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Amitabh Bachchan was once ‘casteless’ Hindu. Tandav, Ludo now flaunt loud, proud Brahmins

Pankaj Tripathi in Hotstar’s 'Criminal Justice' to Saif Ali Khan in 'Tandav', 'Dabangg' to 'Jolly LLB', Bollywood now showcases only Brahmin stories.

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Watching actor Pankaj Tripathi play the role of advocate Madhav Mishra in Hotstar’s web series Criminal Justice, constantly showing off his Brahmin caste and janeu, or sacred thread, made me think about the new Bollywood phenomenon of showcasing only Brahmin stories and plot lines. This can also be seen in the trailer of the Amazon Prime series Tandav, where Saif Ali Khan’s character is seen flaunting his janeu. But things were not this way in the Amitabh Bachchan era of 80’s blockbusters, where the lead character was ‘casteless’, both in imagery and in dialogues.

Take, for instance, a scene from Manmohan Desai’s Desh Premee (1982). Amitabh Bachchan leaves the bathroom half-naked, trying to avoid Hema Malini. Neither his character’s name (Raju), nor his bare upper-torso (absence of janeu) reveals his caste in the entire film. Even his father’s name is Master Dinanath (no last name), played by Amitabh in a double role.

Caste-agnostic stories and plot lines were a default feature of that era, at least in Amitabh Bachchan’s movies. But if Desh Premee was made today, Dinanath would probably become Master Dinanath Tripathi, and his dialogues, too, would demonstrate that he is a Brahmin.

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Indian cinema’s casteless era

It’s not like there was nothing to complain about in the Hindi cinema of the 1970 and 80s — the industry comprised mainly Brahmin Savarna actors, producers, and directors, and there was a near absence of Dalit stories and their social realities. Even Ambedkar’s photo appeared as a backdrop for the first time only in 1986. But one could not accuse the industry of brazenly showcasing Brahmin-Savarna characters and plot lines, with almost every story coming from a Brahmin household. Unfortunately, the Hindi film industry, and the Marathi film industry to some extent, have become a medium of portraying stories about India’s minuscule Savarna population to the masses.

Imagine if Amitabh’s hit films like Sholay (1975), Deewar (1975), Shakti (1982) were made in this era. Yes, there is a powerful Thakur in the village (denoting caste position) in Sholay, but would the two lead characters played by Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra (Jai and Viru) remain casteless and without last names? Would Vijay in Yash Johar’s all-time classic Deewar remain a caste-agnostic Varma? Would Vijay in Ramesh Sippy’s Shakti remain a caste-neutral Kumar? Even the indomitable Vijay in Tinu Anand’s Kaala Patthar was just Singh, which does not indicate his caste position.

When he did not play Christian or Muslim characters, Amitabh would be a Hindu, caste-agnostic character with a last name such as Singh, Varma, Kumar, or sometimes with no last name at all. But there was hardly a Vijay Mishra or Vijay Shukla —barring very rare instances such as Chupke Chupke (1975), a recipe of today’s era.

Desh Premee’s director, Manmohan Desai, had worked on a whole franchise of films with Bachchan, including Amar Akbar Anthony (1977), Laawaris (1981), Coolie (1983), Suhaag (1979), and Naseeb (1981). Yes, his films did not delve into the caste inequality that existed in society, but one thing was certain — he hardly ever explicitly showed Brahmin characters in his movies.

The same held true for films by Prakash Mehra — a rival of Manmohan Desai’s production house, which also made many successful films with Amitabh Bachchan in the lead. In Namak Halaal (1982) and Lawaaris, his character’s second name was Singh, and in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978), it was Sikandar. This was the 80s’ era in which the Hindi film industry did not feel the need to show that it had an openly Brahmin lead. He could be a Christian or Muslim — Amitabh has probably played more Muslim and Christian characters than anyone else. And yet, he had higher mass appeal than any other superstar.

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Rise of the Brahmin lead

Today, things have changed drastically. Whether it is Saif Ali Khan flaunting his janeu in the controversial Tandav, or names such as Batuk Tiwari (Abhishek Bachchan) and Sattu Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi) in Ludo (2020), stories featuring only upper-caste characters — mostly Brahmins — have become the new norm in Bollywood. A study of the last decade alone will blow your mind. Salman Khan in the Dabangg series, Akshay Kumar in the Jolly LLB series, Shah Rukh Khan in Zero (2018), Ayushmann Khurrana in Bala (2019), Badhai Ho (2018) and Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017), Ajay Devgn in Omkara (2006), and Rajkummar Rao in Shubh Mangal Saavdhan (2017) are just a small sample of the hundreds of recently made movies with Brahmin identity written all over their characters. After a 2014 study by The Hindu which found only two backward characters in over 300 movies in two years, no further study has been published.

Yet, the picture is quite clear. In fact, today there is hardly any lead actor who has not done multiple roles as a clearly defined Brahmin character showing off their sacred thread. A story from a clearly identifiable Brahmin household, with at least one clear shot of the male lead’s sacred thread, or a dialogue that makes explicit his caste position, has become a staple of films. So much so, it appears that male actors are shown topless only to show their janeu.

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Lack of Dalit representation

One can argue that unlike the Amitabh era of the ’80s, there are now more movies being made on Dalits and caste politics. But most of them have storylines about ‘honour killing’, caste discrimination, or typecast characters. Bollywood showcasing Dalit stories is akin to Savarna media houses calling Dalit panelists when the topic of discussion is atrocities against Dalits, SC/ST reservations, or some Dalit ‘controversy’. Although, here too, they are vilified on air, in the guise of being given ‘space’ on prime time.

You hardly see a lead character being a Dalit or OBC and playing an everyday person’s role in a film that is not about ‘honour killing’. Shreyas Talpade playing Mahadev Kushwaha in Welcome to Sajjanpur (2008), Rajkummar Rao playing a Dalit character in Newton (2017) (although it was subtly depicted), Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing Jatil Yadav in Raat Akeli Hai (2020), Jitendra Kumar playing Prem Kumar Yadav in Chaman Bahaar (2020), or Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing a Dalit in Serious Men (2020) are extremely rare instances. Pa Ranjith’s Kaala (2018) and Kabali (2016), both of which show assertive Dalits, are notable and path-breaking exceptions for the Indian film industry.

Mind you, I am talking about the representation of Dalit characters’ names or stories, and not the representation of Dalit actors, actresses, writers, directors, which is still a far-fetched dream. The data on caste-based representation, unlike Hollywood’s racial representation, does not exist in India.

But even though Hollywood reports diversity in its industry, a 2017 study by the University of Southern California showed a mirror to Hollywood moviemakers on their lack of sufficient representation of minority groups, such as African Americans and Latinos. Can we ever imagine such a discussion in Bollywood, much less having such university-sponsored studies on Indian cinema?

One of the objectives of a motion picture is to reach out to the masses. In a country as diverse as India, one would imagine stories of fictional characters that most people can identify with will be profitable, barring examples of inspirational stories of extraordinary people like Phoolan Devi, Paan Singh Tomar, Milkha Singh, or the Dangal women.

But Bollywood’s stories about ‘everyday’ people have become stories that mostly come from Brahmin households. These days, not just the characters’ names, but the movie titles are also clearly upper-caste — Khosla ka Ghosla (2006), Bachchan Pandey (2021) and Arjun Pandit (1999). The Marathi film industry, which is also based in Mumbai, is following Bollywood in its quest to have mostly Brahmin characters as leads in nearly all its movies. It is worth noting that Marathi films, too, had actors like Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Berde, Mahesh Kothare, and Dada Kondake playing caste-agnostic or Bahujan characters in the ’80s.

Often we hear top Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders such as Om Birla or Kalraj Mishra glorifying Brahmin castes and their virtues. If not, we hear judges saying things like Brahmins are “twice Born and have good qualities”. Whether this phenomenon in films is a direct result of the near dominance of the ideology of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP is a topic of further research.

One of the reasons Nagaraj Manjule’s Sairat (2016) became the highest-grossing Marathi film is because a majority of viewers found the lead characters more relatable, unlike city-based Brahmin characters in movies these days that fail to reach the Bahujan masses. Hindi movies, in their quest for a quick 100 crore, are forgetting that there is a huge mass of people that needs to be drawn to watch movies — a hallmark of Amitabh’s caste-agnostic blockbuster films of the ’80s. It is more surprising that today’s moviemakers continue to write stories of mostly Brahmin Savarna characters.

The author is an independent writer and critic on Indian cinema, socio-political issues and is a proponent for diversity. Views are personal.

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  1. Such a baseless article simply based on cherry-picking the data. Please go back and analyze the top Indian films of 2020, analyze the characters’ names and behaviors, and then report the data. How convenient to cherry pick some examples and highlight them. Next you will say Pankaj Tripathi is Brahmin so he gets opportunities in film. STFU, he’s a GOOD actor that’s why he gets roles, as does Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Wait, what was I thinking? The ‘woke’ crowd thinking about MERIT??!!!! You may be unfamiliar with it, the audience is not.

    ALso stop targeting Brahmins! We are literally 4% of the country’s population FFS. And let me tell you – your silly outraging is the reason why filmmakers will use caste names and symbols in their content to get more publicity. It’s a predictable cycle at this point: filmmaker will show some caste-based symbols and characters (Padmavat is a prime example), people will outrage over it, they get free publicity which = $$$, what a win-win for everyone but the public. Grow up and post some relevant content related to caste issues in India.

  2. Shit article , shit publisher & shit news channels. Trying to divide Hindus.

    Iran gya, Pakistan gya, Afghanistan gya, Bangladesh gya, kashmir, kerala, Bengals bhi Hinduo k hath se chla jayega agr eso pe believe krne lge.

    Beware Hindus.

    Jai Bhawani

  3. कैसा भाग्य है इस देश का की ऐसी मानसिकता वाले पत्रकार है । क्या कहना चाहते हो इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से??
    क्या ब्रहमनो को जीने का कोई हक नहीं है ?? तुमने सिर्फ गलत पक्ष दिखया है । थू है तुम्हारे जैसे पत्रकारों को जो समाज बांटने का प्रयास कर रहे है । ऐसी गन्दी और गिरी हुई पत्रकारिता करने में शर्म आनी चाहिए । हम हिन्दू है और मेरे लिए जात मैटर नहीं करता । मैं ब्रहामण हूं और मैं जात पात का भेदभाव नहीं करता । मेरा दोस्त हरिजन है उसके हाथ का खाना खाता हूं और उसे जब मेरी जरुरत होती है मैं उसके साथ खड़ा रहता हूं ।

    • Bhai writer ye nhi kah rha h ki Brahmins based characters Ka representation film industry zyada balki Woh ya kahna Chahta h ki backward caste based characters ko equal representation nhi milta,
      Kisse bhi movie ek backward caste person hamesa atrocities, discrimination,shame aur bhi chije face karte huaa Dekh tha N on the other hand upper caste character proud, hero , yaa ek saviour Dekha ya jata hai…. Jo reality se bhot dur hai

  4. Ohhooo, you got hurt, poor communist Ideologist of the print, how low will u go, shame on you, Christian is Christian, muslim is muslim, but hindu is bharmhin, kshtriya, dalit, waah waah,

  5. Don’t make an ocean of hatred , print articles are intresting but don’t try to become republic bharat where they only showcase hatred among each other , this article does not make any sense and should be deleted for the national interest , there are many stories in which you can find different castes as lead role, sad to hear about the filthy ugly thinking of this writer , you are only contributing to the partition among different castes which our country is trying to eradicate after independence . Be a responsible citizen is my urge to the writer

    • This article is full of wrong collection of facts. Before penning he should read and know the Facts. And the publishers should verify before going to print the authenticity of the write-up. Moreover he should learn that Characters in movie or Play picturised as per the story.

  6. I would begin with WHOLEHEARTEDLY and TRULY saying all the content created in these recent times has not actually been glorifying brahmins. The clear reason is brahmins are tolerant of this while understanding the creators have done this for entertainment. Brahmins have never objected to anything from being published especially films. Brahmins, at least majority of them are still shown as intolerant, wrongdoers, conspirators, villains for that matter and the other half is shown wacky like nothing else. The article especially mentions ayushman khurana’s movies which are based on erectile dysfunction, balding, elderly parents being sexually active; which is surprising as brahmins did not even notice that the characters were brahmins and it was done for entertainment. Had it been a caste other than brahmins, it PROBABLY would have created a ruckus. Here is to hoping that you watch movies and shows for what they are and not as a specific process of thought (to write stupid articles perhaps).

  7. With respect to the facts in the beginning of the article ‘Deewar’ was not Yash Johar’s. It was directed by Yash Chopra and produced by Gulshan Rai. ‘Kaala Patthar’ was again directed by Yash Chopra and produced by Gulshan Rai. It was not Tinnu Anand’s.

  8. With respect to the beginning part of the article ‘Deewar’ was not Yash Johar’s production. It was directed by Yash Chopra and produced by Gulshan Rai. ‘Kaala Patthar’ was not Tinnu Anand’s creation. Again directed by Yash Chopra and produced by Gulshan Rai.

  9. In real life the political leaders we worship Nehru/ Gandhi / Bose and other leaders were mostly from the so called upper caste of Hindu Society. The whole casteism was done away in Bengal by followers of Swami Vivekananda. And it remained that way. And Swami Video vekananda was born in a so called _non dalit” family

  10. In 80’s era most of the scripts were written by Saleem-Jaaved so hindu amitabh had no casts but muslim amitabh went to dargah and the sacred chaddar can’t be penetrated using guns.
    In khuda gawah amitabh is pathan and thus he is true to his word or waada.
    A Christian amitabh goes to church everyday and everything is fine.
    But the moment Bollywood shows bramhin character even in negative role omg!!!

  11. अंग्रेज़ी में भी मूर्खता लिखी जा सकती है, आज पता चला. लेखक को ये काम छोड़कर बहुजन समाज पार्टी ज्वाइन करना चाहिए

  12. बकवास आर्टिकल ।केवल नफरत फैला रहे हैं ये लोग।

  13. Firstly janeu is also wore by rajputs or marathas and the name of Saif Ali Khan in tandav Web series is of Rajput. In short instead of blaming one high caste and also a good representative of Hindu caste you should say it is showing Hindu supremacy which you liberals can not digest

  14. Few points that I’d like to make.
    1. Saif Ali Khan in Taandav (Samar Pratap Singh) is not a Brahmin. That is not a Brahmin name. It’s a Khatriya name.
    2. Not only Brahmins wear Janeu. kshatriyas and Vaishyas also wear Janeu (yagyopaveet sanskaar of sanatan dharm)
    3. Casteism does exist in the society and I don’t understand why the caste based discrimination should. Not every Brahmin is doing karm kaand, not every kshatriya is in the army, not every vaishya is a businessman, not every shudra is doing labour work. You can see a Brahmin doing business, a kshatriya managing finances, a shudra in the Army and a vaishya doing labour work.

  15. There is an error with the article. Amitabh Bachchan did play the role of a Christian, Anthony Gonzalez in Amar Akbar Anthony.

  16. Figment of imagination. Shows people would remain obsessed with such imagination called caste for centuries even if we have our habitation in Mars.

  17. I think caste system even if it is portrayed, it should not be glorified. In UP I still see there is low caste people who do dirty work, they can’t even use the broom inside ur house. they should not touch anything. This kind of system is so revolting. And now movies and serials instead of tearing it apart, is glorifying it. This unch neech, jaat paat is utter nonsense.

  18. This is utterly bullshit. Have you run out of stories to print? This is such a wrong narrative. And what’s wrong with a Brahmin character anyway. They are not Nazis. Do you want TV shows to be devoid of Brahmin characters because that’s a misrepresentation as one can find Brahmins everywhere in India. Or do you want them to he essaying negative roles of oppressive upper class villains which is again a stereotyoical misrepresentation.

  19. I think people need to stop digging for action where there is none. This article is a showcase of an attempt made hy the writer to just make a mountain out of a molehill. In fact the reason “brahmin” caste is bring shown in these kinds series or movies is actually more reflective of the environment they are based on. Real people in these regions do show-off their “janeu” and to this day people try to figure out someone’s caste based off of their surname. I really don’t think it’s a maker’s intention to force-feed “brahmin community” to the Indian audience. But after watching so many of these series I did realise that the sole intention is to mirror the actual society. All depends on the maker’s intentions. If their intentions were to tell a story about friendship then they would leave casteism subtle in the background like in Sholay. But if their intentions are to reflect actual society they would show these things! Agreed, not brahmin wear the sacred thread or even is a Vegetarian, but these stories are all mostly based on the very people who follow their tradition to the “t”. For example in My name is Khan, shahrukh khan reads his prayers “namaz” when the bus stops at a small hotel. So he was shown to be a man who take his religion seriously, nothing harmful in that as that was needed for the story. I have many Muslim friends who don’t read prayers 5 times a day and that’s okay. But we need to understand what is important for the story. Such one sided articles just work at kindling a fire of hatred towards communities. In a world like today that is the last thing we should be encouraging. Dear writers, please understand that you too are instigating hate for this community in the name of writing. Your observations and their presentation should have been neutral. Please don’t insult journalism like the so called media channels of today that sensationalise everything just for more viewers or TRP.

  20. I just read one paragraph of your article. I should’ve stopped at the headline. Your article suggests you watch movies with your religious glasses and not for the story or entertainment.
    Since you are averse to janeu, please don’t watch mangal pandey, you wouldn’t understand the story and please do society a favour by rethinking multiple times before you write your next article or choose another job.

  21. Hi
    What a baseless, shitty and idiotic article. In any way people of your kind justify court cases against producers and violence against artists. If what you said is true then it makes perfect sense to lynch saif ali khan. Shoot down director of Tandav. Your moot point is subtly fill in bias against particular group.
    Writers like you justify that there should not be free media.
    So if every Show and movie depicts Muslims as patriot and pious, Sikhs as Jokers, Baniya as blood suckers, Brahmins as devious ass then that must be taken at face value.
    Come on, next time try something better.

  22. Arey ताऊ, in Amazon’s Prime Video Tandav web-series, the characters are Rajputs basically, not Brahmins. Before writing this epic unlogical stuffs do some research or try to gain knowledge about caste and their surnames.

    BTW, Please, stop this pseudo anti-Brahmin journalism. Then, I can support your honest journalism 😎

  23. What is CONVENIENTLY not mentioned is that ALL VILLAINS in 70s and 80s were either Thakurs or Brahmins or other upper castes…..AND MINORITIES WERE NEVER VILLAINS!!! No Terrorits from any MINORITY community…..OBVIOUSLY, THE AUTHOR NEATLY SIDESTEPS THIS ASPECT !!!

  24. Subservience to english language has brought us to such an age of foolry that rotten minds like of Mr shinde are considered fit to write and publish. Theses kind of cankers are a budding race now a days and are eating away the social fabric of Our motherland . Perpetual dysentery in the name of free press is treachery to mankind.

  25. LOL. Desh Premier was written by Kader Khan. Do you even remember the movies be produced? Then you compare that with Criminal Justice where the character of Pankaj Tripqthy is shown as some useless guy who comes into his own only towards the end !!

  26. I am happy to read it. In India you can write anything bad about community and they will not protest. If you write bad about SC/ST next day you will be in jail. If you write bad about Muslims they will kill by saying Allah ho Akbar. If you talk bad about Christians you will not get funds. If you talk bad about Hindus the Hindus our secular congress and communist and Trinamool party will talk good of you. So let us bear it.

  27. I am happy to read it. In India you can write anything bad about community and they will not protest. If you write bad about SC/ST next day you will be in jail. If you write bad about Muslims they will kill by saying Allah ho Akbar. If you talk bad about Christians you will not get funds. If you talk bad about Hindus the Hindus our secular congress and communist and Trinamool party will talk good of you. So let us bear it.

    • Look bro. I am an Indian and I am very proud of my country.
      When one says bad about anyone for no reason, it’s not right, let it be a Christian, Muslim , Hindu or my SC/ST brothers. And You see our SC/ST brothers and sisters had tough time in the past , they were subjected to cruel treatment and no one individually is responsible for it. And also remember that the one who abolished cate system were not SC themselves alone but the people of all religions and to specify even many Brahmins came forward to abolish it. One only goes to jail if he/she discriminates or abuses someone from SC for only being from a backward class.
      As the statement you made about our Muslim brothers and sisters it is not always true and if true in some cases then it is not only for them but for many religions. It is not right for us to judge a religions by any individual action. Remember the greatness of our country only lies in unity, liberty and fraternity. It is our nation that makes us set aside our differences and live in harmony .
      As for the statement you made about our Christian brothers and sisters, they are not responsible for providing any funds to anyone . The misconception of relating an individual action to the religion again is not right. There are many social work done by all religions in our country without discriminating anyone’s opinion or statement and religion or caste.
      My final message to you my friend is that don’t feel wrong about any religion by any individual and specific groups action or statements. Also look at the bright side .
      I am not judging you . You might have a very different experience throughout your life . Every citizen of India has a common religion of humanity.
      I don’t know who you are and how you are and I don’t even know through what have you been from but I know one thing we have in common , and that is our mother India.
      Your comment was nothing unusual . You felt bad and angry and that’s alright. Now a days hate is spreading like forest fire and it is our responsibility to stop it , so my only advice to you my brother and to everyone that reads this reply is please try to control your anger . If this thing continue to spread more misconception about each other will grow and the unity of this sacred and holy union of our people may come in danger.
      Jai Hind!!!🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  28. It seems author of this article wants all the story tellers to follow government reservation policy.
    Jai Bharat.

  29. You Guys are sick and so obsessed with Bhramins…. Reading the headline in understand stood you guys are trying to sail people towards hating Bhramins…..

  30. So many butthurt bamans in this comment section. Keep going, bros. Thanks to u jokers, reservation is going to remain for at least ten more generations. Nice, no? 😂

  31. mr.ravi shinde
    i don’t know your caste and i don’t want to know.
    please don’t try to bring back caste into india again.
    there are movies good,bad and ugly made on every caste and religion.
    please try to move on in life.

  32. Good effort. But no such caste based specific to higher / lower caste coverage required. Society is fighting against all these evils. We all should help out the system.

    No comments required where division of caste is indicated.

  33. Please Forward Your Article If Any When Rahul Baba Went Around Asking For Votes With Vermilion On His Forehead Sacred Thread Across The Chest Iam Not Sure On The Dhoti Part.Oh!That Was Secularism.

  34. What a shit this is? Drawing conclusions that suits you… Conclusions that were never intended by makers…

  35. I think your research is in a very nascent stage. You do not know anything about our indian culture. Mahabharat and ramayan are basically an entire treatise of savarna characters ( except sabri and eklavya , who appear in a cameo role of 30 seconds). So how can you pin point just the bollywood, the entire system is flawed.

  36. Why all this about Brahmins only? Don’t you see ppl wearing burkha , muslim hat , cross of Christians , turban of Sikhs in movies ? Will you post this article for such movies? Then why do you have problem with janeu ? Have Brahmins ever raised this question that , why do we see burkha , turban , hat in movies? Please don’t do this. I request you. Please don’t spread hate in society.

  37. Wow I appreciate your biased and propoganda driven journalism because somewhere in your heart you are aware of it .

  38. I wonder how the print always defame hindus, they never talk about shia and sunny violence and halala, islamic terrorism. The print always
    lock Islamist’s ass . Shame on you

  39. …..It is better not to give color to the movies to create controversy to divide people further…see,it as purely A film for more entertaining…!!?

  40. केवल बकवास है…. कुछ ढंग का काम कर लो.. जातिवाद या ऊंच-नीच तुम जैसे टुच्चे बढाते है बाद मे दूध के धुले बन जाते है…… मै ब्राह्मण हू पर मेरे अधिकांस दोस्तो मे हर वर्ग के लोग है….. पर तुम्हे कौन समझाये

  41. The article is much ado about nothing. Usual leftist drivel. People see movies for entertainment. They cannot shed the shades of society in which they emerge. Probably, the upper caste directors, writers do not know much about other castes and hence don’t recreate them on the screen. This writer is reading too much into this caste pehnomenon of Bollywood. The remedy is for people of other castes to make movies depicting the society they know well.

    Anyway, I think our literatti, movie makers, painters, poets, dramatists suffer from constipate imagination. They cannot think of themes beyond religion and caste. Why not make movie on media, show casing our supremely egotistic journalists? Why no movies are made about academics, ordinary people who earn living by toiling either in the open or in the offices. Why not also think of making movies on rural India (without the usual arrogant Thakur)? Such movie making requires study of subjects. Vast majority of these socalled creative people are intellectually stagnant and too lazy to go out and study the society about which they want to make the movies.

    So dear writer, don’t blame Brahmins or other upper castes for the fault of staid movie makers.

  42. A few years back I read an entire rant about how Bacchan in presenting himself as a casteless hero is actually upholding caste hierarchy and supremacy of Brahmins.
    Make up your mind please!

  43. As usual theprint is on to it’s agenda of opposing bjp, it’s how there paper runs,

    What is the problem if the male lead is brahmin, isn’t there freedom of expression in movies, if the lead was Muslim or any other then it would be no problem right? , movies are art why are maligning it with your bullshit ideology, irony is these people are talking about free press, what about biased press like you?

  44. In Tandav , Saif is shown with the sacred thread during cremation. All hindus wear it . Either you want attention or you are I’ll informed.

    • Janeu is worn by Kshatriyas, vaishyas and as pointed out in funeral rites non brahmins also wear it. In Tamil Nadu there is a cast Vishwakarma who are artisans and jewellery makers who wear janeu. It is very sad that Indians are still thinking. talking and fighting on caste. Brahmin baiting has become the fashion of the day.

  45. Seriously ….is this an article he wants cast based entertainment industry aswell….shame on on author and print for printing this

  46. Janeu in bollywood might have inspired to or might be inspired by great janeudhari Brahmin mr. Rahul Gandhi .hi.

  47. What a STRANGE analysis. These things come from sick minds – imagining things which are non there. A kind of persecution mania. What the author says is not at all true. The author should carefully look at Indian Cinema, study portrayals of various characters in context to various stories. It’s the demand of the story, which is sometimes close to reality or at other times it’s written for sheer entertainment. The character of Brahmin is good at times or villanous at the other. So is with every other portrayal. And the Thinking India has stopped thinking in terms of caste. It does not feature in our daily lives. We do not know what caste a colleague in our office has or what caste a help has in a departmental store. God help our country with so many maniacs around who see ghost where there is none, create caste frenzy which we want put behind us, create more divisions in an already fractured polity, and create trouble. Go to the Cinema, enjoy the story, the art, the performance of the artist/actor. Don’t imagine more than that.

    • But why even today almost all arranged marriages are based on caste? Caste is not to be discussed in public, but strongly identified with when one chooses a partner. The subliminal idea is for progeny the DNA of one’s caste is sought to be preserved for millennia.

  48. I think the Muslim writer of this article is very sick 🤢 The print media house is all about getting support for muslims and to find people who can help them in conquesting their imaginary gazway hind….😂 whenever I think that’s it this is limit of their hate against Hindu society specifically brahman they came with more poison and it’s getting more and more toxic…but enjoyed your opinion and that’s freedom of speech you are enjoying its not Aurangzeb era.

  49. Richa Chadha’s Madam Chief Minister and Vikas Khanna’s The Last Colour both released this year recently. The writer is smoking weed.

  50. Lol. I thought Bollywood was full woke? They’re the ones making decisions and these movies, OTT series and making everything about Hindus and upper castes. So how does Bjp fit into this? They literally have no creative control.

    These movie stars rant on 24/7 about wokeness and social justice but they’re literally the ones in charge….why do you not ask them what is the reason? People just watch movies to disconnect from their daily troubles for a while. Nobody gives attention to caste names. Lame logic all around in this article.

    • See here I post some data from official record on crime which may be interesting.

      Showing proportion of principal caste in jail to the free population
      of those castes according to the census of 1872

      Of the Kayastha 1 in 1,404 was in jail during 1872
      Of the Rajput & Chhetri 1 in 1,425 was in jail during 1872
      Of the Hari 1 in 1,465 was in jail during 1872
      Of the Kahar 1 in 1,504 was in jail during 1872
      Of the Aguri 1 in 1,585 was in jail during 1872
      Of the Brahman 1 in 1,808 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Goala 1 in 2,085 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Gandhabanik 1 in 2,301 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Sadgop 1 in 2,301 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Santal 1 in 2,302 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Kamar & Lohar 1 in 2,406 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Sonar 1 in 2,592 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Tanti 1 in 2,662 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Bauri 1 in 2,695 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Chamar & Mochi 1 in 2,738 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Teli 1 in 2,814 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Chandal 1 in 3,007 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Chasa & Kaibartta 1 in 3,310 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Jogi 1 in 3,773 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Rajbanshi 1 in 4,056 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Pod 1 in 4,246 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Dhobi 1 in 4,312 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Sunri 1 in 5,080 was in jail in 1872
      Of the Napit 1 in 5,428 was in jail in 1872

      No Bengali upper caste writers will acknowledge their propensity for crime was so impressive vis-a-vis low castes shown
      in 1872 census report.
      They will write stories, fictions and novels of self praise for themselves, portraing dark pictures of all other castes.
      These are few illustrations. Anybody with doubts may rise question for replies from me. I’ll be too glad to entertain them.

  51. By and large, true observation. The movies of today show as if only onecommunity exists in the society. Nowhere, there is a depiction of the various communities existing within the two largest religious communities,
    Such things don’t happen as mistake or aberration, this is a deliberate decision by the filmmakers. Also, we should stop comparing uurselves with the USA, they are the leaders of this new era world, is just because they work at a very different level. The Americans have acquired intellectual honesty, human values and empathy over the years, which we Indians fail to emulate from and on the top of that we even refuse to discuss on those points. Cnaste system doesn’t qualify, even to be discussed. Having said this, one must not lose hope, things may change.

    • In India it is very difficult to question and examine past culture and traditions dispassionately or in a scientific manner. Every human society all over the world has practiced discrimination in some form or the other. But in India most elites are intent on only believing a glorious past. They are not willing to examine the past unemotionally.

      The West has confronted it’s ugly past through the Renaissance, Scientific and Industrial revolutions but it is still work in progress. Racism still exists in the West. Despite some nagging problems left in their societies there is more material progress in their societies because traditions and cultural baggage do not weigh them down too much as in India. In general I think those societies which are too sensitive and inflamed about religious or cultural issues are bound to be stunted economically because lot of time and energy is wasted on such issues in the courts and political governance.

  52. Itna behtreen lekh aajtak jativad par lekh social media pr nahi pada kya misaal di hai.. I salute you and appreciate to …I like it very much

  53. Imagine if someone wrote a similar article complaining about there being too many Muslim characters in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’….

    Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. I have a solution which I would like to propose, and it derives from what oppressed minorities did in Hollywood. Instead of whingeing and whining about how white producers and directors weren’t giving them roles, black artists stepped up to the plate and made their own superhit movies. If directors like John Singleton and Jordan Peele had wasted their time writing bullshit articles like this, they would still be writing bullshit articles instead of being Hollywood A-listers. And I am not even mentioning such big names as Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson… the list is endless. So if the writer is so worried about there being too many Brahmin characters in films these days then let him take initiative and write a movie with no Brahmin characters. If it is worth a damn, people will watch.

  54. What’s this guy’s problem , it’s a creator who visualises his character , n then the plot is set and indirectly he praised and curses everyone , why take a few points and leave the rest .. hope you watch the series carefully. And doesn’t mean everywhere it’s like that , there are so many movies and series revolving around so many castes and religions , bringing out the good n the bad . So there should be no freedom for a creator right .. keep up the good work .

  55. What the hell dude??? Pen is more powerful than a sword.. you are unfit to be a journalist.. corona shaked the whole world and many industries are in losses and you seriously find this shitty one as hot topic to be highlighted?? Are you out of your mind n gone nuts?? Bodd.. no one is layman here and every one knows that bollywood is driven by what force which is not any caste or religion obviously. Get this point straight into your head and do your ground work properly before you post another crap article.

  56. U people with ur left propoganda talk about equality and then say things like ‘the character’s a brahmin…there ain’t no dalit in the goddamn movie’…like I didn’t even know that Shukla and Mishra surnames belongs to brahmins…like u guys r becoming the very thing u swore to destroy!…left propoganda has made u guys blind…like rightists r as same as u-really dumb and blind; but because of u now I can defer between brahmins and dalits based on their surnames!…u guys call urself liberals, but ur just raw leftists!…there r very less true liberals left in this country… really there is not difference between u and rebuplic tv…shame on u guys!

  57. Paid article. It seems writer is idot & illeterate and don’t have sense atall. Only Brahmins doniknt wear janeu. Why only muslims are shown as they are suffering in India. In manh movies and web series same i am seeing. If it is Family man, commando 3, jolly LLB, War, etc. All such bullshit happens in India only.

  58. Every other person who commentd here.. is speakin ngtv for d writer… honestly being a brahmin i can say… today entertainment indstry is continiously degrading brahmins image… i dont know about what the writer above is trying to say… but one thing is for sure… yes back in times der was this discrimnation … tody also at some places… bt now most of the population is above this caste game…
    In these movie/wbsries Slowly slowly dey are degrading brahmins..
    And to people..srsly…
    Who consider themselves as so called lower castes… just stop playing this victim card evrytime everywhere… cz time has changed… this victim card already gave you alot… the only thing left is ur own mindset.. khudse to bahr aana ni chahte caste system se.. hr jagah rona shuru… its almost like females in the name of feminism .. degrade male of the society….

    • Rightly said, even I felt the same. Whichever series or movies or movies it may be, whether the Brahmins being antagonists having non-veg in Mirzapur, or tandav where they show Brahmins do bad shit talking bad about lower caste, or so many other shows where they show Brahmins oppressing the backward class or muslims.. they are just want to portray Brahmins as the bad blood in the country. We are tolerant and we watch anything that entertains us but this doesn’t give them green light to keep degrading our community. They should just keep the bad characters casteless.

  59. Sad reality of indian diversity.
    Not giving any good roles to them in bollywood.
    Not letting the lead any party.
    And then they say we dont do descrimination

  60. Have seen any Brahmin showing off his janeu? (Except our comedy king during elections). And how many Brahmins actually wear janeu, hardly.
    They are not showing Brahmin characters but only laughing at Brahmins because you can’t laugh at others.

  61. Isn’t it interesting to note that a man who talks about ‘caste’-less society doesn’t forget to put his last name in the byline? Unless you’re telling me that the critic was a mean to garner more readership, I definitely doubt sanctity of the principles on which even virtual media is based upon.
    Forget illustrating 80s Bollywood and stop proliferating non-existent casteism for the sake of readership. I am sure you can do better than Ekta Kapoor (Sorry I had to mention Kapoor as you wouldn’t know who ‘Ekta’ is).

  62. Isn’t it interesting to note that a man who talks about ‘caste’-less society doesn’t forget to put his last name in the byline? Unless you’re telling me that the critic was a mean to garner more readership, I definitely doubt sanctity of the principles on which even virtual media is based upon.
    Forget illustrating 80s Bollywood and stop proliferating non-existent casteism for the sake of readership. I am sure you can do better than Ekta Kapoor (Sorry I had to mention Kapoor as you wouldn’t know who ‘Ekta’ is).

  63. Straight away coming from sick mindset with specific motives and vested interest…
    New low for the Print media and for the Print..
    Nonsense article

  64. Caste is similar tag like religion. Never the less who toils earns bread and butter. Religion and caste cannot fill empty stomach. Good God made hunger. Hungry only cries for bread not religion not caste

  65. Lol! The author of this article is sooo Dumb. Wasted my precious time over the first para. The author has no mettle. @Print.. we like Shekhar Kapur’s journalism (no doubts there), had no clue you also had incompetent (so called) journalists like the author of the above. Do you even call this journalism? Thoo…

  66. So you don’t have problem with caste names like varma but only brahmin names? I mean this is hate against a perticular community.

  67. Now that you have wrote this article, I wonder if you will write an article on anti-hindu propaganda in bollywood, or this is just another biased opinion of yours.

  68. Such a cheap write up. I don’t understand how the print survives with all this shit, unless u have ghandis behind u…

  69. I thought our country has a lot of other problems like covid crisis, poverty, economic slowdown…
    But No. This is the problem.

  70. Wow. Reservation in characters of Bollywood movies too now. Great going, keep it up. Advise to anyone reading this comment, don’t bother reading the article if you haven’t already. Just a point to note. Have you considered it might be easier for the character to be an upper caste individual? Want to know why? Cause no one will protest for upper castes if the character is in any way portrayed in a not so good manner, will they? But controversely…. You can guess what might happen if the character was portrayed to be a Dalit or anyone from the lower caste (Well everyone can guess this except the author). Note to the author – Please don’t try and portray things as they are not just to get your 2 minutes and waste everybody’s 20. It’s already getting tougher now for the people of the community you so apparently dread if even their characters are portrayed solely for entertainment purposes.

  71. Kuch na kuch faltu ka gyan likhna hain bas jagah mil gae digital newspaper mein to kuch bhi likho jisko koi sense na ho.

  72. Print are you guys crazy. Are you out of your mind. Don’t spit anti-brahmin venom. Such a toxic article, you guys are snakes and at the same time vultures too, you guys feed on propaganda. Fuck you The Print! stop shitting on Internet. You deserved to be banned and then you’ll cry about freedom of expression and death of democracy. Shame on you morons

  73. It has become commonplace for any fellow with minimal knowledge of and least respect for the Indian culture to write nonsense such as this and still get away.
    I ask the print , is this news, seriously

  74. There used to be a proverb in telugu man suffering with jaundice sees everything yellow that’s happening with u

  75. Rahul baba is to blame.
    He started wearing janeu and declared himself after 45 years of his life to be a shiv bhakt Brahmin.

  76. This is so dumb on all levels, to say that janaeu only represents a ” Brahmin identity “, is totally misleading and hypocritical. You should talk about Dalit representation in Bollywood movies not by comparing it with the representations of Brahmins. Muslims are represented on a large scale in movies and alot of times these janaue clad ” Brahmins ” wearing an orange scarf are shown as gangsters in most of the Bollywood movies. U wonder why you don’t have a problem with that; people like you want to represent a community with an intention to degrade the other, sorry, upliftment doesn’t work like that, and please someone tell him that janaue isn’t only a brahmin things; please atleast learn some history dude.

  77. Radical left and crypto christian nexus is running an anti – hindu propaganda in the name of journalism as finding bhramin angle everywhere . It’s clear , Crypto christians are trying to make a distance between bhramin and rest hindus bcoz bhramin is the class who teaches about practice of sanatan dharma to other hindus . A community that is just 3 percent , is being targeted by so called journalists . They are unable to see the villain of dabang ( chedi singh ) , Aakrosh ( all villains were bhraman and thakur ) , Sholey ( Gabbar singh ) , Ghayal ( Balwant mehra ) , Gangs of Wassepur ( Ramadhir singh ) etc .

    • Mr… Don’t change the actual topic…. MUSLIMS actors and directors, and so called Karan johar types, defaming Hindu Gods and Goddesses…This is the actual topic…Your plan to bring cast in the middle and deviate from actual issue won’t work…Catism is almost much you try,can not bring it back again…I AM PROUD THAT A LOWER CAST PERSON IS MY PRIME MINISTER… don’t you MR.WRITER???!

  78. It’s really a good message from you.. I appreciate you…

    Some people will come and oppose this article but this is the bitter truth.. they will say you are dividing Hindus but you are educating hindus

  79. With all due respect to the author, I don’t agree with any point put forward to demonstrate the patriarchy in the Bollywood. I was surprised that he has recommended to have reservation in the Bollywood. BTW this article is a piece of shit nothing else.

    • Absolutely agree.
      It is ridiculous. Even on creativity now we have to put tags. It is up to the writer to pen his story. As long as no wrong information is propogated about any topic, caste etc. It’s fine.
      Also, there is enough demonstration of stories of other sects in these very series.

    • Absolutely agree. It is ridiculous. Even on creativity now we have to put tags. It is up to the writer to pen his story. As long as no wrong information is propogated about any topic, caste etc. It’s fine.
      Also, there is enough demonstration of stories of other sects in these very series.

  80. The problem with you Mr Critic, is that any representation of Brahmins comes as tyrannical to you. However, the same if done in favour of Muslims, Christians, Dalits etc etc, it is freedom of expression. In the current age of reservations, it is the higher caste which is being oppressed and if they are being given a platform via the movies then you start shouting. What goes around, comes around. So if it is the age of Brahmins, then so be it. Till the time there was no protest, nobody bothered about them. If in today’s scenario they have an identity in the movies, then where is the problem? I won’t bother correcting you concept of Varna, Janeu, caste etc because many people have done that. I would suggest you go through those comments and enhance your knowledge.

    • And we have the phenomenon of Brahmin-bashing or Brahmin-baiting in South Indian language movies- especially in Tamil and Malayalam. In Tamil movies, the Brahmin is typically shown either as a tradition-bound, effete, hand-wringing wimp or cuckold, or as a scheming industrialist, corporate schemer etc. A similar trend is seen in Malayalam movies also, where the Brahmin (earlier the Malayali Brahmin, and more recently the Tamil-speaking variety) is portrayed as a physically/ morally weak character- or a scheming corporate type, or someone who is too resistant to change. In one of the movies (made by the son of the lone BJP MLA in Kerala), the Brahmin character- showing the caste of that character in the movie was gratuitous- is finally revealed to be gay. Interestingly, these movies are made by the so-called honest-to-goodness, true-to-their-craft Dravidian/secular/minority “auteurs”. No one seems to take offense. Instead, many of these movies have gone on to gather awards also, including for their “national integration” theme. Sad.

  81. Dear Writer you have not focused on the other side. It’s easy to portrait a Brahmin Character in any way which would be no more possible with Dalit Character, which can invite criminal actions against the Director.

    • Exactly. Moreover, the power is not shown as the character’s greatness in any way. More often than not, the upper caste characters are used with an intentional theme of destroying the image of brahmins, whereas the other character will show greatness of overcoming all odds, still doing great things.

  82. This author seems to be a dalit leftist and he knows the truth of brahmins/ savarnas were and are depicted mostly as villains in Bollywood, but he is trying his best to divide the Hindu society in the name of castes to benefit his Jihadi/evangelical ideas.

  83. why not a FIR be lodged against the writer of this article for hate speech against a particular community.

    • Author need a proper thinking not bias first he should take knowledge of Hindu religion there were no caste system it was divided by karm.

      Security person — kshtriya

      Educated person of ved– Brahmin

      Business man -. Vaish

      Cleaner – Shudra

      They were all classified by their work.

  84. Bakwaas and garbage. Seriously print is publishing and supporting this garbage. Caste politics are gone case.

  85. Again shows that the print is engaged in pushing anti-Hindu propaganda to the masses. Mr. Shinde wouldn’t care if the protagonist were a Muslim or Christian but becomes agitated and starts ranting.

      • man, y’all miss the damn point of the movies or any form of visual expression of art.
        Does it really matter what the protagonists’ name is? What caste or religion or sexuality he/she/they identifies as.
        This fuss means nothing but the victory of themes over substance.
        No matter how diverse or how accommodating of different people the film is if the characters or the overall plot is b.s. then there’s no point in the whole brahmin centred protagonists. Moreover, I’m sure nobody literally nobody from any caste or religion did give a thought to what the character’s name is or there’s some political agenda is being put forth by using a particular name, unless this horrific baboon of a man wrote this article.

  86. We don’t see castes in movies. We watch movies for fun or inspiration. Whether it is Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Manjhi the Mountain man or Akshay Kumar in Jolly LLB. We focus to come from theatre with positive outlook towards life & learn something good from Characters.

  87. I want to clear some misleading information in this article:-
    1. Janeu or Sacred Thread is not a Bramhin Identity but can be seen worn by a kshatriya , Vaisya also.
    2. Varna is not caste it literally means Choice or Occupation. For comparison you can see the words “Var”- The female choice for marriage
    “Vadhu”- The male choice of marriage
    The same thing comes with Varna
    3.Caste is not an Indian concept because if you see Mahabharata Everybody except Bhisma in the Kuru clan after Shantanu are half Shudra as Shantanu wife is Matsyagandhi a fisherman’s daughter. But the descendents were proclaimed Kings as they were doing the work of a king and Vidura a Shudra by birth is given a Minister role. This makes us clear that Varna is just based on occupation.
    4.Coming to the movies when a Muslim wear a skull cap and a Christian wear a cross make you liberals think it is Freedom of Expression. When it comes to any freedom of expression regarding Hindus it is Bramhanical Patriarchy. This itself shows the double standards of Liberandus like this Author.
    5. I am not saying that Skull cap or cross is wrong but every one have their freedom of speech, not only some people of the society.

    • True. Dont know why these illetrated and zero researcher people are enrolled as journalists. Such a misinformed article. And on the top editor is also of no intellectual mind. Why these kind of articles are even published. Please do not fool people in name of journalism.

  88. You woke ppl are so idiotic. You think brahmins want this kind of representation. Everywhere in cinema and streaming you are finding brahmin characters which are designed to be extremely unlikable and criminal. You think they want that.
    In fact this is an organized attempt to malign them in popular imagination

  89. Yeah may be because that time the term Hindu Rashtra didn’t took birth one ever uttered about it .. because no one cares.. this thought was given birth by BJP leaders.. you better ask them why Amitji was ‘castless’ they will give you the answer of your question.
    One baseless thought expressed in the society can change your entire nation.. I now hate the way my country is changing everyday.. somewhere famers are fighting for right in other parts Muslims are being torcherd.. then lot more . . Why this is happening..? India is Growing definitely But are We Growing? this differences of human beings on basis of casteism the inferiority superiority all are coming back.. So are we moving forward actually.. ?

  90. The print, I’m am a brahmin but before that I’m a hindu…and it’s my open challenge to the print and Bollywood that no matter how hard you try to divide Hindus and defame brahmins but you will never ever succeed. Hindus will bounce back with more power and unity than ever before.

  91. Very deep thinking done by the writer. A brave article in todays scenario when people are just ready to do anything in the name of religion. It is surprising how ‘divide and rule’ always work in India. Other countries even learnt to stay united with time. Hope one day this will happen here too.

    • “Other” countries have learnt to stay united as the majority of the population has a common religion. You can’t expect a country to have 20% muslims and expect it to be stable. When Indian demographics reaches 90% Hindu (or for that matter any religion) population, the country will progress both economically and socially. Else it’ll continue to remain a third world poverty stricken country with useful idiots like the author ranting day and night.

      • Too much of religion can be a big brake on economic development.

        Countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong etc did not become economic powerhouses because of religious homogeneity.

        The basics – access to education for all, equal opportunities to all, basic infrastructure for all, work ethics, teamwork, progressive and scientific thinking – all these create firm foundation in a nation’s economic progress. If religion is truly and effectively enabling any or all of this then it makes sense to strive for religious homogeneity.

    • What a joke. I have a Sikh lady in my house working as nanny. She told me they have caste system in Sikhs too.
      The highly celebrated religion for its non caste system who broke away from Hindus for the same reason have caste marriages in the very same new religion they created.
      Why don’t you post in your opinion in some Sikh seeking paper.. clean your toilet first.

      • Ambedkar wrote that caste system is practised in almost all religions of India except Buddhism.

        Caste is a thoroughly Indian concept. Call it Varna or whatever you will, it is a hierarchical system laced with ideas of who is superior in front of the gods and who is inferior before the gods…Despite Islam or Christianity saying that all people are equal Muslim and Christian elites in India will not intermarry with Dalit converts!

        Millennia of genetic separation has conditioned Indian elites to believe that those at the bottom of the hierarchy are fit to do only physical work and sanitation work.

  92. I think these woke people must read the history of India to understand why emulation and glorification of attributes attached to higher caste, which strangely these movies profess to abhor, isn’t possible to do away with. When the lower caste began with their social mobility journey following the Indian Renaissance it was quite common for the upwardly mobile to adopt signs associated with higher caste such as yagopavitam. Similarly a lack of enthusiasm was shown for widow remarriage as amongst higher caste in Bengal it was not thought of as a good practise despite Widow Remarriage Act in place.
    So what I am basically trying to say is that a socio-political-economic assertion of lower caste must happen but it would be foolish to assume that it shall happen in a manner conceived by some Dalit leader, even Ambedkar ji wasn’t able to effect dalit mobilization behind his ideal of non-Hindu dalit assertion as was evident from the Congress’s victory in 1946 election in reserved seats and a dismal performance of all India depressed class congress. Even Periyar used the inverted version of Ramayana showing Ravana (a pandit) as indigenous dravid against alien Rama (aryan).
    So I believe writing such articles without proper understanding of dalit sentimentalities, of which I am no master, which have chances of swerving the emancipation trajectory into a completely new territory and this I believe is understood by commercial filmmakers, serves no purpose than increasing my typing speed.

  93. I dont find a problem in representing a particular community.When other communities and minorities can be represented,people dont find an objections but once a non minority community is showcased in few films/series,it becomes a problem!

  94. Arre bhai kuch toh research karle yeh phele

    You see the moment you are a hindu

    Irrespective of your caste you need to wear a poonal or janeau as you North Indians call it to do the antim sanskar (this is with respect to tandav)

    Bhai itna bhi research nahi kar pa te ho toh journalism kyu karte ho yaar

  95. The author is an idiot and shout stop spouting nonsense. And if the print had an ounce of journalism left in them, this article wouldn’t have seen the light of the day.

    Let movies and entertainment be that… Entertainment. Do not bring caste / creed in it. If the character wears the sacred thread or not, why does it matter to you. You cry about casteism being a problem and instead of ignoring caste and trying to get rid of it by not making a topic out of it, you are instigating it. “they only portray brahmins”, they portray what’s needed and what is easier. Do your job and let others do theirs.

  96. The print is like the Swara Bhaskar of journalism, only putting out B grade products with sensational headlines to target the mentally deficient left wingers who want validation from the west.

  97. This article is provacative, appears to be written to show writer’s hatred towards brahmins. Shame on the author, for choosing such a subject, choice of choosing secular article does not mean choosing a brahmin hateful and scorneful article.

  98. Whatever you said may be true because even if you show the characters as Brahmins or bahujan samaj, ultimately villain is shown as brahmin or Kshatriya.
    Sairat shows the villain as Patil, another movie of Nagraj Anna is Fandry , that also shows the villain as upper caste people. It doesn’t matter to most of them who are from upper caste, some even don’t consider theSe difference nowadays except in case of marriages.
    Main problem with the filmmakers is that they typecast a character and this must be stopped. Do all brahmin wear janeun? Some kshatriya also use janeun.
    In Maharashtra, if a person is following Varkari sampradaya, irrespective of his caste, all wear janeun. All varkaris wear a janeu. There are some castes in obc who wear janeu.
    They must research about these. Not only them , but even you, before writing anything like this do a proper research.

  99. A good rant about Brahmins that go on and on yet in this whole article nowhere it is mentioned how are they projected most of the times.

    Your closed leftist mind.

    • In most of the movies,I have seen mostly surnames of Brahmins are used just for the sake of degrading,demoralising the caste showing them wicked,corrupt,even characterless without knowing their actual rituals and what path they is not done for promoting Brahmins dear.For eg. In the movie Kabir singh which got big box office collection,the villain shown had a surname Sharma to insult brahmin caste.This was not the end,the girl shown almost as a prostitute to whom Shahid demanded sex for once only was given surname Sharma just to show Bollywood’s Ill treating attitude towards our caste.Evenafter many other instances like this,Brahmins never made even one comment against this casteism.And you are blaming repeatedly one caste Brahmin which has sacrificed a lot.
      .you are ,here in this article,just promoting your casteist mentallity.Even History reveals,most of the education was spread by preachers who were Brahmins to all other communities just to lift them up.please,leave this sick are not living in 1940’s

  100. The print needs to review articles before publishing ! I am guessing RATAN is not his “2nd” name going by his logic. People just cant get over their hatred ! …People need to block and report such useless non sensical articles !

  101. Now that this particular series has been caught on the wrong foot, a futile attempt is being made by the author and the print to showcase that contrary to the furore the series has created by showcasing Hinduism in negative, that Bollywood celebrating a particular community. What do these scoundrels eat? Don’t they have a conscience? Why they take pleasure in battering India / Hinduism / ‘so called upper caste’ community?
    P.S – I’m not a brahmin / Kshatriya

  102. Seriously! You want entertainment to be on caste lines! Utter rubbish…get your head out of wherever it is…

  103. A good read, and I agree with you. Minorities and sexual minorities deserves more representation in art especially in widely accessible medium like film.

  104. The author doesn’t understand that janeu is not just wore by Brahmin community but others too at least in South India. Stop targeting brahmin community just because it is easy to do so. Stop stereotyping them, writers and directors should be blamed for not writing convincing dalit roles. Please watch Saptapadi a MS Vishwanath telugu movie which questions the very cast system and telling the story in a convincing way even if all the cast were portrayed as brahmins and most of them themselves were brahmins in real life including the director. Truth is these people try to welcome new changes leaving irrational traditions I bet that happens in other communities. There are so many other caste who follow animal sacrifice in this 21st century, how many of today’s brahmins are following untouchability?? Kindly do your research instead of blaming one caste in favour of other. As far as I know most of the castes wear janeu while lighting pyre, I don’t know the specific reason but not all who are wearing sacred threads are brahmins. There are people from other caste too who wear them as a ritual.

    • Reading all these things I feel better and proud of being in this caste. Because you people can only cry on us and cannot even do a bit to stop us doing our rituals.
      This brainless writer and editor has no knowledge about janeu, it is worn by people who take the responsibility of protecting and doing certain jobs from their ancestors. Like the yadavs in south India wear silver kadiyam to legs, dalits wear earrings, some stuff like that there are many such things. First get your facts right.
      #Brainless writer

  105. Now it has become a trend to target the Brahmins. Just make them the punching bags and boom !! You have become secular. But at the back of your mind you might get a sick sense of satisfaction of getting one up over the Brahmins. And you know what ? Protest and take reservations for the dalits and other sc /st. Then I think you will be happy with it. But even then you will raise hue and cry if the antagonist is made a dalit dalit. So take a brahmin, make him an antagonist and get him killed by the dalit protagonist. Then I guess it will be a blockbuster.
    Take 50% reservation in the bollywood industry and even from the unreserved 50% ,take it on the pretext of getting a high mark and robbing the general people compete for a meager number of seats or in this case, roles.
    Bravo …!!!

  106. Brahmins don’t jump on you like some of the other castes when somebody accuses them, abuses them, abhores them. They either ignore or even if hurt leave it to there. No court cases, no hooliganism, no character abuse, no violent propoganda. So basically they are receptive in other words anybody can portray them anyhow willingly on the screen. cinema business thrives on extremeties, they have to show some group as menacing, scheming, goondas, ever cussing community. Naturally Brahmins pose least risk and hence are easy targets. A simple thing Ravi Ratan ji has failed to understand. In the pretext of so called atrocities done by Brahmins, reservationist propoganda is going on, now looks like film industry is on radar.
    Hope this agenda is undestood and such opinions are ignored at best.

  107. Wow…so lets showcase brahmins as liars, terrorists, goons and mafias and then spread hatered about the caste through these C grade articles. How about the time when Mr. Bachchan was shown as a good Chirstain in Amar, Akbar, Anthony and other nmovies where he played as Vijay he seem to be angry with Hindu gods.
    PLease stop this nonsense we all know from where the money gets pumped into Bollywood.

  108. The author has spewed some venom on Brahmins. I do not find anything offending as much as this author has expressed, journalism has gone to dogs.

  109. Ha ha. Laughable. I am not Brahmin but the argument this author raised shows his intention to divide Hindu and rule. These people are so desperate to divide Hindus. As per his logic, if a movie or web series shows sacred thread it becomes a Brahmin then every movie or web series is a muslim because I never found a movie or web series not showing skull cap wearing man ir hijab wearing woman.

  110. LOOLL….Now just showing janeyu became trigger point.Lets do this let’s pass a bill that make sure reservations are implemented in movie characters. Every movie or series should have representation from BCs, ST, SC. Happy now???

  111. What ever you have expressed is your opinion .
    But in my opinion bollywood people always target brahmin community because they are easy to target.
    They also know that if we describe other community name or caste and defame theirs rituals it can attract atrocities act clauses by court.
    On this topic I thought several times that why they choose brahmin caracter and came to this that they are easy target.

    • Leave the article ,but these people have always had problem with Bramhin Community !
      Even I’ve heard in some YouTube videos too sayin “ab dikhata hun sharmaji ke bete ko”
      Why these people have so much hatred against bramhins I don’t know !

  112. guess that logic behind using brahmin name and caste that there is no law prohibiting abusing those surname while any caste name associated with SC/ST would attract a few cases under sc/st atrocity act

    • How you find this baseless topic.You always target one particular party and religious.You didn’t find any good topic.I think you take money from party or person who wanted to publish this baseless topics

  113. Most of these characters are flawed and many times diabolical like Tripathi family in Mirzapur. Even when these would do good characters it will bring out diabolical nature within family like relatives opposing hero. If characters were from other communities then there would have been backlash which does not happen in case of they are easy punching bags.

  114. These Leftists find everything negative about India and it’s culture, lot of movies projects Brahmins and Banias in very negative way , then these Leftists will appreciate that as freedom of expression, but sane caste groups project as normal they will cry , best is to hang these Leftists.

  115. So you can flaunt Christianity, islamic credentials in open, make fun of hindu elements in each and every movie, but the moment someone sports a janeu, the universe is heading in the wrong direction…. Almost every Telugu movie in the past two decades showcases Reddy/Naidu as their prominent lead… But that is fine….Almost entire bollywood us immersed in this over the top punjabi stereotype…. Which is also fine…it doesn’t matter if in most movies, Brahmins are still stereotyped as orthodox and mostly villainous, but they should never become protagnist…because then “Secularism” will be in danger. Heights of Wokeness.

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