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Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah. Why pick on Muslims

The offensive cartoons on Prophet Muhammad were projected on all government buildings in France. If this isn’t bullying the entire Muslim community, I don't know what is.

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Offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad have been published, republished and projected on government buildings in France. Prophet Muhammad captures the imagination, belief system and rapturous devotion of about 1.8 billion people in the world, even after 1,400 years of his existence. And those 1.8 billion people are expected to not get offended by vulgar depictions of the prophet because it apparently is ‘freedom of expression’. Is bullying freedom of expression too? Is pornographic content freedom of expression too? Is substance abuse freedom of expression too?

Charlie Hebdo-published caricatures of Prophet Muhammad and French President Emmanuel Macron’s endorsement of them have sparked protests all over the Muslim world. While the rest of the world says ‘the cartoons espouse freedom of expression’, Muslims are unequivocally denouncing this twisted version of freedom of expression where a deliberate attempt is being made to insult the Prophet for no reason whatsoever.

Did Prophet Muhammad ask the 18-year-old Chechen-origin Abdoullakh Anzorov to behead 47-year-old Samuel Paty, a teacher? No. Did he form Al-Qaeda? No. Was he flying the 9/11 planes? No. Did he hijack IC 814? No. Then why insult the Prophet? It is completely unnecessary and unprovoked. I am one of those Muslims who unequivocally protest against these cartoons and Macron for propagating such Islamophobic content.

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The ‘crusade’ against Islam

When the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center twin towers on 11 September 2001, or 9/11 as it is known, it also crashed the old civilisational wars over land and economic sanctions and ushered the age of wars based on religious ideology. I personally felt ashamed for being a Muslim because the men who had carried out these attacks had done it in the name of Islam. That’s another thing that they had gone to a bar to drink a round of beers before crashing the planes in the “name of Islam”.

The modern-day version of the crusades was back. And although the concept of terrorism existed long before terrorist outfits such as the Irish Republican Army (IRA), Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), etc. entered the scene, nothing caught the fascination of people like “Islamic terrorism”.

For the last 19 years, the world has been fixated on Islam and is busy debating how, according to popular opinion, the terrorism ushered by Islamic tenets are a menace to society.

But in these last 19 years, many Muslims, including myself, refuse to accept these “Islamic” acts of terrorism as belonging to us — as a community — or the religion we follow. And we refuse to be apologetic or responsible about it anymore. How a madman interprets the Quran does not make either the Muslim community as a whole or the religion we follow responsible for the act. If an obsessive lover kills for the “sake of love”, you don’t brand love to be in “crisis”, even though people have been killing in the name of love for centuries.

But Macron thinks otherwise

Today, France is front and centre in discussing Islamic terrorism thanks to its President who, at Samuel Paty’s funeral, spoke about Islam being “in crisis all over the world”. Paty was beheaded by Anzorov for showing to his students offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad published by Charlie Hebdo, which had unleashed terrorist attacks in France in 2015.

Macron spoke about how France will continue to make cartoons to stand strong on its values of liberty. And to really drive the point home, the offensive cartoons on Prophet Muhammad were projected on all government buildings in France.

If this isn’t bullying and deliberately provoking an entire community, I don’t know what is. Macron’s petty retaliation has sparked protests all over the world by Muslims who are utterly disgusted by the government of a liberal nation resorting to insulting a religion. Islam and the Muslim community as a whole have nothing to do with the beheading.

But whenever Muslims say this, verses from the Holy Quran are regurgitated by angry Islamophobes who call Islam a barbaric desert cult. It doesn’t matter to the haters that those verses have a context. They will have none of it.

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Taking the verse out of context

Among several, there is one particular verse that is often used to brand Islam as a violent religion. In Verse 191 Chapter 2 of the Holy Quran, God says:

“And kill them wherever you encounter them and expel them from where they expelled you. Oppression is indeed worse than murder. Do not fight them at the Masjid Al-Haram (Ka’aba) unless they fight you therein. If they fight you, then kill them; such is the penalty of the disbelievers.”

But no one bothers to understand, even when told, that this verse was revealed when Muslims on the Hajj pilgrimage were attacked and killed by the Quraysh tribe who had signed a treaty with the Prophet to not attack the pilgrims.

The Quran has been revealed in parts over a period of 23 years to Prophet Muhammad. So, the verses are situational. Every chapter in the Quran mentions the location where the verse was sent to the Prophet. Also, the Quran is not compiled in a linear format. The same situation has been touched upon in an earlier chapter and part of it is anecdotally spoken about in a chapter much later because the Holy Quran isn’t a book of stories. It’s a book of lessons and morals.

No one mentions the verses that follow because then the Islamophobic agenda would be lost. In Verse 193 of Chapter 2, God says: “And fight them until there is no more oppression and the religion is for God, but if they cease, then no aggression is permitted except against the transgressors.”

How is this any different from Lord Krishna telling Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita to fight as his dharmic duty?

BG 2.33: “अथ चैत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि। (O Arjuna! If you do not fight for this religion and turn away from your religion, then you will lose your fame and glory).” Surely, Hindus will know the context.

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From Gita to Bible to Torah

The Biblical Old Testament, too, tells believers to go to war.

Deuteronomy 20:1-4: “When you go out to war against your enemies, and see horses and chariots and an army larger than your own, you shall not be afraid of them, for the Lord your God is with you, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. And when you draw near to the battle, the priest shall come forward and speak to the people and shall say to them, ‘Hear, O Israel, today you are drawing near for battle against your enemies: let not your heart faint. Do not fear or panic or be in dread of them, for the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory’.”

Or how different is it from the Torah’s verses that speak of genocide and pillage?

Numbers 31:1-10 say: The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Avenge the Israelite people on the Midianites; then you shall be gathered to your kin.” Moses spoke to the people, saying, “Let men be picked out from among you for a campaign, and let them fall upon Midian to wreak the LORD’s vengeance on Midian. You shall dispatch on the campaign a thousand from every one of the tribes of Israel.” … “The Israelites took the women and children of the Midianites captive, and seized as booty all their beasts, all their herds, and all their wealth. And they destroyed by fire all the towns in which they were settled, and their encampments.”

Surely, the true followers of these religions will speak up against anyone seeking to use these verses out of context and painting their religion as violent?

But only Muslims are picked on and their beliefs targeted. We refuse to be apologetic about our religion. And we will protest democratically against these disgusting cartoons that further spread Islamophobia. Acts of terror cannot justify offensive cartoons as a symbol of liberty.

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. This is a broad day lie brother. Go revisit the Quran in the Auras other have already posted. Unlike Jehovah God and all others, the Allah of Muslims takes delight in wars and killing. He seems to be bloodthirsty god:

    There are some few verses from the Quran telling Muslims to kill and go to war to fight for Islam and for Allah.
    Fight for Allah: “And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers,” (Surah 2:191).

    Muslims are to battle for Allah: “Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the minions of the devil. Lo! the devil’s strategy is ever weak,” (Surah 4:76).

    Kill those against Islam: “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter,” (Surah 5:33).

    Beheading: “When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying): I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger. 13That is because they opposed Allah and His messenger. Whoso opposeth Allah and His messenger, (for him) lo! Allah is severe in punishment,” (Surah 8:12).

    “Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks until, when ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterward either grace or ransom till the war lay down its burdens . . . ” (Surah 47:4).

    Allah urges war: “O Prophet! urge the believers to war; if there are twenty patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a hundred of you they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they are a people who do not understand,” (Surah 8:65).

    “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination,” (Surah 9:73).

    “O you who believe, fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil),” (Surah 9:123).

    Slay non-Muslims: “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful,” (Surah 9:5).

    Allah urges killing: ” . . . the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease and the agitators in the city do not desist . . . 61Cursed: wherever they are found they shall be seized and murdered, a (horrible) murdering. 62(Such has been) the course of Allah with respect to those who have gone before; and you shall not find any change in the course of Allah, (Surah 33:60-62).

    Allah loves those who fight for him: “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure,” (Surah 61:4).

  2. Hello Zainab, while you not only conveniently didn’t include the other hateful verses meant for us Kuffars but created a big mistake of quoting one of the verses from the Bhagwad Geeta without having the knowledge of the Word “Dharm” which doesn’t mean Religion. Even a common non Hindu knows that the meaning of Dharm is not Religion. Dharm means In Hinduism it means ‘duty’, ‘virtue’, ‘morality’ and that is why Lord Krishna encouraged Arjun to fight for the cause of Dharm i.e. perform his duty, virtue.

    Deep within your heart you know the reality of hatred Islam has the Kuffars / Infidels which not only is spoken about and encouraged in Masjids especially during Jumma as the Khutba is read however you’ll use Al Taqquia to fool non muslims , however the world knows what deception is.

    • Respecting religions is imperative upon all but following wrong religion or the religion that has been contaminated by the selfish people for petty gains may not be the right thing to do. Therefore, it becomes necessary for all to verify what they believe is ‘truth’ or not.

      If God is One for all and all his favours( water, sun,food air, etc etc) are for all then His message for the humanity also has to be one and can’t be different for different set of people of different era/time, language or geographical area.

      What is that ‘one message’ that God is giving from the beginning (from sanatan kaal/ ancient times) through different sages and prophets?

      To understand the same first we need to give up our worldly identities given by our birth like- muslim, Christian,hindu, Buddhists etc and ask ourselves ‘what would’ve been my ‘truth’ if I had been born in other community? Will it not be different from what I believe today?

      If it would be a ‘different’ ‘truth’ then either that one is wrong or the one that I follow is wrong.

      For ‘truth’ is got to be UNIVERSAL in nature and applicable to all without any difference or discrepancy of any sort.

      The ‘classical mistake’ the humanity committed is that they began worshipping false Gods/ man-made god’s or humans as gods and diluted the authority and sovereignty of the True One God of all.

      And therefore, today we see n number of gods confusing all humanity…and to curb this menace the God Almighty kept sending His devine knowledge through sages and prophets from time to time. They established the truth while they had been living here however, after their departure their knowledge had not been passed in right manner to the coming generations and also due to manipulation by unscrupulous people the ‘true message’ got corrupted…As we see the knowledge of Vedas have been almost lost/forgotten.

      In order to re-establish the truth the final messanger prophet Muhammad(pbuh) was send to earth for all of humanity…but people gripped under the illusion of their ‘worldly identities’ are unable to see it that he has been given the same message that was given to all the prophets and sages coming before him- ‘calling all humanity to their true God’

      Unless we accept prophets of all times of all nation as giving the same ‘message’ we will always differ with ‘tera-mera’ ( yours- ours) or become prone to ‘apni daphli apna raag'( everyone playing their own tunes without any accountability)..whereas deep down in our hearts and conscience we all know that we all have one race ‘humans’ and are brothers and sisters from the same family.

      A humble soul doesn’t disown others unless it has studied and pondered over the message of other religion before making his/her choice.

      For this life is all about choosing-
      Right faith and Right deeds(karma).

      No soul will be given salvation unless it has earned it.

      अयं निजः परो वेति गणना लघुचेतसाम् ।
      उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ॥
      (महोपनिषद्, अध्याय ४, श्‍लोक ७१)
      “He is mine, he is another, not mine- such are thoughts of narrow minded people. For the noble minded the whole world is a family.”

      God says;
      “O mankind! We…made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other).” (The Qur’an 49:13)

      “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black, nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.” (The last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad pbuh)


  3. The writer has shamelessly hidden the next ayat of sura Al-Barka. The complete picture is as follows:-
    2:190 And fight in the way of Allah those who fight
    you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allah likes
    not the transgressors.
    2:191 And kill them wherever you find them, and
    turn them out from where they have turned you
    out. And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.
    And fight not with them at Al-Masjid Al-Haram (the
    sanctuary at Makkah), unless they (first) fight you
    But if they attack you, then kill them. Such is the
    recompense of the disbelievers.
    2:192 But if they cease, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving,
    Most Merciful.
    2:193 And fight them until there is no more Fitnah
    (disbelief and worshipping of others along with
    Allah) and the religion (all and every kind of
    worship) is for Allah (Alone). But if they cease, let
    there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimin
    (the polytheists and wrongdoers)
    Reference- Tafseer Ibn-Kathir
    # by noticing the language of 2:193 and anyone can get the idea what it really says.
    # on the other hand nothing of this sort be found in Gita.
    # Others too do not claim the worthiness of their god above others’ gods and neither reserve the right of worship.
    # This is “Munafikat”on the part of the writer as the Holy Quran!

  4. One of the finest article I read regarding the unsolved knots of religion Islam. Certainly this answered many of my unasked questions even and clarified the agenda creating against Islam. I hope people will get their answers now very clearly like water.

  5. To all those who don’t understand what is the real meaning of the word “Dharma”/ “धर्म”,

    (in Indian religion) the eternal and inherent nature of reality, regarded in Hinduism as a cosmic law underlying right behavior and social order.(google definition)

    So, those who are saying that in the devine Geeta, Krishna asked to fight for religion, you must have to read a scripture first then you are allowed to say anything about any religion or scripture(and this should be obeyed by all, for all, not only for hinduism)

    Dharma is “righteous” and in the above prescribed verse of geeta, Krishna is telling arjuna to do what is right, to choose right path.(which was to fight for justice, fight for right, even against his own family(at that time there was not even the concept of religion, because religion came with different entities who came to India from different parts of the world(e.g. mughals)))
    So, saying that Krishna is asking for fight to protect religion is the real revealation of a fake and the person doing so is somehow a criminal(spreading misinformation which can create conflicts in different communities).

    Krishna was telling arjuna, not to hesitate to fight even against his own cousins, because his cousins were sinful and created conspiracy against them(attempt to murder), and misbehaving with her wife=(dharmapatni).
    (another proof of the meaning of dharma(dharmapatni= righteous loyal spouse))

    Is it wrong in any manner to punish those who are criminals, and arjuna being from the royal family have all rights to punish a criminal, hence Krishna is saying that justice is something which is above all, even Arjuna’s royal cousins comes under the wheel of justice.

    I can’t say that Islam is asking its disciples to kill kafirs or not, because I didn’t read its holy book Quran,

    This is my dharma not to say anything wrong about any religion without reading it’s scripture and protect my own people’s belief.

    Your dharma was similar but your hatred against other religion created you a irresponsible person who is sowing seeds of hate in this community.(and this is adharm,(अधर्म)).

    • Very well said. And when srimad Bhagwat Gita was said, there were no religion used to exist. These people are manipulating things to defend their wrongdoings. That is shameful. They should rather accept the truth and reform their culture.

  6. Pakistan education sector teach muslims to hate non-muslims.
    The print, will never tell us about that because they are the laundi of these jihadis.

    How their studies tell hindus doesn’t respect their womans, hindus / sikhs killed muslims, they won’t say about halala, or how muslims treated them in past.

    This is one sided, and you people don’t show.

    You are pathetic and son of bitches.

    • I could wleaily spot a bhakt Indian. It’s really Indian thing now to blame Pakistanis for everything rather than fixing your mistakes. Isn’t India openly spread hate against Muslims, calling Muslims terrorists?

  7. Isis and other terrorist organisations which caused damaged in other parts of world don’t hold gita or bible but Qur’an and shout allah ho akbar .that’s why such backlash. People from liberal muslim community try to defend it like you are is what draws the backlash.I haven’t seen any other religious people defending violence by their verses or blasphemy to god but almost all muslims fall in opposite zone.

  8. I’m sorry, but this article is riddled with misinformation and misinterpretation. Firstly, the fact that you take the ‘Gita’ to be the only book followed by Hindus is absolutely appalling. Secondly, the verses have been misinterpreted and, and I can see you’ve twisted the translations without providing proper source texts. I agree that every religion shoudl be respected equally, and recognize that Muslims and Islam has been getting a lot of backlash and hate. But the way to bridge the gap is not by pulling other religions down. For your information, I am not Hindu myself but I do know that the verse quoted from the Bagavad Gita (Second Chapter, Verse 33), is not correctly translated. Nowhere does ‘Dharma’ mean ‘religion’. Dharma means DUTY. It is the duty of Arjuna, in that moment, as a warrior, a soldier, and a leader of his army, to fight and do his duties without hesitation. When Arjuna came down with a sudden sense of fear and confusion was when Krsna uttered these words.

    Think logically. Was Duryodhan not a follower of Sanatana Dharma? Were Bhishma, Karna, and the millions of Kauravas not – by today’s terminologies – ‘Hindu’? The fact that you loosely misinterpreted and mistranslated the text while failing to logically analyze the text and the story boggles me. Here is the actual translation:
    If, however, you refuse to fight this righteous war, abandoning your social duty and reputation, you will certainly incur sin.

    This is not the kind of journalism one expects to see in such a reputed media company as ‘The Print’. I request you to revise the article, or take it down completely. It is true that in comparison to other religions, Islam has radical and dangerous ideologies. It is true that Islam needs reform. But that does not mean it deserves hate. The very fact that examples from the Qu’ran depicting violence are plentiful while examples from The Gita and Bible are very little, not to mention mistranslated and misinterpreted go to prove this.


    • Hindus don’t have one single book or one god. They allow 1000s of gods and have let jains/sihks/buddhists to sustain across 24 centuries and now allowed islam/christianity to become so influential. How many other religions can u find so tolerant across 150 islam/christian majority countries, where they allowed minority religions to survive across 24 centuries. But these islamic protectors instead of bothering their own religions issues, they like to degrade other religions to tell how good their religion is, She is just practicing exactly what she is asking others not to do. Hypocrites!!

    • Should’ve print seen the true meaning of the verse , they wouldn’t have posted this article. It’s not at all their fault. Nobody bothers to learn Sanskrit. What they Indians are doing is cherry picking the verses and that too misterperated. The translation of Dharma as religion was done by British so as to communalise India. So, my request is to all, if not Sanskrit, at least read the Hindi translation from authentic sources. Dharamyudh meaning fight for religion ? Absurdity!!

  9. whether you accept or not Islam is a curse to humanity & cancer to this world. How shamelessly you’re defending culprits who beheaded an innocent in the name of an Arabian desert cult… First you pigs take asylum in another country and burn down that country in various ways & finally implement barbaric inhuman sharia laws.. France has all the rights to display cartoons of any god’s bcoz it’s there part of own freedom of speech.. If you have any problem ask those cult beggars to vacate France and get back to their fucking 57 pislamic countries.

  10. Islam is the ideology that a barbaric 7th century Arab empire was created by a supreme god as a perfect model for all future politics. There are few worse ideas in the world.

    Reading this article lowered my IQ by a few points, absolute drivel.

  11. Okay, you are not giving the context. No problem. But atleast give the right translation.

    Bhagavat Gita 2.33:
    अथ चेतत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि |
    तत: स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि || 33||

    If, however, you refuse to fight this righteous war, abandoning your social duty and reputation, you will certainly incur sin.

    May I know where is it written to fight for ‘religion’ or to not turn away from ‘religion’ ? Where is it written that he will lose his ‘glory’ ?

    Shame on you for intentionally posting the wrong translations only to cover the sinful deeds ordered by your Ola hu Uber Taala.

  12. This author is misrepresenting Christianity and the Bible. Just for clarification to readers, the verses she quoted from Bible are from the Old Testament. Christians do not follow it, they follow only the New Testament. Old Testament is just considered as history. There is not even a single line in the New Testament which supports violence.
    Why did the author pull such a stunt whether it was ignorance or intentional manipulation? It is possible that it was intentional manipulation because lying for defending Islam is sanctioned in Islam.

  13. You hv shown mirror to ugliest of contraceptive failures .. and we arent surprised by the way they are getting mocked😁. Khud pe aayi to jalne lagi . Sach kadhwa lagta hai. . Kahi na kahi se ghus ke rahegi tumhare

    • Nhi sach kadwa hota hai par yeh sach toh bole
      . They misinterpreted meaning of dharma in sanskrit and hindi. Sanskrit word dharm means righteousness and hindi word dharma means religion. The print people are islamist and who haven’t evn read sanskrit so how can they say.

  14. All these in plain English is called “Denial”! They know they are wrong, but still keep being stubborn by defending what plainly is wrong.

  15. Kisi ek religion ki ghatiya soch to justify krne ke liye tum log itna niche gir gye ke …dusre religious books ko misinterprete krne lage 😠😠 tumhse ghatiya kon hoga

  16. The Author is Trained member of Al-Qaida. The author is a Paid Joker with Zero Knowledge. The peaceful Islam is being watched by the entire world. This is no more a stone age of 1300s. An idiot with Zero knowledge published this hateful article. Hindu is the name suggested by terrorist Mughals. The word Hindu is not our religion. It’s called Sanathana Dharma.

    Dear worst fellow Author Hatred begets hatred and love begets love. So u want to be like an Idiot it’s ok. If u have no knowledge then don’t spread lies.

  17. Okay… But let me clarify you by saying that Dharma doesn’t mean religion, it means duty. And Mahabharat was between two Hindu groups and there was no place for religion. It tells how poor your knowledge and analytical skills are.

  18. The problem is the average muslim is incredibly uneducated with no common sense, that happens when you grow up in a war zone created by religious extremism. They then migrate, which they have no business doing, bringing with them the same ideology that made their homes inhabitable. They are not compatible with the west and should not be here. They are like children who go into tantrums when we don’t acknowledge their unrealistic demands, and then they end up killing people. Author is clearly one of these people.

  19. Quality of your article indicates that you were paid less. It doesn’t mean that you should write a poor article.

  20. Any holy book in the world don’t tell us to fight with anyone it tells hs to fight with our mind only people take different learnings from different situations of their life by reading any holy book
    Yes Gita tells us to fight for good over evil
    Gita tells us to fight our ego to fight our mind and control it

  21. “Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita”,This sentence is a prank on the author herself. You have not read Quran despite being Muslim .First of all,I would say that you are directly demeaning the sacred book of Hindus
    But let me tell you Mr./Mrs. ,Author, You have a agenda only other wise a fool can understand the quotes of Quran in which almost all incident and references are to enslave or rape a girl just for supremacy .Tell me a verse in Geeta which tell to rape a girl
    also if killing is justified then it is for inhuman who is danger for humanity.

    • The Quran doesn’t tell us to do evil to other people. This is a lie from yourself and on the day of judgement your idols won’t save you from the fire of hell.

      • You are noone to speak against idolatry that s way we chose to worship Lord.For us it is not just an idol it is larger than life.

  22. अथ चैत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि

    However if you do not engage in this war for righteousness then abandoning your natural spiritual duty and reputation you will incur sinful reaction..


  23. Yeah I knew that channels like Print, Wire etc are fully Islamic Supporters and Hinduphohic. You, when someone mocks your religion, support the beheading of the man in whose country, showing cartoons are not illegal.
    You support this just bcz he wrongly portrayed your ideals.
    But what about when a Hindu raises his/her voice when someone mocks his/her religion??? You then write articles that Hindus are getting intolerant. Hindus are being provoked by RSS. We Hindu don’t behead someone when anyone mocks our religion, neither support this, but what we want that not to portray our ideals in the wrong way, like every filmmakers and the article writers like you, are portraying now-a-days, like in PK movie, OMG movie, The Suitable Boy, Tandav, Paatallok etc but at that time people like this writer said take a chill pill, enjoy this as movie or show. But now a muslim man has wake up inside you when in France someone published a cartoon??? And you’re not seeing what that muslim boy did to that teacher which followed by another incident where a muslim boy attacked 3 women with knife outside a church ??? Don’t see this as an individual person’s deed, This will keep happening till your Maulanas and other big leaders of muslims keep provoking muslims. Anyone of your religion will come-up to kill and behead someone on the name of religion in that country where Blasphemy is not illegal.
    And why the hell you portray Hindu wrongly when you’re so annoyed when someone portrayed your religion??? Are not you hypocrite?? Or better say “Uchh Koti Ke Dogle Insan” ??
    Bloody Hinduphohic Print and Wire medias.

    • allah has said these moulanas who lead people to the wrong path will enter jahanam first,I know there are many moulanas who are followed by a lot of people but they are just coating their own words like jihad and something.I am a muslim I am a kashmiri okay so, I have seen a lot of deaths in front of me those encounters and all but i don’t support that and neither does a muslim who has strong belief who completly knows islam. then your sayin’ about that cruch incident so how many muslims are torched or murdered by a non muslim only on the name of the reliogion shall we then think every non muslim is like that or your religion teaches you to do that no we can’t because these attackers who do such deeds on the name of religion don’t actually now the religion these are not even humans these don’t have a religion.A true followers doesn’t do this neither a muslim nor a hindu or a christian.That pk movie , yeah i know they have hurt your sentiments but i can say my islam doesn’t allow anyone to disrespect any other person’s belief any other’s religion.Islam is a very peacefull religion but these leaders or we can say thoses people who don’t know the verse exactly have made it as a voilent religian.

  24. Yeah I knew that channels like Print, Wire etc are fully Islamic Supporters and Hinduphohic. You, when someone mocks your religion, support the beheading of the man in whose country, showing cartoons are not illegal.
    You support this just bcz he wrongly portrayed your ideals.
    But what about when a Hindu raises his/her voice when someone mocks his/her religion??? You then write articles that Hindus are getting intolerant. Hindus are being provoked by RSS. We Hindu don’t behead someone when anyone mocks our religion, neither support this, but what we want that not to portray our ideals in the wrong way, like every filmmakers and the article writers like you, are portraying now-a-days, like in PK movie, OMG movie, The Suitable Boy, Tandav, Paatallok etc but at that time people like this writer said take a chill pill, enjoy this as movie or show. But now a muslim man has wake up inside you when in France someone published a cartoon??? And you’re not seeing what that muslim boy did to that teacher which followed by another incident where a muslim boy attacked 3 women with knife outside a church ??? Don’t see this as an individual person’s deed, This will keep happening till your Maulanas and other big leaders of muslims keep provoking muslims. Anyone of your religion will come-up to kill and behead someone on the name of religion in that country where Blasphemy is not illegal.
    And why the hell you portray Hindu wrongly when you’re so annoyed when someone portrayed your religion??? Are not you hypocrite?? Or better say “Uchh Koti Ke Dogle Insan” ??
    Bloody Hinduphohic Print and Wire medias.

  25. Author speaks wrongly about other religion and beliefs, all blame is on her. Author speaks wrongly about her own religion, all blame is on Islam. What a brain. Chill guys.. this is what we called freedom of speech right?

  26. The translation of the verse is completely wrong Dharma does NOT mean religion, it refers to righteousness and duty. Krishan asks Arjuna to fight against unrighteousness and injustice. Jihad is a religious war not Dharmayudh, how can it be a religious war when both the Pandavas and Kauravas were hindu?
    The author maliciously mistranslated the verse.
    And to answers your question about terrorist groups you mentioned, the IRA fought for liberating Ireland, Not for Catholicism. The KKK fought for white supremacy, not for Christianity. And the LTTE fought for an independent state for Sri Lankan tamils, its leader Prabhakaran was a devout catholic Christian, his son’s name was Antony, all slain LTTE terrorists were buried, if they were Hindu they would be cremated. Even so they did not wage terror in the name of religion, they did it for Tamil people. The only religion that waged terror in the name of religion is Islam. All terrorist groups from Isis to Al Qaeda use terror in the name of Islam and Allah.
    But remember all Muslims are not jihadi apologists like the writer. Do not judge them for the terrorist mindset of a few Muslims.

    • Bro, do you think, these people will understand this simple thing, they seriously have the audacity to compare Bhagwad Geeta with Quran and other books. Like seriously, Sanatan Dharma was never about Geeta. It was divided into everything, like the Vedas, Upanishads, all the epics. But these people won’t understand a single thing.

    • So true. Dharma means duty in Geeta. This hinduphobic and Islamist will now interpret Geeta for Hindus. That’s joke if the century

  27. Morever understand this basic fact you naive women that its not Muhummad (bcs the idiot died 1400 years ago)its his teachings & Quran which is responsible for so many rapes, genocides,plane hijacking & 9/11,are you seriously so dumb to blabber so much NONSENSE here???The whole Muslim community as a whole are justifying the beheading,just bcs someone not respect the psycopath Arab Prophet,which is his basic fundamental right,so why should we not blame Muslim community or Islam as whole???people blame you,bcs your community is sick minded & justify these despicable acts,they are monsters in human clothing,or morever the fact is Islam has made.them a monster,a person without human emotions,& the Muhummad cartoons were shown in building to show to the whole world that they will not be intimidated,& Muhummad/Islam will continue to be criticised/humiliated bcs its our fundamental human right that no one can take from us.

    • Okay firstly, just like you’ve got the right to express your opinion so does the author. I am in no way or form supporting what she said because there wasn’t a need to justify a person beheading someone. Isn’t calling a community sick minded religiophobic ? You can’t hate a community for believing in something that’s in contrast with what you believe. If that were the case democracies wouldn’t exist. Democracies teach us to be tolerant towards religion. Sure we can criticize religions and their teachings but you can’t go on calling 1.8 billion people idiots for believing in them. You can’t really label a person based off of what community they belong to. I’m sure people expect you to respect their Prophet as that’s the only way for humanity to exist peacefully. Ranting about your hatred towards a religion didn’t change anything. I’m sure it successfully offended many though.

  28. The Arab warlord called Muhummad might be so called “best man” on earth for you & other 1.8 billion illiterates,why are you forcing us to respect him & his ideology??I don’t owe anything to you muslims or your Prophet,in the same you dont wow us in return,Ihave a fundamental right to disagree/criticise him & his intolerant Fascist terrorism inducing cult,& I am not apologetic about it.

    • Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was a warlord during his time and the most forgiving person on Earth, non Muslims were Killing the Muslims for campaigning against idolatry that was why they fought back to defend themselves from non Muslims.

      Islam thought me not to go to bed without forgiving who wronged me and this to me is peaceful.

      If the religion teaches about forgiveness tell me is it this same religion that will encourage killing. Killing is a sin either been done intentionally or not.

      Religion sometimes has to do with our personal understanding.

      If Islam can’t make you nice, humble and forgiving towards people then you are not doing it right.

      The way people behave in the way of religion sometimes is their true self or they have have been mislead.

      The Holy Quran doesn’t tell much stories so you have to read the full chapter to understand what it’s saying, so reading a verse won’t give you better understanding.

      I have Christian friends and I didn’t kill any of them neither do I force them to do Islam and I also attended christian school all my life and I didn’t bomb any of the school reason is because my understanding of Islam is peace.

      If Islam teaches all Muslims about killing all non Muslims half of the world population would be dead by now because Muslims are everywhere But Islam teaches peace and not violence and that’s what make us true Muslims.

      The reason why Muslims rarely reply to hate speech about our religion is not cause it’s true or we are scared to defend our religion, it’s hard convincing people who already have a wrong perception about your religion simply because some mislead Muslims have given them the opportunity to think that way.

      Brutality from some Muslims doesn’t define Islam.

      • Half of world isnot Islamic. You are not that numerous yet, before you get that numerous we will have a definitive war.

  29. Author translates dharma to religion. Quite ignorant or maybe just purposefully trying to create false equivalence.

  30. from quran sura chapter 98:5, Verily, those who [despite all evidence] are bent on denying the truth 8 – [be they] from among the followers of earlier revelation or from among those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God – will find themselves in the fire of hell, therein to abide: they are the worst of all creatures.
    gita says to kill whensomething adharma happens ,
    islam doesnt tolerate any other religion fundamentally,
    also i didnt remeber exactly islam says fight the polytheists,
    and lets talk about women rights in islam says , women are tilth(cunt), they dint have right to say no, men can beat them
    i dont know who is funding you, but you are talking uttter bullshit

  31. How can you compare Gita with Quoran. Gita is not the final Book of Hinduism. It is just a book written in the War Ground., says about your duties and responsibilities which is nothing to do with religion. It is others who term Gita as Hindu’s Holy book. Ask any Hindu. We have thousands of such books which can be termed as Holy Books. Gita is about, how to manage yourself in crisis. The word DHARMA don’t mean Religion. It means your duties, morale responsibility. Don’t justify the wrong doings by defaming others. The world is not so stupid as you think. What is so much fuss if a image is shown to children. There are systems to raise the concern. But, surprising that he got killed and your Mullahs were Happy over that. Is it not related to the Religion. It is all because people blindly follow the book and there is something in the Book which inspires Violence, which is inspiring people to do wrong and justify it in the name of Religion. This is high time for a review of the book. Dont waste time in justifying Terrorism, try to correct those centuries old verses written during times of barbarian era and educate your people and Mullahs.

    • 1st of all krishna talk about Dharma means duty,law,righteousness many meanings depends on individual.
      So comparing a narrow belief of religion is wrong and everyone knows Gita was revealed on the ground of war only becs arjuna not willing to fight with own brother but Muhammed revealed to a tribal people who are barbaric.
      Attacks were did by muslims so how could someone not react either were preached wrongly so complained to those who preached wrong or punish those who preached wrong.
      Please don’t leveling out religion with Dharma otherwise you people make corrupt it too.
      Angry on extremist not on common people becs everyone life is crucial.
      If someone attack everyone has right to defence,it is a common sense or inbuilt in oneself just becs sensitivity of the body.
      Abrahamic religion is very different from bharatiye dharma or culture.

  32. bangladesh cricketer shakib hassan issued death threat after he attended durga pooja. he had to apolgise to his fan for the same. do you think he also provoked the PIOUS muslims to issue such threats? why don’t you write another arcle either condemning him or the death threat?

  33. Leaves me wondering how can a journalist whose job is to find truth and question the authencity of the policies and other things happening around the world, can call the critics of a religion Islamophobes. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your religion (which clearly lacks a spine and is very weak) and it’s ideas, doesn’t mean he is an Islamophobe. He is a CRITIC and Zainab, you must learn to take criticism. Or else, leave Journalism and start preaching the contexts of the verses of Koran to the people around you. or may be you can teach them to extremists who are the ones who take the verses majorly out of context.

  34. Also, wouldn’t the blasting of the Arabic-worded Azan declaring Mohammedan supremacy over loudspeakers ALSO be considered blatantly offensive to non-muslims?

  35. The headline alone is blatantly false, and shows like Mohammed, you failed to understand covenants. Notice you said “Bible and Torah”. Are you dumb? The Holy Bible is a compilation of the Torah and the Gospels. So where in the Gospels (covenant of Christ) does Jesus tell his followers to slay those who mock him? See, this is why Mohammed is a laughably pathetic false prophet, trying to namedrop Jesus for authenticity, yet clearly didn’t understand or read ANYTHING Jesus taught and instead just adopted some non-canon Gospel of Infancy of Jesus the Christ from 400 AD-ish.
    Also, I like how you point out how the context isn’t in the Quran…. unlike the Torah and Gospels which are THIRD PERSON CHRONICLE FORMAT. written by human WITNESSES. While the Quran claims to be first person eternal commands written BY Allah – AND transmitted antirely to Jibril on the first night, who then would release it peacemeal conveniently when Mohammed broke his own rules, these pre-ordained rules seem to excuse him from very specific situations. So clearly context isn’t important, it would have been included. What you’re doing is tantamount to the Tootsi Frootsie Ice Cream skit in Marx Bros’ Day at the Races

  36. The problem is the way Muslim handles their Holy Book and their Holy Man.
    Even Ms Zainab Sikander looks like a Jihadi, the best 1.8 billion can produce I guess. According to this Arabic ideology, there is a clear distinction between believers and the expendable “others” – polytheists, Kafirs, infidels. idol-worshippers, Atheists. Technically all Hindus are subhumans according to this ideology.
    The Arabic Prophet – did kill directly or indirectly, people, destroyed their places of worships – he had used the supernatural – as a personal deity for the believers to destroy, humiliate, subjugate colonize other more sophisticated cultures.
    He was a warlord, a man of not love or pen but a sword – waged war against others – he was a man of violence, he is incomparable to Jesus Christ. A real Messiah, Muslims are supposed to believe in.
    Jesus Christ was a sage, a holy man, a man of Love – was a man worthy of respect, love and reverence even from non-Christians. So is Buddha.
    But Arabic Prophet is beyond all these people. Islam represents Zero spirituality, but brute military power, It is a cult actually. Completely Frozen.
    One suggestion – go back to your real and peaceful Messiah – Jesus Christ, You will have peace. We idol-worshippers, polytheists, Atheist will also have Peace.

  37. Just one thing – Is it even conceivable to kill, to behead in the name of Buddha or Mahavira or Jesus.
    Surely, Some Buddhist, Jains, Christians were a rapist, thugs, dacoits – but they have not done those crimes invoking Buddha or Jesus or Mahavira.
    If Islam is a Religion of peace – Then Buddha, Mahavira or Jesus were dacoits…it is as absurd as that. Period.
    Ms, Please take time to read other books. Islam is not the beginning and end of the world.

  38. We should learn first what are the difference of prophet, dharma, relegion, quran, gita.

    We should learn by our own by books and not by whatever is told to us in any news article.





  40. The author of this article is probably a really poorly educated person with almost no knowledge about the subject.

    First of all, Christianity is commonly ridiculed in our pop-culture, including Jesus, and have you withness a single act of violence because of that? Of course not, because we are not living in the middle ages, we understand secularism. So that is “why pick on muslims”, because the other religions are picked on regularly, and nobody bats an eye.
    Second, Europe is a target destination (for migrants) for various reasons: safety, security, peace…And that is just because we abandon religious conflicts centuries ago, and enlightened we developed our civilization. So they come to our countries to benefit from the very society they not even prevent from being established in their homelands, but they also hate. As a result, they import here habits and behavior that made their countries so miserable. Unfortunately, Europe is weak, false political correctness prevents truth to be told and now we have people being beheaded in our capitols. Multiculturalism never worked, and never will, if the other culture (islam) just does not want to be integrated and seeks to prevail, which it does. This is a dark time for Europe.

  41. The Kafi r is hated—
    40:35 Th ey [Kafi rs] who dispute the signs [Koran verses] of Allah without
    authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers.
    So Allah seals up every arrogant, disdainful heart.
    A Kafi r can be beheaded—
    47:4 When you encounter the Kafi rs on the battlefi eld, cut off their heads
    until you have thoroughly defeated them and then take the prisoners
    and tie them up fi rmly.
    A Kafi r can be plotted against—
    86:15 They plot and scheme against you [Mohammed], and I plot and
    scheme against them. Th erefore, deal calmly with the Kafi rs and leave
    them alone for a while.
    The author has not read the Koran or has read it and is doing the same thing what all active apologists of Islam do.
    Even if you agree to his narrative that all religions have a few verses regards war and fighting, none of them are as virulent direct and instructive t all followers like the Koran.
    Also none of the current day followers follow fighting verses like the Muslims.
    all over the world Muslims join the Communists, the Criminal Elements and the war lords. From Nigeria, to Chechneya, to USA and Sweden.
    i still ask and appeal to all the right thinking Muslims, please think about the verses like above in the Koran. Lets live like humans together. I have not seen God , niether have you. So why kill over something someone said a 1400 yrs back

      • Rama was not a God or a prophet or a Godman or a founder of a religious cult – but Godlike, meaning Some of his attributes are God-like, some others are not. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Shambuk was killed by Rama not for reading Vedas, He was slayed because, he was responsible for a death of a teen son of a Sage.

  42. Surely one does expect cleaver & convenient translation from this Self-Serving Muslim author but to have ThePrint Editors pass w/o editing properly is SHAME.
    Example :
    ““अथ चैत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि…(O Arjuna! If you do not fight for this religion and turn away from your religion…” Surely, Hindus will know the context.”

    This is clear case of intentional distorted translation. There is no single English translation of word Dharma…. was Arjuna fighting to save Hinduism religion? What nonsense is this Islam-philic author? There is no comparison of 4000 year old religion and 700 old copy cat religion where bloodshed emerged from the very yolk of Its preachers….

  43. All religions are bullshit including islam and hinduism. Don’t be apologetic about the reality of your religion. Who ordered to kill Kaab? Who ordered to kill Asma Bint Marawan? Who ordered to kill Umm Qirfa? Who killed jews and pagans of arabia? Who enslaved Saffiya Bint Huyayy? It was your murderer prophet. Stop giving this apologists responses to people. Ideas don’t have rights, people have rights. And as you have the right to preach about your religious bullshit, we atheist also have the right to criticize your religious bullshits.

    • truly said. Humanity is above all religions and Humanity never says to kill someone for survival. It only happens with animals and that is what the author is trying to justify. Bullshit.

    • 😑 punishment for blasphemy is death and that’s why they were killed regarding jews and pagans they waged a war against Muslims … they needed to be killed before they kill muslims

  44. Dharma does not mean religion it means what is needed to be done in a given situation according to the scriptures. Understand the meaning and then post. Don’t just post to satisfy your agenda.

  45. The translation of the Gita shloka given in this article is completely wrong. To understand what is intended to be conveyed, the sanskrit terms in the shkoka need to analysed by understanding the associated philology. This translation is very shabbily done without the due homework.

  46. can the author of this article answer my single question, Why there are more than 1000 international Islamic terrorist groups?

    • Why the hell west is invading Muslim countries if west invades its democracy if we attack back to defend our rights its terrorism fuck with ur own liberal ideas

      • USA is invading the muslim countries for the stability of the countries as you know your “MUSLIM” countries like iran iraq and your beloved UAE are backed by USA. If you dont know USA is giving protection to UAE and also many muslim coutries for oil. So my friend your nation pakistan was also backed by USA for eradicating terrorism but your country used that money for jihads and all so pls take all this bullshit of yours and fuck off. You are just brain washing the people to attack the countries like USA INDIA and all. If you dont know the i want to remind you the 2003 mumbai attacks was done by your pakistani handler named Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. and 9/11 attacks were done by the islamic radical group handeled by Osama bin laden so pls fuck off.

  47. Another propaganda of playing the victim card?
    Why do you have to incorrectly translate gita scripture to fulfill your own agenda?
    Lord Krishna asked Arjun to protect ‘Dharma’ in that verse and not religion ‘Dharma’ means righteousness, there was no religion called hinduism its ‘Sanatan Dharma’ which means way of life.
    So how can Lord Krishna ask Arjun to defend a concept that was not there?
    Also no other religions have extremist ideologies based on their religious books.
    Islam has around 50 nations to them and is the second largest religion in the world and how is it that you are always the ones playing the victim card?
    You want people to change their thought process towards your religion then rather ask your people to not to give them chance.
    Change yourselves first.

  48. Its shocking that The Print would let this publish on their website.
    This article will help you greatly increase donations … Yes I am sure

  49. Zainab, you lie:

    “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who believe not in Allah.” – Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992

    “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.” – Koran, Surah IX: 123

    “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” – Koran, Surah VIII: 12

    Bukhari (52:177) – Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

    Tabari 7:97 The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, “Kill any Jew who falls under your power.” Ashraf was a poet, killed by Muhammad’s men because he insulted Islam. Here, Muhammad widens the scope of his orders to kill. An innocent Jewish businessman was then slain by his Muslim partner, merely for being non-Muslim.

    Tabari 9:69 “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us” The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam.

    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters Pagans wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer (become MUSLIM) and pay the poor-rate (a tax on other religions)… leave their way free to them.”

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.” – Koran, Surah V: 33, “The Food.”

    “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes for them a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.” – Koran, Surah V: 51

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.

    “Evil is the likeness of the people who reject Our communications and are unjust to their own souls.” – Koran, Surah VII: 177, “The Elevated Places.”

    “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandments to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We DESTROY it with utter destruction. And how many of the generations did We destroy after Nuh [Noah]” – Koran, Surah XVII: 16-17

    “O prophet! Urge the believers to war; if there are twenty patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a hundred of you they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they are a people who do not understand.” – Koran, Surah VIII: 58

    “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.’ ” – Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 327

    Quran, 4.115. “While whoever cuts himself off from the Messenger after the guidance (to what is truest and best in thought, belief, and conduct) has become clear to him, and follows a way other than that of the believers (for whom it is impossible to agree unanimously on a way that leads to error), We leave him (to himself) on the way he has turned to, and land him in Hell to roast there: how evil a destination to arrive at!”

    Quran, 48.13. “Whoever does not believe (and trust) in God and His Messenger: then We have surely prepared a Blaze for the unbelievers.”

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Hadith 4:259
    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    Allah’s Apostle sent us in a mission (i.e. an army-unit) and said, “If you find so-and-so and so-and-so, burn both of them with fire.” When we intended to depart, Allah’s Apostle said, “I have ordered you to burn so-and-so and so-and-so, and it is none but Allah Who punishes with fire, so, if you find them, kill them.”

    Hadith 4:260
    Narrated Ikrima:
    Ali burnt some people and this news reached Ibn ‘Abbas, who said, “Had I been in his place I would not have burnt them, as the Prophet said, ‘Don’t punish (anybody) with Allah’s Punishment.’ No doubt, I would have killed them, for the Prophet said, ‘If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’ ”

    “And We ordained for them therein a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds is legal retribution. But whoever gives charity, it is an expiation for him. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” Quran, 5:45

    “Therefore let those fight in the way of Allah, who sell this world’s life for the hereafter; and whoever fights in the way of Allah, then be he slain or be he victorious, We shall grant him a mighty reward” – Koran, Surah IV:74,
    THE REWARD TO FUCK 72 VIRGINS for eternity

      • This is not about BJP.. islam doing terrorism all over world … stop defaming your converted fake religion .. all know Quran is garbage. Quran teach hate terrorism .. stop following shit like prophet Muhammad

  50. This article is an embarrassing commentary on the editorial insight of ‘The print’.
    Of all the things they decide to provide a platform to an ignorant Islamic apologist who doesn’t even know the difference between ‘Religion’ and ‘Dharma’.

  51. The author is nothing but a third rated moron and hypocrite who doesn’t have any scholar attributes to decode the verse of Gita. Your quran is great and I do respect your religion too. Problem lies with the people who interpret it and preach it among the masses. But justifying the violence in disguise with respect to other religion is absolutely wicked act. Your religion has problem with everyone and amongst yourself as well.. Until you people are not segregating religion with the state values you can’t survive under democracy. Entire Islam can live under dictatorship only because they neither they have democratic values nor have attitude to reform scientifically. I pledge every global leaders that people must be deported to their respective Islamic states in order to eliminate this problem forever.

  52. Theprint. Is selling falsehood!
    The Gita verse mentioned here means fight within oneself. You must read the phrase before this verse. And no one is asking you to behead the non believers. It is clearly mentioned in Gita that as every righteous path is a path to eternal peace.
    This lady and this website are both stupid!

  53. Dharam is not equal to religion… I dont know who invented this translation… dharam in gita is related to duty or karma or responsibility… kauravas and pandavas worshipped same god… but here kauravas were a-dharmic … all the negative traits like cheat, deceit, gambling, attempt to kill pandavas through deceit, molestation of draupadi, conquering indraprastha through cheat… are associated with kauravas… whereas pandavas were dharmic in there approach… like all good conducts, performing there duty, responsibility in honest way… etc..

  54. I haven’t read the whole article was here just to read about bhagwat geeta…..and I must say I am shocked by the level of disgracefulnes. The word dharm in geeta never meant religion it means what is right and what is wrong . Lord Krishna said Arjuna pick your weapon and fight these people becoz they are adharmi (people who do wrong deeds) and but you have made it as if the people were from other religioun. Bhagwat Geeta asks us to follow right path and not a specific religion. Please study before u post don’t write things you don’t understand

  55. the reason Shekhar Gupta publishes such authors is that their articles are clickbait.
    Look at the number of comments here compared to other articles — so much traffic means more ads.

  56. What author and other liberals dont get is that Muslims are not interested in secularism. Liberals think that societies and democracies need to be more secular and more tolerant. As if the fault lies with non-muslims. They want Muslims to be given special treatment by showing more acceptance to their faith – ignoring in particular the tenants of islam which by definition abhor secularism.

    They want everyone else to ignore islamic teachings rather than telling muslims to be more secular. They go further to divide muslims into innocent “non-radical” muslims and radical muslims. Assumption here being that non-radical muslims want to be secular hence should be given a benefit of doubt. And therein lies their biggest faux-pas.

    What is clear is that no muslims want to be secular. ALL muslims firmly believe in Kuran which says Allah is the only god and every non-believer is a kafir. Mere suggestion to moderate muslims to question this, or challenge any teaching of Kuran, scares them.

    One may say that the societal, family and peer pressure is so high in islam that the most moderate muslims will never express their doubts in open. And this group within moderate muslims need to be protected.

    In a way, one can compare this to social acceptance of homo-sexuality. LGBT can openly express themselves only if the society accepts them for who they are and gives them the space to come forward. So, therefore, first the muslim Ummah needs to accept the moderates and give them space to openly endorse secularism. No matter how open and tolerant are the liberals and non-muslims, the ones we are trying to protect can only be protected by muslims themselves.

  57. Dear Author

    Please consider what they cry out before beheading someone or driving a truck onto people on a street.
    The issue is people take religion way to seriously than they should.
    And in the contest of taking religion way more seriously that they should, Ilsam is the hands down winner..

    And to enlighten you a bit, Gita doesn’t ask anyone to kill non-believers in the name of any God..

  58. I certainly don’t want to get into the verse that you madam have used in your article from other holy scriptures, but I will indeed talk about the verse you have selectively used from The Holy Bhagavad gita for I have been reading and practicing the song of god for about 30 years now.

    So coming to the verse, you have constituted in the article which is verse 33 from the chapter 2.
    O Arjuna! If you do not fight for this religion and turn away from your religion, then you will lose your fame and glory

    The very verse that you have mentioned in your article is fallacious and just plainly wrong. I have no clue where you have taken it up from but I will give you benefit of doubt considering the fact that you are not a student nor a practicer of The Holy Bhagavat gita.


    If, however, you do not perform your religious duty of fighting, then you will certainly incur sins for neglecting your duties and thus lose your reputation as a fighter

    Here Lord Shree Krishna says If a warrior chooses to become non-violent on the battlefield, it will be dereliction of duty, and hence, classified as a sinful act. Hence, Shree Krishna states that if Arjun abandons his duty, considering it to be repugnant and troublesome, he will be committing a sin.

    You must read The Holy Bhagavad gita in context, always read it in context. To summarise chapter 1 and chapter 2 for you

    In Chapter One and in the beginning of Chapter Two, Arjuna presents his arguments for refusing to fight why?

    For Arjun fears the sins he will incur by killing [the kauravas]

    The mid of Chapter Two Lord Shree Krishna starts reminding him of his dharma or his duties or his obligations, responsibilities as a human being.

    Young Lady rage is not what I feel right nor do I loathe you or your work but it is you arrogance and imbecility which shines bright through your work.

    I do understand what you are going through right now, your article reminds me of my little grandson when the other day he quarreled with his siblings and in deep ire broke my vase. His mother yelled at him for his ill-mannered behavior, but he pointed out to that one and many times his siblings showed the very same behavior trying to prove that his brother is flawed if not more impertinent than him.

    Remember that you are NOT what a mad man oceans away did to an innocent person and NOR are you a very charming first actor of Arab heritage to win the best actor Oscar.


    Do not abstain yourself from consulting a student and a practicer of The Holy Bhagavad gita or any of the scriptures that you have mentioned above before writing an article on it.

    Good luck.

    • How bad did many of you felt when verses from your religious texts were mis quoted and taken out of context!!! Why not have the same empathy with Muslims? The question is not whether Muslims are secular or not. The question is what countries like France offer religious minority in the name of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

    • This just shows that anything anybody says is (has to be published?) in the name of freedom of expression, by just about anybody and even a nobody like me. I call it the frenzied dance of democracy.

      Obviously at the end of the day nobody is wiser and life (unchanged) goes in or ends as the case may be!,!!!

      So much for freedom and freedom of press!!!!! The Print can show the way

    • Best reply ever.
      It’s true. We muslims got to become more secular, not the other way round.

  59. Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah” Some translations interpret “fitna” as “persecution”, but the traditional understanding of this word is not supported by the historical context (See notes for 2:193). The Meccans were simply refusing Muhammad access to their city during the pilgrimage. Other Muslims were allowed to travel there – but not as an armed group, since Muhammad had declared war on Mecca prior to his eviction. The Meccans were also acting in defense of their religion, as it was Muhammad’s intention to destroy their idols and establish Islam by force (which he later did). Hence the critical part of this verse is to fight until “religion is only for Allah”, meaning that the true justification of violence was the unbelief of the opposition. According to the Sira (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 324) Muhammad further explains that “Allah must have no rivals.” (See also: Response to Apologists)
    Quran (8:67) – “It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter in the land…”
    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.” According to this verse, the best way of staying safe from Muslim violence at the time of Muhammad was to convert to Islam: prayer (salat) and the poor tax (zakat) are among the religion’s Five Pillars. The popular claim that the Quran only inspires violence within the context of self-defense is seriously challenged by this passage as well, since the Muslims to whom it was written were obviously not under attack. Had they been, then there would have been no waiting period (earlier verses make it a duty for Muslims to fight in self-defense, even during the sacred months). The historical context is Mecca after the idolaters were subjugated by Muhammad and posed no threat. Once the Muslims had power, they violently evicted those unbelievers who would not convert. (See also: Response to Apologists)

    [Note: The verse says to fight unbelievers “wherever you find them”. Even if the context is a time of battle (which it was not) the reading appears to sanction attacks against those “unbelievers” who are not on the battlefield. In 2016, the Islamic State referred to this verse in urging the faithful to commit terror attacks: Allah did not only command the ‘fighting’ of disbelievers, as if to say He only wants us to conduct frontline operations against them. Rather, He has also ordered that they be slain wherever they may be – on or off the battlefield. (source)]
    Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” “People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews. According to this verse, they are to be violently subjugated, with the sole justification being their religious status. Verse 9:33 tells Muslims that Allah has instructed them to make Islam “superior over all religions.” This chapter was one of the final “revelations” from Allah and it set in motion the tenacious military expansion, in which Muhammad’s companions managed to conquer two-thirds of the Christian world in the next 100 years. Islam is intended to dominate all other people and faiths. (See also: Response to Apologists)

  60. On page 16 of her latest book , NISHIDDHO,(ISBN: 81-85383-63-4) , Taslima Nasreen writes about Maqbool Fida Hussein who drew a naked picture of the Hindu Goddess Saraswati. She says,” There was a debate about the picture, and I am, for obvious reasons, stand by the freedom of an artist. As there are very few atheists among Muslims, I feel comfortable if I see any atheist or a non-religious Muslim. I looked at all the pictures of the artist thoroughly, to check whether, apart from Hinduism, if he has criticized any other religion, specially his own religion, Islam. I did not find any. Rather he has written the word ALLAH in Arabic in his pictures. I can see his deep faith in Islam. He has no respect for any other religion except Islam. Due to his disrespect in Hinduism, he drew naked pictures of Laxmi and Saraswati. Will he draw Muhammad naked? I am sure, he will not. I have no problem in drawing naked pictures of all the prophets of all the religions of the world. I do not believe in any religion. But, putting one religion above another, love one and hate another, is a problem I do not have.”

  61. Muslims are probably the only sect that have brought woe onto themselves by their own heinous acts, steeped as they are in their religious bigotry. It is time they gave free thought a chance.

  62. ”Millions of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jews and Buddhists are also poor, illiterate and oppressed. Do they engage in terrorism, riots and bomb blasts, population explosion and jihad like Muslims do? ” asks Taslima Nasreen

  63. Having lived in France, I can say that the writers claim that the caricatures are targeting Muslims is incorrect. Traditionally the caricatures have disproportionately targeted the Catholics, the Pope, the Monarchy (ofcourse back in the day) among other things. I mean there are even caricatures of the French President Emmanuel Macron (look it up! You’ll find them) . Moreover, the Caricatures that were projected on the walls of public buildings. There were many of them, ofcourse. One even said “Everyone is forgiven”, with Prophet Mohammed holding the sign “I’m Charlie” implying that he’s with Charlie Hebdo.

    An innacurate article like this is only going to cause more Muslims to be radicalise. As they are going to think that they are unfairly being targeted. May be the Print should be more cautious?

  64. Well, no other religion would come out to defend acts of immense hatred done in the name of their god. Prophet didn’t form al Qaeda? Agreed. But al Qaeda kills in the name of prophet. Disciples behead people because they were offended by cartoons, and here you are defending these acts.

    The problem isn’t only that a few extremists are causing terrorism, it’s also that those who are not extremists come out to defend their attacks. Honestly, world would be a better place if Islam followers preached their religion in a peaceful way.

  65. Everyone here finding fault with calling Dharma as religion. But in Gita Arjun was in dilemma whether it’s worth annihilating his own cousin brothers and their army for merely a kingdom. He was not convinced by the strong arguments of his friend Krishna till he revealed he is God himself. So, here like all other religions, God is determining your duty for yourself. You are simply to obey his command.

      • Yeah. It always helps to study more of all religions or dharma or whatever. But question is did I say anything untrue?

        • Well ofcourse you didnt read it properly I Mean with its true essence . lord can only show us the multiple ways to get to the matter of prime importance. A kid also remains in several dilemmas untill it is guided by its superiors(gen. Mother and father).. Ofcourse guidance is not unilateral but it can have multiple combinations and possibilities. The result of the battle of Mahabharata was ultimately the outcome of the choices being made by the pandavas and other characters after interpretating the guidance of Krsna. Obviously the choices could be made differently also by them could result in a different outcome of the battle… My advice to you is that you read Bhagvat Gita in an indic way not the way Abrahamics read their scriptures as Bhagwat Geeta is an inspirational and divine set of words of Krsna(criticism and questioning is the base of Sanatan) , not static commandments.

  66. Dear The Print,
    Please try to modify the title of this article and issue a corrigendum if possible. I do like the content of The Print, esp ‘Cut the Clutter’, but this is gross misunderstanding on the part of the author and is simply spreading misinformation. Even an uninitiated Hindu like myself knows that the word ‘Dharma’ as used in scriptures does not at all mean ‘Religion’ as is being made out in this article. A word similar to ‘religion’ did not exist till about the end of the midieval period, and is essentially a foreign concept. I believe the closes word(s) to ‘religion’ in Sansktrit would be ‘panth’ or ‘sampraday’ (but then again I’m no expert in etymology of Indic languages nor history). Now, this ill-defined article will continue to spread such misinformation which is not what I expect from The Print.
    Doing what is right, and what is one’s duty is more important than anything else, and in the context of Mahabhrata and Kurushetra war, it had to come about by Arjuna (and Pandavas) going against thier beloved brothers, friends, elders and Gurus who sided with adharma. Simple as it may sound, this is fundamentally both relevant as well as difficult to grasp, practice and preach in the modern real world, especially where the lines between ‘dharma’ and ‘adharma’ are blurred, and can be applied on all kinds of simple to complex (‘brain-freezing’) problems faced by humankind such as voting for someone to recommending someone for something.
    In the same vein, I took it as my dharma to at least point out the gross inaccuracies in this article, and expect you to as well do your dharma despite the odds (brothers, friends, compulsions) you may face.

  67. How can an article that has factual error in opening line be allowed to publish? France displayed cartoons not just of Mohammed but also of Jesus. One of the image publicly displayed in France showed each of Quran, Bible and Torah as toilet paper. Jews and Christians did not respond the way Muslim community world over did. It’s time Muslim community looks within rather than externalize its violence and intolerance.

  68. /i was following the for a few months now due to the carefully done decluttering videos. But this article has bared the underlying motivations of the publication. Reporting that Gita promotes war is the most blatant of falsehoods. I will do my best to ensure that people steer clear of this publication.

  69. Till date , it is known and acknowledged that in this Galaxy , intelligence life is thriving only on the planet Earth. {{So far no intelligent Alien specie has been found and contacted }} If ever life on this Earth ever comes to end , it will come to end by Islamic Bombs — Nuclear weapons exploded by Islamists.

  70. This Author, people like him arise only because of sheer ignorance and a bad habit of generalization of faiths and religion. first of all the holy GITA doesnt fit into this comparision as it is not a book of commandments like the quran and the bible old and the new ,all its verses are the illustration of questioning and reasoning between The Pandav Arjun and The Lord Krishna who was teaching him in a war situation that why he should do his Dharma(Religion and Dharma Not the same ) and go against his cousins The Kaurvas who were actually the opressors. in the end Lord Krsna states that now Arjuna is on his own and he should do whatever he feels like from now on as there is no boundation upon him.. Lord krishna is with him.


  71. To all commentators,
    Almost everyone seems to have missed the point of the article. The point that Zainab Sikandar is trying to make is simple and complex at the same time. She is trying to shine the light on Hindus and showing you the mirror. Once upon a time, Islam meant peace (in Arabia) and so did Hinduism among world religions. Religious zealots seized the initiative and besmirched its name so that today globally Islam is in crisis. Do not let the Hindu zealots do the same to your religion. Do not keep voting for parties which play on Hindu emotions. Otherwise you will also one day have to perform the sorry task of justifying their misdeeds carried out in the name of the religion that you so love. (Of course Zainab and Shekhar Gupta know that Dharma means duty and not religion, but see what one has to do to justify misdeeds of co-religionists.) Wake up dear Indians – don’t let our Hinduism be hijacked by fundamentalists like how Islam has been otherwise we will all become Zainab!

  72. The most fabricated news ever!! Hinduism never teaches anyone to behead the non-believers, it teaches to fight the wrong. It doesn’t teaches to convert the non-believers at gunpoint. Buddhism teaches peace and love. Sikhs help everyone in need no matter where they are in the world. Stop playing your “victim card” and justify the beheading in france and of millions of hindus and sikhs. Terrorism has a religion and we all know which it is.

  73. Sincerely learned son of Allah, preach to your brethren.
    Educate the majority of your blinded horde.
    Teach those out on the streets howling for blood. More blood after what spurted out of the chopped head of a teacher.
    Pity the rhetoric of boycotting the victim. Feel sorry for the neglect of condolence for those being butchered for the cartoons of your creator. Feel ashamed for bellowing than begging for an apology.

    Educate your brethren, learned man. Teach them your Qur’an.

  74. Even if some religious texts advocated violence / killing at some time, the mistake the Isla mists are making is taking such things too literally and projecting it as acceptable in the modern age. Groups of HIndus, Buddhists and Christians have displayed violence , but not as part of a religious duty and not on a global level. Zainab has to introspect on that.

  75. I always find this author writers sub-standard articles. The Print is degrading their quality by publishing her.

  76. Wow! This lady talks about misquoting this and is actually completing giving an incorrect translation of the bhagwat geeta verse? There is no word or thing as Religion in Hinduism. Dharma means duties, righteous. So basically you have a dharma as a son, a dharma as a friend, a dharma as a kshatriya, a dharma as a husband and they are all different from each other. Why do these islamists try to degrade Hinduism everytime to defend their verses projecting violence. Geeta says exactly what soldiers do on the border, protect their people, project what is right. Not just randomly go on killing people from other religion just because they have different believes. For
    true Hinduism even Islamic way of praying is valid. And how can print allow such false articles? Shame on media houses like this. To white wash beheading by an extremist you will go to this extent?

  77. Dear Zainab Sikander,

    Dharma is NOT relligion. I suggest you learn Sanskrit, an then try to translate the Bhagvad Gita. There is no equivalent literal transaltion of Dharma into English.

    Shekar Gupta – it is a wonder that you employ such half wits who are not only empty headed but also bigots to boot – ones that would go to any length to justify what happened to Samuel paty.

    Soty – this is a shame for you to give space to such whataboutery – using rubbisg Wikipedia trasnaltions.

  78. O Arjuna! If you do not fight for the cause/righteousness and turn away from your duty, then you will lose your fame and glory.

    “Dharma loosely means duty not religion” when this text was written religion itself was not a concept.
    How can theprint let someone so uninformed and uneducated write article on their platform. Is there any difference between theprint , scroll and thewire?

  79. Islam is a murderous cult whose followers have been raping, killing, destroying non-Muslims for 14 centuries. People are tired of this cult, worse than Nazis and Communists. The author should be ashamed permanently for the text of the Koran which promotes heinous acts by the believers.

  80. Islam is spreading Peace across the world
    They Kill people and do propaganda Islam in danger
    Enough funding from petrodollars
    In India Jamath Islami and SDPI are getting enough foreign contribution from Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait…
    No refugees dare to select rich Arab countries
    Arab nations know the real nature of their “religious brothers and sisters”

  81. Now, now, now. President Macron clearly mentioned that Muslims are not to be blamed. You talk about ‘provoked’ a lot. There has been no retaliatory killings of Muslims by Christians so far. Infact, only more attacks against Chrisitans. Wasn’t one beheading enough to justify the provocation? Other than some verbal opposition, Kamala Harris niece was not even threatened for an “offensive” image of Hindu Gods. Author dont tell about what provoked 9/11. The author wont go deep in Macron’s statement cause it will not be to her liking. Bin Laden wanted a world wide Jihad triggered by 9/11. He got what he wanted; and while I am certain (as shamed as you maybe for no fault of your own or for millions of Muslims worldwide) the author will ironically even try to justify what provoked Bin Laden to do it… the so called occupation of Arab lands by US. You talk about Crusades, but you dont talk about how no Christians go about decapitating or stoning people in the name of religion, to death even though Islam and Christianity sprung from Abraham. You are ignorant how Crusades ended up reforming Christianity and brought it into the Renaissance period. Unfortunately, Islam didn’t. Because anyone who tried was finished off. In today’s age, the only ones who are attempting are not even living in those Muslim majority countries. The issue is with the rigidness of sects in Islam preached globally. This is where the crux of the issue is. Author doesn’t want to talk about why Macron (who is no right leaning Fascist Hindutva last I checked) even said that only after a multitude of such attacks happened in their country over past so many years. State Laws (even in democracies) in official Islamic Countries to treat fellow Muslims from others sects as non-Muslim. How can any leader in todays age and time justify this. While the author can remain unapologetic and also keep burying her head to the chimes of the ‘Abraham Accords’, her white washing arguments will be the very reason that world leaders have woken up to the fact that Islam is indeed in crisis.

  82. You should know what the answer to that question is!!! They are the only ones that in the modern age engage in violence in the name of religion. The data is pretty evident no? Hinduism does not say go kill non-believers. Hinduism says a just battle is the only battle worth fighting. That is not true of the Abrahamic faiths. You need to get your record straight. Stop writing such crap!!!!

    Before you start equating LTTE and IRA in the same group as your Religious brethren, they were fighting a certain discrimination and right for nationhood. Not the same a s terrorism in the name of religion. Yes they should not have engaged in killing innocent civilians. On that you are right.

    According to you Hindus are not casteist then? After all it is a crazy interpretation by some nuts somewhere. Why should ordinary well meaning Hindu’s acknowledge their existence or worry about it. After all the Dalit lynchings are Fringe right!!! So were the KKK, why should the white’s worry about them? This is the bane of Muslims in general. They do not stand up and put their hand out and own up to the ills of their religion and society.

  83. First understand the difference between dharma and religion. And violence was advocated in Gita only to protect dharma unlike in other books that teaches to kill kaffir Or heathens because his beliefs are different than yours. In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance this quote of Karl Popper sums up the violence aspect of Gita perpectly although it teaches much more than this but for a dimwit like you this much is sufficient.

  84. To your question: are they supposed to not take offence
    Yes they are supposed to. and they are supposed to understand offence should not lead to murder. Muslims are having a hard time understanding this tenet of modern civilization. Hence the bullying of the misfit.

  85. The question is not of what’s written in the book, the question is of interpretation, ability to self critic the content. Writer herself indicates that the content might be contextual, depending on time and space, yet goes on to defend the interpretation in its absolute form. Indicating violent phrases from various resources is a very unimaginative way of defending the indefensible. The thought should be on why people are taking the violent writings literally and that should be condemned and not defended.

  86. क्या जाहिलियत है। जिस श्लोक को आधार बनाया है उसमें रिलिजन के बेस पर लिए युद्ध करने को नही कहा गया। अगर ईश्वर को मानने के हिसाब से देखें तो कौरव और पांडव, दोनों पक्षों के आराध्य एक थे, दोनों सनातनी थे। परन्तु जब हम कहते हैं कि कौरव अधर्म पर थे तो इसका मतलब ये होता है कि वे गलत या अनैतिक राह पर चल रहे थे। आप लिखने से पहले ठीक से सनातन को समझ तो लो फिर टिप्प्णी करना। यहां यह नही कहा कि कौरवों को इसलिए म्यारो कि वो किसी और को ईश्वर समझ कर उसकी पूजा करते हैं और तुम्हारे ईश्वर पर विश्वास नहीं करते।

      • For God sake Muslims aren’t protesting in peace to protect there belief, they are going around everywhere killing people whom mock their beloved prophet. And then these so called moderate Muslims justify these killings and advocate for it. And if you have courage use your real name don’t hide behind a fake name.

      • No, what he mean is that do not equate “Dharma” and “Religion”. In Gita, “Dharma” means “Duty”. There is no mention of Religion in Gita. The author has mis-understood (not to blame him though, because of cultural differences), “Dharma” with “Religion”.
        But I agree on one point, these verses irrespective of which book they are from can be hugely mis interpreted; even by the people with brain or intellects, let alone by the common man, some of whom are trying to “save” the religion.
        And hilarious irony is that “Religion” was suppose to “save” humans but some how the truth is “we” are trying to save the “Religion”.
        Whoever, sitting in the so called “heavens”(if there is any) right now, must be literally laughing at our naivety.
        It will take at least a century for people to understand the irrelevance of religion in the modern world. Religion has to shrink to the personal level for this Global world to move ahead.
        May be, a bit out of context, but we need to go to other space and make bases on Mars and Titan, for people to realize that there are more things to see and explore and worry about then “Religion”.

  87. The author of print misquoted Quran 2:193. It’s not ‘oppression’, it’s ‘Fitnah’ instead. Fitnah is not oppression, it means Blasphemy, sedition, riot, discord, dissension, civil strife against Islamic Rule (also means charm, allure, enchantment etc) and that verse clearly states until the disbelievers accepts Islam the killing will continue. Author also misrepresented by saying Quran is a book of lessons & morals, but Quran is a book of Legal decrees as per verse 33:36, which allows the killings of disbelievers of any places whether it’s in Medina or India or France. I request you to do a thorough research on Quran and Hadith to understand why Islam is in crisis for last 1400 years.

    And The meaning of Dharma is not religion. Krishna didn’t ask Arjuna to fight for his own benefit or to defend Hinduism, because his opponent was also Hindus, instead He asked Arjuna to fight selflessly for greater good. Arjuna was a khatriya, so his Dharma was to fight. Please don’t misquote any religious texts.

      • Please tell me what was the religion of Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Please translate it in pre-Islam era.

      • Unfortunately, there isn’t a proper translation at all, as the concept didn’t exist at all. It is just an interpretative extrapolation of concept of Abrahamic religions. It’s just not right to place Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism along with Islam, Christianity and Judaism. While the first three are inquiry based, the latter are command based. There is no “word of God” in the first three.

    • Thank you so much for straightening the writer out on the actual facts. Besides that, the Holy Bible says the New Testament is the law of the land now not the Old Testament. The Old Testament is not the law now for sinners.

  88. Mam its dharm not religion and no where does it say remove the neck from body . Not even about killing but about subdue the attacker.

  89. The writer seems to be illiterate of highest order. 1. He thinks Dharma means Religion. 2. Even if he considers Dharma as religion when in the Geeta he found word Hindu? Babu sona get your concepts clear. Watch Rajiv Malhotra jis videos with open mind (if at all available). 3. Let’s assume other books state, but the outcome is not beheading mindset? Where is it coming from? So instead of resolving the issue the author is dragging other religions*
    Such people are poison for mankind.

  90. Hi ZAINAB,
    After writing do read and edit before posting. The context of the Bhagavad Gita in Mahabharata was to fight for denied justice and usurped kingdom “not religion”. This was not a war between two religions, but two sides.

    And criticizing Quran does not mean “picking on Muslims”.

    Dear Owners,
    Do check the material that is being handed out to you whether it is of journalistic or scholastic value.



      • That’s what the Author did. Read, 90% of the word Quran mentioned in the article has the prefix ‘The Holy’ not once for Bible or Gita, why?? They are not Holy? And in the last 50 years who killed in the name of the religion? Just be honest to yourself. Also Dharma is a Sanskrit work for your righteousness not Hindi word. In India religion is expressed using words like Matha/Matam etc.

  91. When we see the same number of people come out in protest and to condemm any beheadings as they come to ‘protect’ their Prophet, then one can accept that the majority are not from hardline islam.
    Otherwise, this article is pointless, baseless and useless!!

  92. This writer is way too much brain washed and has wrote this article with a biased mindset. Dharma does not mean religion, it refers to a person’s duty towards the society to help in triumph of truth or justice. The entire war of Mahabharata took place because Draupadi was insulted in the Raj Darbar of Hastinapur. This great epic shows us that how far we can go to protect a women’s prestige and pride. It does not in anyway instigate a sense of hate or crime in the mind if people, but instead cultivates values like truth, justice and humility. The writer should atleast read the entire Bhagvad Geeta before comparing it with other religious texts. It has not taught anyone to behead a person. First understand the meaning of Dharma, and then publicly publish your views.

  93. I am sorry I ever donated to the print. If my money is funding even a word of such articles., I don’t want to donate to print ever again.

  94. Really! you’re asking this question? I mean seriously…(!!) not every Muslim is violent. Definitely not, but the non-violent Muslims sadly equal to nothing when a sizable chunk believe in violence to forward whatever thought or cause they believe in. M.F. Hussein was not beheaded my friend. Neither are so many characters who think its funny to make fun of Hindu gods and goddesses… Instead of suggesting that most of the world is Islamophobic, I think it’s time for some introspection to figure out how the silent, non-violent Muslims – those who are wonderful, righteous, patriotic, and all things good actually do something about the ones who seem to keep getting brainwashed.

  95. Yes no one quotes Bita, Bible Torah while beheading, Also the killer says they derive the right to kill from Quran andshouts Allah u Akbar while killing. That is the reason non attribute it to Quran. adn Islam, Wake and reform your religion.

  96. Please the print we are supporting you for good journalism but not for the support of terror activities and their sympathizers. Please raise the standard so that mis-interpretation could not be lost in warring words.

  97. Did you condemn the killing without blaming victim? No. Did moderate muslims condemn the killing without blaming victims? No. When muslims were lynched in India, many muslims were vocal and many non muslims supported the muslim protest. Those Hindu extremists also had same reasoning as you – if you insult what consider sacred, we will kill. Why pick on muslims? Because moderate muslims are not condemning the extremists. Who condemned ku klax clan? Who took action against them? Have you done anything to stop extremists in your religion? No. Then shut up and face the anger of the world against Islamic terrorists. Or do something to root out the extremists in Islam.

  98. So help me out here, so this mam is comparing all these books then why there isn’t a discussion about Quran, is she fears too to be killed if he does the same, After all every religion teach the same kill those who tell you, you are wrong why instead of thrashing his book along with other she is trying to defend it ?

  99. Writer fails to note that France is a peculiarly secular country and that it has laws protecting blasphemy.
    Therefore Macrons’ actions could not have been about targetting muslims but driving home a point that these cartoons confirm the right of a citizen to reject religion. And the repercussion for asserting this right cannot be death. Charlie Hebdo is notoriously risque but as a country, France allows it to be so.

  100. What the hell is this … thus Gita asks for beheading unarmed people on street for “revenge” !!!
    Didn’t Muhammad fight wars when it was absolutely necessary? Wasn’t there a civil war in the Muslim world for the right to Caliphate? Why had Hazrat Hussein laid down his life?
    Don’t justify your stupidity by creating wrong perceptions about others. Have some shame.

  101. Just accept that Bhagwad Geetha is equivalent to Kuran, Bible and Torah and see the impact

    all the Abrahamic religions will be obsolete and peace will prevail on earth

  102. U have deliberately translated dharma to religion to spread ur malicious propaganda dhrama means duty and not religion and Islam is to be blamed for all the terrorism happenings in the name of jihad

  103. Could not expect anything better from this author. Firstly Dharma does not mean Religion it means duty and what is good. Everyone is born for a purpose and they must fulfill that Purpose. Arjun was a warrior and he had to fight to prevent Adharma that is evil from spreading even if he had to kill his own father for that purpose. Second thing is that even if you are appropriating religion it does not give anyone the right in this day and age to kill others like tribals back in the day. This is not desert culture. For your Allah’s sake return back to your desert and fight for survival, civilized society has no place for you. I have not seen Christians killing for ‘Jesus walks into a bar’ joke or Jews killing when someone speaks ill of the Torah.

  104. I strongly oppose this totally wrongful and hateful wilful misinterpretation of 2.33. the gita, in the context of the battle, has explained the call of duty to one and all. no where it has asked to pickup a weapon and wage a war against anyone. it was arjuna’s duty at that time. and dharma is not religion. the gita has clearly mentioned to adhere to their svadharma (self call of duty). if you dont retract your article it shows you are wilfully misdirecting others. you have no right to talk with half knowledge. and i am not even half interested what quran is saying or not saying

  105. Religion in itself is an abrahamic concept all together . There is dharma (duty) in the true culture of India . Believe whatever you might believe and then do your duty . If you are at the wrong side of what is the proper duty of people , then mend your ways . Remember the great villains in sanskrit epics were not killed because they did some awful things , but because they stuck to doing it till the last , even when the rest of the world decided to take the side of the proper dharma .

    All prominent asurs were also devotees of some god . Fell very grateful i don’t have an old ass book based on arabian tribal culture and practices to follow .
    Even in today’s time most normal people won’t want to live under arabian laws or even obsess about wanting to be like arabians . Ecept maybe a few people whom i suspect were responsible for making ‘arab women’ the 2nd most searched porn tag in my country in some recent year survey.

    Just when someone is about to give in to his inner call of ‘Ofcourse , all muslims are not bad and don’t mean bad ‘. This propaganda comes out .
    Well if muslims think that all the more peaceful and less internationally terroristic belief systems are the same as islam , which is pretty much thinking of them in a level below what they are . Then they’ll be happy to think of muslims a level below , that is a religion inciting terrorism.

  106. .. and all that we need to do to “refuse to accept” is to vehemently and expressly condemn the hatred that some Muslims spew in the name of Islam. We cannot get away with “all Muslims are not terrorists” we need to own up to the problems and reject the terrorists with double the vigor we use to excuse it. so no “sorry, but…” separate unqualified rejections. Not … this happened because… Sorry we’ve lost the trust and we’ll have to work hard to earn it back.

  107. Well Answer is simple and you said it “Holy Quran isn’t a book of stories. It’s a book of lessons and morals.” In fact it has lot of laws. And these laws are not equal, humanistic or sometimes practical in 21st century. Other religions proudly have stories and in modern times have abdicated law making to democratically elected parliament that make, amend, reamend laws. I wont go into further details for half wit writer in particular that you are and why would I make middle East modern….lol

  108. This is the unbiased translation for BG 2.33 [ If, however, you do not perform your religious duty of fighting, then you will certainly incur sins for neglecting your duties and thus lose your reputation as a fighter. ]
    Lord Krishna mentioned Dharma which has no equilateral word available in English, but literary means “Duty”, Duty of Righteousness. Meanwhile, Quran and Bible directly divides humans into Momin and Kaafir or Believer and Infidel. Just a suggestion, before writing such demeaning and missinforming articles, make sure your translations and information is unbiased.

  109. Clearly this apologist author is disingenuous (not sincere by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does). The Koran contains innumerable verses that are violently painful to non believers. Islamic practice is governed by the Koran, the Hadith (anecdotage of the Prophet’s life) and the Sira (biography of the Prophet). All the violence stems from the interpretation of one or contextual combination of the three texts. No scholar or apologist author will say anything contrary to fellow muslims in an Islamic country as it is a either corporal offence or death penalty offence. The author is exercising freedom of speech in India . Smart or Sly journo ???
    I personally am against a public mockery of any sacred belief. Satire magazines mock every organised religion Christianity , Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Paganism and even Atheism . But when was the last time you heard of the adherents other religions propagating violence in God’s name !!!!. Besides one has to only see how infidel religions are proudly mocked in Islamic countries. The double standards and evil thought will shock you.

  110. The problem Ms. Sikander is nor what Prophet (PBUH) said and expressed in the Holy Quran, but what the believers are doing in the name of faith. People could express their outrage by other means like how all other communities do. The problem is this constant bullying and holding the world hostage by our community.

  111. Great work Zainab ji….A small ray of light is enough to clear the darkness… Truth always stands out… From past I learnt that giving explanation to ignorants is waste of time bcz many of them come from the IT Cell or the islamophobes promoters. So relax and let the Creator of All things deal with them…

  112. The level of denial is astounding. Let me just pick a few (not even touching the massive gaffe of equating Dharma with religion – OMG & 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ on that one!)

    You talk of context. But context needs someone to explain, it is not static and is completely based on the “explainer”. However, content stays. Books proliferate, people read the content and come to their conclusions especially when barbaric stuff is in there on those books to kill whoever is not following one’s faith. Even if 1% takes it literally, it is a threat to the rest of humanity.

    Why are people ignoring IRA, LTTE, Basque separatists, Naga rebels and so on you wonder? Because, they are/were local movements, they didn’t try to create a global Ummah (eg: LTTE was not fighting for Tamil rights in Florida for eg:), else why would protests happen all over in say, Bangladesh or Afghanistan for something that happened in distant France or people in a church get bombed to smithereens in Sri Lanka? Fueled by the worst of internet, this has turned into s a global threat unlike what say, the Irishmen were doing in their little corner of the world. So, false equivalence.

    Now comes the most important part. The strength of a religion comes from the resoluteness of the faithful (not blind, rabid faith which turns on the “others”, but the faith towards one’s god). Shouldn’t Islam be a little more strong than some random cartoons in France or Rushdie depicting a few lines in a novel or some random facebook post by an ignoramus in Bangalore? No? Then I am sorry to say, your religion lacks a spine, has the thinnest of skin and is a pack of cards if it feels threatened at the slightest of utterly ignorable slights. For a religion which abhors imagery, how can you say that just because some kafir is calling a random cartoon as your Prophet, it suddenly becomes him? Tomorrow if a 6-yr old kid draws stick figures and calls it your Prophet, would that become your Prophet too and you’ll justify beheading him as well? (please read that last line again!)

    I do hope & pray that the silent majority (I am hoping they’re out there) for whom religion is a means of self-discovery and a communion with their god steps up to say, enough is enough. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon. The whataboutery and full-on denial I see everywhere (including your own “pearls of wisdom”) is beyond belief and any sense of reasoning. Tough times ahead indeed for the world.

  113. Short answer to this propagandist who prefers to bury her head in the sand:

    almost all acts of Jehadi terror perpetrated by Muslims is justified by the perpetrators themselves by their holy book.

    And these acts of terror are so frequent and cruel that the world have become numb.

    Keep pretending it’s not — and while you are at it another round of killing of innocents: this time 25 students slaughtered in a university in Kabul.

  114. This guy is fanatic. He is twisting the Hinduism. Hinduism is not a religion its way of life.Islam is not a race. It’s political party to control people lives . pakistan punjabi will not let their daughter to marry non punjabi. It’s same for arabs. Those are races. There is nothing equal in islam.

  115. What is evident here is obscured in the article. Fight for religion is different from fight against evil and evil doers. Just a simple differentiation, if you may.

  116. BG 2.33: “अथ चैत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि। (O Arjuna! If you do not fight for this religion and turn away from your religion, then you will lose your fame and glory).”
    Terrible translation and interpretation. There was no religion at the time of Mahabharata. Arjuna belonged to the warrior caste and fighting wars was his righteous duty. A Kshatriya was bound to fight whenever he is challenged and lord Krishna reminded him of his righteous duty and advised him not to turn his back. the author has misconstrued Dharma for religion (In modern day Hindi, Dharma is equated with religion) are and tried to put her words into lord Krishna’s mouth. Pathetic.
    The teacher showed cartoons only to non Muslim students inside the class room with their consent. The cartoons were offensive but they were not shown publicly by the teacher. It was unwarranted killing. If these guys are so religious, what are they doing in France. France is not a pilgrimage center. These Chechens, Syrians, Afghans, Tunisians and Pakis should have migrated to Saudi Arabia and Iran and lived a spiritual life there.
    IRA, KKK and LTTE were limited to their territory. They were also designated as terrorist organizations and nobody protested.
    We have only IS – not CS HS or JS.

  117. Writer views are opaque. Muslims are undemocractic community by default. Please reform your religion instead of justifying barbarian mentality and playing victim card here.

  118. Please do not use Google translate for Sanskrit Shlokas. Dharma means duty in Gita. Please understand basics before writing something like this. Every person have their own Dharma. A husband has his duties thats his Dharma, A wife has her duties , A soldier has his/her duty, A son/daughter has his/her duty. This is what Dharma means. Krishna is talking to Arjuna about his Dharma as a warrior which is to fight. How stupid it is to say Dharma means religion especially when they were fighting Kauravas who were also following the same religion.

    I think if you dont translate Dharma as religion then it does not give any proof to the point which you are making. Just to prove your agenda dont misrepresent the Gita. I was under the impression that Shekhar Gupta’s team gives quality journalism. But this is farce.

  119. You should ask this question to yourself and there should be introspection. No amount of articles or public posturing will help.

  120. As a Hindu or Cristian or whatever the religion if i do not agree with the guru or preacher i can walk off simply. no questions asked . can i do it infront of a hard core Muslim preacher? You know better than me what will happen afterwards.
    All religions say ” if you follow me i give you a place in heaven” If not follow it is up to you.
    Muslim adds one more line, if you do not follow ,then you are a “non believer and should be killed”
    Correct me if I am not right.

    • 25 Islamic countries carry either a death penalty or threat to life in their legal code. The rest like Malaysia use subtler methods like the dual ID card system (One for believers and another for Infidels ) can never be changed until death when your corpse will be seized and buried with Islamic rites. Sad. Is religion by force a religion ?

  121. as far as christianity is concerned, jesus himself has never professed violence. he himself is supposed to died for the sins of others. a stray reference to violence somewhere in one of their texts cannot be construed as promoting violence.
    As regards the passage in gita, krishna’a advice to arjuna is supposed to be in the context of war. even in a war an unarmed warrior should not be attacked. to best of my knowledge no hindhu text promotes violence on unarmed people.
    Further, these two religions give lot of leeway for their practice. there are no hard and fast rules.
    For example, christians in india are allowed to keep their hindhu names and they are encouraged to follow local culture. for example, in kerala, there are songs in carnatic music and kathakali plays in praise of christ.
    these apart, in the modern days, the practitioners of christianity or hindhuism does not resort to violence in a regular or in an organised manner. of course there could be stray incidents. exceptions are the norm.

  122. Don’t agree with your analysis here as far as comparisons go. Hindusim is way too diverse and a way of life for you to summarise it by just giving one example about following Dharma from Bhagvat Gita. It oversimplyfying it for the sake of it.
    Old Testament of the Bible, Torah, and Quran share quite a few things with each other, in fact they overlap each other over many chapters and there is violence and cruelty which is part of that narrative. People who’re able to view these religious texts without religious bias will be able to see this. And unfortunately, the texts of these Abrahamic religions rely on interpretation by religious leaders, which further leads to space for different versions of the understanding of the text.

  123. Author should Ask the erstwhile non Muslim native residents of places like syria, iran, iraq, most of africa, Pakistan, bangladesh, our own kashmir or the millions slaughtered due to religious zeal of so called peacefuls throughout history and current victims of taliban, isis, al quaeda, let, etx etc.
    Leave non muslims – talk to shias of sunni dominated regions eg pak etc or ahmedia ….

    All over the world islamist are the most thankless people, 1st migrate to non muslim land who allow them theirbway of life, and after they grow in numbers they threaten the same liberal societal values. Its like ,u give shelter to some destitute in ur home for compassion, after some time they threaten u in ur own home!! And then call u islamophobes. Why dont muslim migrants settle in muslim majority countries, there are ard 56 of these?

    Yes, only one way that islam is a religion of peace as its peaceful adherents have helped so many to rest-in-peace forever!!

    The real crisis in islam is that erudite and instrospective voices are quelled and only dogmatic voices find space and adherents. Thats why people like arif md khan, tasleema nasreen, tarek fatah etc are not liked by muslims at large. Very little chance of muslim reforms as the faculties to question are systematically numbed like in no other religion. Rule book cant be questioned even after 1400yrs, and onus of interpretations of the rule book resides with intolerant and dogmatic adherents only.

    When others show the mirror and call them out, only then will the likes of zainab emerge to defend, divert, obfusate and question others. World is fed up.

  124. Why are most of terrorists around the world from one religion. Why ISIS and Bokoharam are killing in the name of Allah. The problem is not with Muslims like you, it is those who use religion wrongly, why most of the times Islam is the religion being misused. BTW you not even condemned one the attack happened on professior. According to you Macron is wrong if he says Islam is in crisis but not a single condemnation for various attacks. LTTE didn’t killed in the name of Hindu Gods, it was a terrorist organization which fought for their separate country (not hundu rashtra).
    If you don’t understand it keep getting discriminated around the world, no Hindu, Christian, Jewish will solve this Islamophobia, the solution lies under your nose you just can’t see it or don’t want to see it.

    • The reason most terrorists from Islam is because all these places you quote have political instability arising from colonialism.ISIS is a very good example.George Bush irresponsibly without any evidence attacked Iraq assuming it had weapons of mass destruction.This created a political vacuum with a favourable environment for extremism to grow either using The Holy Quran as a shield as done by ISIS or out of misunderstanding due to taking The Holy verses out of context.9/11 is pure evil, but I must also mention that these so called western countries have a huge role in the initiation and growth of these outfits.All I wish to say is that ‘Things are not as black and white as they appear to be’.I feel if you studied colonialism and attacks such as in Iraq,then everything will start to make sense……These ISIS and so are not different from ppl who raped 14,16year olds and took fetus out of wombs of muslim women during Gujarat riots.My point is some using religion as a shield,others may be doing it out of lack of school education and and lack of proper studying of the religion itself….

      • Come on…
        Do you think we are stupid enough..
        where are terrorist in Pakistan??? Are these Hindu, Christian, Jains??? They are the people who are being exterminated in the manner no better than Hitler Regime.

        Still there only kind of terrorist you find are Muslims who are calling Shia also Kafir.

      • Muslim – offended by anything and everything, ashamed of nothing.
        It is precisely because educated Muslims like you do need t take a courageous stand against Islamic extremists which allows Islamists to get away with what they do. You are no different from Ms. Zainab Sikander. Its just a case of closeted Islamism.
        Your silence encourages and emboldens the Jihadis. Your tacit approval of violence against non-believers is the reason why in Islamic countries minorities are treated like trash.

      • Mr. Ismail, You are trying to defend your religion so desperately, .but civilised people around the world started to see the real reason. The problem with Islam is it always throws blame on others for their own shortfalls. Thats history. Earlier it was the Jews behind everything, then the Americans and now the colonial factor. But still you will not blame the real killers. I always stood with the Muslim’s grievances for what happened in Gujarat. The one which explained by you is the most heinous one that could only be done by some psychopaths. But you are conveniently forgetting the fact that the Hindus of this country (apart from the Hindutva lot) has condemned such acts with utmost disgust. The difference is if it is done by a Muslim you will always put the blame on Jews, Americans, British, Jamaicans, Spaniards….I am yet to see an Islamic leader condemning the heinous acts happening these days “irrespective” of what the other has done. If those victims has something against the law it is the state to take action and not by Islamic followers. I would like to hear from you which colonial history was behind the act of some Islamic terrorists carried out in my state 10 years before. Please read the story below and tell me. 10 years back that some Muslims chopped the hands (the punishment explained in Quran is to cut off the right hand and left leg or left hand or right leg as I understood) of a professor accusing him of blasphemy. Happened in the 21st century in the most literate state in India!!! The real problem was that the Islamic press and their leaders “inflamed the situation” into such an extend that some muslims “had” to take action. And we know how the politicians behave when a gold platter is shown to them. The sad part is that the professor in fact have not done anything blasphemous. He was just copying a text from a book (interestingly written by a Muslim story writer and approved by the Kerala University as part of curriculum ) and giving it to his students for placing correct punctuations in the right place!!! If your prophet instruct his followers to chop a professor’s hand for giving a test to his students then you really need an introspection. Or there was any instability arising from colonial past, or George Bush found some WMD in Kerala? So you guys learn first to condemn an unjust killing of a human being. If you don’t do that such things will happen throughout the history and your religion will become a laughing stock. In Kerala many young muslim boys are leaving Islam as they cannot find it compatible with Natural laws.

        • @Yashwant,As for Yazidis;Many muslims have unequivocally stated thay ISIS is anti-Islamic.Frankly,its very easy to prove they are unislamic from all the reporting by newspapers of their actions……

          @Nps-Like I said,A muslim commits extremism as in Pakistan, Bangladesh because they have not been taught Islam properly.Prophet Muhammad (saw) made treaties with various tribes and muslims were to firmly adhere to them.A Bangladesh or a Pakistan constitution is also a treaty where muslims are required to strictly adhere to and not deviate even by a bit;but they don’t and that is criminal of these muslims…..

          @Swagata singh-Well honestly I aint a closet Islamist.I wholly believe that any violation of the law of the land is criminal.As for Extremists being emboldened,I have to admit that Islamic leaders have a duty to reform the muslims and ensure they develop a good,tolerant character as prescribed in Islam.Such leaders have failed to do so.Similarly,The country laws arent harsh enough and thus;these Islamist criminals become more uninhibited and do such atrocities.So on the root of it,Yes Muslim leaders have failed;And world has lost almost full patience with muslims.I feel like things are going to be downhill for us from here on

          @Edwin-Hello bro,That was one of the saddest incidents and among the most evil I have seen done by anyone.Am from Kerala too.As a muslim,I will say that ‘The holy Quran’ says to “honour your contracts”.That also includes the non-verbal agreement to uphold the constitution fully which is binding on ever single muslim.Thus Islam has a dual nature,One set of laws in a Sharia governance;another depending on country’s laws in a non-Sharia governance.Those criminals who cut his hand off should have had their hand itself to be cut off;Also I wish that those ppl were imprisoned for life.Such beasts shouldn’t be roaming around in places……

          So muslims have failed to ‘honour their contracts’ and thus we are going to face lots of backlash including physically.Ppl like me are probably going to be a collateral damage;and I believe it’s all GOD’s will.I certainly felt there was a sinister agenda to defame Muhammad (saw);but that never justifies even remotely the chopping (at maximum,the assailants should have instead gone to court and let the judge decide if it was blaspheming or not; unfortunately due to such vile ppl;someone like me also can face consequences from other communities);thus such culprits should ideally be dealt with as I have said above….

      • I agree that extremism grew that way… But it was already present prior to it… It just grew up.

      • The reason terrorists come from Islamic countries is because Islam is terrorism.

        Colonialism? Blaming others for your violence is a mental illness called bipolar. Gaslighting is the tactic.

        Islam is quilty of its own vile Colonialism (of which they still control) upon parts of Africa, Middle East and Asia. Former Islamic colonies such as Spain (freed from it by the Crusaders) and India (Arab Muslims occupied India before loosing their grip to the British) are still on alert to Islamic tricks.

      • The reason terrorists come from Islamic countries is because Islam is terrorism.

        Colonialism? Blaming others for your violence is a mental illness called bipolar. Gaslighting is the tactic.

        Islam is quilty of its own vile Colonialism (of which they still control) upon parts of Africa, Middle East and Asia. Former Islamic colonies such as Spain (freed from it by the Crusaders) and India (Arab Muslims occupied India before loosing their grip to the British) are still on alert to Islamic tricks.

  125. How conveniently she translated “Dharma” as “Religion”. She doesn’t even care to edit it even after so many informed her in the comments and on Twitter. It tells her cunning intentions. She just wants to paint every religion as violent as Islam. And desperately wanted an excuse for beheadings.

    She didn’t even bother to tell why 80% of UN designated terrorists are Muslims. Why Muslims only blow themselves up. She, being a woman, never cared to tell about gender inequality in Quran and Sharia, stoning women to death in the name of honour, why a woman is half of a man in status. Stockholm syndrome I guess. What a pathetic excuse to behead someone in the name of religion!

    As long as people like her there to justify their barbaric acts, Muslims not to going to stop this madness of blowing up, beheadings, and stoning to death.

  126. Well inasmuch as other religious books advocate for violence their followers actually don’t go about beheading people but yours still do
    Think about that
    Islam is not peaceful..i have Muslim friends and i tell them every time

  127. As far as Gita is concerned, your assertion can’t be further from the truth. DHARMA IS NOT RELIGION. Your absolute lack of even the most basic of the concept and probably even the intent to understand them is visible in your article. It’s shameful @ThePrintIndia @ShekharGupta.

  128. I cannot see Gita or Bible asking people to kill non-believers. I have seen Quaran 5:51 and 9:30 spewing venom against non-muslims by mentioning by name of Christians and Jews. Quran is the only ridiculous ‘religious’ book in this world notoriously known for dividing humans into muslims and kaffirs. This book clearly spreads hatered and violence towards non-muslims through several of its ayats. Islam cannot be regarded as a religion rather it’s an evil cult emerged from narrow-minded Arabian tribal culture of 5th century. The only thing I can relate with islam is Nazism. Both share the common traits of trying to bring world under its ideology and killing everyone who doesn’t accept their ideology.
    Kindly check your facts before trying to whitewash Islam.

  129. Adherents of all other religions are not going on killing people in the name of religion. I think there are no moderate Muslims everyone is a fanatic so they do not get it. Stop defending Islam and try to reform. May be a new Koran akin to New Testament is needed for reform.

  130. Hinduism is most peaceful, liberal religion which does not prescribe only its god & faith are supreme and rest are infidels. It gives full freedom to Hindus in picking their practises, rituals and even god. The same cannot be said of montheistic abrahamic religions who clearly say only their God is true.

    In India itself so many people including prominent politicians have criticised/fun of Hindu gods and lived peacefully with some even becoming Chief Minister. Can anyone criticise others gods and live peacefully?

    huge number of Hindus haven’t read or follow Gita religiously. 99 percent of Hindus are fine to ignore if anything not admissable in modern times is said in Gita. Can the same be said of other religions who think their holy book is ultimate source and everything said in that has to be exactly followed and even a word cannot be taken out of context eventhough they were written few hundred years back.

    Please do some introspection and don’t try to equate or condone condemnable violent acts in the name of religion

  131. No matter how much you try defending them.They always gonna put you down. Moreover if all religion’s preaching is same then why the terrorist all over the world come from the so called peaceful community. Why don’t we have any Hindu or Christian terrorist. Problem is not with Muslim it’s with the Islam itself.

  132. This is a laughable article. As muslim as well as a human being you should be criticizing the one who is killing in the name of religion, rather that defending the abhorrent act. You may not agree with cartoon but that doens’ mean you support killing anyone who makes them. And it is not just the cartoons, Salman Rashdi was hounded just because some thing he wrote in a book. Action speaks louder than words. When people following Islam indulge in Islam it is going to get a bad name.

  133. Appalled that ThePrint editorial board approved this article which is based on falsehood, stupidity and moral dishonesty. Arjuna was on the battlefield fighting his cousin and uncle, who were also related to Krishna. He was not in a class trying to comprehend what freedom of expression meant. Such a comparison is malafide and dishonest.

    Kuran calls for killing those who do not believe in Allah or the Prophet. Even if that requires going to their countries.

  134. यह गनीमत का माल बांटना कहां से आया। यह क्या सिखाता है।

  135. Why does this commentator not tell other muslims that their God does not ask them to kill those that do not convert or believe in Islam. Others know this, but the jihadi terrorists do not know/accept. That is where the problem lies, not with the French or any other humans. Let these “enlightened” Muslims, if they are so, convince their co-religionists of this and civilise them rather than complain and moan about others!

  136. A simple search would tell that ‘Dharma’ doesnt mean religion. Clearly it is not ignorance, rather a deliberate and malicious attempt by the author to mis translate the sayings in Gita. Another form of Hinduphobia silently flying under the radar and flourishing in this country.

    • And nobody will get beheaded for it (or bombed, or stabbed, or gunned down). That’s the difference between Islam and others.

  137. Zakir Nalayak’s left behind sister doing a classic false equivalency is not at all surprising. Every week you come up with one asinine article after another. Defending from massacres in the past to modern day terror by Muslims.

    Let me clear up a few things to you.

    1) Religion is a Abrahmic concept. Dharma is not equal to religion. You should have spent more time in research rather than writing the first thing that popped up on your google search. One has duties towards one’s spouse, parents, kids, the society at large among others. These constitute Dharma. Abrahmic religion is a plain and simple “my way or the highway”.

    2) When France banned religious symbols in public, Sikhs and Hindus didn’t went berserk and started killing French people. Only Muslims do that. All around the globe.

    3) Islamophobia means irrational fear of Islam. Hundreds have been killed in France in the past five years. It is NOT an irrational fear. The fear is very much genuine and legitimate. Your hurt feelings don’t trump my right to a live.

    4) There are 0 temples in Saudi Arabia. There are tens of thousands of mosques in India. How did this burden of secularism befell on the rest of the world when Muslims are free to do whatever they damn well please without a peep from the liberals?

  138. Muslims have a problem with everyone but themselves. They are always finger pointing and blaming someone else for their present lot.
    I think the author would be well advised to write articles about Muslim participation in modern civil society, education and poverty levels within that
    and also about the pernicious hold and effect that mullahs and fatwa-issuing seminaries have. Maybe we wont see any improvement but we will see a
    vastly more subdued author who will then come to see and recognize all that is wrong with Muslims today. Maybe, but for that, the mullahs and the
    conservative elements would have to let her live.

  139. Hi , Interesting. IMHO, one of the problems in Islam is that there are people , who believe that death to disbelievres/ defamers is ok. I don’t see religious leaders pointing the relevant context and stopping such acts. . Dont think a common muslim is responsible at all. But where are the so called religious leaders in this ? Also from ancient times, be it abbassid, ayyubid dynasties, safe guarding of islamic faith was considered the key job for the ruler. Not much appears to have changed much in the last 1000 years. So the religious leaders keep quiet, knowing that its gets their constituency distracted from jobs and learning, which are much harder problems to solve. Comparisons with other religions is disingenuous as such attacks are not so common elsewhere.

  140. Embarrassing article from start to finish. A shameful, pathetic and risible attempt to quasi-justify the violence of Islamofascist Jihadis. Imagine what this sorry excuse of a human being would say if a Hindutvavadi wrote such a piece justifying the rage of the terrorists who kill Muslims in the name of beef and love jihad.
    The hypocrisy, double standards and cognitive dissonance are all staggering, mind numbing.
    Stop being blinded by your religious bias, grow a spine and GET A DAMN LIFE and stop spewing such sorry vitriol in the name of journalism.

  141. Zainab Sikander like many persons of other religion does not know Sanatan Dharma and he has definitely not read the Gita. That is why he has quoted Gita to prove Islam a peaceful religion and better than other religions.
    I have seen that many persons in a community are very orthodox and have same mind set with agenda which they try implement where ever they can even if they hold responsible positions in an organisations or constitutional positions in a country.
    All religions of the world are good but the important is who is destroying the world. Everybody knows it.
    This is agenda based analysis.

  142. Blaming others for your own problems. This is such a typical behaviour. What a joke!!!! That stabbing innocents is Considered Freedom of Expression & putting out Cartoons is considered Blasphemy!!!!!! & how silly it is that you compare other religions texts for justification.

  143. Well, when I read this article the first thing that struck me was that the writer of this article has not understood any of the scriptures rightly. Having said that, Islam is the only religion in the world which has the concept of ‘ummah’ which puts the Muslim citizens living in any country in direct dilemma whether they should be loyal to their country or loyal to their religion. It can be so dangerous that any foreign Muslim leader can rage a protest in India against any country when the Indian government’s stance is completely opposite. This can be seen during the killing of an Iranian General ‘ Qasem Soleimani’ . The general was killed in a drone attack by the US and for this most of the Muslims had hit the street to protest. On the contrary, when an Indian soldier or any Indian army personnel are killed, no such protest occurs against Pakistan or China. Apart from this, India supported France as a part of our diplomatic and strategic relations as France has helped India on several occasions from helping designate Masood Azhar as a International terrorist to helping India meet it’s security and renewable energy goals. They have make a choice between Nationalism and Religion, that’s the only way we can restrict polarization to an extent .

  144. Hello Zainab, I feel sorry for your ignorance of Hindu texts. At the outset, Hinduism is not a religion. It is a way of life. Anyone who is capable of leading a righteous life is called a Hindu, originally it meant a person residing on the banks of river Indus and carrying out the chores of life.
    Secondly, should I irrespective of my faith, as a human being just because my Gods has been offended, should I go about beheading people? The violent reaction to an act or an event is the issue/debate
    Regret your immaturity

  145. Yes, Quran shouldn’t be called violent just by picking lines out of context. While a Hindu may say Dharma is not religion, but the righteous path, I’d argue don’t all religions claim to be so? The Righteous Path? There are violent themes in our texts too like the way Raja Hiranyakashyap was killed by Lord Narasimha infront of the former’s son. All Hiranyakashyap did was tell his son there’s no God, show me your God. Now to someone completely unaware doesn’t it come across as a theme of violence for faith? So yes, without religious texts taken out of context may all seem to propagate Holy war of some sort and killing infidels. This is where I agree and this is where my agreement ends.
    What I disagree with is the choice of Zainab’s outrage. And the collective choice of many Muslims on this matter. Someone lost his life. A 21-year old innocent girl who did NOTHING had her throat slit open. She didn’t draw or show Mohammad cartoon. And these acts were carried out by people whose families sought refuge in Paris in times of crisis. If educated, articulate people like the author choose this moment to outrage on the cartoon, then Islamophobia is bound to spread like wildfire. While speaking of context, even Macron’s statement has been taken out of context. Even he was coming from a place of grief for his country. It’s the secular , liberal policies of France which made them welcome refugees from war-torn Islamic counties. The French Muslim community at present, unlike the centuries-old Muslim community of India is rather new and composed of mainly refugees. And that’s the context of a rather avoidable statement about “Islam being in crisis in the world”. I stand with Macron, and I stand with France.

  146. Dharma means “duties” not “religion”.
    1) Quran says to fight against kufar(idol worshippers, Jude, Christians, mushrik, apostates, Atheists…). Bhagavad-gita says fight against evil people with evil deeds.
    2) Quran says fight for Deen/Mazhab. Bhagavad-gita says fight for justice and human values.
    👉 Bhagavad-gita is the best book. Comparing Bhagavad-gita with Quran is like comparing first standard kid with bachelor degree holder.

  147. It is good to read a Muslim who shows the courage to stand up for his beautiful religion Islam against the twisted, hate-filled bigots who, in the name of Islam, are committing acts of inhuman violence across the world; indeed, the murders in Paris and in Nice are only recently placed bricks in a monstrous edifice of horror built by these creatures. It takes raw courage to stand up for Islam in today’s world; where murderous attacks on innocents by brainwashed youngsters in the name of Islam have become almost commonplace. Just as it takes raw courage for a Hindu to stand up for ‘Hinduism’ against the fools who are trying to reduce this beautiful pantheistic faith to a kind of monotheistic ‘revealed’ religion akin to those of the Book. Ultimately, each flock must cleanse itself of the rot within. And till then, about all the individual can do is appreciate and practice the truly secular principle that “Your freedom of expression ends where my nose begins!”

  148. Alright, this is just article with certain number of words submitted 2 mins short of deadline. No depth of understanding of current religious and cultural divide. By using wrong translations, you are doing same thing to other religion than you are asking others to avoid for Islam. This is hypocrisy 101 . I do not like propagating Islamophobia as well, but i see your article as exactly something that will not help the cause.

  149. This person understands little of his own religion, leave alone other religion. He defends some of the ills of Islam. He must speak up about Kuffars and what Islam says about that. He does not talk about reforms in Islam, like what is happening in other religions. He also does not articulate that followers of other religion do not follow their religion the way Muslims blindly do. He mixes up ‘dharma’ and ‘religion’.

  150. There is only one religion in world which is responsible for all this miscreants is Islam.
    If we wanna establish peace we need to ban Islam

  151. Dear Zainab,

    First of all your biggest mistake is to mistakenly interpret “Dharm” as “religion”. Yogeshwar Bhagwan Sri Krishna meant Dharm with bound responsibility. The biggest disappointment is that the meaning of “Jihad” is also different but unfortunately “Al-Qaeda, jamat-ud-dawa, lashkar etc are putting that into wrong structure and brainwashing illiterate individuals. Why pick on Hindus and Christians ? Why we are all Kafirs according to them?

    Thanks for reading

  152. Dear Madam
    Your article. says, ” Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah. Why pick on Muslims.

    Here some questions arise: –

    1. How do you assume that. Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah, without giving the total number of verses in each Holy Books asking people to fight?

    2. It at all Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than other Relegious Books, then why the most of the people who fight others are muslims?

    3. On which Hadith is your Quranic Interpretations are based?

    4. How many Islamic Jurisprudence or schools agree with your Quranic Interpretations? which all?

    Sorry to say your article do not have any intellecual honesty and is based on so called Islamophobia & Victmhood like other fake Islamic liberals…who do not want to look into oneself and reform Islam.

    This Article is Taqia.

  153. Probably because only Muslims take actions based on qoran without brain..face value retionality needed

  154. Given the fact that she identifies herself as a Muslim more than she does as an independent journalist, it is too much to expect from Zainab Sikandar that she will understand that Dharma is not religion. It does not suit her purpose. In fact there is no word in Sanskrit for religion. But I have a one question for her. She has found the cartoons offensive. Would she support an extremely reverential painting of her Prophet?

  155. Hinduism is most peaceful, liberal religion which does not prescribe only its god & faith are supreme and rest are infidels. It gives full freedom to Hindus in picking their practises, rituals and even god. The same cannot be said of montheistic abrahamic religions who clearly say only their God is true.

    In India itself so many people including prominent politicians have criticised/fun of Hindu gods and lived peacefully with some even becoming Chief Minister. Can anyone criticise others gods and live peacefully?

    huge number of Hindus haven’t read Gita. 99 percent of Hindus are fine to ignore if anything not admissable in modern times is said in Gita. Can the same be said of other religions who think their holy book is ultimate source and everything said in that has to be exactly followed and even a word cannot be taken out of context eventhough they were written few hundred years back.

    Please do some introspection and don’t try to equate or condone condemnable violent acts in the name of religion

  156. I did not know rants go by as articles these days. This article niether serves purpose of explaining the muslim position nor disproving islamophobic PoV. Poorly consutructed arguments based on even worse understanding of texts of other religions…

  157. I find you highly illiterate. I don’t know why people in print allow you to publish the article without checking the content. if Print continues to allows such false propaganda then I wish Print “good luck”. You are just another media who is getting used by illiterate people(People without any depth and knowledge). One advise to Print: Don’t allow false propaganda, half baked stories which brings down your credibility.

  158. Raising fingers at others doesn’t help when problem lies with you. No Hindu “misinterprets” Gita and kills innoncent people in the name of advancing or defending his religion. I am not aware of Torah and Bible but I can surely tell you Christians and Jews have evolved intellectually so much that they’ve honesty to tell part of religious text is no longer relevant hence they don’t follow it anymore. Muslims lack honesty or their brains simply have been shut off by their religion. World would be much better place when Muslims come out of mediaeval religious brain washing and see the light. Sky won’t fall if they concede that their religious teachings have been creating problems everywhere because they rigidly follow religion which is incompatible with modern values. Neither they’ve confidence to own up religion unapologetically nor they recognise the faults within it. They just “condemn” every attack but root of problem remains. It’s like condemning Hitler but defending Nazism. Muslims must select one option unambiguously – modern world (hence accepting part of religion is out-dated) or follow Deen completely (Taliban way of life). You can’t travel in two boat.

  159. Am currently reading Reza Aslan’s superb book..No god but God. Zainab ‘s article is mostly correct. Indian secularism is mostly ethnic secularism as opposed to the fierce civic secularism of the French republic, so I entirely agree that we should be sensitive to each other’s religious sensibilities.However I feel there should be very forthright and strong condemnation of these acts of barbarism in the name of a purist, Hanbali,salafist extreme interpretation of the faith by prominent Muslim influences across the world.

  160. Terrorist does beheading or bombing
    Peaceful community how will we whitewash this
    Le Print
    “Ye hum krlete hai tb tk aap dream 11 pe jake team banaiye

  161. Clearly there is some language problem, either while writing it or while translating it or understanding it or explaining it! something somewhere has seriously gone wrong !!
    just like you mis understood dharma as religion when in reality Dharma is duty and not religion! !

  162. If you don’t know gita then it’s better to shut up that’s why dharma is righteousness not religion so dumb you guys are and writing shit on everything

  163. This writer is suffering from the same mental virus that many other muslims suffer from – lack of reason. This article makes a good case for why this arabian desert cult is so dangerous to the humanity and why the world must unite to defang it. Notice how it is not the poor and uneducated among this cult that get carried away. It is actually the educated and the sophisticated like this jihadi sister who are most radical and dangerous to the society. I stand with Macron and France. India has to do something about the rabid elements like this writer, otherwise we are headed for a civil war.

  164. Dear Madam,
    Your Article says,”Quran doesn’t tell people to fight any more than Gita, Bible, Torah.”
    Few questions arise:-
    1.How can you say so without giving the the total numbers of verses asking the people to fight, from each Holy Books ?
    2.If at all one agree with you, then How come there are the most people who fight others in the name of Religion are Muslims?
    3.On which Hadith, do you base your base Interpretation of Quran verses ?
    4. Which all Islamic Jurisprudence agree with your Interpretation of Quran verses ?
    5. You say Torah & Bible; what is the difference between them?
    6. Why quoting from Quran & Hadiths themselves becoming blasphemous for Muslims?

    Instead of saying the truth & reforming your religion so called liberal people like you come with two fake arguments ie. Islamophobia & Victimhood.

    Very sorry to say that you are not intellectually honest and this is Article is Taqiya

  165. Beheading of kafirs is encouraged and permissible in Koran. Beheading an innocent is an act of terror. There is muslim woman teacher demonstrating beheading to girl students.
    You can argue against the insults but not “behead” an individual/ teacher. When you do not find fault with terrorizing practices of Islam and play victim card.
    When we see Muslims against Macron we see them with terror. Macron is not terrorizing but he is against who terrorize.

  166. First of all it’s not religion it’s dharma. There is a huge difference between them. Secondly, Mahabharata is an epic and it is supposed to give life lessons i.e, those are not laws that Hindus are expected to abide by. I am not saying there isn’t a single fault in Hindu, for that matter I am against every religion for I believe we don’t need any.

    Anyways, Quran as claimed by you and many others was literally DICTATED by God to the prophet and no editing of any law is allowed; and even if you somehow can prove it is authentic and legit what about the fact that Prophet married his daughter in law, that there are allegations (I’d go one step further and say proofs) that Prophet was a Pedophile and he introduced laws to justify his acts? What do you have to say about it?

    What do you have to say about the phrases which clearly says WOMEN ARE SUBJECTS OF MEN, I am sure it is situational based as well yeah? Even if it is, why aren’t their laws directing women to do the same? And if you say men are generally stronger than woman and it is them who needs to be guided and controlled, I am sorry to say this but you’ll literally justify every other misogynist society. Maybe you’ll say it’s understood then what about the allowed polygamy ? Mishappenings can happen with the husband as well, then why isn’t there provision for women to have 4 husband or atleast to marry again if their husbands die?

  167. The writer tries very hard to equate all religions and quotes from most of the holy books. There may be same content in these holy books which are present in almost all primitive ideas. The issue is that the followers of which religion are so sensitive that they cannot tolerate anything against their holy books and prophet. Even the educated Muslims like the writer here does not consider that Free speech can be offensive and insulting to their religion and prophet. Many Enlightenment ideas were insulting to Christianity and so does the Reform in Hinduism to Hindus. Freedom of expression has been the reason of many progressive things and any restrictions on it would definitely undermine the progress achieved by modern civilisation . As all cow lynchings are influenced by Hindutva ideology, such beheading are also influenced by Islamic ideology. If you replace God in holy books with a man he would be the greatest Fascist and autocratic person. The thing is that those cocooning their prophets and Gods are biggest threat to Liberalism. P B Mehta wrote correctly – The idea that true religion would never incite anyone to violence is neither here nor there — the point is that people kill and behead in the name of religion

  168. People of no religion would behead or chop hands of fellow human, over a cartoon except for one.
    Right from its origin, till this date, this one religion has killed billions of people. In fact calling it a religion itself is wrong as it is a violent political ideology.

  169. There are 10s of countries who claim to revere and follow your prophet and they openly discriminate and look down on people who dont regard him as prophet. Have you ever seen in Pakistan or Saudi or Turkey blasphemic laws proteting the rights of Idol worshippers or that of LGBT?
    Is it possible for a muslim in any Islamic country to convert to another faith? When all this happens in name of Prophet and his book, why do you expect that fingers will not be raised on prophet? Human being s have tendency to go to root of the problem.

    I dont think Macron or Modi or anybody has personal enemity with any prophet or any saint. If followers of a saint become social evil they also degrade their guru. That is unfortunate fallout of wrongly placed emotions and lack of empathy for ‘others’

  170. R u stipid… Drama doesn’t mean religion… it means it means performing righteous duties..

    Please don’t compare if u don’t have enough knowledge … only talk abt what u know…

  171. Your article is thought provoking…..but if we see our all the religion…there are loopholes but we accept it also…but in your religion you didn’t accept that…if you are against macron…then you should also be against all the violence’s they are doing in reaction…you should publicly condemn this…and Reformation is a must…

  172. How many times are we going to listen to “Islam has nothing to do with this” by the way? A quran was burnt, riots were caused in Sweden. Can you accuse Sweden of being provocative? And Islam has to many things to do with this. Why are we ignoring these facts? Why is it that a Danish gangster who joined al-qaed left Islam when he read about contradictions in Islam? Why is it that when Ayaan Hirsi Ali criticises a religion, she has to have bodyguards now. I understand you do not interpret your holy book in the way those extremists do. But we do not have anything against you, do we? You are conflating the two. But when you say the whole Muslim community rejects it, you are doing a disservice to you. If you think Islam has nothing to do with this, why don’t you see the actual implementation of religion? Why is it the worst of punishments are reserved for Arab world’s constitution? Why is it that the worst treatment of Women is found in all the Islamic countries. We need to fight bad ideas in Islam just like we fought the bad ideas in every religion. But we used the liberal correcting mechanism that is Freedom of Speech. We mocked it, question it, hammered it with Logic, science, rationality, and ridiculed it to the reformed versions that exist. But the fact Islam has a privilege over Freedom of Speech doesn’t give us that freedom. Doesn’t give us the right to question. Doesn’t give us the right to Criticize Mohammed’s bad actions. We can scrutinise Jesus, interpret Arjuna’s words, question Moses, but when it comes to Mohammad, we somehow have to say “We cannot provoke people”. We have to hold islamic extremists who attack these foundations, and the religion in whose name they do it, to the same standards we do others.
    In respectful disagreement.

  173. Regarding the title, you are right that ither religions have an element of violence but only muslims have actually implemented it and thats why they are being singled out . A

  174. But Muslim’s attitude and attachment to outdated and ridiculous concepts like blasphemy, apostacy etc and their love of cruel and violent punishment for them pits them against others. Like this author, they seem to have no problem for that.

  175. Why is this lady still walking around freely and not in Jail.She is proclaiming its okay to behead people if some one makes fun of her primitive beliefs.I dont see any hindus/christians walking around and killing because some one made fun of their beliefs.

  176. Yes Zainab, why Muslims?
    You should ask yourself and dwell deep into your religious texts.
    Muslims always defend those verses saying that it has a context on which it was uttered rather revealed. So why Muslims do such henious things even when those contexts are not there now. As most commentators pointed out why Muslims only behave in such a way and not Jews, Hindus or Christians if their texts are also have mentions of violence and revenge?. If you manage to get the answers for those questions then you got your answers for all the points you posed in your article. You tried very hard to equate Islamic terrorism with IRA, LTTE and KKK. Do you want the readers to believe that you do not know while the first two were purely political campaigns and the last one was a cult. With which one you want to equate Islam. Off course not political then it should be a cult. Knowing the French fairly well I think, France showing the cartoons all over the building is not to provoke Muslims but to give a strong message to the world that they will not be coerced into submitting their Freedom of Expression every French hold so “sacred” to their hearts in the same ways Muslims hold their prophet and his text. Now I am not very good at Hindu texts, but I can tell about my Holy Bible. In Christianity we have a New Testament where our duties and responsibilities are laid out and Jesus neither preach violence or revenge nor His apostles testify anything of that sort. ” if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. … To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either…. Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two” If you call this violence and revenge I do not have anything to tell. This is the context which Christians refer when Charlie Hebdo comes out with a cartoon ridiculing Christian icons and principles 100000xvulgar ways than they do with Islamic icons. Though the 10 commandments are in the Old Testament, it mostly narrates the history of God moulding and preparing the Israelites to receive the Messiah upon his arrival. Another point I want to bring to your attention is about Wali Rahman’s latest video he made in view of the French incident. I used to adore that guy for being very courageous, knowledgeable and his commitment. But in that video he started by saying “…the french teacher has insulted the prophet in front of his students….” Really? I lost all my respect towards that guy and stopped watching it, because I knew then how it will go. Why waste my time? This is how Muslims twists facts starting from a small boy like Wali Rahman to the most learned Islamic scholar.
    I will conclude with narrating a real incident happened in my state about 10 years back that some Muslims chopped the hands (the punishment explained in Quran is to cut off the right hand and left leg or left hand or right leg as I understood) of a professor accusing him of blasphemy. Happened in the 21st century in the most literate state!!! The real problem was that the Islamic press and their leaders inflamed the situation into such an extend that some muslims “had” to take action. And we know how the politician behave when a gold platter is shown to them. The sad part is that the professor in fact have not done anything blasphemous. He was just copying a text from a book (interestingly written by a Muslim story writer and approved by the Kerala University as part of curriculum ) and giving it to his students for placing correct punctuations in the right place!!! If your prophet instruct his followers to chop a professor’s hand for giving a test to his students then you really need an introspection. Its reported once Yusul Al Qaradawi said in Egyptian TV that if death penalty is not given to apostates Islam would have vanished with the death of the prophet. I am sure you can verify this statement this statement of this scholar.

  177. Problem is with religion itself. Article missed how Bhagwad Geeta and Manusmriti propagates casteism and those who try to break it are killed.
    Those who are telling that Hindoos don’t behead someone for offending them. Muslim were lynched in India for mere suspicion of consuming beef by Hindus. Many Sikhs were killed for assisnation of Prime minister. Dalits who adopted Buddhism were massacred in Khairlanji massacre in Maharashtra. Many Muslim were killed in Godhra riots. How Buddhist religious places were destroyed which was built by Smart Ashok

  178. Typical apologist for inhuman behaviour. There are muslims, who do think of humanity first, first majority of the muslims always discriminate between muslims and everyone one else as non-muslims. For these people, Human race is dividied into two- muslims and non-muslims. The things Zakir Naik used to say about other religions when he was in India, if same was said about Islam, we would have seen scenes like Bangalore all over India. She was quiet about what happened in Bangalore.
    Our liberals fail to understand that individuals have special needs, but these liberals believe that the whole community has special needs. Wherever musims go and live the natives have to adjust to them, not the other way around. The so called liberal scandanavian countries are feeling the heat right now. They kept on preaching liberal values and when the problem reached their borders, they shut it down after the initial euphoria about immigrants.
    The problem is not islamophobes, the problem is with followers of the faith, who find excuses to look the other way when barbaric things happen. She is being dishonest in claiming islamphobes using the verses to deride the religion. She should go and see the muslim clergy who interpret it the exact way she describes a islamaphobe. I dont see any outrage from her ilk towards this.
    The first thing these liberals do is try show how other religions are bad as well, time and again these people use excuses of IRA and LTTE, to say they were not called christian terrorists or Hindu terrorists even when they bombed and killed. Can she say which god was invoked and which christian clergies and Hindu clergies condoled the killings as just and for saving the religion. You have heads of Muslim states justifying the be-headings and she says it is Islamophobia. There is no Islamophobia, the word is coined by the apologists like Zainab, who use the word to deflect the criticism coming to their ideals. It is more of demonophobia, fear of people coming and refusing to behave like humans, wanting a medieval culture within societies about which they have no understanding and refuse to understand. No one fears Islam, so dont go lying about Islamophobia, the people of fearful of demons who think they believe an absolute truth of one religion and kill others invoking their god.
    As long as there are dishonest and lying closet bigots and apologists, who masquerade as liberals, we all are in danger and demonophobia is real.

  179. Did Prophet Muhammad ask the 18-year-old Chechen-origin Abdoullakh Anzorov to behead 47-year-old Samuel Paty, a teacher? No. Did he form Al-Qaeda? No. Was he flying the 9/11 planes? No. Did he hijack IC 814? No. Then why insult the Prophet?

    Hey Zainab. They said Allah asked them to. They are all believers in the words of the Prophet. They say Prophet tells them of Jihad. Maybe it was a caricature of those ideas instead of Prophet.
    Similar caricatures exist of every religion from Charlie Hebdo. They are not scared for their lives from clerics of any other religion.l This is why it is about Freedom of Speech. A person writing about the most difficult ideas in a website whose editor has done some of the most important stories of our country, should understand freedom of speech better than this.
    If you listen to Macron’s yesterday speech, he talked about values of gender equality, humanism, freedom of speech, and enlightenment. If it is offensive to certain muslims, they are extremists in the liberal world we live. And he was right to point that. I understand why you think France is bullying Muslims, but France cannot say “Hey bully us” anymore when they have gone through such terror in 13/11 attacks, charlie hebdo killings, and now the beheading of Samuel Paty, and Nice attack.
    Do not compare Al Qaeda to KKK please. It is an attack on our intellect. We all know KKK doesn’t fly planes into Buildings. There are certain differences that you are sweeping under the rug. Please don’t act like we won’t notice.

    I admire your strength to write this in this anti-Islam climate. However, I think this is a moment of total condemnation of actions by Extremist and adopt Enlightenment values by Muslims all over the world. I respectfully disagree with your stance, but I will stand with you on your right to say it. That is the Freedom of Speech we all seek.

  180. Author and members of her mawali/maskin community are under siege of victimhood.

    But she and her ilk are condoning violence and signing paean to these killers. As the world opens its eyes and sees the violent and barbaric face of a tribal fundamentalism this siege will get prolonged further.

    Disingenuously she contradicts the content of Quran and finds solace in comparing apples to oranges.

    Quran is clear on kafirs, non believers, muahrak worshippers and how their beheading is wajib o katl.

    Believe me people of India are waking up and when everyone ones are opened you and your ilk will have to book one way ticket to where your ancestors came from.

    As the saying goes ‘ no country for old man’ just use imagination. It’s going to be reality in near future. After congress mukt bharat that is the next logical step.

  181. Totally agree on this. Gita is warmongers philosophy and even justifies annihilation. Most religious books incites violence somewhere. Buddhism is probably an exception.

    • Hi Sristi! Sorry to burst your bubble, but The Gita does not. The Gita is just ‘one’ book among many in Hinduism. I think you’ve failed to understand that this has been mistranslated. Dharma means ‘duty’ and not ‘religion’, Therefore, it is a sin to not perform one’s duty when one is required to. If you are working as a soldier, is it ot your duty to fight in battle? Likewise, Arjuna, being a warrior-leader of the Pandavas, was to fight the war for justice, not for religion. Think logically. The Kauravas were followers of Sanatana Dharma too. The idea of ‘religion’ itself wasn’t even prevalent 5000 years ago. Before criticizing something, please take out the time to truly understand what the text actually refers too. And FYI, Gita does not justify Annihilation. Just something you should probably look up too.

  182. Dharma means duty of your current profile .Like same person has different dharma or duty in role be it fathers, teachers or soldiers duty or dharma
    Dharma is not religion or faith

  183. Macron knows what is best for his country. He and French public must do whatever it takes to secure their country. Wait and see the fruits of disastrous (so called humanitarian) gesture of AngelaMarckel of opening the floodgates of refugees into Europe.

  184. dharm means “duty ” in Geeta
    Religion translates to “Mazhab”
    Dharm translates to “Duty”
    Dear Print , Please remove this article

  185. One, Gita is not the counterpart of Holy bible. In fact, there is no One Holy Book in Hinduism as in most of other religions.

  186. because they take the scriptures too seriously than any other religion. they need to be bit more liberal and witty when it comes to religion.

  187. I have been following zainab ma’am’s articles and her earlier youtube videos. I don’t agree with her politics or many of her views but i support her right to express them. Also i never thought she’d join the league of the likes of islamists. It’s sad. I will now come to the article in question point by point. I hope zainab maam and other reader will read them.

    Comparing cartoons with porn and substance abuse is wrong for the simple reason being that the latter two actually are harmful to physical health. Publishing cartoons aren’t. And as per “attacking for no reason”…freedom of expression is freedom from having a reason and freedom from consequences. The author also asks how prophet is responsible…he is not. But when followers of a religion make it a point to kill people on his cartoons, a society like france is well within its rights not to bow down to terrorism.

    The charge of Islamophobia doesn’t hold. No one is disenfranchising or showing supremacy over muslims in France. Which other muslim majority nations do to their minorities. And cartoons don’t constitute Islamophobia because they are not racist. The publication ridicules every religion.

    The same old thing about “interpretations”. If there is so much headroom for interpretation between living peacefully on one end and bombing/killing people on the other hand, then may be the community and its religious leaders should plug the room for interpretation? Just a thought.

    Also, you don’t get to go to a place and demand concessions. FoE without limits is a fundamental core for France’s society. It is their value. Just the way unbridled devotion for Prophet is yours. It’s not the french that are going to muslim majority nations and demanding FoE. It’s muslims going to a land of liberty and asking their society to impose limits on themselves. Illogical and unfair expectation.

    There’s also a para trying to establish equivalence with Gita and other books. It’s just plain ignorant. Gita talks about duty and not religion. And its followers don’t consider it as the be all end all of life or that it is infallible. Every text, every God can be wrong is what the followers of Gita consider. So false and ignorant equivalence.

    Now i will come to my concluding point. Those who sided against the cartoons have fundamentally done too much harm to the cause of coexistence. Clearly the values don’t and won’t match as people are ready to kill over it and also get huge support even from moderates and apologists.

    Might i also suggest, a call for reformation, looking within for progress and change aren’t Islamophobic. As sad as it might sound to the author, islamists and even mainstream islamic leaders have done a lot of harm by not unequivocally condemning the killers but sound like apologists to terrors. Close to 6-7 bn people in the world don’t agree with that view. That’s how things are. When you act the way you are doing now, you will invariably push the otherwise open minded people to act “guarded” when they are with muslims. This will translate to more restrictions for muslims and less openness for other societies to accept them.

    I hope the author shall ponder on this and not label me for my FoE to be a bigot or a racist or whatever.

  188. Ms. Zainab Sikander is inching closer to be the next Zakir Naik.
    She and others of her ilk are responsible for the crisis in Islam across the world. The educated and supposedly liberal Muslims never stand up to the Islamists. Rather they tacitly encourage through their silence or otherwise the rogue elements in their society to carry out violence targeting non-believers. They are found nowhere when Christians/Hindus/Sikhs are oppressed, violated and mutilated in Islamic majority societies such as Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. However, they are quick to jump to the defence of their co-religionists when any nation cracks down on Islamic terror.
    And they have very able and vocal allies in the Left. The Left is primarily responsible for providing the intellectual defence of Islamism and Islamic terrorism.
    Nonetheless, this article has confirmed what I have long suspected – Ms. Sikander is a closet Islamist. Someone who tacitly encourages and even welcomes violence against non-believers. Her commitment to free speech and freedom of expression has exposed as hollow amd fake.
    Just an example-
    If the Hindus had beheaded MF Hussain for painting nudes of their beloved Goddess, what would be her reaction to it?
    Did she ever unequivocally condemn Mr. Hussain for having hurt the religious sentiments of over 1 billion Hindus?
    Am pretty sure that she is a “bhakt” of Zakir Naik who masquerades as a liberal Muslim.

  189. Despite having no expertise and authority on the basic religious texts of different religions, one can safely presume that that the basic texts would be quite similar. The problem lies with the interpreters quoting the texts out of contexts and calling it the truth.
    In countries with little education and repressive regimes the out of context interpretation easy to sell and in most of the Islamic countries the rulers have ensured that the education levels are kept low so the rulers can manipulate the population through the interpreters on the payrolls.
    Even in Turkey where the education levels are not low, the narrative is pushed through because the silent majority is helpless, undoing the reforms of ATA TURK who to a great extent tried to break the strangle hold of the interpreters.

  190. Madam, again you have proved your lack of knowledge and understanding of other religions & their scriptures. You are typical of the narrow minded Islamism that is being criticised all over the world.
    First, your translation of the Bhagavat Gita is itself wrong. Nowhere does the Bhagavat Gita mention religion or ritual. You translated DHARMA as religion. DHARMA means duty here, not religion. Secondly, in Hinduism, we follow the same code of military etiquette which was later copied by Prophet Mohammed in Quran. Early Arab invasions led by KHALID, sword of Allah, followed it without fail. Only military personnel were fought against. No civilians were attacked nor were any unrelated innocents. People who were blasphemous were still tolerated, for example you can read the story of Shishupala.
    Secondly, you do not seem to be aware of the opinions of your own community. For every verse of the Quran taught by the Prophet, there are many more verses that he himself as well as his succeeding caliphs have introduced which contradict one another. That is common in all religious scriptures. That is because the context of that advise is not presented to the reader by the teacher. In other religions, it only leads to misunderstanding of the teachings whereas in Islam, it is leading to fanaticism. You only need to listen to Zakir Naik’s speeches or go through social media to understand who Muslim youth iconise from history. I was really surprised that they have no idea how the conduct of war between Khalik & Khilji & Timur was different & many of them idolise Khilji, Aurangzeb & Timur. Otherwise, how can you explain the almost blasphemous naming of Saif & Kareena’s son as Timur? Many in India were angry. Some gave vent to their anger through some comments. But, how many have threatened the Muslim family and were there any beheadings at all by Hindus? So, do not compare what is taught in your madrassas to what is taught by the Prophet or by Hindu scriptures. Most modern muslims are so hypocritical that they insult the prophet & Quran on a daily basis. By the way, hypocrisy is also frowned upon by the Prophet like your article here.
    Again, no donations to the print because this is not an objective opinion piece nor a journalistic article. I seem to know more religious history of Muslims than the author herself, that too, with context unlike here.

  191. I’m not familiar with any of the scriptures, namely Gita, Quran, Bible, Torah etc. mentioned by the author. Neither I’m qualified enough to interpret religious texts or sermons. But the author is plain wrong in equating ‘Dharma’ with ‘Religion’. ‘Dharma’ in Indian context is different from ‘Religion’ as is understood in the Abrahamic religious fraternity consisting Jews, Christians and Muslims. ‘Dharma’ is the call of duty of an individual with conscience at a given time and situation. Organised Religion, as it appears to me is more like a workshop manual with a list of dos and don’ts. But that again, may be a result of my unfamiliarity with it.

  192. Getting offended by perceived insults to something or someone you are deeply & emotionaly connected is natural, human and rightful
    The reaction to such offences though is so much different from person to person, group to group and followers of one religion to another including atheists.
    In a civilized, educated society there is really no room for physical violence. That is what we teach our children’s well.
    If a rare person indulges in crimes such as murder despite such exhortions, almost all persons disapprove of such behaviour, condemn it and there are provisions in the criminal procedure code to punish such behaviour.
    When you consider group behaviour, more specifically the adherents of certain main stream religions, the contrast becomes crystal clear.
    The people who standout not only in perpetrating violent crimes , simply on therir hurt feelings, but then the entire group sympathizes and supports them on their acts and in their defence justifications are pronounced as loudly as possible.
    The irony is that the same set of people go begging for life as refuges or begging for visas for education or economic benefits into western developed democracies that are largly secular, committed to gender equality and take free speech as their birthright, they quickly learn about human rights- their own rights- but never learn about their duties as members of that society.
    There is plenty in such societies to offend them, diets and drinks, public display of affection, their dress particularly the females and above all their irreverential free speech.
    They are extremely intolerant but demand telerance from the host. They are unwilling to change and reform but demand others to change to accomodate them. They have the audacity to lecture others about the greatness of their thought. & when others express their thoughts then they react with violence.
    They as a group remain a pathetic lot but instead of being true to their faith and accept this condtion ( InshAllah) introspect and reform they find faults in others !

  193. This special community is really good at waving the victim card.
    The thr0at cutter is now being labelled as the victim.

    • Yes,indeed we are very good at using the victim card because the man we believe as messenger (saw) of GOD(SWT) prophecised the present situation 👇🏾 .You may ask why it took long for this to be fulfilled ? My argument is that there are verses in The Holy Torah prophecising arrival of Jesus (as),and the prophecies perfectly fit the events inofe of Jesus (as).But fact is that it took many 100s of years before it got fulfilled.Likewise this prophecy too 👇🏾( this is an authentic tradition i.e Islamic scholars have verified it to be true saying of Muhammad (saw) …
      Messenger of Allah said: “The nations are about to call each other and set upon you, just as diners set upon food.” It was said: “Will it be because of our small number that day?” He said:

      “Rather, on that day you will be many, but you will be like foam, like the foam on the river. And Allah will remove the fear of you from the hearts of your enemies and will throw wahn (weakness) into your hearts.” Someone said: “O Messenger of Allah! What is wahn?” He said: “Love of the world and the hatred for death.”
      Sahih: Related by Abu Dawud (no. 4297)

      So Muhammad (saw) has stated all nations will call upon to eliminate muslims and as per my faith,that time is close.If he(saw) was guessing aka bluffing,it would have sense to say that muslims will be able to defend against the attacks as they are huge in number,but he(saw) said otherwise.One can ask how did he(saw) know about this ????

  194. Difference is you won’t be beheaded for this article. Whereas writing such article against Islam by Khafir will get him exposed to attack by Extremism.
    So correct yourself. Start accepting fault.

    • Only by those kafirs who lack proper education academically and Islamically;while ppl like Zainab who understands these verses won’t do such evil things….And btw, kafir means a disbeliever.A disbeliever is one who has rejected Islam after getting an opportunity to know its message,as per Islam;only GOD can decide who got the opportunity and who didn’t.So you can’t make a blanket statement that all non-Muslims are kafirs.That would be like ALLAH SWT is unjust as there are tribal ppl who may have never heard about Islam,can you see the logical fallacy of saying Islam says all non-Muslims are kafirs ?

  195. Angry rant to defend the indefensible. Not a single word on Mahatir Mohd. Not a single word of condemnation for Samuel Patty or church victims. It was all freedom of.speech and expression when Hussain drew nude paintings of Hindi goddesses but offensive when it came to cartoons.

    Charlie Hebdo drew equally “offensive” cartoons of Christian and Hindu icons. How many of them beheaded people and killed Charlie Hebdo journalists?

  196. Because MF Hussian was not beheaded. There is no Jihadi terrorism. Because There is no Hindu state.
    So why compare Islam with Hinduism ?
    Instead of trying fault with others. Reform your religion. Ban Jihad.

  197. Because MF Hussian was not beheaded. There is no Jihadi terrorism. Because There is no Hindu state.
    So why compare Islam with Hinduism ?
    Instead of trying fault with others. Reform your religion. Ban Jihad.

    • I’m a Hindu. I’ve read the Gita, the Quran and the Bible.

      The Gita is short, about basic tenets of Hinduism like Dharma, Karma, Bhakti and Yoga and does not incite hatred against any groups. It is not a revealed book but has a writer.

      Quran incites a lot of hatred and violence directly against polytheists and idol worshipers – read Hindu. It is scientifically incorrect and is said to be revealed text – word of god.

      Same for Bible – which also makes wild claims about science like world created in 6 days in 4004BC etc. There is a lot of hatred against Heathen – aka you Hindu people. There is also hatred against children of Ham – aka anyone who is not white and pure.

      By making comparison the writer pushes a false narrative to a gullible audience. Go ahead read the books and see if you can come to the same conclusion as this dirt bag.

      • Mr Gautam : So why do upper caste Hindus ill-treat Hindus who are Dalits? And why do Hindus lynch Muslims ?

        All religions have flaws, both in the theology as well as in the practice of the religion. And given the violence that one sees all over the world, no major religion can claim to have the moral high ground.

    Mahabharata happened in Treta Yuga ~5500 Years ago, at those time no other region will existed in Hindustan.So Krishna can’t tell fight for your religion. Krishna Advised Arjuna fight for dharma and fight for your own family against your relatives and your guru.

    Don’t propagate wrong message .

    • 100% correct …dharma is not religion as it is individual based. Krishna said dharma and Hinduism did not have word for religion. Nowadays sometimes they maybe used interchangeably but it is still individual based and not absolute.

      • It is 100% applicable in today’s society that encourages individual responsibility and questioning attitude to promote individual judgement. Even 2000 years back Krishna was pleading not condemning Arjun to hell fire even after showing him Vishwaroopa. So individual is supreme and responsible for his own action not God or any God damned person. Nor was Krishna above others (and questioned and challenged even after his death) when Gandhari pointed out his failure to stop bloodshed and her personal loss ….. he readily accepted her curse on himself and his Yadava clan………he did not say that I am God head and you go to hell.

  199. Evidently, this Muslim writer has not read Koran. Let her explain what does Surah 2.190-191 0r 5.33 mean. There are clearly identified 164 Jihadi verses in Koran. With such inhuman baggage, Islam still poses as the religion of peace. How easy it is for these people to whitewash their scripture!

    • Firstly she has already clarified regarding chapter 2 verse 190 of The Holy Quran in this article itself.As for verse 5:33;these are applicable only in a country governed by sharia and is not a universal call on muslims to do the same,I repeat only a sharia government such as in Saudi Arabia can give such a punishment.Some ppl may say that this is harsh etc etc,We muslims believe GOD will prescribe punishments which HE deems appropriate,and we also believe we muslims can’t reject or question GOD’S commandments……Also 5:34 asks a muslim ruler to forgive the concerned transgressor of he repents before he is caught….

      Finally there are people like Anant Ranganathan who quotes verses of Holy Quran which says those who annoy ALLAH (SWT) and HIS (SWT) messenger will have a painful punishment.My belief is that The Holy Quran doesn’t make this claim to irritate Ananth Ranganathan or any person including a muslim;rather this threat is an article of faith for us muslims and we merely believe that ALLAH SWT will punish as claimed in the concerned verse.My point is that the aim of this verse was not to condemn any person muslim or non-muslim,Just that we believe ALLAH’s wrath is on one who does as stated in that verse.So I don’t understand why Ananth Ranganathan is getting personal with this verse, ALLAH SWT who we believe is The GOD doesn’t have any personal grudges or hate towards Ananth,rather Islam gives a chance to all humans (by its teachings)

  200. “अथ चैत्त्वमिमं धर्म्यं संग्रामं न करिष्यसि। ततः स्वधर्मं कीर्तिं च हित्वा पापमवाप्स्यसि”- “On the other hand, if you will not fight this righteous battle, then, forsaking your own duty and fame, you will incur sin.” is the translation….its not religion, it is dharma. Afterall there is nothing called “religion” for hindus.
    Apart from that, the article is really thought-provoking and well drafted.

  201. When Krishna says Dharma… He means duty, not religion. Author understands that but…

    The problem in Islam is not about the extremists in the religion being violent but the liberals of the religion being too week and irrelevant. As a hindu I can say that there are some parts of Gita /Ramayan that I don’t agree with, and are no more relevant. Unfortunately, even liberal Muslims can’t say that about Quran. All they end up fighting about is the ‘interpretation’. That obviously is playing to the extremists hand. Still hope to see a group of liberal Muslims stand up and say – this is what we believe in, irrespective of what is written in that book.

    • Dude, you make the best point here. Islamic liberals are so damn weak, and the Left outright defends the extremists…dangerous abyss stares the Islam across the world…

    • Exactly, if you look at Vedas and Puranas, many of them have content that justifies caste and gender discrimination in one form or another. Still, we have discarded them (or at least working towards it). Today, when someone argues against caste they don’t use Gita and Manusmriti or talk about misinterpretation of this and that; for it really doesn’t matter, caste needs to be demolished no matter what anyone say, women should be treated as equal to men no matter what any religious book says. But, in Islam all the debates starts and ends with Quran and it’s interpretation. And, sorry to say but no matter how ‘progressive’ Muhammad might have been it was still 6th Century, and if you expect book from that era to justify 21st century emancipation and democratisation than you’re gonna fail, as Muslims have failed in most places. If you look at sensibly, radical Islamist are more close in their interpretation of Islam than most liberals (which is not surprising, it’s more or less same for most religion); and unless Muslim liberals develop guts to look beyond Quran and argue for using it’s teaching selectively, they and their community will continue to be marginalised.

  202. Dharma in Sanskrit is not religion but a righteous way of life. Geeta do not distinguish between believers and so called non believers.

    • looks like in the name of FOE , Print’s is willing to publish any rubbish so long as it create controversy . let us see if they publish article challenging Islamic beliefs and interpretations.

  203. Print- Shekar ji, why do you hire such writers who spread their religious propaganda, let them go and do their propaganda somewhere else. If it’s same like every other book then why go around killing people in the name of God. Apparently some Gods are so weak that humans have to fight for God. You can judge the book by the results of it’s outcome. This article was a very cunning attempt to justify the murder of innocent peoples. They came in as refugees and now slaughter the very people who welcomed them into their homes.

  204. Christian mostly believe the old testament is been replaced, by new one which is less barbaric

    I agree most Muslims are not Idiots, muslims are more orthodox than most religion in 21st century.
    This tendency to become orthodox just by a slight push is the greatest problem in quran.

    Also the concept of Fredom of expression, liberty, individual rights are mostly not practiced by most Muslims countries!
    Untill they practice these they are no one criticise another country!

  205. Is bullying freedom of expression too? Is pornographic content freedom of expression too? Is substance abuse freedom of expression too?

    The answer to all of these is Yes!

  206. First of all in this of verse bhagvad Gita 2.33 there is no mention of religion if you are referring to dharmyam it means virtuous or sacred stop equating every religion to Islam.

    This is what the verse meant
    atha chet—if, however; tvam—you; imam—this; dharmyam saṅgrāmam—righteous war; na—not; kariṣhyasi—act; tataḥ—then; sva-dharmam—one’s duty in accordance with the Vedas; kīrtim—reputation; cha—and; hitvā—abandoning; pāpam—sin; avāpsyasi—will incur
    And hindus never quoted anything from religion and started killing people.
    Maybe you should ask the question why Muslims feel so offended that they resort to killing just because somebody showed a cartoon about their prophet

  207. Why pick on muslims? Why don’t you ask the same question to yourself. And if you still can’t find the answer, perhaps it’s exactly the same reason they pick on mualims. U r so naive.

  208. Why pick on Muslims in the second part of the title- the answer should have been somewhat clear to the author. Seemingly because verses are used for indoctrination by Maulvis to justify certain violent acts to secure a place in Jannat. As soon as some other religion uses sacred texts to justify violence, their sacred texts would also be picked on, dont worry. Hope the authors efforts to educate Maulvis emphasise context when they talk about Kaafirs, and that Quran should not be interpreted literally but contextually bears fruit.

  209. HINDUS must be aware that what happens when they are in minority.

    pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir are examples how HINDUS are raped n murdered and FORCEFUL conversion along with ethnic cleansing is carried out.

    HINDUS are interested in education and science and prosperity But will not accept jihadist groups RIOTING in INDIA to establish terror.

    AND we want to enjoy present life and not life after death.

  210. Come on! has any one from another religion beheaded another person, because of some insult, real or perceived?
    I agree Islamophobia is a problem in many parts of the world, but justifying such bizarre and savage acts only reinforces stereotypes.
    Sometimes it helps to hold the mirror to oneself.
    While we call out lynching done by other communities, definitely you can’t give a free pass for these acts.
    How much of religious freedom is there for non Muslims in Saudi Arabia or even UAE? have you protested against the
    persecution there? or the brutal forms of justice practiced in some Muslim counties.

  211. madam ji dharma is not religion. it is duty. ab aap bekar mai assert karna chahte ho toh okay kyunki aajkal kon hi gita padta hai. bible bhi ab nhi bikti. only religion that follows 1600 year old traditions should now intospect and follow a mordern outline.

    • 🤡 many follow and bible is followed by christians most of them ….like Qur’an difference at all..

      • How many Muslim were lynched in India for consuming beef by Hindus. How many Sikhs were killed for assisnation of Prime minister

        • topic was the cartoons and muslim reaction of beheading and killing. slaughter of cows and consumption of beef (cow flesh) is a crime in most Indian states and made so by your secular congress. and most of those killings were on account of cow theft and smuggling which is rampant in Mewat.

          Since you are into muslims killed by Hindus, hope you know that 60 hindus were killed by muslims in godhra.

          As for the sikhs in 1984 it was a pogrom spearheaded by your secular congress and the mob comprised of your Nizamuddiniyas and yamuna pushtas

    • Left ecosystem is filled with pot heads like this author…I knew someday they would justify this act ( beheading) too…but I didn’t know they would equate DHARMA=Religion… OMG plz …Right wing makes a lot more sense than these Left wing fools… common!!!

    • All lies. No other religious text talk about captivating female and treating them as sex slave. No one talks about kaffir and they should be hated. Today Islam is on the problem on this planet. In no other country christain , hindus or Jews roam.and stab the people or ram the truck

  212. The problem is equating Dharma to religion. Dharma is not religion its the duty towards the humankind. That is what Krishna explained to Arjuna to keep his duty above his personal relations. And second thing is the people Arjuna was fighting were not from different religion and were not killed for being Kafir. Krishna never told Arjun to kill Kauravas because they have disrespected Krishna.

    • Main problem is liberals in Muslim community are too weak.
      In India secular polity always pamper fundamentalist elements among Muslim.

  213. Yes but Hindus Christians don’t follow these verse radically…Muslims do it….innocents young mind are brainwashed by this verse…introspect within your community

  214. Such a pathetic article.Trying to whitewash everything 😂😂Dharma means duty not religion get it right first.

      • Why defame others to defend you own?
        @Shekhargupta you must be clearly knowing the meaning and difference between “Dharma” and religion….why are hiring such people who are just spreading their religious propaganda?
        It questions the credibility of @ThePrint as a respectable journal….
        The writer is just maligning Geeta to defend her religion and your giving a stage to that….
        It is wrong to malign anyone not just your prophet…
        But is your prophet so insecure such that some low level comments from some cave-minded people pulls his dignity to low level?…
        You should decide that.
        By publishing these writers you are defending the beheadings of innocent people…Does just an act of cartoon gives you a license to kill people….
        I am sure there are lot of people make fun of jesus and krishna and surely about Ram in handling of Sita post war..but do people kill anybody for that?
        This shows who are Radicals ….

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