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Nation wants to know if there is more to Republic TV besides Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami broke the cardinal rule of journalism — you don’t make yourself the news.

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Citizen Arnab Goswami has been arrested. Not because he broke the cardinal rule of journalism — never make yourself the story — but because of an abetment to suicide case.

The broken loudspeaker of the television industry, who has been stuck in a ‘nation wants to know’ loop, perhaps didn’t think it would come to this. And I purposely say television and not journalism. Journalism is based on facts, not whims. And Republic TV chief Arnab Goswami is a whimsical man. He was once giddy because he had bagged an interview with Congress’ Sonia Gandhi. Today, he can’t stop referring to her as “Italy waali Sonia”.

Arnab is an entertainer, if his television theatrics are looked at optimistically. He is a rabble-rouser, if he’s seen realistically. In more recent times, he’s been entertaining us with sensational stories of big Bollywood celebrities taking drugs, actresses siphoning money off their star boyfriends and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s probable link to it. All these have made Arnab Goswami’s arrest look comically tragic.

Think about it. Here’s a man who ran khap panchayat-like studio shows where he, the mukhiya (chief), was the unquestionable judge, jury and executioner. And lately, also the subject of most of Republic TV’s content. He was the macho news anchor taking on the country’s (opposition) leaders, but now he was also the victim.

On 4 November, when he was being arrested from his home in Mumbai, it looked like he couldn’t believe it himself. He wasn’t being arrested for his journalism, but a totally different case —his alleged role in the suicide of architect Anvay Naik in 2018.

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The fight — for TRPs

Many ministers in the Narendra Modi government, including Amit Shah, condemned Arnab Goswami’s arrest, and said it reminded them of ‘the Emergency’. BJP leaders took out protests in several cities. As of Sunday, however, Arnab was still in custody.

But Arnab Goswami didn’t go down without a fight — for TRPs. He left his house shouting ‘assault assault’, and insisted he was the hero of this drama, who was being hunted by Uddhav Thackeray (whose government the news anchor could singlehandedly topple).

Look at any of Republic TV’s social media handles or coverage now — Arnab Goswami is everywhere. Not as the primetime debate host, but as the news. He has made himself the story.

Citizen Arnab is now asking for all the rights that he didn’t advocate for others. And now he’s surprisingly doing everything that the people he hated did to ask for their rights.

The assault on him is suddenly so wrong. But when activist Sadaf Jafar was allegedly assaulted by the police or when the police was accused of assaulting 15 women and 30 men during the February Citizenship (Amendment) Act clash in Delhi, Arnab Goswami obviously wasn’t as vociferous.

In fact, since his arrest, Republic TV staffers claiming to represent the whole of India — #IndiaWithArnab — are protesting for his rights. These are the same people who day in and day out called Shaheen Bagh ‘pro-Pak’ for protesting against the government of India. If Arnab is protesting against the Maharashtra government, then by his logic, he and his channels are anti-Maharashtra and anti-Marathas.

Call it karma, but Arnab wanted to take a ‘snapshot’ of the expression of people who spoke against the witch-hunt of Rhea Chakraborty when she was arrested. Today, snapshots of Arnab’s arrest are plastered all over social media. The cardinal rule of not running media trials was shredded to pieces by Arnab Goswami — #ArrestRhea was one such media trial. And he’s run many others.

But the arrest of Arnab Goswami has highlighted another big problem.

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Nation wants to know

Arnab Goswami, much like the BJP, clearly didn’t invest in a tier two for his organisation. Now, the nation wants to know if there is a Republic TV beyond Arnab Goswami.

Getting arrested has ensured that his constant attempt to make himself the ‘star anchor’ of both his English and Hindi channels has blown up in his face. His channel is now airing desperate anchors trying too hard to sound like Arnab and asking for justice. That’s because he apparently mostly hires young journalists who can’t question his durbar. Wonder why he didn’t call it Arnab TV.

Not to miss, Republic TV recently claimed ‘From Newsrooms Across India, Journalists Stand In Solidarity With Arnab Goswami’. Then the camera zoomed into five newsrooms, of which two were Republic’s own channels. 

Arnab Goswami’s megalomaniac ways have got the better of him. And his channel is not entertaining anyone anymore since he’s not on it. It’s not even entertaining his ardent fans, that’s if they exist at all considering the TRP scam in which Republic TV’s name reportedly came up in the statements of some of the accused.

Arnab Goswami’s peculiar case of politically motivated news anchoring has brought out a very important fact. Media will be nothing but a pawn if it tries to be an extended arm of a political party. And pawns are usually the first ones to be sacrificed to the enemy for a win. The BJP is now using Arnab to showcase the Maha Vikas Aghadi and Shiv Sena to be nothing more than Indira Gandhi-like authoritarian political parties. Arnab in jail serves its purpose. Arnab has indeed made a fantastic story out of himself and become peak national news. You know what happens after a peak?

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. Sadly, vulgar, vacuous and vicious loudmouths like Arnab Goswami have become the face of Indian media today. They tarnish the reputation of India outside the country, more so since this thug claims to be a journalist.

    But the good news is that Arnab Goswami has lost his utlity for the BJP. The man has become a larger than life figure who, like Adityanath threatens the Gujaratis and their tight grip on power. But unlike Adityanath who has a large following of itchy-groined, lumpen “bhaiyyas” to do his bidding,

    Arnab Goswami’s middle class followers are largely armchair jingoists. They might shout about patriotism and the need to cut Pakistan down to size, thrash the Chinese and sing praises to Indian soldiers. But they ensure that their own kids run get the Green card rather than donning the Indian Army’s green fatigues to do battle in Galwan. Or freeze in Siachen. And that applies especially to all the NRIs who display great enthusiasm and nationalism – but with the safety of a green card or the citizenship of a Western European country.

    Time to write Arnab Goswami’s obituary as a BJP mouthpiece. Meanwhile, the man is probably getting buggered – probably literally – in some seedy Maharashtrian jail. A well-deserved comeuppance to a putrid punk.

  2. Nation must be vigilent about the involvement of Dawood gang,/ISI/ Ahmed patel/shivsena/sharad nexus . day pakistan minister Chauhan said ” raw agent ” Arnab got in to trouble with the money poured to police and Uddav ‘s wife . Destroying Shivsena was the mission of congress- and they have succeeded with the help of Sharad . In Maha bharata or ramayana– women( draupadi/kaikeyi) was the reason for their fall . For shivsena ( raut /wife of uddava) are the reason of their fall with the help of congress and sharad axis. What a stupid guy who will sale his mother(land ) for a penny !!

  3. Im with Arnab, Print is one of the old school which tries to say what is journalism, truth is every thing is evolving including how to present the news. I accept he is noisy but not bigotry as most other media outlets which always tries to bend actual truth. Got tired of news outlets trying to set narrative to appease certain section of people.

      • If someone do not agree with ur views, y u r countering them? Grow up. The so called author is more venomous than the noisy Arnab, at least he is not compromising values..

  4. The article is pathetic and smells hatred and jealousy for Arnab. Uddhav and his police by their illegal and unlawful act made a nationalist and true patriot journalist a National hero. That was evident from the crowd following his car when he was released. He was true voice of people. Condem the writer and article. And support Arnab. You may not like his journalism but you cannot take his liberty and dignity.

    • Care to explain why you come to that conclusion Mr Narayan? Do bear in mind that unlike you, many of us prefer not to inhale the hot air emitted by Arnab Goswami and do not fall for the jingoistic, fact-free rabble-rousing that he calls journalism…

  5. These compulsive liers like Zainab have taken training in Madarsaas and speak only for what suits Islam and it’s so called peaceful face. So expecting anything in favour of a Nationalist is impossible from these greats. Their icons are Ghaznis,Gauries,Taimurs and Khilgees. They stand for Jehad.

    • She did not mention Islam. She talked only about Arnob and the hypocritical outrage of fascists talking about freedom of speech. You are unable to refute her, so you react in a childish way.

  6. ThePrint तुम बिके हुये पत्रकार sorry चाटुकार हो।
    अर्णव गोस्वामी की पैर के धूल बराबर भी नहीं तुम्हारी पत्रकारीता।

    भारत माता की जय
    वन्दे मातरम

  7. I would be very, very scared if I were Arnab Goswami.

    The BJP, under Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Adityanath and their ilk is a thuggish, undemocratic outfit dedicated and devoted to the promotion of the Modi personality cult. Arnab Goswami surely contributed to the growth of said Modi cult with his screaming matches replete with naked Islamophobia, shrill jingoism and rabble-rousing.

    But the BJP has surely calculated that this motor-mouth masquerading as a journalist has grown too big for his boots. And in the BJP’s tussle with the Shiv Sena for supremacy in Maharashtra, Arnab Goswami is an easily sacrificed pawn. Arnab’s tenure as a useful idiot for Modi’s Hindutva forces has possibly come to an ignoble end.

    As they say:

    “If you live by the sword, you die by the sword”

      • Arnab cannot become bigger than his paymasters in the BJP. The BJP has not lifted a finger while the Shiv Sena thrashes this useful idiot. Arnab Goswami is getting cut to size and that pleases the BJP endlessly.

    • ‘Useful idiot’ is the apt term for Arnob.

      Believe it or not, he studied at Oxford. But when power and money came, he became a megalomaniac.

    • If the BJP does not sacrifice Goswami, the SS can reopen the Justice Lohia case. Then more of the BJP’s skeletons will fall out. The BJP should realise that their opponents in state governments can also use the law selectively against them, in the manner the BJP used against opponents.

    • If you are a kili joshiyar whete is your kili. People like you make a kili ie parrot tell something nonsense already printed on the cards. So its just like a prejudice working there. You seem to be a islamist at the core hiding behind a secular name. Shame on you and the article writer who has nothing but is venomous on the nationalist and hindu cause supporters

      • Vaadhyaare !! What, if any is the point you are trying to make ? Your post makes no sense and you make no cogent counter-arguments.

        Suggestion: After you finish your TASMAC saarayam, go to sleep and then when you are sober, try writing a comment. At the moment, what you have written is to be thrown into the “kuppathotti” !

  8. We are divided by caste and hatred by such journalists. Instead of substance they create hatred. Print Media must review this writer and question how much they have been paid by Congress and it’s allies. Laughable news now after the Supreme Court Judgement. You guys made him the hero. Was it necessary?

    • Mr Shashank Bhat: So what came first caste and caste based hatred or journalism ? And what makes you believe that if there is an article against a thuggish, fascist BJP supporter like Arnab Goswami, then the article must have been paid for by Congress and its allies?

      And who pays you? The BJP IT cell?

  9. ThePrint and TheWire are two already sold media agencies to Congress, they are the mouth pieces of left parties also. So publishing against arnab was obvious.

  10. What happens when the shit hits the ceiling at Shekar Gupta’s house? It gives birth to degenerates like Zainab Shitunder

  11. The best wishes of

    Kashmiri Pandits
    Bollywood Strugglers
    Independent Right Wing Journalists

    are with Arnab.

    Whether you like it or not…..

    The atrocities on him have made him a Nationa Hero.

    • Anupam Kher, Kashmiri Pandits, Armymen, Sadhus, Bollywood Strugglers, Independent Right Wing Journalists – are all on hunger strike for Cowswami.

      But the majority is not losing sleep over him.

  12. Do i smell jealousy or is it just a feeling in ur words that assures me about it . Dont like then dont watch , dont comment. U have opposing lines and views because u watch . Dont watch . We millions are there to care 4 arnab . Alright?? Just rethink and look at him, his sinceruty innocence and no one who u can compare to any award winning gov script teaders like rajdeep, anjana who said u all are fake . Yeh our rhea won your sushant commited suicide Aree sharam karona . Rhea tumhare pass aie hi clarifications ke lie . Hmara arnab aa rrha hai jawab dene kitne arnab dabooge

  13. Anvay Naik would have gone to court to recover his dues. Also in his suicide note it is mentioned we are committing suicide but his mother signature is missing. There is some mischief. Print editor in chief and column writer is part of luytens gang. There are hundred and thousands of closed cases where Congress leaders are involved. If those cases are reopened lots of Congress leaders and luytens media will be behind bar.

  14. Arnab is loud, boastful, high handed but that does not make him a criminal. Folks are probably not used to watch international tv channels where even the president of the country is criticized and it’s taken with the spirit of freedom of expression. The problem is not with Arnab but with the Indian fabric of a minority group who have gotten used to the corruption at all levels and are completely sucked in the maze themselves. If no one questioned Sushant’s death handling then Arnab suicide abetment stands nowhere in comparison (if we assume he really owed money and this gentleman did not have a life beyond Arnab’s invoice payments). It’s so unfortunate that the Indian mass is still taken on a ride as was decades ago and expect that there will be no reaction. And it’s a sad state of affairs for the people of the country who cannot find decent leaders in a population past billions! What an irony!
    The world is watching and Indian government at the center and the state are only making a mockery of themselves and of all those they are expected to protect! No words! It’s so debilitating!

  15. I would not even have bothered to read an article by this so called journalist. I think this person should enlist for dissemination of religious info rather than preach to us about journalism! Look at yourself and your biased views ! You are oh so smart to note that -Arnab wasn’t arrested for this journalism. We all know that he was arrested on a trumped up charge. I am no fan of Arnab, but what is wrong is wrong. The fact that no journalists and print media , who come to the defence of common rioters and terrorists, are coming to defend him, says a lot about the stench of middle eastern money in Indian ‘journalism’!

  16. Whoever wrote this – brava! Brilliantly said. The same justice Arnab denied his victims over the years, he is now begging for himself. He’s a powerful man with even more powerful friends, so I’m sure he’ll be out soon. But now at least a lick of the torment they suffered, while he – the esteemed 4th pillar of our democracy – laughed & mocked & discredited, well, he too is getting a taste of their pain. It will never suffice for their suffering, but it’s a start. One would hope he spent that time in jail reflecting on his sins against our country & citizens, but I doubt his megalomania allows for such accountability & empathy. I will NEVER forget what he called the Hathras gangrape victim’s desperate plea for justice – a “manohar kahani.” Vile, morally corrupt monster!

  17. I was an admirer of Arnab’s business strategy of having a single star anchor i,e himself and rest low paid staff .Low overheads and maximum profits. Now his core strength has become the weakness for republic tv. Obviously others can’t match his screaming skill.

  18. The Shiva Sena can take action against the BJP’s poster boy Cowswami because the BJP cannot come to Maharashtra and call the Mahrattas anti-national. That game won’t work there because the Shiv Sena also calls itself Hindu nationalist. The Shiv Sena is cadre based, and they are also equally versed as the BJP with using Hindu mob power and intimidation.

    Let Arnob stew. He will not raise his finger against SS again, as he will be kept busy in cases.

    The nation also wants to know what happened to Justice Lohia. The Maharashtra govt. can always reopen this case if the BJP creates problems over Arnob.

    So I advise all the Hindus here shouting about supporting freedom of speech for Arnob : forget it, the BJP will drop him, otherwise BJP fellows will have to come to court over Justice Lohia. You need to understand how Hindu politics works. Even Arnob did not know how it works, so I am telling you.

  19. Writeup by Zainab on expected lines given her acute hatred for Nationalists and ofcourse Arnab, Editor in Chief of RepublicTv. This writeup appeared to be more of vomiting crude hate out of envy for Arnab’s successful career than any facts with some cmon sense. Neverthless envy filled out Left infested Journos for Arnab ever since he left NDTV, HQ of Marlen media syndicate, and joined TimesNow and made it No.1 channel within next few years. His success is quite envious even to me if Iam in Indian Journalism read: CONgress sponsored media. Nevetthless Z has the right to spew hate in a Sickular Democracy India all in the name of Free speech.
    Now will ThePrint would be inclined to print a respknse to zs from a “Political observer and an Indian Cotizen” ? This would be a chance for SG just to atleast feign to be “neutral”

    • Who gives the certification ‘Nationalist’ ? The RSS cowards who did not take part in the freedom struggle, and shot Gandhi ?

  20. One year before Republic was launched, I saw the pre-launch advertisements with Arnob who boasted he was going to create a channel for Indians, so that Indians and outsiders could learn what is India, not through the eyes of the BBC and CNN. He announced this channel would be be superior to BBC and CNN in 2 years.

    I knew Arbob was another pompous Hindu of the Advani-Modi era. I had seen his previous performance at Times Now. When Republic was launched, Arnob was more virulent than at Times Now. As ZS noted, he became more megalomaniac day by day. It ended by taunting the Shiv Sena, thinking he had the protection of the thugs at the centre. Constantly aggressive people become delusional.

    His standard formula was selective minority and opposition bashing, and all quietness on the misdemeanors of the ruling party. He would get third rate loudmouths like Major Bakshi to show off his aggressive posturing of Hindu nationalism.

    It is noticeable that in recent years non-speaking English countries have set up English channels that are watchable and influence world opinion : Russian RT, German DW, French France 24h, and Arab Al Jazeera. They are not quite BBC standard but not very far off. India with its knowledge of English has no channel that can showcase India to the outside world (NDTV is the best but it does not have an international outlook). Arnob promised a channel that would make India presentable to the world. But any outsider watching Republic would find Indians repulsive.

  21. The nation knows that there’s absolutely nothing in Republic TV besides Arnab. The fake sincerity and honesty of the channel is evident from the video showing his arrest where he refuses to listen to the police thus forcing them to drag him out which he and his reporters then frame as ‘Assault’. Then he wants to seek ‘medical attention’ as though he’s been shot on the head. This is a tactic used by criminals and it was shameful to see him stoop to this level. However, it’s clear that the government is acting against him but I think he and his people should feel what those whom he sent to jail for their own whims and fancies would have gone through. Moreover, I’m not a fan of his noisy studio. Yes it’s entertaining and unique and the way he portrays himself as the ultimate truth and the voice of India has earned him a lot of gullible loyalists but I can see behind the facade. At times he looks nothing more than a tool of the BJP to win elections.

    • Hilarious article. and arguments….these cases are all being pushed with one agenda-vendetta fact a lot of people have now started watching republic more than ever before. Wud have increased the trps further ..the case doesn’t merit an arrest and hope the SC settles this once and for all..

  22. Agar aisa in logo ke sath hoga to soch kar dar lagta hai ye log hamhare sath kya kya kar sakte hai ye aap ne aachaaa nhi kiya jo ek banda sach bolta hai to uske sath aap ye nhi kar sakte hai par ek baat suni hogi ki sach kise ko achaaa nhi lagta hai to vo banda sach bolne walo mai se hai or mai MH ki police ko itna achaaa sochta tha par ab nhi bilkul nhi soch rha

  23. Nation knows there’s nothing in Republic TV besides Arnab Goswami. The fake sincerity and honesty of Republic TV can be seen from the video showing his arrest where he deliberately refuses to listen to the police officers, thus forcing them to drag him. Then he and his reporters exaggerate it as ‘Assault’. Then he wants to seek ‘medical attention’ as if he’s been shot on the head. This is a tactic used by criminals and it was shameful for him to stoop to this level. Yes it’s clear that all this is vendetta politics and that the government is seeking revenge but I think Arnab and his people should feel what those whom he sent to jail without any clear evidence would have felt. Moreover, I’m not a fan of his noisy studios. Yes it’s entertaining and the way he portrays himself as the most honest person in the world and as the voice of the common man have earned him a lot of loyalists but I can see behind the facade. At times he looks nothing more than a tool for the BJP to win elections.

  24. Arnab Goswami went too far. Other journalists who did not even go one tenth as far still got booked or arrested in UP, Gujarat etc.

    He should have been smart enough to realise that even BJP cannot rescue him from being investigated. Either he got carried away with his invincibility or maybe he had an inkling of what the MVA was going to do to him and he was just putting on a brave face on his TV shows. Either way he built a huge fan base from BJP support.

    Like Kangana, backdoor influence by BJP may ensure his hearings will have top priority in the courts, but we have to wait and see court’s response.

    I hope once he comes out on bail he will empathize with other journalists who have been targetted by the BJP and speak out for them. I know that is hoping too much. If he doesn’t do it, it would mean he is just a TV propagandist not a true journalist committed to cause of press freedom for his fellow journalists.

    • Even the BJP cannot get Arnob rescued in Maharashtra because they cannot play the Hindu nationalist card there and dub all opponents as anti-nationals out to get Hindus. Shiva Sena is very Hindu nationalist, even before the BJP, and they have been playing the same game for years.

  25. Well, I could have agreed with everything written but this to come form islamist zainab, its much to digest. If any one has any doubt than one can refer her last article in which she picked out obsolete verses from koran and tried to prove how “Peaceful” islam as a relegion is. But 1 question kept popping up, isn’t it the same Koran _ Quran..( Whatever) that even terrorist pick out verses to motivate their darling terrorists and also, isnt it the same book that supports Blasphemy. But irony,,,,, this islamist is too busy giving gyan to arnab and what journalism. And also I was wondering, Is there any story you broke? Anything that can prove your journalist than just being a Writer. C’mon Shekhar,, you must be having better products.

  26. It is not possible to proceed on AG without tacit support of center. The real play will be known in weeks to come. Looks like AG has tripped on a landmine in the SSR case. The way center and SC has reacted of late just makes it clear that they are not happy.

  27. The article writer is missing the woods for tees. He says, Arnab is not arrested for his journalism but is arrested for an abetment to suicide case. He mentioned this statement two, three times in his article repeatedly. But he was wrong. Arnab targeted opposition parties till no end. The already closed case is an alibi for the Maharashtra Government to take some revenge on him. Juxtapose the situation, had the BJP Government been there in Maharashtra, instead of Maha Aghadi (combine of Cong+Shiv Sena+NCP), Arnab would not have been arrested. Reverse it, had the BJP government been there in power in Maharashtra, Arnab would not have questioned on prime time show the ruling on his Republic TV. Wish Arnab had joined in politics, instead of taking shot on opposition proxy through journalism, which is bad. It is not too late even now. He is getting publicity within and without jail. No publicity is bad publicity, after all.

  28. Good analysis by ZS. Of course, bhakts are enraged that their poster boy got trapped. In their fury and frustration, they rail against liberals and even Muslims.

    I would like to add to ZS’s analysis the following. Arnob’s downfall came due to the rivalry of two Hindu fascist groups : the Shiva Sena and the BJP. As Vinod Dua remarked, they have tasted the blood of Muslims, now the blood of Hindus will not be far behind. That is what has happened. Fascists have a violent methodology, and eventually they will apply it to each other.

    Arnob was with the Hindu Nazis of the BJP, and he was being used by them to taunt and undermine the Shiva Sena whch is a Hindu-Maratha fascist party. Such Hindu fascists have no greater notion such as nation and its welfare – their sole interest is power for themselves.

    So no point blaming liberals, left and Muslims for Arnob’s downfall. Arnob is a victim of rival Hindu fascist groups.

  29. Will the print respond the same way if shekar gupta is arrested? Try to come out of your cocoon and raise the voice against injustice and stop parroting the lines of congress party or else you’ll lose your credibility as mediaoutlet.

    • SG is not shouting hate everyday, and is not polarising society. He is not batting for one party.

      Arnob has got trapped by the infighting of two Hindu fascist groups : the BJP and the SS.

      It has got nothing to do with SG, ZS, liberals, Muslims…..So why are you burning because this gas bag got locked up ?

    • SG in CTC has said, he doesn’t approve of evidence free journalism. AG of late has not shown any journalistic credentials. He keeps coming up with incredible conspiracy theories. And gullible audience think, if he is reporting it, there may be some truth in it. Whereas he is just making up the narrative without any shred of evidence.

      If you have watched SG on CTC, you will know that SG’s arrest means death of democracy. I see SG is critical of Modi and his opponent RG as well. But he never says it grudgingly. He presents the opinion with verifiable observation. You may agree or not with his opinion, but he gives you pointers to make an informed opinion.

    • Just because Arnab is a journalist, he should not be arrested for any crime..?? Is this rule only for Arnab or applies to all the journalists??

  30. Shame on you for writing such a biased article and shame on this kind of accusations in the name of journalism. You’re no less than the person you’re incriminating .

    • All ZS has pointed out is that Arnob was unprofessional and made himself, and not the news the centre piece, of Republic channel. That is a valid comment.

      The second thing she has pointed out is that Arnob had skeletons in his cupboard and like the BJP uses CBI, Income Tax etc. to stall their opponents, SS and other state govts. are copying them. The BJP set a bad precedent.

  31. Dear Author, Arnab wasn’t a convict on the run. He’s a professional businessman, working legitimately from his studio. I suggest you stop the good – bad journalism bullshit and come back to the topic. Armed Policemen barged into his house in the early house, where he resides with his family and arrests him. What is the moral thought here. Arnab has always been cooperating with Law Enforcers and its agencies whatsoever it is. What’s the moral ethics here, Author.

    • Armed policemen were throwing stones in Delhi riots in Feb. 2020. Did Arnob complain about that ? SG saw the Delhi policemen siding with Hindu rioters and at least said it was wrong.

      ‘Arnab has always been cooperating with Law Enforcers and its agencies whatsoever it is.’ntly

      He did not cooperate, he argued and did not go silently, he fought. He is an anti national and should have been thrashed on the spot, in the BJP style.

    • You should ask the question to all the judges who refused to give him bail including HC judges and put him under judicial custody.

  32. This article is no journalism by any means; either measured thru standards or Arnab Goswami standards. This article reminds me of Pakistani comments of “good terrorism” vs “bad terrorism”. An article with poor taste.

  33. The paid media especially journalist anti India gang and tukde tukde gang member can write like ZAINAB SIKANDER. The print is known for its anti India activity. Nothing new.

    • What has ZS written about Arnob that is not true ?

      Arnob was trapped not by tukde tukde or ZS, but by the politics of two Hindu fascist groups.

      • Are o Rasgolla, Everyone one knows who is operating Shivsena now thru Remote control (like Manmohan earlier). So keep
        your shit analysis to yourself and have a Rasgulla. People are realizing who the real Fascists are from the Maharashtra Episode.

        • Shiva Sena comes from the same place as the Maratha warrior, so you cannot call them anti-national, or say they are under remote control. Then the parent of all Hindus fascists, the RSS, is within their state, and they are the remote control of the BJP. But they are keeping quiet. It is a turf fight between fascist factions. These kind of fights between Hindus will multiply as greed for money and power will be the driver. You can only grab so much from the minorities, but with shrinking wealth, Hindus have to fight each other.

  34. Indian people just love it when Arnab Goswami exposes the dirty secrets of bollywood, politicians and drug mafia.

  35. The writer’s “name” tells it all
    It is one thing to write a critique and quite another to “try” going on a witch hunt and settling personal scores, in this case, the popularity stakes-of the person, of the channel
    The arrest is in no way connected to him running a banana republic channel as the other one from India Today, Rajdeep is wont to say
    The arrest is very clearly a witch hunt of the Maha Sarkaar-digging up an old case of Abetment to suicide
    So while the rest of the “in-peril” media gloats over this, The guy has been made a martyr and his channel will only be stronger now
    Mark my words.wait and watch .A clear and present danger for the rest of the industry perhaps and certainly for the writers of the same feather as this one !

  36. Arnab is in jail not because of some money he owed to somebody who committed suicide, but because he is a journalist who is bold, non compliant and factual. He exposed the Agadi goat’s failure in cases like Palghar Sadhu killings, shoddy investigation of Sushant Sing Rajput and Salian deaths, harassment of Kangna Ranaut and exposure of TRP case. It is a clear case of vendetta and a message to non compliant journalists. It is the repeat of 1975 Emergency. Strangely the bjp govt at the centre is silent, the Courts are taking their own time and the other media is silent. It is a conspiracy to silence critics of any govt regardless of party.
    Pran Razdan

    • Mr Pran Razdan: You bray:

      “.. Arnab is in jail .. because he is a journalist who is bold, non compliant and factual ..”

      Well, apart from the fact that the heckling and hate speech that Arnab spews from his soapbox cannot by any stretch of the imagination be termed as journalism, he has also come to represent the ugly face of a castrated Indian media outside the country.

      Arnab Goswami is a paid thug of the ruling party, a latter day Göbbels who heckles, harangues and howls at the top of his voice and produces nothing more than hate speech. Sadly, it appears that even educated people like you fall for the puerile antics of a perverted pig.

      That said, I think it is completely wrong that he gets arrested on the flimsy grounds that the Maharashtra government has used.

    • I shall believe you about Arnob’s bravery if he exposed one case of BJP’s criminality and incompetence. There are plenty of issues : Rafale scam, rapes, murders, Delhi riots, Covid mishandling, Galwan ….He would not have the guts.

  37. I subscribe to the Print but am uncertain if I would continue if Shekar Ji moved on. The article’s title is clearly in bad taste. Using Arnab’s predicament to point out the issues with other activists or journalists is appreciated – but dwelling on Arnab’s personality and his shows is poor writing.

    • ‘..but dwelling on Arnab’s personality and his shows is poor writing.’

      What, you object to ZS pointing out Arnob’s megalomania ? Is that not obvious to you ?

      Would it have been poor form to point out Hitler’s megalomania ?

  38. All frustrated so called print media, tv news channels and so the Print speak same language with having same vocabulary against the Editor in Chief of India’s number one channels Republic TV and Republic Bharat.

    Don’t get frustrated like this….no body can change the power of truth.

  39. The author is ill informed and biased in the assessment. You can love or hate any individual but it is the Indian constitution at stake. The law should be applied to everybody equally but MVA government has gone too far and abused its power. Or else the author is just forfeiting the right even when something happens to him or her in a similar manner tomorrow. Journalism is no more a profession, just a hobby, chill. You need better skill management for your survival, not British era methods of bogus and biased reports most of the journalists have done for decades. This is going to end soon, relax. Everybody knows even in this case how media houses are sold at what price.

  40. The article needs to be examined with more than ordinary care, prudence and circumspection. Prima facie, the argument seems to be impeccable. Arnab Goswami represents by all fair standards, the worst case of journalism- extremely noisy, partisan, abusively arrogant and enslaved to a political party in power. Moreover, his journalism expresses no empathy to victims of his rudeness and unfair treatment.The criticism against such journalism can be very much justified. Yet at times, we find that his channels are extremely popular with a segment of our population. Irrespective of the substance in the alleged TRP scam there can be no denial that Arnab’s channels are popular, and this evidently attracts envy and jealousy from his competitors. While Arnab languishes in jail, all other channels are mute spectators with amused silence. Arnab has to blame himself for lack of support from his journalist fraternity. He has insulted many of senior journalists with worst kind of language. In sum, Arnab has to blame himself for his predicament, though silence is also due to the reason that elimination of the leading channel can reap in higher TRP and ad-income to the competing channels.
    However, there is more to the sordid story than what appears at the first glance. Till now, politicians were treating the media, more particularly the electronic media with forced and contrived respect. One bad interview, as Arnab himself displayed in case of Rahul Gandhi, and the career gets spoiled. Thus the media, which is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy, had gained traction to command respect as a force that can protest against excesses of the state and preserve the rights of the common man. However, it seems that the politicians have now learnt the art of how to reign in the media and control them. The state of Maharashtra has ingenuously shown the politically class how to regulate and silence the critics in the media. Today Republic is the victim and no is is complaining, Tomorrow, the same strategy can be used against other channels. Harassment by consistent and perpetual ‘investigation for hours ‘ of the journalists by summoning them to police stations is av weapon against which the media has no answer. In the process, the media is likely lose its edge and power to restrain the political class.

    • Mr Pramod Patil. Your outstanding comment is a a very well reflected and deep dissection of the Arnab Goswami phenomenon – a bigoted loudmouth and heckler masquerading as a journalist. I guess Arnab now gets a taste of his own medicine.

  41. The author seems overly against Arnab, who is of course a professional, having worked in different media houses before starting his own. In fact people who regularly see the various channels ,form their own favorite journalists and programmes.
    In my opinion, Arnab definitely has done more intrepid programmes than others in exposing scams and cases on a national level ,in a fair way, than most other channels.
    if ‘TRP’ is a scam then, in my opinion, the entire gamut of Advertising and promotion techniques employed by all companies should also come under the same label.
    I wonder the journalists of different channels belong to’ different creeds’ only ,as they could not air any semblance of solidarity in supporting Arnab, who is after all, a Journalist only ,in the first place. This is the plight of ‘professional journalism’ of today.
    At this juncture, commenting about the other young journalists who now run the show of Republic channel is even more inappropriate !!

    • Why should they. Other journalists raised concerns about the arrests and intimidation by the BJP in UP and elsewhere. Arnab did not even speak up for those targetted journalists.

      Is it fair to expect all journalists to support Arnab unconditionally now. Other journalists have not crossed the line as Arnab has.

      What goes around comes around.

  42. A Bull’s shit article. It is good-bad journalism, but he is a journalist. These are the norms of the politicians to check on each other’s case police record to harass and silence the main opposition guys. Later on, the investigation, this and that will fall apart. Just because to contain the Tripati, then Congress Congress leader & office-bearer who was against Devegowda was tried to bring up an old case against him pertaining to some constable or some murder case by that he thought he can silence Tripaty. But it boomeranged and it made him resign as PM. If you do not know that episode, check with Shekhar JI.

    The Government has used such political tactics on this incidence too by silencing him to start with him and then they will move to your base then only you realize it. Now either condemn the way he got arrested against a closed case. A Jr.most Magistrate observed this and refused to give him the PC, or keep your mouth shut. No point in complaining that he is a brand.

    Even in ‘The Print’ Shekhar Ji is the brand. Minus him, it is nothing it will stutter. When he accepted NDTV assignment for a Talk serial. It upset most of the people, how come he can etc., but the default declaration strip stating ‘ Chief Editor, The Indian Express’ has brought accolades & keen interest on The Indian Express, newspaper by the public. It opined even the advertisers that it is an added promo to their Brand.
    Now realising this the MVA is got upset as their claim & police action fall flat before the court. Arnab will come out rejuvenated and more focussed bringing out facts on these people. Now he knows very well that how to safeguard his interest legally, since most of his legal advisers must have advised that without query they can not arrest him etc., they may be right also in legal terms. But if he would have moved the court during May itself, he would have got an interim relief against arrest by the court, maybe his competitors might have passed on the comment that if he is so right why he should move the court for protection. etc., perhaps to avoid such kind of opinions from the competitors he kept quiet.

    During the year 1977 Emergency, we all know there was press censorship. This one newspaper well-known brand from Karnataka, who were an ardent supporter of Late PM Indira Gandhi & the Local Congress Government, thought nobody will trouble them & harass them. But when the Kaki Boots enter their Editorial Room, they realized the mistake of their constant support to the Congress, even ignoring the daring incidents of misrule & corruption in their report, when all the other Newspapers were screaming with evidence.
    So you are all one community just stick that way so you can avoid such consequences, waiting for you eventually. This strategy is only the protection for the Journalist community from the Government.


  43. He is like the Russian prince who went to war after many war games at home. He complained They are firing real bullets at me.

    • True!

      Despite the bravado displayed by him and his wife, he seemed actually shocked that it was happening to him.

      • Generally, fascists are cowards. Their show of bravery and cruelty is based on mob protection. Like Hitler in his bunker as the Red Army approached Berlin – he did not come out and fight but asked all the Germans to fight to the last man.

  44. – a journo ought not to become the story (NY Post story)
    – a journo should not a toe a predetermined line and run an extra judicial campaign (Justice Loya case)
    – a journo should not indulge in name calling (“fascist”, “petty”, “arrogant” and a series of adjectives used for Modi)

    The country will be a better place if Arnab, Rana Ayub and their ilk are permanently shut down.

  45. Want to know the same about primetime theatrics when opinions are presented as news. People with rigid views encompassing only one spectrum are called and presented as “subject experts” . Ms Zainab should know that the entire news media is in dire state. Ofcourse, you are free to choose sides but that is all what has become of the news. Headline management is the order of the day and forget about any objective and intelligent analysis on most of news channels. News media has gone intellectually and morally bankrupt. And that includes self proclaimed “neutral” media houses too.

  46. The MahaVikas Aghadi have exposed themselves as totally immature and foolish. There is a groundswell against them and people are convinced that they have lots to hide.

  47. Mr. Arnab Goswami may be many things. But he, most certainly, is no closet Islamist like Ms. Zainab Sikander. Ms. Sikander’s claims to being a liberal Muslim lies in tatters after her last article. That article, clearly a result of the intense pain from “vilification” of Islam due to the incidents in France, laid bare her political and religious convictions. One can be absolutely sure that neither is she liberal nor progressive in her approach towards both politics and religion. She is just an apologist for Islamic extremism.
    Like others of her ilk whose secularism and liberalism are just skin deep, she too takes no responsibility – neither moral nor the collective shame as part of the Ummah, for the horrors perpetrated in the name of Islam and the Prophet (PBUH). However, she is the first one to take umbrage at the crackdown on Islamists and radical elements.
    Her commitment to free speech and freedom of expression were exposed as fake as she quite clearly believes that the Prophet (PBUH) and Islam lie beyond the purview of these fundamental rights. Such rights seem to be the exclusive prerogative of the anti-CAA protestors.

  48. Th What do you expect from a Muslim journalist. May I Remind this person the majority of the people voted legally for a bjp GOVERMENT and People like Muslims the left and commies will always remain a minority so get used to the idea that India is a majority Hindu nation.

    • The fanaticism in your tone is hard to miss. Exactly the reason why I don’t support BJP or Arnab. They want to make us what they say they are fighting against i.e fanatics with very little if any capacity to reason.

    • And people (Hindus) voted for Shiva Sena. They are the majority in Maharashtra, and you need to get used to it that their writ runs there.

    • Nonsense Mr Shashi !

      Only 37% of voters voted for the BJP. In the well educated South for instance, your thuggish BJP friends have been solidly rejected even by Hindus. Of course, itchy-testicled gaurakshaks of the BIMARU belt are easily led by semi-literate Gujaratis and I guess nothing can be done about it for a while.

  49. Pathetic article …you wait till your turn comes , Arnab is a continuation of the kind of journalism that has evolved over the years , it pinches some people more becuase it’s not their version of truth

  50. Whatever you’re suggesting maybe right in your perspective but you can’t deny the fact that he is the smartest and best journalist of the country.
    Today nation wants to know why all the media, newspapers are not covering arnab struggle. Is this real journalism?

    • ‘Today nation wants to know why all the media, newspapers are not covering arnab struggle. Is this real journalism?’

      It could be because Arnob is not the smartest and best journalist of the country, as Hindu communalists like you imagine.

  51. The Print is Congress sponsored e=paper and muslim reporters like you cannot understand free press.You can say whatever you want and Sonia sena will back you up.

    • Bro, we are into third decade of 21st century. Can you please grow out of this medieval way of thinking and for once focus on the substance and not an identity that one doesn’t get to choose. You could have just as easily been born into a Muslim family, would you have liked everything you say discredited for this simple fact?

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