Monday, 17 January, 2022
TopicCovid-19 vaccine

Topic: Covid-19 vaccine

Corbevax maker says ‘too much dependence on MNCs, focus on new tech’ behind vaccine inequity

Corbevax co-developer Dr Peter Hotez says the vaccine will 'make up for lost time' in race to immunise millions and its patent was waived in the spirit of 'decolonisation'.

How Corbevax and Covovax, the two vaccines newly approved in India, fight Covid

India granted emergency-use authorisation to two new Covid vaccines, Corbevax and Covovax, this week. Both use proteins of the coronavirus to induce an immune response.

With ‘precaution doses’ approved in India, here’s what we know about Covid vaccine boosters

PM Modi announced Saturday that booster doses would be rolled out from 10 January. Scientific studies have found that protection wanes after the 2nd dose, and recommended boosters.

Modi govt drives hard bargain, ZyCov-D vaccine could cost Rs 275/dose or even less

The world’s first DNA vaccine for Covid manufactured by Gujarat-based Zydus Cadila is delivered using a special applicator costing Rs 30,000.

ZyCov-D price talks still on, but India begins training for use of needle-free applicator

First instalment of ZyCov-D, a three-dose Covid vaccine manufactured by Zydus Cadila, is expected next month. Vaccine doesn't require a needle injection to be administered.

Outrage in Karnataka as govt uses workers’ fund to buy Covid vaccines from pvt hospitals

Labour organisations say it isn’t govt’s money, but minister Shivaram Hebbar says ‘what’s wrong in wanting to ensure the health, life and livelihood of our labourers?’

WTO meeting on India-South Africa proposal for vaccines patent waiver likely to be ‘stormy’

US & China have backed the revised proposal by India and SA, but EU, Australia, Japan & others continue to oppose it and plan to prevent any formal negotiations on the matter.

Vaccine rules are the big, new hurdle for Indian students heading to foreign universities

Many universities, especially those in the US, require students to be vaccinated. To make matters worse, Covaxin is yet to be recognised by WHO.

Good news from vaccine study: Both work well, Covishield produces more antibodies than Covaxin

Study by Indian doctors says that while Covaxin & Covishield are effective, the AstraZeneca vaccine shows ‘significantly higher’ seropositivity rate & anti-spike antibody titre.  

News to celebrate from Jammu & Kashmir, two-thirds of 45+ vaccinated, leads in India

J&K has inoculated more than 67% of its 45-plus population, far more than the national average of around 44%. It also has three districts with 100% coverage in that age group.

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Army chief Gen M.M. Naravane addressing the annual press conference on 12 January | ANI

Many good reasons to demilitarise Siachen. But India-Pakistan ties too torn to allow it

After 10 years, India has spoken about Siachen. Army chief General Naravane said that the country wasn’t opposed to demilitarisation of the glacier.

Why domestic consumers may not be enough to power India’s economy

The Covid pandemic has hollowed out India’s middle class by destroying 10 million manufacturing jobs. For the second time in history, self-reliance might prove to be a costly mistake.


File photo of Indian and Chinese troops disengaging from the banks of the Pangong lake area in eastern Ladakh | ANI

These Chinese fears about India ‘choking’ key road are holding up Hot Springs disengagement

A 13-hour meeting of Indian and Chinese military commanders held last week ended without an agreement, and further talks are expected to be held.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Read my lips, I’m hurting, says Pakistan’s National Security Policy. What it means for India

The new policy is mostly chaff, but it reveals the most inward-looking Pakistan in 3 decades. It needs breathing space, and is realising loss of stature and friendship with US.