Friday, June 9, 2023
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Something has changed for Modi. Perception management isn’t working anymore

The scale of the fresh Covid challenge is too big to be managed with BJP’s polemics and sophistry.

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For once, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal might have got the better of the political guru he wouldn’t acknowledge — Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During a meeting of the chief ministers with the PM last Friday, Kejriwal chose to livestream his remarks, drawing rebuke from Modi for breaching the ‘protocol’ and the ‘tradition’ of an ‘in-house meeting.’

Given that the PM’s remarks at the meetings with CMs over Covid-19 are always livestreamed, it was difficult to understand why a CM’s remarks about the state of affairs be treated as a violation of protocol or a secret. The PM is not known to get upset — not publicly, at least. What might have upset him was Kejriwal’s obvious attempt to shift the blame for his government’s failures onto the Centre. And he was doing it cleverly — by pleading for the Centre’s help to meet oxygen requirements in Delhi hospitals. The CM apologised to Modi but won the battle of optics.

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Losing the narrative war

This brief exchange at the PM-CMs meet gave an inkling of how the second Covid wave has got the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government at the Centre on a sticky wicket. A party that celebrated Modi’s victory over the coronavirus until recently seems to be fumbling as it seeks to set the narrative — its forte once.

That’s because the BJP has always had a set template to build a positive narrative, no matter how bad the reality on the ground is. And the strongest of them was what was aptly summed up in the All is Well song in Amir Khan-starrer 3 Idiots. Remember the song “Jab life ho out of control, honthon ko karke gol, sitee bajaa ke bol all izz well?” As this writer and his family remain in isolation, nervously watching scenes outside hospitals on TV and social media, the next line of the song gives the creeps: “Murgi kya jaane ande ka kya hoga/life milegi ya tawe par fry hoga/koi na jaane apnaa future kya hoga/honthon ko karke gol, sitee bajaa ke bol, all izz well.”

Personal demons apart, the all-is-well narrative really worked in the past. Be it the demonetisation of high-value currency notes or continuous economic downslide, people forgot all problems, with Modi’s all-is-well assurance and promise to make India a $5-trillion economy—just as a seemingly stillborn baby started kicking after hearing Amir Khan say the three words in 3 Idiots. As the second wave of Covid infections has hit India like a storm —  with the much-touted revamp of the health infrastructure coming to nought — nothing is going well for the ruling party to croon that song.

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70 years versus five years

The second pillar of the ruling party’s narrative used to be the ‘70 years versus five/seven years’. All those decades of opposition parties’ rule were a waste. It was left to the Modi government to ramp up the health infrastructure when the coronavirus hit the country. Even petrol and diesel prices remain high because no government in the past did anything to reduce oil import dependence.

As it was, nothing worthwhile happened in India for 70 years since the Independence till 2014 — 67 years to be precise. Having taken credit for putting in a robust public health infrastructure in place to ‘defeat’ the coronavirus last year, the BJP can’t blame the opposition for the utter lack of preparedness for the second wave.

Apart from the failures of successive governments in 70 years, the BJP leaders found many other issues to set the agenda — Tablighis as alleged super-spreaders, Chinese origin of the virus, and mismanagement by non-BJP governments (remember Amit Shah’s interventions in Aam Aadmi Party-ruled Delhi and the Central teams’ findings in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana?), among others. There is nothing to differentiate between governments on party lines today. If Maharashtra, Delhi and Chhattisgarh are witnessing a surge in infections — and crumbling of the health infrastructure — so are Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. If patients are dying in Delhi hospitals for lack of oxygen, so are those in Haryana. And instead of Tablighis, TV screens carried pictures of sadhus taking Kumbh snan and top BJP leaders addressing huge election rallies.

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Can’t even bash Rahul Gandhi

Last but not the least, the BJP always relied on Rahul Gandhi, the opposition’s face, to give it a talking point. But, for a change, the Congress leader has been on top of the game right from the beginning of the Covid crisis last year. Who could have ever believed that the BJP would end up emulating Gandhi who had cancelled poll rallies in West Bengal, citing the Covid threat? Also, who could ever think that BJP leaders would feel political insecurity from the Covid relief works done by Youth Congress president Srinivas BV and AAP MLA Dilip Pandey?

Where the BJP seems to be losing the plot is in its failure to change its narrative as per the changing situations. So when the Modi government is facing the heat, it’s the same old tactic being deployed — opposition-bashing and singing paeans of Modi.

The scale of the fresh Covid challenge is too big to be managed with polemics and sophistry. The best strategy for the BJP would be to take a cue from its political adversaries like Srinivas and Pandey, and deploy million of its workers on the ground to bring relief to the people. This is no time for perception management. It is time for proactive public health management.

Views are personal.

Edited by Anurag Chaubey

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  1. It seems that when PM announced lockdown in March 2020, he was autocratic and was up surging power of states. This was bad for democracy. Towards end of first wave, states were handed over the responsibility to manage lockdowns etc. The states anyway were carrying on testing and so on. By all reports, states were given funds to put up O2 plants. Can some one also ask states what did they do with that money, why not declared lockdown early or take steps to prevent the spread. Now PM is blamed for not being autocratic and allowing states to take the responsibility. What does the writer want PM to do?

  2. The 2nd surge has caught us all flat footed and Modi will have to take the blame as the captain of the team. Many a great leaders had failures like Churchill at Gallipoli, Stalin trusting Germany and Mao and his cultural revolution. They all fought back and did fulfill their mission despite all the carping like the writer of this article. Just reading applause for Kejriwal I knew what your article is going to say and I stopped reading. Have the write ever sat at a high table where weighty decision is made? The first rule is not to ever breach the protocol because it defeats the purpose of the meeting, and only a tapori like K’jwal can do it and tapori like the writer you can endorse it. For all his faults, Modi will continue to be preferred by this country’s voters because they know he does not steal money and stash it abroad. They like his neeyat.

    • It is amazing how one can convince oneself of the infallibility of their heroes. The men that you mentioned Churchill, Stalin and Mao were in some sense heroes but for many they were the worst mass murderers in history, it surprises me that you would be an Indian and call Churchill a great man. it is understandable that you couldnt read the applause of Kejriwal, guess if you chose to ignore everything, Modi does come out as the greatest PM India has ever known.

  3. This article is partial and one sided. Only highlighted bad /wrong decisions and ignored good ones.
    Has the Govt failed to control inflation?
    Have not exports ,agricultural production gone up..
    Is manufacturing gone down except during corona days.
    Will the Balance of Payment and Foreign Reserves go up unless the financial management ids sound?
    Is the percentage of infection to population higher than developed countries {though it may be high in absolute numbers}
    Is not the percentage of vaccination better than many developed countries?
    Did not Mr.Kejriwal kept quiet when OXYGEN Supplier told the court that DELHI Govt stopped supply of OXYGEN to ALL HOSPITALS?
    YES.Govt should have been more careful about Election Meetings ,Kumbh Mela and similar religious functions by ALL parties and should have made State Govts responsible for enforcing discipline and wearing masks etc.

  4. The sooner this govt disappears better for people and democracy. Lies every where. PM cares fund – carelessly gone for elections. Worst still coming.

  5. Hi ,Srinivas is doing fantastic work but at the same time Gautam Gambhir, kapil mishra,charu Pragya,tajinder Bagga,Vaishali Poddar,Shalabh Mani Tiwari ,adwait kala and many more BJP workers are working day and night,You haven’t mentioned them anywhere I don’t know why. Millions of RsS workers are working without any publicity but you haven’t acknowledged them as well although they are selfless workers.

    • RSS has always ben there for any crisis in the country but the all BJP cadres should be on ground Zero you dont see them

  6. Mr feku Modi ji is a waste unfit pm & rss were complete buffoon’s who donno how to rule morever I view Rss as a radical Hindutva terrorist organisation & some jokers say rss help this & that ? My foot they earn via killing good minorities so those blood earned money ? Hahah it has no impact that is why same rss getting died in corona virus & natural disaster’s etc let them get deleted forever rip rss

  7. Give me example of any Non-BJP ruled state managing the covid better than the national average.
    Or do you have any proof that suggests Rahul Gandhi visionary Politics helped the Congress Ruled States?

    • Bro the centre has to provide funds that is the case. 6yrs of modi govt yet no improvememt that is the case. So he is just like all old PMs . That is what print is trying to say. Everyone fails modi has failed in covid second wave. Why cant u even accept that. We know congress is bad so is bjp..why cant u accept that

  8. Finally Print again started getting Funding from Congress.
    Everyone was wondering how come Print in becoming a Centrist News Portal, But we all know the reality that there is nothing called as centrist

  9. Yet another lame article by a spent force. You should have written about this a few weeks ago. In Hyderabad, we had a Unani medicine called Zinda Tilismath…their punchline was *101 beemariyon ki dawa*. 😂😂😂.
    That is exactly what Modi has been turned into by an insane mob who think he is the cause of every ill in this country…

  10. Probably shekhar does not want to eat his 2019 humble pie ; so he has let loose some cannon to squeak. Election results will give an idea on where the reality stands

  11. Despite their efforts like Modi working long hours and giving speeches with false promises and Amit Shah working hard on election management with a large treasury overflowing, the ruling party’s commitment to the RSS doctrine of Hindutva has proven unequal to the major task of a strong economy, a united and not divided nation. The grand Modicare announced by the late Jaitley which provided health insurance and an allocation in the budget of a meagre Rs 1200,cr for providing basic infrastructure to cover every panchayat with a primary health centre was a big eyewash. Studies by agri experts have also brought out the inadequate budgetary allocation to the agriculture sector. MNREGA which was criticised by Modi had to be resorted to provide basic income for farmers. While the expenditure on infrastructure like roads, electricity was improved but maybe the Govt has overspent. We are now one of the top four countries on defence expenditure by ad hoc purchases at higher prices.
    With this background, the onset of the pandemic has multiplied our problems. With not being prepared by planning to meet the second wave, the Govt is forced to facing huge expenditure on infrastructure and planning the whole vaccination strategy to cover even 70% of our population expeditiously and effectively. Our country have enough experts on public health issues like epidemiologists, and other technologists to coordinate the availability of vaccines, oxygen, drugs, temporary hospital beds etc This area is beyond and above politics when everyone including the people should cooperate to minimise deaths. It is time for ACTION for ALL to fight the deadly virus which could continue for another year or longer till everyone is safe and protected

    • Correct analysis ! Also, you made it clear Hindutva is not up to running a modern state and a modern economy. That is my view also.

  12. Lakhs of RSS workers are already working for past 2 years silently .
    No one gives them credit but the situation in dharavi in mumbai was brought under control largely to the selfless work of RSS .

    • Mr Mayoor: You conveniently forget the other side of the RSS when tragedies happen.

      When 8 year old Asifa Bano was drugged and gang raped in a temple in Kathua by none other than the temple priest and his gang of thugs, the RSS organised the Hindu Ektha Manch to provide support to the perpetrators and not to the family of the victim. And the BJP and eventually and bizarrely even the Congress, ended up supporting the RSS.

      So should the RSS have been given credit for its role in Kathua Mr Mayoor ?

    • Where did you read that ? In an RSS pamphlet ?

      The mainstream media like TOI report Muslim volunteers despite Ramadan have come in numbers to help in cremation grounds – even in Gujarat. Hindus are sending videos of it and appreciating. In some cases, the families of the deceased do not have people to carry the bier, or people who are willing to dispose and cremate the body, and these volunteers have come forward.

      The media have reported the Sikhs are running oxygen langars from gurudawaras.

      There are no reports in the media of RSS serving in crematoria. They would be the last people – they do not see people equally, they would not handle bodies of inferior castes. Other communities are better at social service and that comes out in such times.

  13. “The Print” you are actually so biased and one sided. If holding elections was an issue, why Opposition parties took part? They could have stayed away. Talking about Rahul Gandhi he only stopped campaigning after he tested positive.. So stop spreading negative narrative.

  14. Propaganda news machine like print are working day and night to discredit the government of its achievements.. just imagine how bad would have been the situation had your favourite Congress party been in power.. scams on vaccination.. research scams… Scams on unimaginable scopes.. ill propaganda against sanatan dharma.. and what not.

    Try all you can.. but dharma will win your propaganda will not.. Indian demos is no more a fool.. people who are still supportive of adharmi parties do so either because they are deluded or because they have selfish motives to keep others like themselves deluded..

  15. I read only the first para & knew that it has an agenda ! How can a CM begging for pardon, be a winner ! Are you related to Rajdeep by any chance ? Same rules apply for him – a slap in USA is victory ! You don’t deserve further read.
    Instead, watch Capital TV from Delhi- he gives you all a correct title ! Just waiting Yogi

  16. Its almost 8 years ….we are listing him….finally we are end up this situation……Thanks Modi you are true Indian.

  17. The more you write article against Modi, ignoring the failures of Kejriwal / Uddhav, the more, the chances of him winning future elections.
    For every criticism Modi/BJP has developed a habit of taking immediate corrective action. This corrective action will give the perception managers a clear edge to put up a strong narrative at election time.
    Criticise Kejriwal and Uddhav for their failures and make them correct their mistakes, otherwise there Will be no opposition left to challenge BJP in coming years.

  18. I just have one question: Can you just imagine a coalition government at the centre right now? Or even worse Rahul Gandhi as PM? You will simply thank god for Modi. Goodbye!

    • MMS was a capable leader. Maybe not Rahul. But certainly not thanking God for Modi, rather praying God remove him.

  19. Truly said.There is no cunning politics,or even religious appeal in Corona.It strikes every one ,regardless.
    Modi and his coterie of adoring sycophants have brought havoc by their shabby governance. Some letters here mention that they will win election .Yes ,that is a truth -perverted as may be- looks like misery and death is the best vote getter.

  20. It seems that all the responsibility has to be borne by the government and public can do what it wants to do, not wearing mask, not following SOPS, NO DISTANCING and also in the beginning people were so averse to taking vaccine and now when the wave has risen the same people want to blame government.

    • Obviously, people are paying huge taxes. So that Modi could have fun only. It’s government duty to protect people not people’s duty to pay taxes and work hard and take care of themselves as well.

  21. Blaming others is very good…..Yes if u acknowledge some lacking on modi’s part then question also must be asked about the failure and responsibilities of state govts….why rahul can’t make congress ruled states as model states.

  22. True to the last word But a lack of serious leader in opposition leaving baba this the only choice between devil and the deep sea.
    Appeasement has made the majority think only Modi is right.Its last decades baggage of the pain imposed on majority that gives leverage to Modi even today.
    But the endgame is near and looks we will have another kichdi govt in 2024.

    • ‘Its last decades baggage of the pain imposed on majority that gives leverage to Modi even today.’

      What is the pain imposed on the majority ?

      The majority commits pogroms, it lynches minorities, its politicians incite hatred, it rapes 8 year olds in temples, the police and politicians are on their side. So how is the majority the victim ? This is just propaganda drummed into you to create the feeling that the majority is the victim, whereas the majority controls all, whether in Congress or BJP.

      If you believe you now have a party that cares for the majority, then you have to explain why the crematoria are overflowing, and who has jacked up the prices for oxygen, medicines and cremations.

  23. It may be your perspective that Kejriwal got better of Modi but what he did was what spy or a robber does which has hurt his image badly & confirmed him as a person who always tries to build his image through advertisement to get sympathy just a week back on TV he said Delhi is prepared for 4th wave according to Kejriwal & in next 3 days there was havoc in Delhi for which he wanted to shift blame on centre that’s why this navtanki

  24. As much as I hate modi’s recent activities and extremely irresponsible behavior and no matter how much I don’t want to vote for him, I still wonder what other option do I have. Rahul Gandhi?

    Maybe if someone like Naveen Patnaik came into national stage, I will vote for him and not Modi.

  25. Blame people of the country & State Govts before blaming Prime Minister . It is Mr Arvind Kejriwal who was & is responsible for state of affairs in Delhi . Pl find more details .

    Best of luck.

  26. Whether you like or do not like Modi , is a good administrator. He has always come up from the bottom . This time also same story is happening. Most of the people of the country have faith in his leadership. . All negative and anti- Modi propaganda will prove useless . He is real KARAM YOGi and is working hard without detachment. Every battle, every war , comes with new problems as life since the beginning is like that . Persons of Modi-type always win.

  27. Why is the Central Government Not stopping the IPL 2021???….We are talking about the Khumbmela and Election Champaigns conducted in the 5 States…But, Can anyone imagine the scenarios for the rise in Covid-19 cases across all the States bcas of IPL being conducted even without any spectators during this 2nd wave…Left to ur imagination….Get together’s by youth and fanbees to have a discussion about pros and cons of their teams….night parties in bars to support their teams….what not to say….Young Eager Youth of Our Country, please be responsible because we have elders with immense knowledge at home to shape us….so please stay home and take care of your elders…let’s be responsible….Please stop the IPL matches…

  28. RBI should go for quantitative easing, just like US fed. There is nothing for modi to do here.

  29. DK seems to have written this piece in a hurry. If he had waited for a couple of days, he would find that contrary to the perception being created of Modi being solely responsible for the second wave of Covid in Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, MP, Rajasthan, Orissa etc. due to his election rallies in West Bengal and TN ! On 18th April, Arvind confirms that there is enough oxygen in Delhi though other states are having shortage but on 23rd April, he holds Modi solely responsible for all the oxygen shortage in Delhi! Now that we know how Modi took control of the situation and managed turnaround of required supplies of oxygen, medicines etc. nationally and now internationally in just a matter of few days, we can see a different picture of one should respond nationally to a crisis. And after what Delhi HC said today, we know for sure what Arvind is doing in Delhi.

    Forget what happens to Modi in 2024, first you be sure that you will survive in Delhi till that time against Covid under Arvind Kejariwal government!!

  30. The one who wrote this article is foolish enough to neglect that people of our country bharat can manage the most difficult situations such as extreme poverty, unemployment, loss in business etc and can still be happy and stable enough to support their ideology but what is most unbearable thing for us is the death of a family members or friends which is happening nowadays. It shakes us from within and makes us forget every thing. Do we have any consideration for the materialistic possessions infront of the life of some loved one? No. The virus has even killed many of the bjp supporters. Even if we feel that government is doing enough for us, can we make someone understand it who is mourning on the death of his lived ones. Such person will pose only one question which will make us silent- “will the government bring back the life of my husband/son/parents?” What will you answer them?

  31. Chinese origin of the virus…..ha, nice one….
    WUHAN VIRUS would be more appropriate……..

  32. Media managed MODI’s image very well all these years though there were so many flaws. Now that the people of India have come out of their dreams and facing the reality they feel devastated and cheated which I would say the realisation was too late. If Media had done their job and constantly put pressure on government by asking questions this phase wouldn’t have occurred. And of course the tyranny of MODI and BJP have backfired them.

  33. Now that the 2nd wave has sprung, the knives are out by PM Modi’s detractors to take-out his genuine hard work. These people blabber as though Modi has brough this savage surge upon us, I guess the only leader who is capable of bringing us out of this dilemma is him. I can’t imagine what the other jackasses who have done if they were in power.

  34. I am not aware why people or the media are not considering or asking State Government action and their failure. What they did for society or individual states. I mean they should have had escalated if there was oxygen in their states, 2 or 3 months back. What Mr. Kejriwal was doing. Is health department not comes under his jurisdiction. I mean we should stop blaming one person only. Why we people dont blame us for not taking precautions despite knowing the fact that Corona is not yet over.

  35. People have been writing polemical articles in varied newspapers calling Modi’s/BJP’s demise since 1998. But BJP has grown stronger every time. Guess the drying of bakhshish to court jesters in media till 2014 has hurt them most.
    Please don’t assume that the rest of the country has same myopic juandiced vision as yours – abki baar 400 paar in 2024. That being said Modi will have to answer for the flailing seen recently and so do the state chief ministers since healthcare is a state subject.

  36. Modi haters are everywhere. Not a single word on CMs and their state govts – all blame to Modi, as if Modi only is running the whole India. Rather that a journalistic view, this article is a political outburst, without substance.
    BJP emulated Rahul Gandhi ??!! He got Covid positive hence cancelled all his rallies. Correct your facts, please.
    And, all this polemics & sophistry is coming from the opposition only, Modi is still busy handling the Covid situation in India, if not then who is ? Any name coming to your mind, Mr Author ?
    Robust public health infrastructure in place ? Please note that Health is a state subject, but it’s Modi who is driving the Corona fight from the top. Which state govt can take the credit ? They all failed, including BJP ruled states.
    Is fighting Corona only Modi’s responsibility ? If not then why blame only Modi ? Has he stopped anyone to come forward ? All efforts are welcome. We all are one nation.
    Modi is not a superhuman, and can make mistakes, but above all his intent, his sincerity matters.
    We can criticize his mistakes, but it will be ungrateful of us if we fall for the propaganda against him by his haters.
    Finally, as mature people we should be able to filter the noise.

  37. Modi Ji reminded all several times in his speech to be careful till vaccinated. But did all listen? All experts told about heard immunity in Indians? The government sanctioned to all states hundreds of oxygen concentrators and plants. Did state install? What were CMs doing? after all its is a state subject. Again COvid second wave is very strong in cities in rich localities where people hardly take part in rallies. We all are responsible for so many caes and then if the stronger virus attacks, thing would haywire. All are saying that all thsese covid surge problems are government created. But should we not have careful?

  38. this is the general opinion among politicians, journalists and intelligentsia. but from my interaction with various groups, nobody seems to be blaming modi. the general opinion is that the intensity of the second wave was most unepected and nobody could have done anything better.

  39. DK you have three plus years to drive home ur narrative.So keep on working.The mission is impossible but.

  40. The Modi government only knows how to do one thing, win elections! They have failed miserably in governing. All they have done is create one crisis after another and blame it on the Congress. When it comes down to actually doing something for India they failed!

  41. I saw the tragedy unfolding as I ran for first oxygen ,then bed and at last for ventilator bed in delhi on 18- 19 April…everything failed and I lost my Eldest brother. just becoz the political leaders were sleeping or patting on their backs ..there was nothing by ut chaos ..doctors were fighting with nothing to fight with …patients died very painful deaths …the curse of these painful untimely deaths will always be there on our rulers .

  42. Bjp is a dark shadow like mirror hanging over India and destroying it piecemeal. And bhakts are blind.

  43. Perception management brings to mind Shri Arun Shourie. Kitchen mein bartanon ki awaaz toh sunai de rahi hai, lekin dining table par khaana nahin pahunch raha.

  44. The real pain point is going to come because of 2 things:
    1. Economic devastation post-Covid. This will have to be tackled because people will lose jobs, businesses will shut down and those who have jobs will also suffer wage cuts. This cannot be blamed on the opposition or previous Congress govts. Infact there will be huge pressure on the govt for increasing tax, an unpopular choice with their core supporters. Add to it inflation (which is highest on record since 2012) both upper and lower class voters are going to be unhappy. Claiming there is no alternative to Modi also will not work, because RG is going to hammer home his point of NYAY and economic anxiety can make people look at him in a more positive frame.

    2. The Hindutva message itself. Right now Gujarati businessmen like Modi. He feels approachable to them and they feel he is one of them. Most probably they may feel the same about Amit Shah as well. But Yogi Adityanath is a different kettle of fish. Gujaratis will lose their eminent position if Yogi were to replace Modi than Shah. Then Gujaratis will be in the same boat that Maharashtra and rest of non-Hindi speaking India is. Cow belt will be okay with Yogi, but Gujarat which is in Hindutva belt, will have to suffer serious loss of prestige. The same feeling made Maharashtra (Hindutva state neglected by the ruling Gujaratis) and Karnataka (Gujarat of South) vote against the BJP in 2013 & 2018-19. This also cannot be blamed on the opposition. Splintering of Hindutva will have the same effect that loss of E Pakistan had on W Pakistan. Again RG (or opposition) will hammer the point that merely Hindutva is not enough to keep everyone satisfied and united.

    Both these will come to the fore post 2024. So BJP is safe for the immediate future even if they have messed up the whole Covid pandemic fallout, but after that things look unsettled.

  45. 😅😅😅😅The print again on #modi bashing strategy… Do u have anything except articles bashing BJP n modi… Pl come out with some constructive thoughts… Pity on u the print

  46. It is a clear way of denigrating the clear and emphatic leadership of Modiji. It has now become trend and passion for his detractors to highlight only failures rather positive factors, by attributing it to only his leadership. The opposition has only one agenda I.e to make hay when there is opportunity for pecuniary gains instead of directing their manpower and administrative work for better planning and care their voting public. History will always remember a leadership of Modiji for his immaculate and self less execution and delivery of critical services to the poor and needy at times of crisis

  47. As per Constitution, people should change a party in Government in every five years and remove the party from the power,so that they could realise, they are not master , but supreme master is people of India.So let us take an oath WE , THE PEOPLE OF INDIA SHALL NOT REELECT A PARTY IN POWER FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS ,or so.

  48. Modi is SPREADING CORONAVIRUS…3.5 Lakhs Cases per day ( unofficially Coronavirus Cases are rising 10 times more per day to 30 LAKHS CASES PER DAY).
    MODI not creating any JOBS for Indians …USA Companies are giving JOBS to Indians, USA giving VACCINE to Indians, USA gave FOODGRAINS to India under PL480…..MODI giving only Coronavirus with Election Rallies….So Indians now should look towards Washington and not New Delhi.”

    Coronavirus will reduce in India when Modi is QUARANTINED by Kejriwals Delhi Govt , CM Rajasthan GEHLOT, BENGAL CM MAMTA, CM PUNJAB AMRINDER SUPPORT the move….so that Modi is not allowed to attend Poltical Gatherings and Cornavirous Second Wave is stopped in India.

    Cornavirous was waiting in ambush for Modi to turn complacent by holding Mass Political Rallies across India and then pounced on Indiabwith World Record of 3.5 lakhs Cornavirous Cases per day (30 Lakhs Cases per day UN- OFFICUAL).

    The virus doesn’t vote. Nor does it care about who wins or loses. It spreads sickness, misery and death, irrespective of politics or faith.

  49. LakhS people are dying.PM and Homeminister remained busy in election rallies.They are responsible for mismanagement of covid 19. They should be removed.

  50. Nobody is interested who won narratives….report something on job being done on the ground! Ppl are dying we don’t care two boots about all this BS.

  51. Having read above points and the biased article in The Print I as an individual and an Indian citizen feel that some journalists o the print are writing anti Modi and anti Central Government articles. Considering the fact that the pandemic is over a year old some governments have been too lax in getting people to follow proper Civil protocol. Since the second wave started state administrations have woken up and declared the mask a compulsory part of an individual. Increase in Civil members has led to clamor for more oxygen requirement.This has given authors of comments to lay the blame on Modi. Does the print journalist realize that some state governments and the one in Delhi too was dilly dallying on the Corona crisis. The Molalla clinics which gave votes to AAP are not heard of anymore they could certainly help in controlling the spread and educating citizens of the state. Modi bashing has become a habit of our mainstream media. Wish the media would give more news as to help the government responsibly rather than spread rumors on the pandemic .The general public and the Middle class are responsible and educated and will not be swayed by articles written and published by best journalists of the print. A few emotional comments will not likely change the perception of the voting public.
    I hereby end my comments on the article.

  52. There is always this fundamentally flawed argument that if not modi who? One can actually argue from the polar opposite. Anyone else will be less damaging to the country and its people than modi.

    This guy has no policy team to speak off. He started with top notch talent and everyone left him or was made to leave. He considers himself as Einstein plus Superman and makes major and critical decisions on a whim. Demonitization broke Indian economy’s back and this is no debatable point. All of his such decisions have pushed the country down a cliff. Those who see the bigger picture and have an option, are choosing to move out.

  53. It’s time up for Modi. Now just wait the whole bhakts will start praising that so many countries have come forward to help, it is just bcoz of modi effect. They will never show how they flopped and that is why others have to come and help. This is going to happen wait and watch. Just wait till may 2nd, let results come, the whole media will shift to talk on election results and the common man struggle continues… We have to live with the system and any new things done credit again will be taken by the govt.

  54. If Modi takes control by overriding states, he is Dictatorial….when states like Delhi fail to install Oxygen plants sanctioned under PM Cares, Modi is to blame…that the story…..States want Federalism with Autonomy, but NO RESPONSIBILITIES…..The author looks like he could do well to become Kejriwal’s spokesman!!!

  55. DK ji I really want Modi to lose I really do. But let me tell you, Bhakts as always are in denial mode. Modi is hardly going to face any trouble in 2024 and Yogi is still going to win UP although with a decreasaed mandate. People are so polarized that they are venting their anger on anybody but Modi. Becoz most Hindus are now emotionally invested in The Hindutva Project.

    • @Abhishek Gupta You are spot on. Polarized Hindus would be stripped down to his underwear, if need be, but will still vote for BJP to humiliate the minorities.

    • II hope my forthcoming book democracy no longer an option gets OK from the publishers, and is read by people who care for this country

    • Blaming Modi for all this chaos won’t work as peoples have started to understand that its State Governments duty to set up basic infrastructure needed to combat this Covid-19 pandemic. Central Govt. have been discussing and giving whatever help State Govts needed but unfortunately some Opp. run sates like WB, whose CM Mamata Banerjee didn’t attend a single CM’s meet on COVID with the PM for last 3 months. Delhi CM didn’t even bother to arrange Oxygen Tankers for his state neither built a single Hospital in last 6-7 yrs of his rule. Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Delhi didn’t had any elections or Kumbh then why situation is catastrophic there ? It maybe Modi hater’s wet dream but I can challenge that these fake narratives won’t work.

  56. Print you’re biased, you’re dead, you’re views are anti Modi, no one reads the Print (except a lot of Butt hurt andhbakhts who regularly appear in the comments section to say the aforementioned)

    Modi is like a cigarette to all smokers: addictive, feel good, gives instant momentary respite from tension, good with tea, good with a glass, good in the morning, good with friends, good in parties, good anytime of the day, good even if it burns a hole in your pocket. Sounds good……But only Till it burns a hole in your lung.

    Which is why when Anupam Kher says “Aayega toh Modi hi”…….

    I say, yes Smoking is Addictive but It Kills

  57. Experts in one area (say economy) are contemptuous of knowledge in other areas or believe that being bright is a substitute for knowledge. Experts and people like academics (especially alien), are not responsible for execution resulting in the perception of a problem an integral part of a preconceived idea for them. The best architectural designer can’t always make a flawless structure. Structural engineer, geologist, sourcing engineer, electrical engineer, plumbing expert et al with niche expertise, have to work together with the designer in the execution to build the

    Tailpiece: One way or the other, there is nothing in this world which is NOT a perception. The only truth ( as per Yuavl Noah Harari (check the net to know him, if you must)) the only truth in the world is suffering. Nobody “manages“ anything through suffering!

    • Suffering is caused by the “desire”
      If it’s controlled and since it’s controllable therefore suffering too is controlled
      Buddha’s basic sermon

      • Right Dr, Thank you.
        You can manage suffering. You can’t manage anything else through suffering.

        Warm Regards

    • Your writing is not comprehensible. It is unrelated to the article, the sentences are unrelated, and incomplete :

      ‘The best architectural designer can’t always make a flawless structure. Structural engineer, geologist, sourcing engineer, electrical engineer, plumbing expert et al with niche expertise, have to work together with the designer in the execution to build the…’

      Are you saying Modi is the designer and he could not design a good health system because the doctors, medical experts, oxygen producers and others did not cooperate with him ? Earlier, you said the failure was the public and the media.

      What is the meaning of ‘Experts and people like academics (especially alien), are not responsible for execution resulting in the perception of a problem an integral part of a preconceived idea for them.’

      Is your meaning that what we are seeing in hospitals and crematoria is a wrong perception that there is a problem, whereas it is only a preconceived idea of anti-Modi people with no substance ?

      I take it you want to say experts are of no use. Like Modi says, he does not believe in Harvard, only hard work.

      • Akash, Greetings.

        It is basic intelligence to recogise an obvious missing word – missed due to a typo, obviously. Sorry for the inconvenience.

        By the way Akash, I see that you are so obsessed with this person Modi, you recall him in every third sentence of all your comments. I do not recall mentioning him in any of my comments.

        Who is he? Is he such an important person in your life?

        Warm regards

  58. Mody has gone OVER CONFIDENT and takes everything as “guaranteed” in his favour.
    He has endangered lacs of lives by continuing election rallies, allowing lacs of people in “Kumbh snaan”
    Mody yahi nahi samajh paata ki jaan bachi rahegi tabhi Economy 18% growth touch karegi.
    Hero of 2020 has converter into minus ZERO in 10 days.
    Experts warn repeatedly for imposing LOCK DOWN with immediate effect but this deaf & dumb listens shaaaaaaah only

  59. Every individual has its ups and downs…. Leaders are no exceptions….. But a true and successful person is the one, who comes out the debris alive and with minimal damage…. Rightly or wrongly, Mr Modi has been at the receiving end of the 2nd wave of Covid pandemic….. he is being tested…. I am hopeful, considering the kind of person he is, he will be able overcome this …..

    • He has zero achievement as a PM. Every thing about him is a choreograph in motion. He is all pomp and bluster. A man who appoints a class ten pass as a minister of education is not even fit to be a Panchayat Pradhan.

    • I don’t think anyone is perfect, even Modi, but blaming Modi for inaction by the States is deplorable. Health is responsibility of the States. When there is good news, states jump to take credit when there is bad news, dumb on Modi. We have been seeing this in non Bjp ruled states, especially in Kerala.

  60. I still believe. He is still the best person to lead India out of pandemic. Rahul will remain the eternal fool . I don’t see a way for congress until they find someone better .

    • Easy to make random comments. First consider the facts and then share your opinion. Feel free to search Google on what Rahul has been suggesting wrt Covid since last year and what modi is doing. And the result of what modi is doing is already before us.

    • They can try Priyanka Ji or her husband. They are both Tourist politicians. And hubby has already demonstrated his administrative skills in fraud and looting.

  61. I wanted to ask in Delhi the situation is really bad and as we know that the central government has given more power to the lieutenant governor and the CM has now less control over Delhi so whose fault should we consider in the whole situation that is going on in Delhi ?

  62. The BJP under modi and his consigliere always likes to set the narrative, by using the saam-daam—dand-bhed, or Machiavellian politics. As rightly pointed out, they can’t do this in the current situation. And therefore the country should be ready for a surprise in near to moderate term future. Remember Pulwama and SSR.

    Having said that, the pain on nations psyche due to modi’s hubris and gross mismanagement is so visceral and personal this time,, that perception management will not work fully.

    • It is hard to believe that experts and professionals in the health department were totally unaware of the second surge of the deadly disease. At the same time it’s quite clear that the PM and his coterie were blissfully unaware of the perils lurking beneath the apparent calm. This means that the present leadership doesn’t like bad news and discourages carriers of gloomy forebodings. This is what happens when leaders confine themselves to bubbles of sycophancy. Criticism is essential for good governance. That’s why there is an opposition . The government should welcome criticism. Removal of critical tweets can’t wish away the harsh realities. It’s the suppression of criticism that landed the government in a soup vis-a-vis agricultural reforms. Congress mukt Bharat is a catchy slogan, not a good idea.

  63. The Modi “awe” for the people is now almost over and they have decided to punish him also for his mistakes…. After all all “awe” can remain only for some time… but who is the opposition or the leader on whom to bet on?? That is the question to be answered!!
    It is easy for Rahul to close his election rallies as there was nothing at stake for him…. it is almost sunset time for him,,, So no kudos for him to call out the obvious… open vaccination for all, ensure oxygen for all, Govt is sleeping…
    DK Singh can be more balanced, I think.

    • true. there in no alternative at all. not sonia gandhi! not rahul gandhi! not media’s favourite favourite sharad pawar! mayawati? mamta banerji? kejriwal? no way . no way.

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