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As Gulf calls for an ‘India without Islamophobia,’ Jaishankar works the phones

Reactions from UAE royal princess, Kuwait government and others have made Delhi sit up and take note of anti-Muslim hate speech by Indian nationals.

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India’s carefully cultivated Gulf policy has been at risk of unraveling over the past fortnight, with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Kuwaiti government, a UAE royal princess, and the Arab intelligentsia decrying hate speeches by Indian nationals accusing the Tablighi Jamaat of deliberately exacerbating the coronavirus pandemic as well as a crude tweet by a BJP MP on the sexual impulses of Arab women.

Sharjah royal and businesswoman Sheikha Hend Faisal Al Qassimi, who first called out Saurabh Upadhyay, an Indian national working in the UAE, for his disconcertingly racist remarks against Muslims, followed up her several assertive tweets with a front-page opinion piece in the Dubai newspaper Gulf News Sunday, titled: “I pray for an India without Islamophobia.”

The highly unusual front page article drew attention when it was tweeted by the newspaper’s editor-in-chief Abdul Hamid Ahmad. Although the Gulf News is privately owned – and over the decades has employed several Indians, including in senior editorial positions — there is no question that it, like other media organisations in the Gulf, broadly reflects the sensibilities of the region’s all-powerful royal families on sensitive matters like religion.

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String of backlash

Saurabh Upadhyay, who described the Tablighi Jamaat members as “radical Islamic terrorists” and asked all Muslims to accept they are the source of the Covid-19 pandemic, has since deleted his tweet. But the reactions from Hend Al Qassimi and others have certainly made Delhi sit up and take note.

“I knew India, the country of Gandhi…but the hate should stop,” the Sheikha said. While Kuwaiti lawyer Khalid Al Suwaifan described violence in India as a “crime against humanity”, Saudi scholar Abidi Zahrani suggested listing all militant Hindus working in the Gulf and “spreading hate against Islam and Muslims or our beloved Prophet”.

Then there was the Omani princess, Mona bint Fahd, who also tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in her diatribe. But she turned out to be fake when the real Princess Mona Fahad called her out and a relieved ambassador to Oman Munu Mahawar publicly expressed his gratitude:

“I thank HH @MonaFahd13 for clarification on fake social media posts attributed to her,” he said.

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India-UAE ties, and an active EAM

External affairs minister S. Jaishankar was going to leave nothing to chance, and so on Friday he decided to work the phones. There were “few better examples” than India’s relationship with the UAE, Jaishankar said, and thanked the Qatari deputy prime minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani for “taking care of the Indian community.”

Only eight months ago, Modi was conferred UAE’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Zayed, “presented to kings, presidents and leaders.” It was supposed to be the high point of an incredible, symbiotic relationship between India and the UAE that has stood the test of time. India’s blue-collar workers as well as its middle class have helped build several cities in the region into the powerhouses they are today and been rewarded manifold with both affection and wealth by their employers.

After Sheikha Hend pointed to the UAE’s non-discriminatory laws and India’s ambassador to the UAE Pavan Kapoor sternly warned that “discrimination was against India’s moral fabric” — former ambassador to the UAE Navdeep Suri tweeted last week that the UAE is a strategic partner of India, its third largest trading partner, source of FDI, partner in energy security, and home to 3.4 million Indians who send back $17 billion annually as remittances.

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Arab world is now watching

As the Gulf News article by Sheikha Hend shows, the tension remains. Over the weekend, Kuwait’s ambassador to India issued an anodyne statement on ties between the two countries. The statement referred to a Kuwaiti cabinet note issued on 3 March asking the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to put pressure on India to stop the “Islamophobia” against its minorities. And the OIC duly acted upon it.

Interestingly, the most powerful figures in Delhi may be taking note of the consternation in the Arab world. PM Modi followed up his Ramzan greetings with comments on his Mann Ki Baat radio address, exhorting people to “pray more this Ramzan” to get rid of the coronavirus, while RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat came out in indirect condemnation of Islamophobic comments.

As he becomes the most followed leader on Facebook, overtaking US President Donald Trump, Modi knows his reputation as a global leader is at stake. Bill Gates has sent him his compliments on ably dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, anti-Muslim hate speech has been restricted within the borders of India. But as it spills over, Modi knows the world is watching. And that he won’t be able to ignore it the way he has been able to so far at home.

Views are personal.

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  1. It is not India as a whole. It is some section of saffron brigade who rake up islamophobia. But it is a pity that some of the leaders who rake up this evil venom are in the govt , in positions like legislators, MPs and even ministers. They should be tackled by the Prime Minister before it is too lated.

  2. The Arab states have no idea about the suffering of the Muslims in India. You only need to see the filth and hatred against Muslims not only in social media but in everyday life. Worst of all is the state patronage given to not only the killing of Muslims but active participation of state forces in the act. Even cabinet ministers are openly exhorting their bloody followers to lynch Muslims every day. But you know what’s the worst thing than all this? It’s countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia bestowing their highest civilian honour upon Narendra Modi. Can there ever be a bigger slap on the faces of Indian Muslims than this? Shame on you, Gulf countries! Truly ashamed of you.

    • @Khan: So WHY aren’t the “dara hua Musalmaan” not moving as refugees to Pakistan, they so lovingly wanted, voted & created??!! WHY does India have Hindus & Christian refugees from the EVIL Islamic shit holes of Pakistan Bangladesh??!!

      You are hypocrites!! See within your desert cult which only knows & creates HATE!!

      • Why we go to Pakistan and Bangladesh from India.
        Jitna tmhra hai utna hi hamara hai INDIA.
        INDIA kisi k baap ka nahi hai
        As if you don’t know let me tell you one thing INDIA is a secular country.
        India ko azad krne me jitna tmhra haant hai utna nahi balke usse jyada musalmaan ka haant hai.
        You should learn about the about 1947 and how we became independent.

        • @Sajid Ali: India hamare baap ka hai!! Tumahaara baap to Saudi Arabia mein pathar ki pooja kar raha hai!! Tumhaare baap nein to Pakistan banvaya!!

          Muslims VOTED for & created Pakistan!! Then the same Muslims did not go to Pakistan because of the stupidity of the then so called leaders & the Hindustani society!!

          India is STUPID to be secular when the EVIL desert cults of Christianity & Islam are NOT!! If they have to be allowed in India, they must become secular first and say all gods are equal and that they are only ex Hindus!!!

          If Muslims sacrificed, ONLY they were ONLY traitors who took away EPIC Hindu lands while the farzi chacha & Bapu helped!!

          You should learn more about the inhuman history & HATE taught in Islam!! NO HATEFUL Ideology should be allowed in any secular nation, NOT least Islam!!

        • @Sajid Ali: You & your community not protesting against Islam & Muslims in Pakistan/Bangladesh for killing converting Christians, Hindus shows how your death cult really is!! You evil hypocrites protest against the CAA instead!! JAME ON YOU!! You act & think like dirty wild PIGS!! You can’t be called human beings!!

      • RKA: Mr Khan expresses valid concerns about the state supported persecution of Muslims in India. And his comment is entirely factual. After all, didn’t former Union Civil Aviation Minister Jayant Sinha not garland your gaurakshak friends who were out on bail following a lynching? Doesn’t the Adityanath government in UP have a particularly aggressive stance towards Muslim? Isn’t Tejaswi Surya, an up and coming BJP MP not the epitome of Islamophobia in India with his outrageous statements and tweets targeting Muslims??

        And your pathetic, inhuman response is that to avoid lynching, Muslims should move to Pakistan. And if they haven’t shifted to Pakistan, then Yes, law abiding, patriotic Indian Muslims would have no place in the Republic of India. And ethnic cleansing, orchestrated by the BJP, the RSS and rest of the Sangh Parivar flora of thuggish organisations is again on the cards. Not surprising though – after all the RSS was based on the hate ideology of Germany’s Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists.

        Nazism’s “Final Solution” was the industrialised mass murder of Jews and other undesirables with the concentration camp being the first step in that grusome process. Eerily similar to the detention camps being built in Assam for Muslims. And eerily similar to lists such as the NRC and legislative acts such as the CAA, again singling out Muslims.

        Is that what you want in India RKA?

    • Very well said Mr Khan !

      It is a myth that the Gulf countries and in particular Saudi Arabia are repositories of Islamic knowledge, wisdom and praxis. Indeed, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), the putative leader of Saudi Arabia is the very man who personifies the ill-read, born-into-wealth, corrupt and ruthless Saudi prince. By no stretch of the imagination is he a defender of the rights of Muslims. Indeed, he hobnobs with Donald Trump, the man who wanted to ban Muslims from entering the USA. That ban was struck down by the Supreme Court but that is another story.

      Likewise, the UAE and the wider Gulf region is a hodge-podge of illiberal dictatorships that generally depend on oil and on foreign labour to keep their filthy lifestyles going. The dictators and sheikhs who rule this region will finance and flatter anybody who can be of use to them – be it Donald Trump, Jared Kushner or Narendra Modi. To assume that Islam or any other ideology with a smidgen of morals dictates their foreign policy is wishful thinking.

      In any case, the problems that the BJP creates for Muslims in India needs to be solved by Muslims and other Indians who reject this ideology of hate. The playboy sheikhs of the Middle East are far too busy to be concerned with the plight of brown-skinned Indian Muslims whom they anyway treat as slaves.
      Sad, but true Mr Khan.

    • Truly amazing if they had knoe our problems in india they have not called modi nd apprciated nd given such honour

  3. Gulf countries must help fight population explosion by allowing Indian Muslims to settle freely in gulf countries if they are truly sympathetic towards Indian Muslims

    • Mr/Ms Ev: Why the hell should other countries fiight population explosion in India? One of the major drivers of population increase is poverty and poorer Indians of every religion have more children than richer ones.

      But in any case, the horrendous thing you seem to be suggesting is a “population transfer” of Muslims from India to Muslim countries. Ethnic cleansing if you will. Partition 2.0 ? You want another bloodbath in the country ?

      • If Indians don’t stop the killings them there will be no solution and I am afraid it would lead to Nuclear war and if Indians thinks they will win the nuclear war they are sadly mistaken. I would suggest the Indian nazis to think twice and move towards peace.

  4. Islamophobia in India results from Indian Moslems practicing the Quran and Hadith to follow in the footsteps of Mahomet. and is fanned by Fully Islamized India (Pakistan) ‘s commitment to Ghazw e Hind as a theocratic Military State, Abolish Islam and Islamophobia will end.

    • Mr Suchindranath Aiyar S: Let me apply your brilliant “reasoning” to some other pertinent situations. And you can then be the judge of whether the “Suchindranath Aiyar S Theory of Phobias and Discriminatory Practices” has any explanatory value.

      – Anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews exists because Jews believe in the Talmud, practise Jewish and not Christian rites. No Jews, no racism ! Hitler had the same ideas Sir !

      – Racism towards blacks in the US exists because black people, are well, black and not blonde-haired and blue-eyed. No blacks, no racism as the KKK claims !

      – Sikhs wear a turban, worship at Gurudwaras and do not behave like Hindus. That is why they faced violence and pillage in 1984 at the hands of Hindus. No Sikhs, no violence against Sikhs !

      – Kausar Bano, a Muslim woman who was 9 months pregnant was assaulted and burnt to death by a very Hindu, Bajrang Dal mob because she believed in the Quran and the Hadith. According to your brilliant theory, this act of barbarism would not have happened had she been a Hindu.

      – In Bombay, Bal Thackeray claimed that the “kaala madrasis” and “lungiwaalas” like you stole jobs from the “marathi manoos”. Hadthe “kaala madrasi” not done so, Hitler admirer Bal Thackeray would have turned out to be a decent chap. No filter kaapi drinking, dosa downing “kaala madrasi”, no Shiv Sena !

      – In Tamilnadu, the DMK rose to power because Brahmins were allegedly in control of everything in the state. Had there been no Brahmins, the DMK would not have taunted and hounded them as they did and continue to do. No Brahmins, no DMK !!

      Any comments Mr Aiyar ? Have I not correctly applied the breakthrough “Suchindranath Aiyar S Theory Of Phobias and Discriminatory Practices” ? After all, your much awaited analysis lends a new and scientific sheen to what is sometimes simply called “blaming victims rather than perpetrators of crimes”

      Romba thanks in advance for your wise feedback Saar !

        • Mr Nasser Sayyad: I guess Mr Aiyar has poured himself a stiff peg of gomutra and then rushed off into the fields with his lota !

      • Your analysis is reasonable. There are some elements who do not think as humans. They think as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews etc. But they forget that no religion teaches hate. The essence of all religion is love. Thank you brother for your excellent analysis.

      • Excellent explanation,Hate has no religion caste greed sex and same every thing has some bad ppl in it which doesn’t make it that the whole thing is bad…

  5. @Viking: You clearly are living in a mosque/madrassa with ZERO access to knowledge of the present & history of Islamic evils!!

    Even after 9-11, the sermons broadcast from Islamic Mecca cannot be easily distinguished from those of al Qaeda!!

    Islam is an Ideology of “PIECE” NOT “PEACE”!

  6. To the Editor, you took nearly 2 days to publish 2 of my opinions, Was it worth or u publish straightaway then it is only the writer´s responsibility.
    Grow up and donot play the authority, it is outdated .Cheers.

    • Very true and very well said Mr Alok Asthana !

      There can be no Modi or BJP without Islamophobia and there can be no Hindutva without hatred of non-Hindus. Whether that strategy of the BJP and its puppetmasters in the RSS will lead to India being a united country without internal turmoil is then the moot question.

      • Though I highly appreciate your earlier comment, Sorry Brother, this analysis appears to be partisan

  7. Hindus to create a O H C with Hindu associations from the world. OIC challenges & interferes in Indias interior policy , such matters will be dealt with OHC in future. Tell OIC that they are defending the religion which allows any muslim citizen to kill in 25 occasions and behead in 2 occasions without a trial just defending their faith and achiebes martyrdom with paradise, this is contrary to all other religions. We abide by the justice and democracy .

    • Mr Amit Ray Roy: Some elementary facts seem to have escaped you.

      The Organisation for Islamic Co-operation is an international organisation with 57 member states. The OHC which you suggest will have only 1, Nepal given that India is a secular country and not a Hindu country. At least for now.And I doubt Nepal would be willing to join an organisation that is run by the jingoistic BJP. And Nepal knows how to play China against India to secure its own interests !

      Every Indian govt. the BJP included wants India to join the OIC. The simple dictum in international politics is:

      “If you are not at the table, you will be on the menu”

      Please do convey that message to your gomutra drinking buddies at your local shaka.

  8. Whether or not India is concerned about what Arabs feel of India, seems important to India’s foreign policy … May be a good wake up call … one should not let the policy makers get carried away by the home-grown press alone who knows nothing beyond praising the “Emperors & his new clothes” … there are small and true mirror showing episodes in the big Indian political drama like the setback from the Delhi elections & the see-sawing in the International arena … we will do well to fine tune the home front policy by deciding the nation’s priorities clearly than worry of winning political battles …

    • Well said sir.
      Hindutva is vast terms. Bhakt never calculate what is hindutva. And hindutva of bhakts are in danger only. I am proud to be hindu. But hindustani must.
      Hate speeches should be stopped.

    • Mr Amod Pal Singh : Excellent comment ! Loved your apt description of the members of the Modi cult:

      “praising the “Emperors & his new clothes”” !

      Indeed, these bleating bhakths have stopped thinking completely and do what their Gujarathi master tells them, no questions asked. Thus, if Modi were to proclaim that 2+2 = 5, you can safely expect bhakths to beat up people who disagree. What the hell has India come to ?

  9. There she goes again- another attack on Modi just for the sake of it.
    JM must secretly pray for a long term in office for Modi.
    She will have nothing to write about if he leaves office.

  10. O hello go to hell ,we are here since the earth exist ..its our land not migrant ..they talking about migrant …#whatsapp university

    • Suhel: Ha!! Ha!! LIAR!! Your ideology is just copy/pasting of Christianity!! You weren’t there since the earth exists!! In 1400 years you weren’t even able to invent loudspeakers to abuse non Muslim kaffirs!! Get a life!!

  11. Mr Jaishankar has his job cut out for him.

    The wider Muslim world employs millions of Indians and their remittances prop up the ailing Indian economy, devastated as it has been through gross incompetence, mismanagement and manmade economic disasters under the Modi government. Under these circumstances, India can ill-afford to antagonise countries that are behind this massive source of hard currency. Indeed, 2017 World Bank statistics show that remittances from the larger Muslims world accounted for USD 38.8 billion whilst total remittances for 2017 were USD 68.9 billions. In other words nearly 56% of India’s remittances come from workers in the Muslim world. But try saying that to the average Modi bhakth or gaurakshak.

    At a time when FDI – which is inherently speculative – is drying up, remittances, which are generally more stable inflows are crucial for the Indian economy. And everytime Modi bhakths lynch an innocent Muslim or a BJP intellectual like Tejaswi Surya, Adityanath or Sadhvi Pragya Thakur come up with incendiary statements about Muslims or Christians, they are not only jeopardising the lives of Indians abroad, they are also weakening an already fragile domestic economy.

    The world is connected and the BJP government needs to see the limitations of Hindutva and its Islamophobic underpinnings. But then I don’t expect the leopard to change its spots …

  12. I don’t understand why people they don’t think other way areound when they target talblighi.
    1)They got infected with foreigners
    2)when we got first case in Jan and cases increased in Feb so why we issued the Visa to these foreign national who attended the Tablighi.
    3)even visa is issued, why immigration dept didn’t stop them or properly checked as in the month of March where cases was increasing specially in South Asia countries.
    4) also Imagine if this people could have moved around across India. How many other people could have infected more.
    5) at least the spread was within this group and they suffered and they followed Mr Modi lockdown instruction. If they didn’t follow Mr Modi instruction and moved around so still they will be blamed and more.

  13. Humsns have to rise above their respective religions like many amazing humans all over the world to bring peace fully to any society . In India where the majority Hindus , inspite of all those harrowing experiences their ancestors had from the ruthless, deceitful invaders from Mughals to British ( destroyed the country to smithreens ) and yet they have remained mostly tolerant towards its minorities . Nevertheless, most of the minorities are extremely loyal ,hardworking people and their love for the country is as high as any other Indian ( see the number of minorities who have risen to level of president, PM, politicians , movie stars , sports stars , police officers , military personnel’s etc ) .

    However, what I ‘ve sunderstood is the number of Christian & the Muslim associations that have been operating in different parts of India who have been immorally converting financially poor Hindus to other religions which has caused a tremendous feeling of suspicion among Hindus and others .( Imagine how the middle Eastern or other governments would do if it happens in their
    respective countries. ) . Unfortunately , many of the previous governments didn’t do enough to stop these practices and it’s has come to the fore now .

    So obviously, it’s up to the association’s representing these minorities as well who have to be blamed for the hate being spewed by their members and their leaders ought to make sure that ( eg: Tabligi leaders exhorted their followers to congregate in those mosques against the government’s clear instructions and laws ) rules of the lands are respected though it’s a democracy where anybody can question the government or others ( unlike in many of the countries in middle East and in other countries) .

    However, to India’s credit , it’s brilliant to see amazing humans from all religions / faiths working together with so much love and empathy which is the right way forward in any society . Just like the good citizens in any other country , especially the minorities have to make sure that they don’t try to create a different system based on their ideas / religion which works against the government’s rules & regulations in the countries they are part of . And , as well all know , no country or its people love those kinds of people .

    India is a diverse country which respects and brings up people from all faiths/ religions and we can see that everywhere and that’s only because majority of Hindu population love and respect diversity which makes the country a beacon of democracy.

  14. Hindus in gulf countries are tweeting truth. Gulf countries must learn to acknowledge the bitter truth about Tablighi jammat rather than expressing intolerance against Hindus who are highlighting it. The following five things must be made clear to everybody.

    1. Hindus have done a favour to these gulf countries by accepting employment in their country. It is not the other way round.
    2. Hindus don’t care about their jobs and shall be happy to return to India anytime. The loss of skilled manpower need to be borne by Gulf countries.
    3. Hindus will continue to speak the truth and don’t really care about what Kuwait administration, KSA government or queen think.
    4. India does not care about OIC. India will neither allow anybody to interfere in its internal matter nor does it care for any diplomatic relations.
    5. Indian muslims who feel that OIC or any gulf nation can put pressure on India are highly mistaken. India cares two hoots about gulf countries. It is them who needs us to buy oil from them.

    • I don’t understand why people they don’t think other way areound when they target talblighi.
      1)They got infected with foreigners
      2)when we got first case in Jan and cases increased in Feb so why we issued the Visa to these foreign national who attended the Tablighi.
      3)even visa is issued, why immigration dept didn’t stop them or properly checked as in the month of March where cases was increasing specially in South Asia countries.
      4) also Imagine if this people could have moved around across India. How many other people could have infected more.
      5) at least the spread was within this group and they suffered and they followed Mr Modi lockdown instruction. If they didn’t follow Mr Modi instruction and moved around so still they will be blamed and more.

    • Mr Adarsh: Reading your gibberish makes one wonder whether you are living in some fantasy saffron world or have overdosed on Arnab Goswami’s hot air !
      1. People of all faiths from India work in the Gulf, including Muslims. They are easily replaceable by equally qualified and cheaper labour from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam etc. India does not want that to happen and that explains Mr Jaishankar’s efforts to douse the diplomatic fires caused by your Hindutva buddies.

      2. Many of the Indians in the Gulf , particularly blue collar workers could not get employment in India, more so after the PM’s harebarined demonetisation scheme. And ancedotal evidence indicates that white collar labour in the Gulf, regardless of whether they are Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi tries to leave the Gulf for the West, not, I re-iterate not return to India.

      3: I don’tknow hether Hinduism will be the force that makes Hindus speak the truth. And most do care for the labour policies rulers of the Gulf enact – including the GOI. The gOI wants remittances from Indian workers in the wider Muslim world – they account for nearly 56% of all inward remittances.

      4. India does care for the OIC – it has always tried to get membership of the OIC, regardless of the government in power. The OIC is an international organisaton and unless you are there, you cannot influence it. As they say “If you are not at the table, you may be on the menu”.

      5. Your claim that India cares 2 hoots about the Gulf is utterly puerile – even the Great Gujarathi realises that the Gulf is important. India needs terrorists to be returned, depend son the Gulf for remittances and absorption of the many unemployed in the country , as a market for Indian exports and so on.

      Clearly, they didn’t teach how international diplomacy works in you shakha did they ? So fortify yourself on gomutra and stick to being a gaurakshak please.

      • Kili Jolsiyar: Did you & your community take it’s daily dose of pork & camel piss to think clearly??!!

      • Mr. Adarsh’s rhetoric stems out of hate and bigotry. When the whole world is struggling with a pandemic, he is playing the religious card, it’s really shameful and abhorrent. Me. Adarsh and his likes need hate vaccine.

    • Is he the new spokesperson appointed by Ministry of external affairs? He also says Indians are doing favour to Gulf countries by ” accepting the employment there”
      I am fairly sure that he is a bhakta of RSS mould because expressing oneself in such a tone needs certain level of dumbness. Whereas pride in one’s own country is must, such comments turn it into a butt of joke!

  15. Modi has destroyed India’s reputation. Both Indonesian and Malaysian people look down Indians.

    • @TrueIndian: Ha!! Ha!! What has Islam & Muslims done In Pakistan/Bangladesh or Indonesia killing almost all Hindus??!! Are they showing the Islamic reality or just polishing the great reputation of Islam??!!

      • RKA: Maybe the RSS should send its “pracharaks” to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia for doing “ghar wapasi” !

        • @Kili Jolsiyar: You & your community should be shifting there to follow your EVIL death cults!! We shall happily repatriate all human beings from the lands of pigs & animals!!

    • Very true. Indeed, the immense softpower resources that India had built up since independence have been squandered in less than half a decade by PM Modi and his Hindutva forces. India is being transformed into a Hindu Pakistan at the hands of the Godhra man.

  16. Congress has learnt that it can never come to power anytime soon so create hysteria so that we fight within ourselves.India does not need OIC and we can buy oil from countries like Oman,Saudi Arabia,Russia,USA and others.So pay only lip service for now.

  17. Hindus not only persecute and kill Muslims but Hindus also brutally persecute and kill Christians in India. They desecrate and destroy Mosques and Churches. They call Muslims and Christians, invader, and cults from the desert. They plan to make India a complete Hindu nation but run to Muslim nations and Christian nations for better living. They enjoy the benefits of the inventions by the Muslims and Christians but always talk against Muslim and Christian religion using cheap and insulting and filthy language.

    • Regret do not understand your Ruthless frustration, I have studied in Hindu school , Protestant and Catholic college , did not witness the masacres you describe. The minority Islam is no such minority except in their contribution in the education and economics, I know of bright muslims too. Have you travelled Ruth ? The diaspora of Indians abroad are better educated and well trained, they do managerial jobs while majority Pakis drive taxis. or do menial jobs others won´t. There are approx 5 millon Turks in Germany since the 60s, 2 years back the Vice president of German Bundes Bank said, the muslims are economically “liabilities ” not assets. He resigned, 6 months later the President of the Bundes Bank resigned by repeating the same opinion. None of them were Indian Hindues Ruth.

    • @Amit Ray Roy: You are a LIAR as are communists & desert cults!! Hindu genocide has been going on a since a 1000 years!! ONLY morons like you didn’t notice!! How will you?? Communists have killed over 30 crore innocent kaffirs as have the desert cults!! Recent killing of Sadhu’s by Congress/NCP & the cults In Maharashtra is proof enough!! No one has forgotten the Hindu pandits from Kashmir forced by the evil cult to die and those who ran way to live as refugees in their “so called” Hindu majority country!!

  18. OIC will know that India treat these people, in the guise of minority status, better than how the same people from India get treated in their countries. They should also realise how an invisible nano virus is turning the whole world go directionless …so size is immaterial if it’s causing harm.

  19. Indians Celebrating Modi as Great PM is just a gimmick, his Fan following on Social media is paid and his popularity is just marketing stunt which doesn’t make him a great leader.
    As Indian PM he has not delivered on good governance and uplift Indian economy to new heights. he has dedicated media to cover up the failures of his Government and shift focus on polarised issues or target neighbouring countries.
    His Party has dedicated IT Cell which is power house to generate and disseminate false news. As a result Indian culture and fabric has lost is shine.
    These facts and evidences are commonly available of which USCIRF has also downgraded India’s rating in 2020. It’s Highly recommended Indian Government should reconsider its actions and improve their reputation in international community.


    • The govt concentration is to acquire political power in Centre and the States. And it has been successful to a large extent by inculcating a false narrative of nationalism and religious superiority among the majority community. The narrative has reached a crescendo and stopping it under international pressure means backlash from the same forces which have been its bread and butter. Tokenism in the form of a statement here and a preaching there would be forthcoming but concrete action on the ground is most unlikely.

      • A brilliant comment Mr/Ms D.R.Sharma !

        The BJP has stoked up nationalism and religious fervour to win elections – aided and abetted by a rudderless opposition. And it turns out that in a country where 80% are Hindus, old prejudices can always be stoked and kindled to give electoral benefits. Thus, despite the Godhra pogroms and bloodbath backed by the state apparatus in Gujarat, then CM Modi was voted back to power in the elections that took place 8 months later. Clearly, Indian voters reward politicians who play the “us vs them” card and governance comes a distant second, if at all. Thus, Bal Thackeray’s thuggish Shiv Sena could win elections playing the Marathi manoos identity against the “kaala madraasi”, the Bihari, the North Indian, Muslims etc etc. The DMK played the fuzzily defined “dravida” identity card against Brahmins and upper castes in Tamilnadu to win elections; Saffron thug Adityanath cunningly combines the Hindu and cow cards to win elections and so on. Even people who have seen their livelihoods devastated by an utterly hare-brained scheme called demonetisation vote not with their experience of what unalloyed authoritarianism can do but on the “Hinduism under assault” myth propagated by the khaki clad jokers of Nagpur and their representative in Delhi.

        As you correctly point out, this false narrative of religious superiority spiced with nationalism has now taken like a weed does. It will be difficult to uproot and the PM’s sporadic references to Indian i.e. Hindu tolerance is not going to uproot these weeds. But the PM and his saffron backers should realise that an international backlash against Indians is going to be a very likely outcome. Already, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in its 2020 report has excoriated India . It recommends the blacklisting of India for its treatment of minorities. As

        “.. following the landslide victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP in 2019, “the national government used its strengthened parliamentary majority to institute national level policies violating religious freedom across India, especially for Muslims”.
        .. made special mention of India’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), adding that “Home Minister Amit Shah referred to migrants as ‘termites’ to be eradicated”.
        .. the CAA “potentially exposes millions of Muslims to detention, deportation, and statelessness when the government completes its planned nationwide National Register of Citizens”.

        There is very likely to be economic repercussions – especially if Muslim countries which hire Indian migrants turn to other countries. And 56% of India’s whopping USD 70 billion in annual remittances come from Muslim nations. The BJP & RSS do not realise that there is also very real a price tag attached to intolerance and hate.

    • The govt principal focus is to acquire political power in Centre and the States by any means. And it has been successful to a large extent by inculcating a false narrative of nationalism and religious superiority among the majority community. The narrative has reached a crescendo and stopping it under international pressure means backlash from the same forces which have been its bread and butter. We should expect tokenism in the form of a statement here and a preaching there but concrete action on the ground is most unlikely.

  20. In a country as big as India, some unfortunate events happen, they deserve to be condemned and dealt with.
    There are instances of:
    1. Hindus attacking Muslims
    2. Muslims attacking Hindus
    3. Non-Muslims attacking Non-Muslims
    4. Muslims attacking Muslims
    ALL are crimes.
    Now, to just point No.2 and generalize it across the country as though it is a national movement, worse, one organised by BJP, is silly, stupid, slanderous, scurrilous.
    UAE’s reaction, so far, has been appropriate, respectful and to-the-point, because there is nothing wrong in them speaking in favour of Muslims. The Indian govt has taken due note. But if they exceed this, it is going to be a problem.

      • @Aman: How much can Islam & Muslims lie??!! Is there a limit or NOT??
        What was Kashmir?? What has Islam & Muslims done to Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia.. WHY have they all disappeared??

        If Muslims are persecuted In India, why aren’t we seeing millions of them running to Pakistan/Bangladesh & other Muslim nations??!! WHY??!!` Don’t Muslims love Islam, Allah & Sharia??!!

    • In your 4 attack at all places word MUSLIM was common even Non Muslim. It should be
      X attack hindu Or Hindu attack Christian or Hindu attack Dalit or Hindu attack tribals or Hindu attack liberal as it is common everywhere in India. But if you have used term HINDU it would also be a wrong term as it should be Hindutv forces which has nothing to do with Hinduism.
      Similarly Islam and Muslims are not responsible for Wahabi extremist.
      Muslim are most peace loving people but there were always a group of NAWASIB who were power hungry they did all the violence in the name of DEEN but they didn’t believe it.

    • Mr Ramesh Mathan: You seem to have conveniently omitted one of the nastiest and most vicious pogroms in Indian history viz. the mass killings of Sikhs by none other than Hindus in the wake of the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi in 1984. That pogrom was orchestrated by the Congress party. Few of the powerful Congress party apparatchiks who orchestrated those crimes have been brought to book – a testament to the fact that Indian courts are, in the final analysis, controlled by political interests. Criminals from the ruling party get away with murder and the police and the courts help them escape.
      You simplify violence in India to being solely inter-religious. Far from the truth. Riots and crimes towards minorities are motivated not only by religion but also by language, caste and class. For instance, Hindu Dalits are at the receiving ends of caste based violence from upper caste Hindus. But it is the role of the state when these riots and conflicts take place that matters most. For instance, during the Gujarat pogroms of 2002 orchestrated by the RSS, the VHP, the BJP the Bajrang Dal and other Sangh Parivar outfits, the state apparatus was complicit in the horrendous killings, rapes and looting of Muslims. Indeed, the police refrain when Muslims asked for protection was: “We do not have orders to save you”. And we all know who ran Gujarat in 2002. And no less a person than then PM Sri AB Vajpayee wanted the CM removed – something he sadly could not accomplish.

      Likewise, when Mohammad Akhlaq (RIP) was brutally lynched in Dadri in 2015, again at the instigation of BJP elements, the PM refused to condemn it. When international pressure mounted, PM Modi’s only comment was “Unfortunate, but why blame the Centre for it ?”. And the many other lynchings of Muslims have barely elicited a demand from the PM to put an end to this barbaric practice. Additionally, the PM has pointedly followed on Twitter the worst and most violent guarakshaks who have gone about lynching and intimidating Muslims, never condemning them or asking them to refrain from the violence. And then you have Jayant Sinha, former BJP Aviation Minister who garlanded gaurakshaks out on bail after they had lynched Alimiddun Ansari (RIP) in 2017.

      It is hard to buy your theory that the BJP does not tacitly encourage Islamophobia and indeed violent forms of it – it pays electoral dividends. After all, despite the blood on his hands from the Godhra pogroms, CM Modi was re-elected.

      You also need to remember that the Indian diaspora is to be found in many countries even beyond the Gulf. The crude Hindutva and anti-minority rhetoric and violence of the BJP and the PM’s tacit acceptance and condoning of it and more importantly, not deploying measures to prevent it erodes the respect that countries have had for India. Today, under the BJP, India is becoming nothing but a Hindu Pakistan. Just that mullahs wear saffron.

      • Kili Jolsiyar: You are a LIAR!! 1984 were secular congress goons who killed Sikhs, NOT Hindus!!

        • RKA: So going by your pathetic “logic”, whenever Hindus kill, they cease to be Hindus but magically get transformed into “secular Congress goons” ? Accordingly, the Hindus who were behind the bloodletting and pogroms in Godhra in 2002 were not thuggish Hindus from the BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal etc. but “secular Congress goons right ?

          Go drown in a tank of gomutra will you?

      • Kili Jolsiyar: Hindu dalits are also killed by Muslims which you have conveniently forgotten!! Read what Dr. Ambedkar said on Islam and hang that writing in every Muslim home and help yourselves to become human FIRST instead of Andh Allah Bhakts!!

  21. If the way tabliki management behaved irresponsibly,if it had happend in Gulf, atleast 10 people would have gor life death sentence or definitely a life sentence. Why do we bring religion here, Government infact has been very soft on all the Violators, am not referring to only the tablikies group, all of them. First of all its a very challenging situation for the Govt, people instead of cooperating, am referring to few of them are behaving irresponsibly, respective Author should be responsible too and not do the usual anti Modi, anti regime practice atleast on this health issue, every citizen should take the responsibility.

  22. India doesn’t need advice from a group of Islamic countries who don’t even know the meaning of secularism. This OIC only knows to talk about Muslims. Have they ever raised their voice on the atrocities committed by Muslims on its minorities in their country. Followers of Sharia are lecturing us. The members of this group are sponsors of terrorism. We should compile a report and throw it on their face and warn them from interfering in our internal matters. We are not an Islamic country. With oil prices going down the drain, let’s see how they survive.

    • @Joy: Absolutely right!!

      56 member Islamic nations (OIC) where only Christians, Hindus and Pagans resided a scant 1400 years ago!!* All overtaken through genocide, enslavement, and suzerainty!! The religion of peace??!! Indonesia was Hindu, now it’s Muslim & almost all Hindus have been killed!! Same story In Islamic Pakistan/Bangladesh!!


  23. If, Muslims in India are doing terrorism, all of them ? State’s all Kashmiris ? Catch & Put on judgement.
    If, the Govt.block them all, if now & then a mass killing plots by the Islamophobia group of intellectuals, media then a day all good will finish.
    We did not see any Hindu-Muslim clashing in Gulf or any other countrues. So, that could be an example for Indians in home as all behave abroad

    • Gulf nations have strict laws. That is why there is no Hindu muslim conflict. But in India laws are very weak. If India also adopts stringent laws then there shall be no Hindu muslim conflict in India too. For example, in 2002, in Gujarat, government just gave freedom to police for 2 days to shoot dead muslims indulging in riots. The result is that for last 18 years there are no Hindu muslim conflict in Gujarat because in just 2 days police have taught muslims how to respect law. The same activity needs to be repeated across India. A few thousand muslims might die but end result will peaceful India.

  24. Ms. Malhotra is a habitual propaganda peddler.

    Few nobodies on Twitter from Arab world and she has made it a diplomatic issue.

  25. This is because of BJP ,they defamed whole country’s reputation,Modi and Godi media always spewing hatred.

  26. Phobia and euphoria, provide us to introspect Indian Muslims! Reaction from abroad is belated, but, natural! Right wing politics generated by RSS, which also carries a phenomena of “International minoritism”! Backlash may failed the legacy of healthy pluralism which we enjoyed, national and international spheres! Dangers are iminent for common interest! Rise of militant Hindutva might not help in our expectations of moderate Islam, which every Governments, globally, calendaring to promote ‘political economy’s with motto to amass the wealth within few corporates!

    All right wing governments till Covid 19 felt comfortable to defame Muslims and their religion, which is blended with majoratarianism, by compromising Constitutional narratives of equality! If right wing politics would promote moderate towards it’s minority, would elevate nation image amongst IOC countries! Chess politics if picked selectively, may disturb social and political balance in the region!

    BJP’s exercise to promote Constitutionalism; Constitutional Governance; Constitutional politics would be a good idea if they can digest against RSS politics! 80% non Muslims population is suffering economically, socially, politically! How long BJP can suppress real issues nation is witnessing, thereof!

  27. indian government and people do not care…. most of indian analysts are politicians are anti muslim. so this is a win win situation for them

  28. expected article from communists. they will always put up something against india. Arab world is watching? india is so weak that it will be threatened by them? its all controlled by economy . and india is largest market. and covid 19, china is under presssure, india is about to become global stage from business.. but communists the agents of china will keep to criticising like this. well they are many traitors live in india also, who want foreigners to interfere about indian internal matter

  29. Who is representing Hindus/Hinduism? And who are Hindus? Brahmins? A handful of The RSS and its based and controlled BJP and associates are self declared protectors and guardians of Hindu/Hinduism , any one can feel, they are back stabbing to Hinduism with their silence on lynchings, gang rapes, massacre , hated speaches against minorities under the chant of” Jai Sriram”, even the hired media engaged in spreading hatedness based on fabricated news, are theses preachings of Hinduism? “It is Hitlarisum” so it is other than ,misquoting of Hinduism and against Hindus/Muslims these are anti national and anti constitutional acts . Which are against the safty, security and developments of the country and its concerned citizens. It is immaterial, who is rulling the country but need of the hour is the rulers must not be partial and double standard with in the citizens, as terrorism got no religion, so far everyone caught under terrorist acts belongs to one community or other , handle them with iron hands, similarly , teach remarkable lessons to any country trying to pock their noses into our peaceful set up with cross borders terrorism , instead of playing blame games.

  30. Fault is with Jyoti to give a spin to some letter to the editor kind of news in gulf.
    Her article has been cleared by ISI.
    The kind of treatment muslims receive in this country, is not received by muslims in Muslim countries.
    Ex.: Muslims have first right on national resources. –Man Mohan Singh
    Muslims can establish their exclusive schools, madarsas , propagate their religion but not Hindus.
    Systemic discrimination by government against hindus.
    No where in world this crooked system works.
    Do not pay much heed to Gulf people, cajoled by Pakistanis and Indian psuedo liberals.

  31. I hope the OIC is told how TJ went on spreading the deadly virus and post lockdown, how they behaved with the staff, nurses, doctors who were more than GOD to help them in their distress time. Some roaming naked, passing lewd remarks at nurses, making dirty gestures , singing dirty songs etc. Is it preached by the Mohd. or the holy book Quoran. So if people vent their outrage against them, how they can be blamed. This sort of reaction was a just outcome.

    • Thanks
      The above post and others here, A perfect example of Islamophobia !
      Folks this is what we are talking about, this type of hatred is widespread in India. Hindustan is the anus of the world. That’s why these Hindus come and work here.

      • Fool, we are keeping your 19 crores muslims and if you problem we can exchange our population. Take these 19 crores desert religion followers and we will take those lakhs Hindus.

      • Mr Mahmmad al Zubair: People from all over world work in the UAE – not just Hindus. That includes Muslims – Shia, Sunni, Bohra, Ahmadiya, Ismaili etc., Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and so on. There is demand for labour in the Gulf and India is able to provide a matching supply of labour. And without Indian labour, your economy would tank. Bear in mind, Indians in the region do everything from nanosurgery through nursing to constructon.

        Yes, there is Islamophobia in India, stoked up by the Hindutva forces and the BJP. And that is deeply regrettable. I think all citizens of India have a right to be treated equally by the state, regardles of religion, race or gender. It is certainly not perfect in the Indian judicial system, but at the very least, the testimonies of men and women are given equal weightage. And that elementary idea that women and men are equal in the eyes of the law is not enshrined in the Shariah which you use in your courts in the UAE.

        I do not agree with the puerile, intolerant and downright asinine comments of Mr Vishwas above. But your equally intolerant and disrespectful response shows that you bray as loudly as he does. If not more loudly.

      • Mahmmad al zubair: Ha!! Ha!! In 1400 years Islam & Muslims could not invent pencils to write or loudspeakers to absuse non Muslims/kaffirs in Mosques!! Good joke, the Islamic Anus, writing on computers, given by Hindus through the invention of zero calling Hindus names!!

    • Don’t say things you don’t know. TJ is not evil, only ppl who don’t know will believe you. TJ is not spreading C19 anymore than you are. However, you guilty of spreading Islamophoebia. Stop the BS.

    • You have been brainwashed by Rajat Sharma, Arnob and Rahul Kanwal about Tablighi. They picked on them and used it as an opportunity to generate anti-Muslim hysteria. It was condemned by everyone outside. But Hindus got carried away as it conformed to their prejudices. They never thought about questioning the press’s motives. There were many other larger congregations at that time, but this was selected for continuous attack. Not only Hindus in India started making hate speeches, the ones abroad also jumped into the act. A little bit of power and money has gone to the Hindu head. They imagine they are a superpower.

      It just took Princess Hind Al Qassimi to take action and have a few of the Hindu hate mongers deported, and the rest put on notice. Rajat Sharma next day put a programme praising the Tabligis ! Rahul Kanawl got told off by Israeli Yuval about religious targeting over a disease. And Modi started saying the virus has no religion, and sending insincere Ramzan greetings. Indian ambassadors in the GCC started cautioning their Hindu militants in the Gulf. Another Hindu fraud businessman Shetty has been caught embezzling billions in the UAE. Now Jaishankar is out there to get him out. UAE should not let him go.

      The UAE and Gulf countries need to put in measures to check Hindu militants coming to their countries. They represent not only a threat to Muslims in India, they hate Arabs as well. Just read the posts here. I caution the GCC and also the west that investing in India is a high risk due to the militant Hindu climate, and the unpredictability and insecurity it brings. India was heading for civil war with NRC; it just got diverted due to Covid, but it will come back. Aramco should rethink about entering into deals with India. The GCC and western countries should put visa restrictions on RSS members and their bhakts from entering their countries.

      This Hindu violence has been going on for 6 years, but the rabid Hindu press campaign against Tabligi at the time of Covid went against world public’s mood. Many Hindus cannot understand this.

      • @rasgolla:
        The Muslim violence has been going on since 1400 years all across the world.
        Hindus understand very well TJ= Corona Jihad.

    • All these were proved to be fake news and you still believe these to be true? The purpose of the fake news factories is to brainwash and polarize people and obviously they are succeeding here.

  32. If your country’s economy produces almost nothing of value except oil, which is not exactly in short supply, it is advisable to think very deeply before advising other people about their internal matters.

  33. “Arab world is now watching” should give some comfort to Hindu haters as they are desperately short of credible stories to defame Hindus. They tried to use fake tweets from Pakistan but lies have short legs and in today’s social media time, the lies can’t travel long. Hindu haters are now short of options to spread their lies. Few tweets from Hindus are presented as Islamophobia but hundred of tweets from librandus abusing Hindus are OK. These double standards of librandus are now known to every Hindu who can no longer be fooled by cooked up stories from Librandus.

  34. How is the government going to put the genie back into the bottle? A Prime Minister who remains silent when the minorities are lynched or makes broad general comments depreciating all violence and whose election speeches are peppered with veiled anti-minority (and sometimes not so veiled) comments, is finally realizing that his shenanigans are not unobserved by others. What a pity that he has to be restrained by the Emir’s daughters!

  35. Oil is at 10$ a barrel, with about 30% oversupply in the world market. It doesn’t take much brains to figure out who holds the upper hand.
    It will be advisable if those who actually matter in UAE & Saudi have a quiet word with Her Royal Highness Princess Hend Al Qassimi.

  36. It’s simple, whenever you go to a foreign land you should obey the laws of the land and respect their faith. Same as a foreigner removing their footwear before visiting a temple. The people who don’t understand it are the ones who don’t even have common sense, I don’t know how they are holding the NRI tags.

  37. First it was one newspaper in New York. Then we began to learn who our friends are. Now we are beginning to smell the coffee. It is not the last fortnight. More like six years. Of the many stakeholders who ought to have cautioned the government that the manner in which Muslims were being treated was not only morally repugnant but undermining our national interest, the diplomatic corps ought to have been in the forefront. My surprise in fact is how long it has taken for these reactions to manifest themselves.

    • You coward , go and luck the feet of your Italians. If anybody is answerable it is the gulf countries for their autocracy in 21st century and human right abuses of workers.

    • This Hindu Muslim bullshit is hurting progress in India. But this suits the Hindu right wing. A progressive, educated India would not care for the hate cult that they are propagating. They don’t even respect centuries old ties with Muslim countries of the Middle East. Countries that have welcomed Hindus with open arms as friends and partners. The result is now open for all to see and will only bring mistrust among Hindus and Muslims in Middle East and more so in India.

    • ashok: When did Indian Muslims protest against Islam & Pakistanis/Bangladeshis for slaughtering Hindus or even Kashmiri Hindus killed by calls from Mosques??!!
      WHY the double standards?? Is Hindu genocide by Muslims & Christian normal??!!

  38. In July 2019, 22 western countries including Japan and the United Kingdom condemned China’s actions in Xinjiang and wrote a joint letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to act against the repressive policies. Beijing swiftly denied the allegations and defended the re-education camps as “vocational training centres” designed to fight terrorism and combat Islamic extremism. On the very next day, as if on cue, 37 countries – mainly comprising Muslims nations including Pakistan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan – issued a joint letter commending China’s efforts in “protecting human and promoting human rights through development”. The envoys of these countries wrote, “The past three consecutive years has seen not a single terrorist attack in Xinjiang and people there enjoy a stronger sense of happiness, fulfilment and security”. PRINT

    • What are you trying to say? If the world has condoned China, WHY is it not condoning India, is that your logic? In what way does it ABSOLVE us, in our inhuman, FALSE, and blanket accusation of all the Indian Muslims?

  39. Muslim world stays silent when innocent people, mostly non-Muslims, are killed by terrorism by their fellow Muslims.

    • Mob lynching and hate speeches are designed against innocent muslims by security forces and police forces are indicated here. This is merely an allegation that Hindus are killed by muslims. It may never happen that a muslim will go and kill a Hindu becouse he is Hindu.
      As per your narration. Never..

  40. Ha!! Ha!! Selective outrage!! Islam can kill more than 200 million Christian, Hindus & other minorities!! Islam can have brutal dictatorships in all Muslim nation! China can kill Muslims like pigs and ban Islam… Islamic nations like Pakistan Bangladesh can kill Hindus but democratic India has Islamophobia??!! This is proxy war against India driven by communist China & Christian west through their poodles of Islam/Muslims!!

  41. INDIAN POPULATION was never brought under control because it suited political corruption also a range of intellectuals and journalists were created using ” rent an intellectual and journalists culture” to ignore this by lining their pockets so much that we are now facing untold miseries and hunger .

  42. All said and done, the establishment in India is very selective and partisan. Its picks up issues and gives a rebuttal if it suits them and ignores the others. There have been innumerable assurances and denials but nothing has changed on the ground. Mobs continue to their job enhanced confidence. Mr. Mohan Bhagavat’s statement too is just a lip service. Has anything changed on the ground after his last speech that he made about inclusiveness. There is a lot of difference in making speeches and doing and inspiring covertly.

  43. Phobia is a term used in pysichiatry for describing a particular mental disorder. Are you saying that people who fear Islamic extremism are out of their minds? Nice probapanda technique adopted by the Islamists and their supporters to label their antagonists as mentally deranged! When there is terrorism in the name of Islam, when there is love Jihad, when a section of Muslims are hell bent of defying lockdown norms and have caused spread of COVID 19, and most importantly, our friendly neighbour to the west has thousands of fanatics ready to die in the name of their religion, how can one help not fear Islam and its followers?

    • @Gururaj: Absolutely correct!! *56 member Islamic nations (OIC) where only Christians, Hindus and Pagans resided a scant 1400 years ago!!* All overtaken through genocide, enslavement, and suzerainty!! The religion of peace??!! Indonesia was Hindu, now it’s Muslim & almost all Hindus have been killed!! Same story In Islamic Pakistan/Bangladesh!!


  44. Really?
    Is India really as weak as you suggest, that Delhi has to “sit up and take note” – just because Princess Hend Al Qassimi tweeted something?
    Princess …. who? Who?????
    The Princess is certainly entitled to her opinion. She can tweet all she wants & we respect that.
    But the ground reality is different.

    The Print & Ms. Malhotra are quickly losing the last few shreds of credibility they has left.

    • A state becomes weaker when its people has ill mindset. Every opinion matters. Question is not about her title or country its about her firm stand as individual. So don’t talk about weaker India because the people with dual character are making it so.

  45. RSS/BJP generates fake news, rumors, hate rate Spreading fear & Hindu Muslim is as per RSS ideology and BJP existence / survival.
    RSS is mother of terror of all organizations should be banned immediately “Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.”

    • Selective outrage will not take you people very far. You do not complain when Islamic terrorists kill innocents all over the world.

    • Nothing is bigger terrorist organisation than your desert based culture & faith which kills people. You jihadists are worst of human

    • @Aqeel Ahmed: Ha!! Ha!! RSS/BJP has done no evil what Islam does every day and what it did in History!! Islam has killed more than 50 crore Innocent human beings!!

      From 7th century on to this day Muslims terrorized people from Spain to India quoting Evil Quran, Hadith, Sunna attacking & killing millions who had never attacked Arabia!!

      Only one Muslim trader was required to convert Hindu Indonesians to Islam!! This is a supremacist EVIL ideology which will kill & rape in the name of Allah!! Christians have done it too & evangelists still cheat to convert non Christians. But Islam by far has no competition!!

  46. I pray for an India where people like Jyoti Malhotra and the Congress party stop promoting Islamophobia.

    I pray for an India where radical Islamists and Tablighi Jamaat behave like law abiding citizens of India.

    I pray for an India which finally frees itself from the clutches of the Congress Party.

    • So you don’t want congress in India. You don’t want opposition. You want only one party that is BJP. You want anarchy or what? And second use your correct name. You are suffering with dual character.

      • Mr Mohammad Islam is a schizophrenic bhakth created by the BJP IT cell ! You can spot the amateurs of the BJP IT cell a mile away !

  47. The way Islamophobia is going on in India at the secret behest of Feku, this r not looking good for India.

    • You Xians are now less than Arabic religious followers in promoting hatred in India. You Xian least care about India and hate India, Hindus.

    • Not looking good ? Secret behest? Feku?
      The way you have framed your argument, it’s not “sounding well” for you.

  48. OIC should equally without bias need to put pressure on Islamic leaders in India to stop the series of instigation against Indians.

    • @Arun Kumar Sen – OIC Has Islam in it!! It will NEVER be human or unbiased!! Quite the opposite! These OIC member nations were once Christian, Hindus.. all killed by Islam!!

    • Oic give a damn to your choice. They meant to preserve Islamic culture OIC ( Organisation of Islamic corporation). Why should they care for your damn religion which is nothing but fake,

    • This author is under some kind of delusion. Gujarat model of decimating Muslims is being implemented ruthlessly by the PM and HM .
      Muslims are not as ruthless as the Hindus when it comes to humanism. Look at the way they treat the SC people. BJP believes in manusmruthi and they are decimating the Muslims who are basically converts from Hindu lower castes.

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