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Doesn’t Priyanka Chopra know that only Muslims can be terrorists?

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The outrage over the latest Quantico episode, which explores ‘Indian terror’, forgets the fact that in the show, Chopra is American protecting US interests

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The latest episode of the show Quantico, starring Priyanka Chopra in its leading role, has hit a raw nerve with many Indians because it has an “Indian nationalist” (read: Hindu) as the antagonist.

In this episode, Chopra’s character, FBI agent Alex Parrish, uncovers a plot to launch a nuclear attack on American soil. She and her team discover that it was to take place during an India-Pakistan summit, over the Kashmir issue, in New York. They initially suspect a Pakistani student of masterminding it but Parrish finds a rudraaksh on one of the terrorists, leading her to conclude that the terror attack was actually planned by Indian nationalists to frame Pakistan.

Predictably, the episode did not go down well. Many Indians on Twitter were outraged that a show with an Indian actress in it could paint a Hindu in bad light. The episode is also apparently “pro-Pakistan” because for once, the bad guy isn’t a Muslim from Pakistan.

Unfortunately, Priyanka Chopra is facing the brunt of the blow. How could she, an Indian Hindu actress, be in an episode that explores the possibility of Hindu terrorism? Doesn’t she know that only Muslims can be terrorists?

But Priyanka Chopra never signed on to be an Indian ambassador abroad. She’s just a South Asian actress trying to make it in Western film and television. She hasn’t shied away from her Indian nationality but neither has she overtly re-affirmed her Indianness since she moved to New York. She’s a working professional who is known in Bollywood for taking on different kinds of roles, and I think she’s doing her best not to be pigeonholed into the token brown woman role in Hollywood.

And it might just be working. She hangs out with American actors and actresses, she may or may not be dating a Jonas brother, and she very deliberately wore Western clothes to her friend Meghan Markle’s wedding.

She’s the first South Asian to be in a leading role in an American TV show. But even in this show, she’s not Indian. She’s American, and her allegiance is very clearly to the United States of America. She literally works to protect American national interests, both as an FBI and a CIA agent. In fact, the role of Alex Parrish was never intended to be “exotic”; she was written to be a white woman. So why does she have to be beholden to Indian nationalism?

But this isn’t the first time that the show has insinuated that an Indian can be a terrorist. Chopra’s character on the show is constantly framed and under suspicion because of her skin colour, and because of her Indian heritage. Alex Parrish herself isn’t trusted because she comes from a country that is well-versed in terrorism. Furthermore, Quantico has played dangerously with stereotypes in past episodes: the first season has hijab-clad women who are double agents. Why didn’t that upset Indian nationalists?

The default mode for most Indians now is that if you’re critical of India, the only logical conclusion is that you’re a fan of Pakistan. This reductive thought process kills any kind of healthy debate, which should be happening in a democracy.

Several complaints on Twitter are aimed at how this particular Quantico episode’s storyline is “unbelievable”. But this is a show that begins with Chopra’s character being accused of treason. Her character is fired from the FBI, hired by the CIA, part of a joint FBI-CIA task force, and then re-hired by the FBI. There are hostage crises, bomb blasts, endless conspiracies and of course, scandalous romance and intrigue.

Like any other show, Quantico has convoluted plotlines and endless drama. Portraying an Indian nationalist who hates Pakistan so much he wants to frame it for a terrorist attack is lower down than some of the other plot points, on the “believe-it-or-not” scale.

The argument that Chopra should not have acted in an episode that offends Hindutva pride also falls flat, because at the end of the day she is the lead actress on a show that has truly helped to cement her place in American pop culture. Quantico has been declining in popularity, and last month its production company, ABC Studios, cancelled it. It makes sense that the show’s writers wanted it to be as controversial as possible so that it could have higher viewership, and it makes sense that Chopra gets as much screen-time while she still can.

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  1. ash, stop the patriotic nonsence. tvtvtv showshow. dont be drama queen. go sing a bollywood song and dance around some trees. change bollywood to different name . stop copying western world. there ARE LOTS OF TERRORISTS IN INDIA . SEE THE PADMAAVAT SITUATION.


  2. lady, this is just an opportunity for all the hindus to act out their frigging crazy ideologies. what a lot of utter nonsence . noone is more patriotic than priyanka. she is an actress and works for money. yes, she works for money. dont call her names. what the uck is this shit called the rukshak or what shit.

  3. Looks like you have been paid to contain damage! Seriously? Indian terrorist has been portrayed on international TV trying to nuke and you want us to be ok? What next? We should be ok with people spoiling our country’s name because thats liberal ? Do you have any sense of decency or attachment to your country’s image? Or you have washed it away with dollars just like priyanka did?

  4. At least, the writer agrees that it was a conscious attempt at creating controversy to try to increase Quantico’s revenue. Then, isn’t this write-up a piece of shit?

  5. The question has the truth in itself. Whom do we see blowing themselves up, mowing down ppl, knife attacks etc etc shouting ‘Ola -O- Uber’ [right ?] kill ppl all over the world ??? Hindus. Case solved!!!

  6. Hindu terrorists are more dangerous than the Muslim terrorists. RSS and its splinter group never claim any responsibility for its terrorists activities but Muslim groups claim. Hindu groups make clever efforts to put the onus on other groups. Malegoan, Ajmer, mahatma Gandhis assasination, Dabholkar murder, Kaluburgi, Gouri Langers and many other incidences they try to divert the attention on muslim groups through well planted emails, intelligence groups or fake claims. When a terrorist groups motive is not clear it is more dangerous than a group fighting for a cause. Hindu terrorists never come out openly.

  7. Wow. I’m not a muslim, not a hindu. But in my opinion this article is so stupid. I thought that journalists have to be smart.
    Do you even know what terrorism is? It can be anyone, from any background. It doesnt have to be muslim(s).
    Do some research before you write your article.

  8. When I read the title of this article, I presumed it would be a joke. After reading the rest of the article, I was amazed by how ignorant and foolish the opinions of the article was. The reason conflicts are still around between Indian and Pakistan are because of people that still have such idiotic views and assume and prejudice certain groups based on the extreme of group. Unbelievable article!

  9. Look like author herself hate Indian n india very much what kind of stupidity is this.looklike the swastika wasn’t less defame now rudrakash???hypocrite lefty try to present them liberal but don’t it true attack all over the world happen 90% terrorist r directly or indirectly belong to Pakistan

  10. Okay..if muslims r only terrorists then let me ask u who r the maoists, LTTE,IIRA, ULFA The Lord salvation army and All Tripura Salvation Army??? R they muslims.? And for your kind information a real muslim can be a terrorist bcz glorious Quran condemns the killing of any innocent…for your concerns have a look 5:32 of glorious Quran…And stop your polarised agenda…when u media people show the characteristics of honesty..??? Please study the history of world terrorism…If u people consider yourself a resoresentative of researchers and intellectuality…..Thanks…Terrorists have no religion that’s is why they cowardly r in action to kill innocent people…..Study the 5:32 of glorious Quran before putting such a harsh and injust comment on Islamic idealogy…if someone is against the teachings of glorious Quran how can he be a ambassador of Islam or a muslim..??? Tell me…

  11. No doubt Everybody knows India is spreading a huge terror in Kashmir..Mind u Muslims are peace loving persons across the Globe..It’s India who has created Terrorism in Kashmir.And Occupied the Holy land #AKashmiri

  12. Dear writer terrorism has no religion.. They can be Hindu , Muslim anyone..why u people always target Muslims..this is not good …stupid (bakwas) article..u narrow mind people

  13. PC people have only language that ia money for which they can abuse there oqn country she should be ashamed of what she did being an Ex. Army man daughter

    • abishek, nasty comments, she did nothing wrong . its a frigging tv show. what a lot of silliness.

  14. She doesn’t care about anything except money and fame which she is getting from that show , ban her in india and her show too , she doesn’t deserve to be called indian , you can’t hide your mistakes by saying that ur an actor and you have to do what the makers ask to do . Sorry pc you broken many hearts and from now on no one will care what the F ur doing, u have lost. A fan for life

  15. Why Hindus asses are burning? The only religion the haven’t done any terrorism or what i have never heard of is Sikh.. so chill down Hindus it is clear that Hindus attached Muslim holy places. What about the bomb that Hindus blasted in masjid in Delhi.. what about when Gujrati minister killed thousands of people? What about the rss or the fucking hindu terror group that killed Muslims in train or road just because they were carrying meat?? Just today when iopened news paper they were Hindus who attacked Muslim for meat and he had to run the police station? 1st know the definition of terrorism then bark

  16. News For You….. Terrorism is a Concept Sprung by Later Abrahamic Faiths Namely Crusaders of Cross and Prophet of Peace

  17. Hindu terrorists..Haha..Tell that to the average American who witnessed WTC crumble before their eyes…No wonder Quantico is withdrawn by abc.

  18. Miss vandana Menon( member of Bharat Tere tukde honge Liberal gang) i hearfld Terrorism has no religion but suddenly the religion popped up and it’s Hindus… Miss gawar buddhi can you name one Hindu Terrorist beheading in the name of Hindusim or a bomb blast? No, you can’t since Hindu don’t do that.
    And it’s not just about “Terrorist can be Muslim thing” but in that episode of Quantico the premises was that Hindu Terrorist planning bomb blast to frame innocent peace lover(no Terrorist heaven Pakistan)
    Don’t you think this is really absurd? Showing Pakistan an victim of Hindu Terrorism propaganda? Pakistan is self capable itself and it has already achieved glorious height of being a Terrorist heaven and funder.. Hindus Don’t have to frame Pakistan they are already achieve the heights of Terrorism from creation of Taliban and osama, hafeez sayeed, Al jawahri etc… Why liberals are so apologetic toward Islamists? Fake secular jamat.. bunch of retards

  19. It’s about the national pride not at all about hinduosm. They depicted indian nationals planed a nuke attack and frame pakistan.But you successfully make it communal with your phesudo secular writing. Please go on and also say all this is happening because she is a woman also go on and include her birth place cast and ideologies … There are journalists and there are pimps oochh sorry I am not suppose to criticise you because you are a woman please mention in the next blog you have criticism not because of your writing is shit but because you are an woman also mention it’s hindus and sikhs and all religious group target you because you are so the light of freedom you hippocrat pice of shit. #theprint #vandana_menon

  20. Why only a muslim can be terrorist ?
    And people who are forcing hindu religion and hindu dal i india harrasing people why are they nt consider as terrorist ?
    No religion teaches to kill humanity or hurt people so pls stop callimg only muslim as terrorist.

  21. The most unacceptable article I’ve ever read

    Indian , is itself a religion which is above everything, as it consumes and accepts every needy person as a citizen. That is why we do have a variety of religion living together . I’m also a muslim but I’m and Indian also and it respect every religion from. Terrorist never knew what religion tells whether he is hindu or muslim by birth but by its deeds he become a terrorist , a shame of humanity . Showing irrelevent thing considering any religion as it’s part is par vulger. Being an I also feel sorry about the script of #quantico showing Indian terrorism because it never takes not only hindu in consideration , actually we all Indian Muslims, Sikhs, Indian jews, and Nomads also get involved in it, and this must be cross countered for our dignity.


    Jai Hind Jai Bharat

  22. Take a chill pil guys. It’s just a story (although many “fictions” are based on reality) and she is just doing her job. I don’t know why do our nationalists get offended so quickly. Show your patriotism first, question others later. Ganga is not clean, bank NPAs are increasing, half of the population is living below poverty line, education system we have is one of the worst, people are getting killed every day for expressing his feelings and non of these offends you except criticizing hindutava! What’s wrong with you! Can’t a Indian be terrorist? Of course he can. Being Muslim is not only criteria to become a terrorist and we have seen many instances where Hindus tried to create riots by putting beef in temple. Follow whatever religious ideology you want to follow, just keep it personal. Get a life and stop questioning about others “patriotism” for some utterly ridiculous reasons.

    • Nice try to deflect .. you fanboy/girl! I do not even want to step into muck of religion. But soiling image of india to be country of terrorist trying to nuke world! You may be ok with that? Perhaps you are also ok if someone make stories about your family in public. But most of the people are not and they feel betrayed and backstabbed.

  23. How the fuck you can say that only a MUSLIM can be terrorist? Terrorists are people like you with biased views and a narrow mentality.

  24. What do you mean by “Doesn’t she know that only Muslims can be terrorists”?
    What a dumb and insensitive argument. What you did was segregate people by religion.

    Stop trying to bring people down. It was only a story, things like this CAN happen. You need to stop making a huge fuss about something small.You need to Stop creating problems between your own people. Do something important.

    Only close-minded people can say such a thing. How dare you. How dare you. How. Dare. You.

  25. Till now, Terrorism was not supposed to be linked with Religion.. but why now?
    It’s really silly & funny!

  26. From one Hindustani naari to another… You asked for a real terrorist attack by real Hindus… Check out Ajmer Dargah bombing… That isn’t the only one. You can read about a lot more than that if you want to. Getting information in today’s world isn’t that difficult. Oh, you can check out KKK too… That’s a CHristian example. All religions have extremists. But no religion is defined by just those few bad eggs. There’s no reason to be outraged by this.
    That being said, an act of Hindu terrorism whether in the real world or a fictional one, doesn’t change much for me. Hinduism has been around for a long time and has done a lot of good for this world. Extremist ideas cannot malign my religion so easily. I don’t need to be angry with every little thing like this. My faith is far bigger than that. Sincerely, a proud Hindu.

  27. Another stupid Congress chamcha defending anti-national views….. How low can you stoop to impress gandhis’ and leftists??? This article is complete bulls**t

  28. Kachra article, waste of time. You Madam are either a dimwit or a deliberate commie. Like stated in one of the comments, can you enlist a single ‘ Hindu’ terror attack?
    And yes, most of the terrorists are followers of Islam.

  29. Kudos to Quantico story writer, director, and producer. The dark side of the saffron terror must find its rightful place in a universal medium like Hollywood serials. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure Chopra has portrayed the character well. She is a brilliant actor.

  30. Despite blaring out that terrorism has no religion it’s a fact that most terrorist attack are perpetuated by one particular religious clan. No one claims that Indians and especially Hindus cannot be terrorists but using the rudraksha to affirm the identity and that too with the background of the sensitive Kashmir issue was totally unwarranted. Whether the show is widely watched or not isn’t the concern but Priyanka is the lead character and by allowing such a narrative to be part of her series,she, as an Indian,has let us down considerably.

  31. Please do not associate terrorism with any religion…. terrorism knows no religion

  32. It was a such a dumb article… No nuances.. No intellectualy thought provoking arguments… Just stupid leftist viewpoints in the typical left vs right social media debate in the Indian context… These online Media outlets are supposed be next big thing but they hiring shallow incompetent people.

  33. All farmers agitations are politically motivated to garner all subsidies, farm loan waivers etc from the government going to poll soon. The distress is high in some part and no distress is seen in another part of the state. If you look closely, farmers are also not letting any scheme of the government successful as now money comes directly in the bank accounts so a lot of corruptions has been abolished. Now Rahul Gandhi is saying to give the farmers price of the produce in cash. Just we are going back to the same old corruption. Unless farm production is linked to market demand and all small farmers and laborers are absorbed in industry, no government can solve this. What Rahul has promised, BJP can promise goodies twice of that. Is there any end to uneconomic SOPS

  34. There is nothing wrong in the episode. Craps should not make it an issue . It’s only a serial and not a reality. In today’s world anybody can plot against any country or any religion. Muslims became terrorist the reason they were being looted by world powers off their oil and to safeguard they picked up their arms. What’s happening in Iraq and Syria is planned by world powers to rob them off their oil.

  35. Terrorism is a thought which comes by staunch teaching of religion either Hinduism, Islam and Christianity a man who comes under this should think of it and keep away himself from hammering humanity… Quran says “we respected the mankind” how could we say Islam is a religion of terrorism?

  36. Only Muslims can be terrorist?
    Why? Where in Islamic scriptures have ever seen a Muslim been allowed to kill the innocent.
    You have your head so far up your butt you can’t tell ‘left’ from ‘right’.
    As for Priyankas’ case, she must be under a contract right? Ever thought about that?
    There is no wisdom in your writing, you are all over the place. No fucus point in your article.
    I wonder what kind of editor will approve this.

  37. Who the fuck said that only Muslims are terrorists. Ppl saying this how can they forget abdul kalam, azad sir and all. Also we have in our industry Muslim actors more than Indian. Moreover this is just a show, they can show anything to increase their trp. No-one should take it to that personal level.

  38. Yes show more Indians as terrorists, brainless, not so cool, job snatching, undeserving, plotting, twisted beings as if there isn’t enough hate crimes already

    Thousands of incidents of homicides, massacres, cannibalistic nature of islamic terrorism is given the same degree of attention as a few incidents of thrashings here in India, now I don’t condone such incidents neither do I think that entire Islam is terrorist in nature, but when u treat both as at par it leaves a black mark on the face of the entire religion and the country and is totally unfair, a total injustice done by the entertainment and journalism industries.

    Also, it’s really sad that both national and international media reports the same as if it’s the only thing exists and the only thing we should know, their journalism tries to make us think that Hinduism is no different from Isis

    Coming to what Quantico has done, they should really consider the reality of the current situation, it’s reckless on their part to show a complete contrast to current world plot but we can’t really blame Priyanka Chopra

  39. Oh fuck this shit another communist shitty article . When Muslim then terrorism has no religion and at the same time this fucker will shout Hindu terror.

  40. Guys who feel outraged due to the airing of this episode, are the real terrorists as this is their mindset whicb makes them think wrong about this episode. I myself am a hindu Brahmin of age 18 and have a deep passion for the Indian army and will always support India in any manner i can. But after seeing the recent posts of my fellow Indians depresses me as the question asked by us is itself wrong i.e., “doesn’t she know that only Muslims can be terrorists”!! We on one hand are wanting to settle things with Pakistan kn a peaceful manner but on the other hand are passing such comments that deliver the message of anger and hatred to them… According to me, no person is different guys!!! Not a hindu not a muslim but all are one!! You wanna identify the terrorist… Then first kill the one insise yourself. Hope you get what I neant. Jai hind! N enjoy the othwr episodes of Quantico.. Priyanka is a national pride working hard for us and any comment her character passes is fictional but the ones passed by her aren’t!

    • Guys… There are a couple of errors in my spellings but please ignore them but not my message!

  41. Is Vandana Menon/ the print suggesting that muslims cannot be Indians? Wooooooah!!! You’re more “Sanghi” than I thought. I think I may have found my new favourite digital publication.

  42. Utter Rubbish.
    Apologies for these words but that’s what came in my mind as I read this article.
    Don’t you think that you have exaggerated things a bit.
    It seems that you will be happy when Hindus will come out as terrorists.
    Ma’am terrorists have no religion, it’s you who is Labelling them as Muslims.Even Islam says that they are the Worst Sinners.

    But article is just concerned with criticizing and condemning Hindus and bringing out terms like Hindutva or Hindu Terrorism.
    And you don’t even give a Shit about Quantico issue.
    All you have got is an Opportunity to show your Fake Liberalism by showing support to the Muslims (Who actually don’t need your Venom Spitting deceiving Support) and Insulting Hindus whom You people have lately marked as the most Violent Religion of the world.
    Just think for a while that in a Country where the religion in majority is condemned every now and then does nothing. That’s because the religion is truly Accommodating which you people don’t want to accept.Same goes with the Muslims of our country.
    You know why? Because that’s what our culture is.
    There is democracy in this country and the fact is that any person of any religion wants to live peacefully and merrily.
    But thanks to people like you who with there sick minds and ill approach try to deviate and pollute our minds.
    Just think that if you were in any other country,say any “Muslim” country like Saudi Arabia,your So called Liberalism would have been brutally mutilated in no time.Even you would have been struggling to find a Haven for your survival forgetting all your fake and lunatic concepts.
    So please please have some sense while writing such articles as you are not showing the realiy but tricking many Gullible readers.
    Lastly I don’t have any hard feelings for you but I needed to say something on this.

  43. The problem here is that it is shown in the show that Indians are framing Pakistan by plotting a terrorist attack. This will obviously hurt the sentiments of Indian and a PC, a well known Indian actress, much loved in India, has no concerns regarding this. Also the show needs to understand that terrorists are terrorist, why potray their religion suddenly? Why is that Americans only see an Asian country as a terrorist country? In fact, Americans are known for attacking countries to impose their ideologies and to snatch resources.

  44. It is hilarious how people watch entire shows with various other people being portrayed in bad light but do not know how to take things when they come to us. Indian movies are just as stereotypical as others we have portrayed so many people of diff race and nationalities as antagonists . Also please be human not all Muslims are terrorist . The definition of terrorist does not have a religion mentioned in it so the so called Hindus who just are cringing tat u got called terrorist while you point finger at Islam and yell terrorist just grow up. We should be thankful we are being painted as terrorist because if u wanna go by stereotypes then India at this point would be branded as the rapist country. So all people taking unnecessary offense need to chill

  45. I think it has become a trend with all writers and editors (may be due to their communist mindset) to defend any person or act which is bringing a bad name to our nation’s image. For them money or their ideology values much more than faithfullness to their own motherland. They will try to proove themselves secular by constantly trying to blame and defame the religion of majority while continously and illogically defending d criminal acts of people from d minority community. Its plain hypocricy but that doesnt bother them as they r getting funded (possibly from rich sheikhs of middle east).
    In d last 3 decades there have been thousands of incidents of terrorism where hardline muslim radicals have been prooved to be involved, but they will never openly say about it but given a chance to blame hindus or jews they will simply jump at that opportunity.

    Ms Vandana Menon if u r reading this then u shud have the basic understanding that PC still has an Indian passport is an Indian citizen. We r proud of her talent and her achievements abroad. But any citizen of a country while visiting abroad, even as a tourists, is a representative or mini brand ambassdor of his/her country. And if his/her acts shows her nation in a bad light then d responsibilty for that also lies with that person. You cant really defend that act in d name of creative freedom or with any choice of words because in d end damage has been done. If u wont believe me then go and ask d little innoscent school boy in new york, belonging to hindu NRI parents, who wears a rudraksh bracelet for protection from evil.. and is now abused by his peers after d launch of this stupid Quantico episode.

  46. It is great…This is called Equal opportunity employer….Since Indians …mainly Hindus will never be seen anywhere in terrorist activities ….USA has given her this opportunity to play the same in a TV serial.At least with this Pakis ..LeT, ISIS will be happy…Let everybody be happy to pretend to avoid realities and then face the consequences.Let the Alighty save the mankind by bringing peace and love.

  47. OMG is 2018 still people are writing article on this. It is just a show!!! Grow up people and stop trolling PC she head done nothing wrong. Because of people like you our country is still developing.this article is shit and people who are trolling PC are shit.

    • i dont need to say anything else except than mention that both christianity and islam have their origins in violence and both have used oppression and forceful conversions to spread their religion.

      when was the last time you saw a bunch of hindu nationals cross into another country, blow people up and then make a vid stating that hindus will rule the world and we will kill all who dont follow hinduism.

      and then the use of rudraksh is not only stupid but makes fun of shiva. its amazing that you come up with an article to actually defend a stupid concept because its fake???

      terrorism mentions muslims because muslims are the ones who use it as a tool, chinese are termed as cyber hackers because chinese are pretty well to use it as a tool. any story line has a factual premise behind it to give it value.

      where is your factual basis to plan your arc around that hindus are terrorists.

      its pretty obvious that when it comes to money, most of these actors would sell their mothers, country is a small thing.


  48. Indians are just sick of these foolish authors who would try to find right in every wrong. “it leaves no room for healthy debate”, you idiot, go ask for a healthy debate from the families of people who lost their lives during partition or during wars or the hundreds who lost their lives in terrorist attacks. The soldiers are dying everyday defending the borders and you talk about a debate. I guess you have to lose a loved one to understand the situation.

  49. What’s wrong with you lady Vandana? Is this headline appropriate? Can’t we just leave such drama aside and focus on real issues ? By coming up with such article you are unnecessarily putting things in people’s mind. Please use your knowledge for something better …

  50. Reply to “Ooo so hindustani naari” Ms. Anupama goel – ever heard of malegaon blast case ? (you asked wether there is any real terror attack case with any real Hindus) here’s it…and a little piece of advice from a padilikhi hindustani naari to another ‘hyper-nationalistic’ hindustani naari – like someone famously said little knowledge could be very dangerous and especially when it is one-sided….makes you sound like a naive person !

  51. Dear Anupama Goel,
    Do you read newspaper?
    Because if you do, then you must be aware of the following terror incidents.
    1. Graham Staines Massacre
    2. Mallegaon Blast
    3. Samjhauta express blast
    4. Mecca Masjid blast
    Go read about them and then you will know that terrorism is not the sole property of Muslims.

    • Name one who was proven guilty? Malegaon blast was done by Muslims and later Congress framed Hindu outfit to save it’s butt licker Muslim votes.. and no Hindu yet proven guilty…

  52. Kitne paise mile ?? Aise article likhne wale to desh ko bech den….. Moron, it is not about hindu/muslim, it is about India/Pakistan.

    But you and your fraternity, who are living their lives on aid from the middle-east and western countries, can stoop at any level of low.

  53. And may I also say that the writer of this series is trying to stir maximum controversy to get maximum viewers. So chill, guys. Gosh!
    People get offended so easily.

  54. Dear @AnupamaGoel , kindly get your brain checked. And stop generalising things. I am a Bharat Nari,and may I say you,ma’am are talking utter nonsense.
    @Srinivas Why not?! Like get your facts right, people. Terrorism does not have any religion. No religion ever teaches to hurt other people. Its just people who form terror groups to hurt people in the name of God. Its sad to see what people have come to believeing. Real sad.

  55. Y, anything could be possible . Anyone can lose his mind and become a terrorist. The scenario shown in the episode could be possible, for politics. Let me be clear here Islam does not preach or promote violence ,it preaches to bear with patience. Not all muslims are terrorists. Anyone who engages in any violence has no religion or faith or else he wouldn’t have killed innocent people. Anyone who has faith in the Almighty would never harm another being. Please do not associate muslims with terrorism, others have committed genocide too but then they are called nationlists.

  56. I don’t care for the story line. After all how many terrorist attacks have been mounted against the U.S. by Indians? Zilch.

  57. Not all Muslims are terrorists, Islam is a religion of Peace and not hate..We live in a country where terrorist are made leaders..and Muslims are exploited. We do love our non Muslim brothers and sisters..for god sake stop Blaming Muslims as terrorists..

  58. Stupid Author and stupidest article.

    Our identity is with the Nation’s identity and we all are indian ambassador.

    People like you are pseudo liberals and you only understand the language of money. How can you understand the nationhood and patriotism.

  59. That’s one stupid post. I am not able to understand what the author is trying to say. Basically she’s saying that it just a story and we should watch and enjoy the show. Sorry madam only a sake Indian can do this because wherever u go u can’t take out India from an Indian. She’s just mixing our outrage with Hindu Muslim angle but in reality it’s not, it just portraying India in bad light.

  60. Unbelievably stupid logic in this stupid article.These people will do anything to uphold an agenda.And no Hindus cannot be terrorists because that’s not what Hinduism stands for.And as far as that opportunistic bimbo PC is concerned she has shown that she has zero respect and responsibility towards her nation.I think she should be disowned and we’ll see how well she fares.The writer of this pathetic article portrays out dating some ‘Jonas brother’ as her achievement.I think this itself tells us a lot about the kind of mentality of these ladies.

  61. She really doesn’t have to be of a particular religion to be portrayed as a person from India. Especially Hinduism(Rudraksha..), which surely doesn’t promote concepts of killing people of other faith to promote itself. This just shows ill researched story of the TV shows and plain ignorance of the western pop culture and towards rest of the world. #Sad.

  62. I am sure you are as dumb as your article. It’s Indians like you who are the reasons for westerners to take liberty to project Hindus as terrorists that too with Rudraksh .. being liberals thinker doesn’t mean just go against every nationalist ideology. Don’t cry when this thinking goes deep rooted in westerners that Hindus could also be terrorists . Just an idea is enough for people to believe which otherwise is not at all true..

  63. Whatever be her Character, she still holds an Indian Passport. She is an Indian first n foremost. She should have the guts, to tell no.
    She always claims she is a strong woman. But it seems Money Talks.

    I just came across a Video on YouTube,
    Priyanka’s Grandmother was a Christian. She was refused a burial in Kerala as she married a Hindu.

    So is Priyanka a Practising Hindu or a Catholic ??

    Maybe that’s why she thinks she is more American than Indian ??
    Point to Note.

  64. Itvwas never about Hindu Muslim agenda. It was about potraying Indians as terrorists. And it is true, Indians have never blasted a bomb in a foreign nation. And as a fellow Indian such racist potrayl surely hurts. You may be too liberal to consider patriotism. Maybe the say when they actually bomb our country, you may consider who the terrorist is. No difference between you and PC. Both of you can sell your country for money. Shame.

  65. Priyanka chopra is a professional actress.Her role according to d script is decided by director/Producer not herself.We should be proud of her selection as first south asian actress trying for western films.The way she is discussed after attending royal wedding of harry n markel,i doubt,conspiracy is manipulatted against priyanka by her rival in profession.Moon choudhry,Guwahati,assam

  66. Ms Anupama Goel , you asked if there are any terrorist acts with Hindus in it, I can name one in recent times -the lynching of a Muslim man for alleged rumor of him eating beef in UP. Terrorists are people who terrorize people , it doesn’t have to include bombs . I accept that there have been many instances with Islamic terrorism.
    There have been instances of terrorism by Christians also in the world, But only when we realize that we can also be wrong, we can correct our society.

  67. US is deftly instilling the idea of Hindu terror in the popular conscious. This could be exploited once there is at least half-tangible evidence. This latter seem to get manufactured by provoking violent domestic incidents through insulting innuendos against Hinduism as seems to be the case with Gauri Lankesh killing.

  68. The most prior religion God made is #humanity…so, any terrorist is just an #antihuman!!
    Besides, every religion teaches us to be a good human…& There are bad fishes in every sort of lake!!!

  69. How stupid Ur title is…!!I am a Muslim Indian…and I am too upset for the episode after all I am an Indian. But it idea is so wrong..what about Hitler!who killed thousands of people,,what about America who killed lakhs of innocent people of Vietnam,,what about Russia who supplying weapon to kill people of Syria.there are more examples..nd
    they are not terrorists ..and u stupid people entitled Islam a religion of terror..!!!!!

  70. I’m a fan f Priyanka.. and I do understand that Priyanka had nothing to do with the script.. she just played her role.. the producers and writers are to be blamed cz in times when hate crimes against NRIs is on the rise, such a negative portrayal of Indians was unnecessary. American movies have a history f portraying their current political opponents in bad light… Starting from Russia, China to middle east. I thought India was a friend , but I guess not all of America agrees.

    From an Indian

  71. I know a terrorist can also be Hindu, but so far we have not found ample examples of that. We are rapists, murderers, thiefs but not terrorists. We are called Hindu terrorists without any history of terrorism but Islamic Radicals are left alone. They spew venom on India and how we are afraid of them, they use Jihad term live on television and tell they have been doing it for years. But, lets portray the Indian guy in bad light afterall noone cares about what Indian guy thinks. Im just disappointed in her because her own das served in Millitary, I thought she will know what it feels like to be in a family where nationalism is more important than recognition of some racist foreigners.

  72. What I believe is the most prior religion God made is #humanity…so, any terrorist is just #antihuman!!
    Besides, every religion teaches us to be a good human….& Bad fishes are found in every sort of lake!!!

  73. Dear fellow citizen…. please do not associate terrorism with any religion… because religion indeed knows no terrorism…

  74. These women brigade! Suddenly, she’s a south Asian woman trying to make it big. And till yesterday ALL ARTICLES called hers a case of an Indian woman making it big there. Yes dammit, you have sold Chopra’s story as an Indian woman making it big everytime anyone pointed finger at her. No Indian has any business feeling proud of her unless she’s an India story. Period. But the brigade needs to get the story straight first. Because she’s just playing for herself and fairly so. But we’ve a most Indian actors being sensitive to Indian sentiments while picking roles.

  75. I don’t know how much and what others know. But Hindu terrorism is something totally new and unfathomable for hindus as we may resist forced conversions but never proactively forced anyone to convert to hinduism. Its a fact whether or not pseudos like it. When there is no overtly organized religion and it is simply believed to be a way of life with each individual at liverty to practice his/her version of it, the need to take offence and conquer other religions, make ours bigger is absent and no one pursues with the structure and dedication of other organized religions. If any noise is heard its sporadic, v localized and hardly takes terroristic colors even if we magnify by about 1000 scale…terrorism taken in the hindu context? It looks like it is something pseudos desperately want to force it down the hindu throats. ‘We have all indulged in mass massacres et al in the past and on an ongoing basis, why are you also not participating in this orgy? we dont want to leave you alone unless we somehow or the other incriminate you’ seems to be the kind of psyche of these people…so sick really! Enough already!!

  76. First of all terrorism does not have any religion. It does not confines over any race or religion. This is so ridiculous Hindus can always imagine Muslims being terrorist and not imagine as Hindus also being one? And why do they blame Priyanka Chopra for this she is only doing her job. This is such a cheap and backward thinking of ‘hindu’ Indians who call themselves westernised .

  77. Whats wrong with you ?. In love with any Paki or Terrorist?. No shame.u dont know about Hindu and history of india. Are you a cross breed ?

    Get out of India. Go anywhere where you can freak with anyone you like.

    Today you have insulted your motherland, tomorrow you will insult your mother and so on. This nation doesnt need people like you.

  78. The thing to be noted is that ,they are using Rudraksh to find that he is an Indian,which is very pretty awful thing .Then ,Pakistan is identified by finding a skull cap on his head .Bullshit to the core !! So ,this explains that Hindus are Indians and Muslims are pakistans .

  79. What kind of stupid article is this? She’s protecting American interests? So, she can pose Hindus as terrorists? How do you justify this? So in Indian shows can we portray Christians as terrorists because Indians shows protect Indian interests? Unsubscribing this shit right now…

  80. Not Muslims, its bloody pseudo nationalist hindus who are real terrorists and cheap people, brainless fool this writer is.

  81. What next 9-11 was a Jewish conspiracy, Osama Bin laden was a rudraksh wearing Hindu disguised as a mujahideen? though I feel targeting Priyanka is wrong, she’s just an actor trying to make a living and please leave her alone. All the FOE proponents, please go to the U.S and deny holocaust and you will be jailed. There is a reason why there are no rudraksh wearing suicide bombers, tibetan suicide bombers, Jewish suicide bombers nor cross bearing suicide bombers. Trying to turn a blind eye and conjuring up apocryphal Islamo-fascist wet fantasies is what worries me the most about the story line.

  82. May be it was Chinese who framed the Indian for attack against Pakistan..LOL.
    Look harder Team Quantico

  83. Author of this article is most illiterate in the world I have ever found…..please first read about islam with your nutral mind…then comment…a Muslim never be terrorist and a terrorist never be Muslim…. understand this.

  84. I think all pro Indians have forgotten Chitisinghpur genocide at J&K in 2001 in which involvement of Indian agencies was coined out later. And Indian authorities hadn’t denied this

  85. Many here have posted comments against this article which I really appreciate. M happy many think like me. This is really a stupid article.

  86. This BJP winning streak is all the result of so called Indian Seculars and liberals hype of Hindu terror, when it was not even there. Actually,you are right ,take a look at the world you could see that only Muslims can be terrorists. You feel bad and possibly scared of mentioning this thing but you never feel bad when you write about terror with Hindu religion. This is your hypocrisy. This is why only common people people realises your and other Indian politicians agendas always against one religion and choose BJP. This is their win by your karma.

  87. Well written and well said. I liked the sarcasm notes in it. My few cents is that why accept that someone sitting in a cosy home play with delicate relationship one country has with another. Would anyone dare to take such a plot with a certain Asian leader in mind who is in reality a threat to world peace. I have no comments on her at all cos I avoid her at all costs. I am not interested why she did it. But she is an ambassador apart from being an actress. That has a responsibility and power to say don’t use tainted brush. If it had been an uncomfortable scene she would have put her foot down. Why not for sake of world peace?? If she can retaliate with a patriotic comment to Salman joke on Bharat bring a Hindi movie, why not for World Peace !!
    People didn’t react because it was just a show.
    They react
    Before anything of actress
    She is an Indian – she knows (should know) sensitivities considering how great her dad was.
    She was MISS WORLD
    She is an Ambassador.

  88. Bevkoofi k hadd, isiliye USA me aaye din innocent indians pr attack hota hai, aur is tarah k tv serials me Indians are terrorist ko promote kiya jata hai. Awesome kob PC, you are promoting haterate for Indians in America, thought you have some brain.

  89. Hindu religion is not at all promote terrorism. She can’t change d story but would have refused for this role. But these people have no ethics…. They want only money and popularity which may be cheapest one…. Shame…

  90. Can you please elaborate on why a hindu can’t be a terrorist?
    It is the shitty media which portrays Muslims as terrorists.
    PS:Terrorists do not follow any religion.A terrorist is just a terrorist.He can neither be a Hindu nor a Muslim.

  91. Kasab n Co. Wore sacred Hindu threads on their wrists to show Mumbai attacks as saffron terror….hope quantico realizes the true color of ‘ religion of peace ‘….

  92. @Anupama Goel, in the begining, u mentioned that terrorism doesnt have religion… Later ur mentality proved that u are one of those illiterate who is always glued in front of the idiot box (so called tv) which the sanghis aadhi chaddhi show what they want stupid indians to see. Im too an Indian and i know how stupid we are and can be fooled over any simple thing. Anyways to answer your question, let me remind you Pragya Sadhvi, she was no such innocent. Since the time the beef janata party has come, they made sure, they gave clean image to all the wrong people, politicians, that were behind bars or roaming out with number of cases pending on their name, one of them is the bald monkey charmer. As soon as he sat on the chair, approx 17 to 18 cases on him are dissolved. Like really ? Also to bring to your notice, what the half chaddis are doing in their camp, they are training people ( what u doubke standard people call as hindus) to fight against Indian Muslims. They are preparing a parallel army. Isnt that wonderful ? And the same thing Indian Muslim group of people would have done, then they would be immdiately tagged as terrorist ? Wow how double standard stupid people we are. So open the books, (google i dont trust), go to library, read old news papers, you will see many big names specially Hindus, who were involved in many terror attacks. The successfull 4 years of dirtiest, slutiest politics is haooening india. And blind peopke are just following. Lynching men in the name of beef meat is also a terrorism. Killing people in the name of love jihad is also a terrorism ?
    My country and society does not need MORAL POLICE. We have a Mumbai police who can tackke each and every issue.
    Who has given the hindus the right to become the law and order ? Should i say more or this is eneough ? Uuufffffff

  93. It is really sad to what have we all come to. The author rightly observes that just because one may be critical of India it does not imply in any way that he or she is supporting Pakistan against India. We have to see it is the way it is. There is a lot wrong with our country. We need to accept it and works towards changing and not be offended by anyone who does so.

  94. Okay if someone gonna show you as a prostitute which you are not … Will it be okay with you ….
    If you cant respect the dignity of your nation it means you do not have self respect . It take years to built an image of a nation and just an episode to defame … Respect your culture , respect your nation.
    Stop licking feets of those westies

  95. Okay it’s clear you are part of the gang ,I am “Hindu”stan and i am “ashamed”.
    Firstly identifying a “terrorist” by means of a rudraksh is deliberately done to irk the Hindus .
    Secondly ,if priyanka Chopra has been able to get so much success in the West ,who do you think is responsible for taking her to such heights ? Indians ,no one else . As a Indian there are limits that should not be crossed ,it’s a matter of respect , even if legal issues had happened she should have firmly said no to such a stupid plot to be played .

    “Educated” retards like you probably don’t know the tendency of Pakistan ,it already tries to blame india for “spreading” terrorism in pakistan by funding terrorist which has no proof till now and has been rightly rejected as a laughing matter by world powers but a portrayal of something like this even though it is a fictional show will give some voice to them , because muslims are easily brainwashed anyways .

    Thirdly there has been a strong push by congress to try and “prove” hindu terrorism so that it can protect and justify it’s “religion of peace” vote bank , I am sure someone from that political party will try to use something stupid like this as reference.

    And the ultimate question again remains , how low is priyanka Chopra or people like you ready to go to paint your own country in bad light for money ???? There definitely is a thing like nationalism ,it’s not a matter of being a hindu ,it’s a matter of being an Indian ,the love for one’s country is the purest and most unconditional love .
    If she easily can accept a plot like this , tomorrow she may accept even more degrading stuff for India and might even start saying insulting things about india to garner TRp for her shows.
    Even if it’s a fiction ,let’s be honest if one watches any show religiously ,fiction or not , everything shown in the show will have an impact on them .
    So next time you try to spread your “liberal” propoganda,try to completely understand the context of ploy with situations in and outside of India regarding the same ,and perhaps try to find nationalism as an Indian under your heart though you studied from Christ university ,but Christians are Indian too and i hope they do feel uneasy to something like this unlike you .

  96. Hit the nail right on its head. Intolerance thy name is Hindutva ideology.
    Spare a thought for the countless Pakistanis and Muslims all over the world who because of their vile and sinister plans invite a certain agent Vikram/ Rathod/Rahul/Vijay from India in Indian film productions.

    Terrorism is the use of fear factor to push the agenda. The way our Govt in the last few years is using it, it very much invited that attention from tv production elsewhere.

  97. Why can’t you just accept the fact that this show is fiction and enjoy (or not) the show without going all gung ho about it?

  98. Only Muslim can be a terrorist??? seriously???? Stop prejudice country, religion, culture as a terrorist, terrorism are never born because of that but because of human mind. plssss get it through your mind

  99. The religion Islam doesn’t support terrorism, if a person choose this path of terror, no longer a Muslim. These people doesn’t belong to Islam as Islam is a religion which spread peace, not terrorism.

  100. Firstly to the author of this particular article shame on you as you have no feelings neither respect you’re just muck hole whose trying to blame a religion for absolutely no reason. Being a national daily front, your headline for this article has truly upsetted me. You know what? You need to change it mfs!! Also to those people who are peening down shitty views on terrorism and connecting it with only one religion you yourself have a corrupted mind. Know that terrorism can be from any side and not just a particular religion or race. You guys are the ones who rot the society….and I can’t take this any further. What makes you feel so that terrorism is just from one particular religion have you guys actually doen some kinda research on it like philantrophists? That just shows how mediocre your thinking is. Due to this many innocent people lose their lives for doing nothing but since you peeps stir others against them and term them to be the so called bad guys. Shame. Shame. Shame. What a literal shame!!! Done with homo sapiens. And this headline isn’t going well fella…

  101. Anupama you can continue to live in denial of your bhakt siblings who rape little girls stone other religious buildings murder helpless Dalits and labourers and make videos of their crimes bomb cities with Rdx stolen from the army then raise the Indian flag and question the nationality of those who question their actions and yet they are not terrorsits to you even though they gradually destroy the country they live in. Keep on this track and best to you. Karma is watching.

  102. Terrorists have no religion… You cannot just say this.. when it comes to being fierce no man , be it from any religion stays behind… There are countless incidents where non muslims adapted aggression.. And.. while pointing out on such a good actress , please be noted that she is just working her way… she’s is also an Indian and has far better perspectives of sovereignty than you and me. !

    • Well don’t problem have terrorist being Hindu nationalist main problem is that it ‘s pro Pakistani thing. And I also have right to question. It free world not Saudi Arabia

  103. Why do you attach any ism with any religion ? I am a Muslim and it hurts me a lot. Please remember that not all the Muslims are terrorists. Please think
    Deeply before you publish anything. It can lead to adversities.

  104. Giving terrorist a religion name means a person without sense and humanity.Because no religion gives lesson of killing mankind.

  105. Hindu, muslim, x, y, z i dont care but the most fun part is an ‘Indian terrorist’!! …and on top of it they needed to “Frame” pakistan!! …. I never seen that series but i didn’t know that it is a comedy one but ok i dnt mind at all because the nut shell is enough hilarious that i will never break it 😀 :p
    And for PC………….. I dnt give a damn about film stars.

  106. This entire article is built around strawmen arguments. Just because Hindutva twats have an issue with the plotline or the acto, doesn’t mean there are no legitimate issues.

    If moviemakers are indeed concerned that their depiction of Muslims has been generating hysteria and causing harm, I completely agree. Stop doing that! But do not try to balance out the awfulness by portraying everyone else as equally bad.

    International news media when they engage on issues like Kashmir peddle the false narrative that India and Pakistan are equally responsible for the terrorism problem – to fake some kind of neutrality. This paints the victims and perpetrators with the same brush. And THAT is what is problematic about the Quantico episode, and why it hurts India. It would have been equally awful if Quantico had portrayed an Indian Muslim as plotting this terrorist attack to ‘frame Pakistan’.

  107. Every Indin , wether he/she has signed up or not is a natural ambassador for India. Their actions depict India and it’s culture. It is unfortunate that PC did not care about the sentiments of Indians because she considers herself more American than Indian. Possibly, money is more important than patriotism for her.

    • Please stop thinking about India and invest time in developing yourself first. How will you bring India forward with such logics! Be a bit more patriotic and invest time on yourself and learn “how to think logically”

  108. Dear author of this stupid article. I am a common Indian woman who is fed up with the likes of you the padilikhi ‘hindustani’ female. Till today according to you, the real terrorists had no religion but now in your reel world the terrorist suddenly have a religion and that is Hinduism…. Can you tell me a real incident terrorist attack with real Hindus…… No you cannt because Miss no brains, terrorists do have a religion and that is Islam…. You cannt deny that…… And by supporting a half wit like Priyanka a nobody(quantico has been cancelled now…. Hahaaa…. Boohoo) you madam just picked up some new भारत tere tukde gang members and just attracted the wrath of a common hindustani naari………

    • @Ms.Anupama Goel
      I don’t wish to start a debate or anything but next time you post something defending someone or something especially when the world is in such fragile condition and intolerant towards many religions and is stereotypical, please get your facts straight. Please refer below. Abhinav Bharat is a right wing Hindu extremist organization

      Bajrang Dal is an extremist and militant Hindu organisation

      GFP Ramdir Sena a militant Hindu nationalist group in Nepal.

      Nathuram Godse an advocate of Hindu nationalism who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi

      2008 attacks on Christians in southern Karnataka is the wave of attacks directed against Christian churches and prayer halls in the Indian city of Mangalore and the surrounding area of southern Karnataka in September and October 2008 by Hindu extremist organisations, Bajrang Dal and the Sri Ram Sena

      Mecca Masjid bombing In January 2013, Indian Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde accused Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party for setting up camps to train Hindu Terrorism

      2006 Malegaon bombings a chargesheet filed in 2013 put the blame on the Hindu extremist group Abhinav Bharat

      You can google Saffron terror for more information

      Additional Note: What answer will you give to those people who were killed during the beef ban massacres?
      Many innocent victims. Some of them didn’t even do anything.

      What was their fault?
      They forgot that humans value a cow’s life (every life is important tho) more than other humans.


      P.P.S Islam in no way preaches to kill people or harm anyone. It is THE PEOPLE who have misinterpreted it’s meaning for their own agendas.
      – A common (Muslim) Indian Man

      • Anupama particularly talks about Hindu Terrorism which means an act of terror motivated by Hindu religion or its scriptures. Examples given by you are simply pathetic. I can post an endless list of Violence motivated by the people belonging to the religion of peace and prove my point but I dont wanna get into it.

        Bajrang Dal was created by the likes of people who time and again, did not give a crap about Hindus and their sentiments and have openly abused our religion. The likes include Owaisi. And let me inform you that Bajrang dal was and is critized by the likes of Hindu Mahasabha and BJP, not to mention the Majority of Hindu population, which im sure you will not highlight.

        Beef Ban Massacres? Really? You call some isolated incidents as Massacres. How about mentioning Prashant Poojary, the Cow activist who was stabbed with blades by six assailants for no reason at all. Was he not innocents.


      • Well ya that’s why Arab Christian survived and who knows what happend to Arab pagans during the era of war Lord Mohammad

      • If a drunk driver killed someone in accident, you don’t blame the car manufacturer. It’s like that only. Terrorists have no religion. It’s the people who spread terrorism for some personal gain or for a “cause” they believe in, just like ISIS in middle East and RSS/Bajarang Dall in India. If one observes closely, there’s really no difference except the fact that he might support one group and hates other one. Religion should be very personal to some, it must be.

        • Yea terrorist have no religion but they need peace during ramzan. They need to be buried following islamic ritual. Lets see what happens if army or govt try to dispose off the bodies of those ‘don’t have religion’ terrorists. They kill ppl, blow themselves up shouting ‘allah o akbar’ just like Hindus & Sikhs do, right!!!!!!???? All the leaders of their are islamic scholars or mullas but ‘ They don’t have religion’, right ??????!!!!!!!!!!

      • There are no Hindu terrorists in this world…it is a term created by our selfish money minded sickular politicians. And cheap whores like PC and Bollywood prostitution gangs…whereas wherever there are Muslims in the world either as citizens or as refugees or immigrants.. there are Muslim terrorists… no body shouts hey ram or hail Jesus before killing others or blowing themselves up… actually before any terrorist activity the only chant that comes is … well you knowno body shouts hey ram or hail Jesus before killing others or blowing themselves up… actually before any terrorist activity the only chant that comes is … allah hu akbar

      • Terrorism is being run with islamic ideology.no matter how much you blabber still truth and facts remain same.

    • Bro!! Terrorists have no religion. If some muslim learnt Bhagavath geetha and spread terror, what will u say he is a Hindu or if some Hindu learn quran and spread terror, then ???
      Some mad people doing it in the name of Islam. Don’t judge them by the religion. Judge them by their acts..

    • Dear baniyani ur looting this since the birth of brahmn nism . And ur goon so called worrier creating terror for SC obc for years u r saying there is no terrorist in India.

    • Ma’am as you have proclaimed yourself to be a “common Indian woman”,then please continue being common” and kindly allow the “padhilikhi INDIAN women” (mark my change of words) to do their job.
      Talking of Hinduism’s link to terrorism? Hahaha
      Look back to the Gujrat riot, and look forward to the slaughtering of people by the Gaurakshaks, or the mandir banane wale.
      For Muslims its like-“My name is Khan and am not a terrorist.”
      For Hindus, now its like-“Am a Hindu and I am not a Rapist nor do I support a Hindu rapist, I won’t kill you based on my suspiscion of you possessing beef, I won’t pray to a Goddess and treat women in a bad way nor shall I support people who do so, I won’t force my views on you etc etc and am not a terrorist”
      Raping a child,defending the rapist,making a total mess out of a film, killing men for cows does not stir any feeling of protest but the show of a Hindu as a terrorist does!How ironic!
      Yes they shouldn’t have shown the Rudraksh I agree but wait aren’t some brainless saffron clad brats trying to potray India as a country of Rudraksh bearers, gaurakshaks, ghoonghat-clad-women, men with no work fighting for a mythical Raani but disrespecting women in real life etc etc.
      So how shall they potray an Indian pray!
      An INDIAN IS BEING SHOWN AS A TERRORIST but that doesn’t bother you. What bothers you is the potrayal of a Hindu as terrorist. Wow. For God’s sake he too is an Indian first, a Hindu later.
      Speaking for Hinduism doesn’t make you an Indian but speaking for India, does.
      Criticising Hinduism does not make you Anti-national but criticising India for the wrong reasons does. Its high time that people should understand the difference and for Heaven’s sake stop provoking people’s sentiment by the fake show of concern for religion.
      I feel Lord Krishna should incarnate once again to reteach the Bhagavad Gita.
      We need more Sehmats not people like this. Duh. Period.

  109. Chinese are shown as cyber-attackers, Pakis or any other Muslim is shown to be a terrorist. An Indian could be portrayed as a terrorist too. That is creative FoE. India tries this plot to frame Pak, also comprehendable. But what your article misses out or what has possibly irked people is an unnecessary use of Rudrakshi – which simply reads saffron terror. This is a term coined by the Indian-liberal enthusiasts which probably is making Hindutva agenda stronger by the day. If people hadn’t had enough of it in India already, there comes this. Is there no other way to identify someone a Indian? Does it really take a FBI agent to crack this? Such crass, much wow.

    • Dear, Chinese and Russians are known for cyber attacks, Pakistanis for terrorist. None of Indian Hindu ever got convicted for such things, not even in India.

    • So is it ok to show a muslim terrorist wearing a skull cap or holding prayer beads in his hands ???

      • How idiotic your question is ??????!!!!!!!! Muslims doing terror attacks, blowing themselves up, street attacks etc etc shouting ‘Ola -o- uber’ and you think it is not good to show the terrorists as they are. Please show me when & where Hindus did terror attacks in the name of religion ???

  110. I feel so much gratitude when I read a rational voice making itself heard in the crazy din. Vandana Menon, regards

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