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Fort Modi is impregnable despite China, Covid, job losses. Only one leader can defeat him

Critics wonder why voters aren’t turning against Modi. But a well-entrenched Indian leader has never been defeated by a rival; only Modi can do that to himself.

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A hundred-plus days into the Chinese ‘dharna’ in Ladakh, six months into the coronavirus crisis and in the fourth year of economic growth decline, the many critics of Narendra Modi are exasperated.

Why are the people, hurting so badly, not turning against him? Aren’t they hurting? Has Modi subjected them to some kind of a spell, conjuring up a collective suspension of disbelief? Is it black magic? Although that is something you’ve been hearing in a very different context — a star’s death and his live-in girlfriend.

It is nothing of the sort. This is the way Indian politics is. Ask people if they are hurting, they will say yes. Do you blame Modi? Remember, many of the most miserable migrant workers walking back home hundreds of miles away were still saying, ‘what could Modi ji have done? He took the risk to save lives’.

Similarly on China and the economy. It takes time cleaning up the mess of “seventy years”. Congress left a weak military. Corruption had to be countered first. Coronavirus? He ordered a total lockdown in time at great risk and cost, he evangelised masks and social distancing and never trivialised the pandemic unlike Boris Johnson, Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro. What can he do if this wretched virus wouldn’t listen to him?

If you are a Modi critic, I know that I am getting you even more exasperated. Because that is the idea. To understand hard politics, you have to accept the reality, however rude. You can find a hundred flaws in the latest India Today Mood of The Nation poll. Yet, it has a good track record. Now it puts Modi’s popularity at its highest point, at arguably the most messed up point of our economy, national security, internal cohesion and a pandemic in his six years. So what’s going on?

Take a walk anywhere, and ask strangers who will admit they are hurting, if they regret voting for Modi. If there is an election again, who will they vote for? And do they see a choice emerging? I am sorry if the answers get you even more exasperated.

Are the people nuts then?

Let me put this differently to you. What do ordinary people do when hospitalised by a terrible sickness? They trust the doctors. They are the ones who wear white coats. They are trying their best. The choice of changing hospitals is rarely exercised. That’s how a lot of Indian voters, hurting severely for many reasons, look at their situation now.

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There’s been a flurry of advice lately from the pundits on how to defeat Modi and what not to do. Get the opposition together, is the old trope. It never works against a truly entrenched leader. Check out Indira Gandhi in 1971 against the Grand Alliance.

Get all Left and secular forces together. Yawn. The Left here was always a red herring, the basic politics was using caste to keep divided what somebody was working to unite using the Fevicol of religion. That battle is over.

If Narendra Modi, accompanied by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Governor and the RSS chief leads the ceremonial bhoomi pujan at Ayodhya, and nobody in the opposition, with the exception of Asaduddin Owaisi, speaks out against it unqualifiedly, you know that that old, post-1989 Mandir-versus-Mandal story is over.

See the political map of India. State by state, where do you see leaders who could mount a credible challenge to Modi? Amarinder Singh, Mamata Banerjee, OK. Now name a third. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana stay out of this yet. But already, the families ruling the latter two are supplicants of the BJP on the big issues that really matter to it. Just like in Odisha.

Other possibilities? Change the leadership of Congress. Let Rahul Gandhi go. Who would replace him? Some would say his sister, some would want no Gandhi. There is also a suggestion that the Congress re-consolidate, bringing in all of the prodigals — Mamata, Sharad Pawar, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, even the Sangmas. But have you asked them if this is what they’d want? And even if they agree, who would lead them?

All of this is pure fantasy at this point. All of it involves too many assumptions, too much wishful thinking, too many moving parts to build a functioning machine. Which brings us to a concept, quite familiar to the smarter people I believe, but which I was told about just the other day. Collateral benefit of a visit to the India International Centre lounge after five months. It is called Occam’s Razor.

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Now, William of Occam (also spelt Ockham), born circa 1285 AD in England, grew to be an Anglican priest and was no rationalist. He developed a theory, instead, to justify and rationalise divine miracles.

His idea — when there were many competing theories to predict what might happen, or why something happened, then the simplest of these was going to be correct. To make it simpler still, the fewer assumptions you needed to make in arriving at a conclusion, the more plausible it would be.

Conversely, if you made too many assumptions, you were going to go wrong. He used it so often, and was so successful with his future-gazing, that this was immortalised as the principle of Occam’s Razor. Presumably because he used it as often as a man might use a razor.

My interlocutor applied this principle to future politics in India. And as we tossed many scenarios for 2024, he said, see which is the one with the fewest assumptions? It is Modi coming back to power with another full majority. Every other permutation fails the test of Occam’s Razor. Which sent me scurrying to Uncle Google to read up a bit.

If you keep it simple, therefore, toss all wishful thinking, and look back on your own political history, you might see some light. In India, a really popular and well-entrenched leader is not defeated by a rival. This is irrespective of which side of the fight a Gandhi is on. Such a leader has to defeat himself or herself, as with Indira Gandhi in 1977 and Rajiv in 1989. Even Atal Bihari Vajpayee lost in 2004 not to a defined challenger but to his own party’s double-edged arrogance of advancing an election and then declaring ‘India Shining’ much too prematurely.

So, what do you do then if you can’t stand Modi and do not have a Green Card ready? Do you wait for him to defeat himself? Or, go beyond wishful thinking and do something different, harder? The conventional way to fight a popular, strong leader is to find another leader with charisma, ambition, endless patience and a new idea. If politics is a mega market place, you need product differentiation. Unless all of that comes together, Modi is impregnable. You can pray to your favourite god and hope he will defeat himself like those in the past we just named.

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  2. India will remain poor and a highly backward third world country because it too involves too many assumptions to not to be other than that. And indeed it has remanied like that in the last 6 years. Bharat vaasiyo “acche din” k khwab dekhna bhul jao, “man ki baat” hi tumre naseeb m hai.

  3. Mr. SG, you have pointed out three of Modi’s big failures : economy, handling of Covid and China. You have not pointed out the damage Modi has inflicted on the social fabric of the country. In fact, Modi has no achievements to point out (unless you count this electioneering successes).

    You should leave it at that. Point out the failures and demand accountability. Don’t write about how the public supports Modi and does not demand accountability. As an educated person, what is your use if you in the media do not demand accountability ? It is an essential part of governance. If you demand accountability, others will join you.

    Your paper gives 70% space to RSS fellows to write fanciful articles eulogising Modi. You may think that this is being fair. If you write 3 critical articles, you have to compensate with 7 articles glorifying Modi. Or is it fear that Modi may harass you ? It comes out as sycophancy and cowardice. The RSS articles in The Print are ludicrous. For example the RSS ideologue Chari telling us China is retreating with its tail down, and India is pushing China into a corner with some naval excercises with the US etc. Why do you give space to such nonsense ?

    Learn from N. Ram, editor of The Hindu. He has a stand against fascism and hate based politics, he argues against it, and he does not try to compensate for it by inviting the RSS to write alternative facts.

    In summary, you are not vile and servile like Arnob Goswami, but you are a fence sitter. You know Modi is a failure and is incapable, but you are not prepared to say that, just because he won elections.

    • Even demanding accountability somehow works in favour of Modi. Just like 5PM debates on whatever topic. I am exasperated and have stopped wasting my reasoning on Modi and bhakts. The romantic relation between him and bhakts can only be broken by a much more handsome and good looking leader, certainly not by a Pappu type. This romantic relation was never about vikas, not even his hindu image. People just love his manhood, consciously or subconsciously. But Yes, in the beginning, his hindu image helped him rise to the fame in 2002 and made him a national figure. But then Modi and his PR technique, his ability to maintain distance from people and yet worshipped like god are something unprecedented. Remember God never shows up to his whorshipers and certainly never takes up questions from the press. God knows if he does then he will become a human. Have you seen Modi ever among our people, in our villages, or any other place other than high, election pedestal delivering his sermons and entertaining people. But sometimes just like Pappu and his family used to eat with poor families, he washes feet of some poor men if election is nearby. On other days touring the world.

      Modi and Shah have succesfully run this media taming, hindu-muslim polarising, and building a vikas purus persona combletely on Modi looks and PR technique model, also called The Gujarat Model first in Gujarat for 15 years and then 6 years nationally. He will keep winning and harming India all round as long he is young and handsome.

      And to those 23 foolish congress grumpy old dissenters, yearning for a national union of secular forces (i.e. caste and minority appeasors family units), one thing is sure if that happens Modi will win even bigger than 2019. More handsome and more manhood. Where is that man?

      • I don’t know if Modi’s appeal is handsomeness. Sometimes he looks handsome due to his dress, sometimes he has an ape like appearance when he speaks.

        Anyway, I do not believe that handsomeness is Modi’s attraction for Hindus. They are attracted due to only one reason : he beat up the Muslims in 2002 and did not hide it. He made the Hindus feel powerful.

        Vikas and the rest are non-issues for Hindus.

  4. India has become a Hindu Fascist state where the Hindu nationalist party can stay in power as long as it beats up its minorities and gives Hindus their superior status and power to abuse others. The economy will fall, Covid19 will grow, Hindu terrorism will continue, China will continue to take more land, the poor will get poorer but none of this matters. Hindus can beat up on Muslims, so they will approve.
    Just like Trump’s white nationalist America but a Hindu version. Same crazy cult-like support also!

    • Correctly said. There is no mystery on Modi’s support : the attraction is the delusion of Hindu supremacy. It is the same as Hitler’s Aryan supremacy around which Germans rallied till the world ended it.

      The analogy with America and white nationalism is also correct. In fact, white nationalist groups now look to the RSS as a model to grow themselves; just like the RSS once looked to German Nazism for a growth model ! The white nationalists will of course beat up Hindus in their countries once the time comes.

      • Weren’t those white nationalists of America always beating up hindus (err…..Indians – most white nationalists are largely not even aware that there is a distinct religion called Hinduism) whenever the chance presented itself ?

        • Correct, but our Hindu Trumpists do not understand that, they think the white nationalists will only come after Muslims.

    • Well Muslims are getting beaten in all non-muslim majority countries,but atleast not being killed like they kill non-muslims in islamic countries.Till the time there are jihadi sympathisizers,and sickulars,BJP will win,and it should win

      • Which non-Muslim majority countries are Muslims getting beaten ? Care to list them Anonymous? Could you list afew places in Western Europe, USA/Canada and Australia/NewZealand where this happens systematically? Yes, there was an attack in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2019 which resulted in the deaths of about 51 persons.

        Yes there is Islamophobia in many Western countries, just as there is anti-Semitism, racism, misogyny etc. etc. But it is not the existence of this sort of bigotry that is worrying, but the state response to such incidents. The state comes heavily down upon perpetrators of these crimes and protects minorities or whichever group is targeted. The state does not garland murderers as Harcrad educated Union Minister Jayant Sinha did to gaurakshaks convicted – I re-iterate convicted – of the murder of a Muslim cattle trader. Likewise, the state does not permit hate speech by prominent politicians and comes down heavily upon people who indulge in it. But in India, Amit Shah can get away with calling Muslims “termites” to to be dumped into the Bay of Bengal; BJP MP Tejaswi Surya can tweet hate speech and get away with it. Dr Mayaben Kodnani could lead a crowd that murdered her own constituents in Naroda Patiya and still get appointed Minister of Women and Child Development by then CM Modi. She was convicted and sentenced in 2012 but then, with the BJP government in power, she was acquitted in 2018.

        Under the BJP, the Indian state’s tolerance and tacit support to crimes perpetrated on minorities, particularly Muslims is what sets the state apart from most Western democracies. Indeed that is what makes Modi’s India very similar to Islamic Pakistan.

        As regards non-Muslims in Islamic countries, if I restrict myself to the countries where most Indians work such as the Middle-East, I doubt that there are instances of Indians getting killed with the support of the state. And no, I do not for a moment allege that these countries are tolerant. The bulk of the Islamic world is intolerant towards other religions and they are certainly not democracies.

        As regards your claim that “jihadi sympathisizers,and sickulars” are the reason why the BJP wins, well that is rather naïve isn’t it ? The BJP won only 37% of the popular vote in India and at least 63% rejects that fascist party. Of course, there will be people like you who endorse fascism and violence against Muslims. But then who said that democracy always produces the best results all the time ?

        As the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) said:

        “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve”

      • ‘but atleast not being killed like they kill non-muslims in islamic countries…’

        I did not hear of any Hindus being killed in Saudi, UAE… These are big dens where the RSS raises funds. I read the UAE and Kuwait deported some for misusing social media to post hate – but they did not kill them. In India, mobs would have been set loose.

        India is the worst country – due to Hindus only.

    • Left And Secular does not go together. Pseudo secular does. Its the stupidity of the left that helps modi win. Left does not follow its own ideologies and therefore is hypocrite. Hence they are not qualified enough in the eyes of common people who are receiving at least some benefits under Modi government.

  5. Two reasons Guptaji to explain the so-called conundrum you have posed. I guess you too have reached your wit’s end.

    Why people of Bharat are “still invested” in Modi?

    First, Sonia Gandhi. Saint Sonia, anointed thus by lapdog Outlook editor Vinod Mehta, in her 10 years through puppet Manmohan tried desperately to eradicate Hindus. Therefore puppet Manmohan’s “minorities have the first right on nation’s resources” and give a free rein to Jehadis, 26/11 being only a grim episode in this policy.

    Two, Saint Sonia teaming up with leftist sickulars, and the Pope to launch full scale assault on Hindus — billion of souls to be harvested.

    Leftists through their poison foisted sickularism – a thinly disguised anti-Hindu ideology.

    The awakening of the people of India have thankfully made the sickulars and Hindu baiting librandus run for cover.

    May they be vanquished for ever!

    • Oh what a mastery of television channel labels!
      Though, a few have been missed; it could have brought in even more impact.

    • Wah ! Thumps up to you. Days of fake secularism’ is over. Please of India have realized that had BJP was not in power, Hindus would have to wait for another 500 years to get Ram Mandir build. In fact, Scamgress and Leftist went on to file an affidavit in Supreme court that Ran did not exist in a sinister plan to strengthen Masjid case. People has seen through their ‘secularism’.

    • ‘Why people of Bharat are “still invested” in Modi?’

      The answer is very simple : Hindu communalism. Modi beat up Muslims and that appeals to Hindus.

      Everything else is a failure as SG pointed out : economy, Covid handling and China. Still, as SG pointed out Hindus (and only Hindus) will vote for Modi in the next election. So what is the appeal ? It is Hindu communalism.

      China will kick the Hindu into the gutter, but the Hindu will be lying there and reciting Modi’s brainwashing : Hindus are the vishwa guru and have become a superpower.

      Hindu nashe main hain – zara nashe uttarney do !

    • Howdi Mr Mandal !!

      You bray:

      “.. Leftists through their poison foisted sickularism – a thinly disguised anti-Hindu ideology. ..”

      So what should secularism be replaced by ? Any suggestons? Manu Smriti? Sharaiah like they do in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia ? Or the more extreme version that the Taliban have in Afghanistan?

      You talk of the “awakening of the people of India” . Well since you are awake and now have received the much ballyhooed Rs 15 lacs thanks to efforts of the pracharak, go out and check the unemployment data, the decline in FDI, the economic doldrums that the country is in, the social unrest, the massive job losses in the informal sector and other developments in Ram Rajya. In the meantime, also talk to the Chinese and ask them how much territory they grabbed from India thanks to the belligerent sabre rattling by Amit Shah in Parliament last year. And do also have a chat with another Gujarathi called Anil Ambani, a man whose NPAs will be financed by people like you and a man who now has the lucrative maintainance contract for the Rafales .

      Common people like you have been vanquished. Hopefully, not for ever.

        • Can’t muster any counter-arguments ? Didn’t get much help from your gaurakshak buddies in formulating a response to my comment ? Is that why you go about tagging comments as opposed to debating a dissenting point of view ? Admittedly, the medication you take for the impotence between your legs will not help you tackle the intellectual impotence between your ears… But still, make an effort …

  6. Hitler never had a perceivable opponent during his regime. In spite of that his reign came to an end within 10 to 12 years. He must have dreamt to be in power at least to the natural end of life. We know how it ended. No one had to work towards that. It fell due to its own contradictions. This is always the case when people think they are invincible.

    • A truly thought provoking comment Mr Valerian Menezes.

      Hitler’s Thousand Year Reich was smashed to smithereens in less than 2 decades. But it left behind many millions dead, the indelible stain of the Holocaust on the German nation and the very destruction of Germany the country. A generation had to endure the immediate humiliation heaped upon the German people by the victors of WW 2 and ordinary families had to endure the pain of a Germany split into Eastern and Western halves. And then the crimes visited upon Jews, Poles, Russians, gypsies, homosexuals, the concentration camps and other manifestations of an ideology of hate viz. Nazism.

      India is not in an entirely dissimilar state. After all, the RSS from where Modi emerges was also based on the ideologies of Hitler and Mussolini. And just as Nazism identified Jews as the cause of all of Germany’s problems, Hindutva too has a target: Muslims and to a lesser extent Christians. Whilst I am certain that India might see many more pogroms of the Godhra type but no Holocaust type genocides, the trends are no less worrying. Camps are being built to incarcerate Muslims, the CAA has been passed without as much as a whymper and Amit Shah has identified Muslims as termites to be thrown into the Bay of Bengal. The parallels are there.

      But one hopes that Indian voters realise that Ram Rajya – whatever it is – does not necessarily sweep over India because the foundation stone of the Ram Temple has been laid. And the Chinese have certainly not been scared of that either and have refused to vacate the territory that they have grabbed from India. Modi sits firmly in his throne as of now, thanks to some spectacularly shrewd image management, headline and hype based governance and a few stunts like Howdy Modi. Of course aided and abetted by legions of middle class, upper caste Hindu bhakths.

      But, as the English novelist & essayist George Orwell (1903-50) said:

      “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible”

    • ‘Hitler never had a perceivable opponent during his regime.’

      That is not correctly put. Hitler acquired the power and the violent mobs to crush all opponents. The communists, liberals, Jews and minorities, and intellectuals were killed or they had to emigrate. Germany lost its finest scientists like Einstein. I am sure you know.

      But you are correct, the Thousand year Reich only lasted 12 years. Fascism has failed everywhere, and India will not be an exception. But most Hindus do not understand this. Even many Germans did not accept they followed a monster; some even after the fall of the Nazi state could not accept they were wrong Who likes to admit they followed wicked people ?

      In Hitler’s case, his fascist set-up was destroyed by the effort of Britain, Soviet Union and the US. That is because Germany waged war with its neighbours. The country got divided for nearly 50 years, but the Germans reformed, so the allies agreed on German unification.

      However, the eventual fall of fascism in India will be along the lines of Yugoslavia which became seven countries due to the Serbian fascists, Milosevic and Karadizc. Here, the fascists waged a war in their own state, and they did not invade other countries. India is similar to Yugoslavia, Modi and Shah, are like Milosevic and Karadzic with their militias Like Yugoslavia, India will break apart into several states. Surprisingly PV Narasimha warned against Balkanisation of India like Yugoslavia – although he was one of the catalysts for that Balkanisation.

      Once India breaks up, it cannot be re-united like Germany. By the time Hindus realise (if they ever do) that fascism does not work, India will be in too many different parts, whereas Germany was in two parts that both spoke German. India is a multi ethnic and multi religious society, so only a Yugoslavian break up is possible in India.

  7. On this mystery of how Modi messed up the economy, mishandled Covid, and showed cowardly withdrawal after the Chinese attack, yet his popularity has held or increased, opposition disarray is a small factor. However, that is not the dominant factor.

    Who is Modi popular with ? Hindus – and only Hindus. The Sikhs, Muslims, Christians etc. can perfectly see and say that Modi messed up the economy, mishandled Covid, and showed cowardly withdrawal after the Chinese attack, and should be held accountable. The minorities do not think there is no one else who can rule. Most Hindus are unable to accept this. It is a loss of face for them.

    In the India Today survey, if they had put the following questions, the mystery would clear :

    Do you feel Modi stands up for Hindus ? Do you appreciate Modi for showing the Muslims their place ?

    We know what the answer of most Hindus would be. There is no mystery. Just ask the right questions !

    Modi understands the Hindu psyche. He is the Hindu psyche. The fact is most Hindus will cut their nose to spite their face. They do not mind if Modi messed up the economy, mishandled Covid, and showed cowardly withdrawal after the Chinese attack – as long as Modi showed Muslims in India what their place is. On the first three, his bhakths will say Modi made India a vishwa guru, other Hindus will say Modi inherited problems from 70 years, he is trying his best, he needs more time, there is no body else etc. – as SG found when he asked people. But on Muslims, Hindus see a tangible success that resonates with them. That is the reason Modi is impregnable.

  8. Very intriguing
    When we have a majority Government, media isn’t happy…majoritarian they say… (I wonder what is caste (majority) based politics and Governance…)
    When there is a functional Government the media is not happy….
    When there is a strong leader the media is not happy…..
    …and so on….
    Fortunately, or unfortunately, the traditional media is becoming increasingly irrelevant. I have not read a newspaper for years. I have not tuned into prime-time TV too for years. I don’t miss it. I get more “news” than I can digest in the digital media, where I can express my views too. (Like The Print, for whatever it is worth)
    Thankfully such media and the handful of “experts” and “commentators” have limited reach. Also, people (78%?) have seen through this attempt by the media (the agenda is not particularly anti or pro anything) to seek preservation and relevance by “boiling the Ocean”. Can’t blame them
    The Indian today is more influenced by what he sees in her physical vicinity and feels than by what she hears.
    Yeah, more power to the people.

    • You are trying to pull a fast one.

      ‘When we have a majority Government, media isn’t happy…’

      With a majority, we expect even more performance. SG pointed out just 3 key failures : economy , Covid and China. There are many other failures.

      ‘When there is a functional Government the media is not happy….’

      It is a dysnfunctional government. The handling of Covid with no peaking in the curve and an unplanned lockdown in 4 h shows that. There are only 3 countries where the Covid curve is rising without peak. All others have brought it down. After China took land, Modi said nothing happened – functioning government ?

      You proudly say ‘Fortunately, or unfortunately, the traditional media is becoming increasingly irrelevant. I have not read a newspaper for years. ‘

      I guess you now rely on Whats App university run by the BJP’s IT cell. It is designed for low IQ Hindus, of which there are many.

      The reason Hindus support Modi is Hindu communalism – and nothing else. Somehow you want to pretend otherwise. You wrote humbug about how India got left behind and has to run to catch up – as if Modi is running and catching up.

      Modi has sold low IQ Hindus like you delusions that you are catching up, you have become the vishwa guru and the world is in awe of the Hindus. But SG has pointed out the failure using three metrics – economy, Covid and China.

      With Hindus like you in the army, it is no wonder China could walk all over and take land. You and Modi represent India’s failure.

      • You are tyring to pull a fast one too …
        hindus are communal !!!
        dont brand hindu society as communal. they may have voted bjp to power. but can you call them communal. how many attempts did it take for bjp to come to power. how many years (or centuries) did ram mandir case run. muslims have an equal role in pushing middle class hindus towards bjp and away from congress. now congress has been penalized for standing firm on secularism. eventually congress would prevail. muslims can help it by behaving or showing a bit of secularism by vacating hindu places of worship. hindus always are pained to see their holiest of places having to share space with mosques.
        muslims and christians can also show some nationalism or secularism by asking for reversing cow laws. playing victim is not enough. you should be more vocal at the right forum. what is the point if some one is beaten up for cow slaughter when it is already illegal. illegality has to be contested. what secular india needs is enlightened and reformist minorities.

        • ‘what is the point if some one is beaten up for cow slaughter when it is already illegal.’
          Hindus in Bengal, Kerala, NE etc. eat beef, so don’t impose your cow belt Hinduism on others.
          India is biggest beef exporter. Some of the top beef exporters are RSS Hindus. Besides, where do you think the cows are going when they grow old ? For some time Yogi posed about cow shelters.

          The farmers used to get 40,000 per cow when they sold it. Now the Sanghis themselves ship them to Bangladesh and the Hindu farmer gets 2000. The BSF and all other are bribed and cooperate and take a cut. The losers are farmers and small time butchers. The gainers are are big business Hindus and Bangladesh.

          Now, BJP has come, Hindus are communalised permanently, and they have lost reasoning power. Hindus are breeding violent men and rapists. You have become the worst community in India. The Sikhs produced Dr. MMS and the Muslims Dr. Kalam, Christians educate people. Hindus produce chai wallah with forged degree, a fake encounter specialist and a Yogi with a criminal record. That is why India has decayed.

          • I welcome you to contest the cow laws. In fact my point was minorities are not doing enough in terms of political or judicial activism. Congress has been painted to a corner by bjp precisely for standing up for the minorities.
            You may say what you want about the hindus, but this country is of majority hindus and has been progressing in leaps and bounds until recently. If you think the other separated piece of india is doing better, good luck to you.

        • Hindus are very much communal. If communal means conflict among different sections of communities. In India communalism should be called casteism properly. And India has been heavily invested in that since the last 2500 years. And with its began the decline of the great Indus valley civilisation to the degenerated. impoverished and primitive nation of today’s India

          Are you a fool. Have you ever thought why Buddhism flousrished everywhere except in India, where it was pretty much buried under the ground. We are those people who socialise with our neibhours and then, at the same time, hang Nimbu-Mirchi outside the door and play black magic spells among our own people. How Disgusting!

      • Rasgolla….You seem to be a frustrated little guy with so many comments!…Do you spend your entire day replying to Modi supporters?..I hope you dont waste your time buddy….BJP is gonne be here till 2050, like it or not

        • ‘BJP is gonne be here till 2050….’

          Are you confident India is going to be there in 2050 ? I see NE will go to China, Kashmir is uncontrollable, RSS fellows have started making noise to impose Hindus and South is protesting, so the South will want to separate from the cow belt, and in the cow belt there will be civil war between Hindus and Muslims.

          Many countries that existed like the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia have come and gone, I see India will go the same way – because Hindus do not have the capacity to unite, they have a divisive streak in them.

          No Modi supporter has been able to reply to me.

  9. Modi appeals to the poor of this country, the lower middle class and some section of the middle class and upper middle class. The people who have commented here are clearly in middle to upper middle class category, A house help voted for him because she got a 4 lak loan to build a house, a daily wager votes becuase he got a toilet in his house and he didn’t have to climb a tree to “sh*t” becuase he was scared water logging could bring in snakes. The people commenting here are the 2-3 percent of tax paying Indians. Thank you tax payers. You need to get out of the comfort of your home to see the change modi has brought at a booth level. There are tremendous changes , many of us may not agree with his style of governance or politics but that doesn’t mean we must close our eyes and not acknowledge the reality. Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean he’s not doing a good job. A section of India loves him, a section of India hates him, tough luck! The Muslims, most of my friends do not like him, they have blindly opposed every single word uttered by him, I see a new modi meme everyday on their Instagram and FB and WhatsApp status messages. Again that’s their view , they have all the right to express it, the Christian’s hate modi too, most of them, again that’s fine, a section of Hindus hate him too. In a country like India you will find all this.and more. As it stands today, there is NO one capable enough to stand against modi, he has put India on the world map, he has made indians proud. In all my travels, whenever I ask, “what do you know about India?” The answer was always “Shah Rukh Khan/Bollywood” , today they say “Modi” . Good or bad , we don’t know, everyone has their own perspective. He is here to stay and he will go when he decides to step down. Rahul Gandhi is no match, you can’t get an under 13 player to face Wasim Akram. Under 13 players will definitely learn as they grow older and play more, but RG has failed and failed and failed again. The old guard is using him as a bakra and they want the congress to implode, it is working well. BJP promotes talent and young Turks, congress promotes the Nehrus and Vadras. God only knows how the Nehrus became Gandhis, that’s a topic for another day. I would like to see a powerful opposition party but the selfish congress has made it a joke.

    • “The Print ” want to remove Modi. But Indian citizens want Modi to continue as PM for the next 10 more years.

    • ‘A house help voted for him because she got a 4 lak loan to build a house, a daily wager votes becuase he got a toilet in his house and he didn’t have to climb a tree to “sh*t” becuase he was scared water logging could bring in snakes. The people commenting here are the 2-3 percent of tax paying Indians. Thank you tax payers. You need to get out of the comfort of your home to see the change modi has brought at a booth level. There are tremendous changes’

      Don’t get carried away. Hindus voted for Modi because he makes them believe he is ‘standing up for Hindus against Muslims’. Subramaniam Swamy said the BJP cannot win on development, Hindutva or ‘Hindu first’ is the winning formula. He is a honest Brahmin – even if wicked.

      ‘In all my travels, whenever I ask, “what do you know about India?” The answer was always “Shah Rukh Khan/Bollywood” , today they say “Modi” . ‘

      Again don’t get carried away. The people you asked that question will be Hindu NRIs and Hindus of Indian origin. For the westerner, India is a nation of poverty and squalor has not changed due to Modi. How can that change when the economy has gone down ? Plus some newspaper or other in the west is publishing on communal riots, rapes, attacks on Muslims and Christians, RSS etc.. Time magazine’s title article was ‘Modi, Divider in Chief’. People have seen the BBC interview with Ram Madhav on Hindu Nazism.

      So get real. No doubt Modi can win a majority again, but don’t attribute it to achievement, ascribe it to the reality : Hindu communalism. And forget about the world admiring India or Hindus. It is not going to happen. People admire countries with fell fed, educated people, good law and order, and strong economy and technology.

    • Everybody loved Atal Bihari Vajpayee without condition, even those who voted him out.

      Modi at best is an incompetent leader. Your opinion is completely baseless and delusional. Remember China grew at 2 digit figure for 25 years continously to become what it is today. India on the other hand has come to below 4 percent figure even before the lockdown. China, 5 times bigger economy is still growing at 6%. Modi’s execution of his policies has been terrible, because of his snobbish, bootlicking behaviour. He is a coward, obsequious and unprincipled person. Kitna bhi kuch ho ant m GDP growth m reflect hona hi padega, or ab to 6 saal ho gaye.

      Are election to Lalu bhi jeeta tha 15 saal lagataar. Or left 35 saal lagatar. Loan pehle bhi lete the log. Banks Modi nahi chala raha hai pichle 50 saalo se. Or kaheka 4 lakh ka loan. Kaha mil raha hai bhai batao zara hum bhi le. Raha sandass ka bat taxpayers ka paisa flush kr diya modi bina flush k toilet m. Are 50% se jyada toilets khandhar ban chuka hai already. Are public ka paisa mile to koi kuch bhi bana sakta hai, 3000 crore ka statue bhi, usme kya hai. Sustainable banana challenge hai jo ki modi k short sighted mind k bas k bahar hai. Usko khali election jeetna aata hai apne liye petty sympathy gain krna. Meri Ma bartan dhoti thi doosro k ghar m. Bahut logo ki dhoti hai sabko PM bana do.

  10. These days any comment one makes on Modi, the person is categorised either as a bhakt or a hater.I am neither.Having watched the indian political scene over all the past prime ministers,my take on Modi is like this..He comes through as an honest person, motivated by no other considerations of self aggrandissment , party or caste. , he is seen as hard working, sincere in his beliefs and , most important has self belief. Fo too long we have been fed on prime ministers who seemed to be busy building images of themselves which were larger than least the first prime minister behaved like he was leader of th eworld than India. Then we had some whose tnure was too short to talk about. One of them who had a long tenure ssemed to work like a bureaucrat than a leader. Tentative, hesitant, he seemed to be keeping the chair warm for someone else.then we also had a young man who was more impetuous and gave an impression that he was going by the advice that had no foundation except self interest.
    We also had alady in the position for long. Unfortunately her regime was marred by charges of dynastic rule wherein country’s interest appeared secondary.
    With this as the background ,one does not need to be a poltical analyst to see the strengths from which Modi is working.One strength which is not highlighted is his brevity in communication.Indian politicians ,as a rule talk too much.
    Any person who can work on the lines mentioned above can be a good foil for Modi.
    Unfortunately asking questions like arun shourie did during Bofors days is not inspiring confidence. lastly, There is an economic vision which has not found many takers. none the less it is there. Unfortuntely the other contestents in the areana seem to have nothing to offer except doling out public money.
    The opponents have a long and hard road ahead.

    • ‘These days any comment one makes on Modi, the person is categorised either as a bhakt or a hater. I am neither.’

      You are a bahkth. Only a bhakth would write ‘He comes through as an honest person, motivated by no other considerations of self aggrandissment , party or caste. , he is seen as hard working, sincere in his beliefs and , most important has self belief. ‘

      Modi arose to prominence because he beat up the Muslims in Gujarat. He used the VHP to send sudra kar sevaks on trains, had them burnt, blamed Muslims, and then unleashed Hindu mobs on the Muslim minority and asked the police to stand by. A honest person does not do that. Modi is a cynical, cruel Hindu. You know all this, you are just a duplicitous upper caste bhakth.

      SG has pointed out his failures : Modi dashed the economy, he has been disorganised with Covid relief, and with China, he has shown the familiar Hindu cowardice.

      Thus, Modi is a disgrace to Hindus and to India. You are disgraceful because you eulogise criminals.


    • How damn right you are !!!! Actually the WHOLE media was with congress Because they believed in the so called secular congress ideology. Just because Modi has been voted by the people twice, the media has now thrown in the towel and unhappily reflecting public opinion. You forgot times of india. The editor wrote a headline saying that govt (unfairly) blames pakistan for pulwana terror attack. The word unfairly was implied. The public came to beat up the editor or Pune edition, they had to call the police. Anybody knew this? CONCEALED by the media

  12. Hello Mr gupta
    I like your writing usually. But why do you write an article wistfully imagining how modi is to be defeated? Please don’t take politics as a sport. There are many great problems – but unless you and me are ready to dedicate ourselves to becoming better leaders, why rant at present leadership which many believe to be quite good?

    Beyond the cynical political journalism, at times people connect with the intent of a leader which they feel to be mostly good. There is no analysing that.

    Needs to do is TO COME BACK TO POWER

    1) Declare he will control population by implementing population control measures strictly.

    2) He will ensure that scienctific education will be prioritised over religious beliefs. Religion to be a personal choice.

    3) No proselytizing activities will be allowed. NO ‘”ROME RAJYA OR GHAZWA E HIND ” IN INDIA .

    4) GIVING benefits and government posts to Undereducated jhollawallas and rent a journalist would not be a state policy.

    5) NO political phone banking.

    Start with these and political benefits will accrue.

  14. Instead of pointing fingers at voters, why not those who can’t stand him point it at them? Ask in what way they are better than him in many areas? National security: Do they have a cohesive ideas for next 20-30 years? Are they at least making effort to increase indigenous productions? Can they stand up to China? It doesn’t help to see your anointed leader sitting on a table and signing extra-national agreement with a govt. (China party is govt.). You don’t cast doubt on your government’s effort even before the blood strains dry. Corruption : Every single Party in the opposition is controlled by dynasties and has a indelible the shadow of corruption is cast on them. Secularism: Gimmicks of the opposition during last electing proved they are not sincere to the cause as they know their brand of secularism is highly flawed. Under cover of it, many benefitted, none more than than foreign funded evangelicals. In states like TN, this has drawn the attention of people. Even today, they demand tolerance from only one religion. Nationalism: Utopian left leaning liberal who read more international history and philosophy than Indian, may think it’s a old fashioned idea. But reality, especially in today’s world where most nation states are realizing the danger of modern day colonization, it is important for each country to define its own nationalism. It has be something tangible, not based on some utopian concept that does not resonate with masses. Again, Modi is keeping it simple with Sanadana Dharma, which does not exclude any religion or sect. This is almost same as secularism, except it’s our own version, unlike the previous brand of secularism this does not alienate one. Also, it is a litmus test to those who put religion above nation.

    Above all, India’s heroes are known for their moral virtues than bravery. The same reason Sadhus are more revered, Gandhi is more popular than Bose. Modi may support Bose and Shivaji but Indians like Modi more for his moral righteousness, which none, not one of the opposition can match.

    • ‘Indians like Modi more for his moral righteousness, which none, not one of the opposition can match.’

      You mean Hindus like Modi for his moral righteousness in beating up the Muslim minority in 2002.

      Don’t use the term ‘Indian’ as cover. Call it Hindu. ‘Indian’ includes Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.

    • it is the propaganda which has belittled the efforts of missionaries. whatever is the motive of the missionaries, it is not morally or legally wrong. if many dalits have changed their religion for a better lifestyle it isn’t sin. a considerable percentage of population has availed missionary hospitals without having to change their religion. is there any parallel of hindu organizations serving selflessly.

  15. This article is a good example of how after 6 years indian journalists still failed to understand how modi government works.
    You have no idea about the ground realities.
    Pandemic has affected entire world. Economy of the world has slowed down.
    Unemployment of France, Sweden,Spain,Italy etc. is over 10%. Do you see their media writing such shit articles?
    Govt didn’t create the pandemic people are not going to blame them.

  16. Everytime you hate Narendra Modi, just think of the Islamic Expansion, the Islamic Ghettos and the Muslim Umma who can come together and attack any country which speaks a word against Muslims.

    We haven’t yet seen the ISIS and Taliban style terrorism in India yet, but it is not far. The enemies of peace are waiting for an opportunity to strike. Most of the political parties in India will prefer an appeasement politics. The only party which will rise to the occasion is the BJP and a strong leader like Narendra Modi.

    I am more worried about what will happen after Modi finishes all his terms and retires. India needs a strong leader like him. It is just a matter of time that he will encash the opportunity that Covid has given to snatch businesses and manufacturing from China, but the bigger question is are we Indians ready to take it ahead. Do we have enough skills. Are our youths unnecessarily indulging into politics and drudgery and loose talks ?

    Do we want to see Pappu becoming the PM of India or Asiduddin Owaisi or Mamta Banerjee ? Amrinder Singh – may be, Shashi Tharoor – may be.

  17. The author, a well known Modi basher started with a wrong premise, India is hurting. The article is not worth reading after the first sentence. Most of the Indians, specially the discerning ones, here the author is excluded, realized the pandemic and the conflict with China are not the makings of Modi. The migrant labor have been helped by the government, the Railways, NGOs and the public at every step and they acknowledged it. Disregard the misinformation provided by Congress and the liberal lobby.
    To put it in a nutshell, the author has lost his plot and should start afresh again.

  18. Occam’s razor is not meant to be a way of choosing between hypotheses that make different predictions. It says that when competing hypotheses make the same prediction, one should select the one with the fewest assumptions.

  19. Oh no. In six years the economy went into the gutter. And all our neighbours are with China. Next four years or nine years will be the same. Reminds one of another popularly elected leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who brought the oil rich country to its knees in fifteen years.

  20. Its all about hatred for Muslims, they will vote for anybody as long as he or she appeals to their sadistic tendencies

    • You summed it correctly in one sentence but they will never state or admit that is the only reason they support Modi. SG avoids mentioning the obvious. In a poll, they should ask the question ‘how much of your support for Modi is because he beat up Muslims ?’

      • You know the answer, so why do you ask ?

        No one said all Hindus are sadistic, but sadistic Hindus are ruling India. That is the fact, why do you object to it being pointed out ?

        The minorities are not at all in this government.

  21. A trend (in this case Modi) when it takes hold, becomes inexorable for as long as it last. This is true erywhere, not just in India. And to answer your question, “Are the people nuts then?”, yes people are nuts everywhere! The only thing is, they appear to be the nuttiest in India. The irony of democracy is that, as Lincoln had said, ‘it was of the people, for the people, and by the people’, THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE ALSO THE BEST ARGUMENT AGAINST IT! Who wants democracy? Dp the people even understand what it is? Why give something to someone who doesn’t understand it? Not everything is for everyone. Why entrust the future, the destiny, of country to such ignorant people?

    Because the people are nuts, they elect nuts like them! They elected one such nut, Trump, in America, the world’s oldest democracy! He is hell bent on destroying American democracy. This man has a solid base of 40% voters who is equally hell bent of reelecting him, so that he may complete the destruction of democracy! He has even threatened civil war, if he is not reelected! According to him, his reelection is a given, unless the election is rigged against him! He has said that he may not accept the election result if he is defeated! There are those who are afraid that he may refuse to vacate the White House, if he doesn’t accept the election result. He is openly sabotaging the US postal service by refusing to approve funds for it so that it can take on the extra load of handling the mail-in votes. Respected New York Times columnist and Pulitzer prize winner Thomas L. Friedman recently wrote a column dated 19 Aug, and titled, ” Will 2020’s Election Be the End of Our Democracy?” End of American democracy at the hands of a democratically elected American president! Trump is expected to plat every trick written in the book, and even not written in the books, to sabotage the every election of his own country! He had even thought of postponing the November election under the excuse of coronavirus. American election commission refused to do so. His Russian friends may oblige him by interfering in the election, as they did in 2016 election.

    Of course the American democracy would survive Trump. Its democratic institutions are strong. Trump would be gone and forgotten. Another respected columnist of the New York Times, David Brooks, has written this after Trump is defeated and gone: “Donald Trump himself may fume, but hated and alone. The opportunists who make up his administration will abandon him. Republicans will pretend they never heard his name. Republican politicians are not going to hang around a guy they privately hate and who publicly destroyed their majority.”

    I don’t mean to compare Modi with his good friend Trump. As you have said, Modi would be there until he presses the “self-destruct” button, which may happen by 2014. Until then those who don’t like him would have to sweat him out.

    But you do need informed and politically mature electorate. Johnnies may give India its Trump! They are electing MPs with criminal charges against them. And those sadhvis, the terror-charged Pragya Thakur Singh, who was singing paeans of Nathuram Godse. No, the country’s future can’t be entrusted, out of all to Johnnies. Democracy badly needs reforms. President Lincoln had said at the outset of civil war that the constitution was not Baptism with fire, and that he would sabotage it, if necessary, to preserve the (American) Union.

  22. Your biggest winning moment is not when you crossed the finishing line ahead of others or far ahead of others , it actually occurs ; when all your opponents and the spectators believe that you are invincible and impregnable , right when you are lowering your back at the starting spot.

    The facade of impregnability is a very well crafted effort by a big and continuously oiled machine driven by propaganda , intimidation , institutional acquisitions and violence.Such is the power of this propaganda ( through various channels ) that political , administrative , military and diplomatic failure are not seen by populace and they are fed with the heady concoction of majoritarianism , toxic religious resurgence and a false sense of bravado.

    When this happens ( Germany of 1930s , Italy of 1930s or India of late 1970s ) , the intelligentsia tends to fall into the false notion of invincibility and impregnability of the Power , but this evil machine every time , will go down with the combination of common populace realization of the reality and intelligentsia of the society throw away this notion (which is purposefully being seeded into the minds ) and made the general public aware of this evil design and machinery.

    Mr. Gupta , People like you are extremely important in this fight…the effort has to be on , to fight with hope and energy as it is extremely important to save our nation , democracy and culture

    • Shekhar Gupta is part of the problem. Not solution. Part of the machinery creating this fake image. And for his info the mood of the nation Modi survey was manipulated. Read expose on People’s Post India.

    • Very well said Mr Rahul Shrivastava ! There are some very profound observations and ideas in your comment. Your comment is indeed one of the very best I have ever read.

      The 6 years that this RSS pracharak has been in power coincides with failures on many fronts: economic, social and foreign policy. And many of these failures – such as demonetisation – are self-goals, reflecting an autocratic decision-making style with scant regard or respect for experts in say, economics.

      Indeed, an objective economic analysis of the MMS era with the Modi era shows that on 11 out of 15 economic indicators (see ref: , MMS outperformed Modi. Please note that one is now comparing the worst period of MMS with the best period of Modi.

      On the social front, one witnesses tension: with lynchings of Muslims; building of detention camps for Amit Shah’s “termites”; demonstrations against the blatantly discriminatory CAA; the stifling of TV and newspaper outlets critical of the BJP; the promotion of paid news and “journalists” like Arnab Goswami who incite the majority Hindu community and vilify Christians and Muslims; the relentless march to a Hindu Rashtra where everyone else but Hindus, read upper caste Hindus would be de facto second class citizens and many more attempts to polarise the already fractious polity.

      On the foreign affairs front, things are equally bad. Both ex Foreign Minister Sushma Sharma (RIP) and current Foreign Minister Mr Jaishankar Subramaniam are figureheads with real power resting with the 2 Gujarathis at the helm of affairs. So much so that these 2 get snubbed in foreign capitals who know that they must deal with Modi & Shah. But this personalisation of foreign policy has another showmanship dimension. Modi has succeeded in trivialising foreign policy by resorting to silly stunts like Howdy Modi in foreign countries where enterprising Patels cash in on the desi desire to see the Gujarati genius!

      And then we have seen the loss of territory to the Chinese who reacted to Amit Shah’s aggressive speech on Aug 5, 2019 in Parliament where he aggressively shouted that India would reclaim all of occupied Kashmir. Jaishankar Subramanian dashed off to Beijing to assuage them that India did not plan any military moves. Not really placated, the Chinese fired a warning shot and India has lost territory to China.

      Sticking to foreign affairs, one of the worst things that has happened under the Modi watch is the squandering of India’s enormous reserves of “soft power”. Soft power or the attractiveness of a nation rests on its values, culture, political structures etc. India exported yoga, Indian cuisine, Ayurveda, Bollywood and was known for these artefacts. Today, news about India is dominated by one man.

      Of course, the Indian public is in thrall to the Great Gujarathi and believe that he is infallible, invincible and above all is a Muslim basher par excellence. But little of the dismal news on the economy, foreign affairs and social turmoil filters down to the people. Modi manages through headlines, hype and hyperbole and even educated Indians have started to endorse this nonsense.

      As the American astronomer Carl Sagan (1934-96) said:

      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back”

      Applies very much to India under the pracharak.

      And I agree fully with you Mr Rahul Shrivastava. India needs men like Mr Shekar Gupta who call a spade a spade. To save the idea of India and to prevent India from becoming a Hindu Pakistan. Looking forward to reading more comments form you Sir.

      • I am surprised whey educated people fall victim to falsehood. You guys are the problem you do not want a cure you just like to promote one falsehood after that other. your only problem is Public who can see through your falsehoods. If you are so confident, engage in a public debate and come with facts not opinions. fact are where you fail, because all you got is propaganda. All you you suffer from national LOW SELF ESTEEM. Anything India must be bad. If I promote ancient Indian culture and traditions even medical system and exercise, I immediately become a Bhakta. You should learn from Chinese, after you get tired of praising them. China as a state policy always promoted Chinese medical system, martial arts and Chinese culture and history. While we Indian intellectuals and people like you never tire of deriding it. Fortunately ordinary people on street has a clearer vision that our educated folks.

        • Mr Ashok Bhagat: Don’t forget that only 37% of voters voted for the BJP. And most of them were from the Hindi belt.

          Pray point out where have I denigrated ancient Indian culture and traditions? And please stop talking like your Godse worhsipping mentor and BJP MP from Indore Ms Pragya Thakur who says exactly what you say when she was informed that stroking a cow or drinking its urine does not cure cancer. She too retorted that such statements are anti-Hindu.

          Pathetic Mr Ashok Bhagat.

      • Here comes the “know-all” with some pompous quotes just like other similar cry babies. While its one thing that not all of Modi’s actions are praiseworthy (as with any leaders), making out an enormous scammer out of him and painting that whole country is dumb for choosing Modi over pathetic Gandhis’ is nothing short of a self-fulfilling prophecy that will never happen. Textbook definition of autocracy happened during previous UPA ruling and acts like “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence” are nothing short of lunacy that would have made this country a muslim/communist haven. So cry all you want, we know what we are choosing and you have no option but to deal with it.

  23. It’s ridiculous. If somebody is to be replaced, in this case Modi, one needs to place forth the misdeeds of the person; actions taken by him are antisocial etc. One thing has been said, which seems correct; there isn’t any leader who seems putting society, nation first. Unfortunately, we don’t have such a leader as of now. If, fortunately, we get one; Modi (or for that matter ruling party) will be certainly replaced. Most important of all things is ONLY ONE LEADER CAN’T BRING POSITIVE CHANGES. ALL SOCIETY WILL HAVE TO WORK TOWARDS THE GOAL. Any leader in the context of national development is just an instrument. SOCIETY MUST GET INVOLVED AND INSPIRED TO BRING POSITIVE CHANGES AND UPLIFT OF ALL IN THE SOCIETY.

  24. one correction. William of Ockham lived between 1287 and 1347. He would have firmly been a Catholic. Anglicanism only came into existence in 1534 following Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy. you are off by over 200 years!

  25. You wish or not. Modi Will be there for some more time. Means for population control bill , privatisation of all babu sectors , NRC etc. Then he will go.
    People understand what makes economy weak. World wide economy is affected..
    Why you are in so much of pain?
    Just guess who will replace him.
    Ganja master Rahul
    Fight master Didi
    Most corrupt politicians Lalu or Sharad pawar
    Castiest Mayavati

    Why people believe him?
    He is clean
    Not corrupt
    He is not getting good support from his party leaders. They are corrupt
    He can take tough stand
    He is biased toward any community what Congress done for 70 years
    His none of relative become extra rich like VADRA family.
    He follows our sanscriti

    Nothing on earth is parmanent .he will go. His place will be taken by someone more efficient.

    Kejriwal is good bet

  26. Pls read below and u will know why people like modi.

    मैं मानता हूँ “कांग्रेस” सरकार में कुछ कमियां थी …

    ये सच है कि कुछ घोटाले हुए

    ये सच है कि हि’न्दुओ की नही सुनी जाती थी

    ठीक है मानता हूं कि महँगाई 10% से ऊपर थी

    मैं मानता हूं कि आतं’कवादी मजबूत थे

    मैं मानता हूं कि पाकिस्तान और चीन हमारे उपर हावी थे

    मैं मानता हूं कि अलगाववादियों की चलती थी

    मैं ये भी मानता हूँ कि विकास दर मात्र 4% थी

    भगवा आ’तंकवाद को झूठा प्रचार मिला था

    मानता हूं कि विदेशों से परमाणु सौदों में दिक्कत थी

    10 साल तक कोई बड़े हथियार नही खरीदे गए थे

    मानता हूं कि कालाधन की एक पैरेलेल व्यवस्था थी

    कोयला, 2G, कामनवेल्थ में देश का नुकसान हुआ होगा

    माना की चीन ने 4-5 जगह पर कब्ज़ा कर लिया था

    सैनिको की आधारभूत सुविधाएं उन्हें नहीं मिली थी

    माना की सेना का मनोबल बहोत कम था

    माना की A-SAT मिसाइल के परिक्षण की अनुमति नहीं मिली

    माना की नक्सल आतंकवाद चरम पर था

    माना की गाहे बगाहे बम ब्लास्ट हो जाया करते थे

    मानता हूं सेना को OROP नही दे पाए थे

    देश पर विदेशी कर्ज बहोत ही ज्यादा था

    देश में विदेशी निवेश बहोत कम था

    28 किमी की जगह प्रतिदिन 2 ही किमी हाइवे ही बनते थे

    18,000 गावो में बिजली नही थी

    माना की 41 करोड़ लोगों के बैंक अकाउंट नहीं थे

    माना की घर की बिजली अक्सर चली जाया करती थी

    महँगा गैस सिलिंडर लाइन लगाकर लेना पड़ता था

    जनसाधारण लोग खुले में शौच जाते थे

    लाखों करोड़ों के आयल बांड ले लिए गए थे

    माना PM की सुनी ही नहीं जाती थी

    देश का व्यापार घाटा बहोत ही ज्यादा था

    फसल बीमा योजना जैसा कुछ नही था

    माना की Border Road प्रोजेक्ट ठप्प हो गया था

    मानता हूँ की Crude Oil रिज़र्व का काम अधूरा छोड दिया था

    होमलोन 11%थे, मकान बनवाना बहोत महँगा था

    हम मानते है गौ’हत्या करना आसान था

    ये सही है कि जा’किर नाइक बदमाशी करता था

    बुखारी के अनुसार काम होता रहा होगा

    देशविरोधी नारे लगाने पर कार्यवाही नहीं होती थी

    माना की Waterways प्रोजेक्ट ठप्प हो गया था

    विरोधी कभी कभी ति’रंगा भी जला लेते थे

    माना की 10 साल में राफेल नहीं खरीद पाए थे

    माना कांग्रेस ‘राम मंदिर’ और हि’न्दू विरोधी थी

    लेकिन … ये तो मानना पड़ेगा … कि


    क्या आप लोग कांग्रेस के देश पर किये अहसान भूल जाओगे ?

    चीन से पिटे और उसने हमारी जमीन कब्जा की

    कश्मीरी ब्राह्मणों को दिल्ली में सेटल किया

    3 करोड़ बंगलादेशियो को देश मे जॉब दिया

    कश्मीर में आतंकवादियों का शासन स्थापित किया

    सरदारों की जनसंख्या नियंत्रित की

    करोड़ों फर्जी मनरेगा जॉब कार्ड्स जारी किये

    सिंधु नदी के पानी से पाकिस्तान की फसल लहलहाई

    Triple T’alaq बदस्तूर ज़ारी रक्खा

    अफजल गुरु, यासीन मलिक और कसाब को इज्जत बख्शी

    उर्दू को द्वितीय राजभाषा बनाया

    पंचशील सिद्धांत से चीन को काबू में रखा

    शिमला समझौते से पाकिस्तान को पराजित किया

    दामादों को उनका सम्मान दिया

    सबसे बड़ा अहसान तो ये किया कि गाँधी वंश परम्परा को मरने नही दिया

    अब तो होश में आओ …

    अगर प्लेटफॉर्म टिकट 2 रु में चाहते हो तो

    बोलो …

    राहुल भैया की जय

  27. Compare this article with that of T.N.Ninan of Business Standard. Ninan argues, very much convincingly, that Modi sets tall goals and hardly achieves them. One simple example of setting unattainable goal is to bring down Covid -19 death rate from current less than 2 per cent to 1 per cent! Is it feasible? I doubt so. Simple arithmetic tells us this this target is not likely to be achieved, no matter how hard we may try. Let us do some math. Currently total infections are at 29.85 lakh and deaths around 56000, so the death rate is at 1.85%. Ok. Now average infection rate is at 2.5% per day. In 50 days the infection figure will reach 1 crore with compounding. To have 1 per cent death rate we require total deaths at 1 lakh. Thus for additional 70 lakh ( 1 crore less 29.85 lakh) infections, deaths should be around 44000 (1 lakh-56000). Thus the asking rate for the next 50 days would just 0.6%. Is it feasible? No is the common sense answer. Yet people are happy with the pronouncement. See how ambitious and caring he is, they think. But targets are meant to be announced and not to be achieved. Who will remember this statement after 50 days? This is how Modi rules our hearts. Well, this can go on and on. Modi May win 2024 too and to be fair to him, compared with some past PMs he is far better. However, I humbly feel that we Indians deserve something even better. Unfortunately , that is simply not available. Rahul is no match and there is a strong TINA factor. So, be happy and enjoy Modi’s tenure!

  28. You ask common man , why Modi ? He will say “ TiNo” ( there’s no option .)

    You asks journalists /so called intellectuals, they will write a big articles, which at end means “TiNo”.
    Tell us something which we don’t know ..

    What a grand waste of time /talent😂

  29. Fine article Shekharji as always. If we have a political party and leader(s) that breathes economic development; eats, lives, focuses and solely “exists” for economic development in the broad sense covering all key aspects (jobs, inclusive development, technocratic, visionary policies, infra) then that I believe the new gen voters will be best able to connect with.

  30. A great communicator who has succeded in taking the masses into confidence. Talks to people frequently in a convincing and confident way. The average voter gets carried away. How long the majic will last is to be seen. His management of the Covid crisis so far has been commendable,.

  31. Shekhar Gupta has told us why Modi cannot be dislodged. Perhaps, in his next article he will tell us what Modi’s governance, or the lack of it, will cost the nation. To my mind, it is not so much as the economic downturn or the security of the nation that are the prime concern. These can be rectified and have been done so. It is the serious chasm that he has created between the people and the wilful dismantling of the constitutional institutions that are a cause of serious concern. A government that uses the past to justify the present does not have a future.

  32. SG is back to his style of sitting on the fence.

    He knows Modi is a failure : economy, Covid, China.

    But Modi’s rating is high, so he must have some magic. What is the magic ?

    Modi’s support is based on only one factor : Hindu communalism, and beating up Muslims. Hindu sadism has given Hindus a sense of power. SG should declare this – and condemn it, instead of investing Modi with some inexplicable halo.

    N. Ram of ‘The Hindu’ has a clear stand – no matter how many vote for Modi, his position is that it is built on hate and that is damaging to the country.

    The Print like so many papers publish neutral articles but then allow space to RSS fascists to present their line – as if that makes it impartial. N. Ram of ‘The Hindu’ on the other hand does not allow that, so we know what the paper stands for. We do not know what The Print and SG stand for.

    Apart from playing the Hindu card against Muslims, Modi/BJP-RSS have worked out a formula for long stay. One is to strike an alliance with the corrupt Gujarati business class – Ambanis and Adanis. Get them to buy up the TV media, create Arnob Goswmai and the likes, so that there is only ‘positive’ news, and intimidate independent journalists and critics. Then capture social media. Ambani creates Jio, so every unemployed Hindu vagabond has Whats App. The BJP’s IT cell then employs 1 lakh Hindu youth to churn out hate messages on social media and the Hindu vagabonds with Jio lap it up. Get Facebook to deletecritical messages on social media. Use the TV media and social media to help win the election. And if something goes wrong, use money to buy opposition MPs.

    How can India compete with China, EU and US ? There is no investment in Education, manufacturing, health care and economy. There is only investment to maintain power and wealth in the hands of an oligarchy. The Modi magic is only that. The rest reflects poorly on Hindus – their willingness to go along with hate, and their passive acceptance of their fate., and lack of desire to improve.

  33. This is not a good sign to have no worth while opposition, which is a must for functional democracy. Modi is becoming more and more dictatorial and for a country as diverse as India such things are extremely dangerous. With no opposition and a tamed and tutored media, institutions like judiciary, election Commission, IT, ED, CBI lay completely deshaped if not destroyed yet. Unilateralism is becoming a policy, see what happened to 370 and now to Naga peace accord.

  34. Shekhar Ji, This article shows your desperation like congress and combined opposition. There is not a single leader in opposition who is honest and willing to work for the country than themselves. Why will people believe in any of the opposition leaders? Congress need to get rid of Gandhi family and let other leaders such as Rajesh Pilot grow. Then there could be hope of building back the GOP. Congress need to get rid of the whole think thank coterie who cannot win elections but make decisions. Probably there may be some hope of winning in the next election.

  35. Gupta Ji, Today charisma etc are built over media platforms and other ideology positive for the country progress other than the current one was already scandalised. Currently you don’t need to take to street to lure gullible voters, the job is out sourced to Social media and mainstream news media houses in that case from a new charismatic leader will emerge in such a short notice? The gestation period for a new charismatic leader is 10 years from now considering the current socio political situation of the country… Your article is just a fantasy

  36. An article as sharp as Razor. Shekhar Gupta tell it as it is with a pinch of wisdom spread across it. This is an engrossing and enlightening read. Thanks.

  37. The angst of the committed journalist of Lutyen’s Delhi . Buddy you should know that it is only comparative standard in the politics. Whether other global leaders’ performance amidst Covid crisis or absence of any leader of Modi’s stature in Indian politics are mainly the reasons of his rating. Moreover force majure conditions can not usurp peoples’ admiration for the leader . Eg Covid or Chinese aggression are not his making. Your wishful thinking can not pull down Modi’s rating

  38. This is written more in frustration rather than any rational reasoning. Shri Shekhar Guptaji is mesmerised by Rahul Baba and is frustrated that the dummy he is in love with is not performing. I will advise him not to wait for anymore. If Rahul Baba was talented, he would not have taken so many years, and so many defeats to show it. And why he is so obsessed to defeat Narendra Modi? What is his fault? A poor family upbringing? A self made person? No godfather? What is the problem? Honesty?

    I advise Guptaji to stop giving free consultancy on, how to defeat Narendra Modi and accept the fact as it is. In stead rather he should be thinking about the frightening scenario if there is no Narendra Modi.

    • NaMo is no self made person. He is the product of RSS. Though currently people vote for modi and not it’s political outfit bjp.

      Point being asked is, why mis-handling of migrants during covid didn’t discredit modi as much as sudden spike in delhi made kejriwal image mud.
      20 soldiers killed by chinese for the first time since china war didn’t bring any criticism of his foreign policy but sympathy for trusting the rogue country. Suddenly UPA’s policy of trade with china has been played out as anti-national.
      Similarly, rafale offset contracts to anil ambani doesn’t smell foul.
      This is only explained as “india smitten by modi”.

  39. It can happen all the ” Prince ”
    Needs to do is.

    1) Declare he will control population by implementing population control measures strictly.

    2) He will ensure that scienctific education will be prioritised over religious beliefs. Religion to be a personal choice.

    3) No proselytizing activities will be allowed.

    4) GIVING benefits and government posts to Undereducated jhollawallas and rent a journalist would not be a state policy.

    5) NO political phone banking.

    Start with these and political benefits will accrue.

  40. Before going any further, I must clarify that I ain’t a Modi fan in any shape or form.

    Now, implied in this piece from Mr Gupta is that:
    a) there is a section of the society, albeit a dwindling minority, that needs Modi out and
    b) there is no alternative in sight.

    Clearly, democracy is about enforcing the majority will, and currently the majority appear to be quite content with the choices they have made. Obviously, then, the current dispensation can be undone up until the majority has a different view. The majority in India still lives in villages and small towns. Whilst the billionaire clubs have flourished over the years, nothing much has changed for those living in villages and small towns, except the following:
    1. Crores who knew banks only as a place providing money if you own buffalos (cattle loans) have bank accounts.
    2. Cash (may be pittance in the sum of Rs 2000) is directly received in to their accounts.
    3. Crores have gas stoves burning in their village kitchens, at least three times a day
    4. Crores in villages can now pop in to their toilets every morning (ignore the quality standards, they still do the job, don’t they?)
    5. Muslim women are no more at risk being ‘instantly divorced’ (triple talaq)
    6. Regardless of the personal freedom issues, many consider removal of Article 370 a right and bold step
    7. A Ram temple is indeed being built, notwithstanding the impropriety associated with the method used to get there
    You can go on and on, and each one on the list above adds a few crores to the BJP vote bank. And that’s Modi Sutra for a country that still gets enamoured by the charm of Ram Rahim, Asaram, Nityanand, Nirmal baba, Asimand et al.

    Mera Bharat Mahan..

  41. “Secular” is not for India. By definition , where secular is separation of state and religion, with special status based on caste and religion in the constitution and existing Government policies that discriminate based on caste and religion, how can India be a secular state?

    The way forward for Indian democrcay is uniform civil code. Separate religion from state. Avoid the word “secular” in politics and public debates…and hope for strong, sincere, able young leaders with integrity to emerge in the modified India.

    • Secular is not India. Neither is democracy. India will be a dharmacracy run by babas, yogis and godmen and the framework with be varnashrama dharma.

      ‘The way forward for Indian democrcay is uniform civil code. ‘

      As if that was the main thing holding us back, and not the Hindu caste system, and other primitivities of the Hindu mind like gobar and gomutra.

      ‘…and hope for strong, sincere, able young leaders with integrity to emerge in the modified India.’

      They are emerging – Tejasavi Surya, Anurag Thakur, and various rapists and rioters.

      ‘modified India’ will be India run by cow vigilantes.

  42. Shri Gupta and his fellow travellers clearly have not gotten over their shock, disappointment and frustration at the rise and rise of Shri Narendra Modi. The only good thing in this write up it that it has finally dawned on Shri Gupta that nothing will defeat Shri Modi, except Shri Modi himself. As of now, that is a fact. But then, Padma Bhushan received requires regular paybacks to the Dynasty. Hence he will toil more.

  43. Shekhar Gupta is both frustrated and exasperated by the steadfast support Modi enjoys among the people of India cutting across castes, languages and regions. Increasingly, Muslims too are veering towards Modi as they have seen though the fake secularism of the Congress, regional parties like SP, BSP, RJD and assorted leftists who merely offered lip sympathy while stoking fear of “threats” from Hindus. Modi has established a strong emotional connect with the people, Hindus in particular, in a manner no Prime Minster in India ever did. He is seen as their protector. defender and staunch a believer who proud flaunts his Hindu identity. No administration in India has implemented so many economic and social reforms in such a short time as did Modi. That is why even if the opposition bands together they cannot defeat Modi at the national level.

  44. Read Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and Duped: Truth-Default Theory and the Social Science of Lying and Deception by Dr Timothy R Levine.

  45. In Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar is poised to win a fourth term, even as his record on governance – economic development ki toh baat hi mat kijiye – is crumbling. It must be a great relief to be not judged by small things like performance and delivery.

    • Yes Nitish is bad but the alternative is 9th class fail son of Lalu and a schizophrenic son of Lalu,and Lalu Rabri,So I guess Nitish is the lesser evil

  46. “To make it simpler still, the fewer assumptions you needed to make in arriving at a conclusion, the more plausible it would be.”

    Exactly. Try and apply this to religion… On the one hand, there is “God is One” (if you can accept there is a God, then this means the fewest of assumptions, that is, just One), as compared to the pagan concepts of multiple mangods (with as many assumptions as the number of “gods”).

    Think about it.

    • Dear missionary, even more simple is there is no God.

      And seriously I cannot understand if you can take on faith a single unprovable deity, why you balk at many.

  47. A wonderful analysis, Shekhar Gupta. You have given one of the best political anlyses of the situation in India. Pleae also mention next time (and remind Shivam Vij) that Rahul Gandhi is the leadeer who will defeat Modi. We still remember the great energy with which Rahul Gandhi promised to beat Modi with a lathi. After that, as Mani Shankar Aiyer has said in the past, Modi will be good for selling tea at the meetins of the AICC. Rahul Gandhi zindabad.

  48. Fort Modi is impregnable despite China, Covid, job losses. Only one leader can defeat him.
    Unless all of that comes together, Modi is impregnable is the FIRST FALLACY.
    So, what do you do then if you can’t stand Modi and do not have a Green Card ready? THINK OVER WHAT IS THE REALITY…..
    He is the first PM we have had without a whisper of corruption against him, the wealthy greats tried making him look CORRUPT- did not work and could not convince the voters.
    To start with let us give credit to whoever thought of bringing this RSS swayamsevak to politics, many before have been brought in including Mr. Bajepai and Mr. ADVANI, but Modi does stand out. WHY?
    The intellectuals and commentator are not for some reason willing to accept that apart from his oratory, full time commitment, HIS IMPPECABLE FINANCIAL INTEGRITY is what makes him what he is.
    In none of his speeches he quotes the great westerners from democracies or courts or literature which impresses the English speakers only, so they cannot stand him who is not on par with them. But then he is able to carry the majority with him.
    What we need to find is person with no sons, daughters or son in-laws waiting in the wings, no family trusts, no growing properties, no hi-fi friends from Bollywood or India-Inc on public display and other family members living off the tax payer’s money.

  49. Shekhu had perhaps access to Indira and Rajeev and therefore treats them like his Goddess and God; and put them in the category of great man Mr. Modi though former were not great.

  50. My 9 year old niece could do a better analysis of this Shekhar. Thanks for saying nothing much except ‘do nothing- wait for Modi to f*ck up’ Coward

    • Mr Saavee: Your 9 year old niece would have been a lot more polite than you. Perhaps you could learn politeness from her. After all, you seem to be utterly incapable of formulating a single counterargument to support your Modi bhakthi and so the least you could do is pick up a modicum of decent behaviour from a child.

      I am pretty sure that your niece would turn out to be a much better and an infinitely more cultured human being than you.

      Pathetic Mr Savee.

  51. The opposition needs to present a credibel story for India on how they can addres their issues and they have to be 24×7 and transparent.
    They need to pick up some learning from Sonu Sood who despite all the challenges did his bit in helping people and continously had a one to one dalogue with the people

  52. First reason why Modi can’t be defeated is your theory that India is in a mess due to Modi and still voters are enchanted. That premise itself stinks of prejudice against Bjp and bias for Congress. As long as the Opposition does not weed out vested minority cuddling and corrupt politicians from amongst them there is no way any opposition party will be a challenge. And journalists like you and magazines like Print are to remove their bias goggles and write on aspects where this Govt is not doing well. A true good person can emerge then to combat this Govt. First rid your bosses. Be a sport to admit that you guys fostered communalism.under a false brand of secularism. U guys condoned the Dynasty corruption and foreign funding for conversion activities under ages of Sonia

    • Mr Ravi Krishnamurthy: It is mind boggling that ostensibly well-educated, erudite South Indians like you do not read the economic, defence and political writings on the wall and instead unquestioningly swallow the fibs and fantasies created by a Delhi University graduate with a pogrom under his belt. What your saffron tinted glasses, exacerbated no end by your tunnel vision, prevent your ilk from discerning is that India is in dire straits on all fronts now. And yet, the man who got the country into this morass is lauded by your ilk because he knows that your latent hatred of Muslims matters more to you than anything substantive in terms of economic or social development for the country. Leave alone foreign policy and defence.

      The bogey of opposition parties favouring minorities at the expense of a majority is invoked by all – I re-iterate all – Indian politicians create to distract gullible people like you from their own deep failures. And then again, politicians define minorities and majorities as they please and generate anger to get the majority to become violent against minorities. In the 70s and 780s, Bal Thackeray railed against the minority “kaala madraasis” – like the Ravi Krishnamurthys of Bombay – who he claimed were looting the majority “marathi manoos”. In the 90s, Bal Thackeray’s minorities became Muslims against Hindus and soon became Bihari minorities against the “marathi manoos”. Remember the “ek Bihaari sau Bimaari” headline in his fascist rag Saamana?

      And then you forget how the DMK in Tamilnadu turned against your own Brahmin tribe claiming that the Brahmin minority held back the progress of the Dravidian majority. As a child growing up in Madras in the 70s with not so very South Indian looks, I remember the taunts, the exclusion from universities and other forms of hatred that I had to face as a minority.

      Yes, the Congress, the DMK and other parties exploited secularism for opportunistic reasons and have many a skeleton in their cupboards for that. But the hate and rage you see in today’s India against Muslims cannot be pinned on to that. Even in the drawing rooms of the highly educated in Madras, I have heard perfectly genteel madisar clad maamis regurgitating Modi’s and Amit Shah’s messages of hate and violence towards Muslims – completely oblivious to the irony that they were speaking the very language that the DMK used to exclude and “other” them. All this whilst serving excellent, vegetarian “Vatha kozhambu” !

      You rightly rail against corruption in the opposition. But what about the rampant corruption in the BJP itself? The sweetheart land deals that Baba Ramdev gets; the Rafale maintenance contract being allocated to Anil Ambani, the king of NPAs with zero aerospace experience; the corruption in the Rafale procurement itself with both Congress and the BJP enriching themselves; the very opaque slush fund called PM Cares; the fact that none of the tax dodging people in the Panama Papers and the HSBC lists have been prosecuted – Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai etc. are still walking scot free; the dropping of charges against Congress or other opposition politicians if the defect to the BJP etc. etc. Indeed Mr Krishnamurthy, the BJP neatly fits the description that Arun Shourie once gave:

      BJP = Congress + Cow !

      You go on to suggest that the opposition fostered communalism under the guise of secularism. But isn’t the BJP doing the same Mr Krishnamurthy? Mobilising the North India upper caste Hindu coalitions against Muslims? Do you really think that groups such as Sikhs, the North East etc. are viewing this development with glee? When Amit Shah decrees that the Home Ministry will operate in Hindi only, doesn’t he throw the South Indians and other linguistic minorities under the bus? Maybe he regards you and your ilk as the next bunch of people to get the “termite” moniker to be thrown into the Bay of Bengal?

      As things stand today, India is on the bullet train to a one party Hindu Rashtra with a rewrite of history, its culture and a deliberate suppression of minority rights. And eventually by a rewrite of its Constitution to cement this descent into fascism. Any by minority, I mean not just religious minorities but lower caste Dalits, South Indians, people in the North East, Sikhs etc. etc. Sadly, that process of the dismantling of democracy is aided and abetted by people like you Mr Ravi Krishnamurthy who do not believe in the checks and balances of democracy. Your unquestioning trust and willingness to concentrate power in the hands of one man believing that he and he alone can solve the problems of India by deploying his cutting edge Delhi University education reminds me of a quote from novelist George Orwell (1903-1950:

      “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it”

  53. Modi himself knows that he is untenable. That’s why he has told his makeup artist to give him a RISHI-MUNI IMAGE. Notice his thick moustache and tapering white beard of late towards that effort. He has messed up the “ground realities”, so he wants to tell the countrymen that he is ABOVE ground realities.

    The ground realities are: economy, defense, jobs, Kashmir, north east, and so on.

    Only some senior journalists like Shekhar who specialize in giving back-handed compliments to powerful men would want to project Modi as invincible. I have made a prophecy, that Narendra Modi will be the third Modi to run away from the country.

    • Mr Sanjiv Bhatla: Outstanding comment Sir !

      You hit the nail on the head when you say:

      “The ground realities are: economy, defense, jobs, Kashmir, north east, and so on”

      The Modi image is actually cultivated by the US Public Relations firm APCO Worldwide, see its website at:

      APCO specialises in burnishing the credentials of dictators, authoritarian statesmen, cigarette firms, polluters and the like. APCO boasts a long association with Narendra Modi, starting from his days as CM of Gujarat. The Vibrant Gujarat summit was one of its brainchilds. And like most other Modi ideas, the Vibrant Gujarat produced hypes, headlines, hot air and many vacuous Memorandums of Understanding with little substantive to show on the ground. Gujarat continues to suffer from malnutrition. Of course Modi explained away malnutrition as being caused by vegetarianism and the desire of Gujarati girls to slim and fashion conscious !

      But sadly, the Indian electorate, even the educated ones is so easily duped by politicians when you appeal to their prejudices. After all, A.Raja of 2G fame, the man who embezzled billions and was briefly imprisoned, has been re-elected and is now an MP.

      • What you say about A. Raja is true, and that explains a “common denominator” of Indian electorate’s mind: EMOTIONS, EMOTIONS, and more EMOTIONS. Those leaders who can establish an emotional bond with Indian voters CAN FOOL THEM PERPETUALLY. Raja was a small leader, but he had it in him. When he was released from jail and reached his native place, he was received by his voters as if he was returning after winning an Olympic medal!
        Nehru could do it, Indira could do it because of her charming looks, she wasn’t an emotive orator like her father.
        And that’s what MAKES MODI SO DANGEROUS. He too can establish emotional bonding. And he is out and out a harmful leader – – he knows no economics, he doesn’t care for Democratic values, nor for sacred institutions like judiciary. Modi cares two hoots for country’s welfare against his friends welfare, he thinks India’s money is his personal money that he can spend whichever way he likes.
        Just yesterday there was a news that CAG has no jurisdiction over Rafale accounts.

  54. Modi haters want to defeat him without working for the people to realize their dreams. Instead they abuse and accuse people for their intelligence.
    Modi haters want to defeat Modi by using lies, fabricating truth, manufacturing stories and indulging in all sorts of crooked behaviour.
    Modi haters want to defeat Modi by denigrating India in foreign countries through their colleagues i.e. librandus.
    Modi haters want to defeat Modi by speaking the language of India’s enemy countries – Pakistan, China and Turkey.
    Modi haters want to defeat Modi by continuously reminding Indians that they are inferior in the global competion.
    and so on…
    However, People see no reason to change Modi with a leader who will prove worst than Modi as their past and present experience of opposition rules..

    • Godse worshippers like you forget that in “democracies” like India’s where the BJP government stifles free speech, captures control of all the levers of government through its patented saffron putsches, engineers defections and uses religion to hoodwink the masses and shield its gross incompetence, well, the likes of Savarkar worshippers like Modi will climb to power. After all, public memory is fickle and even A.Raja, the man who embezzled billions of US$ has been re-elected hasn’t he ?

      Your fawning, vacuous post shows that you are just another blinkered, blind bhakth peering at the world through saffron tinted glasses.

        • RSS might be the future of the vast Hindi speaking cow belt of North India given the fact that your itchy-testicled gaurakshak clones are surely present in large numbers. But, a resurgent RSS and its Hindu Rashtra agenda will drive deep wedges across the nation and possibly end up splitting the nation into many parts, given the massive diversity within the country. Or at least further weakening the already weak unity of the nation.

          That is exactly what happened in the former USSR with its Russification strategies under communism. The once vast USSR split into 15 different countries – albeit with little bloodshed. A similar but much bloodier phenomenon happened in multi-ethnic Yugoslavia in the 1990s.
          Serb nationalism and Serb dominance – among many other factors – lead to a bloody civil war and the once rather prosperous nation splintered along ethnic lines into Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Bosni-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

          Reshaping India along the RSS ideology will rekindle the Khalistan movement; the north-East will get restive and China will drive a wedge there; Pakistan will be presented with fresh opportunities to play mischief in Kashmir and the the whole of South India – which by a large majority asked the RSS and its Gujarathis to get lost – will also become restive.

          The RSS is no different from the Islamic movements of Pakistan. Their attempts to unite Pakistan under an Islamic identity failed and E.Pakistan fought to leave the Islamic embrace of the “homeland” for India’s Muslims that Jinnah had created. India has more gestating Bangladeshes than your ilk comprehends.

          Mind boggling that a party that was inspired by Nazism and fascis, never flew the national flag until recently, was involved in the killing of the father of the nation and has a hand in every anti-Muslim pogrom is your ideal.

          SHAME ON YOU !

          • For me, even more mind boggling is the silence of the minorities in putting up with it. They should display their hunger for a just fight. It has to be more articulate, has to be fought in courts, in the streets, in the parliament. When orchestrated cow vigilantes went about their business, i was bewildered to know that beef isn’t openly available (myself being a veggie). For me, right to food choice can’t be dictated and we brag that we are secular. But definitely the cow laws can be fixed by demanding it. Or can be overturned by the court. Definitely minorities aren’t fighting it the way they should be. Onus is also on them. I fail to muster name of one popular leader who is a muslim and is a progressive, rational other than APJ.

    • In short, let me put it simply – Modi haters are doing enough damage themselves to make sure they never let Modi lose 😊😊

      The leftists, liberals in their desperation are teaming up with other nations and anti social elements which would help Modi earn more glory than ever. A trying doctor is anyday better than a notorious doctor who can even sell your organs.

      • Are leftists, liberals responsible for your Hindu communalism ? Don’t you have the capacity to think for yourself ?

      • Modi has already earned glory by inciting Hindus to riot. He excels in Hindu sadism.

        ‘…anti social elements which would help Modi earn more glory than ever.’

        Do you mean to say he will send sudras on trains again and burn them to earn more glory ?

    • haha, dev ji fantastic answer! everything about economy etc are great! no worries! only haters, specifically modi haters, see gdp, etc

  55. What’s wrong with the English and editing? Aren’t people hurting???? Really! I thought it was always meant to be …. Aren’t People Hurt!

    Sekhar ji not expected from you.

    • Precisely. I am glad you brought this up Mr. Mishra. This is, I suspect, another ‘modification’ by the Yankees to British English. And Shekhar Gupta (ji) seems to enjoy using it repeatedly. Please Editor, we grew up admiring your fluent style – such additions do nothing to enhance the appeal of the language. Remember what happened to terms like “happenstance”, “fantabulous”….

    • I wrote a comment agreeing with you, Mr. Mishra. Several hours later waiting for “moderation”.

  56. This is hardly the topic for National Interest. Next elections are far away in 2024 and India Today survey is conducted routinely every six month. So why bother about defeating Modi now, unless your are a die hard sickular and your only job is to think, write, talk and strategize about hate mongering and how to get rid of BJP and Modi.

    That said, the old Indian political paradigm of caste based division of majority is today made irrelevant by Modi and BJP. And all that Shekhar has concluded in the article follows from this fact. Of course, Indian trust their leader, when such leader is seen as sincere, hard working, non corrupt, pro- poor and nationalist. Modi fits the bill very well on all the counts and continues to do so, unlike MMS who lost his aura in early years of UPA II . Also, Indian voters are very well aware that every decisions taken by their leader will not necessarily be right and may even perhaps affect them adversely but so long as such decisions are seen in common interests, they are accepted.

    However, such a majority consolidation has come about to mean as if there has to be opposition to some other religious group is a cause of worry. And that is where Modi has to be careful despite attempts by the opposition and leaders like Owaisi. Sabka Vishawas must be sought by Modi earnestly.

    After all, Modi has to be around even after 2029!!

    • Looks like Modi army found the site and they are so blinded by Modi mania that they even attack a unbaise journalists. Don’t forget free journalism keeps politicians in check , if you people can’t even take criticism then you are begging for authoritarian government remember that.

  57. Dear Shekhar

    I have great respect for your column and most of the time you are spot on. But I beg to differ here. First of all the timing of the poll is very convenient and looks to endorse Modi’s policies. Second, the same poll endorses Yogi Adityanath as the best CM in India?. Give me a break. This whole analysis is designed yo boost Modi inspite if he performing poorly on all aspects of good governance. One expected that he would utilise his second mandate better but sadly he has failed.

    • Mr. Khan sorry to say but you belong to a community which has no credibility in the eyes of majority masses of this country. Your problem is that Shekhar kapoor did not write what you wanted to hear that is criticism for Modi. As long as majority of indians think Modi is doing right things he will win. Meanwhile you can keep hoping that someday Modi will be defeated and Muslims will play a major part.

    • You are correct. SG knows all Modi’s polices have failed, but he believes Modi has some mystique. His choice of title ‘Modi is impregnable…’ in fact shows that is what he wishes to convey.

  58. There should be pressure on the gandhis to quit congress. then there is a hope that an alternative political leadership will emerge. the gandhis are adopting a dog in the manger policy.

  59. The most important thing that Modi, as a politician , posseses is the trust of fairly large no of people. Nobody believes that he is infallible….Nobody believes that he can do no wrong….But, a huge no of people, including his opponents, believe that he is sincere….that he has no personal axe to grind… People, percieve him to be cool, calm, collected in times of crisis… Imagine being hit by a triple whammy….Economic crisis, Covid Pandemic, China Mischief…… any other indian leader, would have simply gone down …. he has shown and people see his examplary conduct during this crisis…. That’s Leadership… People automatically get drawn to it…. He will be defeated only if people are let down by him…. Which i dont and i hope , see happening, because he is far too smart and a grounded politician….

    • ‘Imagine being hit by a triple whammy….Economic crisis, Covid Pandemic, China Mischief……’

      Mr. Kannan, I suggest you engage your very Hindu brain.

      Economic crisis was his own making – with demonetisation, badly implemented GST. Demonetisation was not an honest mistake, it was calculated wickedness.

      Covid pandemic – that affected the world, so the only comparison is whether he controlled it as well as some other countries did (like Germany, Korea, and even China). The answer is that Covid has gone out of control due to his incompetence. India has a curve which is rising with no sign of a peak, whereas in most countries, it has peaked and levelled off.

      As for China, there is a video of Modi boasting about his Plus One relationship with China. The passage of Article 370 and Amit Shah’s boast of capturing Aksai Chin provoked China and that brought the beating. Then Modi kept quiet like a pussy cat. That beating exposed Hindu grandstanding – it is one thing to beat up minorities and bully Nepal, but real capability is when you can stand up to China. The Modi type Hindu has been proved to be a coward.

  60. Shekharji’s advice for anybody unhappy with the performance of the govt is – lay down and get rolled over. All the hard work done in building up the economy through the 90s and 00s should be forsaken and forgotten. Incredible and unbelievable advice. But in real life, lying down supine in the face of obstacles is not the path to glory or salvation. Struggle to overcome obstacles is the nature of life – if you win, you enjoy the earth – if you lose you disappear and someone else replaces you in the struggle.

    On one point though, I wish to elaborate a bit – Bhagavad Gita Chap 16 verse 4 says that hypocrisy, arrogance, conceit, harshness in personality, anger and ignorance are tamsi qualities and such a person even if outwardly successful can never be a person of God but in reality is a “asurim.” (the word asurim is not mine, this is what the Gita says literally) Perhaps this is what Shekharji is alluding to with his remarks on arrogance by previous rulers.

  61. Boring article by Guptha, he wished Modi to be replaced by Rahul Gandhi in 2019 bit failed , he will fail again . Shekhar Guptha was given Padma Bhushan by Congress previously , Guptha is doing their service .

  62. I already made a comment like this for another article in The Print. Unless until Modi makes a gigantic mistake (that too with bad intention; mistakes with good intention are forgiven like demonetisation), others have no chance. RSS is a faceless organisation with strongest roots in most of western and northern India. All they were waiting for leader like Modi and they knew they can churn this political wheel endlessly. Communits did this with Basu in W Bengal, so much so, it gave communists another 5 years rule free even after Basu left the scene. Now the only relevant question is who is the successor to Modi and whether the opposition can defeat him. But Yogi knocking at the doors with apparent good administration record in UP and still stronger religious adhesive, BJP will also get 5 years free rule after Modi leaves the scene and it will be upto Yogi to match up to Modi’s stature.

  63. This is absolute nonsense , no entrenched leader loses , Atal lost , Rajiv lost and Indira lost . At the state level , almost all leaders loose sooner or later .So what is with Modi , why he is looking so impregnable and why is his popularity soaring despite the dire straits India is in ?Shekhar Gupta has partially answered the question , what would have others done in the circumstances differently , nothing much and that is the problem with the opposition. Nobody has been able to articulate an alternative convincing vision .If status quo is maintained , then this is it , it would be another french open for narendra ‘rafael ‘ modi without the rafale strategy of rahul hurting at all .

  64. So……. finally reality is dawning on Mr. Gupta & other leftist insignificants like him.
    Pappu the Clown can make all the videos he wants. The curly hair and fake tan are meaningless. The thinking voters in cities and villages understand why they are voting for Mr. Modi.

  65. Agenda of writer in the report clearly shows he is anti Modi. If Arnab is being crticised for one side reporting. Shekhar Gupta should also face the same.

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