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Pakistani doctors need PPE to fight Covid-19, PM Imran Khan puts paper tigers on the job

Perhaps Pakistan’s more serious bodies dealing with the coronavirus crisis weren't up to the task. It seems the Corona Relief Tiger Force was just what the doctor prescribed.

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Pakistan has what the rest of the world doesn’t. But don’t think too much: it’s not something that Pakistan actually has. The Imran Khan government is merely using them to sell itself as a caretaker in these uncertain times. They are tigers — extinct in real life, but living in Pakistan’s imagination.

The government has instituted a Corona Relief Tiger Force, which currently has more than 8,00,000 ‘registered members’. Whether they are real or paper tigers, we would have to wait and see. But these volunteers comprise students, social workers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, journalists and even retired armed forces personnel, according to official details.

Perhaps Pakistan’s more serious bodies dealing with the coronavirus crisis in the country — such as National Security Committee, National Coordination Committee, National Command and Operation Centre — weren’t up to the task. It seems the Corona Relief Tiger Force was just what the doctor prescribed.

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PM’s love for tigers

The soon-to-be-activated force was first announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan last month in his two ‘F’s strategy to fight the coronavirus: Fund for corona and Force of tigers. Funding from overseas Pakistanis has been the cornerstone of Imran Khan’s strategy to solve any problem in his philanthropic or political life. Tigers are mandated to first identify needy people — they’ll find out who is unemployed, then go door-to-door and give out ration, and spread awareness regarding safety measures.

File photo of Imran Khan

Tigers have been PM Imran Khan’s go-to metaphor since forever — not counting the tigers once photographed in his bedroom or his pet dog named Tiger. In 1993, back in the days of charity campaigning for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, “Imran’s Tiger” badges were handed as a token of appreciation to school children who collected substantial donations. These yellow-coloured badges were worn with pride by the kids who now officially considered themselves ‘Imran’s tiger’. Then in 2008, Imran’s Tiger was revamped to become Shaukat Khanum Tigers’ Club to acknowledge the charity work done by children and youngsters to fulfil the goals of the cancer hospital.

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Fighting coronavirus with paper tigers

Fast forward to 2020 and Imran Khan is now recruiting Tigers to do jihad against the coronavirus. However, neither are the Tigers benign anymore nor is the pandemic, which they are up against.

Divisive in nature, the relief force tends to give a clear signal: if you are a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter, you are welcome to become a Tiger and don an alleged t-shirt in party flag colours of green, red and white. But who will dare break it to Imran Khan that he is now the PM of Pakistan and not of Shuakat Khanum or Tehreek-e-Insaf?

And if you thought the Imran Khan government was capable of using the funds from the relief force for something good, think again: there are fears that the money will be spent on manufacturing t-shirts for the volunteers, fears that the government denies. People on social media have rightly called the recruitment, training and deployment of Tigers a waste of money, which could have been instead used to buy protective gears for the doctors.

Doctors and paramedic staff across Pakistan have been demanding personal protective equipment (PPE) and other facilities to help treat the patients. But what did the Imran Khan government do? In Quetta, Balochistan, doctors demanding protective gears were baton-charged and more than 50 of them were later arrested. Elsewhere, doctors protesting by wearing garbage or plastic shopping bags to highlight the lack of gloves and masks have been issued show cause notices.

When countries around the world are focusing on strengthening the healthcare system and helping their doctors — the first line of defence against the coronavirus — Pakistan is empowering paper Tigers. It is by floating political ideas such as these that the PTI government makes people accuse it of not being serious — that is, when they aren’t pointing out its ill-preparedness to deal with the pandemic. 

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Putting young in danger

The work that the government plans to get done through the Corona Relief Tiger Force is something that grassroots local bodies are equipped to do. There are several governmental, non-governmental and religious organisations with millions of volunteers distributing rations, which the PTI thinks its Tigers should do.

To justify it by saying that Pakistan has a large population of young people who would want to help with the fight against coronavirus or by that they did enormous relief work during floods and earthquakes and so they can do it in this case too is beyond stupid. For one, the nature of the pandemic is different from a natural disaster. Young people without proper training and protection will be at risk of getting infected, and the number of positive Covid-19 cases will keep rising. But does this government even think?

Is it a good idea for the PTI government to get sidetracked like this in the middle of a pandemic? The answer is clear. PM Imran Khan sees coronavirus as an opportunity for his party members, whom he has been telling that by engaging in acts of charity and welfare — they just have to put up a show — they can have an edge over their political opponents. The members, in return, must be expecting a personalised Tiger badge if they do well during coronavirus.

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

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  1. Has the writer anything beneficial to offer in terms of practical advice or is she merely attacking some one on a political agenda, this writer seems to have a self loathing complex.

  2. Why the sudden interest in how Pakistan is fairing in relation to the going battle against covid-19, especially by those so called Pakistani jounalists who are obscure or for that matter may not even be Pakistani. The paper tigers this infantile journalist is attacking are volunteers who want to help their fellow nationals in this difficult time.
    This crass article if you can call it journalism isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on, what has this journalist ever achieved other than most probably being part of the paid up fraternity that likes to ingratiate itself to the enemies of Pakistan.
    It seems the Print has fallen in line with Modi’s agenda, being a Kam-bhakt suits you. Winston Churchill was correct in assertion of the Indian bhakts.

  3. Its quite amusing how Pakistan deals with issues it faces, the attitude is clear on almost every front. The philosophy if anyone is interested to follow (at your own peril) is of, First step create a (IS)PR smokescreen to coverup, then create a diversion (aka truck ki batti) followed by denial of the issue and finally shift blame on others when all fails! Due to poor education infrastructure, this process has a high success rate within the country. Reality of course is totally different, resulting in Pakistan lagging behind on every aspect not just in the world, but even in the region! Let the cross border trolling begin!

  4. Brave as always Naila. I feel imran khan is going to get ppl killed by his stupidity. Rip to us.

  5. Imran ( despite very long stays and living in England), does not appear to have heard the old saying: ” Too many cooks, spoil the broth”. But, maybe having too many cooks also gives an advantage: You can blame as many as you like later, when the ‘pot’ hits the roof.

  6. Write on India not Pakistan. We want to know about India only. Don’t you have our country’s news rather than Pakistan. We have bothered to listen pakistan pakistan pakistan.

    • She is a good lady. I am always curious to see her article and on the other hands its not speaking against India.

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