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Discrimination against our moral fabric: India to its citizens in UAE after anti-Muslim posts

The tweet by Pavan Kapoor, ambassador of India to the UAE, comes a day after PM Modi said Covid-19 pandemic 'does not see race, religion, colour... before striking'.

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New Delhi: India Monday reminded its nationals based in the UAE about the “values of non-discrimination” in the wake of some tweets targeting Muslims over the congregation of Tablighi Jamaat in New Delhi.

“India and UAE share the value of non-discrimination on any grounds. Discrimination is against our moral fabric and the rule of law. Indian nationals in the UAE should always remember this,” Pavan Kapoor, Ambassador of India to the UAE, said in a tweet Monday.

This comes a few days after Indian national Saurabh Upadhyay, based in the UAE, put out a series of anti-Muslim posts, inviting the wrath of Princess Hend Al Qassimi, a member of the royal family of United Arab Emirates, who warned that such tweets “will not go unnoticed”.

Last week, Upadhyay, who has now deleted his Twitter account, allegedly used abusive language against the Tablighi Jamaat, calling them “radical Islamist terrorists”.

Upadhyay later went on to say how Hindus were being targeted in the Middle East and that the region is what it is today “because Indians have built cities like Dubai from scratch”.

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Kuwaiti lawyer wants action against Tejasvi

Kapoor’s tweet also comes a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Covid-19 pandemic “does not see race, religion, colour, caste, creed, language or border before striking”.

“Our response and conduct thereafter should attach primacy to unity and brotherhood. We are in this together,” he added.

Meanwhile, BJP MP Tejasvi Surya found himself in a similar situation to Upadhyay’s after his five-year-old tweet went viral Sunday — leading to several Saudi Twitter users demanding action against him.

In his tweet, the BJP MP had written: “95% Arab women have never had an orgasm in the last few hundred years! Every mother has produced kids as act of sex and not love:@TarekFatah.”

Mejbel Al Sharika, a Kuwaiti lawyer and director of International Human Rights, tagged PM Modi and demanded “punitive action” for Tejasvi’s “disgraceful comment”.

“Dear @Twitter, this Indian politicians @Tejasvi_Surya has racially slurred Arab women, I wonder how is his account still active? Is it not against Twitter’s official policy? Please act as Arab sentiment has been badly wounded,” he wrote in another tweet.

‘Stop growing tide of Islamophobia’

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), meanwhile, called out India and urged the government to “stop the growing tide of Islamophobia in India”.

“[We] urge the Indian Govt to take urgent steps to stop the growing tide of Islamophobia in India and protect the rights of its persecuted Muslim minority as per its obligations under international Human Rights law,” said a tweet by the body’s Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission Sunday.


This comes despite the fact that the Modi government has taken several efforts to build a special relationship with the Arab world.

Former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had even attended an OIC meet in March last year despite the group’s closeness with Pakistan.

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  1. Guys please remember Hatred will create Hatred Love shall generate love. Please do not get influenced by Politicians In India we should be demanding our elected politician for better education, better healthcare better security of our money in banks. Rather than wasting time on hate politics

  2. Tejasvi is the lowest scum on earth.
    Had he used same words for his mother and same goes in Saurabh Updhay case.

    Why both of deleted their tweets and more importantly crime against women in India is a hub.

    Mr Prime Minister just nip then in the bud

    Tejasvi use these words for your mother and sister .

    You have added a blot a discrimination to the womenhood and our great nation.

    Shame on you. . .!

  3. Muslims (including Arab Muslims) refuse to see the persecution of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and other minorities in the majority Muslim countries. As soon as the oil runs out all these Gulf people will go to their silly and useless nomadic ways. As for Arab unity – keep dreaming. This foolish and silly Princess should remember that it is not left unnoticed how the idiotic Arabs behave (and have behaved) in the world.

    Starting from the ISIS murderers and rapists (ex. against the Yazidis) to the pompous Muslim/Arab fools who think they can buy the West. LACK of hard work is something these lazy Arabs are well known for. What about the discrimination and outright forced conversion and rape of Hindu and other minority women and girls in Pakistan? Why is she so quiet and busy being hypocritical? After all, if she has any sense and godly focus, she will appreciate that it was “her people” who killed their Prophet and his progeny. No amount of prayers will absolve their hatred on this historical fact!

    • so she will allow you penis worshippers to spread hate and discrimination in her country against their religion and those who tried to killed our prophet were people like you not us
      first look at your country what you are doing and if you think islamic nations are persecuting hindus then why don’t you speak in the UNITED NATION
      and why are you going to islamic countries like Dubai_Saudi_Kuwait_Qatar_Oman_Egypt_ Malaysia_Chechnya etc
      these were the nomads whose ancestors built an empaire from the western africa to wastern india

      • You Saad – are an absolute clown (are you referring to the Arab fornicators who are busy worshiping penises in your Islamic countries? They just like to screw around) Muslims in fact did kill the Prophet and his family ( Shame on you people). Wake up and see it for what it was. A terrible deed starting from Ghadir Khumm. None of you followed your Prophet or his family with any sincerity! Even to this day. Full of liars and cheaters like you.

        The Indians have already raised the persecution of Hindus, Jews, Christians, and other minorities, at many forums. – including the so called “UNITED” Nations (where your Muslim proxies support Pakistani and ISIS Terrorists and block any resolutions against terrorists) . What a joke!

        As for your garbage comments – you are where you are because of your useless hypocrisy. And your so called “Caliphate” just crumbled even further – Mr ISIS! What Empire are you talking about! The one of hypocrisy and murder in your demented mind? Dream on.

        Why don’t you get off your backside for once and see the carnage your ISIS and radical Muslim friends have caused? Now can you at least pay those poor Yazidi women, who were persecuted by YOUR people, and give them some Islamic charity for a change, instead of visiting the nefarious porn clubs/prostitutes?

        • get you people out from muslim countries you small minded moron. Take them back to India! The likes of you are destroying India.. india needs no enemy whist it has enemies like you..

    • Why don’t u call all Hindus working in Muslim countries back to India if they r bad ? Can u do it or just give bull shit to please ur bosses !

  4. I don’t think any MP can Twit like behind any hacker group is working.
    If MP had posted its complete wrong talking shit about man it not good.

  5. Proud Indian but, I am reminded caustic words of a European who said that leave India alone and it will find internal reasons like religion and caste to hold itself back. Politicians will comply what the people want.
    The British are still wining. Divide & Rule never stopped!

  6. I think gulf country message to pm (India) is not valuable …. gulf have 1 crore or more than that of Hindu just cancel their visas and should block import of goods from India then they will know what actually they avoided !!!

  7. Hate politics begets hate politics and diplomacy. No escape from that. So far as tweets on the plight of Arab women are concerned I would like to say Vedic dharma ( unlike traditional Hinduism ) gave sensual pleasure a lowly status. Process of procreation is a sacred act and you say prasida jagatjanani before the act. From my childhood I was taught female orgasm , pleasure from sex are abhorrent western culture.

  8. The Truth hurts !

    The “Peaceful” need to introspect their innate 1400 years of hatred for other religions

  9. The islamic world now deigns to give us sermons on our internal politics and rights of our citizens, including our MPs to speak their minds…nevermind the fact that ARAB institutions and organizations like Al Qaeda, ISIS and dozens of others have been working for decades to wage war in Kashmir, attack Indian targets and Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in South Asia and in the Islamic world….
    But apparently it is Indian “tweets” that need to be addressed and Indians that need to take “corrective actions” ??

    Indian citizens do not live to pander to and mollycoddle the sensitivities of some barbaric culture that spawned a savage religion of violence and bigotry!

    If the Arabs are offended – then they can start by taking offense at the terrorist groups that killed over 50 Sikhs in Afghanistan by their co-religionist thugs based on the poisonous barbarism that is funded by and originated in the Arab world!

  10. India is on a war path against Muslims. The only thing the hindu majority government of India respects more than anything in the world is money. Muslim countries should unite and boycott India financially, only then this will bring them back to their senses.

    • Print is congress mouthpiece! If uae wants to act against India based on congress, they are free. But we know what we can do to congress!

    • Yes and the sensible thing to do is to STOP BUYING OIL FROM ISLAMIC COUNTRIES – IMMEDIATELY. Lots of oil is for sale from the U.S., Russia, South America. The Islamic countries are full of hypocrites and outright scoundrels! Mr Big Bopper – “Baba Ghanush”!

      Indians should do this right away. So scoundrels in the Majority Muslim can come to their senses!

  11. Indians working in the UAE / Gulf region are a small subset of all Indians. Although they would struggle to find jobs paying comparable salaries back home. For that matter, if oil remains at $ 20, these jobs may also dry up for them. More troubling is the discourse back home, including quite a few TV channels. It was always a fallacy to believe that domestic politics would not contaminate our diplomacy, especially in the Islamic world. A lot of goodwill built up over decades is being dissipated. 2. Recall the magnificent gesture of the Ruler of UAE of committing $ 100 million for reconstruction work in Kerala after the floods. That came from a very special place in the heart, an acknowledgment that we do not see these hard working and sincere women and men from the state as merely a factor of production. These bigots shame all Indians of good conscience. They do not reflect the values of our great religion and civilisation.

    • Why should we build the goodwill with them? Be so strong and bold that they have to build the goodwill with us. Since it was them who invaded our country. World respects the bold and we have the size/ scale to demand that.

      • Agreed – Indians should show these clowns the middle finger – like yesterday!. Better to join forces with the West then these pathetic and hypocritical Arabs and so called “Muslims”. They should be so lucky that we buy their oil. I say let’s buy the oil from the U.S., Russia and South America. Screw these Gulf buggers/autocrats/Islamic hypocrites.

        Rest assured that if these pathetic and criminal Indian Muslims had spread the China/Wuhan/Corona virus in these so called Islamic countries – they would have ALL been beheaded by now. Disgusting that the media does not focus on the criminality of these Indian Muslims against the general Indian population. That is double standards at play by the “Lutyens” and leftist media. Pandering to the Islamists at any cost. Shame on them to not call a “spade a spade” – against the criminal Muslims and their terrible behavior jeopardizing Indian lives ! Yet taking/printing useless and unacceptable threats from the Islamic countries. Have the balls and tell them to simply FUQ-off! They can have these criminal Indian Muslims in their countries instead.

        • You want to buy oil from America, where there is maximum conversion of people to Islam – no any force just go & google it. With this speed half of America will become Muslim in next 10 years. You are stupid to think only Arabs represent Islam. Don’t misrepresent Islam for the sake of islamophobia. The world is embracing this religion as it is the only true religion on the planet. I urge my Hindu brothers & sisters to read Quran with references / context with open mind & heart and then judge.

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