Friday, June 2, 2023
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Dear Muslims, Tablighi Jamaat committed a crime against humanity. Don’t defend them

I am not encouraging Islamophobia, it is a prejudice that needs fierce opposition but if this isn’t plain stupidity in the name of Allah, then what is?

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Religion has often caused harm to the world and humanity as a whole, whether in the form of environmental damage by filing the Yamuna and Ganga with ‘religious waste’ or turning the densely populated and congested Nizamuddin Basti into a Covid-19 hot spot for the sake of an Islamic gathering.

Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamic reformist group, had a large gathering of more than 3,000 people on 13 March in Nizamuddin with foreign nationals from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan, and Malaysia, a hot spot for the deadly virus. Infact, the Jamaat has also been held responsible for having spread the virus to half a dozen nations in its February gathering in Malaysia.

Now, people across India who had participated in the Islamic congregation are testing positive for Covid-19 — from as far as Andaman and Nicobar Islands — and 10 have already died, including the Jamaat’s Kashmir head. All of this happened because of an annual Islamic gathering.

I am not encouraging Islamophobia, it will always be a prejudice that needs vehement opposition. But if this isn’t plain stupidity in the name of Allah, then what is?

Whether India had implemented strict travel restrictions by 13 March or not isn’t the question here, the point is why gather in such huge numbers, with ‘red’ travel history for the sake of preaching religion? People from the gathering continued living in the area even after 13 March. Their orthodox movement has exposed all of us to a greater risk of contamination, from Assam to Telangana to the Andamans. And we can’t justify it by saying that other religions had also kept their doors open for a long time. All doors should have been shut.

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Ignorance in Islam’s name

Unfortunately, even amid this global crisis, some people are trying to veil the Jamaat’s irresponsibility by bringing up a 13 March PTI report about government officials having still not declared coronavirus a public health emergency and hence the Sunni Muslim group didn’t violate any norms.

Here is a fact-check; Delhi government on 13 March prohibited any gathering of more than 200 people under the Epidemic Diseases Act. Moreover, they also directed people coming from any Covid-19 affected country to self-isolate. Members of the Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin violated both these directions.

Some have also argued that the Janata curfew was imposed a week later on 22 March and not during the Jamaat’s celebrations, which is also completely ridiculous. The question here is of moral and social responsibility along with the Delhi government’s order, which prohibited religious gatherings of over 50 people from 16 March. Covid-19 had already created chaos in the world by 13 March and the Jamaat made its contribution to it, not once, but twice.

Some others are now comparing this gathering with the exodus of migrant workers in the national capital. What these people fail to understand is that those workers had to walk home together because there was no other option. No one chooses to walk hundreds of kilometres with their children and no food if they have another option. But what Tablighi Jamaat did was sheer negligence and idiocy.

This outdated and orthodox movement has committed a crime that has put several others at the risk of coronavirus infection. No one knows the whereabouts of those 3000 people and who they have contacted in the last 16 days. Sadly, all of this was done in the name of Islam.

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Liberals are missing

Surprisingly, India’s ‘liberals’ including actors, journalists and authors are quiet on this. They have only tried to whitewash the Jamaat’s doing by pointing out the loopholes of the government and the administration. This entire fiasco, caused solely for the purpose of preaching Islam, does not seem to be a matter of concern for them. Ironically, if such irresponsibility was shown by some other religious group in the country, the same liberals would have ridiculed it, like they did for Yogi Adityanath’s Ayodhya celebrations.

We need to understand that speaking against a wrong committed by an orthodox religious group from a particular religious community doesn’t mean you’re stereotyping them. Of course, Muslims in India have always been discriminated and faced Islamophobia. However, this does not mean that you should not speak up against crimes committed by a group of orthodox people.

Not speaking up against this gross violation of human safety exposes your hollowness and your lack of balance. More so, it throws light on why there will never truly be an Indian liberal.

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Speak against Jamaat, not ISIS

When ISIS attacked a Gurdwara in Kabul last week, there were some who said they were ashamed of the crimes of this terrorist organisation in the name of Islam. There were others who not only tried defending Islam in the wake of the Islamic state’s activities but also tried their best to establish the difference between ISIS and Islam.

The fact is ISIS is a global terrorist outfit that kills people, and rapes women. It has much less to do with Islam than it has to do with power. But Tablighi Jamaat should force us to think of our religious practices in every day life.

This congregation is probably the worst thing that these 3,000 Muslims could have ever inflicted on humanity in the name of preaching Islam. Ultimately, the brokers of Islam have added to this coronavirus mess.

Views are personal.

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  1. @MainaBismee: still waiting for an update on the above outlandish report… for eg :

    ‘Scapegoat’: Court’s biting remarks on FIRs against Tablighi Jamaat members :
    Lucknow CJM court quashes cases against 11 Indian, 8 Indonesia Jamaatis :
    COVID-19 double standards: Muslims without mosque, Hindu with Kumbh Mela bathing :
    Tablighi vs Kumbh: The Politics of Selective COVID-19 Policing :
    The Indian government’s silence over Kumbh Mela crowds during Covid-19 exposes its bias

    Eagerly waiting for you latest article, headlined, in the interest of fairness :

    “Dear Hindus, Kubh mela 31 Lakh devotees committed a crime against humanity. Don’t defend them”

    Won’t hold my breath, with O2 be in short supply.

  2. Dear Bismee,

    Would love your take on Kubu mela,
    The amount of religious people gathered there were 2000.
    Today at Kubh mela 31 Lakh people are gathered.

    Looking forward to your unbaised view on this.

  3. Since the Supreme court asked news agency to apologise for presenting people of Jamat as Monsters and the prime reason for Covid spread.
    I think the author and the new agency responsible for this article should also tend apologies, irrespective of what you say, this article is Islamophobic.

  4. Its better to investigate into the things before judging, gathering was conducted before corona virus was declared as serious issue. And after knowing Governments new rules,Tabligi people approached the local police explaining the situation and asked for help to vacating the place.none listened to them,as they need a space goat,at the end truth came out.Tabligi’s were made spacegoats.

  5. You are spreading Islamophobia, the fact that you are judging these people because of their religion is alone immoral, and even it you insist that it isn’t Islamophobia, it is still hate and bashing against Tablighi Jamaat as a religious minority.
    I am an Arab from Algeria, a country far far away from India, and some Hindus (not all of them are hateful) do insult me everyday in the internet and they know i have even no idea of what is going on in India.
    Therefore, i stand with Indian Muslims, shame on you India, you were a country that was loved and respected in the Arab world. now, no more, nobody respects a bully, no body respects those who use hate for political agendas.
    As for Muslims in India, we pray for you brothers, and ask Allah to give you strength and patience Ameen.

  6. Alhamdulillah they only violated the Laws of this world, no one is free of mistakes. Allah knows best

    • It is clear now that they have been wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit and it is reassuring that justice remains impartial in India
      the Bombay High Court ruled there was “virtually persecution” of the “scapegoat” foreign devotees.

  7. Imagine if 1.8 billion people start killing, you’d be dead by now, almost every friend I have is a Hindu, they’re still alive and well, this proves your argument is bullshit .

  8. “Tirupati temple “tirumala temple naam to suna hi hoga aaagye suwaad” bhoomi pujan k bad head priest ko hogya use kisne bola tha tableegh me janeko

  9. How stupid is the author of this article is… ? Just 5 km away from the markaz building both the parliaments were running in full swing until the evening of 23 march 2020. Is it that C virus doesn’t bear entry pass to enter parliament building makes the entire premises safe?
    Secondly, suppose even if thousands of infected people are isolated within a closed premises then how could they become the cause of spread? Is it not safe to remain at one place instead of scattering around and spreading the infection?
    Were the officials in adjacent police station sleeping despite several representations from T. Jamaat for getting permit to come out for proper treatment and shifting to their home places in govt’s supervision?
    With egard to the foreign delegates it was totally govt’s responsibility who issued visas, allowed to enter without proper check and quarantine. Where would they go after lockdown?
    Just a single incident of Ahmedabad crowd gathering on 24 Feb 2020 of 1 lakh plus people to inaugurate Motera stadium at the hands of an American, the most infected nation in the world who had already called state of emergency due to pandemic a month earlier.

  10. If this meet had been at a Hindu satsang all the Hindus are responsible for the spread of covid19. But since it is at a mosque, it is Allah’s will that the Muslims should spread the virus and make all non-muslims perish

  11. Quran says Ghazba-e-Hind means slaughtering non-muslims, when Allah order to do crime & Hazrat Muhammad organized Jihad, what you expect from them, only violence

    • Well I am Muslim there nothing in Quran regarding Gaza e hind please don’t be stupid read the Quran the complain

    • Wow! Disgraceful as only muslims were being targeted and no one even questioned about the spread of disease happened due to hindu gathering and pooja organized by yogi adityanath, the zee media anchor sudhir chaudhrys attempt, the failure of delhi police and lack of misunderstanding.
      I am thinking is INDIA still a democractic.

  12. You’ve in fact written an Islamophobia-laden article. Just look at the reader comments that you have triggered.
    By now, it is clear as daylight that Tablighis didn’t do anything wrong. They were not ordered by the RSS government to shut down until lockdown was announced. And whatever infection they carried, only affected limited Muslim areas.
    You are journalists, so tell is how many families of Tablighis have been declared infected with Covid?
    It’s a shame The Print is peddling vile RSS agenda against Muslims. You’re not unbiased. You are part of the problem of Islamophobia.

  13. Jisne ye article likha sharm karo ,jab coronavirus pure vishwa faila hua tha ,jab bahar se log india me aa rahe the jab airport pe oonka bukhar( fever) check karke chod diya jaa raha tha ,tab kiski ghalti thi, fir bahar fase bhartiya ko india me laake sirf fever check karke chod diya gaya thermal screener se oonme bahot se chin se bhi aaye the tab kiski ghalti thi,tab logo dhyan bhatkaane ke liye hindu muslim karne ke liye koi to milna chahiye tha mil gaye tableeghi ,ab ek bata na koi warning di gayi na koi timings di gayi na di gayi mohlat tableeghi ko fir kaise tableeghi ghalat ho gaye pehle janta curfew woh janta curfew ka paalan kar rahe the fir achanak baghair bataye lockdown fir achanak baghair bataye dhara 144, tableeghio se na kuch kaha gaya na pehle oonhe warning di gayi , tableeghi ghalat kaise ,pehle tableeghio itihaas pata karo inka desh ki aazaadi me bhi yogdaan tha ,bjp samjhegi bhi kaisa inka desh ki aazadi se door door tak koi taalluq nahi ,woh congress thi, lockdown me deri Madhya Pradesh sarkaar banani thi ,pehle hi lockdown kar dena chahiye tha saare airport band kar dene the jo bahar se bharatiya laaye the oonhe quarantine karna tha lekin nahi hindu musalman kaise hota tableeghi bichare seedhe saadhe hote hai oonki baddua mat lo barbaad ho jaaoge koi nahi bacha paayega, tableeghi kisi ke saath zabardasti nahi karte jo musalman islam chod ke sharab peene lage the oonka sharab peena chudaya oonhe dubara se islam sikhaya tableegh jamat ne tableeghi ka kaam naam ke musalman ko musalman banana jo tableeghi politics wasta nahi rakhte oonhe politics me ghasid rahe ho barbaad ho jaaoge,

    • I read ur comment….WHAT a shame full it is … Ok I agree with u that some people were left without thermal is all about the matter of external affairs but in my country where the some people (I hope u well understand) are the main spreaders of Corona virus and the Tabliqi jamaat should be punished accordingly………….

      • Whats you opinion on Kubh Mela?

        People who came for that gathering were not the only ones who came from abroad.

  14. Ye article jisne chapa hai tableegh ke khilaf oose sharm aani chahiye , jab ye corona virus pure vishwa me faila hua tha tab bahar aane waale logo ko airport pe sirf fever check karke chod diya jaa raha tha kiski ghalti thi, india ke bahar fase bhartiya ko india me laake sirf fever check karke chod dena kiski ghalti lockdown me deri Madhya Pradesh sarkar bana ,bina information ,bina waqt diye ,bina mohlat diye janta curfew achanak lockdown ,achanak dhara 144,jab aapne koi time nahi koi mohlat nahi diya aap hote kaun ho tableegh ko bura kehne wale ,ban gaye journalist tableegh ka itihaas pata hai,desh ko azad karane me tableegh ka yogdan hai , tableegh kisi ke saath zabardasti nahi karti ye musalmano me jise islam ki jaankari nahi oose islam sikhati ,kitne sharabiyo ko sudhar ke sahi musalman banaya hai tableegh ne , tableegh politics se bahot door rehti hai oosi ke saath politics sarkar apni ghaltiyo chupane ke liye kisi pe bhi ilzaam thop de, tableegh ka kaam aajse nahi chal raha hai ,jisne ye article likha hai jab woh paida bhi nahi hua hoga jab se tableegh ka kaam chal raha hai, tableegh wale bichare sidhe saadhe hai inpe oongli oothao barbaad ho jaaoge inka dil dukha

  15. For the information to everyone, Tablighi had already informed of their presence to the concert authorities of Delhi Government but no support was provided to them for evacuation.
    This was a CRIMINAL act on part of the Government and not by the Tablighi .
    Don’t try to be extra patriotic .

    • Wat a silly question, saudia Arabia belongs to a completely different state, India and Pakistan were one country mahabaarat, where Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus lived together and practiced their own religion without prejudices. But since the split, this never changed hugely, and in this day and age the culture of mahabaarat has been adopted again both in India and Pakistan, so its wrong for u to say that, and I don’t feel that jamaat was responsible, there was no lock down then and no major concerns, Noone was even fully aware of corona virus. No one is to blame in such circumstances, everyone was ignorant to the facts and at that point in time cases were appearing in China only and Italy, nowhere else, if anyone is to be held responsible then its the governing authorities, not the public. People are trying to stir up fights and riots in India, the haters who cause such hateful rumors want to cause chaos and watch from afar and have no physical involvement in it, they are not threatened or in danger if a riot breaks out, no good, Noone will benefit, please India be careful, please don’t feed the fire, extinguish the little hot Ash before it can become a fire in which everyone regardless of religion, race and innocent people will all get burnt.

      • sir then why non muslims are killed in islamic countries and they cannot build a temple or other places of worship even though indian muslims can make mosques why nobody speaks on that

        • Simple. Because thise countries are Islamic countries and India is secular. Any doubts? Ever read the constitution? Seems not

  16. I do agree with most of what you said. It is sad to see people defending the jamaat they were wrong and there is no doubt there at all, but it is equally sad to see the surge in Islamophobia over the past few days.

    Here is a an article which covers a few actors that have actually spoken against this:

    Here is another article from ThePrint itself that tells how the bad deeds of few would end up hurting the whole community:

    • Anti Islam & Inhuman act done by Maulana Saad.
      As an Indian i think It’s Collective Failure of Maulana Saad,Delhi Police, Delhi Administration &WHO for this disaster.
      All above are in contact for each other & visited markaz, exchange letters b/w 12 March to 29 March.

      As a Muslim I think Maulana Saad is more responsible for this disaster then above authorities.

        • Wat a silly question, saudia Arabia belongs to a completely different state, India and Pakistan were one country mahabaarat, where Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus lived together and practiced their own religion without prejudices. But since the split, this never changed hugely, and in this day and age the culture of mahabaarat has been adopted again both in India and Pakistan, so its wrong for u to say that, and I don’t feel that jamaat was responsible, there was no lock down then and no major concerns, Noone was even fully aware of corona virus. People are trying to stir up fights in India, the haters who cause chaos and watch from afar and have no physical involvement in it, nor threatened or in danger of a riot breaks out, no good, Noone will benefit, please India be careful,

  17. Such events should be held in Mecca only.

    Can we celebrate hanuman jayanti or Ram Navmi in Saudi Arabia?

    Also, during such a time when there is a major virus outbreak? No events or public gatherings in large numbers should be done, irrespective of the religion or the cause of any event.

  18. Blame the Muslims why not. If it was caused by another religion you wouldn’t be having a rant over it would you. Look at south Korea majority of there cases came from the church but do South Koreans hate Christians. No! because they use there brain. I do not understand why this march went ahead. The Indian government should have cancelled the event it but they didn’t. Also shame on tablighi jamaat for going ahead with the march. They should realise that they are risking other people lives. Like I have just said before do not blame Islam and instead work together to fight the virus. Also the tablighi jamaat do not represent the 1.9 billion Muslims around the world. So instead of wasting your time by blaming Muslims as a community work together to get rid of the virus.

    • Finally someone who came forward to oppose these orthodox group of people.
      Thank you. Because people of other religion, we are only coming across people who are somehow.trying to justify their act.
      I have my muslim friends, not against Islam either. But I want these set of people punished severely, thanks to their stupid mentality who think nothing will happen to them.

  19. Sorry why blaming Jamat?
    Please correct me if I am wrong.
    1. Corona is mentioned in Quran so muslims were already prepared. Nothing to fear.
    2. Corona can not spread inside mosque.
    3. Corona can do no harm to muslims.

    Is this not true and wasn’t the same were preached inside the jamat?

    • Hahahahaha
      Are you so blind folded towards your religion that you just can’t open your eyes on your own?
      What do you mean muslims were prepared 😀 😀 goodness that cracked me up so bad. They are all infected for your Kindest Of Information.
      And Thanks to their same stupid confidence of not being infected, lead to several death in India and who know how many more.

      Understand guy!
      I have muslim friends, I am not against Islam. Most of us are 100% against this stupidity of orthodox set of people.

      God bless.

      • Mam ,…ye log smjhne walo me se hote to kabke smjh jaate……..Saudi , Iran , Pakistan ye Islamic countries nhi dikh rhi shayad inn ….logo Ko….bas jo Madarsa me stupid baaton se brain wash Kiya Jata hai vahi tak simit hai ye log…..Inki galti nhi hai kyuki school se Jada ye log Madarsa Gye😂……..1400 saal pehle kaunsa Islam tha tab kya ….bimariya nhi hoti thi…Ye stupid cmmt krne wale jamat ke upar sab ….jahil hai Apne religion Ko lekar……

      • Ashi ji, A.Rehmanye bhavnaon main beh raha hai koi na roko ise……behne do 😊

        Anti Islam & Inhuman act done by Maulana Saad.
        As an Indian i think It’s Collective Failure of Maulana Saad,Delhi Police, Delhi Administration &WHO for this disaster.
        All above are in contact for each other & visited markaz, exchange letters b/w 12 March to 29 March.

        As a Muslim I think Maulana Saad is more responsible for this disaster then above authorities…….

    • Bhai ye bhavnaon main beh raha hai koi na roko ise……behne do 😊

      Anti Islam & Inhuman act done by Maulana Saad.
      As an Indian i think It’s Collective Failure of Maulana Saad,Delhi Police, Delhi Administration &WHO for this disaster.
      All above are in contact for each other & visited markaz, exchange letters b/w 12 March to 29 March.

      As a Muslim I think Maulana Saad is more responsible for this disaster then above authorities.

    • Bhai ye bhavnaon main beh raha hai koi na roko ise……behne do 😊

      Anti Islam & Inhuman act done by Maulana Saad.
      As an Indian i think It’s Collective Failure of Maulana Saad,Delhi Police, Delhi Administration &WHO for this disaster.
      All above are in contact for each other & visited markaz, exchange letters b/w 12 March to 29 March.

      As a Muslim I think Maulana Saad is more responsible for this disaster then above authorities….

    • It’s obvious you are a Troll, You aren’t a Muslim but posting as a Muslim name to defame it further. whatever tabligh Jamat members did is A 2nd biggest sin in Islam, which is to kill & all
      Misanthropic people involved in this nefarious act, shall get Rigorous Punishment.

  20. Tabligi Jamat has become a soft target of so called intellectuals who are trying very hard to lay all the blame at the door of Jamat. Jamat ‘s 100 years history is open book and I assure you none of these intellectual exercises will sully the image of Jamat.

    • People like you are the reasons why people like me have doubts. Because when a muslim group does anything horrifying, muslims are always backing them up and justifying their crap. Seriously?
      Why can’t you oppose them for the mistakes they do? Just because you all belong to the same religion seriously?
      Noone hated that orthodox group until they started behaving like disgraceful human beings behaving so disrespectfully towards people qho were trying to help them.
      If that is what is taught in your so called “100 years history” place, God bless your souls.
      I for once, hate that group right now for every damn thing that they did to our India, including the illegal invitation to foreigners to attend congregation (every educated soul knows foreigner travel visa doesn’t allow that). Every misbehavior. Everything about this group is sickening.

      I am not against Islam, but this group, needs to be punished.

  21. Stupid and biased article covering up ignorance and failure of administration and police. No doubt there is ignorance on the part of jamat but article is fu*****ing biased.

    • Let me first inform you sir that we don’t condemn your religious gathering rather we condemn the approach of tabligi people during treatment. Passing cheap comments on nurses, roaming around without pants , Moreover your leader instead of making people aware of situation , he is passing anti national comments that too when he is hiding from police

      WOW!!!! now answer a simple question
      I know the answer (NO)

      • Exactly my point too.
        I don’t know why muslims are taking this as an offense for their religion? It’s a group of extremists that we blame, but they take offense.
        This is why we the people doubt their judgements. Coz when you justify and take offense for some sick group of extremists, it feels like you too support them.
        Either support them and say all muslims follow them, OR oppose them saying not all muslims are like them. Then we’ll be clear. Atleast don’t confuse us.

    • Let me first inform you sir that we don’t condemn your religious gathering rather we condemn the approach of tabligi people during treatment. Passing cheap comments on nurses, roaming around without pants , Moreover your leader instead of making people aware of situation , he is passing anti national comments that too when he is hiding from police

      WOW!!!! now answer a simple question
      I know the answer (NO)

  22. Tableeghi Jamaat is not cause of spread of COVID-19 in USA, Italy, UK, Israel, Spain…….Who spread Covid-19 there??????????
    You just found Corona patients trapped in Markaz of TJ and started this hate campaign.
    These people were trapped because they did not find any place to go.

    • (10 Mar)–In Delhi on Holi day gov. closed public transports and shops to stop spreading of corona virus by restricting social gathering.
      (12 Mar)–Schools and colleges were closed officially.
      (13 March)– officially restricted social gathering in Delhi.
      (20 March)–Indonesians identified as positive in Telangana.
      (23 March)–These people wrote an application for government officials.

    • But they are responsible for Spreading the virus in India. Looks like you havent gone through the entire post and came to the conclusion that it is yet another islamophobe spewing venom against the community. Let me mark out the facts that will state why the so called tabligi jamat are now the carriers of the deadly virus
      1. The Virus outbreak news from China came out in Feb and it became imminent that its going global in weeks so iaround March 15 Arving Kejriwal had bannd gathering of more than 200 people on any groud whether religious ,sports, recreational,family fucntion what delayed the molana from cancelling that event and send everyone to their homes
      2)A Video was leaked by India Today Network * Maulana asking the muslims gathered there to defy all the guidelines given by our gov and medical authorities regarding the virus and in a way made fun of it..U can see thousands of attendees sneezing and coughing in the video without any mask and this f *ckr Maulana satrted to quote Quran to get help from corona…Aise logo ko detention camp m rakh k harrasment k saare intezam karaye jane chahiye…sale ye to marenge hi time bomb bank aur logo ko bhi marenge

    • Slow claps to you miss. Why should one believe that they had nowhere to go? These are just silly excuses. There were sick people IN there. Why did they not go to a hospital? Why did they violate visa norms by travelling on a tourist visa when they should have applied for a missionary visa? Why did they hide their travel history? Even now too, (today’s news) some of them tried to sneak and escape on a Malindo airline rescue flight. Thankfully they were caught.

    • Well they didn’t spread it in Italy but they sure did spread it in my India, one third of all cases is by the tablighi

  23. Not that I support what these people did by gathering such large amount of people. But why isn’t anyone blaming the festival Holi which was celebrated like crazy even after knowing about the outbreak. Are the people being questioned about celebrating holi and gathering large crowd for the same . No, right. Because if you might do that, your own crowd will go against you.

    Also if you did that ,there might be a chance that muslims will not feel like they are being held just because they preach a different religion. Ever heard of equality.
    But in the end it all comes down to the illiterate dumb blind followers of faith ( not pointing any particular one, but whichever religion you belong to practices it in one way or another) . There might be a solution for pandemic but at the end this lack of common sense in people especially in our country will lead us all to the doom.
    Now many of you might feel butthurt after reading this ( that is if you read this)and then you’ll understand what I mean by lack of common sense
    Ps- I am no atheist, just a normal girl trapped because of religion, patriarchy and oh, the best one, for being a girl.

    • I can answer being ftom a Muslim family and a non believer. Holi ia among family & friends, TJ was definitely a crime huge crowd from unknown places unknown people bigots without any care for society and it’s laws

    • In Delhi on Holi day i.e (10 March) gov. closed public transports and shops to stop spreading of corona virus by restricting social gathering.

    • Holi was NOT celebrated like crazy this year. At the time, the virus had not spread at a considerable scale among Indians. Here the question is to allow religious bigots from red zone countries for a stupid, hate mongering ceremony of a group whose very idea of existence is aimed at taking the society 1400 years back. You are even ashamed to write your name, how can we expect to write something sensible.

        • Hey there the ignorant little naive soul out there. Hi.
          They applied for a tourist visa my friend.
          Since our country is very diverse with every religion on the planet, they got the visa 🙂
          Little did they know, that these very ungrateful people were misuing those tourist visa and attending religious congregation (which every educated person would know is illegal to do in travel visa)
          Thanks for your piece of brain.
          Please collect good information before justifying all the misbehavior of a group of extremists.

          Noone is blaming Islam here. Everyone is angry with this group of people who is going on behaving very disgraceful all over the country with their behaviour, who you are trying to justify who knows why? Makes me question your morals.

          Thank you.

  24. True, the so called liberal secularists have gone into a hiding, ever since the lawless and anti-national actions of a medieval, radical Islamic sect has done immense damage to our country.
    This speaks of their hypocrisy, falsity and pretentiousness.
    And, completely disagree that India’s Muslims have always been discriminated against.
    Have you forgotten Aurangzeb, Babur, the Deccani Sultan’s, the Mohmmed Ghoris and Ghaznis? Have you forgotten how a Shaivaite Kashmir was forcibly converted into fanatic Islam?
    Have you forgotten that atleast three of India’s Presidents were muslims?
    Have you forgotten the massacres, rapes, and listings done by the Kashmiri Muslims on the original inhabitants of Kashmir, the Pandits?

    Truth be told, Islam has been world-phobic ever since it was born and continues to be so.
    They destroyed the Paris if Persia in the 7th century and they destroy Bamiyan and Persepolis in the 21st.
    They have always ruled with violence and intolerance. Look at Asia Bibi and the abducted Sikh girl in Peshawar today.
    Islamists are only getting a little dose of their own medicine of fourteen hundred years now.

  25. To all the seculars and liberals who think the Hindus are targeting you for this incident – please Imagine if this has happened in Pakistan or in any Muslim majority country where a Hindu community had assembled for a religious ceremony from various parts of the country including neighbouring countries and then had contacted with Corona Virus among each other and then some remained there while some fled across various parts of country and started spreading corona virus, when this was found out, the doctors(living god) went to the ceremonial place for offering treatment then these groups started to spit on them with the intention to spread the disease and never co-operated and finally the National Security Head had to intervene and appease them to co-operate for the treatment, meanwhile the group which had split across various parts of country started spreading the virus across and when the government had asked these group of people to come forward then many of them started denying and hiding their identity to escape from the treatment. Please think rationally if this would have been possible in any other country! I pray to the God to save us from Corona. I am so happy and privileged to be a part of this great nation and proud to call myself Indian. Jai Hind !!!🇮🇳

  26. As a Muslim is violating the humanity, all the muslims and spineless non muslims will support, if the same act was performed by a non Muslim towards a muslim, I assure you all the muslims will join hands and create a large gathering condemn the behavior, all political party will be shouting for justice, it will not end until the person responsible for this pays for this deed, as it’s a Muslim doing this I believe we have to bear with it,even if they spit on our faces, Roam semi nude infront of non muslims women, I suppose it’s the fate of non muslims,

  27. Some muslim followers has loud mouth and moulded islam according to their benefits and grew hatred against other religion. They all are enemy of complete humanity and shouldn’t be medically treated but should be left alone to die. When complete country irrespective of religion is fighting it together than our efforts shouldn’t be spoiled because of these idiots. My appeal to my muslim friends pls don’t support these evils based on their religion, but adjudge them based on their heinous act. this is the high time that we should keep our Duties towards our Motherland first before any religion..Lets take a pledge.

    • Those who have even the slightest education and knowledge about what this jamaat is, will only and only frown upon them. FYI, this is a orthodox gang formed by a self proclaimed godman (kathmulla) just 95 years ago in the same Nizamuddin basti. He was irked by the modernization of the society day by day, and his sole mission was to take the society 1300 years back to prophet Mohammad’s era because as per his understanding, that was the golden age for a muslim and all should live the same lifestyle, follow the religion exactly in same style and conditions as it was by prophet Mohammad. Within muslim community, Jamatis, Wahabis, Deobandis, etc. are not even considered as muslims, they are just self declared muslims. Hinduism is a way of life, where one can experiment and lead their life their own way. Islam is strict on its principles and there is no scope of experimentation. The Quran itself starts with the words “there is no scope of doubt in this book”.

      • What you have writtemn is absolutely true.
        But, you seem to be a part of BJP IT Cell.
        Why use a fake name?
        Especially, when the logic and common sense is on your side.


  29. Those who are supporting ignorant TJ please take them to your home’s and do their mehman nawazi. Just hollow words in support won’t do.That way you can show support for them as well as save people of this country.

    • Dear Sir,

      The Tablighi Jamaat had numerous reasons not to hold such an event, primary amongst them is that approximately 624 coronavirus cases in Southeast Asia were linked to an event conducted by the Tablighi Jamaat in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur at Sri Petaling mosque Ijtima conducted from 27th February to 1st March 2020. This event was highlighted as a COVID-hotspot by the Malaysian authorities long before the Nizamuddin event took place.

      Sir, I urge you to think rationally and objectively. While it is convenient to blame others including the State (Central and State Governments) which certainly should have played a role in preventing this disaster, the irresponsible and negligent role played by a large-scale, multi-national organisation such as the Tablighi Jamaat must not be underplayed. Let’s call a spade and spade. Being honest to yourself will help the community and leadership at Tablighi Jamaat introspect and play a constructive role in the development of the larger society in future.

      Thanks and regards


      Can you still defend that? Can you go to any weatern country or even Saudi Arabia that way?

    • I think you should spend some days in the same jamaat camp with the same people. Kuch din to guzaro jamaat mein.

    • Hey there the ignorant little naive soul out there. Hi.
      They applied for a tourist visa my friend.
      Since our country is very diverse with every religion on the planet, they got the visa 🙂
      Little did they know, that these very ungrateful people were misuing those tourist visa and attending religious congregation (which every educated person would know is illegal to do in travel visa)
      Thanks for your piece of brain.
      Please collect good information before justifying all the misbehavior of a group of extremists.

      Noone is blaming Islam here. Everyone is angry with this group of people who is going on behaving very disgraceful all over the country with their behaviour, who you are trying to justify who knows why? Makes me question your morals.

      Thank you.

  30. The word which is right now the best medical cure or care or resistative process for the Corona virus ‘social distancing’ is already told ago 1400 years by our prophet Muhammad . And also been told that in the time of these pandemic disease don’t change your location wherever you are just freez down.
    But we all are engaged to criticizing particularly Islam.
    There are a lots of present example.

    Where there is Muslim victim of lockdown,then that particular person is called jmati,Aatnki,jahil these all but where the victim is non-muslim then they are treated as like they are actual victim. That’s not fare #andhakti
    And for your kind information there is no positive confirmed case in NiZamuddin for which all godi media is gaining TRP.

    • Dear Sir,

      While you have rightly observed that certain sections of the media and social media commentators were quick to make this health-crisis at the Markaz in Nizamuddin a communal event, I think that enlightened community members such as yourself must play a more constructive role for the community. For one, please stop playing a defensive role here. It is time that the general public gets a nuanced, rational and objective point of view and understanding about issues faced by Indian Muslims as well the ills within the Indian Muslim society. Playing the victim card is not benefitting the community.

      With respect to your comment that no positive cases have been confirmed in Nizamuddin, I would like to quote a few figures doing the rounds in the national and international media. Tamil Nadu has reported that 110 followers of Tablighi Jamaat who had travelled to Delhi in March had tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier, Telangana had reported that 5 members had died of COVID-19. As per a BBC report, states across India have traced more than 300 positive cases to the event. Further, I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that a Tablighi Jamaat event in Malaysia in February end and early March 2020 has been held responsible for 624 infected cases includes 513 people in Malaysia, 61 in Brunei, 22 in Cambodia, at least five in Singapore and two in Thailand. I urge you to be honest to yourself and to the society that we live in.

      Thanks and regards,

    • Excuse me? Could you please share the source of your “kind” information? How come you know with such confidence that there was no positive case among these people? Please write with some basis.

  31. The messenger of Allah, Peace and blessings be upon him, said, ” There is no superstitious infection, but don’t mix the sick with healthy”.- Sahih Muslim 2221

    Even the Prophet rightly said, “If you hear of the plague in a land, don’t enter therein, If it befalls a land and you are in it, then don’t go out of it”.- Al-Bukhaari:5728, Muslim:2218.
    Can’t we apply this on Corona Too??
    Stay Home Stay Safe.
    If Jamaat claims to spread the message of Nabi Rasool,then why they are doing such acts of gathering the people at Marqaz and not spreading the above quoted message??????

  32. तब्लीगी जमात
    देश विरोधी कार्य में संलिप्त हैं,
    पुलिस पर हमला
    Doctor पर थूकना
    तब्लीगी जमात के मुखिया द्वारा लो को उकसाना

    • Manoj bhai Doctor par thookne wale jamaat ke nahi the ,hamen dushmani kariye lekin uski bhi seema honi chahiye aisi meri prarthana hai.

  33. Liberals are quiet I think because:
    1. Already much more than required is being spoken by non liberal.
    2. Maybe Liberals have lost face and dont want to hear “we told you so”.
    3. There have been other gatherings too, but these Tablighi guys were not only stupid but also extremely unlucky.

  34. An interesting article I came by. May throw some light on the events and the attitude of the people involved.

    Why Tablighis are sitting ducks for Coronavirus

    By, Mohammad Wajihuddin,
    Sr. Journalist TOI, Mumbai.

    I am not surprised that the Almi Markaz or Global Centre of the Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin West, Delhi has emerged as the hotspot for Coronavirus suspects in the capital. At a time when WHO and other experts prescribe ‘social distancing’ to curb the spread of deadly Coronavirus, around 2000 Tablighis gathered at Banglewali Masjid at the Nizamuddin earlier this month.
    After the three-day meet, the preachers, many of them foreigners, fanned out to different parts of the country in the group of 10 or 12. Six of a group from Telengana which attended the meet at the mosque have reported positive for COVID-19. God knows how many more carried and transmitted the virus to others.
    The multi-storied mosque sits at a crowded street, a stone throw away from Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia’s mausoleum. While devotees throng the saint’s mazar and soak in spiritual vibes amidst beats of dhol and nagara, the bearded tablighis, wearing long kurtas over short pyjamas, preach puritanical Islam. An Islam which considers worshipping at saints’ graves sinful and to which music is taboo.
    In between Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters and Nizamuddin Aulia’s mazar, peacefully sleeps Mirza Ghalib the great poet who is as much famous for his unmatched poetic oeuvre as for announcing his “weakness” for drinking and gambling from the rooftops. Add to this Ghalib’s well-known heresy and he easily becomes persona non grata for the Tablighis. Many in the community say that the Tablighis are so escapist and cut-off from this world that they often speak about things which are zameen ke neeche and aasmaan ke upar (below the earth and above the sky).
    To be fair to Ghalib, he was not a hypocrite. He openly admitted his own dilemma:
    Imaan mujhe roke hai to kheenche hai mujhe kufr/Kaaba mere peechche hai kalisa mere aage (Faith restrains me while I am tugged by heresy/Behind me stands the mosque, the church in front of me).
    To honour Ghalib’s memory at Nizamuddin, the famous industrialist-philanthropist and a great patron of arts and literature late Hakim Abdul Hameed got the Ghalib Academy built near the poet’s grave. The building houses an auditorium and a library which stocks almost all works of the poet, many commentaries on life, times and poetry. If you are an ardent lover of Ghalib and you happen to be in Nizamuddin, you must visit this Institute. Hakeem Hameed who created the empire called Hamdard was also instrumental in establishing India Islamic Culture Centre. And of course he established the Hamdard University.
    Many mistakenly believe that Ghalib lived in one of alleys of Nizamuddin basti. No, he lived near Ballimaran, behind Jama Masjid in Old Delhi. His haveli, now restored thanks to the efforts of some Ghalib lovers, including Gulzar and Pawan Verma, attracts many visitors interested in heritage and culture.
    Unlike Ghalib, the Tablighis have no qualms in declaring that they follow or at least they try to follow the path shown by the Prophet. They also strive to bring others to the “right” path. And since the journey on the right path needs sacrifice, the Tablighis preach qurbani (sacrifices) of waqt (time) and maal (money). So the indoctrination begins roughly like this. After a Tablighi jamaat arrives in a village or a locality of a city, it resides at a local mosque and preferably cooks its own meal. Led by an amir or head, the jamaat, ropes in some local fellow travelers from among the faithful and visit Muslim homes, door-to-door, inviting them to the mosque. The actual preaching begins post-namaz at the mosque where the senior most Jamaati or member, mostly the amir himself, stands to spell out the purpose of undertaking the ardous journey. He also explains the transitory nature of this life and the never-ending joyful life hereafter. The Tablighis emphasise on preparations for the hereafter and, for that, an exercise, a certain discipline is needed, they say. Leaving homes, remaining away from kith and kin for a certain period, funding the cost of journeys are needed to get disciplined in that path to paradise or Jannat. Once convinced, the uninitiated are first drafted to leave in groups initially for just three days and the first journey is not very far from where the new members reside.
    The Tablighis claim nobody has a list or register of members but its members are spread across the globe. Practice makes a man perfect. To understand how to lead a true faithful’s life, members are encouraged to leave on Jamaat journeys of chilla or for 40 days. These 40 days’ spiritual journey could be within India or abroad depending on the travellers’ financial condition. Like herds, they always move in groups, stay close, cram vehicles they travel in and rooms they accommodate at. Social distancing is anathema to their idea of living on God’s land. They are the sitting ducks for COVID-19.
    When I was studying at AMU in the mid-1980s, some of us were very wary of the Tablighis. They would often visit our rooms at hostels. Some of us had invented our own ways of disarming them. Many would shut doors, switch off lights and feign as if they were very serious students and were fast asleep as they studied till late in the night. The Tablighs would knock at the door a couple of times and go away. Or if some of the students were “caught”, they would promise to join the “pious” group later but seldom kept the promise.
    Started by Maulana Mohammed Ilyas in 1927, the Tablighi movement initially targeted at poor Muslims of Mewat region in Haryana. Maulana Ilyas found that many of these illiterate or semi-literate Meos had deviated from the path of Islam and adopted “un-Islamic” ways in their day-to-day lives. He began gathering and preaching them in mosques. The movement received impetus after Nizamuddin became its headquarters.
    In the mid-1990s I spent a year or so as a trainee reporter with a tiny magazine a few lanes off the Tablighi headquarters in Nizamuddin. Often, loitering around the streets, passing by the famous restaurant The Karims (only smelt the aroma of food, didn’t have the courage to enter it as my pocket was lighter than the tissue paper on the hotel’s table), I would cross the Tablighis’ Markaz to reach Nizamuddin Aulia’s durbar. Nobody asked me there if I was a Shia or Sunni, atheist or agnostic. Sufis’ shrines are places of inclusivity and all, Hindus, Muslims, atheists, are welcome there.
    And when spirituality appeared too mundane and boring, I would stroll across the road to reach the Humayun’s Tomb. Seated there on the manicured grass, hearing chirpings of birds in the trees, I would think about nature’s own way of setting the rules. Those who were interested in Sufism had no interest in the regimented life the Tablighis led and preached. And those who loved nature had little time either for Nizamuddin Aulia or puritanical Islam that the Tablighis practiced and preached. Gahlib would have described this condition in his own inimitable way:
    Kaaba kis munh se jaoge Ghalib/Sharm tum ko magar nahin aati (Ghalib what face will you to the Kaaba take/When you are not ashamed not contrite).

  35. Today saying truth about a perception is considered as islamophobia,those favouring such religious congregations as good,are actually illitrate in sense of humanity.Those favouring such radicals and blind followers are the actual threat to our society.There forfathers were actually forcefully converted by various types of atrocities.Now there new generations have forgotten the atrocities that their ancestors faced,and they are boosting a paticular radical ,irrational and illogical view of a .sect

  36. Today saying truth about a perception is considered as islamophobia,those favouring such religious congregations as good,are actually illitrate in sense of humanity.Those favouring such radicals and blind followers are the actual threat to our society.There forfathers were actually forcefully they faced atrocitiesnow

  37. All paid media focusing on Muslim Jamaat
    while modi and amit is looting whole country and filling pockets of people from gujrat thats it..
    hindus which are not from gujrat are starting to understand..

    • Are you blind or a fool or both to understand what is happening around? You must be really brainwashed for believing in this what you state.

      Learn to read all and then make your mind and not be brainwashed. Hindus all across the world are one, let alone India.

    • you have a responsibility while on social media. If you care for your nation please guard your comments. Let them not be taken advantage of.

    • Haha, I’m coming across many fools these days. Like I’m surprised as to how can people just get so dumb to see reality?
      You made me laugh boy !
      Media paid? Oh yea, doctors paid the media to tell those muslims to spit and harass them in not one state but across the country. such amazing planning isn’t it? Uff ! Grow ur brain dude.
      And excuse me what? Hindus from outside gujrat are understanding?
      Ofcourse, you know all about hindus across the country, how can anyone argue. Mere stupidity is what i sense here.
      For your Kindest of info, I’m from “outside Gujrat” infact farrr South from there. And I, wholeheartedly, hate that extremists disgraceful group of people who attended the orthodox congregation and whoever caused a lot of trouble on purpose towards our health workers.
      Go live your life in denial.

      God bless your soul and whitewashed minds.

  38. The views and points in the article are bang on. After this incident, without a thought Instagram liberals did come forward showing India hasn’t declared public emergency yet for COVID-19. This was not true journalism. Protecting someone who blatantly spits on your face by their sheer ignorance and callousness. The behaviour they are depicting , is a sign that they should not be treated as humans and should not be extended the same courtesy as other patients. Social and moral responsibility should be ingrained in everyone whether you are rich or poor. You are a citizen of the country, you eat food and live on this land so it should be everyone’s moral responsibility to share it and protect it.

    • No your statement shows that you should not be treated as human. No one knew they were sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • My dear,
        Do you read news?
        If you do, then you would know, that Malaysia etc from whrre these people were invited to the congregation (misusing travel visa illegally), already had 100 cases in the month of Feb.
        So tell me, people of little sense, would invite them among 9000 people and stay with them overnight for who knows how many days?
        Brains went missing then ? Or everyone is just delusional in their own religious fanaticism?

        I don’t know why muslims are taking this as an offense for their religion? It’s a group of extremists that we blame, but they take offense.
        This is why we the people doubt their judgements. Coz when you justify and take offense for some sick group of extremists, it feels like you too support them.
        Either support them and say all muslims follow them, OR oppose them saying not all muslims are like them. Then we’ll be clear. Atleast don’t confuse us.

  39. The article links to a tweet of an order that prohibits ‘sports gatherings’ to say that the organizers of the gathering should be held responsible. A mighty fine article to write for fools day.

  40. Guys, stop the hateful comments, stop fueling hate. This doesn’t benefit anyone.

    These tablighi ppl didn’t intend to harm anyone, sadly their mistake might cause damage- so they should be tracked and quarantined.

    Football match in Italy spreaded the viruses there, a church spreaded the viruses in France, etc mistakes are being made all over the world.

    Let’s work together, we are one humanity, we live in this world together.

    • You are conveniently forgetting the fact that the foreign delegates, who are on a tourist visa, came to the conference for preaching religion. This means that they lied in their visa application form. This, of course, is a minor detail for the people of TROP and their defenders.

    • Oh, they “didn’t mean to cause harm”, right?
      Is that why they spat at medical personnel offering them free medical treatment at the expense of the Indian taxpayers.?
      What say you to news reports of Muslims broadcasting on the mosque’s Azaan loudspeakers to call the neighborhood to chase health workers looking for Markaz returnees to quarantine. The video on you tube is terrifying mob behavior
      Indian Muslims spread hate by their behavior daily. India’s Muslims are a scourge on the nation.
      Go to Pakistan or Afghanistan – no kafurs there.
      India is one country – minus Muslims

    • This group of Tablighi Muslims openly claimed that they would not follow the lockdown rules set by the government so they are responsible for spreading this Covid19 disease and do not blame rest of us.We were told they were scholars making us think they had some brain power but seems Muslims in India do not wish to listen and think they are something special.
      Muslims do not treat rest of us with Humanity but openly claim to kill us the non-believers.
      So shut up!

    • My dear friend spitting on on someone while you are in sick you know you are suffering from COVID- 19 then it is crime. We never supported hate. A nurse is being tortured by tablighi.what kind of preachers are they.Are they man eaters?

    • My idea on this topic is still nebulous. I still don’t know how to judge this situation and I am trying to fight off the islamophobia surrounding this situation, because let’s be honest, sufism is constructed on the basis of questioning the dogmas of islam and basically functions with groups of people living under one ceiling, ‘those who don’t have any other home can have a home in the dargah’. But, still any gathering in this situation cannot be shrugged off by saying that “there was no harm meant” because a lot of times the fanatic speeches addressed to a crowd is just the discussion of what the individual believes in but is not intending to harm. I might have tread off the line of logic, i admit, but i guess this is my idea of being flexible, choosing words accordingly and judging how this would be replied to if i would have used the same words for a hindu crowd. I understand this comes off very communal, sadly we live in such relative world now.

    • Why aren’t they coming fwd voluntarily?
      Why the need to track?

      If it was a genuine mistake then show some responsibility and come forward.

      But as always they were brainwashed by mullahs saying Allah’s 70 angels will protect them.

  41. They are the real beast of the world…..they are going to destroy the world…..The world should take up an action on them..

  42. Finally, somebody speaks about owning responsibility and not blaming others. Yogi and Shivraj and Parliament proceedings all were threats but Jamaat took and also endangered countless human lives (Emphasis on the plural) . They should be charged with Manslaughter.

  43. Just have to say…. what a load of BS.

    You don’t mention Holi Day 10th march 2020 – Where hindu people were doing the same thing.

    All prior to the new curfew’s put in place by Mr Modi on 22nd March,2020.


    • Were Hindus spitting on others during Holi ?
      Was curfew declared on 10th March

      Get your brain checked. Stop trying to be a pseudo liberal.

      Do u find temples full and Churches full for Sunday mass ?

      These people should be booked for endangering the life of others and also should be deeply scrutinized for having a jihadi agenda

    • Islamophobia is a nice marketing tool.
      World has had enuff of this nonsense.
      First break the law
      then pretend to be victim.
      Old trick of jihadis.
      Many islamic countries have banned Tablighi Jamat.

    • Yea, open your eyes my boy. Load of the same BS is what is taught in those extremist orthodox places. People say they preach peace and blah blah BS. And then when they come out, they behave like pure jaahils, i dont evem have words to describe their inhumane disgraceful behaviour towards people who try and help.
      And people like you, who should stand and speak against such misbehavior, sit and ignore entirely and come up with some random hashtag nonsense.
      People like you can’t see what’s right and wrong, I wonder what brainwash is being done to you guys since birth, i have my doubts now.
      This event, was an eye opener for most of the Indians. To show us who to trust and who not to. Showed us who deserves our divine help and who deserves to be caged and left alone.

      Thank you.
      May god bless your soul and your amazing intellect.

  44. Now this #islamitards are spitting on Doctors and police., are lynching doctors in Indore who had gone there for this terrorists safety, same thing happened in Bangalore,Ahmedabad, etc

    • Brother did you find any Hospital CCTV footage of these people Spitting on Doctor or misbehaving with Nurses..
      No CCTV footage is being shown in any news channel and also Hospital authorities, only claims…
      Investigation is on, Truth will come out soon…

      If you find any CCTV footage We all want to see..

  45. Just the standard crap that can be expected on The Print – despite the misleading headline, the article is about islamaphobia, not about the Tablighi Jamaat incident. And as usual, the usual criticism of Islamaphobia. On every major issue – Ram Janam Bhoomi, CAA, Triple Talaq, UCC, NRC, the liberal elite and the Muslim community has been on the same page, oozing with intolerance and arrogance towards Hindus. The majority of Hindus and Hindutva proponents just want equality, true secularism and equal application of law of the land, and none of them are Islamaphobes. Liberals and the Muslim community subscribe to a vision of India where minorities are continously coddled, live by a separate set of rules and laws, and are free to pursue every avenue to destroy one of the last remaining indigenous, pagan, non-theological and non-hierarchical cultures of the world, named Hinduism.

    Islamaphobia does not exist amongst Hindus and Hindutva folks – it is just another liberal tactic to use this term to ban any discussion of the odious beliefs and behaviours of Muslims (equally applies to Christians) that stem from their theological denial of the rights of Hindus to exist as Hindus.

    • Absolutely perfect. It is just that they take advantage of our inherent tolerance through their inherent aggression. We are the only country in the world where the majority is disadvantaged and lives in fear while the minorities call the shots. Thanks to the Congress.

  46. Anil swarup in his first line of writing “Religion has destroyed humanity more than has ever made positively”.I am surprised and shocked how can he come to this statement by being a well convinced Public servant.
    Now ,I certainly agree with him on this isse that Religions congregation must be avoided at this time of Global crisis ,it doesn’t imply it is harming humanity . Everything has their own advantage and disadvantage in case of being used inappropriately.
    I hope that Anil must realise higher values than he posses now .

    • do the “gods” based on which these religions exist have any ability to help now? & why surprised, its a fact thats been going on in all parts of the globe!

  47. The Jamaat leadership was lacking in good judgment. Its decision to hold the Jamaat will be remembered in infamy for a long time. Hopefully, it will serve as a lesson to all in leadership (including within government) to keep in mind safety, security and well-being of people, above all.
    Why involve Allah in all this? Or fasten it with a religious or Muslim tag? Is such lack of judgment as that shown by Jamaat peculiarly and exclusively a religious feature, or a Muslim characteristic that flows from the teachings of Allah? The author appears to strongly resent religious groups, particularly this Jamaat group. And this event has given the author an opportunity to paint vitriol with a wide brush. Too wide, one would think. In the town I grew up in, such acts were generally labeled as “playing for the galleries.” A cheap shot. Could have been avoided in these grave times. Editors are sleeping on the wheels.

    • Dear Sir,

      I would go to the extent of saying that the decision of the Jamaat to conduct the Delhi event was not just lacking in good judgement but was irresponsible, willfully negligent and criminal. The Tablighi Jamaat had numerous reasons not to hold such an event in Delhi, primary amongst them is that approximately 624 coronavirus cases in Southeast Asia were linked to an earlier large-scale event conducted by the Tablighi Jamaat in Malaysia from 27th February to 1st March 2020. This event was highlighted as a COVID-hotspot by the Malaysian authorities long before the Nizamuddin event took place.

      I would differ with you while trying to judge the intention of the author. Please indulge me when I hazard a guess and present an alternate interpretation. The author is asking readers who are Muslims to be more discerning, rational and dispassionate in their reaction when such a crisis affects an organisation that has Islamic connections. That’s all. There is no demonising of any particular religion or ideology here.

      Thanks and regards

  48. Well said.

    And, it 8s not just about an Islamic Group. Anyone indulging bin such stupidity has to be condemned and made an example of.

    Religion is not an excuse for such acts. Human life comes first. These morons have endangered an entire nation if 1.36 billion people. Make an example of them.

    And Indian Liberals? Those morons? They don’t have a clue. India is perhaps the only nation where one can be a “True Liberal” – free from all fears of persecution for ones beliefs. But alas, we only have Lily Livered for liberals. What do you expect from such?

  49. Tablighi jamaat doing for the sake of mankind and good deeds They mainly focus on life after death..and we have to pray to only one supreme power that is “Almighty Allha” who is controlling the whole world. As we are observing that in front of an invisible virus whole world is helpless though having superb technology that failed in front of one small virus this indicate that there is one supreme power of Almighty Allah who is controlling all the things and each and every things of the whole world we are nothing in front of him. is in his hand . If you want to know Islam then read “Quran” and life of our Prophet(P.B.U.H).As in this CORONA VIRUS WE HAVE TO NOT just CLEAN OUR HANDS BUT ALSO CLEAN OUR HEART TOO.. .Don’t blame on this jamat .IF YOU DON’T KNOW TRUTH DON’T BLAME ANY ONE, We know well up to what percent media say truth,.We are not seeing the people are on road they are not getting food and water they will die later with Corona But if they did not get food and water they will die earlier.Even though so many people are dead with some other reason every day you can not say that the Corona virus will kill you until and unless Almighty Allaha want no virus or any other things have that much power to kill any body. “COVID-19 started in China. In Italy, there was a football match conducted from where it spread. Nearly 4,000 to 5,000 people were affected but they did not blame the football match…..In the last want say that in this situation we all have to purify our heat and live with integration and Pray to Almighty Allaha to protect and save whole world from this Corona Virus(Ameen)..

    • At least stop preaching now. We know enough about the good that you have brought in after gathering like this. Even Islamic countries have banned their group prayers giving priority to their citizens welfare. You seriously need to rise above.

    • Uhm sir, i mean no disrespect but seeing that Islam is extremely monolithic and Hinduism is very inclusive of three stages of society, the theological, metaphysical and positive both have different principle origins. Be honest at this point, (no matter how blasphemous the argument of protecting cows is in this country and how abhorrent you may find the approach to this) cows are indeed respected in the culture, their variants are placed in the temples, some actually keep cow idols for good luck in their homes (including mine before this garnered a space in the mainstream, and we have always fed the food to cows on the street fr decades. But still are meat eater, no not beef and i am not sure if the family does this purely because of the religious belief or because we are not able to push ourselves to eat all kinds of meat we don’t discuss religion in our house we subtly follow what we believe individually). Now the principles of Hinduism originate from the nature greatly to that the material around us is constructed by the spiritual being and we all are interdependent on each other, now these believers are holding “gaumutra” gatherings. Will you define it as a protective method? Will you still approach this with the same objectivity? The almighty allah’s variant resides in every living creature or Hindus, now what?

  50. All religions propagate ignorance and lead to waste of resources. All this money Tableeghi jamat spends on these massive congregations saying the same things over and over – pray 5 times, fast in ramazan etc. Why can’t they spend on modern education, reforms, public health?
    Instead they choose to make their followers grounded in medieval thoughts and practices.
    This is the reason why they may not have heeded to Delhi govt announcement and may not even be aware of the threats they are causing.

  51. Congratulations, you just gave the sanghis fodder to peddle hate in these times as well,

    Did you forget the tirumala gathering and the goumutr parties that happened AFTER the tablighi events?

    • And how many of those gatherings and Parties included Foreigners or infected people with Corona? Muslims never own up mistakes of their fellow brethren who blow up buildings and attack Churches and Temples. Hate for ISLAM is universal today only because Islam cannot co-opt with the mainstream. SO IT IS YOU WHO PROVIDE THE FODDER. AND I AM NEITHER A SANGHI NOR A HINDU.

    • 1. Islam is not a religion of peace. And you know it.
      2. Nizamuddin is a breeding place for all the terrorist.
      3. Quran encourages to kill people of other religion even including prophet Mohammed’s era.
      4. If islam is truly a religion of peace why did prophet Muhammad indulge in wars and killing people who disobey Islamic rules and conquering other cities
      5. If islam is a religion of peace then why did in a span of 200 years or conquered approximately 1/3rd of the world.

      I need a reply….

      • If you just don’t know about islam then don’t talk… Just keep your mouth quit… Om not supporting the tablighi jamat… These are people who spread the teaching of prophet Muhammad all over the world… But they even don’t know what prophet Muhammad teach in case of any plague or infectious disease… He clearly says that whenever there is a plague or infectious disease around.. We should not travel and should be quarantined…
        Ok… And the second thing you are talking about that Quran teaches to kill people… If you ever read the Quran then you may came to know that all that verses were revealed during battles… And for your kind information prophet Muhammad never started a battle… When Islam was intro many people opposd it in the way of battle… So when you face a battle… Will you be standing freely to be killed or you will oppose them?
        Due to the thinking of people… Like you have done… And misinterpretating the verses.. It results in terrorism l… Those verses were revealed for a specific period of time…
        So I request you don’t talk any bullshit if you don’t have the complete knowledge about anything

        Peace bro

    • Dear Sir,

      Let us be discerning, rational and dispassionate in our reaction in such grave times, especially when a crisis of such a nature affects an organisation that purportedly has a massive following in the Islamic world. That’s all. There is no demonising of any particular religion or ideology here. Let us play a more constructive role. Playing the victim card is not benefitting the community. It is time that the general public gets a nuanced, rational and objective point of view and understanding about issues faced by Indian Muslims as well the ills within the Indian Muslim society.

      Thanks and regards

  52. A so called reformist group which defies common sense.

    Preachers from virus infected nations travel to India amid travel advisories asking pieceful community members to congregate and spread message of reforms through corona.

    A sane reformist would have stayed back home but no Islam would been in danger in that case. These jihadis, wahabis and radicals are a bane to any civilization.

    The only option to reform these pieceful community is to have corona spread through each pieceful community member so that allah almighty give them dozak for being without iman.

  53. Gandhi ki galti thi ki aaj Muslim sabse uneducated hai? Galti Nehru ki thi jo RSS pe ban hataya. Saare Islami mardassa aur saare RSS shakha aaj se band kar dene chahiye. Phir ye problem nahi hogi.

  54. Trust religions to spread viruses anyway. Happened throughout history and eliminated a big part of humanity. In India also one virus stopped, another came up.

  55. How so many people permitted through Airport without proper screening?Biased and communilize media should also do serious debate on Indore which is now hotspot for corona where few days back people were leading the thaali event as well as Punjab’s Preacher Baldev Singh case where thousand came into his contact.He died by corona virus.

  56. Why are 1000s of foreign Maulanas who flouted Visa norms hiding in Mosques across the nation? I see a bigger conspiracy of destabilising India.

    Be it Delhi riots or spreading Corona virus from Delhi, the culprits are same!

    Jago India Jago !!

    • bloody illeterates – a huge threat to the society. They will never change and in fact they are not humans, to say the least.
      They are terrorist in every form!!!

  57. The problem with ‘The Print’- Article, is that it tries to balance and generalize everything. This is a problem with Tabhlique Jamath and their specific call, and a very specific Pandemic of Covid 19 Virus, What the pollution of Yamuna has to do with it?
    Starting with all religions is Bad premise is not always a good idea? Shekar Gupta painstakingly spent half of his time on other religions, in his ‘Cut the Clutter’ Episode, prooving How bad they had been, When there was this specific problem with a Jamath and this Maulana Saad. Does the Jamath represent Islam in its entirety, if Not, then what is the point in equating it with every religion? I like ‘Cut the clutter’, infact I love it most of the time, but then, please tell him his episode was more like ‘ Disperse the Clutter’.

  58. Good Article but it opens with the words that “… Tablighi is an Islamist Reformist Movement”. An org which endeavours for Muslims to live like in the times of Prophet Muhammad, cannot be a Reformist Organisation – it’s Regressive Org, to put it politely and mildly

  59. Jama’ats irresponsible activity of continuing congregation against Delhi admins orders r idiotic. Their biggest mistake is conducting it in the first place.
    BUT when some people linking to this Congregation were tested + on Mar 19 in Telangana, whole markaz building should have been seized with people in it restricting any in or out movements. Yet, around 1500 people (potential carriers) were allowed to leave the premises to different parts of the country on Mar 23. This is the BIGGEST LAPSE on behalf of the Jama’at as wells as Govt.s.

  60. The following information published in BBC:
    “”Image copyright REUTERS
    The captain of a US aircraft carrier carrying more than 4,000 crew has called for urgent help to halt a coronavirus outbreak on his ship.

    Scores of people on board the Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for the infection. The carrier is currently docked in Guam.

    “We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die,” Captain Brett Crozier wrote in a letter to the Pentagon.

    Captain Crozier recommended quarantining almost the entire crew.

    In the letter Captain Crozier said that with large numbers of sailors living in confined spaces on the carrier isolating sick individuals was impossible.

    The coronavirus’ spread was now “ongoing and accelerating”, he warned, in the letter dated 30 March.

    “Decisive action is needed,” he said.

    “Removing the majority of personnel from a deployed US nuclear aircraft carrier and isolating them for two weeks may seem like an extraordinary measure. This is a necessary risk.”

    It is not clear how many crew members on the Theodore Roosevelt have the coronavirus. The San Francisco Chronicle, which first reported on the letter, said at least 100 sailors were infected.

    Speaking to Reuters news agency, a US Navy spokesman said the service was “moving quickly to take all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of the crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt”.””

    Dear fellow citizens,
    Now, it is amply clear that the coronavirus pandemic is a extraordinary situation which has been faced by humanity globally. Whether rich or poor or army personnel or doctors or religious persons or ordinary citizens, all are on same page. They are being caught unaware, no one was ready to handle this situation so the unintentional mistake or foolishness occur. Even the most competent highest authority and head of Indian government failed to visualise the effect of sudden nation wide lockdown. As a result lacs of daily wages labourers come out in the street in fear or in hunger and decided to go home not to be safe there but with a logic if death is destined why not at home. Though this is foolishness on their part but cannot be said intentional to become carrier of COVID-19 virus and put the life of their family and others at native village in danger. So, to say Muslims Tablighi jamaat religious fellows gathered at Delhi Murkaz and later dispersed as usual of their own and remaining odd 2100 shifted by Delhi government in hospitals, were deliberately spreading coronavirus. This is not at all justified. Yet, certain media houses are trying to put them in dock in the name religion. A governor of Kerala State is even too eager to blame Muslim jamat of Tabligh fellow as if they are dangerous people and even called for strict action against them. This is unfortunate that a person holding constitutional post and playing politics even in this grave situation. One fellow on national TV news debate yesterday even started calling it a bio-jihad of tablghi jamat. How unfortunate this remark. It is disgusting that one can stoop so low for the sake of some political privilege. How can nation is safe if such irresponsible persons are allowed to divide nation in the name religion. This fellow who call them bio-jehadi in order to create enmity among citizens of India, must be taken care of by law. The point is, instead of blaming such sudden gathering of people due reason not on their control should be looked at with sympathy rather with contempt and consequently put their life in danger in society. Media houses should also show some responsibility not to air such view on national TV debate. This hamper the government and citizens effort to fight with coronavirus pandemic as well. Hope somebody is listening.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Supreme Court of India.

    • Why should not we condemn them ? It is altogether another issue whether we should sympathise with them or not.

    • What about Maulana Saad lecturing the gathering to defy the govt’s directive for social distancing and encouraging his followers to congregate in Masjids

      • All you brothers out there,

        I appreciate that atleast you (among all the silent muslims out there) agree to the fact that they were irresponsible.
        But the fact that Malaysia has 100cases already in Feb, the fact that all the foreigners came into our country through travel visa (illegal to use for congregation) , the fact that they didn’t cooperate instead threw tantrums and misbehaved wherever they were helped by tbe workers, the fact that the head of it on purpose denied govt regulations which obviously inspired a lot of members, and finally the fact that most of the muslims (like abv comments), instead of condemning these crimes, are all sympathizing and playing their all the more favorite “victim card”.
        I do not understand the reason why muslims don’t speak against muslims who deserve punishment for their cruel acts? In that case, how on earth, please tell me, how should any of us believe anything you muslims say? When you people only come out to speak when there is some sort of injustice done to your people. But when your people do any injustice to anyone else, noone talks.
        How should we trust any of you in this case? Think for once.

  61. Herein, I am not to support the spread of COVID 19 but to state reality before any on could derive its opinion on Islamophobia or Jihadi Operation of Jamaat as many news agencies are trying hard even to draw a Pakistani Angle to the entire incident throughout the nation.
    The Jamaat has not committed a crime against humanity. So, I defend them.
    It is neither true nor holds any authenticity that few religious Congregation has often caused harm to environmental, 2ndly no Religion could ever cause any direct damage neither to the world nor to humanity as a whole, it is the fanatics and fantasy lusters those cause such damage in the name of religion.
    The Congregation was a preset activity and as you correctly stated that it’s an annual affair of the Organisation. Now, coming down to the facts, as it was to happen from 13 to 15 March 2020, the foreign participants started flocking in from 1 Feb 2020. And when such congregation takes place anywhere in India of any religion, there it needs clearance from a minimum of 4 to 6 Level of Government Departments at the Union, the State & Municipal Authority(s) where it supposed to take’s place.
    Now, the entire world has taken by the surprising spread of COVID 19 from Feb 2020 while Mr. Doland Trump was visiting India followed by the Delhi Riot. And on the day of the scheduled Program on the 13 March 2020, the Union Health Ministry notified that COVID 19 is no Epidemic. Therefore, the Program continued till 15th March 2020. From 16th March 2020, the International and Many Indian participants started returning in batch-wise for the home state. Where top Functionaries from various States were scheduled to return by 22nd March 2020 but the day turned out to be a Lockdown so rescheduled for 23rd and 24th March 2020. So, half of the members left for their destination while the member’s schedule for 24th March 2020 got held up due to the Complete Lockdown for 21 days from the 00.00 hours 24th March 2020. And on the same day, Nizamuddin PS issued notice to the Markaz to vacate its premise but the People inside are now nowhere to go but to become a hostage of their own fate.
    I have 1001 questions to ask both the Union Home Ministry, Union Health Ministry, Delhi CMO, Delhi Health Ministry, Delhi Municipal Corporation, DM & DCP Nizamuddin and etc. but not now as time shall speak for itself.
    Further, Justice Surinder Sachar Committee Report speaks for itself on the Literacy Rates, Political Awareness and Administration knowhow amongst the Muslims in India, who were ranked below Dalits/Harijans in India. Therefore, don’t get angry for the naive and pray that they don’t spread COVID 19 in the foolishness of life.

    • The chronology of events given by you is correct. In my opinion the government is only responsible for locking people without any alternative. A video of police clearly shows that the marla people were requesting police for four days for advice to send the people out. But the police officer didn’t help. He asked them to vacate the premises only.
      The function was pre planned and was with all permissions. The police station is at 50 meters from the place. Still nothing was done by authorities to help the people there.
      Shekhar Gupta’s analysis is faulty, and anti people, whether they are Muslims or not is not the point.
      Mind you, all temples were closed on 24th Marc only. The Kashi Vishwanath temple, where thousands visit daily was open till that day.
      If the govt itself doesn’t know the gravity of situation, taking hazard impulsive decisions, can ordinary people understand it instantly?.

      • And yet again, people bring out their sheet of dates and events and start justifying that crap congregation members actions towards innocent health workers throught the nation.
        Salute to people who know how to manipulate it and turn it all around and focus only on one thing while ignoring all the things that they are wrong at.

        No point arguing with fanatics.
        God bless your wisdom

  62. Government of India gave visas to those who came from abroad. While issuing visas the purpose of visit, duration of stay, place of stay and date of return has to be given. So the Home Ministry was aware of everything regarding the congregation. Why didn’t they stop it?

    • Visitors came inside the country via tourist visa because this organisation is banned in several countries. So, their visit is illegal.
      The irony is these visitors spitting on health care professionals is unacceptable.
      They have ignored the Delhi Govt notification

    • Dear Sir, I’m amused that we expect Govt to do everything. Don’t we have any Social Responsibility?

    • These were tourists visas, not missionary visas. The participants lied in their visa applications that they were entering India for travel and not to take part in any religious gathering. Thus, the visas were obtained on the basis of false declarations and lies. Hence, you can’t conclude that the Home Ministry knew about their participation in this congregation.

  63. How dare you say they are intentionally spreading the contagious and they are focussing only in their religious practice improvement? you don’t have analytical sense that most of them must be innocents and failure of government to disperse after filter out them with IIT graduate CM? How could they able to receive the message form government when they were in religious practices. Did government pass circular to them disperse or not conduct any meeting in the next day?

    • Your so called jamat members are spitting all over the quartantine centre and abusing the doctors so does Islam teaches this and also check stones were pelted over police when they went to trace jamat’s member in bihar. So your so called religious jamat members must need to learn how to be good human first at least human , then muslim or whatever they wanted to be. They donot have basic education and contribution to society distributing coronavirus in place of good teachings of islam. And please stop playing victim card in all places and stop cursing govt and please look around you every nation is fed with your wahabi mindset so either change or people will change you.

      • Wow mr Ricardo. In France 2500 people were affected by corona virus as they were all attending church. And France is not worried about church or some stupid religious place. And they haven’t named people in church or Christians as promoters of corona virus as some of our people do. Stop criticising and start finding a solution. Why do you wanna go back and point others for their mistakes. And remember we Indians are nationalists not fascists. And it’s better that you start behaving as a democratic person.
        question Is
        If you complain about Tablighi jaamat, will this stop corona virus ?
        And better stop complaining about that unexpected event and start spending your time researching over other events where people came into contact with foreign nationals . Like Sikh missionary who came back from Europe and 10000 people have visited him !
        So stop complaining about past it’s better you start spreading awareness or good stuffs not spread the same news which even I can get if I switch on tv

        • Oh hello?
          Stop comparing other countries and other religions. This group of orthodox people have crossed all limits and are not worth being compared to normal people anymore.
          Until it was just about denying govt rules, did the congregation ever come up in news? Please crack open your brainwashed head for real. Everyone ignores shit that goes around until it becomes intolerable. And it did. The congregation matter wouldn’t have had such a high attention if people had behaved like normal human beings and got themselves tested. But no.
          It came into major highlight when people started misbehaving and acting out of their morals if they ever had any. Running around naked in hospitals around nurses, escaping tests and absconding, illegal entry to foreigners, pelting stones at workers, dude, where did people of France indulge in such hideous act?
          You freaking people stop supporting your people when it is not just !
          Stop your victim card playing, we have seen enough and we are highly fed up. You people only come with full voice when even a small injustice happen to your people. But when all these things happen to others, you don’t give a damn. Why? Coz they are not from your community? Heights of religious fanaticism.
          So please. Fed up.

    • Order was passed. Everyone knew it. It was all over TV and papers. You are being a terrorist if you defend them. Most Muslims are good people, and Islam is a good religion. But people defending this like you are equal to ISIS.

      • Thank for Sharing this brother.In reality many Muslim leaders were warning them from beginning,but they took it lightly.
        They actually misunderstood the concept of trust in Allah.This is the basis of their error.While our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us “Tie your camel and then put trust in Allah”.ie do you best planning or precaution then trust Allah
        No doubt ,they made mistake ….but i beg all fellow Indians kindly don’t make it communal issue and don’t give it label as corona Jihad or any other similar term.


    • Excellent!! Is the Government a scavenger that you must expect always to clean up some shit done by others? Stop being an apologist for irresponsible people who have endangered many lifes through sheer callousness and ignorance. Have the courage to blame Jammat, who openly defied orders of the Delhi Government to not assemble in large numbers (<200), the Jammat also suppressed information. India should stop this proselytizing and Jammat activities in India. Enough!

    • Its more of carelessness that intentional. Lack of social responsibility rather. I appreciate your religious interests but not at the stake of country. Now these so called innocents have put all their family, friends and in turn the entire country at the brink of life threatening virus. Heights of foolishness is to blame the Govt. Are we not responsible for ourselves??

    • Public notice / orders are not circulated to individuals. All marriages were cancelled. You means govt shall go to individual house to deliver order. It is citizens duty to comply instructions once it announced publicly.

    • People like you who support such acts are tge reason your entire community is blamed….. Accept the fact that these retards are the worst enemy to humanity.

  64. Religion is the opium of the masses…. a means adopted by the clergy to perpetuate their power. This outbreak and the rash actions such as this congregation are a good wake up call – ban all gatherings in the name of religion. No purpose is served by running assembling in herds or running around doing pilgrimages around the world anyway. Practice your religion in your home.

    • Dear Sir,
      Gathering in the name of religion isn’t wrong. being irresponsible is. Had TJ been socially responsible and looked beyond their religious congregation, situation would have been different.

  65. Every religion has its fair share of orthodox people, but in Islam it is disproportionately high.

    • Good point. But since 2014, I have noticed that there are not any less in Hinduism, and more regrettably, they are more vocal and interfering than the orthodox of other religions.

  66. Pakistan never stops praying : The annual Tablighi Jamaat gathering brought 250,000 people from across 90 countries in Raiwind, a Lahore suburb, continued for a few days before it was called off. The result was that two men from Gaza were infected with coronavirus when they returned from Pakistan. Naila Inayat in PRINT

    • Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel.
      How those 2 persons travelled to Pakistan?
      Which country provided them passports?
      May be they also used Indian or Iranian passports??

  67. Before writing it, the author should have known about the underlying objective and it’s follow up by personally joining the Tabligi gatherings. Mind it. They don’t spread Islam but try to reform the Muslims, and thereby focus alone on the eternal reality of Fikr, to perceive the world hereafter and be good Muslim’s as far as possible, say of the by of the Prophet’s times.

    There activity is no reactionary and nonrevolutinary :hence, apolitical. Indian security grid won’t otherwise allow them functioning.

    Their fault is gathering in numbers on 13th March. But, by then, virus had already made inroads in Indian by people’s arriving from the west, china etc. Italians brought it with them. That was the beginning.

    Still if, their gathering was dangerous why did government allow them gather in Nizamudin?

    It is a problem in Pakistan too. But they don’t demonise the Tabligi like we do in India, sadly by Muslims too.

    Their gathering was as routine as anything else. Indian govt. issued them visas in the past and the present as well, since it found them harmless in their intent and organization as a reform than the prosytilisibg movement .

    Yes, their gathering, not as a source, complicated the issue as some of them tested positive after return to their native places.

    But, they never knew it by themselves. Why blame these sane souls, who care for the world hereafter than the world herein, and who dabble in no politics to hold power to alienate than to own the greater mass of Indian people.

    Let us. Pray for the safety of all regardless if religion, group, ideology, region or race.

    • Dear Sir,
      You religious interests are appreciated and do not contrue the blame in the angle of religion. Had this been from any other religion also, it would still be called irresponsibility. But are we socially responsible or do we play the blame game. It is not who started or who was the cause of spread. Our goal is to limit the damage. Had TJ thought a bit about the looming danger, they could have averted it rather than blaming Govt for giving permissions. Pakistan has never bothered about its people, so no point in comparing.
      These sane couls are now causing virus outbreak in multiples as tehy have contacted it to their family members, friends and all the pales where they commute thus putting the entire nation in grave danger. Whom do we credit the responsibility to?

    • Sane souls…hahah ofcourse these dumb people are sane souls now!
      What exactly do they preach in the congregation btw?
      To pelt stones, disobey govt, assault female nurses who tale care of them risking their own life, abusing all religions other than their own ofcourse, Illegally letting foreigners come into congregation. Yep, sanes of all times.
      Secondly, Spare the govt, they cant keep running behind cleaning your crap, we Indians should have a sense of responsibility of our own. And not depend on others to do it for us.

      Grow your brains man. How can anyone be so naive I wonder.

  68. As usual, blame the Muslims. This is a usual rant without derailing the facts. The Union health ministry notifies on May 13 that there is no national health emergency and becsuse somehow Muslims are involved, they become the scapegoats. Fix the system don’t lean on Muslim crutches. Ask the right question – was the delay in lockdown due to MP govt destabilisation.

    • This is heights of foolishness. Do not link up political issues and religion to the issue at hand. Corona outbreak can be lethal. TJ has acted foolishly by inviting people from corona affected countries and held on their gatherings as if nothing happened. This is creating havoc now. Blaming Govt is easy but what steps did so called TJ take to protect the people who attended the gathering? A special prayer? Are we in 2020?? TJ has been the reason behind spread of Corona to all the participants, their families and friends, putting all the lives into danger.

    • Ahmed, right question is this – was there not an order from Delhi Govt. on 13th March itself, banning the gathering of more than 200 people (including IPL)? Why play ‘Muslims-are-victims’ card when the organisers are clearly on the wrong side of law?

    • Gadhe Delhi govt banned gatherings if 200 people on March 13 2020.Why jamaat violated delhi govt orders?They think they r special & will get discounts from following law?

  69. ”Not speaking up against this gross violation of human safety exposes your hollowness and your lack of balance. ” Indian secular brigade, the commies, and least of all this newspaper and its editor Shekhar Gupta belong to this class.

  70. You bigot started your article blaming Hindu first for polluting Yamuna and Ganga by religious waste. You can’t point out deliberate blunder of Muslim without whataboutry.

  71. The Delhi police and/ or the AAP Govt delayed taking strong action notwithstanding their knowledge that the congregation was a time bomb because they were afraid to take action against a MUSLIM congregation.
    Both these authorities were apprehensive of reactions of liberals, the award returnees and some sections of the media about any forcible action (tear gas, lathi charge, etc) that should have been taken to disperse this gathering on time.
    This was the story in Shaheen Bagh or for that matter the absolute Govt inaction when the MUSLIMS in West Bengal went on the rampage soon after CAA was promulgated.
    A Govt MUST act based on what should be done instead of simply trying to ensure their party’s return in the next election.

  72. I agree with the author of this article. The Muslims who congregate there – – and more than them, the Mullahs who are supposed to be more informed about what Prophet Muhammad said – – should have been aware of these two Hadith as recorded by Al Bukhari :

    VOLUME 1, BOOK 11, NUMBER 636:

    Narrated Mahmuid bin Rabi’ Al-Ansari: ‘Itban bin Malik used to lead his people (tribe) in prayer and was a blind man, he said to Allah’s Apostle , “O Allah’s Apostle! At times it is dark and flood water is flowing (in the valley) and I am blind man, so please pray at a place in my house so that I can take it as a Musalla (praying place).” So Allah’s Apostle went to his house and said, “Where do you like me to pray?” ‘Itban pointed to a place in his house and Allah’s Apostle, offered the prayer there.

    VOLUME 1, BOOK 11, NUMBER 635:

    Narrated Nafi’: Once on a very cold and stormy night, Ibn ‘Umar pronounced the Adhan for the prayer and then said, “Pray in your homes.” He (Ibn ‘Umar) added. “On very cold and rainy nights Allah’s Apostle used to order the Mu’adhdhin to say, ‘Pray in your homes.’ ”

    The present dangerous situation surely warranted to follow the Prophet’s instruction to, “pray at home”.

  73. Dearv fanatic mushrik
    Why are u selective while quoting hadith. ..
    What motivated u to hide those hadith wherein prophet commanded believers that ifva plague spreads in area where they happen to live in they shouldn’t leave that area while others who live in non affected areas should not go to affected areas …….. shahadah in this context would be for a group that bears disease patiently without dispersing in other areas to stop its spread. …..
    The authentic commands of his are indeed meesages of divine stature not a piece of historical data only……
    If u cunningly chose to ignore the hadith in totality and chose hadith selectively to interpret them with ur dirty prejudiced lens…..then fault lies in ur eyes and Heart…..not in islam……

    • Dear Sir,
      It is not the time to fight on religions and if any are doing so it is their immaturity. It is better to ignore such comments than to react as they do not intend to understand your explanation.

  74. To prevent spread of Islamophobia. Muslims need to condem this criminal practice and not get away by saying many muslim are adhering, a soft defense.

  75. Another apologist, she has less issue with this but is more of an apologist writing of her religion. This is the reason they can’t produce true liberal. And why liberal drama is farce?

  76. mr. BISMEE TASKIN Ur wite in ur article ” This outdated and orthodox movement” It is showing your jealousy against jamat. who are u to say this is outdated and orhtodox movement , pls put your opinion in ur pocket.
    In delhi, the headquarter of INDIA, the IB, The DELHi police etc, don’t know what is going and markaz , If the Jamat is wrong , then Delhi’s cheater kejriwal and his govt. and the delhi police all are same responsible. Only issuing govt. orders is not a job, there is implement Agencies Like Special Branch who has responsibility the regular activities of such all religious programs.
    Ye govt. ka kaam tha k wo check kerti ka kahan kya horaha, abhi her taraf police lock down implement karrahi hai, isi terha se ager 13 ko cheater kejri ne koyee order jaari kya tha to police aur adminstration ka kaam tha k us ko saqti se Nafiz kerte.

    • Dear Azhar, agree with you regarding responsibility of Government. However, would you care to say a word about ‘citizens’ responsibility?

    • Public notice / orders are not circulated to individuals. All marriages were cancelled. You means govt shall go to individual house to deliver order. It is citizens duty to comply instructions once it announced publicly. Citizen do not have any responsibility . What organisers were doing.

  77. Everything you have written is just to counter the people who are supporting jamat have said. So this is sheer a blame game. But yes as you rightly pointed out, it is ones moral and social responsibility to avoid everything which can spread this contagion.

  78. I agree that these folks should not have gathered. But till then no events were called off. All the religious and political events were carrying on as business as usual. And you know how faith makes everyone blind, people give up all their rational thinking when it comes to religious events. And Govt knew of all the people who came to India from which countries so they could have stopped this from spreading but indian govt was not in any mood till then. First signs of any seriousness by govt came in on Janta Curfew day which was too late. I think there is no innocent religion which stopped its activities until it was forced upon.

  79. Please, the author and readers of this article, read the Hadith collected by Sahih Al Bukhari – the most renowned and the most authentic work.
    It is available online for everyone to read, and in English too.

    1. Allah Apostle did say that diseases are NOT contagious.
    2. Allah Apostle did say that martyrdom is the ultimate thing.
    3. Allah Apostle did say that there are 5 ways of martyrdom.
    4. Allah Apostle did say that Death by plague and other epidemics is martyrdom

    So, make your informed and educated guess. Whether you are a Believers or Kafirs or infidels or polytheists or idol worshippers.

    • People like you asking to guess like this is trying to divide India in its difficult times. All religious and political gatherings happened in March were foolish. period.

  80. The problem is Islam, not Muslims. Across globe, Islam breeds same kind of bigotry irrespective of social and cultural differences amongst different countries. When it comes to Islam, the attitude of African, Chinese, Indian, middle-eastern Muslims is no different. Religion comes above everything else for the followers of Islam. With such dangerous and irresponsible conduct in the name of religion, how can other people not be Islamophobic? Anyway, it is good that some Muslims are speaking against the irresponsibility in the name of religion.

  81. Let’s not get into ifs & buts
    Let me put it in simple way, like other religious places it was a usual congregation, 2000 people left just before the announcement, the remaining were held up because of lock down & instructions from local authorities to Stay wherever one is. The Markaz was following all the guidelines of health department. When the Markaz informed the SHO to help them to allow the held up to travel to their respective places, no help from the authorities, whereas the migrant workers wanted to go to their respective places, CM begged not to leave & assuring to provide all facilities. Why double standards in handling.

    Markaz has become a fodder to few known Media channels who have blown up the issue as usual to tarnish the image of one community.
    The media & CM should stop misleading, instead concentrate on helping the Humanity.
    Good news is Test of Every person in Markaz locked up is Negative
    Long Live Humanity

  82. As a Hindu and a “sickular” and “libtard”, let me respond. By all means, hold the Nizamuddin Markaz responsible. But then, apply the same standard to everyone. The Modi government has repeatedly shown that it has two standards. Why, for instance, is there complete silence over Yogi Adityanath shifting of the Ram lalla murti hours after the PM’s lockdown directive came into effect? How about the 70 year old Sikh priest who returned from a tour of Germany and Italy and infected multiple people before dying himself? You can hardly blame the Muslims for being sceptical about the government’s claims.

    Blaming the Markaz is convenient. It masks the government’s own tardiness in handling the issue. On March 3, Rahul Gandhi (no, I don’t care for him) tweeted the PM “Quit wasting India’s time playing the clown with your social media accounts, when India is facing an emergency. Focus the attention of every Indian on taking on the Corona virus challenge. ” And yet, it was 19 more days before the government finally woke up to the crisis and came up with this comprehensive lockdown, something not even China or Italy has attempted. And what has been the result? The number of cases continues to rise.. We have a humanitarian crisis on our hands. Our doctors and nurses are working without proper protection. Even worse, the government gives the impression that the lockdown will solve the problem when all experts say that it will only slow the infection. To address the problem, one needs testing and isolation and there is no indication that the government is addressing that with any degree of seriousness.

    At the least, the government should tell us why it did not ban travel from affected countries and large gatherings sooner. If that had been done, we would not be having this particular discussion. But I guess blaming Muslims is more fun. The usual suspects are at it, as anticipated. And the PM is taking no steps to discourage this, again as anticipated.

  83. Let us fight Corona together. Let us try to limit damage and evaluate situation as it is Now. Religion of course is a shield which can justify all kind of harm’s to humanity. This Osho repeated again and again.

  84. Dear Bismee,
    I don’t know of your knowledge of both islam and viruses. What I will advise you is to read this article It’s a planned attack on Islam in India. Here I put my case Read you can get back to me on this and I am willing to answer all your questions.
    Arshad Mohsin

    • But you didn’t explain why this is under attack in Malaysia? You didn’t mention any source for any of your claims? Are you an Arab?

    • Firstly you should not use Indian flag, you people are arabi culture followers, so how are you Indians? Don’t bring to shame to our flag you Arabi.

  85. How killing, raping, enslaving and looting non-Muslims against Islam? Can the author please explain?

  86. Today,individuals, families,communities nation and the world are worried and fighting against an invisible army. Fanatics are from all religions are searching to score brownie points. Cant tho author & others fanatics just shut up and do something useful.

  87. If the doors of all religions were open during that period inclufing Vaishno Devi and Titupati then why point gingers only at the Tabhleegi Jamaat? The activities of the others are conveniently dismissed – “And we can’t justify it by saying that other religions had also kept their doors open for a long time. All doors should have been shut.” Then why were all doors not shut? And how do you know that the visitors to the other religious sites have also not spread the virus?
    This is scurrilous agenda driven writing.

    • Can you provide evidence that Tripathi refused and do not abide by state laws of closing it down? You will not do it, I can bet.

      • The point simply is that thousands of people were freely visiting Tirupati well beyond 15th March with no screening. So how is that not irresponsible and if you will a “Hindu jehadi bomb”?

    • Firstly you must use your Arabic name. And secondly nobody is hiding foreigners like this terrorist supporter jamaat

  88. Just i am trying to say i will defend them till the end because they didn’t let people to die alone on the streets without food and shelter as you can see anandvihar and other districts of uttar pradesh its government fault that they didnt help the people after complaining to the authorities and a write a letter… what else they can do? And also pm modi requested that stay where you are! We the muslims are not lack of humanity in our hearts….we care!!

    • I don’t know about others but Will you sign a petition to return Mecca to Arab Pagans? Why Muslims stayed in India even after partition, what happened to humanity for non-Muslims? Why are Muslims asking non-Muslims to convert in Pakistan if they want food to eat?

      As per you, they are equivalent to the government, can you explain?. How many people as of now died without food?

      • Go and ask pakistanis! And ask your forefathers not to convert or kill jains, buddhists , ajivikas and other tribal groups! Are you people real? And before you rise from the railway track that you are shitting on look behind, there is a man watching at you and laughing at the shit that is coming from either sides of your gut!

    • Muslim and Humanity are two opposite things. You arabi followers are not Indians but a liability to this country.

      • India is world -wide famous for two thing. First one is” Taj Mahal” one of the seventh wonder of the world which was built by Shah Jahan – a muslim and the second is for being secular where Hindu, Muslims and people of all religion lives together share equal rights. So I really feel u need to know more about India and our Constitution

  89. Dear writer,

    I am a Muslim and I never condoned the Tabhilighi Jamat for what they have done. Neither did none of my liberal brethren. Please stop acting like a silly kid, who keeps complaining of how liberals are, and if there is nothing to complain, just make up stuff to complain about.

    This is a straw man that you are building up here. But we know where it comes from. Keep up!

    • You may be right. It is good to know that you have liberal friends. It would be great if you can quote some liberal leaders who have condoned this act of Tabhilighi Jamat.

    • Who are your liberal brethren? If you are muslim. And if you are muslim than you are surely not indian as you follow arabi culture and have nothing to do with Indian culture.

  90. The congregation took place on 13-15 March,2020 .Were there any restrictions placed. The first Janata curfew was announced on 22.03.2020. Is the government also not reponsible in as allowing the meet and giving visas to persons from countries who were grappling with C-19. It is simply shifting of the blame.

  91. The idiots who attended this gathering should be rounded up and NOT be given any treatment, but just kept in quarantine. If they recover, Allah has heard them; if they die, too bad, Allah did not hear them. Let us not waste precious medical resources on folks who do not exercise common-sense, violate laws, and then mix with rest of populace happily. So-called liberal like Javed Akhtar is pointing out at the lapses in police and administration. Whenever a group does a mistake, they point fingers at others. Really sad at this so-called liberal.

    Religion should be strictly kept personal, and nation should be put first. Any person of any religion who does this should be punished.

  92. Mr. Taskin is highly ill informed about the social and religious role the Tabliqh Jamaat plays in our country India. Should visit and stay there to see, check and analyse the daily routine of the Jamaat before pulling them in a negative tone. I condemn these comments. We muslims try to appease the Almighty and not any other individual. Hence its been very clear to take a shot at us as an easy target. The Nizamuddin incident is a carelessness of our system as the Central Govt. was busy counting numbers of MLA’s to form a Govt in Madhya Pradesh and getting the seats for Rajya Sabha. No focus was made on the religious meetiings held at Markaz, Nizamuddin which involved many foreign visitors being the Head quarter. Even the Delhi Govt. needs to take the blame as to why against lockdown and information received from the Jamaat about people stuck in the Head quarter, no action was taken. Moreover when foreign nationals were visiting India along with other regular individuals from various destinations, why they were not screened and data maintained as to trace their locations. Its quite simple nowadays to target muslims and the religion , Mr. Taskin should perhaps invest this time at the Head quarter which is under 24×7 vigil of various security agencies before spewing venom. Simple to write an article against muslims and Islam is a regular practice to gather attention of the masses . Should be stopped.

    • “We muslims try to appease the Almighty and not any other individual.”

      This statement is wrong in so many ways. It just shows your utter lack of respect for others and their beliefs and your peoples’ disgusting selfishness.

      It’s disgraceful you play the victim card when you don’t respect the laws of the land. Let me tell you, you only get what you dish out to others. So when you say Muslims are not respected, there’s good reason for that

      Your thoughts are equally poisonous as the virus and for our sake, please stay far away from the rest of us.

      You should be ashamed!

    • By your logic Muslims have no responsibilities, all the responsibilities are on Kafir to stop the spread of the virus. How this article is against Islam?

    • You try to appease the almighty, but the almighty does not get appeased. And why does it happen? Because you lack honesty in your appeasement, just like our secular politicians.

  93. The author clearly proves her bias and tries to prove that Hindus are also equally culpable.

    She has not quoted any published scientific paper that has identified that Ganga and Yamuna pollution is caused by religious waste.

    Yamuna is polluted after Delhi and there is no significant religious activity that takes place. Delhi takes Yamuna’s water and replaces with its sewage.

    Ganga has lost a lot of water due to Tihri dam. Further City sewage and untreated discharged from factories, particularly from tanneries, is the culprits.

    Both these facts are scientifically proven and volumes of peer reviewed papers have been published. I will appreciate if ThePrint at least maintain scientific accuracy – if not intellectual honesty.

  94. Islam itself is a virus that doesn’t kill but changes the functioning of human mind in such a way that any scientific reasoning or argument become rubbish to humans infected by this virus.

  95. Hats off to author for boldly writing against Islamic. If islamic practiced instead of preaching, a lot of their own people could have been saved. Now they have left ordinary Muslims in a lurch and turned all of them as an object of vilification. Though, they all strictly followed Lockdown.

  96. You are sure what you are saying???

    The believers are doing what the scriptures are telling them to do. The author being a believer of the Arabic ideology, should know better. What choice any believers???

    According to several Hadith collected by the most famous of the Collectors. Sahih Al Bukhari

    1. Allah Apostle did say that diseases are NOT contagious.
    2. Allah Apostle did say that martyrdom is the ultimate thing.
    3. Allah Apostle did say that there are 5 ways of martyrdom.
    4. Allah Apostle did say that Death by plague and other epidemics is martyrdom

    Please read. It is available online.

    So, if you are a true believer and trust Allah’s Apostle seriously, and blindly – what else you can do? can the author elaborate.

    Is the Author suggesting that people should NOT trust Sahih Al Bukhari or any other collectors of any Hadith??? Yes, all these Hadiths were collected and written down almost 200-250 years after Allah’s Apostle’s death. or is it that Allah’s Apostle made mistakes??
    Or open up your mind and brains, and be conscious …and read these scriptures as historical documents only – NOT messages from Allah or his Apostle.

    • Are you?

      While your knowledge of the Arabic language/culture is commendable, your response is probably out of context.

      Whatever their beliefs, when the govt says stay home, people should STFU and stay at home.

      In an emergency such as the one we’re in, its stupid and highly irresponsible for anyone to congregate in such large numbers. That’s it!

      If not for themselves, they should have atleast stayed at home for the greater good of others.

      It’s exactly this lack of respect for everyone else apart from their own that they receive such harsh backlash. I have no sympathy for them.

      But the sad part is, they’ve probably infected hundreds of innocent people and they don’t even have the decency to own up to their idiocracy.

      Shame on them!

      • Nope, Tablighi Jamaat has given the same arguments and has spread viruses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and now India. And they have done it in the name of Islam and Allah and quoting hadiths. Many of them even though knowing that they had the virus never informed and not informing even now.

        Anyway, are you defending Tablighi Jamaat or not?

    • Dear Mr. Gosh, you are twisting facts and cherry picking. If you want to read and not distort the message that Islam spreads, then please read this

      Also please not that these people made a huge mistake no doubt, but everywhere in the world similar acts of stupidity have been committed. Read up on the pastor in Florida and you will know what I am referring to.

      First and foremost order as per hadith is not to go to an area where there’s an epidemic and if you are already there the orders are not to leave the place. Martyrdom in a epidemic ridden area is stated for the ones who listened to this message, complied and didn’t leave. Hence the message is pretty clear and far superior to the current day quarantines and scientifically effective.

      Stop spreading hatred. They made a mistake. Charge them and take them to the court. Other religious entities also gathered but for a few hours. You know it and I know it as well. This group, being ginormous, also followed the routine of staying at these quarters which is a norm otherwise. But no doubt in the current global situation, it was idiotic, irresponsible and uncalled for. But the majority of these people are not scientists. You, being a very clever individual faulted by misquoting hadith and promoting hatred. How are you being different than them?

    • It is an idiotic reaction in itself! Yes, it was a blunder on the part of the Jamaat. But the fact remains that gatherings were banned on 13th when the premises were already full of foriegners and locals . Thousands of people have foreign travel history but do you expect everyone to self-isolate or get themselves quarantined in shit filled smelly rooms? To top it with the idiotic governments that you have, both at state and center levels who flew their citizens from hotspots and now rmptied the Markaz which could’ve been used a quarantine facility. Your article is a veiled dig at Islam in itself and has overtones of islamophobia. There is no coherence in your views. Don’t blame the jamaat, blame the idiots that are running your governments. I know jamaat has become a scapegoat and will be blamed for the disaster that india will pass through. But it was already in the making. Your ghanta curfews and lies won’t stop the coronavirus to spread. Way to go idiot, way to go!

      • Ah, another muslim hiding behind the comment. It’s fine, we are used to such people by now.
        Wtf are you saying “your govt” for? Where the hell are you from? If you don’t share the same govt, then please stop throwing your gyaan about “someone else’s” govt that you might not be aware of.
        People blaming govt is the easiest escape these days. No sense of self responsibility, just blame the govt like they are sitting and waiting for you to shit and them to clean it up. So convenient isn’t it.
        You freaking people stop supporting your people when it is not just ! Speak up.
        Stop your victim card playing, we have seen enough and we are highly fed up. You people only come with full voice when even a small injustice happen to your people. But when all these things happen to others, you don’t give a damn. Why? Coz they are not from your community? Heights of religious fanaticism.
        So please. Fed up.

        You’re too naive to understand the factors to be considered before deciding something. A place needs to be sterilized and tested free from radicals and not do a irresponsible “disaster” by using that building for others. Naive.

    • Very Nicely said sir.. but you only showed one part of it.. If you are relating this event with religion then please look at all other places of workship too which violated norms of the state and central government. See what happened in Karnataka today when lockdown was relaxed (don’t know why was it relaxed). People flocked the market and there was no social distancing.. or take the event of today from dadar (mumbai) same thing. Are we going to blame the religion for the plain stupidity of the people. Govt. is not to be blame in-spite of such late response (can’t blame them to be too busy in toppling state government). Regarding online material you read only the half.. the next half let me tell you . The apostle said if you know that in some place a pandemic is there , don’t go there and if there is a pandemic in place where you live .. don’t leave it and go to other place. Please do the research properly.. Brother hatred let us see only one side of a coin.. When i salute the tri-color, I am not saluting a mere cloth I am saluting the value it represent. A nation is not a piece of land with boundary . A nation means it people, If you love your nation love your people. Regarding scripture and their translation.. we can talk seperately.. why only muslim or hindu.. i can translate to you all religion scripture.. Gandhi said if you want to understand about your religion then read other religion and understand it first

  97. i totally agree with the editorial. i will go further and request the concerned persons to apologise to the nation. and let all the muslims who attended the the jamaat form a COVID INDIA help group after their recovery. This will not only serve nation but will also earn lots of blessings from ALLAH, whose happiness is the ultimate goal of all religious discourses.

    • Presently there is no need to apologise. If all the attendees who could not be traced yet can voluntarily come forward and let government know where they visited in the last 15 days so that contact tracing can be done and people likely exposed isolated, that will go a long way in controlling the damage already done than any apologizing.

  98. The govt decision to vacate the mosque and transfer all these people congregated at the mosque is a double blunder. They should have been confined to the premises and given tests or quarantine or treatment as required in situ. The facility has hosted over 3000 delegates for over 15 days and surely can continue for another few weeks. The required medical and security teams could be pooled from within the jamat and necessary equipment, medicines provided.

    We have now ensured that it spreads outside and wider.

    • Here in this case the quarantine is to stop people getting affected further and medically monitored. Many have been admitted to hospital for treatment. Had they been allowed to stay in the same place, 2631 of then as per the figures released yesterday, everybody will, sooner than later. After vacating the premises, now Delhi govt is doing major sanitization operations to clean the filth left over by occupants.

    • Exactly so. If they have alrfeady gathered they should have been asked to stay there until the risk is finally over. Allowing them to leave was another big mistake. I know that many would consider this against freedom but this is not the right moment to excercise rights rather it’s of utmost importance that we excercise safety first.

    • I agree. Those people should be left alone to stay inside and never allowed to come out. Now they are spreading the disease everywhere in the country.

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