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Why Pakistan is the most chilled out in a world hit by coronavirus

A PTI minister calls coronavirus god’s punishment. Punjab CM has promised ulemas mosques won't be closed. And President Alvi has just returned from China.

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In times of a pandemic breakout, citizens look up to their government for direction. But in Pakistan, the Imran Khan government has no plan and no direction to deal with the coronavirus, or COVID-19. In fact, Pakistan’s 70-year-old president Arif Alvi even visited China, at a time when everyone is avoiding the country. He even shook hands, a gesture that is akin to an invitation to death in these times. Why? To display Pakistan’s solidarity with its BFF. He was the first head of state to visit Beijing after the coronavirus outbreak.

While claiming to learn from the Chinese way of handling the crisis, there is no on-ground action in Pakistan that supports the claim.

China locked down several cities, including Wuhan — the epicentre of the outbreak — in Hubei province and banned travel to contain the spread of coronavirus. But in Pakistan, even after a significant surge in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, there is no government order to lock down the affected areas. There are no travel restrictions.

In fact, the Imran Khan government thinks that allowing international flights “only” at Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore airports, which are the bigger cities, is some kind of a foolproof way to stop the virus spread, knowing fully well that the screening process for passengers is faulty and there is no facility to quarantine those affected.

Out of the total 296 coronavirus cases, the southern province of Sindh is the worst hit with 208 positive cases.

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Source of Pakistan’s worry

This sudden surge is due to the negligence of the Imran Khan government, which didn’t properly test and quarantine thousands of pilgrims arriving from Iran in the border city of Taftan, Balochistan. The pilgrims were packed together in unhygienic tents without medical facilities and access to clean bathrooms. Unsurprisingly, it became a nursery for coronavirus. Sindh officials shared how most of the newer cases were of travellers coming from the so-called quarantined zone in Taftan. This is how lack of seriousness and the absence of any sound policy bears fruit.

But for Prime Minister Imran Khan, nothing was amiss. In his address to the nation on the issue of coronavirus, he paid rich tributes to the Balochistan government and the Pakistan Army for their work at Taftan. If the plan is to win the fight against coronavirus with delusion, then, like the 1971 war, we might have won the COVID-19 war already.

World leaders are telling people that COVID-19 pandemic is a serious problem and they must remain extra cautious — that there is a cause for worry. Even at home, Sindh chief minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has been sharing numbers and telling people that they need to worry — remain indoors as much as possible.

But PM Imran Khan can say with extreme casualness: “Aap ne ghabrana nahi hai (don’t panic)”. Only 3 per cent of people tested positive, who are old and already have multiple health issues, are mostly at risk — the remaining 97 per cent people recover, the PM argued. So, citizens above 65 or those younger — but with various health conditions — don’t have a reason to worry, right?

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Not learning from others

One fails to understand why the government hasn’t sought proactive help of the military yet, when the National Institute of Health is headed by a Major General. Countries like India, Canada and United States have all used their military bases for quarantine facilities; both the UK and the US are relying on their armies to set up field hospitals. But the Pakistan government has no clear policy for its army either. Downplaying the severity of coronavirus seems to be the only strategy here.

Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran have banned group prayers in mosques. But in Pakistan, the Friday Jumma prayers will likely continue. Despite the warning that Pakistan could be following in Italy’s footsteps if public gatherings aren’t avoided, there is no push from the government to ban these large congregations. Instead, Punjab CM Sardar Usman Buzdar is meeting Ulemas and assuring them that mosques won’t be closed. Shia clerics have vowed to continue their religious gatherings and shrine visits, because according to them, congregations heal people, not infect them.

Barelvi cleric Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jalali is confident of holding an All Pakistan Sunni conference in Lahore on March 21: “No one can get sick except as per the will of God. If anyone gets infected with coronavirus due to our conference, then (the Pakistan government) should hang me.” That’s coronavirus 101 for us all.

Defence Minister Pervez Khattak confidently declared that coronavirus is under control in Pakistan, because the government had banned all public gatherings and political rallies. He said this while addressing one such ‘banned’ public rally in Nowshera. Now we know how ‘under control’ coronavirus is in Pakistan.

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Loudmouths and desi remedies

There is one PTI minister, Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, who is telling us that coronavirus is god’s punishment just like disabled children are the punishment for the misdeed of their parents.

The same minister has also promised to beat coronavirus like we beat terrorism in Pakistan. Now how many decades that would take, he didn’t mention.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advisory is to test, test and test. PM Imran Khan’s advisory is: don’t run to the hospital for tests, just sit at home and wash your hands. Yes, prevention is important, and the biggest weapon against coronavirus we have, but it can’t substitute testing. Two months late for the awareness campaign too, as many think.

World leaders are looking at ways to treat, cure or take precaution against coronavirus but it is only Imran Khan who wants Pakistan’s debt written off. All in the garb of coronavirus. He is telling the world that Pakistan won’t have money if the situation goes out of hand and yet he is funding ventures at home for his own self-promotion. How does that work in a health emergency? It wants to beg the world but when asked to be part of SAARC on COVID-19, it goes in the ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’ mode. That too on the shoulders of health advisor Zafar Mirza, whose is accused of smuggling 20 million face masks.

When it comes to desi remedies for curing coronavirus, Balochistan CM Jam Kamal Khan has been kind to share forwarded-as-received corona cure: Gargle with salt and vinegar. His photoshopped image of leading a meeting on coronavirus is reason enough to take his high stature seriously.

And on social distancing, Fawad Chaudhry has the last word: “Humen are not programmed for Quarantine and our dependence on eachother is a precondition of Society and life,Isolation is only a very short term measure, salvation of human race depends on Science and Scientists how quickly they can respond to challenge #CoronavirusOutbreak.”

We wonder what we would do if Chaudhry hadn’t given us this earth-shattering information.

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. Her Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

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  2. hahahaha, nikal gayi sari preparation?
    even UN is appreciating Pakistan but you are banned in most countries.

    we are still chilling. mind it.

  3. What would you say now? Your beloved country India is unable to contain the virus while Imran Khan’s stupid government contained it expertly…

    You should reply your own article now…

  4. Lol.
    What A Shitty Biased Article which is Written to please indian dad. You don’t even deserve to be called a journalist.
    If you have the courage than write another article now.
    On present condition of coronavirus in Pakistan.

  5. Well author’s intent is clearly visiable sill if you Pakistan did way better even than so called super and world powers, no doubt its God’s miracle but it happened and now recovery is over 95% and cases are on decline day by day … but author’s pain can be seen from India’s fight against the same virus, and same owner China which they hiding like this … shame on such poor journalism …

  6. The author obviously has vicious and malicious intent. I expect the editorial staff to have some integrity and do some fact checks. Just because she’s a liar and a con artist and lying relentlessly about Pakistan should not be a reason for a reputable publisher even though from India to publish this or at least at a note that you have no professionalism and integrity and hence licensed to publish all sorts of BS.

    Please take this piece off and render an unconditional apology.

  7. LOL, I really wanted to come back and troll this woman for this piece that she wrote. Now who is under-prepared? Please compare the numbers of India and Pakistan and see how the PTI government fared against COVID. Look at the cash disbursement programme, one of the best in the world and look at the numbers and empty hospitals of Pakistan today. Need I say more?

    • I also came for this only haan jee kia kehnay hain India ke Mr. India (CoronaVirus) Ke Modi Lockdown ke yeh Modi khud bhi maraiga aur tum jaisay saray ko bhi marwaiga

  8. Very poorly written article and not researched well at all. Sounds like a teenage girl rant.

    • This is the most childish article i have seen… collect some factual knowledge first before even thinking of writing an article. Your hatred is clearly visible in this biased article. Shame on creating such piece even as drafts.

  9. Well the writer here has clearly stated that imran khan and his govt is not concerned about it’s people because they are in such a poor situation..they have loans from the world which they cannot repay..their leaders say useless things like one lady said corona failta hai neeche se..this bullshit is in their Genes..Those people who are criticizing the writer of this article should first apprise themselves of the scenario and the actual situation..Pakistan is and will always be a TERRORIST NATION….a bullshit nation

  10. In a time of major crisis, India’s pathetic media still focuses on bitching about Pakistan. Its 22 April and Pakistan turned out to be among the best countries that handled coronavirus with 9000 cases while India is with 20000 cases. How about discussing the racist Modi’s inadequate management or Indians stupidity? All Indians and Indian media will do is whine and shout with jealousy about Pakistan, whilst every second person in India is molested or raped, Indian Muslims are not safe in their own country, Indian leaders themselves have taken role of Hitler and allowed killing of their Muslim citizens and their holy shrines, prostitution and aids reaching its peak, people dying off poverty and the country ridiculed by the whole world as a massive joke. Keep going as all the cows urine has made you guys shit heads indeed

    • You live in a bubble created by the only nation in the world who has been running by army and false propaganda narrative being pushed down your throat.india is and in coming years will become third largest economy it already has 435 trillion in reserve you have zero if world did not give you money you would and should become bankrupt, China will own it soon enough

  11. Religion doenot exist only consciousness does
    Merge Ur consciousness in supreme reality
    Diff paths to one reality
    But body is a means to achieve the reality hence though temporary. Needs to be taken care.
    Social distancing .Avoidance of Corona. Contacts breaking chain of Corona spread is the service of humanity
    Everyone serve community.
    Whatever we do to others we actually do it to Ur self
    Keep social distance .to control tis large devastation of humanity .If not care
    I pray

  12. Pakistan is still not able to digest the humiliation of 98 Kargil conflict. When it comes to Mosques, the government wants to start social distancing with that. People themselves are fighting police and not being responsible, abiding orders of govt. Being their brother country, though we have conflicts. We fear for them.
    If I am not wrong, as PM Khan Saab told, he can’t do much when it comes to social distancing. Terrorists were not ready for quarantine centres in POK. The only we can get is, Pakistan is not getting it’s statistics right. Instead of it’s ISI helping terrorists. Use every person to help your own country.

    • I dont think anyone here is bringing up Kargil
      Now that you talk about Kargil, it happened in 99 not 98 so based on that we can judge the authenticity of what you utter.
      We know the pressures our government was suffering definitely know the facts on how your men attacked like cowards from behind and had our men who were very few in numbers.
      Speaking of ISI, you are just butthurt because Pakistan Army and ISI has been able to remove terrorism from the state Allhamdullilah.
      Now dont logic me with what you know because my 3 generations are in armed forces and I probably know better about what goes on in our army than you do.
      Kindly ask someone who apparently has been in a certain scenario before making any assumptions.
      Coronavirus indeed hit us hard but not as hard as it hit you guys. Therefore, keep a track of what you are doing and how you are progressing before making any statement about someone else.

  13. I think author of this article is a mentally sick person.
    So there is no need to discuss these his sick article. She is only degrading the reputation of

    It shows that how cheap journalist has.

    • Yes your opinion is 100% CORRECT.
      Some writers always spitting venom against Pakistan for no reason and this writer is one of them.
      Instead of writing always Negative, why she does not choose to join the hands of govt to improve the things.
      Criticism is the easiest job in the world.
      22 corores public, mostly Illetrate is not an easy task to control when the corrupt leaders left the Money Box Empty.
      No doubt Imran is an honest, hard working and genius patriotic.
      But not even the prophet could bring them on the Right path, how Imran or any other governing body can do.

  14. Baaki sab theek hai,
    All is well but this article has a line SAID BY AND FOR PAKISTAN “LIKE WE WON THE WAR ON 1971, WE WILL WIN OVER CORONA VIRUS”

  15. For the sake of the oceans and rest of the planet let’s hope it spreads like wildfire.. Allah 😂 WTF!..

  16. Mere bhai jab tak koi silent nahi hoga energy bekar hoti rahegi.
    Jahan bhi koi corona se mar raha hai woh masoom hai uski takleef ko samjho jo usne beghair kisi kasoor ke jhela hai.
    Lets pray that this pandemic may vanish from our nation and earth.

  17. Actually, Naila is a Pakistani… So there it is
    And if you think Muslims are shown shoe in India, our permanent UN representative is a Muslim, need I say more?
    And Muslims are the only ones who refused to close mosques, whereas many Muslims and people from all other religions obeyed the guidelines

  18. Dont you think the same loud mouthing is happening in India also. UP has decided to go ahead with Ram Navami and the goumutra unhygenic parties are going on. We Indians and Pakistanis are alike. leave them as they are

  19. Their is no libel source for all the claim he is making in his opinion its all just his thinking so their is no reason for getting angry.if he show any liable sources for the claim then i will discuss the matter further

  20. The onky focus of the article was to prove the government wrong,sadly naila inayat spend so much effort on telling us that rhe govt is incompetent ,all the way reading the article i thought she will enlightening us soon about the precuTions must be made! Poor noon league

  21. Guys stop bantering it’s other in the name of religion and nationalism….instead adhere to the rules and try to stay at your homes…It’s time we be responsible and let’s pray to God that these deadly virus flees away from our green earth….This is for the people of both the nation’s…. Hopefully we keep our rivalries aside atleast till the end of this deadly Pandemic….and stop bashing it’s other in the name of religion and culture

  22. Insha ALLAH everything ‘ll be alright.Our PM is so concerned about us. We should be first to ALLAH Almighty to destroy this coronavirus. And secondly believe our govt too. After all we ‘ll have to stay here in Pakistan.So people do not worry. Follow the instructions given by govt and recite Holy Quran and pray for everyone

    • Hahahahaha. Lady, if allah finally will destroy Covid 19, Can you please ask him to show up a bit early ??

      • Allah is spreading Islam dear see in Spain, Italy and in all Europe people are converting religion.
        It’s the power of Allah always remember that

      • Why can’t any of your 100 gods do that?Are they waiting for the Muslims to pray?At least they can save so called your india

  23. Naila Inayat is a well known Nawaz loyalist.
    In fact, she is a Stooge of PMLN….and her only job to criticize Imran khan & his PTI govt.

  24. ‏جب تک کنفرم نہ ہو کورونا ٹیسٹ نہ کروانا. مہاتما کورونا نیازی

    کورونا کاٹتا کیسے ہے؟ وسیم اکرم پلس

    گرم پانی پینے سے کورونا معدے میں مر جاتا ہے، گورنر پنجاب

    پیناڈول 80٪ کورونا پیشنٹس کا علاج ہے، یاسمین راشد

    ایک ہزار عالموں کے مرنے سے اتنا نقصان نہیں ہوتا جتنا ایک احمق کے حکمران بننے سے ہوتا ہے۔۔ ارسطو

  25. When people are to console each other in times of crises. Here is the, the liberal mouth piece of India, beneath the pants wearing the saffron chaddi. The level of stupidity and Pakistan bashing is so severe in their blood that even in such calamatous situations they don’t shy away from getting whatever trash to copy paste in
    These chaddi walaas live in a delusion of their Great Indian civilizations values and to the rest of world they think as classless. Better would have been to look into the internal affairs of India, as how they are dealing with covid. But no, their shit would come out of their asses, till they digest the Pakistan bashing pills

    • Idiot dumb jihadist Islamist, this is a pakistani writer your own muslim woman journalist from Pakistan. Anyways The jihadis who follow rapist as their leaders will not understand this

      • Where is it mentioned that she is Pakistani? Do some research. Her twitter page has a large picture of an Indian sign right on the front of the main page for everyone to see. Her name is even written in Hindi.

      • Yes sir
        At least a hundred girls get sexually assaulted in india per day ur leaders a chaiwala
        U guys have a racial problem where achoots have to collect ur shit
        And yet u guys have no shame in criticizing other ppl

    • Guys….better to stick the issue of Chinese Virus….it is too dangerous to ignore and camouflage in religious bantering….I pray that every country is able to contain and neutralise this menace…it is worse than terrorists…

      BTW the last time I checked, your forefathers were Indian before your selfish Jinnah Miya sliced off one hand, and even before that your forefathers were Hindus and perhaps would have been one even today if they had not bowed to the fear of the sword conversions……
      And for your derogatory comment on the “Chaddi” wallahs, atleast they and their forefathers have continuously shown the courage and perseverance to remain Hindus…..
      Take care

      • Take your ancestory with you…!!!
        What Jinnah Maya had done was his business not yours! Although keep mind your own…
        We reverted not converted…You worship Idols!!
        But not even any Veda thought to do so..So we only pray the holy solo power called by you as permatma in Arabic called Allah in Farsi Khuda In English God OK if someone abuse any of tho he or she abuse his own creator…Let me remind you onemore thing Islam is not a new religion but exist since creation of earth…
        Do you know the meaning of Islam???
        It means to Islah of Momin!! Means to educate the righteous way to Human those having faith…
        So keep shut such narratives as published by you..

        • You know, if Islam existed right at the creation of this Earth or this Universe, then obviously no one told all those unbelieevrs who were born before your Prophet, incl. The Prophets parents.

  26. When people are to console each other in times of crises. Here is the, the liberal mouth piece of India, beneath the pants wearing the saffron chaddi. The level of stupidity and Pakistan bashing is so severe in their blood that even in such calamatous situations they don’t shy away from getting whatever trash to copy paste in
    These chaddi walaas live in a delusion of their Great Indian civilizations values and to the rest of world they think as classless. Better would have been to look into the internal affairs of India, as how they are dealing with covid. But no, their shit would come out of their asses, till they diegest the Pakistan bashing pills

    • Dirty Muslim’s of Pakistan who are not educated and follow wahabi teaching’s are clueless.Mohammed was a porostitute and infected everyone who came close to him and All your Muslim minds are like shit.

      • Brother before abusing Prophet Muhammad please read his life history throughly and investigate his personality and then you will weep what you have written

    • Islamists jihadists, don’t worry about us. And when your people get sick don’t send them to India, like you always used to do asking for visa

  27. I feel Pakistan is tackling it well, ofcourse we don’t have enough resources and budgets like other countries do but Imran Khan’s speech was sensible and honest.
    I do blame a few pakistani socialites however for not keeping their ignorant arses at home but I don’t blame the government because they’re definitely on it. They’ve shut down a lot of places. All the restaurants and cofee shops have been closed since a few days now. Wedding halls closed. Schools and universities closed. They’re using proper kits and have competitive medical teams ready. And as soon as the first case was reported they closed down some borders and have proper screenings going on at the 3 main airports while the other airports were ordered to shut down.
    Also a very sensible step taken is that that all travelers entering Pakistani airports need to carry a covid test conducted within the last 24hrs to be able to enter Pakistan.
    Why so ignorant? You’ve been given a platform, use it well.

    • Finally saw some common sense without bashing other parties or governments, that is completely unnecessary to argue who is doing what just take precautions from your side at the very least at individual levels instead of telling the government what to do when all here just know how to use social media to spread hate and instigate it instead of sharing and implementing ways to reduce spread. Highly dissappointing article

    • This writer is a complete joke. She is clearly not very well researched. Proper journalism is unbiased; people look at facts first and make a conclusion based on that. All this writer has done is take her ignorant viewpoint and ranted about it, without even for a second considering an alternate perspective. Looking at other articles she has written, she follows a similar pattern. Something rather ironic is that one of her articles complains about how Imran Khan seems obsessed with India, while EVERY article that she writes is about Pakistan, with many of them concerning Imran Khan (of course she refuses to acknowledge even the existence of another viewpoint throughout all the other articles of hers I have read).

  28. Middle east courtries se bheek mango paise ke liye aur China ka chaato. Isse zyada hum log kya kay sakte he?

  29. First of all,our PM is doing too much for us.secondly you don’t have to worry about pakistan.Allah is with us.death is written and will come at certain specific time by put your dirty mind at india.because india is going to be land of coronavirus sooon

  30. So far the best strategy in corona crises has been seen in Pakistan confirmed by WHO. Being a developing country ruler whatever is being done is the most he could do. Please be positive and encourage rather than Nitpicking .

  31. For a country which is less than one fifth of India’s size, there are 453 confirmed cases as against 172 confirmed cases in India, and three deaths. See DAWN website today. In next few months, we will have less pakistanis on this earth.

    • Wow I thought Hindu values supported peace and empathy to human suffering, yet it seems all the “hardcore Hindus” on the internet are always drooling at the thought of human beings dying, as long as those human beings happen to have been born in a certain country or subscribe to a certain religion. Kinda hypocritical if you ask me.

  32. What a big lie, the author has no prior background in blog writing. She’s totally immature, doesn’t know what’s she’s talking about. I wish she gets corona ASAP before anyone else does so she can show the measures taken by the government.
    The whole country is locked down. Business n offices are closed. Complete awareness is spread all over the country.
    And by the tags I can surely say this is a Indian funded writer who has just learnt to write a few sentences in English. If there was a way to report this. Just read the url,

  33. It is no longer news that the COVID 19  is increasing by the day. The fear is that many people are scared right now  because of the stigma that comes along with it.I am bold enough among many others to state that there is now a potent cure to coronavirus but many are unaware of it. I discovered that I was infected with the virus few weeks ago.I was shocked, confused and felt like my world has crumbled. I was dying slowly due to the announcement of my medical practitioner. (as there was no medically known cure to COVID 19) I was growing lean due to fear of dying anytime soon. In a bid to look for a lasting solution to my predicament . It was after a little time searching the web that I came across a testimony of Robeto Marina and Angelo Alberto saying that Dr OMOKU cured them from coronavirus i thought it was all a joke because we all no that there is no cure to the virus yet. I had no choice than to comply as this was my last hope receiving a perfect healing. My last resolve was to take my life by myself, should this plan fail. At last it worked out well. He gave me some steps to follow and I meticulously carried out all his instructions.few days ago, to be precise, I went back to the hospital to conduct another test and to my amazement, the results showed that ” I am NEGATIVE”.
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    • This is what they call utter Sh*t.
      Read the name of the person and then check the language, grammar and spellings.
      They don’t match and forget the actual text that is nonsense as you all know 💯
      So please don’t listen to him/her whoever he/she is. Pure predators looking for vulnerable people in this time of crisis…🤬🤬🤬👹👹👹❌❌❌

  34. Whoo-hoo looky all the butthurt paks. She needs a MEDAL for this article. There is not much opinion here. All quotes and tweets are true and can be verified with a simple search. She is reporting EXACTLY what was said, done and how this is being handled. But most importantly, the ones complaining don’t like it that the truth is getting to the media and the nonchalance is based mostly on religious belief. The leaders in current power have voiced their stance point blank : They aren’t going to spend money on their citizens when the fundamental BELIEF is that it is GODS WILL if they get this virus.

  35. Shame on u miss naila…this shows ur dirtiness of ur mind…world is bleeding on u criticising pak army n our PM…we have proud on our PM and army…they did enough n still doing more than enough what they have…better than chaye wala PM….bal thackre a barbour…who deciding yrs fate…atleast we have a icon leader…proud to our army and our country…pak paindabad..

    • Idiots will remain idiots for whole life.
      Stop thinking about india and think about your own country.
      India is blessed by having PM like Mr. Modi.

  36. come on jerk stop writing about us we ll do something about us try to focus on your own country u perverts

      • Yes, the author is from Pakistan and if you take a look at her articles, each and every article is to malign Pakistan. I don’t see any objectivity here, just to please the people of India and to stay employed with people like Naila
        are called daish daroohi in India.

  37. Well whatever you wrote, some of the thing are accurate.

    But remember one thing, you are writing this because you want prove your sincerity with Indians. Still you will be declared as non indian and naila inayat will prove that I am true indian and indian will show you the shoe for polish. Please don’t polish, it will not help. Write something on Kashmir if you have guts. Write something on coronavirus deaths in india. Don’t worry about Pakistan. Worry and think of your country and yourself. Self proclaimed blog but in fact immature essay writer. Write some on cow. May be it will help you. Sorry I told you the reality.

  38. Well whatever you wrote, some of the thing are accurate.

    But remember one thing, you are writing this because you want prove your sincerity with Indians. Still you will be declared as non indian and naila inayat will prove that I am true indian and indian will show you the shoe for polish. Please don’t polish, it will not help. Write something on Kashmir if you have guts. Write something on coronavirus deaths in india. Don’t worry about Pakistan. Worry and think of your country and yourself. Self proclaimed blog but in fact immature essay writer. Write some on cow. May be it will help you. Sorry I told you the reality.

  39. Seems like you don’t live in Pakistan that’s why you don’t know what’s actually going on here. And thanks to our prime minister Sir Imran khan who is actually being a leader and advising us to stay at home while keeping calm.Other wise people will go mad and fight with each other .

  40. Well written article. I hope your idiotic government gets some sense and tries to protect its citizens.

  41. I think that at least Government should plan spray the disinfections chemicals throughout the country especially in the areas where there is found any infected case. Try should also make good arrangements of detaining the peoples coming from abroad because conditions of those centres is so bad that if the detainees are not infected will get infected after stay in so called miserable Centers. Some of people haven’t agreed with your article it’s their will like Propaganda of Naya Pakistan and Riasate Madina whereas everyone knows that nothing has changed except the GDP that has also gone down ward not upward . However it’s better that anymore the government should follow the successful plan of China to protect their citizens and should not wait anymore because they not been good in planning in many other fields and any self planing exercise may cost losses of human lives.

  42. Madam, you need to increase your knowledge. Please act like a Pakistani. Or I doubt that your insight is blind like your eyes. Please pay a positive part. And try not to disrespect your PM.

    • Speaking as a Pakistan, human lives are more important than the PM. What did she say here that was untrue? These are all direct quotes.

  43. Oh my God, so many many peacefuls here posting messages in an Indian online magazine. Hey ThePrint, you should be proud of yourself – you have so many peaceful followers. The crap you put out everyday attracts such a brilliant audience.

  44. A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help.

    Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, “Jump in, I can save you.”

    The stranded fellow shouted back, “No, it’s OK, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me.”

    So the rowboat went on.

    Then a motorboat came by. “The fellow in the motorboat shouted, “Jump in, I can save you.”

    To this the stranded man said, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”

    So the motorboat went on.

    Then a helicopter came by and the pilot shouted down, “Grab this rope and I will lift you to safety.”

    To this the stranded man again replied, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”

    So the helicopter reluctantly flew away.

    Soon the water rose above the rooftop and the man drowned. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God, at which point he exclaimed, “I had faith in you but you didn’t save me, you let me drown. I don’t understand why!”

    To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”

    Allah might be came in the form of WHO.

    Please take it seriously-blessing from indian

    • By creating an ill logical story which is impossible to expect by any mind or religion you can never judge someone’s faith . For instant if you have a faith in Bhagwan ask him elevate the standards of 800 million poor people who are living below the poverty line. You can spend money to make and watch super blunder bollywood movies but waiting for Bhagwan to end the poverty.

    • “Desert cult? ” You may agree or disagree with the article but for the sake of humanity, keep your racist crap away from all this!

      • How else do you describe the delusions of a mad man ? It is no different than the cult of those so called ‘god-men’ among Hindus of India.

    • I wouldn’t be so edgy as to call them desert cult but they derived their way of life from people who lived in desert where everyone was cut throat and it was a matter of survival of the fittest. Making sure that other kinds are killed and separating their kind from other kinds through a religion and calling it Islam and then making sure that people are very very devote to be accepted into such a society.

      All these without a proper science backing shows how this religion of desperation was born. How they treat and have a system in place to kill the nonbeliever and make the belivers to hate the nonbelievers its a very difficult process of you think about it on a tropical land but think of it in desperate lands with a lots of war and such a system will male a lot of sense. Many talk about US invasion into islamic soil how many of us discuss about the infighting that existed before saladin and after saladin?

      If anyone questions US interventions and pins the blame on them for the infight just show them their history. Murdering one another is what fuels their religion and keeps it alive. If all become subdued then there will be no islam.

      • The manner in which these people interpret monotheism in practice is incoherent with human values and from this very foundation of this belief system of this cult several problems manifest themselves. The horrors of the destruction that had been wrought upon the people who lived at the periphery of Islam, be it in Greece, Ethiopia or India, are a byproduct of the fundamental nature of this doctrine. As an aside the label desert cult is apt because it is a cult that originated from a particular deserted region in the western part of a particular peninsula.

  45. This is clearly a letter from ‘NAILA INAYAT’ not Pakistan. Do yourself a favor and write another article with up to date information and correct facts. “FIFTH COLUMNIST”.

  46. Gald I came across this article. It seams Pakistanis are in a state of denial. I feel for the author. Some are comparing the cases in Pakistan with that of Italy or US,please understand that subcontinent was hit just last week, Italy-US have been hit much earlier. Some gentleman rediculed the idea of cow urine, belive me some believe eating turmeric will keep Carona at bay. But aren’t those ideas as dumb as keeping Carona away by praying 5 times a day as suggested in one these comments? Entire India is under lockdown and we are all working from home. Someone said India is doing nothing, well sir our cases are 0.1/million while yours presently stand at 2/million. You guys are in deep trouble, the love for your PM is just not allowing to accept this new reality.

    • Do you realise that it’s impossible for Pakistan to have more cases than India? Almost all of Pakistan’s positive cases were imported from outside and India was very much doing that as well and the reason for our high cases are that we are simple testing more people because we have a better ratio of testing kits that were given to us by China.. While India is testing very limited people because of their huge population and little tests kits, instead of worrying about Pakistan go read news about India’s problems . I can’t believe during this time when the whole South Asia is vulnerable, you are worried about our country and just so you know, our schools, universities are very much closed, thanks.

      • I realised long ago that you guys are dumb. Increase in numbers due to better kit provided by China? What kind of horse crap argument is that? Like anyone else out there Indians are scared as well, there’s screening and quarantine measures for all inbound passengers. out od 300 odd cases India has recorded many are Italians, Indonesians, British etc. If Pakistan has more numbers due to better quality of testing kits then there should have been incremental increase in numbers, not overnight explosion. 750 and increasing rapidly, at this rate Pakistan might also give cow urine a shot in few months. Don’t listen to your PM’s high temperature theory, stay in home, be safe.

  47. Such a stupid and negetive artical….
    Everyone is trying their best. If imran khan didnt said anything that doesn’t mean he is not doing anything. He is that father who never let his kids know that what difficulties he is facing.
    Secondly stop nagetive acticals


    But most of us are muslims…

  49. This is an Indian news site with an Indian writer. What is everyone expecting? Honest coverage? Truth? Informed? You are dealing with indians – none of that will come when they report or write an article.
    Welcome to Indian propaganda. Open any indian news site to know what I mean.

  50. A bitter Truth….
    Those who are saying that govt. is working hard to control COVID-19, Then why positive cases are increasing DBD? Why People were first set free from taftan border to wander freely? Now agencies are trying to RECATCH them. No one is giving a shit about Infected Free persons. Govt. is giving credit to Army and Balochistan Govt.!? What kind of credit? To set free all the Taftan Refugees? To not locking down the cities? I wonder Pakistan will be most infected country after China and Italy. Govt. is acting like a child. “Virus ny Phelna hi h”, If virus is to spread then you all should go to hell. Whenever PM says, ” Dont panic”. People start to panic.

      • That is not the right way of looking at numbers. Common flu has been known for thousands of years, even still it kills 20,000 every year in the US alone. Corona is new and when it was discovered, there was no established treatment. Yet, even in a worst case scenario, where the patients are senior citizens, the mortality rate is ~3.0%. To anyone with even the basic understanding of statistics and an iota of common sense, it is obvious that Corona is not quite as big a deal as it is being made out to be.

    • Wow bruh you’re so smart. Can you again fact check the spread rate of corona with common flu? Can you also check from which country did the virus originate? Oh meanwhile also check the effect of corona on us economy lol. Its a legit pandemic. Do you even know when was the last time that WHO declared pandemic? and for what reason?

  51. Looking at how minions of Imran Khan have been unleashed on Naila Inayat is a proof that truth hurts more and more. This is digital media team IK invested millions in to promote his image. More power to this journo!

  52. I think the author fails to grasp what is happening internationally.

    Countries like the UK have only just closed schools wheras Sindh implemented this weeks ago.

    There is a massive information awareness campaign in force throughout Pakistan instructing citizens about hygiene with temperature checks are being carried out.

    Pakistan implemented social distancing as soon as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended.

    It’s time for Pakistani media to stop peddling fake news and report on the facts

  53. Like they beat terrorism? By growing terrorists in country and using against India?


  54. This article is based on personal hatred towards Pakistan and it’s people, rather than well-established facts and figures. A good journalist should never be biased to or against any subject mentioned in the publication. All this goes on to reveal the low level of journalism taking roots in the Indian media, spreading hate and misinformation for personal promotions and fame.

  55. Such a stupid article. Total waste of time. I wonder who even hired such an incompetent author who does not even know what to write in these troubled times.

    • Best wishes for all, but the problem appears to be more worry some of infidel & affluent societies than the regular believing societies particularly Pakistan.

    • Best wishes for all, but the problem appears to be more worry some of infidel & affluent societies than the regular believing societies particularly Pakistan.

    • Best wishes for all, but the problem appears to be more worry some for infidel & affluent societies than the believing societies particularly Pakistan.

  56. Reading the above comments it seems there is not much left I should mention how pessimistic the article is. At a time of such crisis one should come up with positive suggestions instead of wasting time on baseless criticism. In true sense we have absolutely no health infrastructure, finances or basic knowledge and discipline. I think the government has done better than I expected. They were a couple of days late to close the Iranian border but even that was remarkable for us. EU is still undecided. UK is late to close the schools and is trying to take a path of it’s own as usual. Talking of quarantine, even China had no ideal answer for the scale of catastrophe. We are lucky if we are not panicking. Why should a head of state advise panic to a nation that has been wounded all these 40 years. Look at the stock markets all over the world. Panic has bankrupted millions all over the globe.
    Be careful, vigilant, informed, calm and if you can afford stay home for a while.
    Share what you have. Like you did in 2005 and 2010 during earthquake and floods. Act and motivate others to act. This menace may last longer and may recycle.
    Best wishes

  57. Oh I see.. So could you please confirm if Imran Khan is PM of UK also? In UK even schools are open, offices are open… So please make Boris Johnson your target. Pakistani govt has already taken sufficient steps to spread awareness in Pakistan. I see even BHANGI knows about the virus and its precautions.

  58. NAILA INAYAT I’ll give you advice
    …..Quit your job as you clearly don’t know how to be a reporter

  59. Yes there’re criticism on govts for the edifience by the media but I don’t know why the PMI is trying to create a gap between the govt and common masses of Pakistan 💯???

  60. Well done!
    Those who are criticizing the author for being biased don’t want to be acknowledged. Let them be in their Phase of Denials.
    One thing the writer missed is how Punjab government is hiding COVID-19 positive cases in Punjab.
    According to Sindh and KPK government, more than half of the people who came from taftan quarantine ( or more appropriately taftan COVID-19 nursery) tested positive.
    Around 800 ppl came to Punjab also, but so far Punjab government didn’t disclose their test results or lied about them.
    Punjab government’s attitude is “if we don’t let tge public know actual cases, we won’t have to worry about their isolation and stuff, if they die we’ll say they die of some other reason ( just happened few days back in mayo hospital lahore).

  61. i am not a supporter of Imran Khan. I geel his address to the nation was very impressive. The government of Sindh has done a good job. we should appreciate this.
    Handling of Cronona virus by yhe Pakistan government has been reasonable. we beleive in Allah. we also believe that he will save us from this disease

  62. Dear Ms Inayst
    Not sure if you have ever run a business let alone country of 220 million people. It is easy to criticise sitting in the comfort of your Home. It is a world wide phenomena and economic supper powers are struglling. Considering Pakistan’s economic situation. it is doing it’s best. By the way what are you doing to support the vulnerable people of Pakistan?

  63. People will not die of Corona but of these zameer frosh reporters who are creating unressecary panic.being a Muslim death is inevitable, Corona or not. Do abolition and pray five times a day you will not get Corona. Any one would believe what I am writing if he is Muslim.

  64. The government is doing what it has to and it’s useless people like this author that could do no better than spreading hate and dividing the nation – the need of the hour is to stand together in spirit and do our best to save humanity. If someone really is empathetic and cares for the nation, should spend time wisely in doing their part to help at a chaotic time and not the opposite.
    Dear author, you have lost it totally! Your article doesnt make the PM or the government bad – makes you the loser simply.
    Better luck next time

  65. awareness alone will not works, action dear Rizwan action, don’t support thoses these empty mantra of Mr Khan and his course mate.

  66. Being a citizen of Pakistan, i must say that this article is not based on truth, the writer has no idea of the actions that government and army has taken to stop the virus from spreading.
    My question to the writer is that if all the mentioned allegations are true then why there is less causality rate in Pakistan as compared to US, Italy and other “well-developed countries”?

  67. What an unprofessional and childish writer with zero sense of responsibility
    Bad tone
    Wrong information
    Clear bias
    None are the vitues of a decent journalist or writer
    Is no one checking quality here?

  68. Your article is not based on reality. Federal and provincial governments are taking precautionary measures and running awareness campaigns.

  69. The article is not only biased but it seems to be a part of propaganda campaign, government is trying its best. All schools, colleges and universities have been shut and plans are underway to close public and private sector offices.

  70. Govt. is taking no action. The only thing they are looking for is the aid in dollors. Coronavirus test is not free it costs 6000 to 12000 PKR. Suspected visitors from Iran are thrown like animals in Quarantine.
    No measures are taken in Punjab. After a detailed presentation on Corona, the CM of Punjab asked “How Corona bites?”

  71. Totally baseless and wrong information. Media reports in Pak are totally fake.
    This article is biased. Bugzay imran me likha hua article ksi patwari ny hi likha hoga

  72. Yes I fully agree with wardah . it seems tthat this article is written by someone who seems to have deep hatred for Imran khan our beloved pm. The writer should see the ground realities which I believe is ignored.

  73. Pakistan , Pakistanis and imran Khan knows better than your shit blog that how to deal with this virus.. inshAllah we have believe in Allah and his Messenger that every good and bad times come from our Allah and we should have faith that we will fight it. With the help of Allah and his ways that he told us through our Muhammad SAW.

  74. This blog is written without faithful heart and with pessimistic mind.
    Criticism is supposed to impact and promote positivity but writer wrote every insecurity he/SHe can feel in her room, beneath the bed, under the pillow.
    Pakistan is poor, economy is fragile, for last 20 years not just because of Imran khan.
    Close the cities? Really? Poor people will DIE. They work all day so they can earn to eat at night.
    Masjid Gatherings? Really? My father went to pry Fajar today. My mom asked him that there will be lot less people due to Coronavirus in the country.
    He replied: “There were alot more than normal days”.

    Thats faith.

    “maut ka ek din muayyan hai
    nind kyun raat bhar nahin aati ” 😘

  75. Much of what is written seems to be quite childish in style and tone. Positive criticism should be free of the personal hate for the governmwnt the writer clearly projects. Tere article mein hai kiya?

  76. Verily a Biased article, no actual realities, quoting hakf statements of PMIK.

    Well spreading fake news is also Haraam, punk.

  77. I don’t understand in time of crisis everyone including print and electronic media is creating confusion; far far away from ground realities. Every one is playing politics and point scoring against Govt. For Allah’s sake joined hands with Govt for eliminating this pandemic, Govt is putting all its efforts to stop spreading corona virus. Its not only IK Govt to do each and every thing v being human should also take preventive and pre cautionary measures. At least v can restrict our selves to home for some time.

  78. This article is total rubbish, unnecessary stories mentioned. Everything negative said about govt and showed Pakistan is already in ruins. Neither belief nor trust is shown in Allah (Allahu alam. Alaa qulli shain qadeer) All knowing and power to do everything.

  79. Dear Naila
    Say what you may coz everyone has a right to have opinions. Your roundup of ALL the faults n flaws of govt. could be right but then what will you say about Italy, which is the 2nd worst hit country at the moment. Is that also IK’s fault. What about Canada’s First Lady. Is she also a nerd. USA has allowed flights from some European countries, so following your opinions, Trump has also lost his senses.
    Please you dont need to go to such lengths to be biased.

  80. This is your mistake you didn’t listen to IK, you took only the portions you like. He came up with 5 precautionary steps. He presented the measures to adapt in upcoming days, at the same times he also said don’t worry_ being elder, to clam and soothe down not to petrified others.

  81. Good piece as it helps put things in proper perspective as far as fight against Corona in Pak goes. It is really surprising how Pak leaders are taking this scare so lightly- wonder what does Pak public think of their leaders and rulers. Given the way how Corona is severely testing health infra of all the developed societies, laughing it off is the only thing that Pak leadership is capable of doing. Feel sad for Pakistani public but guess this is all their destiny.

  82. Dr. Palitha Gunarathna Mahipala, representative of WHO in Pakistan says:
    “Pakistan’s response to coronavirus among world”‘s best.”

    Give yourself satisfaction by writing such articles.

  83. Biased godi media’s article. India better focus on its own people’s wellbeing rather than anti-Pakistan propaganda as this will never yield any good for the people of India but you’re simply wasting your effort in vain like India’s dreams in Afghanistan. This is not a surprise artical as Indian media is infiltrated with RSS culprits

  84. Seems like anybody can be a journalist/writer nowadays. Unprofessional and poorly written. Find something better to do s writing is clearly not your forte.

  85. Even WHO were happy when they visited Pakistan but may be you know more then the world health organisation. It look like you hava a personal vendetta against the current Govt. You don’t know the ground realities if we put everything on lockdown then half of the people might die from hunger if the other half survive covid 19.

  86. Ill informed & seemingly a paid effort.

    The fact remains that both Pakistan & India are faring much better than others….It may be because of hot weather that is a fast approaching in this region or perhaps higher immunity of these two nations as the people are used to live in worst possible conditions all the time. President Alvi shaking hands with Chinese when nobody else in the world do is both Brave and symbolic !!!

  87. This article is completely bias.
    The government is doing its best to stop the spread of conora virus in Pakistan, public places are closed.

  88. You should check your facts before writing an article like this.. Karachi is locked down and everyone is working from home..

  89. Extremely poorly written without any research. For starters Pakistan has been lauded by WHO for taking the best response against the coronavirus in the whole world. After this I don’t think anything else needs to be said. The author has a history of writing against Pakistan without facts. The readers are not stupid as the writer herself and can read about everything themselves on the internet.
    Meanwhile, I’m sure the author is resorting to the fantastic GaoMutra medicine from the country she is straight out supporting so much.

  90. Hahahaha. Your article is soo funny.. Purely showing some RSS terrorist wrote it without knowing the truth and ground realities..

    You guys are always in such a hurry to post some shit that you don’t even do your home work properly.

  91. The government is doing very well. The writer is biased or perhaps a paid propaganda agent who only wants to defame Pakistan. What do you expect from the head of the state ? To demoralize his people when they are already struggling from so many other issues ?

  92. All the information in this article is wrong I think the writer don’t know ground realities. He just wrote against Pakistan for his own agenda.

  93. Really poor artical and far away from reality ,Stop watching Indian new channel so you can see also the good thing that are happening for the protection from the coronavirus in Pakistan.

  94. Extremely biased , WHO has praised Pakistan in taking timely measures n yeah Pakistan kept it at Bay for a reasonably good amount of times thanks to our gov policies n currently it is spreading extremely slow as compared to other countries around the globe. One should think before spreading hopelessness in such a scenario. It’s shameless

  95. Instead of subjective prejudice the writer could have and should have opted for objective and realistic analysis. Far from facts and ground realities

  96. Instead of subjective prejudice the writer could have and should have opted for objective and realistic analysis

  97. Biased article, at least try to restrain yourself from the personal animosity you may have for the Government. How about showing BJP minister recommending cow piss as a remedy and claiming corona came from pakistani donkeys exported to china?

  98. This is truly biased. The reality is exact opposite to this, all sectors have been locked down. There are quarantine sectors next to each airport and Taaftan border. Author is either not well prepared or spreading Pakistan as false image.

  99. I am as much against the government (and believe me, I am!) but some of your arguments are just baseless. For example, yes the president went to China but what you may not know is that China has almost fully removed coronavirus from their country. Apart from that, provincial governments are doing pretty decent in banning public gatherings etc. –

    P.S a country with its economy in shambles can only do so much

  100. Things are actually pretty strict here in Lahore. People are being careful yet not panicking. Its a good balance.

    However large gatherings, Religious or otherwise should really be avoided these days.

  101. Government is going good for the awareness crona I think pakistan 90% paplation having resistance power so pakistan face 1% problem inshalla

  102. Sindh government is sooo concerned… Still the people there are most effected….when your people are like piyaz kha lo, baal ka pani pi lo, or jali chat lo…. What change one can bring…. If Ask them to stay indoors, They get bored and go out for a smoke when they know they are positive for Corona…. No one can do anything for them…. ALLAH IS REHAM KARYE

    • These people are coming from iran mostly or from foreign countries. There is strict monitoring that’s why sindh government is able to identify infected people timely.

  103. Very poorly written and not researched properly. In such times, the article should be proofread and authenticity must be guaranteed. Very disappointing to read. Having worked as a journalist initially and then a subeditor, the publication is just as much to blame in my opinion.

  104. It sounded more like bitching about government and had zero research involved. How you became a writer, is beyond my understanding

  105. You may Prinntttt anything…You may put Anything to Prinnnt….The Truth shall get Prinnnted one Day… Shit same as Arnab Goswami…Bullshot 🙂

  106. I think you have a beef with Imran Khan..ok..if nothing is being done then I suggest you spend your billions of dollars to feed the masses who will not have any money to survive this man made financial meltdown..

  107. Biased article .. far from ground realities…
    Government is running a good awearness campaign to safe it’s citizen..
    All public places are locked down..
    Cases are still in control..
    1 death is reported. .

    Writer intentionally stigmatising the Pakistan …

    • Well that is not true at all cities are being locked down and the government is running a campaign related to Corona virus. Pak Army is giving free medical treatment and free medical tests for Corona virus. What else do you want. Unlike India we are doing something. India on the other hand is saying that cow urin and cow poop can cure Corona virus. This shows the difference between Pakistan and India.

    • Well that is not true at all cities are being locked down and the government is running a campaign related to Corona virus. Pak Army is giving free medical treatment and free medical tests for Corona virus. What else do you want. Unlike India we are doing something. India on the other hand is saying that cow urin and cow poop can cure Corona virus. This shows the difference between Pakistan and India. I would say we are far better than India in this situation.

      • Sure. How ignorant are Indians that 43 of their doctors got infected by not properly following the guidelines provided by WHO

        • Oh mind your own business Pakistan has taken sufficient steps schools , universities colleges are closed exams have been postponed police and other civil departments are on high alert they are working hard and people also are awared about danger. You should criticise your own BJP racist govt on very low test ratio. Also you should write an article on cow urine party arranged by RSS and BJP MP singing go Corona go song…… I am amazed that you can’t be satisfied untill indulging us in your matters…….. Mind your own business and the whole world is in crisis……. So go back and aware your people about corona…. kab tak PAKISTAN Ka naam lekr apny logoo ko dhoka dety raho Gy…..

        • To all those Pakithani’s spreading fake news about India in the comment section (Govt promoting Cow urine, 43 Indian doctors infected etc) to people calling this article biased, lies without going through their own mainstream news outlets or googling the facts.
          1. India has eradicated Polio, Pakisthan hasn’t.
          2.Pakithani’s seek medical visa’s to be treated in India, not the other way around.
          3.Carona is spreading through Pakithan at a rapid rate.

          For those who think you are safe because some guy from WHO praised your PM, start counting the exponentially increasing number of causulties in your country. Some wierdos from our side of the border might take cow urine but you all have cow dungs inside your heads.

          PS: ThePrint, I wonder what sort of articles you write to attract such a fan following from the other side of the border. They smoke some fine quality weed as well.

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