taught Macro or growth economics. It is too much to burden young child s mind.

  61. If Rahul continues with such interviews as suggested by Shivam, hopefully, the interviewees do not use to build up their image at the expense of Rahul or themselves get exposed by lack of answers to Rahul’s tough questions! Thankfully, at the end of it, Rahul did not ask Rajan to define how strategically we can plan for post corona!

    Also, more such interviews means Modi can easily get to know ideas and improve, relabel them and present them as his solutions. Modi has no advisers anyway and he can steal precious ideas easily from such interviews by Rahul. Perhaps, it is also possible that people will get to know how hollow or ordinary advises from such experts are so that people start reposing their faith in decisive, firm, nationalist and pro poor delivery guy Modi.

    So Shhivam, watch out before you give your ideas to Rahul!

  62. Rahul did many good interviews and answered smartly to tough questions in 2019. But whatever he does, it is tough to face the BJP’s IT cell and lakhs of Bhakths. They will take out short clips out of context and put him on bad light. Even these live discussions will have that fate.

  63. Stop comparing this duffer Rahul Gandhi with the Prime Minister.
    Please wake up & smell the coffee – there is no comparison between the two.

  64. If Rahul ever has a future in Indian politics, he needs to be very different from Modi and not follow in his footsteps.
    He should know how to handle press conferences and interviews better. Politicians need to face tough questions from the
    press and the public. They should have the courage and sincerity to look in the eye and answer them. So the
    Modi model should
    be jettisoned forthwith.

  65. Rahul Gandhi is an idiot. The world know it. All the conversations in the world are not going to change that.

    • Bhakt are still in the dream that mr modiji will do something but the reality is different they cannot believe that thier papa has made them chutiya today is in beggest economy falldown but what to do bhakts toh bhakt hai bheek manglenge magar papa ko kuch nahi bolenge akhir papa toh papa hai rahul has the courage to face questions and make mistakes and blind bhakts still in the nali gas they cannot see rahul talking about economy and talking about country because they only want hindu muslim mandir masjid jitne bhi comments karte hai 2 koidi ki aukaad nahi aur nahi koi samaj hai economy ki bas ek kisi ko badnam karna toh kaise bhi karo in jaise bhakto ki wajah se modiji aaj india ka satyanash karne me kamyab hue

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