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When Modi has to step in for damage control as our stupidities anger friends in Muslim world

In episode 449 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta explains why the Arab world is upset at the rampant Islamophobia in Indian discourse, and Modi's attempt to manage the situation.

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that Covid-19 does not distinguish between race, religion, colour, caste, creed. He said, “Our response and conduct thereafter should attach primacy to unity and brotherhood. We are in this together”. 

The tweet may seem unconnected and without context, but it is not. A lot has been happening on Twitter and Modi’s tweet is actually a sharp diplomatic move.

After the Tablighi issue, Covid-19 has taken a communal turn in India. Muslims have been under attack on social media as if they brought the virus to India, or rather to the world. 

One such tweet against Muslims was responded to by Princess Hend Al Qassimi, a prominent social media influencer from UAE. Born in Sharjah, Hend Faisal Al Qassemi is an Emirati businesswoman and is a well-known figure in the Arab world.

She said, “The ruling family is friends with Indians, but as a royal, your rudeness is not welcome. All employees are paid to work, no one comes for free. You make your bread and butter from this land which you scorn and your ridicule will not go unnoticed.”  

Following her tweet, older tweets of BJP members against Muslims were pulled out. Tejasvi Surya, who is a BJP MP from Bangalore South, had put out a derogatory tweet on Arab women in 2015, which re-surfaced and was deleted by him. 

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Modi’s relationship with Arab World

Modi’s message on unity has come to address this diplomatic issue. India has developed a strong relationship with the Arab world, which reached its zenith under Modi’s leadership. He has used the relationship with Arab countries to outflank Pakistan. 

Modi has also won the highest civilian honour of Arab countries including UAE and Saudi Arabia. Air India is allowed to fly over Saudi Arabia to Israel. Furthermore, despite Pakistan’s objection, India was invited to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation as an observer.  

He understands the importance of this relationship and is now protecting it by managing public sentiment in the Arab world with his message. 

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  1. With EAM assurances the things have come to a halt from a free fall. Arab world is 3 largest importer for india besides home to 7 million Indians. Nothing much can happen if they stop imports v can export to any other country, oil we can purchase from US or Russia just some extra freight to be paid we r already paying at 80 a few more won’t hurt. If expat wanna return welcome they can contribute to our GDP only 7 million maybe 16 billion dollars annual foreign lost can be earned elsewhere.
    But just don’t slowly kill the poor illiterate Muslim workers, don’t spread lies… just think a person selling vegetables how can he spit or for that matter misbehave with medical staff when he knows they r his saviours…
    Now how can u expect present generation of Muslims to pay for atrocities committed by Nadir shah or Babur or khiljis or whatsoever. About pandit exodus the present generation cannot be held responsible it is 30 years old calamity n KM are also affected. No one is happy intact 30 yrs ago u faced a crisis came over it got settled and r enjoying in India or abroad. KM’s r suffering daily far more than u can think. Imagine the lockdown with no landline no cellphone no Tv no communication with out side world for 6 months.
    But that is their fate n KP’s cannot be held responsible though their own mouth pieces have been wearing up their sleeves.
    Present pandemic situation warrants a joint fight not a divided house No one bothers for any other person. We have to fight it out as a team as a unit.
    Arabs R dispensable but is this the proper time. Can v afford to loose foreign exports, foreign remittances, n cheap oil just due to foolishness of a few who want to make up their name in Indian politics at the cost of india
    N last but not least.
    love it or hate it
    It is enshrined in my constitution

    • S Basharat: “INDIA HAS TO STAY SECULAR”??!! WHY was secularism never defined in the constitution??

      WHY Indian secularism flows ONLY to Hindus, NOT Muslims & Christians?? Who gave the desert cults the right to defraud poor Hindus & convert them and thus act as brainwashed zombies??!!

      WHY the founding father of the constitution DID NOT include the word “secularism” in the Indian constitution??!! WAS HE STUPID??

      WHY was secularism included in the Indian constitution ONLY in the dark nights of emergency/dictatorship imposed by Gandhi Congress family??!!

  2. I am surprised a leading and experienced Shekar Gupta falls for and propagates fake news emanating from his likd minded characters from Pakistan. The Omani and UAE arabs hold Indisns in high esteem for thrir conttibution to respective adopted countries. Even during the hight of Babri masjid fracas the Arab world supported Hindu Indians working peacefully in the Gulf and dince Modi has come to thd helm their look at India has escalated. Bogus news peddling vomes easy to you fskd journalists!

    • @Arun Hattangadi: Selective outrage by Arabs/Muslims!! Islam can kill more than 200 million Christian, Hindus & other minorities!! Islam can have brutal dictatorships in all Muslim nations! China can kill Muslims like pigs and ban Islam… Islamic nations like Pakistan Bangladesh can kill Hindus but democratic India has Islamophobia??!! This is proxy war against India driven by communist China & Christian west through their poodles of Islam/Muslims!!

      • But y do u want to kill anyone y make his life miserable what do u get except negative vibes, people raise a finger, u loose ur working hands, u r creating problems for our country. We have a constitution n let’s abide by that.
        Y spread hate spread love u will sleep better n praise by others will be a bonus.
        Love thy country man n u love ur country

  3. Kindly improve upon knowledge about them being secular. They are providing bread and butter to your people. Hence proved and if they al b deported then wud u abl to provide dem wid jobs, no jobs for who are already staying as citizens 😵

  4. India’s total bilateral trade with the Arab world stands at over US$ 162 billion, and covers a variety of goods and services, from oil to infrastructure and telecommunications to consumer goods. It is home to more than 7 million Indians and caters to 60% of our crude oil imports. Kindly improve upon knowledge about them being secular. They are providing bread and butter to your people. Hence proved and if they al b deported then wud u abl to provide dem wid jobs, no jobs for who are Already staying as citizens 😵

    • @Sab: When will Islam & Muslims along with Muslim nations turn secular is the question!! When will kaafir word & hate speech banned In Islam/Quran is the question!!

  5. India’s total bilateral trade with the Arab world stands at over US$ 162 billion, and covers a variety of goods and services, from oil to infrastructure and telecommunications to consumer goods. It is home to more than 7 million Indians and caters to 60% of our crude oil imports. Kindly improve upon knowledge about them being secular. They are providing bread and butter to your people. Hence proved

  6. And who told you that PM tweeted this to calm the Arabs? What nonsense? The last thing we need to do is please the Arabs. They are not us any favors. We pay them $$ for oil, we export them food, skilled labors,etc at a cost effective rate which is essential for their economy,we are letting their airlines operate and make huge profits on our international routes. And the trade deficit is hugely in their favor. We can buy crude from US or Russian if we want.the way the OIC is interfering in our internal matters is alarming. We should come down hard on them. they better think twice before issuing threats. We don’t need to appease those with a 7th century mindset. Those Indian Muslims getting happy on these threats, are you really Indian or Arabs ? Someone is threatening your country and you are taking their sides. And then you ask why we don’t consider you Indian enough. This country is full of snakes. You force us to think that letting the creators of Pakistan here in India in ’47 was a big blunder. The government didn’t discriminate in evacuating it’s citizens from Iran or gulf. But you are still hell bent in criticizing and defaming the country. Whatever expectation we had,it has gone down the drain. Keep showing your true colors.

    • @Joy: Absolutely correct!! Hindu/civilization-al genocide is everyday event In India!! Sadly, no matter which party happens to be in power, the State will have to tilt towards Islam and Christianity. Difference is only in degree of tilt!! Indian constitution is designed for that purpose!! No one seems powerful enough to Hinduanize the Indian system originally established by and for global, EVIL abrahamic powers!!

      Seculars SICK are real masters and rulers while real/common Hindus continue to be slaves, who struggle, earn, pay taxes and harassed daily while privileged minorities have entitlements and exemptions. Hindus are demonized, damaged and looted by “secular” state organs!!

      Hindu Rashtra would be an effective anti dote to stop the nonsense to destroy Hindus & Hindu civilization through the evil desert cults!! This is well explained by no other than a Pakistani Muslim!!

  7. If Modiand BJP are serious, they must pull up guys like Tajeswi Surya. Fellows like this guy (Surya) cause more problems than they are worth. Surya must exercise his brain before he shoots off his mouth.

    • @Vankayala Gupta – SICK-ular’s can plan their genocide as in Kashmir & Hindus killed in UP, Maharashtra!!

  8. Indian Muslim’s relations with Arab world is no more a servant and master. The Indian go their to work and paid for that. As far issue of certain sections of Hindu backlash against muslims in India, I let you know that muslims here are competent enough to address this issue and need not any charity from Arab world or hindu hardliners. Till Constitution of India recognise the rights of Muslims in India, Muslims are part of India and need not fear from anyone. However, if the present constitution of India is altered or shelved then situation will be different. What muslims need today is to work for universal scientific education for each muslims alongwith religious education with true understanding so that not let wrong or misinterpretation of religious command hinders their development as supirior intellect worthy to be respected. Muslims in India is no less intelligent from any other communities but we are being trapped in narrow thinking of life and politics. This has to be broken. But for that muslims should make a criteria to vote only for those candidates who are honest irrespective of his/her affiliation to party. We Muslims do not like to be cannon fodder for Hindus or for that matter to any one. We are for India and for ourselves. Competition is only mantra.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Supreme Court of India
    # 9717214471

    • I am completely agree with you. Certainly both Muslims and Hindus should be rational like you if they really believe that their land India is a Gulistan. Yes we want to live in a society where there is a mind without fear and all types of thoughts blossom at the same time.

      • @Jajati Kumar Behera: Where was Muslim & Islamic Gulistan when Mosques were calling for Hindu killings??

        Where were Indian Muslims when Buddhists, Hindus & Dalits were NOT given any democratic or human rights in Kashmir??!!

        SICK-ULAR Have short memories and will destroy themselves & Hindu/Hindustani civilization!!

    • @Shakil Akhtar: *56 member Islamic nations (OIC) where only Christians, Hindus and Pagans resided a scant 1400 years ago!!*

      _All overtaken through genocide, enslavement, and suzerainty!! The religion of peace??!!_

  9. Who is responsible for this communal hatred did Modi told them to spit on doctors and nurses aur he told them to spit on fruits and vegetables
    did he told them to attack doctors and policeman
    this is karma what you sow shall you reap
    what do you want
    the print is most anti Hindu platform

    • Do not go on media what they are showing, this are the people who has clean the hospital.. do you kno this?? This is our media

    • @Raj: Secularism is just a weapon used against Hindus to beat them and keep them weak & meek!!

      Hindu & Hindu civilization-al genocide has been going on since a 1000 years!! Congress & SICK-ular’s who were transferred power by the British continued this EVIL!! India & Hindus haven’t become independent even after the British left and Islamic Pakistan was created for and by the Muslims!!

  10. Acchi baat hai na. Pehle piche se waar karte the, abhi expose ho rahe hain sab. Hote kaun hai ye hamare desh ke democratically elected MPs ko barkhast karne wale? Especially when Tejaswi Surya was quoting Tarekh Fateh’s interview about Female Genital mutilation in Arab women which makes women physically incapable of having orgasm. Aur ye sikhayenge hamein auran ka samman karna?
    Modi is doing his platitudes as a head of the State. He should know we Indians know these rabble-rouser hypocrites( who themselves jail and deport people for free speech) and are fully behind him. He should start buying American oil for our strategic reserves while he is at it. It will prevent the US shell companies from going bust and thus making oil price astronomically high after the depression.

  11. Modi calling for solidarity is crocodile tears now. He shows concern for muslims only when it is politically necessary for him. Else, he and his home minister do not mind muslims being ostracized or killed.

    • This is not a serious issue as Shekhar wants us to believe. Many times Muslims abuse India Hindus in the past and even today. Heaven will not fall.

    • The hated is mutual and it has gone very deep. Arabs never cared when innocent Indians lost their lives due to Islamic terrorism.

    • @Ramana Murthy: Ha!! Ha!! STAY STUPID YOU LOW SOUL!!

      56 member Islamic nations (OIC) where only Christians, Hindus and Pagans resided a scant 1400 years ago!!

      All overtaken through genocide, enslavement, and suzerainty!! The religion of peace??!!

  12. dear indian muslims, is arab world secular…? then why only india needs to be secular…? secularism was vanished by partitioning indian subcontinent in the name of religion, muslims got their islamic state(s) then, now what…! your ancestors choose india as muslim, my ancestors choose bangladesh (then east pakistan) as hindu, these are our choices, we can’t blame and bleed the nation and system for this now. no one is secular, not you, not me and there is no concept of a hindu state anywhere in the universe, stop fooling yourself at least.

    • Mr Shaurov Dhar : The Arab world, like Pakistan, is anything but secular. But should India copy these undemocratic, failing, flailing states saddled with a mediaeval legal system called Sharia ? Do you want the Arab world to be a role model for India? Manusmriti to replace Sharia? Methinks: no !

      Additionally, Partition did not mean – at least initially – the creation of states where Muslims had to go to Pakistan and Hindus & Sikhs to India. The work of Sir Cyril Radcliff resulted in the demarcation of undivided India into Muslim majority regions and Hindu majority regions. The former was to become Pakistan and the latter India and no population transfer was envisaged. Indeed most Muslims and Hindus were oblivious to the ramifications of the decisions of Jinnah & Nehru. Yes, the Partition of Punjab and the ensuing violence and bloodshed resulted im the migration of some Muslims from India to W.Pakistan and many Hindus & Sikhs from W. Pakistan to India. But the creation of Pakistan and India was not built upon the notion of a population transfer on the basis of religion. Furthermore, Partition remained essentially a North Indian phenomenon with South India, Central India etc. out of the equation and the tumult. That significant numbers of Hindus and Muslims remained where they were initially – as in the case of your family – is testament to the fact that the presence of jobs, assets and commercial stakes were a significant deterrent to migration on religious lines, ceteris paribus.

      As regards your claim “no one is secular”, well, secularism is the policy adopted by a state in its treatment of its subjects, not individuals and certainly not the stance of an individual like yourself. But the avowed ideology of the BJP and its guiding philosophy, Hindutva is the establishment of a state where Hindus would be granted greater rights and privileges than others, particularly Muslims and Christians. It may not have gotten there yet, but it is the stated aim of Hindutva. Whether India will survive as a united nation if Hindutva is pursued is doubtful. After all, Islam did not unite Pakistan did it ?

      • @Kili Jolsiyar: Who voted, wanted & Created Pakistan??!! Christians?? Hindus?? If Pakistan was created, WHY was there no population exchange as asked by the father of Indian Constitution!!


  13. Arabs are stratigically very important for INDIA. Their oil, NRIs foreign exchange,their neighborhood, air route to west through them, trade etc. and vice versa India to them in many ways
    It surprises me why Arabs are responding so late after 6 years.
    Why Indian Government has been ignoring its own hard core fundamental groups unleashing virulent, foul mouth against Muslims?
    In International scenario, everything matters.

    • @Badshah: Ha!! Ha!! Islam & Arabs, the ideologies & People of human rights & humanity!! LET US ALL HAVE A GOOD LAUGH!!

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