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‘Will not go unnoticed’: UAE royal slams posts by man who abused Tablighis over Delhi event

A Twitter account by the name of Saurabh Upadhyay put out a series of tweets targetting Muslims over Tablighi Jamaat event that led to spike in India's Covid-19 cases.

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New Delhi: Princess Hend Al Qassimi, a member of the royal family of United Arab Emirates, called out a series of “Islamophobic posts” on Twitter Thursday by a user named Saurabh Upadhyay.

Earlier this week, Upadhyay had put out several tweets targeting Muslims over the March congregation of Tablighi Jamaat in New Delhi that led to a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases in India.

A Twitter spat had soon ensued between Upadhyay and another user, during which the former allegedly used foul language. Claiming that the Tablighis spat on people, Upadhyay asked, “What’s with peaceful people and spitting? New form of jihad custom made for 2020?”

He also allegedly used abusive language against the Tablighis, calling them “radical Islamist terrorists”. Upadhyay later went on a say how Hindus were being targetled in the Middle East and that the region is what it is today “because Indians have built cities like Dubai from scratch”.

While Upadhyay seems to have deactivated or deleted his Twitter account, his posts led to a sharp response by Princess Qassimi who shared screenshots of the tweets and said anyone “openly racist and discriminatory in the UAE will be fined and made to leave”.

She also responded to some of Upadhyay’s earlier tweets, which along with all his other posts cannot be seen now as the account no longer exists. Qassimi said though the ruling family of UAE is “friends with Indians”, his rudeness was “not welcome”.

“All employees are paid to work, no one comes for free. You make your bread and butter from this land which you scorn and your ridicule will not go unnoticed,” she wrote.

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Previous ‘hate’ posts

Princess Qassimi’s response has been applauded by several users on Twitter. Some have even highlighted previous instances of ‘Islamophobia’ displayed made by Upadhyay on the micro-blogging site.

In one post allegedly by Upadhyay, he had said all Islamic organisations “should be kept on vigilant watch or barred” as they only spread violence and unrest.

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  1. In light of all comments, I have come to conclusion that these extremist RSS defending Hindu snakes should be deported from all civilised countries and sent back to make Modis RSS Bharat.
    Some of these accounts such as Vin etc seem to be from BJP IT cell, cleverly trying to bring up principles of civilised nations to justify or defend a coward who has even run away after posting those offensive tweets. Amazing, a Hindustani is talking about freedom of speech. I watched all main Indian channels over last 48 hours to test this Indian freedom of speech 🤣 claim. Seemed to me anyone who even thought of saying something against RSS agenda was not allowed to complete a sentence and branded as traitor. Other thing I realised is that according to your media there are only two countries in world, India and Pakistan 😂 . And, like a Bollywood movie Indian Surmas are ready to attack and destroy Pakistan as it’s excess of all the evil. With such a tiny, suppressed, and bigoted mentality, India is always portrayed richest🤣🙈, the best🙈, most advanced😂, and amazing country in the world. Somehow having more people in India without toilets than entire population of European continent and lynching unprotected impoverished Muslims openly makes India incredible, and calls on Arab governments to respect facist Hindu freedom of speech against host countries’ religion. #IncredibleIndia🤣🤣🤣.

  2. In whole world only Muslim have right of every thing i.e practicing religion , human right, freedom of speech, freedom of vilonce, freedom to do any things
    Yes one more things they will not give you citizenship in there country but will demand everything by other countries
    They will openly give vilonce speech and they will do all type of crime but still want that don’t tell any things else it will be a crime
    Why these Muslim countries don’t even notice of speech given by blood sucker Muslim .
    One things more if Muslim countries want to Deport all Hindus it will make Hindus happy

  3. When will you stop spreading fake news and anti india news? Pls check your facts. It’s a PARODY ACCOUNT exactly made like the real Princess. Stop spreading Pak’s propaganda and hatred, only because India has good relations with UAE states now. The real Princess has responded to this account already. Pls update your news..

  4. Revoking visa is not enough, whipping must be made necessary before deportation of hindus back to india for insulting Islam. Let them take their freedom of expression all the way back to india.

  5. Well Indian as nations and media defaming Muslims and spreading hatred against Muslims for last many years but now we must focus and teach a lesson to indian media and RSS I appreciate all Arabs to continue this fight otherwise there will be Muslim massacre very soon

  6. I think words won’t do enough. The UAE authorities must set an example here. Just deport that HINDUradical who was spreading hate against Islam. Publicly deport him and no other Hinduradical will ever dare doing so, but they certainly will keep thinking the same way. The mindset problem is really very deeper which requires addressing at strategic level.

  7. It’s a high time world should realize, what RSS is? It’s a Hindu terrorist brigade and they have successfully created crores of terrorist..this should be find out in various countries and jailed them. 30%is outside rest are in India itself.

  8. The generosity of UAE leadership has given hectors of land to build one of the biggest temple in the capital of the country. In return some fanatic Hindus who makes bread and butter from this land which indirectly affect the millions of Indians who support their families back home with hard earnings.
    Unless the India’s ruling party members unfollows these hatred social media in the long run India’s interest in the Middle East will have severe impact. Now with worsen economical condition, high job rates and shattered banking and business even the remittance seems be in big threat which has indirectly supported the Foreign Exchange.
    Jai Hind

    • Yep he will realize that Muslim countries don’t have the same freedom of speech as non-Muslim countries. Yes economies will get impacted both ways, more so for Indians, so you are right. Twitter is for celebrities not for common people to share their opinions.

  9. There are millions of Indians (mostly Hindus) working in the GCC/Gulf/Muslim Countries and they are well treated and well respected there. But how Muslims are being treated in India? Yearly they send 150 million dollars foreign exchange to India from these countries but they are always busy in spitting venom against Islam. All over the world, especially in the GCC/Gulf/Muslim Countries, #SendBackRadicalHindus , #BoycottRadicalHindus trends should be started. I am not talking about all Hindus, there are Hindus who are true human beings. I am talking about the radical/communal/islamophobic venomous Hindus. Abusing a whole religion for the mistake of an individual invites proper treatment of the abusers (that mistake still has to be proved).

    • How many Hindus given citizenship in Gulf yet? Muslims are given Pakistan, special status, right to do love Jihad etc. Kafirs go as workers in Gulf.

  10. Well Saurabh was wrong to rant like this whilst working in UAE. However the Princess is no peach – her comments are like the Pot calling the Kettle black

    • There is nothing called right or wrong. It is the way you look at things. Saurabh is an Indian citizen and he believed that Tableegi people acted irresponsibly and Indian Muslims not condemning their behavior. He is mostly vegetarian and against people killing animals for food. And he abuses those Muslims who are not ready to evolve and want to live the way in 1400 yrs.

  11. It’s a great step towards hatred. We all are guests in this world, be good and leave back a good image in the world. Good step Madam.
    UAE has to really be more vigilant in tracking such sick minded guys from India who are also working here and doing social service as volenteers in the guise of helping the nation. These BJP supporters have their own teams, here in the UAE, they belong to RSS Organisation of India who are against Islam. They need to be tracked down and save this nation from such hatemongers.

      • Yes, of course! Unlike this Hindutva scum, who believe that Hindus must be given priority in this world. Tell me, what have these Hindutvawadis achieved? Other than spreading lies, deceit, malice and hatred?!?! Bhai the ENTIRE Western world denounces the BJPee, VHPee and RSuckersSangh as “terrorists”, “fascists” and “hatemongers”. India has become more fucked – up under Gobhiji and Tadipaar. On the other hand, Islamic countries in the Gulf region have HIGHER standards of living than India, there is almost zero poverty there, and you buggers say this?!?! 1400 years ago, it was the Muslims who made many scientific discoveries in astronomy, medicine, etc.. While we were busy screwing each other and waging war against each other. First get your facts and history right, then come and shit over here. FO now.

  12. I think everyone should join hands to fight against covid19 first as virus is not in favour of any religion
    One should rise above religion and fight the virus
    The world is fighting against this pandemic people r loosing their lives whether he is muslim hindu christian parsee or for tht matter any caste
    So my humble request to everyone is ols be united to fight against covid 19

  13. Thank you Ma’am

    Some people leave & earn in Gulf or Middle east and support their family in india …but never respect to the place which feeding them and their families. …’s a clear message to all hatemongger

  14. That’s a fantastic move. Recently, sleeper cells of RSS in the middle east is openly spewing their venom in the public domain due to 56″ fake boost. They are bunch of hate mongers aiming only to spew poison and create hatred, RSS agenda. Kudos to this Royal Lioness to show these snakes their dark den.

  15. So much freedom of expression provided by the Muslims to the non Muslims/ kaffirs in their Islamic countries. And they want so much more here in the country of non Muslims. The days of the gulf are numbered. All that bubble will burst soon. Many Muslims say that Arabs are doing Hindus a favor by employing them. To be honest, they are the least talented people with no idea how things work. Indians have contributed immensely to their countries and that too at a cost effective rate. They need us more to run their country than we need them. And yes we are buying oil from them worth billions which causes a huge trade deficit and is essential to keep their economy running. So Arabs are not doing us a favor, instead we are doing them.

    • Freedom of speech as to what ? to abuse the religion of the country you live in or the country itself ? Indians are turning into snakes on social media, spitting venom everywhere, control your tongue and fingers, what the man did is even punishable india, inciting violence or hatred or enmity between religious communities is punishable.

      • Control your tongue?? Buddy what r you??He has taken a decision..You Arabs in your capacity can punish and evict him..But what Indians should say is none of your business as this is not a country which is running on Arabs alm and charity..we can have better a relationship with Iran from where we will fulfill our oil needs..ok..I think I have said it enough

        • LoL. WHY IRAN?
          Iran is also a Muslim country… dare you talk such words against Islam and Muslims and Iran will drill a deeper hole. Imam Khaminai has already warned India lately against anti Muslim legislation.

      • Control your tongue?? Buddy what r you??He has taken a decision..You Arabs in your capacity can punish and evict him..But what Indians should say is none of your business as this is not a country which is running on Arabs donation and charity..we can have better a relationship with Iran from where we will fulfill our oil needs..ok..I think I have said it enough

      • How? Nope. Which religion did he abuse? So Muslims in India dont abuse Hindus. He is just begging Indian Muslims not to spread virus, what else do you want Hindus to do.

    • Really? You people won’t waste a second to tell Indian Muslims to go to Pakistan, now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s “freedom of expression”. LoL you jokers crack me up. LoL

      • Yes it is freedom of expression. Dont worry he is Hindu so will not demand partition or citizenship of UAE unlike Muslims.

      • How is the situation same? The Hindus in ME have not been given any citizenship and you can drive them out whenever you want. The Muslims in India, stay as citizens as per documents but spew venom against the country they are living in and then crib world wide when there is a reaction.

    • We Arabs don’t need your favors. We will get much skilled labor from Bangladesh and other Muslim counties. lease leave Middle East, you all HINDUS, we don’t need your favors or PAID services. DARE YOU show some GRACE and LEAVE NOW? I bet you wont. Lol.

      • Then fire them, ask them to leave. You are not Arab anyway. I bet Arabs will not revoke their visa, Arabs doesn’t have any shame.

      • so much against discrimination why dont you allow non aran muslims to marry arab muslim women why dont you allow women to drive vote why dont you have political freedom??

  16. We need to build India fast Modi make Swamy FM

    we can’t be dependent on them
    Hindutva can never happen without capitalism | CHANAKYA SE SIKHO

  17. Only India’s traitors like REVATHI KRISHNAN learn lessons from UAE, a non-democratic country. Problems created by Indian Muslims whether it’s Corona Virus or anti CAA protests are now well known to India’s nationalists. India’s traitors are feeling the pain as they have been effectively disabled by the nationalists.

  18. What are the chances this is a fake account created by Pro Islamic Leftists, so that they can show Hindus in Poor light ?
    Not that, this is fishy. But India should investigate this to prove its an individual’s act and not a conspiracy.

    • Huh… as if Hindus everywhere are not spitting venom, spreading fake videos of tablighi jamaat😏 n showing their utmost hatred for Islam n Muslims

    • No. Its not. The person has been identified properly by UAE investigators and formally deported from MUSLIM LAND. Its no more a matter of if but when, that Muslims together will be confronting the menace of Hindutava, globally.

  19. What happens in India is observed by the rest of the world. We cannot put prejudice against Muslims within the country and excellent diplomatic relations with important Muslim countries into two separate silos.

    • Hindus do not show prejudices against anyone. They just show the facts. If the entire world wants, we can become like them. A Hindu theocracy and call non-hindus as non-believers. The whole world is bathed in milk or what?

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