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There’s a need to hold up a mirror to Modi govt on Covid management, and this is the picture

Between premature victory mood that allowed Kumbh & elections, and lack of urgency on vaccines, Modi govt has walked into its biggest crisis. The way out needs realism, humility and one ‘Ram baan’ weapon.

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Our friendly little Israel just marked its exit from the pandemic with cases down 97 per cent. The not-so-friendly and bigger China announced its full recovery from Covid with a quarter of 18.3 per cent growth. Now, move your gaze to India on the same day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a top-level meeting to respond to the growing crisis over the shortage of medical oxygen as Covid cases, deaths and positivity rates rise.

He didn’t waste any time in ceremonials or election campaigning on the day we are writing this. Already, Modi had cancelled a scheduled meeting with the visiting French foreign minister, not something you’d expect him to do casually. Especially given the centrality of France to India’s strategic interests and the PM’s likely summit with French President Emmanuel Macron later this year. In fairness, you could argue that the PM is so sensitive to his people’s distress that he is willing to leave everything else and focus personally on the day’s gravest crisis. But, should the crisis have become so grave that the prime minister of a nation of 1.38 billion with nuclear weapons and pretensions to be a global power is reviewing the supply status of medical oxygen?

We can say the usual stuff about this being an over-centralised, PMO-run government. This is more than a story of micromanagement gone wrong. This is a national leadership gone so wrong that India’s most powerful prime minister in four decades has had to personally take charge of medical oxygen shortages. As if a war with China was raging for some time and India’s forces were running short of missiles.

Being an old government watcher, I also noted with special interest that even representatives of the steel industry were participating in this meeting. A few phone calls unravelled that mystery. The steel ministry and industry come in because you need many more gas cylinders. Some decisions were taken at the meeting after this. Mostly good ones — allowing free inter-state movement of oxygen among them.

Mukesh Ambani chipped in with transferring some oxygen from his plants. And, as I write this, I see an anchor on India Today TV explaining in great detail — breathless in excitement — that the oxygen cylinders available for home use “you can buy from Amazon, but also from elsewhere”. A nation that takes pride in being the unipolar vaccine world’s only super-power — hailed by Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, such as he is, as the modern-day Hanuman bringing Sanjeevani to the world — is now all battle-stations for medical oxygen. Of course, it is also out shopping for Covid vaccines across the world too.

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This is Narendra Modi’s biggest crisis yet. It is bigger than any security threat, external or internal, or even the economic attrition of 2020. Security threats unite India behind any government of the day. And economic losses were pre-calculated.

The crisis with the return of Covid, already twice as bad as the peak in the first wave and worsening still, has the potential of unravelling the Modi government. It is unlikely, almost impossible, that somebody around him will tell him this. Strong men do not fill their inner circles with people who can give them the bad news.

If it was so, somebody should have told him on the 2015 Obama visit — ‘Sir, please do not wear this suit, it isn’t appropriate’. Or now, ‘sir please do not let that stadium in Ahmedabad be named after you’. Very candidly, and not at the fear of the axe. Because critics bring reality check that sycophants and noddies won’t. Remember the Bhakt Kabir wisdom in the traditional RSS discourse Modi is familiar with — “Nindak niyare raakhiye, aangan kuti chhawaye/bin paani, sabun bina, nirmal kare subhaay”, which means “Keep your critics closest to you, within the four walls of your home and courtyard, listen to them without annoyance, because they can tell you your flaws so you can cleanse without needing soap or water.”

And since somebody must do it — hold up the mirror — here we are. A nation that the entire world is looking at expectantly for its vaccine supplies is importing them instead, in a real emergency. What should’ve been a moment of crowning glory for Indian soft power is now a sad embarrassment where doses contracted by Indian manufacturers, even to the country that issued the licence and transferred the technology — Britain (for Covishield) — are being held back. Britain has served a notice of breach of contract on the manufacturer with a threat to withdraw the licence.

Unlikely such a withdrawal will happen at this juncture. But, it is bad optics especially as we prepare for Boris Johnson’s visit after a few days.

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Once we accept with some humility the reality of where we are, we can reflect on how we got here. And, more important, how to get out of this.

When Narendra Modi first came to Delhi in the summer of 2014, he used to say that his big discovery was how the central government worked in silos. People never worked together towards a larger objective. He was going to challenge that territoriality, he said, break those old silos. Over seven years now, he has built similar silos around himself.

As India’s Covid numbers began to decline after the mid-September peak while many other countries, including the US, UK, Brazil and Russia, were battling crippling second waves, we declared victory. Who’s ‘we’, is a good question. Today, any questioning of the government runs into the “blame the people” firestorm.

It is true that people dropped their fear, caution, masks, resumed partying, big weddings. But what cue were they getting from leaders? That festivals, the Kumbh Mela and full-blooded election campaigns could now go on. The war with the virus was over and the good side, ‘us’, had won. People follow their leaders. The more popular they are, the more loyal are the followers.

Now that shortages are setting in, queues lengthening from hospitals to pharmacies to crematoria, when TV anchors are teaching us where to order oxygen cylinders for home use, you know what you are paying for. But, you know how perfidious we are? How entitled we, the people? We will never blame ourselves, but the leaders.

There were errors of governance. As with all great projects where Bharat Sarkar takes full charge, it thinks it can do it all by itself. With fiat. So the government will say which vaccine will be permitted, who will make it, how many, and the price to sell. And, of course, it will be the monopoly buyer. This isn’t the first time a government erred in cutting the market out instead of using it as an ally. The surprise is it is the Modi government that did so. Its promise has been the opposite.

The way out is simple, because there is only one. Get more vaccines into people’s arms. For a population our size, and our raging infections, our cruising pace of three million a day is too slow.

Around this time last year, headline hunters were predicting an apocalypse in India in the first wave. India proved them colossally wrong then. We will let India down if we allow pandemic entrepreneurs to have the last laugh.

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  1. How does China enslave so called democracies & powers like USA/Europe as well as media in west & India that they are all silent on fixing Chinese responsibility for the Wuhan Virus disaster??!!

    Data robbers & freedom manipulators like Google/youtube, FB, Twitter etc.. are silent!!
    No hash tag on how Chinese Virus is killing Indians, Europeans & Americans alike!!

  2. Why doesn’t WHO, UN question China on the Chinese corona virus which has tanked economy, cost innocent lives !! Why doesn’t ‘chinese’ media in India write long article on china questioning their intentions and how they r responsible for the innocent deaths in the world !!!

  3. Equity mandates that the law be applied to the Kumbh mela attendees at par with that for the Tablighi attendees, duly discounting the learnings from the last year. And IPC be applied to the mela attendees for violating social distancing and wearing masks safety procedures.

    Narendra Modi and company, as also the judges who refused to stop the mela, should be prosecuted for accelerating the spread of the COVID. By refusing to stop the mela even after last years experience, it merits an investigation if these public servants have used bio-terrorism.

    • @Manjunath: Ha!!! Ha!! Yes!! China is NOT causing Bio terrorism but Kumbh is!!
      Islam is not burning Pakistan & India but Kumbh is!!

      Muslims were voters of Pakistan but stayed in India to drink Cow Mutra perhaps!! They were also big supporters of the White Christian British supremacists!! Now they are getting raped & slaughtered by the Han Chinese!! They are celebrating that zAllah is floating in Chinese mosques made into toilets!! And.. Who do Muslims blame?? FRANCE!!

      Meanwhile, Congress has been SECULAR Hindu genocide-rs in chief!! Led by communal Nehru & MK Gandhi, they created Terrorist-an & were responsible for butchering Hindus & taking away their legitimate property, religious & civilization-al rights !! The Hindus
      temples are still in govt. control while mosques & Churches are free!! This apartheid against Hindus was perpetuated by congress in so called independent India & by the so called courts of justice!! This is of course not terrorism against Hindus!!

      SECULAR MK Gandhi was killed, following his support of Islamic Pakistan’s terror funding & Sunni Muslim’s Hindu genocide in West Bengal & elsewhere!!

      After he was killed, Congress led by Nehru carried out the most brutal but supposedly SECULAR Genocide Of Hindu Brahmins in Maharashtra & elsewhere!! Nehru/Congress also did everything under the sun to discredit & ban RSS which had always come to the
      nation’s rescue!

      One wonders HOW Rahul & Priyanka Vadra Vinci-Gandhi-Khan.. have not yet met the same fate as the Gaddafi’s & Saddam Hussein!!

  4. Yes, let us turn to the wise and venerable judge of the human condition, from whom all knowledge emanates and of whom it is said he does not know something, then it is not worth knowing – let us turn to Lord Gupta to understand how to think about this crisis. The wise, all-knowing judge has passed his judgment. Why do we even need the news media?

  5. An analysis of the abysmal performance of the Modi government on almost every front, including its inept and callous response to COVID has to be seen through the lens of Centre-State power sharing in India. In other words, federalism.

    PM Indira Gandhi left behind a broken, distorted, diluted and thoroughly perverted model of federalism as her legacy. This model was further worsened by her successors and now almost completely destroyed by Modi and his autocratic set-up wherein States are not essential to the decision making process at the Centre. This perversion of federalism has a lot to do with this and many other fiascos in India. The subversion of the federal fabric of India is dangerous and can potentially break the country apart. The Centre’s i.e. the sole decision maker Modi’s response to the COVID crisis epitomises this.

    The Seventh Schedule to the Constitution ( mentions 3 types of lists or areas of authority and power sharing between States and the Centre. These are:

    The Union List: The Centre holds more power, sometimes absolute power in these areas. The list covers items like defence, economic policy, border security, foreign affairs, corporate taxes, Reserve Bank of India etc.

    The State List: Areas where States had more power or exclusive power. Covered items like public health, sanitation, hospitals, public order, agriculture etc.

    The Concurrent List: Areas of joint power sharing between Centre and State. Covers items like criminal procedure, civil procedure, education, trade unions, trade and commerce etc. etc.

    The problem with Modi’s unilateral approach to the tackling of this public health crisis is that he has ridden roughshod over state rights. Decisions are made in Delhi by some cabal of sycophants with Modi in the centre. This cabal has exploited the health crisis to expand a Hindutva agenda, extend the BJP’s reach and the depiction of Modi as the Messiah and saviour. For instance, the decision to enforce the lockdown last year was taken by PM Modi with a 4 hour notice causing enormous hardships to migrant workers who had to walk back from cities. States were not consulted and there was no co-ordination with the various States to assess the impact of such a lockdown. Demonetisation, GST, were other examples of this autocratic approach that is the Modi trademark

    Successive politicians, starting with PM Indira Gandhi have not acted in the spirit of federalism as they have sought to usurp and arrogate state powers to themselves. PM Gandhi toppled recalcitrant state governments and played havoc on the autonomy of non-Congress states. The most egregious example being the feud with Akali Dal in Punjab over the Anandpur Resolution wherein the Akalis demanded more autonomy for Punjab but not independence per se. Ms Gandhi’s contemptuous approach to the Akali demands worsened the situation. That culminated in the escalation of the Khalistan crisis, boodshed and tragically, Ms Gandhi’s assassination.

    Narendra Modi though has taken this game to extreme lengths, in effect transforming a federal polity into an elected autocracy. Essentially copying the Indira Gandhi playbook, Modi has sought to transform India into a one party country. The Hindutva card perhaps gives Modi better chances of succeeding in that quest than Ms Gandhi in North India. But, Punjab, the Southern states, North East, Kashmir are not likely to swallow the Hindutva cyanide pill. The many fissures and fault lines in India are going to manifest themselves as the economy goes to dogs; capital flight intensifies; militant, violent Hindutva replaces Hinduism; pseudoscience such as cow science makes India the laughingstock of the world. After all, as Modi had predicted, banging vessels on balconies and lighting diyas did not halt the virus did it ?

    Unless, PM Modi respects the federal infrastructure of India and takes states on board as equal partners, he risks not only imperilling the population, but also the very unity of the country. But alas, the COVID crisis for Modi is an opportunity to expand his brand of divisive, deadly politics, the nation and the people be damned. Not very different from the other Howdy Modi demagogue and Modi mirror image Donald Trump.

    • ‘This cabal has exploited the health crisis to expand a Hindutva agenda, extend the BJP’s reach and the depiction of Modi as the Messiah and saviour.’

      I personally feel that the learning point for Indians is more than Modi’s failure, but the failure of the Hindutva ideology behind the man ?

      Kili, would you agree ?

      Shekhar Gupta, Ninan, Zainab Sikandar, even Jyoti Malhotra pin the blame on Modi. His bhakths are desperate to deflect – blame states, media did not educate, people are to blame.

      It is time to look beyond Modi. He will be replaced by Yogi. The problem is Hindutva is incompatible with a modern, developed scientific nation that looks after its people. This is what we should highlight from now on. People are plucking up the courage to question Modi, but not Hindutva. India’s rot started with Advani and we are sunk by Modi.

      My recommendation is we people who do not want India to go down and fragment, we need to explain to people India has gone down due to Hindutva, and with Hindutva, there is no way for India to recover. They need to jettison not only Modi, but Hindutva – for just replacing Modi will only bring even worse like Yogi.

      If you analyse the Covid fiasco,, you can see it was driven by Hindutva – using it as an opportunity to target Muslims; then using Hindutva psuedo science to propagate vibrations and Covid papad as cures, afterwards using vaccines to show off Modi as the vaccine and vishwa Guru, then propagating Kumbh Mela and saying it is alright because it is our people, and appeasing the sadhu tribes who hold society to ransom.

      • Ha!! Ha!! In British Khangress installed Hindu apartheid & genocide land, India, zMUSLIM BODY, WAQF BOARD can declare YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY as theirs and you can’t even go to the courts!!

        This is FREEDOM, democracy & secularism according to so called secular politicians, Islamist’s & libarandus!!

        zIslam can declare parliament of India as their property and no one can do anything!! Is Islam inspired by Hindutva or demons??

  6. Le GobarBhakts: Ask Rahul Gandhi, ask Ankit, ask Puja, ask Neha, ask Sumit, … blah blah blah…

    Le Logic: Are are PM or HM (who should be responsible for running country) ??

  7. Both central and state governments are blaming each on vaccine shortage. Health Minister is blaming state government without realising even BJP ruled state of Karnataka, people in districts like Bellary, people are facing shortage. For reasons best known, government has failed to publish daily bullitein of inventory detailing opening stock, used, wastage, balance. It would help both centre and state to manage vaccine better and cannot escape from any mismanagement

  8. Wow it is so convinent to criticize our PM and the government. Nowadays media has become a notorious dictator. Just because you guys have access to newspaper, online blog or news channel you will write anything….. I mean literally anything. Our PM is not a magician, who can fill in all deficits created over a period of time.

  9. After nth article like this from SG, I can conclude this. There are journalists who will heap the criticism on their choice of target leaving other actors untouched. The reason for high coronavirus infection in India should be shared by people, state government and then the central government. SG turned this upside down. If he took all 3 actors to task equally in his article, no one would have qualms. If he atleast pointed to the lapses of respective actors it would have been fair criticism. But then, journalists? They can do certain things like this. So it is up to us people to simply read the article, know the respective responsibilities and don’t get all that worked up. Concentrate on work at hand.

    • @Rangaraj Puttaswamaiah: You can’t expect rational behavior from these Islamo-leftist fascists paid by China!!

      They even rule that dementia patient Biden who happens to be president of natives & black people genocide land called the first democracy!!

  10. Governance at its best, crematorium authority are issuing token and giving appointment upto 48 hours so that they would not have to wait .waah modi ji waah

  11. PM Tagore looked at the mirror and saw a great humanist staring at him. He fell in love with what he saw in the mirror.

    So he practised his next speech. ‘I stopped 70 years of appeasement, I have given you more crematoria than graveyards.’

    Modi heard in his mind the wild cheering from the audience and felt elated.

  12. This is certainly and clearly a pair agenda. I would blame people who ridiculed those who wore masks. Majority didn’t bother on the day when lockdown was lifted last year. People started having parties and eating like pigs with no brains on the street.

    Stop this cheap propaganda and it’s harmful.

  13. The Print is bunch of pimps over paid, underworked and don’t know what to do with all that money and time. So pick on some one who is an easy target as of now.

  14. A balanced analysis as usual! Thanks Print for it. Though the central govt will not accept its mistake openly, at least team Modi should introspect their myopic, centralized socialist-style methods of handling the crisis. It should empower states and private players. Central Govt should act as a facilitator of the process; not as a controller of the process.

  15. This is all hindsight wisdom, which all of our journalists are richly bestowed with. Did Mr Gupta raise an alarm over holding of Kumbh mela or of possible severe shortages of oxygen, drugs etc, when indications of a second wave were just beginning? If he could not foresee this threat then, how does he expect Modi to be able to do it? It’s all very convenient Mr Gupta, isn’t it?

    When you look back to the condition in UK in January this year, it was in deepest throes of the second wave, being pummeled by an infection rate of over 60,000/day, did the Brits blame all of it on PM Johnson or did they fall in line, observed the COVID protocols religiously and ensured they got vaccinated, in a concerted effort to defeat the virus? What lessons do they hold for our politicians who merrily flout all protocols, sadhus & their leaders who give nonsensical explanation for continuing with the Kumbh mela?
    Why do you pick on just Modi and not say a word on this collective dementia on the part of vast sections of the population?

  16. Why doesnot The Print marked this aticle as ‘Sponsored’.
    When the first wave of Covid was emerging government was conducting Namaste Trump event and completely ignore threat and risk by newly discovered Corona virus, while opposition relentlessly raising alarm.
    Second wave of Covid turns disastrous because of the same reason, government were focused only on image management, inaugurating largest stadium in Gujrat in hospital and keeping prepared for second wave.
    Farmer protest is again man made disaster causing lives of more than 200 farmers when before Covid second wave was arrrived. Still government does not bothered.
    Till today PM is focused on West Bengal election feeling aestetic on huge gathering for his event while the country recorded highest ever Covid cases and surpases Brazil to reach to second highest in the world.

    • Bhai appka frustration samjh sakte hai lekin rally sab state govt bhi nikal raha hai….toh bhai yeh competition hai sab jitna chate hai…….aur covid ka itna bada cases US mai bhi chala lekin uska election cancel toh nahi hua….trump aur biden dono hi campaning nahi chore….business hai bhai

    • It’s also the time SG ran another episode of cut-the-clutter to say that in spite of the second Covid wave, Narendra Modi is still the most popular leader. Shekhar Gupta is a creep.

  17. Also State governments were sleeping what were they doing when it is states which do groundwork but failed to judge short supply of oxygen beds ventilator they should hv woken early initially Maharashtra which in March itself was reporting high cases should have preapare well & other states seeing Maharashtras cases would hv acted

    • Mr dhiraj: You pontificate:

      “ .. Also State governments were sleeping ..”

      Wrong! Kerala and other South Indian States were not sleeping. They did get their act together despite no help from the Centre. It is the BJP run or rather ruined BIMARU States that were building hospitals for cows and engaging in lynching of Muslims in the name of Hindutva. The first phase of the Centre’s response was to generate fake videos pinning the blame on the Tablighi Jamaat rather than enacting concrete measures on the ground. And then there was this Modi-Trump tamasha to which precious resources had been diverted. All applauded by Modi bhakths.

      You miss also the most important reason for the failures in States: states were seldom consulted by the all-knowing, autocratic, Gujarathi run Centre in Delhi. For instance, the lockdown last year was done by the Centre with a mere 4 hours notice and no states were taken onboard for the decision. That resulted in the mass migration of migrant workers from cities towards their villages and the hardships and death they had to endure.

      But for people like you mr dhiraj – Modi is the infallible, all-knowing Prophet that will take India into the 5 Trillion US$ economy in no time. Whilst also putting Rs 15 lacs from overseas accounts in your pocket.

      As The French diplomat Joseph de Maistres said:

      “Every nation gets the government it deserves”

      Holds true for India.

  18. Instead of writing something worthwhile Gupta has written some nonsense because he holds a pen. These days these writers are mushrooming just for the kick of it. The primary cause of infection is because of mobility. If you curtail it then there will be a charge that freedom is curtailed and these very writers will gloat over the loot. Imagine if congress were in power – there would have been hospital bed scam, doctor scam, oxygen scam, medicine scam, PPE scam, sanitizer scam and what not!

    • Mr Rajesh: You bray:

      “.. The primary cause of infection is because of mobility ..”

      So then why did the Modi government allow the Kumbh Mela ?

      Getting payback for having blames the Tabilighi Jamaat and Muslims right ? Karma is a bitch pal..

    • Well said.,
      And also it’s not modi govt, it’s Indian govt..why they are so obsessed with all this.
      Paid journalism

  19. If there is one country managed pandemic effectively that’s India, credit to all Indians and Modi. Dont put your scrap agenda here

    • Modi is super human. He is Vishwa guru. He cannot wrong as long as Jalpak (find the meaning) like you are here on the earth. The shameless old man is rallying and saying not seen such large gathering when really big numbers of Covid-19 are coming.

      Vishwa guru now ran into problem of Vaccines and started importing other vaccines. No wonder no sane person would like to stay in India.

  20. Had authority responded proactively, assessing the situation in kerala and maharashtra at least two three weeks earlier, the situation would’ve been under control.

  21. It is fairly obvious that Shekhar Gupta had been storing up his rage for a long time; in the last few years he actually had to restrain himself and even say nice things about Modi’s popularity.
    So the explosion when let go is more ferocious than usual because it had been building up from 2014

  22. Hard facts are difficult to digest as you said sir the more popular the leader that much more are his followers and more loyal they are they only blame others so then what to do shall we stop writing or more so shall we keep quite good job sir I appreciate your your article at the same time hope good sense prevail in each one of us to do our best and at the same time pray to God to protect us from all evil

    • You seem to be the only sensible rational thinking individual.
      The Troll Gang of the government is again spewing venom.
      The current crisis requires balm and action not trolls

  23. The print Is shht channel for the nation.

    Prime Minister Modi ji is doing is best.

    You people are not allowing him do his work! Mofos

    • In British Khangress installed Hindu apartheid & genocide land, India, MUSLIM bodies such as WAQF BOARD can declare YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY as theirs and you can’t even go to the courts!!

      They can also carry out Hindu genocide & riots at will & IF you raise your voice you are not secular & democratic enough!!

      Yet!! Pakistanis killing Hindus and destroying Hindu temples in Pakistan or in Kashmir/Kerala, Maharashtra.. is secularism & democracy according to majority of Indian media, so called secular politicians, Islamist’s & libarandus!!

  24. As usual every govt supporter uncritically blames someone else – blame the opposition, blame farmer protests, blame the public. In short, take no responsibility just pass the buck. But when anything remotely good happens (like India being the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world which has been the case long before anyone even heard of Modi), take wholesale credit! How long will this govt appropriate only credit and refuse to take responsibility?

    In March 2020 itself I had advocated forming a National Unity govt – a govt tasked with an agenda to minimise disruption by Covid and ensure we do not fall too economically behind China. Such a unity govt would have ensured that there would be no protests, there would be national purpose in decision making and everyone would be on board even with tough measures. Alas! Modi was too fond of power to share it – he thought only of himself – not what was required for the country to benefit.

    Even now it is not too late – appoint a Covid Tsar and divest him (and his family) of all party responsibility and affiliation for life and task him of only one thing. Get us out of Covid by this year end. A RSS deshbhakt like Amit Shah can take on this responsibility, I am sure. Can Bhakts persuade him to accept this sacrifice for the nation?

  25. As India sinks further and is overwhelmed by the second wave of Covid, the bhakts are anxious to tell us Modi and his govt. need not look at the mirror. One says the media should have educated the public. Others tell us the public is responsible for not masking. Another says blaming the govt. for everything is not correct – they plead Modi is not responsible if people do not practise social distancing or wear masks.

    However, all this is not correct – Modi and his govt., the media and public are linked and have supported each other.

    At the start of the Covid pandemic, I was sure Modi would mishandle it and he would not look at any mirror and correct himself either. Firstly, when the news of the disease and its outwards spread from China emerged around Nov. 2019, the govt. was pre-occupied in the NRC-CAA tussle with students and Shaheen Bagh women – which it had created in its effort to persecute Muslims. Meanwhile in Kerala, by Jan. 2019, an alert health minister Shailaja Teacher was keeping up with developments in China and she started preparation for quarantine, track and trace, even before the first case landed. Now that is good governance – it was led by the Kerala govt. and people were guided.

    When the realisation of the disease eventually came in the north, the first reaction was to see it as an opportunity to bash Muslims : the Markaz was the super spreader and the BJP supporting media led by Arnob declared Muslims were on a corona jihad on India. The BJP govt’s IT cell cranked out fake videos and Muslim street vendors were persecuted and Muslims were denied hospital admission. And Hindus lapped up the fake videos, passed it to others, till they got expelled from the UAE. Hence, the BJP govt., its agents in the media, and the public were linked in this behaviour. The linking factor is the BJP’s Hindutva ideology. Contrast that with Kerala’s professional approach – the people’s behaviour was guided by the govt. which was seen as working for the best overall interest of all communities.

    After the outbreak of Covid in the north, the Shaheen Baghees dispersed peacefully and honourably – it was the correct thing to do to prevent spread. The govt. embarked on chaotic messaging and unscientific nonsense – lighting lamps for 9 minutes, chanting ‘corona go, go corona’, promoting Covid papad. The health minister allowed Baba Ramdev to market Coronil as a Covid cure. They came with Hindutva oriented methods to combat corona . They exported vaccines to show off we were the vishwa guru (it stems from Hindutva ideology). The govt. passed 3 farm laws and created another crisis – farmers were forced to come out in protest; although there was a lull in the Covid, a gathering even outdoors has the potential to be a spreader. Again I cannot blame the farmers. For if you threaten people’s livelihoods, then they will come out (just as CAA-NRC). The BJP always has hidden agenda favouring some and actively harming others. This was not the time for divisiveness.

    One of the greatest harms done by the BJP’s approach to corona from the outset in using it to target Muslims, is that it created a false sense of immunity in Hindus. They started believing that only Muslims are afflicted and spread corona – because the govt. and media told them so. A Muslim friend of mine in Coimbatore told me that one year ago, during Ramadan, the police sealed off the Muslim area of the city – they made it into a quarantine ghetto. The Muslims accepted. When Id came, the police said they could come out and go shopping (the Hindu shopkeepers were waiting to benefit). The Muslims decided to spend Id indoors as they suspected a trap and felt they might be targeted again. My friend said the Hindus imbibed the impression only Muslims had corona, and they roamed around freely and ended up with higher percentage of corona cases. When I think of that story, I can link it to the Kumb Mela and the govt. and public’s response. Many Hindus have been taught by Hindutva politics to put reason aside and think they are immune or to think it is ‘my right in MY country’, for events like Kumb. The proof is the BJP minister who said the Kumb cannot be compared to the Markaz because ‘this is our people’. Some think the water is holy and it will make them immune.

    In summary, it is Modi, Modi supporting media, and Modi supporting people, who have sunk India in this second wave. It is all an outcome of Hindutva ideology. India managed to get out of community spread in the first wave (Markaz which was only one such event had 3500 people). Now we had lakhs in a large community event, and it is beyond test and track. In every country, they have aimed to avoid hospitals overwhelmed but India is getting to the stage of being overwhelmed. If that happens, India will end up being put in a red category by other countries. To say people are responsible and not Modi for the corona fiasco is the same as saying people are responsible for voting for Modi. Both are equally responsible. We get the government we deserve. Till Indians jettison Hindutva in favour of moderen governance, India will flounder. The public also needs to look in the mirror – on electing such incompetent people and going along with Hindutva.

  26. Shekhar Gupta, what happened to the so-called farmer agitation? Till now you were saying this was the biggest crisis for Modi.

    Last I head through the direct benefit transfer of MSP to farmers accounts the arhatiyas are feeling a bit side-lined. You, being one of the biggest news traders….I believe your commission business is going strong. Thank god you have not been sidelined in these difficult times. 100 crore vasuli per month from financial capital is enough to many hacks happy too.

    • If he is a big news “trader”… U must agreeing that people like Arnab, Rajath Sharma are news prostitutes

      • Arnab & Republic TV has been sold to the fake secular’ s but true Pakistani/Italians like Kejrudin & Sonia Maino!!

  27. Well previously i dint believe in ghosts. But now i do. People working for print and wire have no soul left. I guess that is what we call ghosts right? They sold their soul to the devil they worship. And last but not the least… AEGA FIR BHI MODI HI😁. Good luck and keel burning

  28. The criticism should not be shoot
    and scoot.Normally only such person are critical who have lost their relevance in this regime
    In hind sight even a fool can make wise suggestion.

  29. The moment you see the name of the author (Shekhar Gupta), you trash it .He has lost all credibility if he had at all.

  30. I do not think you want country yo be full of beggers . Ruled by other country . You will live a luxury life bin the shadow of new rulers . Did you appreciate any one thing . Did you participate in any one venture of nation building . Always doing the job lije nassastic. Sitting in a a/c room and always writing negative statements . If congress comes you will write negative statements , x party comes you will write negative . What sort of magazine us this ,what type of people you are . Do self review

  31. Asking Modi to hold up the mirror on Covid management is amusing. It is too little too late, and expecting too much from a narcissistic, megalomaniac.

    Modi has never held up the mirror to himself for Gujarat 2002 – because he himself organised the carnage, and others congratulated him for putting the Muslims in their place. He has not held the mirror to himself on demonetisation – because others said that he ended corruption, and brought a cashless economy. On Covid management, he was too busy organising CAA-NRC, Namaste Trump and a pogrom in Delhi at the start of the first wave. But when he looked at the mirror, he was pleased with himself as the Indian media extolled his genius for messaging with his diya lighting ceremony. Later, they extolled him for saving the world with vaccines.

    Someone I know in a govt. ministry told me that Modi does spend hours in front of the mirror for dressing and coiffure. He spends time in front of the mirror practising his theatrical speeches which mesmerise his bhakts.

  32. After reading all the comments made so far, I would like to provide a diversion to provide some good news on the Covid front. Showing mirror is not such a futile exercise after all. A barrage of criticism in the media about supply side deficit in vaccine production had its effect. The government has now woken up and decided to push up vaccine output of Covaxin by 10 times from existing 1 crore per month to 10 crore per month by September2021. . Rs.65 crore grant each will be given to Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad and Haffkine Biopharma, Mumbai. Two other public sector undertakings will also be assigned the task of producing Covaxin. However, the government is yet to decide on the request of Serum Institute, Pune for setting capacity expansion plan. Tie up for Sputnik V is also decided. While all these are good developments, one would think why these were not thought of earlier. There was no need to wait for arrival of second wave to do this. Production planning for vaccines should have been made in 2020 itself.
    Another positive development relates to the journey of the second wave. Dr. Shashank Joshi, a member of Covid Task Force, Maharashtra State has opined that according to the numbers, perhaps the peak for Mumbai and Pune cities has arrived and downward journey can begin soon. This is not unexpected. The data from European countries tells us that the second wave rises rapidly and also goes down rapidly. Let us hope so.

    All these doesn’t exonerate the Central Government, state governments, the public and all of us for being complacent. Second wave was predictable but no one cared. We didn’t use the comfort of downward slope that commenced from Sept 2020 to make our preparations to face the second wave. The arrival of second wave has caught us off- guard. Now if the second wave goes, we should not relax. There could be third wave too, going by the history of European countries.

  33. He is having two mega rallies in Bengal today. And you are saying that he is not campaigning today.
    And who had made public to be casual. When the Covid cases came down, the govt. and BJP had started celebrating and started to advertise that Modi had saved India. BJP had officially passed resolution thanking Modi for defeating Corona. It’s the govt. and BJP who are responsible for making people callous. If people were becoming less serious, then was it not the responsibility of govt. to make them understand the seriousness ? But the govt. its3lf was branding and promoting its image, rather than preparing for Second wave, despite examples of other countries available.
    I think persons in-charge of govt. are squarely responsible and they should be sacked. But it is a feature of this govt. that there are only credit takers and there is not even a single person who takes responsibility or accountability for mis-management. Every blame is put on people and previous govt.

  34. Dismiss, opposition/ Congress run governments and let Central rule be imposed.
    Health is a state subject, by the way. Credit and discredit are both accrued with your action/ inaction.

  35. Mr Shekhar, if anything, you’ve been rather soft in your analysis. Governance cannot be a trial-and error exercise. Any decision taken by the government affects millions of lives and livelihoods. Take any of the decisions taken by His Majesty- demonetization, a hastily implemented GST, the economy, his courtship with China, treatment of minorities and, of course, the handling of the Covid pandemic to mention just a few. BJP knows all about winning elections and toppling legally elected state governments but is clueless about governance. No wonder, he counts amongst his best friend the person who changed the demonetization rules no less than 286 times and made the GST so complicated that I doubt even Modi, who made the introduction a big dog and pony show, could have understood it! It would not surprise me that at some election rally he will recount that the benefit of the way he handled the Covid crisis was the curtailing the country’s spiralling population!

  36. One of the lowest per capita incomes in the world. Topped by a over grown population expecting to live in American standards. Politics as far as majority of parties are concerned is a business venture.
    If we were not able to produce our vaccines our complete money would have been wiped out for buying vaccines and medicines . All these commentators would have been reduced to ‘hand to mouth’ survivors who would not have had no energy to comment. Did any of these guys give a forecast and plan of events six months back. As clueless and egoistic as ever these guys are only capable of after event faultfinding. We do not deserve any pity or blessings from the Almighty. Really sad.

  37. Sir, so PM who is so involved wherein such besharam people who get central benefits without any discrimination calls him Divider in chief , I am proud of him.
    What do you expect , him to be on road to distribute mask and sanitizer.
    You have the best CM in Maharashtra and Delhi

  38. Through this article, author should have elaborated positive points of decisions taken by govt to controlling first wave of pandemic and the weaknesses we are failing now in the 2nd wave. But author has gone into criticising mode whereas govt’s efforts have been internationally recognised by world agencies and states. By doing so author has also bolstered all critics groups who have been constantly criticising the govt efforts, even instigated public against lockdown to violate covid protection rules… It lowers down image of nation. Let’s go for constructive reactions. Understandably central govt should again lead the crisis because states can never be able to manage even if getting humiliated by irresponsible politicians…

  39. I can’t believe there are so many Modi-bhakts leaving comments here. It’s Modi’s fault that we are suffering today..he only wants to go for inaugurations and election campaigns!!!

    HE doesn”t want to be associated with bad/ negative news!!!!!

  40. I can’t believe there are so many Modi-bhakts leaving comments here. It’s Modi’s fault that we are suffering today..he only wants to go for inaugurations and election campaigns!!!

    HE doesn”t want to be associated with bad/ negative news!!!!!

    • In what way has Shekar Gupta stated anything that is wrong? Rather than giving a single line statement, you have got full right to be specific about your problems with what he has written. If you think that he has sinned in some way, I think that you are a bigger sinner in propagating the cult of the current establishment that has been in the process of completely destroying what I used to call India. Kindly respond if you can

  41. Remember, a strong Govt that is ruling India, not of a weak Italian lady. The Central Govt had ensured adequate supply of firewood and electricity for crematoriums. Jai Modiji, Jai Amit Shah Ji, Jai Yogiji

  42. Please remember he is the same Shekher Gupta who warned the nation about an intended military coup by General VK Singh!! His perls of wisdom are mostly angular. It is true in the instant episode also. He tries to display honesty in his writings but cleverly hides full facts, assuming public to be naive. Good luck to him.

    • Dont pounce on Shekhar G. Your PM promised 15 lacs to the poor where is it. He gave gas cylinders with a lot of hot air. The poor have discarded those. He promised free health cover ki holo . He promised jobs and said be self sufficient .
      SO you have no case. Rest in Peace and leave Print alone

  43. Our honourable PM had led the nation through very difficult times, however the acts of omission and complacency along with our careless and callous attitude during the second COVID wave has brought the Nation to a precipice.
    From reading news headlines wherein we were supplying vaccines to the world to now facing shortage of oxygen is a frightening turn of events.
    But I have faith in my country and as always we will pull through, a very dark night awaits us, but the sun will rise again of that I am certain.

    • In India rules are for fools. Premature celebrations on first wave by both people and our various govts both state and central led us to believe the worst was over.

    • Difficult time has been made more difficult by shri modi by fruitless demonetization, untimely GST, and unprepared lockdowns and finally CDS view for China’s going back.

    • And what do you call when Home minister and PM polls in crowded rallies without mask. What way they are paving, why since the start of year till March, people were vaccinated in small.numbers. even though my parents got vaccine they have got covid, I have also got it, even though didn’t step out of house without mask ever. Gross incompetent government

  44. The critique by the learned author is well-founded. However, following para needs pondering over-
    ”It is true that people dropped their fear, caution, masks, resumed partying, big weddings. But what cue were they getting from leaders? That festivals, the Kumbh Mela and full-blooded election campaigns could now go on. The war with the virus was over and the good side, ‘us’, had won. People follow their leaders. The more popular they are, the more loyal are the followers.”
    Once you concede the contributory role of the people to the 2nd wave, why we omit to underline the impact of most crucial contributors like the Kissan agitations involving thousands and lakhs of participants with no COVID19 appropriate behavior even before the 1st wave had subsided; and the primary duty of public healthcare with the state governments as per the constitutional scheme of distribution of the subjects between the Union and the states. The manner in which such crucial contributors are being skirted for their accountability, rather abdication thereof, for the presence mess, it seems the learned author has some pre-conceived agenda to trivialize the unhelpful/negative role played by some very important actors with a view to target one party. It is also noteworthy that out of target population of about 35 crores (45 years and above) about 12 crores of them have got one or two jabs by now. That amounts to one third of the target population. Why trivialize such notable achievements despite the unhealthy reluctance of the target sections. However, I agree that states and Union government can still recover the ground well by fine-tuning their response in close coordination in the face of unprecedented demands being made by the situation on the ground by vaccination of maximum people coupled speedily with judicious mix of restrictions to enforce COVID 19 appropriate conduct by all the stakeholders.

    • Please look at the statistics of Covid infection and it’s correlation with farmers protest.
      And also the honourable government of India could have easily avoided the farm protests if they had a little bit of sensitivity left in them. Unlike kumbh mela or election famers protest wasn’t an celebration, it was a fight for rights.

    • Sry to say this….. But it was central govt who escalated the farmers issue rather simply solving it by rolling back the bill……. Dont you think the modiji claimed vaccine making shouldnt have thought about the population too?? How can a PM not think about virus in 2nd wave can also transform?? Isnt it a well known thing that vurus mutate quickly, so what purpose does the vaccination serve?? Everyone heaped praise that modiji did a timely lockdown and saved our country, but the lockdown was so harsh that repeating it may cost him his chair…… Please watch Dr. Biswaroop Roys video on covid 19….. You ll know the reality….. Yes covid 19 is serious, but not as how its being projected?? If you dont have time to watch the videos, just google flu virus mutation.

  45. Whenever Mr. Shekhar Gupta points out, Mr. Modi’s blunders in his article it is interesting to read blind bhakts comments. If you read the comments carefully anyone can point out that all comments are written by one or two individuals under different names.

  46. I think the journalist and the publication house should hold a mirror to themselves. Guess what they find, a sold out hypocritical narcissist.

    • The author is a Modi basher who just loves to rub it on the BJP. One would expect the author to be “fair” while writing his columns. But time and again, he openly displays his bias against the PM. Plus, ALL his columnists are also BJP-bashers!!!

  47. Instead of writing something hopeful and useful in this crucial time, the print is interested in showing government failure in handling the situation. My dear, learn to stand firmly with your family when worst time comes, don’t blame and and watch. Do something
    good for yourselves and the society.

    • Like erect tin sheet walks around cremation grounds ? Get inspired by similar practices from China ?

    • This is expected from an ardent blind followers of Modi…when he alone was taking credit for the way… Covid was handled and vaccines were exported..u all were cheering for him…but no body should criticize Modi….read the article again.. for your better understanding

  48. Same repetition by Print it’s agenda is only against Modi…. Be a responsible journalist….

    • Print focuses on what us right and their price was all the mischief the Gujju duo instigated against them.
      So Fans of Modi save your comments and visit Haridwar for salvation and safeguard from all variants of Covid 😀

    • Truth always burns your bu**s,think practically kumbh and elections may have been postponed for a year and that would not have snatched food from your mouth.

      • Do you have election or Kumbh un MH? More than 40% cases are fm MH and 60% cases are fm opposiition ruled states. States have allowed this to go out of control and blame Modi for this. Typical commie mentality.

      • Do you have election or Kumbh un MH? More than 40% cases are fm MH and 60% cases are fm opposiition ruled states. States have allowed this to go out of control and blame Modi for this. Typical commie mentality.

      • Sun will certainly rise again, but we would have paid a very very huge cost through this dark night. All this cuz we have been induced with opium of religion by political class…

    • Mr Prakash Chandra: Does it matter where facts come from ? Why do people like you let the elected government off the hook for its mistakes, nay egregious crimes?

      Fact is, the Modi government has been hell bent on shaping a false narrative around its response to the crisis and now reality is catching up with it. People like you remind me of the crazed, frenzied supporters of that charlatan Baba Ram Rahim who attacked the police because their cult leader was sentenced to prison.

      The Modi government has stumbled from blunder to blunder and has not been held accountable – thanks to the BIMARU clowns and missing links like you who blindly vote for him because he terrorises Muslims and builds a temple in Ayodhya. Indeed, despite every evidence pointing to the fact that the Gujarathis were destroying democracy in India and turning it into an elected dictatorship and despite the many policy mistakes such as demonetisation, GST etc. during the first term, BIMARU voters continued to believe in the make-believe world of Modi.

      As the English novelist & essayist George Orwell (1903-50) said:

      “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices”

  49. They like to vent out their frustration on Modi govt for long and THey aren’t CAPAble to Blame CHINA which got this version of virus it’s driven by CHINA who initiate this so if you pay heed to them and react it’s like a TRP hot that they earn from your reactions they WHO and UK and USA and RUSsIa cannot BLAME CHINa thus they need to blame some one hence Modi govt is the scope for blaming

  50. I agree government had let its guard down. I agree barring PM and PMO not many ministers are competent enough and most are not blessed with proactivity. Add to that Modi is a megalomaniac al dictator. Now come to facts. At the time of writing this article, Mr Gupta was aware that most severely affected States are Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Despite being bombarded with visuals of overflowing crematoria, Gujarat is moderately affected. Certainly a single life lost is one too many, but wasn’t the opposition and intelligentsia mocking approval of Covaxin, despite having safety and immunogenicity data? Didn’t Pfizer refuse to come to India unless given permission to market without undertaking bridging trial? Was it not always a question if Pfizer vaccine is approved it may not find wide spread distribution and not many may not find it affordable. Nevertheless, under pressure government has approved Pfizer. So pressure works more so if it is coming from INC! Did Mr Gupta analyse lassezfaire attitude of opposition states that are more busy breaking office of actors, protecting killers and collecting cut money? In poll bound states, only Modi did rally, opposition was sitting home to save public! Don’t forget onw leader wanted a march with dead bodies! At the time of Bihar poll, it was proposed to undertake virtual campaign. Opposition had declined citing no resource. Even earlier, government wanted to discuss one date for all polls, the matter was rejected before discussion. Bad bad Mody what a despot! Finally I agree Kumbh should not have allowed people participation. Sekher Ji, I would consider you balanced if you had talked about gathering at farmer protest, if you had touched upon negative RTPCR test requirement for Kumbh and low positivity despite massive gathering. So much is the anger that one of your columnist had used photograph of Prayagraj Kumbh to make her point about crowd in the gathering.

    • Rightly said you can’t show mirror to only Modi or Centre as this author is opposed to him Mirror should also be shown to Maharashtra UP Rajasthan Punjab Chattisgarh Delhi & few other governments too as states do groundwork & they should hv done better on ground as done states are ready to blame even after getting more ventilator etc to hide there incompetentness

  51. Why are such article written, when in entire world it is an unpredictable. When lock down was announced it was critisised – many were reluctant to take vaccine till pm did it – damed iy you and damed if you don’t- this will only bring down the credibility of Print

  52. Comparisons tend to be odious, if things compared are not mostly comparable. In terms of just mathematics, Israel and China may be said to have fared extremely well. The people there are disciplined mostly,: or they can be disciplined especially in China by handedness.
    Can you ever think this in India. What can any government do if people are careless, spurn wearing masks and ignore distancing? And what has been the role of the opposition ? Initially the opposition leaders began to deride the vaccines as BJP-vaccines, be gan to spread disinformation. States are ruled by different political parties. Covid was unknown here in India, and thanks to our neighbour China, we too had to fall for Covid virus. It requires altogether different medical equipments like PPT kits and things like that. Yet, the country was able to overcome the problems. People and media talk as if the Centre did not to anything at all to contain and control the pandemic. It has been as if the administration faces hostility. Yes, when the elections were announced, the Centre ought to have thought of the dangers involved in the election gatherings. Even leaders of every poLitical party were careless about wearing masks, not to speak of the people who gathered. And this has been continuing even now. My point is : with the type of people that we have and the attitude they display, the situation that we have now would have been the same even if some other party was in power. Our people are incorrigible, especialky the city bred. You may criticise the way you like and that is your right. At the same time, what the government has done to tackle the pandemic should also have highlighted with of course, the deficiencies therein. It is easy to criticise from outside.

    • Dear Critics of Sri Gupta’s writing,
      Who has allowed farmers to gather? Is this not Sri Modi’s inaction and dis honouring people’s wish,was it so necessary to pass farmers act in this pandemic time, can this be not said as a cunning attitude of the concerned persons in government? Government machinery could find instant time to invoke sedition charges against domestic and international supporters of our farmers only criteria is intolerance but couldn’t devote reasonable time for futuristic rational management of vivid particularly when it has been declared by WHO and scientists that corona will in this planet for unpredictable period.
      Allowing Kumbhmela is gravest mistake persons in the state and central government have committed which is not only illogical but hell and heaven difference to be compared with farmers gathering.Covid condition most probably could have been within control if central government would have consulted intermittently with groups of stakeholders including critical and supporting media instead of being euphoric ,autocratic and complacent to the real cause including vaccination.Now the blame game has started as usual.When state government is asking for vaccine which is fully controlled by union government ,ministers are replying that state govt are playing politics.Is it a reply,? If vaccine supply is adequate then why Sputnik has been ordered.Better late than never that Government Is planning now to set up more oxygen plants.PM cares fund should have been utilized much earlier for oxygen plants and enhancing vaccine production ,as PM while visiting vaccine production facilities must be knowing international obligation of SII as covishield is not developed by our scientists.
      So far as election process is concerned,I do not think centra government have advised the EC regarding proactive vivid measures in area the national ruling party has started the exemplary election mahol in West Bengal even surpassing all Democratic decency in campaign by non other than high level persons in central government.God only knows when our political parties will learn Democratic manners and norms.

  53. People like shekhar gupta are good for nothing useless blokes who have not done any good thing in their life & are used to cticising modi govt. Their only job is to criticise the govt & write paid articles. Print is another such news site.

    • Then why the fuc are you reading it , are you so stupid to read an article in a website found by some one you don’t trust ,or are you one of those jobless semi literate trolls who do not read beyond the first paragraph.

      • If I could upvote your comment a thousand times, I would. I really wonder why such people exist. Like they take pleasure in reading what angers them. They’re addicted to their hatred!

  54. The author is painting as if Covid is only India phenomenon.
    All countries are suffering equally due to the Chinese virus. Mirror should be shown to Chinese supporters in India.

  55. Criticism is such an easy thing. It’s religion of Indian Media eversince BJP came in power. Remember, it’s people’s choice.

  56. It’s so very easy to criticize which has become the religion of Indian Media eversince BJP came in power. Media is blind to the fact that majority of people opted for a change because they were fed up with Congress. People would vote BJP out of power it won’t fulfill their expectations.

  57. It’s so very easy to criticize which has become the religion of Indian Media eversince BJP came in power. Media is blind to the fact that majority of people opted for a change because they were fed up with corrupt Congress. People would vote BJP out of power it won’t fulfill their expectations.

  58. PM Modis some policy may have failed but his intention are in the interest of the nation. I had a great respect for Shekar Gupta but now leat respect because he always writes one side view which is always against Modi administration. A true journalist should be impartial but he is not. A journalist should always write about pro and cons but you, sardesai, Barka, Abisar sharms sidearth varadrajan are always finding pleasure in writing negative about PM modi all the time this what is not true journalism

  59. You blamed Modi, good, but when you leave others, you are bolstering them. The blame is more out of your disliking of Modi. India is not Israel or China, the Central Govt has much less power. I just wish, you could have taken on RPLs and Mamta Road shows as well. But yes you are right

  60. Sounds like the author had to set quite a context here why he is going to criticize the handling of crisis.
    And eventually, he did not criticize … just a pot shot on rival media network.

  61. Well, we cannot throw all blame to the central government. The state governments are also to be blamed since many states are considerably in better condition than others. Take for example Maharashtra. Very poor management of vaccine storage leading to shortage of vaccine. Seems like the central and state government are not thinking in same direction at all. There is visible uncoordinated behaviour majority are trying to get political gains in this dire situation.

  62. Sorry about your observations.
    Israel is a small country with desciplined people who know their responsibilities.
    China is a communist dictator who rules by govt whip.
    India is a democracy with ultra intellectual s who destroyed India by since 70 years through barrowed political ideologies and most of the time fake and not suitable for the kind of society we have.
    We are a bunch of uneducated or half educated or pretending to be knowing everything attitude kind of highly indescieplined rascals who are to be ruled by some hard rulers.
    Britishers left India fearing monkey menace.
    Even 3 modis can’t change India .
    Forget about rahul gandi whose only contribution to India is accuse modi with choicest words to hurt him personally and he thinks he is doing a great job. Unless these hypocrites and non-cooperative attitude ,half knowledgeable people are sidelined to make way for real leaders, India will not do well.
    How many times govt announced precautionary measures but still people think they are Masters and govt is fooling them.
    Also govt on its part is doing it’s best , but there are people like you to derail and pass ugly comments which is your habbit.
    God save India.

  63. by blaming the central govt. you are letting off the hook all the state govts. they are equally responsible if not more.

  64. Here is an avid politics watcher still talking about Modi’s 2015 suit and hoping the public will believe that this corona mess is due to Modi. On the contrary, sir. The public at large has indelible faith that if there is one PM competent to address this crisis who thinks of the poor, it is Modi. No one except the hoity-toity set sees this as a political opportunity to dislodge Modi. It would serve you better to focus at the abject mismanagement by state CMs especially in Maha and Delhi.

  65. Dear writer
    For every thing you the print against pm … thank you for writing article .. how the funk you don’t have any article on crpf sacrifice on other day ..
    I kindly request you to be in centre then on left .

  66. Shekhar I hope we should stop blaming government, politicians, bureaucrat and every one else .

    Shekhar I myself see when I go for shopping almost 90 percent of the people wear mask on their chin or not at all.

    How long can we be irresponsible and than blame someone else.

    Also INDIA’s population is a reason for such large no of cases . I know you are SECULAR and talking of POPULATION CONTROL is not secular. However I request you to be a rabidly communal guy and talk how unless we control population through total regard for secularism we will never find resources to deal with such pandemic.

  67. Bending rules o social distancing started much before Kumbh , state elections and the festivals . It started with the preparatory celeberations for Ayodhya . At the heart of the rebellion is the disdain for scientific thinking

  68. Skepticism,criticism,mis-information,religious indoctrination,dogma …all these have kept people from getting vaccinated when the spread was low and vaccine was available in plenty. The miscreants have successfully kept people away from getting vaccinated with a powerful campaign and unless a national emergency is declared imposing vaccination things are not going to work…

  69. Don’t blame the government. It is each and every one of us including you is to be blamed. We brought this upon ourselves. We the people violate norms and expect the government to fix it. This is plain stupidity on our part.

  70. Cant add anything more. More humility required from the powers that be. The bill to curtail the powers of Aam Aadmi Party at Delhi was in bad taste.

  71. Is Shekar Gupta a commentariat or an appendage of a political party/s. His subject matter and theme are almost predictable. He should find better ways to keep him relevant.

  72. Why we always blame Govt. Did they get virus again. What about people being careless. Did Govt ever told that now virus is gone and don’t wear mask or follow social distancing? Media speaks as if for all elections only BJP is campaigning and all others are doing remote and virtual campaign.

  73. This implies, the second wave of the virus in India has created a situation like the last two balls did for the English cricket team in the movie Lagaan. Premature celebrations? Yes, who really was celebrating?

    Vaccines, yes.. The only “Ram Baan”, now. True.

    Blame all the Governments by all means. That is part of the job of the media in a democracy. In the same breath do not say that democracy is dead in India. Be real. The Governments by their nature have to take some blame, definitely.

    I like that “blame the people firestorm….”. In a democracy We the people are always beyond reproach. Right? . The media may not want to admit. Road accidents are always because the roads are bad or the traffic policeman was not doing his duty. Right? The sooner we the people also become more responsible for everything happening in the society, it will be better for the Nation. Let there be no doubts on this.

    Tail piece: “There are two types of people in this world; those who want to know and those who want to believe” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    • Do military officers lead by example or give orders to their soldiers on the border and go to sleep?
      Do officers on the border ask soldiers to go fight the enemy while the officer talks on the phone to push his case for promotion?
      If a mission fails is the officer devoid of criticism by blaming his subordinate?
      If a military fails in its duty to protect the country does the blame fall on the previous head of the military or does the current Head take responsibility?

      Love the Tailpiece!!!!

  74. Shaker Gupta is venting last seven years spleen against Modi. In an article intended to expose government’s failure to manage Covid 19 crisis, there is hardly any room to talk about a suit worn by Modi in 2015. This is no unhyphenated journalism. Main culprit for the present crisis is the irresponsible conduct of the public. Government’s failures are secondary. In 2020, when this crisis started, we did not have enought hospital beds, no ventilators, no vaccine. Now, India is better off on all these counts. Have confidence in India’s present capabilities and its future. Don’t be a doomsday prophet.

  75. Conveniently for got ‘Farmers Protest”. Also I doubt ‘if it is not for Modi’ the situation would have been better?

  76. For all the wisdom available in the world only three things seem to work:
    1. Use of Masks
    2. Social Distancing
    3. Frequent Sanitization
    No government in world has been able to successfully bring this behavioral change to curb the spread of Covid -19
    Depending on personal leaning this is the best stick to beat any administration with.
    The mirror needs to be held to our own selves, Modi looking at himself in the mirror may be satisfying for some but will do no good.

  77. Steel ministry is involved as all integrated steel PSUs supply oxygen not cylinders. All integrated steel plants have oxygen plants and they have been supplying oxygen to fight COVID.

    • With the steep rise in COVID-19 cases, SAIL is fully geared up to serve the Country by supplying Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) with more than 99.7% purity from its steel plants. SAIL has already supplied more than *33,300 Tonnes of LMO* from its Intergrated Steel Plants located at Bokaro (Jharkhand), Bhilai (Chhattisgarh), Rourkela (Odisha), Durgapur and Burnpur (West Bengal). SAIL is committed to supply LMO as per requirement of the Country even at the cost of cutting down its own consumption.

  78. Why don’t you provide a solution along with your criticism? Because you and your pay masters don’t have a solution – that’s why you’ve lost your credibility.

  79. Indians have always had a lackadaisical attitude with common sense. And the central government has always been about pomp, elections and Mr. Modi and never about common sense.

  80. Modi ji behaves more like poster-boy of BJP than PM of India.
    With all the resources at hand and all the knowledge of second wave in European countries government couldn’t prepare itself fot it. More than thousand people are dying everyday. Some one should be made responsible for this carelessness. Seeing what was happening in other countries government should have stocked oxygen, vaccine and other essentials. But now they are complaining india has large population, it will take time to produce these items. Well, india had large population before we knew what corona is…isn’t it gov!!

  81. Isn’t health a state subject? We can see different states which is handling the situation better and some like MH got their priority misplaced and screwing up .This is a try to whitewash some state governments and pin blame on only one person as usual..

  82. I shall not post anything now, excepting one small observation. Sant Kabir Doha that is quoted in article reminds me an Abhang by Sant Tukaram meaning exactly the same, saying that ‘Nindakache Ghar Asave Shejari’ : Your critic should be your neighbour. Rest of my viewpoint I shall give subsequent to what Modi Bhakts and BJP IT Cell wizards write on this article. Their comments provide an interesting entertainment, which I enjoy very much.

    • You have modest goals in life. Which is good. Stay entertained. Dost abhi picture baaki hai….Part 2. In the sequel Pappu gives a smashing performance. With guest roles from MVA jokers making money hand over fist through 100 crore vasuli while corana numbers hit the sky.

  83. 1. Will people really stop from going to kumbh mela, even if govt asks them ? I dont think so. Educated folks also think that god will take care of them and that they need to go there
    2. Elections : if govt had stopped the elections given covid as the reason, the opposing political parties would have said “democracy is crushed” in the name of covid.
    3. Yes. Vaccine makers should have got a free hand. But what if they sold the vaccines to the world instead of selling it in india ?
    4. Medical infra should have been upgraded . YES. This is something the govt failed to do. I think the govt machinery was waiting for the PM to tell them.Unfortunate.

  84. I want the entire health dept fired. This is incompetence of astronomical proportions. When every big nation was out there buying vaccines in bulk, giving money in advance so that vaccines can be scaled up, here our great sarkar e hind has made sure it kills our vaccine industry with stupid price controls and non advanced contracts for buying. We had a parliament session in between and not a single MP seems to have asked about vaccine roadmap. Now we pay the price. The cases are raging like wildfire. We could have at least made sure we kept systems in place to scale up beds, oxygen, drugs etc. But no. We didn’t. States didn’t do it, centre didn’t do it. Now whatever reforms they planned will be stalled. Glaring incompetence. Disgusting. And i say this as modi voter.

  85. You are right. Biggest culprit was the pretensions to be a global power. The decline started in 2016.

    • This is Indians doing what Indians are best at doing – self flagellation and hosting the “Blame Olympics”.

      The absurd claim that we are somehow responsible for the current rise in cases is as silly as Americans blaming Trump for Covid. Covid is a reality, the fact that it was subdued earlier was due to Govt effort and despite all the same people whinning and moaning about the lockdown, the harsh rules, the stranded migrant labor and the lack of PPE – today we have PPE, we have the medciines, we have the infrastructure in our hospitals and we even have vaccines.

      In a country that couldn’t vaccinate every child even for Polio for decades it is the urban delusional classes who believe that 1.3 billion people will be vaccinated overnight just because the Americans who have hoarded the vaccine and their raw materials are throwing billions at a problem in a way India can’t!

      People who talk about peice controls are the same crowd that waxes about the “responsibility of the State” had tbe Govt allowed the market to set the prices. The same people who navel gazed and quibbled about the efficacy of Covaxin and demonized the vaccine are the ones who now give sermons about insufficient vaccine availability!

      Hypocrisy is another unrecognised pandemic raging in parallel and unfortunately though it isnt deadly, it certainly has no vaccine!

      Continue to blame Govt – because we are after all sheep and sheep cant be responsible for their own welfare.

      • what is it Raj that makes you love Modi so romantically, that you write such fine english sentimental garbage. At least tell your PM to stop attending rallies even now. But he thinks as always Bengal victory can exonerate him from Second wave accountability.

        Next time write something too When Modi takes all the credit of work done by others, which he notoriously does almost every single time.

        I really believe Modi is really hansome and have a very muscular face and strong voice. So much even straight men raise their heartbeat at even a slightest glimpse of their hero.

        He is an incompetent person that’s a fact. People still like him is also a fact. People liked Indira even after emergency. People voted out Atalji because they don’t like him while accepting the fact that he was honest and competent too.

        The only criterion to win elections is that whether people like you or not. you can be a womanizer (Trump), corrupt and cruel (Indira), incompetent but handsome and macho :MOdi. Look Modi is really good and careful at his image management. He works almost as hard as a new celebrity heroin works for her image management. That hard work in front of camera and through media agents really pays off. Also some political gimmicks and show off also earn him million votes too.And Jumlas are always there.

        Be careful not to have an orgasm in your sleep with hehehehe Mitron ;))

        • Modi needs to go .Please vote for Rahul Gandhi atleast he will make a machine to produce lot of vaccines.I am sure everyone will be empowered under his rule and will aspire to become model citizens like waze.India doesn’t deserve the visionary leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi.Its criminal to not harness talent of leaders like Rahul Gandhi.Sad state of affairs!

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