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Muslim IAS-IPS officers’ Covid-19 appeal to community: Don’t give anyone reason to blame you

About 80 serving & retired officers have urged Muslims to practice social distancing, and cited the Quran to say courting disease through negligence is a 'sin'.

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New Delhi: Nearly 80 serving and retired IAS, IPS and IFS officers belonging to the Islamic faith have appealed to the Muslim community to adhere to social distancing norms, and not give anyone the opportunity to accuse it of spreading Covid-19 in India.

The officers’ appeal comes in the light of the Tablighi Jamaat event at New Delhi’s Nizamuddin area last month, which has resulted in about one-third of the total Covid-19 cases in India as on 5 April.

“Of late, a message is going in the society at large that Muslims, as a group, in India are not adhering to ‘social distancing’ and other measures to counter the spread of the pandemic,” the officers have written in their open appeal to Muslims.

“Distressing videos are in wide circulation showing stone pelting at health workers, and clash of men from Muslim community with police personnel who were enforcing the law. In some videos, policemen are being forced to baton-charge the people hell-bent to go to a mosque for prayer,” the officers state.

In this light, the officers have urged Muslims to “act responsibly and stand out as examples for fellow citizens in the fight against coronavirus”.

They add that the community should ensure its actions do not offer anyone an opportunity to accuse Muslims for the spread of the epidemic in India.

“They must adhere to the guidance of the public health experts and the orders of the government, since what is correct must be followed irrespective of whether one finds support for that or not in religious scriptures,” they state.

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Invoking the Quran

The officers have invoked Islamic teachings to argue that contracting the virus through negligence is a “sinful act”, even if you are the only person who gets infected.

“Suicide and courting danger and disease by one’s rash and negligent act is haram,” the officers state. “The virus does not remain confined to the body of the person who invited it to himself through his foolish act. It travels rapidly in the family and society, and brings indiscriminate deaths to innocents.”

They add: “The Quran says if one kills an innocent human being, it is as if he had killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it is as if he had saved the life of all mankind.”

However, they also say that even in the absence of religious scripture, it is imperative that Muslims respect quarantine norms.

“Even if there were no religious sanctions to avoid a plague or remain in quarantine during a raging epidemic, adopting measures to safeguard oneself from it would still be the sensible thing to do,” they say.

“Muslims can pray collectively at the mosques after the pandemic dies out and the normal life is restored.”

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  1. Humare is mulk me kayi sare mazhab hai. Hume in sab ko ek he nazar se dekhna chahiye jis tarah humara law and order use dekhta koi bhi galat karenga use strictly punish kia jaye. Na k hum biased hoke in k bare me soch aur inhe criticise kare jis tarah media kar raha hai. Ultimately we have to save the harmony of our country .

  2. Dear friends, it’s a good initiative by the muslim bureaucrats. Perhaps it need not be said so explicitly but it is understood that their appeal would have greater impact on the muslim brethren, particularly the poorer sections amongst them. I think they should first convince their religious leaders to cooperate and proliferate their message.

  3. مسلم افسران کی یہ پہل قابل ستایش ہے کہ عام مسلمانوں سے شوشلڈسٹینگ بنانے کی اپیل کی گئی ہے لیکن مرکز نظام الدین کے بعد اب ہر طرح کی احتیاط کی جارہی ہے-مساجد میں نماز گزشتہ دو ہفتوں سے بند ہے اور شاید رمضان المبارک میں تراویح بھی مسجد میں نہ ہو گی- پہلے انسانیت کو بچانا ہے پھر مذہب بچے گا

  4. The effort by our elite retirees is very much appreciated but I am not sure whether it will reach the targeted section of the society.
    Woudn’t have it been better if some of them had come out on a social platform and voiced their opinions.
    It is high time that we don’t mince our words about addressing the grave issue.
    And, please do not paint all muslims with one brush, majority of them are cooperating with the govt, only a handful, ignorant and misguided members are defying the curfew as they take maulavis’ words for God’s words.
    Let’s focus on dealing with the virus in a constructive way without waging a war against each other.
    Corona will not discriminate, it is deadly and is capable of wiping out all of us. Remember! It has started affecting animals as well so there is no place to hide.
    Responsible and sensible action must prevail.

  5. Ya This is Allah’s quran but ignorant Muslims wouldn’t follow it. They ll follow illiterate mulla’s quran of jihad.

  6. People send more time on WhatsApp and TikTok like platforms than listening to news. And this is true for everyone, even with Coronavirus you are not going to see news 24×7. Some people, organisations are taking advantage of this very simple fact. These videos which encourage Muslims to spread the virus, which even involve children, a majority of them are originating from abroad, this was investigated and confirmed by private cyber security firm. An account is used to spread the initial video and once the video gets momentum the original account is deleted (I am not going to list the actual foreign countries, you can find them in other news reports). And becoming viral in social media especially for religious content in times of uncertainty is very easy. With no offense to Muslims believing these kind of videos especially when they lack education is very easy. A lot of them do not know Quran in it’s enterity, they only know a few points that was told to them as education in childhood and what is repeated again and again in these Islamic events like the one in Delhi. Now when some video tells them “Coronavirus is not a virus but a call from Allah” they tend to believe it immediately. These Islamic preachers instead of ensuring the safety of people, for some personal goals of theirs enrage people saying if you don’t go to mosque you are not a good Muslim and what not. In Arabic countries they demolish mosques left and right for roads. They say mosque is a place for peace and prayer. You can have it anywhere. Here people are fight over it. As I said, they don’t know Quran, are uneducated and know only what’s told to them. Education is important for both personal growth and society’s growth. Not sure when the government is going to understand this.

    Anyway for now government should ban TikTok. It’s not really something thats required for day to day life, also it originates from China.

  7. In this moment, Humanity should play a vital role above the religion in everybody’s mind and follow the guidelines to defeat the disease.

  8. I don’t think anyone can be taught hygiene and social responsibility at such late stage of life. You reap what you sow. The Countrymen are shocked and distressed to see such horrific irresponsible behaviour. From where one learns such things???????? Heart breaking

  9. I request all the IAS IPS. IFS. KAS. Officers. Both retired and inservice May form community education Trust and may rendered voluntary services for the development of community in particular and Indians in general this is most important now a day’s this is my humble request please serve the community and nation because peace is essential for the development of every citizen and nation every religion says to do good and refrain from bad every religion teaches to live with peace avoid hatredness eat Halal avoid harm respect to all be mankind and humanity to all.

    • Stop giving chanda to this Mullah/Muftis who survives on Alms!! Let be it HAFIZ/Aalim/Mufti.. whosoever may be has to work like a peasant. Stop donating to Madrasa/ Masjid for next 25 years. As you said rightly let the administration of all wakf, masjid,Madaris be managed by Retd.Ias,afs,Ips Bureaucrats. We as community has come out from the Living in Ghettos.

    • Generations of Muslim Civil Servants have neglected positive engagement on behalf of their mostly poor, marginalized and ghettoed brethren. They have some nerve pretending to lecture the persecuted minority on sins. Here’s hoping these useless bureaucrats continue to get their rewards from the current political dispensation – which is all that these kinds of people care about.

  10. Good English and good drafting skills. After all they are the best of the best in India. But this armchair advice won’t work. And they won’t come out in the open. Too funked. So let it pass. Better speak to someone like Arif Md Khan and Tarek Fatah who have risked their life and limbs to against the Mullahs and Owaisis.

  11. Good English and good drafting skills. After all they are the best of the best in India. But this armchair advice won’t work. And they won’t come out in the open. Too funked. So let it pass. Better speak to someone like Arif Md Khan and Tarek Fatah who have risked their life and limbs to against the Mullahs and Owaisis.

  12. I read some of the comments but why people are not understanding humanity do u want to fight in this situation also.i request u all to pray for india and support our beloved PM to get rid of this disease which is enemy to India.
    Jai hind,bharat Mata ki jai ho

  13. Alhamdulillah … .a very good initiative by our elite Muslim brethren. Such attempts to reach out to the community is the need of the hour. We are aware of the fact that we lack selfless leaders to steer an illiterate or marginally educated set of people. However, only a very few could be reached through such means as the internet. The best impact I feel, would be through a combined effort of the top order bureaucrats and the religious leaders who deliver sermons, because our people believe more in the words of the Imam

    • Hoe come the elite intellectual Muslim’s appeal is published only in sparsely read digital editions like The Print and the Wire?

    • I might sound bad to my Muslim brothers. But it is time u introspection upon the system if Imam preachings and being about suitable changes. Change is the only constant and there should be change in the teachings which are done in masjid and other Islamic education places.

  14. All the Bharatya’s have to uniformly, uninessly work to define retrenchment to all the boisterous & all the Hinious Act committed ,& in this also an indistructive humility(HARMÖNY) of the East’s West’s South’s North’s Of India must be Sensed .
    Keep patience till then As justice happens ,untill normality prevail once upon again ,Everlastingly .

  15. For everything a Muslim does, it must be written in their holy book, else they will ignore advice. Their terrorism acts are inspired by some verses in those texts.

    • I am sorry, you are going by general concepts. Like any community, there are two groups, extremist and outspoken, and second is intelligent but silent. This second group unfortunately doesn’t come out and attack, verbally, and condemn the first group. Let us see in Hindus, we too have these type, whom forget about the Opposition, even Mr Modi frequently speak out against. That now becomes sect vs others (say Muslim, or a decade back Christians) – not all Hindus Vs others. This is one aspect missing in the Muslim moderates is – they keep quiet. Only people who talk are not too moderate, like Owaisi, or Azam Khan, or Malik, and automatically in people’s mind, we think all muslims are like that. Even the current violence that is happening – say in a muslim colony – why there are only some 10-15 persons throwing stones at health officials? That size of Gundas would be there in any zone, who keep the rest under their thumbs. It is required that these 90% to come out of the control and not only speak, but assert themselves. This is the only aspect missing, and that is even making these moderates going into defensive and many times leaning towards their saviours – the extremeists.

    • Rightly said. These worthies will not mention that the law of the land mandates a lockdown and as a citizen of the country one has to follow it. They need to invoke religion even to follow the law of the land. That is the problem.

      • Law of land is for everybody not for Muslims only. As showed by the media that 30 % of the cases due to Muslims but what about 70%. Nobody is talking about this…why? Why no body is saying that Trump rally should not be held, If people was in Markaz then people was also in other religious places and in much larger numbers then Markaz i.e. in Triputhi more then 40000… Why Ramnaumi event held in Ayodhya from 25th to 2nd lead by CM himself…why. My dear friend please stop blaming Muslims for these crisis as they are not responsible of corona in India. Everybody should take a lesson from UK that when ISKCON UK badly hit by COVID-19 with 21 positive and 5 devotees dead
        More then 1000 devotees attended a funeral & got infected. Many remain untested. ISKCON admits it should have cancelled it
        A case similar to #Tabhleegi-E-Jamaat but no one is demonising Hindus in UK like News Channel are doing it here in India …!!!
        We have to fight it together not by blaming but by coming together… join hands and fight with Corona together.

    • My dear brother ,
      Don’t talk like that without any confirmation of reality did u read or understood what are the message in the Quran for mankind ever…I think no….. because if u had read it. U will never wrote such nonsense things.

      I request to u please first confirm the things before such nonsense.

  16. There is lesson and if the government which ever party is in power. Any attempt to mix religion in politics or government, the situation would be like Pak. Thanks that our makers of constitution excluded religion fron6 constitution.

  17. Life is fragil, whatever is happening has a cause embedded in past and change that has been fueled by rise of right wing politics world over. Majority are feeling insecure in free society, minorities are feeling insecure in their regressive secure world. Technology will leave half the human society jobless in next decade. Meanwhile idiots are having discourse whether what is written in religious book, and what is the meaning of social distancing. The peripheries of the society are wonderstruck, why are so call urban educated people interested in their life and teaching them to stay indoor. Finally what is the religion of corana vires. Titanic ship is shinking so will all our gods and holy books. Till then let us all play our own music.

    • Appreciable thought, put on paper. I have my Muslim friends, unfortunately in these incidents they don’t come out in open. And unfortunately there are too many outspoken and combative people who hog headlines and split the people (and it is there in all communities, I could see in TV Debates). Instead of condemning the Tablighi’s action (you need not condemn the whole sect, it was the leader, and in some sects, they take the leaders word as the final) – there are people defending it, and there were others attacking it – and then it was becoming the communal discourse – from both sides. Only one one debate, and strangely Arnab’s, I have seen him trying to put balm, where he called two from Sufis – one from the revered Chishti family, and they were forthright in condemning and also asserting that they are a small sect, and don’t represent the community, and even quoted to prove what they have done is even un-islamic. The point is if more and more such people – Muslim Leaders and people whom people respect, Shahi Imam, various Celebrities – Sports, Screen, etc come out and speak the way Mr Chisthi talked, the divide would be healed, and it would become Tablighi vs the rest of India – which I know, and my friends too say, it is. The several violent incidents against the Medical staff is unfortunately not helping the matter. These are high TRP, many channels won’t like to miss these, but when the debate is on, the people should in one word condemn it, and then the subject would be lost and divide won’t take place. I don’t know who is selecting such extremists on debate, probably they should be controlled by their own people. No one wants India divided in hearts, over trivial issues, ever, and even more so now.

  18. I understand the views and comments of my fellow citizens, Irrespective of caste, community and religeon the humanity is suffering from the COVID-19. So it is the time to stand with the suffering people, We should not critisize any one those are effected, their lives are also in risk, no one is wantedly keep his life and his family members lives and society fellows lives in high risk. first of all We must think to save their lives, instead of critisizing. No one want to carry the COVID-19 and no one want to spread it.
    So we must take oath to fight to eradicate this Pandemic COV8D-19 from the earth, and will make awareness among the society while following the Government orders and instructions of the Health Experts. I appriciate the Medical Services of Health Department Doctors, Health Workers, AYUSH Dept Doctors, Para-Medical Staff, Nurses and Employees. Home Department, Police Officials and Police Men and Womens, Revenue Department Officers and Employees, Indian Army, NGOs and Intelectuals for their tremendous Services.
    Jai Hind
    President: Unani Medical Organization TS. Mobile 9848261962

    • AYUSH “doctors” are not real doctors.
      Removing their quackery interference is one of the most important things to do.
      You can start making hand sanitizers like PM said.

  19. Even most of their educated fleets are useless. Being an IAS, IPS officer , what purpose they have served so far. Either puppet of government or Congress oriented. Only USA can teach them perfect lesson. Their religion itself is a virus, and the world must look for a workable antidotes for that in no time. Everybody knows, their acts and misdeeds are not unintentional. Then, what purpose does it serve to say that, don’t give anybody chance. What does it sound like. Means, they are innocent jokers? Tough time for India, if Hindustan are not united against these buggers. Yesterday, I had seen, in my neighborhood, no single Muslim families has switched off their lights. Leave lit up candles and all. They are defected human piece. And bloody goons.

    • Your attitude towards these people show your biases and infected mentality. Blaming an entire community for the actions of a few radicalised people show your negligence. Hats of to SUCH A BIGOTED HINDUSTANI

      • We Hindus r siculsr till one night Bunch of Roges come to our Home n misbehave with our Ladies n kill male member like what it happened in Kashmir in 1990. This Virus has no medicine only Hindus should Unite n kill those Virus economically

    • Well I belong to a Muslim family and live with most of the houses of Muslims and not only we all light up our houses but clapped and appraised for our nearby clinics and hospital.

    • Your mind is fully cover by a Viruses Danger than Covic 19. So stop discriminating others and think about the future of India. You said ”their religion itself is a virus ”. So far I never heard a that!! I am from Christianity background and have a 1000s of friend Muslim,Hindu,Budhist etc. I never face a religious problem ,who the hell are you to said “their religious itself is a virus”. You seem educated but logically you are idiot and viruses minded fellow.
      Jai hind.

    • JB phle kbi ill hote thy tw Kia Diya jlaye thy ya doctor ke pass gye thy
      Modi pgl h usko sanitization krna Chahiye tw pgla sbko bolta h Diya jalao
      Modi is most ilitrate pm of India
      Hard tym for India officer are highly educated but pm is angutha chap

      • U r right khangressUPA ( Undercover Pakistani Agent) deshdrohi Gaddar Chor party should have Ruled n Pappi or Italian Lady should be PM, they highly educated n elite Class.

      • You are right your stupid come is very right what they are doing you can’t see. If any hindu or any person has done anything like this in others contry or in Islamic countries they have been hanged

  20. Sir (civil service people) please releive the religion from the clutches of mullahs whose narrow minded teachings are the bane which the Muslim community is facing

    • Why gentleman is all pandits are educated MS, MBA, MBBS, P.hd from american University as they are very broadminded. Just observe for one day how a mullah maintains clean himself and a pandit howmuch from him.

  21. Muslim belongs are now in that position not to accept their fault. They always try to find out the Modi and Saha ‘s fault which is unnecessary .

    • Don’t misguide any body in India every religions teaches good moralities but foolish people are moving against to it ….but one thing is sure that is people through a stone in people and sit innocent if all indian are one then nothing can pick up……indian is one and we are one

  22. KOVID-19 in India every things are well in places of others countries but some communal minded and of RSS alliances and GODI media spreading fall newsies on account of the climate of country became worst. The central government and theirs BJP government in states as UP. , M.P. , Karnataka are doing Mal fool activities in this context govt. are fully responsible. Jay Hind, Jay Bharat.

    • Only reason the world hate your community is likes of you are here amongst and hit your moron heads here n there.
      Laden & Bagdsdi come from amongst you, not from pias Muslims.
      Better improve and stop spewing malicious narrative on others.

    • You are telling that all news are of modi media .sir pls go and ask your brother and sister you rascal same to you .then from where this IPS and IAS are give this type of nonsense news may be they’re also from modi media

    • Dear Friend,
      its not about religion.. But what Tablighis Kamaat did at Nizamuddin is just a hateful at this situation.. but nobody is ready to accept this.. instead trying to show the fingers across the world..

  23. If the one’s religion fails to get adjusted to ground realities, at least during a near-apocalyptic crisis, then it is a problem in the religion of the one. The one should blame the one’s religion and nobody else.

  24. Good move by these responsible members of Muslim community. But, are they really in a position to take leadership of their community and instill responsible conduct on the part of their flock? The answer is NO. The leadership of Muslim community has always remained in clerics be it Ali Brothers in Khilafat Movement, or Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad who was Education Minister in Nehru’s cabinet, or all the sundry people whom the various governments summoned whenever they faced problems with Muslims. Probably, Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the only secular leader, be it pre-independece or post-independence subcontinent. Muslims are always under the sway of the clerics of their community. Tabghlis, who canvas pure Islam amongst muslims (besides occasional conversion of non-Muslims) add to the pressure on common Muslims to look up to Mullas for remedies. Various political parties also prostrate before the Mullas whenever they seek Muslim votes. So, secular leadership has not at all grown amongst Muslims. Even crooks amongst Muslims seek blessings of Mullas for cheating Muslims. IMA cheating case in Bengaluru is the best example.

    • Your analysis is quite wrong n motivated even about Ali Brothers khilapath Movement as well as Moulana Abul kalam Azad his contribution in Freedom movment for united India against Mr jinha’s Two Nation theory– an unIslamic cocept isworld accepted.Your mind set is of Mr Jinah’ philosopy(Nagpuri) Musim leadership is always with bright Secular people not of Modi n Saha
      The Appeal is right and people will follow verry possitively to fight out the Covid-19 in India n the world as a whole.Pl be moderate in your faith of religion to save the Nation.

  25. Great initiative. Our understanding and misinterpretation of Religion is the source of all evils. As such our religious acts is far far from Dharma. We understand NOW or NEVER.

  26. Great initiative. Our understanding and misinterpretation of Religion is the source of all evils. As such our religious acts is far far from Dharma. We understand NOW or NEVER.

  27. We appreciate all efforts by the central service officers to retrieve the situation. My unrest request to all such persons is to relieve the simple less educated “Muslims” from the clutches of “kath mullas.
    I have read scriptures of all religions and find nothing anti social and anti national. They all teach love peace compassion and co existence.
    It is mis interpretations and selfishness to dominate the class of less educated that is harming the world.
    It’s time we get rid of the Mullas who mislead and dominate without taking care of society at large sometimes going against the national and social interest.
    There is dire need for reforms and education to bring out all from narrow and perverse values in present day social context.
    Religious sermons in masjid by kathmullas should be stopped. Fatwa and instigating should be taken as anti national and anti social activity.
    Lastly religion should be personal and private activity of individuals only which is the spirit of our Constitution.

  28. The law is equally applicable for all the community not just for the muslims.
    It is the hatred created by the media and the
    Government to divide the country.

    • Why blame the government? Did govt tell the Tablighi people not to follow the social distancing norms or spit on others or even flash in front of ladies? What media should do in this situation? Muslim intellectuals have got the responsibility to take the community on the right path. This country is on the way of giving up, on Muslims seeing the behaviour of all these irresponsible people. I do agree that all Muslims are not in the same category but unfortunately, only hardliners speak for all in Muslims.

      • Unfortunately ,you have also believed the crap propagated by Godi media. If educated class believes what the godi media spits, it is a shame.

    • It is neither created by the govt not media ,it was the real fact or the truth what the Muslim community is doing.Don’t support the action done by some of the Muslim community people and get the whole community blamed.Atleast in these tough times let’s all be united and fight against the pandemic


  30. The moment miscreants Don a topi and beard, happens in mosque and is justified by the book it becomes a Muslim problem. Non Muslims do have equal number of miscreants but none is supported by a temple or Hindus just because they are Hindu irrespective of their evil deeds.
    So it is duty of average Muslim to condemn misdeeds of miscreants before considering religion as a reason to rather be quiet or support..

  31. Has anyone seen the video of mother daughter duo selling drugs and trading mobile phones post Shaheen bagh. Does Quran allow drug trafficking. Is it not a sin. Corona is a pandemic which shall go but what about drugs being pumped into humans for which generations shall suffer. These pseudo azaadi wale demands should be barred. These 18% odd people have the support of some so called secular lobbies and anti nationals who try to weaken india by supporting their acts. Should we not unite now before its too late. OPENLY SHARE. NO UNRULY ILLETERATE ACT SHOULD GO UNNOTICED. dont forget the horror of peaceful nfc citizens who woke up to violent protests post CAA.

  32. With due regards & respect to the ex-civil servants who have come with a clear message to their Muslim fellow citizens who have committed blunders to become courier spreading deadly Corona that this is sin.
    These sons of the soil have thrown light on those who are following the teachings of those “maulanas” who after inciting their fellow Muslims inside jamaat gathering not to follow medical advice, himself had gone on quarantine or hidden at unknown place like a culprit. The gathered people are caught spreading the deadly virus.
    I am thankful to all these serving & retired civil officers to bring facts before the Muslims.

  33. [16:107] This is because they (disbelievers) love this world’s life more than the hereafter, and because Allah does not guide the unbelieving people.
    [16:108] These are they on whose hearts and their hearing and their eyes Allah has set a seal, and these are the heedless ones.
    [16:109] No doubt that in the hereafter they will be the losers.
    [17:10] And that (as for) those who do not believe in the hereafter, We have prepared for them a painful chastisement

    “And no sign comes to them from the signs of their Lord except that they are from it turning away.”
    (QS. Yaseen 36: Verse 46)

    “And We did not give Prophet Muhammad, knowledge of poetry, nor is it befitting for him. It is not but a message and a clear Qur’an”
    (QS. Yaseen 36: Verse 69)

    “To warn whoever is alive and justify the word against the disbelievers.”
    (QS. Yaseen 36: Verse 70)

    [19:39] And warn them of the day of intense regret, when the matter shall have been decided; and they are (now) in negligence and they do not believe.

    [19:40] Surely We inherit the earth and all those who are on it, and to Us they shall be returned.

    • Alhumdulillah …Than arguing it is better to keep quiet …Time will tell all no need to get involved in the Muslim Hindu Agenda spreading hatred when the world is going through this situation…Humanity & patience will reply back the answer! Humble request to all Muslims to plz follow the rules.

  34. Muslims always need to be told cajoled, convinced that their Islam is not in danger before seeking their participation in any public event. Most of muslims possess herd-mentality and they collectively suffer from a condion called paranoia and psychosis. They can make any society or community or country repent having allowed them to co-rxist with others. Muslims feel that they are unique in every thing they do or don’t do and feel entitled to put the whole society to inconvenience and eventually muslims earn the epithets like bigots fundamentalists, fanatics, anti-nationals, dull headed morons etc. Most important is that they know the consequences of their acts and non acts. They just don’t mind.

  35. Narrated Abu Huraira:

    I heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saying, “There is healing in black cumin for all diseases except death.”
    Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 5688In-book reference : Book 76, Hadith 11USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 7, Book 71, Hadith 592  (deprecated numbering scheme)

    Cure for coronavirus by mohhamed… Eat black cumin.. 😎😎Baaki पृथ्वी तो चपटी है ही।

    • For your kind information: The word is mentioned “Healing” not the “Cure” so don’t try to be over smart and try to compare yourself with “The Mohammad”

  36. *”COVID19 & Islam Teachings” – read with references*:

    Any Muslim, if not cooperating with doctors & government, putting society in danger and spreading disease are insulting Islam and its teachings. If they do not follow quarantine & govt. instructions should be declared enemies of the society and country.

    *Hadith of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ*

    1) *QUARANTINE* is a Prophetic ﷺ advice.*

    _“Run away from the leper (the one with contagious ailment) as you would run away from a lion.”_
    (Bukhari Volume 7, Book 71, Number 608)

    2) *SOCIAL DISTANCING* is a Prophetic ﷺ command.

    _”Those with contagious diseases should be kept away from those who are healthy.”_
    Bukhaari (6771) and Muslim (2221)

    3) *TRAVEL BAN* is a Prophetic ﷺ teaching.

    _”Do not enter a land where the plague (contagious ailment) has broken out ; don’t leave from where it has broken out”_
    Bukhaari (5739) and Muslim (2219)

    4) *DON’T HARM OTHERS*, if you have symptoms.

    _The Prophet ﷺ said: “Do not cause harm or return harm.”_
    Sunan Ibn Mājah (2340)

    5) *STAYING HOME* is a Prophetic teaching

    _“Those who stay at home to protect themselves and others are under the protection of Allah.”_
    Musnad Ahmed, Saheeh

    6) If necessary, *HOUSE IS A MASJID*.

    _The Prophet ﷺ said: “The entire earth has been made a Masjid, except graveyards and washrooms.”_
    Tirmidhi (al-Salaah, 291)

    7) *THERE’S CURE*; patience is the virtue

    _The Prophet ﷺ said “There is no disease that Allah sent without sending for it a cure.“_
    Bukhari (Volume 7, Book 71, Number 582)

    9) *FACE MASKING* is a Prophetic ﷺ teaching

    Prophet (ﷺ) while sneezing, would cover his face with his hand or with his garment,”_
    Abu Dawud; Tirmidhi (Book 43, Hadith 2969), Sahih

    10) *WASH HANDS* every time you enter home.

    _The Prophet ﷺ said: “Cleanliness is half of faith.”_
    Muslim (223)

    11) *HOME QUARANTINE* is a Prophetic advice

    _“The plague (contagion) patient who remains in his home with patience and expectation of reward, knowing that nothing will befall him other than Allah’s decree will attain the reward or a martyr“_
    Musnad Aḥmad, Sahih
    also Bukhaari (2829) and Muslim (1914)

    • You do not need a book to justify those. Only fools look at 6th century book for modern disease when you have modern science books to deal with such issue

    • Regarding point #1, there are proof of texts that lepers were quarantined much before your 6th century book copied it!!

      It is important you stop naval gazing and look at the world as is and not what the quran percives it to be.

    • Sir, the verses addressed and quoted by you are apt and in high esteem. You are a real Muslim by acts and deeds. In Reality interpretation of morals and ethics are there in every Religion but opportunists misinterpret them for gains and to spread hatred among mankind.

  37. India will prosper only if there is tolerence among massrs.Unfortunately some are bent upon to spread hatred among comunities just for their own interests.We must not b intolerent coz united we stand divided we fall.Ram Karim Jagdesh Sing Josep all are equally part & partial oF India.

  38. I’m a Doctor and I can assure you there is no God, and definitely not one ‘OMNIVOROUS’. Modern human presence on Earth is several thousand years old. Where were these present day religions then? Currently practiced religions are hardly few hundred or couple of thousand years old. In olden days the ruler had limited resources to enforce law n order or to persuade common masses passionately to join him in defeating his opponents. Hence the invention/ coopting of religion to further their cause and creation of fictitious Gods, heavens n hells. The modern psychiatry calls it the principle of reward n punishment. The centre for both lies in everyone’s brain. In present day world, with better resources to enforce law n order, the yesteryears religions have became obsolete. The rulers are long gone now. The baton has been taken over by illiterate preachers now. The superstitions spread by these religious preachers, to adhere to all those outdated practices is what is causing friction between different communities now. The gullible masses have been blinded by these priests/parasites who feed on their ignorance.
    Yes, we Doctors would like to take a break now. Call your Gods, we also want to see, which God descends down to save each fool blinded by his respective faith/ superstition.

    • Simple example see a man manufactures phone, tv, mixi, washing machine, ac, etc, etc he gives catalogue or user manual even if the product is more valuable he sends marketing executive for demonstration about the usage of products that is Does and Don’t what to do, how to do, where to do, why to do, when to do, see like wise all the living things are created by Almighty that is God he send Adam and eval to this world and we are the children’s of them not only them Almighty send 1,24,000 Messengers with their holy book that is Vedas, sutras, upanishads, tohrah, zabor, commandments, bibel, and the Quran those who show carelessness in following it will definitely suffer one-day and the Earth is not permanent place we came from the side of Almighty and will return soon. “This is a 4 Days of world, we are a 2 days of invitees , one day left only one day more , Don’t criticize god enjoy the life, worship God and don’t get bored.

      • There is no God , but NARAYANA.- YAJURVEDA

  39. Their doing namaaz is not out of sense of spirituality or goodwill. Its more of do show of so that they can display their greatness but end up being a nuisance.Ignorant arrogant bullies good for nothing.They are just a liability in any country they go.They bring unhappiness wherever they go.The only value Islam has is that of nuisance value they can be proud about that.No matter how much you help support or be kind to them they will rude and in return be abusive to you thinking that you are weak.If india loses any time I am sure this fuckeers will be definitely involved in it.I have full faith in their competence.

    • No religion is above humanity. If human survives then only humanity will survive. Again, without humanity human society will be in unrest. Orthodox people neither read the religious scripts with good sense nor they understand what actually lies in there. No religion is bad. The only thing is that illiterate, ignorant and innocent persons are misguided by their so called uneducated religious priests. Due to lack of education these innocent people believe them and are cheated in the name of religion. Uneducated persons bear raw emotion while educated persons bear matured emotion. There are many literate fools who also take the chance to exploit these innocent people by misguiding them in the name of religion also. Disease is disease, it needs care and proper medicine only. Disease doesn’t know in whom it lies, as it has no religion. Every one should take care of himself, family and others also to save the society. It is the duty of the good educated people to take steps to cure the Ill mental disease of the orthodox religious priests. If not, then our human society will always suffer as suffering till now.

    • I do agree. Their religion permits them to marry many women against the law. Teaches them to produce more and mor children and capture govts in different parts of the world Create anarchy , false propaganda and by all illegal means acquire part of the land and creat Islamic fanat states like pak and bangla The maulanas advise them to remain illiterate . spread Islam mainly by kidnapping and marrying poor hindu ladies to be used as slaves and produce unlimited children .They are a nuisance. They should be deprived of their liberty and put in jail for spreading noval corona virus and crimes against women doctors and police.

    • Just for some Muslims you can’t blame all mistakes are not just done by Muslim even lots of Hindus involved in breaking this chain of humanity… media ki lagai huwi aag hai bhai Hindu Muslim ku lada ne k liye …jai hind

  40. Some people of Muslim community and other community not follow the instructions about covid19.
    I request to similler people like you (intectual people of Muslim community and other community )please come in front give guidence to those people who not follow the instructions and give the massage of unity and fight against the covid19.

  41. and cited the Quran to say courting disease through negligence is a ‘sin’.

    What if Govt. Or society asks for something that can’t be cited?

    • Exactly this is what happening in western nations ,they don’t follow anything that is against their books or even if it is not the book. They don’t respect the law of land

  42. When ever a muslim does a wrong thing non muslims relate it with Islam ,u just see wot u watch in competence media ,a media can make day into night night into day black into white and white into black ,some media in news #Masjid mai log Chipy hue thy #Mandir mai log fasy hue thy this discriminatory tedts make u think different ,were there ,was there not any other gathering cases of people? coronavirus is not known to look for religious options before afflicting. This kind of whataboutery, the old Soviet-era propaganda using the tu quoque logical fallacy, will serve no good purpose except widening the schism among communities at a time when social unity and harmony is germane in the fight against a global pandemic. !

    • Jamati’s were indeed hiding. Why? Because they were. They tried to hide their presence, tried to prevent Police from going in, refused to co-operate. Contrast that with the people stuck in the Gurudwara, who informed police on their own and were happy to be taken care of by competent doctors.

      Jamati’s were hiding just like cockroaches hide in the dark. And it is you who is indulging in leftistaboutery, not the rest of the world.

      • Tabligh Jamat wrote letters requesting to get permission to transport their attendees with their own vehicles and details of vehicles drivers had been shared with competent authorities but didn’t get permission so they struck in the Markaz there is nothing to hide.

        • Ridiculous.
          How can we let suspected Wuhan Corona Virus patients run away in their own vehicles?
          Did they also write a letter to ask permission for displaying their shriveled privates to the female staff?
          If they are not hiding then why do police have to come and drag them out?

          Stop trying to defend them.

    • I applaud you for your correct interpretation. Today media is just another business , lost all trust in it.

  43. Some of the comments here are critical of the invocation of Quran. The same worthies will obey the call to light a candle for 9 minutes and presto covid is done with. God bless India the land of sheep in human clothing.

    • Why not? And nobody is lighting candle thinking that covid will be done with. It is mark of respect for the efforts being put.

    • Some idiots don’t understand the difference between being a crazy religious fanatic and showing solidarity and resolve. These idiots like to think that Wuhan virus will go away on its own, don’t seem to realise how dangerous it is and that we will be fighting this virus for years.

  44. The reason is, the opponents wants Muslims to act against ruling party.The Muslim leaders should get themselves involved to bring the situation under control.The contravercial persons should be controlled with iron hands

  45. When mosques in mecca and madina are closed why muslims here are bent upon praying in mosques attack policemen who provide security to all at the cost of their lives and behave in vulgar fashion towards the nurses who treat them?are muslims to be placated when the government wants them to adhere to social distancing for their own safety ?the margaz moylan is in hiding and refusing to come out and face the law and his actions have contributed a great deal in the spread of Corona virus.the self styled champions of secularism owasis and Congress party are yet to condemn the nizamudin mega meet .the muslims here want to be treated as super special Citizens with no obligations to fellow citizens. How long this can go on?

    • Salute u sir.
      Chupey hue thay….. for muslims
      Phasey huathe for…. hindus…

      What a great ideology…..

      • If they are not hiding then why do police have to come and drag them out?

        Stop trying to defend them.

        • I have read all your comments here but find them insincere. Yes there was a mistake from the Markaz leadership in continue with their congregation even after knowing the current situation all over the world. But their function happened between 13march to 15th march and those days even govt was not serious about what action to take. It is true that Markaz leadership approached police to make arrangements to leave the place but they did not take any action. Once deaths happened to the markaz attendees in Telangana all the attention gets focused on them by the media. Afterwards the behavior of markaz followers bought real damage to the reputation of whole muslims.

  46. Futile exercise. The madrasa educated Jamatis will come up with their own versions of Quranic references bacause and will claim that they understand their religious texts better than those who read, write and speak in English.

  47. Shri Modi and Shri Amit shah is finding out the problems with other community to point the problem of corona. Instead of handling the situation correctly. He has brought into road several lower/ labour class with out food shelter. Infact the present culprit China is watching the world for the problems they have created. Modi sahab, you are trying to take india 25 years behind. Please come out of your dreams.

    • To whom they want to show respect doctors?, nurse? Or whom if they want to show some respect to our doctors please asked them to ensure all doc have ppe kit . No they won’t instead they asked to do ullul fully things to do .
      It’ s rightly said by verys, ” in the realm of madness when you are the only sane person alive,you executed.”

  48. There are three villains/enemy for Islam today. The perennial enemy is right wing forces who will oppose Islam no matter what Muslims do. So opposing such forces is not only the duty of Muslims but also of moderates from other community. But this is the most least dangerous type in the longer run. Two most important villains for the community are 1- Non Muslim “intellectuals” who call themselves “liberals” 2. “moderates” within the community.
    Each religion has its own darker areas. Hinduism has its caste and many (rightfully) oppose the braminical version of Hinduism (Leave out fake “liberals”). Similarly Wahabi version of Islam needs to be opposed. But these fake “liberals” will either remain mum or will drag some negative thing from other religion to even defend this. Muslim “moderates” offer lip service when it comes to condemning this narrow interpretation of Islam. These two groups are causing havoc on otherwise meaningful religion. Even moderates from other religion find this as an excuse to embrace the right parties of their respective country. Why no critical questions are being asked of wahabi version of Islam? why fundamentalist islam is trated with such a soft tone where as other religious fundamentalist treated differently ? (rightly so). Its time for Moderates in Islam to wake up and rescue their religion from fake liberals and wahabi islamist.

    • Technically other religion don’t have fundamentalists if you compare them with arabic religion ones. There nothing like wahabi, only arabic book followers who hate other religions.

      • Respect for no effort, respect for making people homeless, food less, die before Corona infect you.

      • Right wing Fascist s Jihadis spread all over India.
        Dont show your hatred , every one have points to talk.
        Calm down with your hatred

    • There are just too many Muslims who take the Quran literally… and too many others who couldn’t care less about the violence done in the name of Islam.

    • What? If you don’t treat Mullahs with respect they kill you. That’s why they are treated with a soft tone.

  49. The damage to India is already done.. so no point in trying to educate now.. we are living on empty stomach to helping so that we can come out of these soon yet this sacrifice seem to have gone in vain.. we are just a species blessed to live on Earth.. is it not enough for everyone to act responsibly.

  50. It should come from imams of mosques. Muslim intellectuals and rationalists can do little in such matters. Religion is opium of general Muslim majority. This is from my personal experience.

  51. Human life is given by GOD. Non has the rights to kill or trouble the fellow being. God has given super brain to humanity. Let use it for well being of the society. Thank u all super brains.

  52. Really we should salute this officers, but we can expect 20% only remaining 80% are uneducateds and brain washed by religion leaders no chance, God is thier really we should believe and keep faith but not in any religions, Religions was created by humans as per necessity of the particular ancient regions of earth, climate, social problems, Diet, Disease, life styles etc which faced to solve, but still humans are quarrelling in the name different religions system created in different regions, it’s not neccesarry now days, if need also pick which best on all religions and create new one as per present situation. Really horrible about this foolishness which we are facing

  53. Quran does not talk about modern electronics and modes of transportation. Do they stop using daily electronics or transport n travel on camel?

  54. Any serious disease or pandemic affects the entire living beings particularly the human beings irrespective of caste, creed, community, sect or region. In such circumstances every human being must pray and protect against the pandemic. Whoever works for the safety and health of the human brothers and sisters, is the real hero of humanity. But unfortunately some illiterate , innocent and dependent people are misguided, misled and misused even during the worst condition and crisis upon humans by the very selfish and mean mentality persons who I think are the enemies of humans, for their mean and narrow objectives…….. Very shameful…. Very shameful. They deserve heavy punishment …..

  55. I have been visiting Hospital since 04 months as my sister has been admitted there. I didn’t find importance to religion there even once. If a concept of so called ” Re Birth ” is true , then a person of one faith can take birth in a religion following other faith and vice versa. Hence let us lead a General spiritual life and stand united as true human beings.

  56. Now it is very clear why we need CAA. They never allow to develop their own community . They harm themselves and harm people around them.

  57. God is omnipotent and omnivorous, God has given this life to you. He doesnt expect anything from you if you cant keep your life safe which is the gift of god then you are just showing off, uou dont pray the God instead you are ditching yourself!
    God will not forgive you for endangering the lives of his most beautiful creature- human being.

    • I’m a Doctor and I can assure you there is no God. Modern human presence on Earth is several thousand years old. Where were these present day religions then? Currently practiced religions are hardly few hundred or couple of thousand years old. In olden days the ruler had limited resources to enforce law n order or to persuade common masses passionately to join him in defeating his opponents. Hence the invention/ coopting of religion to further their cause and creation of fictitious Gods, heavens n hells. The modern psychiatry calls it the principle of reward n punishment. The centre for both lies in everyone’s brain. In present day world, with better resources to enforce law n order, the yesteryears religions have became obsolete. The rulers are long gone now. The baton has been taken over by illiterate preachers now. The superstitions spread by these religious preachers, to adhere to all those outdated practices is what is causing friction between different communities now. The gullible masses have been blinded by these priests/parasites who feed on their ignorance.
      Yes, we Doctors would like to take a break now. Call your Gods, we also want to see, which God descends down to save each fool blinded by his respective faith/ superstition.

  58. distancing’ to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

    India Tomorrow

    NEW DELHI, MARCH 5—The retired as well as serving Muslim civil servants have appealed to fellow Muslims to adhere to ‘social distancing’ and other directions issued by the Government of India to counter the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

    The appeal has come in the wake of a revelation that a huge number of those participating in Tablighi Jamaat gathering in Delhi turned out to be coronavirus positive.

    The full text of the appeal is given hereunder.

    “The global outbreak of Covid-19 is a huge challenge to the country and the humanity. We are struggling hard to keep it at bay.

    “Of late, a message is going in the society at large that Muslims, as a group, in India are not adhering to ‘social distancing’ and other measures to counter the spread of the pandemic. Distressing videos are in wide circulation showing stone pelting at health workers, and clash of men from Muslim community with police personnel who were enforcing the law. In some videos, policemen are being forced to baton-charge the people hell-bent to go to a mosque for prayer.

    “Today on April 4, 2020, a national daily reported that 25 per cent of the positive cases of novel corona virus reported in India are linked to the Tablighi Jamaat congregation held in Delhi in March.

    “In this hour of deep crisis, we the following officers working in various civil services of India, feel compelled to appeal to the Muslim community in India that they should act responsibly and stand out as examples for fellow citizens in the fight against Corona Virus.

    “Members of the Muslim community through their act of omission or commission should not offer anybody an opportunity to accuse them for the spread of the epidemic in India. They must adhere to the guidance of the public health experts and the orders of the Government, since what is correct must be followed irrespective of whether one finds support for that or not in religious scriptures.

    “Contracting the virus even to one’s own self is a sinful act as per the Islamic traditions. Suicide and courting danger and disease by one’s rash and negligent act is ‘haram’. The virus does not remain confined to the body of the person who invited it to himself through his foolish act. It travels rapidly in the family and society, and brings indiscriminate deaths to innocents. The Quran says if one kills an innocent human being, it is as if he had killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it is as if he had saved the life of all mankind.

    “There are many sayings and hadiths of the Prophet directing us to take steps to prevent the spread of epidemic, and to protect oneself. Even if there were no religious sanctions to avoid a plague or remain in quarantine during a raging epidemic, adopting measures to safeguard oneself from it would still be the sensible thing to do.

    “Muslims can pray collectively at the mosques after the pandemic dies out and the normal life is restored. Temporarily avoiding going to the mosque to prevent spread of the disease does not mean one has deserted the mosques permanently, as many wrongly believe. One can pray at home by observing social distancing. Our responsible behaviour would help save the individual, his family and the country at large.

    “We reiterate that in this hour of crisis, Muslim community in general should come forward and strengthen the hands of the Government of India and state governments in the fight against this pandemic by following their directions sincerely to fight and stay protected from the Corona virus pandemic.

    Lastly, we request the Indian media to cooperate with us in this effort during this hour of crises which could help in the efforts of the government and society in the fight against this deadly disease”.

    Appeal is being endorsed by:

    1) Asif Jalal, IPS (2002-HP)

    2) Najmul Hoda, IPS, Inspector General of Police, Tamil Nadu-2001 batch

    3) Sohail Malik, IRS 2010 batch, Joint Commissioner of IT, Delhi

    4) Rashid Munir Khan, IPS 2008-WB

    5) Muzammil Khan, IAS

    6)Mohammad Shayin, IAS 2002 batch Haryana

    7) Mohd Mustafa IPS 1985 Punjab

    8) Noorul Hasan ,IPS,2015,MH

    9)Md. Noor Rahman Sheikh, IFS, 2004, Consul General of India, Jeddah

    10) Ms. Gudrun Nehar IRS 2005 batch Delhi

    11) Shaikh Aminkhan, IRS 2011 batch Kolkata

    12) Dr. Amir Siddiqui, IRS 2016 batch

    13) Javed Akhtar, IRS 2002 batch, Delhi

    14) Dr. Saleem Ali, IPS (Retd.) 1978 batch, Tripura

    15) Shuja Mahmood IRPS, 2006 batch, Hubli

    16) Imtiyaz Khan, IRS 2009, Mumbai

    17) Maqsood Ahmed, IPS, 2016 batch Haryana

    18) TA Khan, IPS( Retd.) West Bengal 1968

    19) Showkat Ahmad Parray, IAS, 2013 batch Punjab

    20) Tariq Mabood IRS 2009

    21) Imamuddin Ahmad, IRS, Commr. CGST, Mangalore

    22) Zuhair Bin Saghir, IAS. 2006 batch, Uttar Pradesh

    23)Md. Imteyaz Alam, IRTS, 2011 batch, Danapur, Bihar

    24)Mansoor Hasan Khan, IDAS 2002.

    25) Mohammed Rizwan, IRS, 2004

    26) Dr Hanif Qureshi, IPS 1996, Haryana

    27) Zaigham Ali Khan IRAS 1999 SEC Railway Chhattisgarh

    28) Ms. Aisha Khan, IOFS, 2013 batch

    29) K Asif Hafeez, IRPS 2010 batch, Senior Divisional Personnel officer, Begaluru

    30) Md. Shamshad Alam, IRS 2004 batch

    31) Dr. Mohd. Rehan Raza, DANICS 2012 , Delhi

    32) Hammad Zafar, IPoS, Patna, Bihar

    33) Akhtar Rashid, IRS, 2006 batch

    34) Mohd Kamal Ahmad, IES 1989 Bhopal MP

    35) Gaudh Alam, IPS 2017, Telangana

    36) Noman Hafiz, IOFS, 2015 Batch

    37) Suhail A Kazi, IRS, 2009, Pune, Mah.

    38) Mohammad Saim , IRS 2014, Hyderabad.

    39) Shakil Ahmad Ganie,IRS 2016,Srinagar

    40) Saddik Ahmed, IRS, Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax,2013, Hyderabad,

    41) Mazid khan, IRS 2013, Delhi.

    42) Yunus, IAS 2010 batch Himachal Pradesh

    43) Mohd Owais IRTS, 1989 batch

    44) Suboor Usmani, IRS 2003, Maharashtra

    45) Amna Tasneem IAS 2015 batch Haryana

    46) Mohd Owais, IRTS, 1989 Batch

    47) Waseem Akram, IPS


    48) Masroor Ahmad, IA&AS 2015, Odisha

    49) Hamna Mariyam Khan, IFS, 2017, Jeddah.

    50) Syed Ali Abbas, IPS,2018,UP

    51) Hamid Akhtar IPS 2008 Haryana

    52) Amanullah Tak, IP&TAFS 2013( Director ,DoT,Ministry of Communications)

    54) Ms.Sufiyah Faruqui, IAS, 2009, Madhya Pradesh

    55) S M Khan, Indian information Service 1982

    56) Md Gayasuddin Ansari , IRS 2004 , Additional Commissioner of IT , Delhi

    57) Mohammad Sana Akhtar, IPS, 2015 Batch, WB

    58) Mohammad Iqbal, IRTS, 2014, DDU

    59) M Irfan Aziz, IRS 2007

    60) Salim Javed, IRAS 2003

    61) Azhar Zain V P, IRS 2005

    62) Gulzar Wani , IRS 2011, Delhi

    63) Mohd Sameer Islam, IDES 2015, DEO Chandigarh Circle.

    64)Tabish Shams, IDAS-2011, Kanpur.

    65) Abdul Hamid, IPS 2006 batch

    66) Mohamed Yasar Arafath R, IRS 2016, Assam

    67) K.A. Mohammed Noushad, IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Retd.), 1987 batch,Kerala

    68) Nadeem Thufail T., IIS 2011, Chennai

    69) Anis Rehman, ITS, 2004 batch, Delhi

    70) Dr waseem ur Rehman , IRS, 2008, Hyderabad.

    71) Jahangir Inamdar IA&AS 2004

    72) Eqbal Saif, IRS (IT), 2016, Delhi

    73) Shaikh Tanveer Asif, IAS, 2017, Karnataka

    74) Asim Anwar, IFS 2016, Riyadh

    75)Abdaal M Akhtar IAS 2015 batch, Odisha

    76) Mohammad Arshad, IRS 2016, WB

    77) Dr Basharat Q IAS 2016 Jharkhand

    78) Mohd. Parwez Alam, IAAS

    Sr. Dy.AG Manipur

    79) Tabish Shams, IDAS 2011, Kanpur.

  59. They are following the quran. So where does the problem lie? I as a Hindu can call my ram an idiot and still go on with life. Challenge a muslim to do the same with his religious ideals???

    • Be careful dear , the days of going against our gods and still being accepted is slowly changing. The Hindutva proponents steadily changing the great Hindu religion into the path of fundamentalism.

  60. It is sad that supposedly well educated and well paid IAS, IFS and IPS Muslim officers fell compelled to quote from the Koran to drive home to fellow Muslims, the dire need to observe the guidelines put out by the Government to arrest the spread of the corona virus. Apparently, common sense and appeals to their civic responsibility are not effective modes to make Muslims to see reason ! Muslims right from childhood are indoctrinated on the need to blindly follow the Koran without understanding the context that prevailed in the 7th Century Arabia when it was written ! Worse, any attempt to interpret Koranic verses to today’s context by “progressive” Muslims is violently opposed by illiterate, fanatical mullahs who hold their flock in thrall through socially coercive measures crushing even mild dissent by passing fatwas that order social boycott of the dissenter, denial of a “no objection” certificate permitting a nikah and denial of permission to bury the dead in the common graveyard. These Muslim IAS,IPS,IFS worthies by “appealing” to their brethren to perform their civic duty using the Koran as a prop, clearly proves my point.

    • They are trying to be relatable to the masses. Not everyone is educated. The idea is to make them understand using their own language and something they can relate with. It’s not what you say that’s important to the listener but how the understands and takes action eventually b that will help. Good day..

  61. Exactly, Islamophobia will tear the integrated India. I was hoping more from the celebs like SRK, Aamir, Salman etc as they are role models for them. Nevertheless, the respected officers and other responsible members should be more vocal about it. Though I wonder if news channels will give them the opportunity. It wont get them the TRP I guess… hmmm…

    I thought we have become evolved enough to rise above this and live as humans. Looks like we are regressing. Strict legal action should he taken by the govt on all the anti social morons and there should be no more appeasement politics as that will benefit only the politicians and plunge India into communal riots or destroy the harmony.

      • Mr Rajvir are you a Dravidian. Those are the original inhabitants of this land. Other than that everyone is a migrant here. If you say that only things which were made here have relevance in India then I suggest you stop using your smartphone and the internet as well, neither of these technologies was made in India. Your views and your narrow mindedness is very similar to the Muslim fundamentalists that you so oppose. a
        India and Indian culture has no need of people like you. Vasudeva Kuttumbakam. Read your scriptures once in a while and try to support the government in its efforts rather than spreading hatred.

  62. Very disappointing behaviour why is it that a religious scripture needs to be quoted for something that is so obvious. It’s this type of pandering to a religion that has turned them into religious bigots who would dress and hope to return to a lifestyle 1000 years back and force others as well. STOP SUPPORTING BIGOTRY . Bring common law for everyone and CONTROL POPULATION to save INDIA

    • Mr. Sukesh first try to understand what is the text of appeal.

      Surely it was mentioned in the Holy Quran more than fourteen hundred years ago, to keep safe confine one’s self to avoid contact with others.
      Also Quran says donot migrate from the place where an epidemic is exploding.insted confine yourself.

      It means donot come out and quarantine self.

      Without knowing facts don’t jump to conclusions.

      By the way what’s your suggestion to lakhs of labourers migrating from Delhi to UP and Bihar. I hope you don’t have any objection to this migration.

      • Bhai migrants ko nikalna pada bhukh aur berojgari ke karan. Par unhone bhi police pe pathrav nhi kiya. Ap apne kaum walo ke liye kya justification denge??

      • We have nothing to do with what somebody said in Arabia some 1400. It has no relevance for India and our country or civilisation. Get this into your mind, Arabic book has nothing to do with India. This is India, not Arabia and we are Indians not Arabis

    • Will you comment on behaviour of Media in India?. I think you understand, you can better understand. Great problem. Hate progaganda is going on. What govt. and publice in general and Hindu intelgencia in doing?. The whole lot is enjoying. Let come forward. Commenting a community is a very easy job.

  63. it’s very sad that,these soo called intellectuals of muslim community,are only concerned that nobody should blame them due to their wrongdoings,,but they r not at all activitely condemning some anti-social acts done by some of their community members anywhere in the letter, instead they r victimizing themselves to gain sympathy & publicity !!!!

    • The law of the land should be followed. Claiming exemption from it in the name of religion is not acceptable in the eyes of law. When majority religious worship places are closed, being minorities they should follow the rules. There is no wrong in prayer in one’s own home. The rebellion against the law of the land will depart those who violates it and there will be danger of departure from the main stream.

  64. My salute to these learned officers. We need them to come and lead the community to move on the right path.

  65. Muslims have painted themselves in a corner. It started with their irrational protest about CAS, which served the vested interests of a bankrupt opposition and now with the shenanigans of the Jammat and all the stupid vedios. I hope sanity returns to this community, before they totally lost out to rest of the country.

    • librandus and commies didn’t dare to call out such Islamists. Instead of doing so they are looking for “equal to” opportunities, digging out fake hindu religious gatherings. Is it political correctness or apologetic attitude. Did they came out openly to warn and reprimand them,no. Why? should they wait for fellow muslims to come out. What is their duty towards the nation . Is it just running propaganda out of modi phobia and hindu phobia . Get well soon . Nation first.

  66. Great persons of a great nation have great thoughts about country as a whole. No Hindu Muslim.

    Salute to all officers !!

  67. Muslims had been praying for the last seventy years and still they are the last man in the queue.

    • Mr. Gopal : Muslims are praying since inception of 1st prophet Adam peace be upon him. We muslims followed Moses peace be upon him and we muslims followed Christ peace be upon him and presently we muslims are following our last and sealed prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.
      When prophet Mohammad died he was not having few dirhams to pay his debt of a commrade, before his death he asked his clan brother to pay his debt, which he was borrowed to help a needy person. Also after his death there was no oil in his night lamp so family member borrowed from neibhourhood. Hope you will understand. May Almighty guide you and bless you.

      • First of all there is adam, secondly Moses , Abraham or Christ never called themselves with word Muslim. Muslim as such came during Mohammad and the religion started then. Before that there was no Islam. It is an Arabic religion as fundamentally and has no relevance for other civilization like Japan, china, India, Europe, Americas, etc. In our country there only local converts of this arabic religion, no Muslim or arabi as such.

      • Adam was not a Prophet, he was a fallen. Moses, Abraham and Christ are all Christian.

      • Unlike any other community, Muslims are obsessed with religion. But this over religiosity does not translate into honesty. Muslims produce the ;largest group of prisoners in every western country, much more than any other immigrant community. This is sad.

  68. to do such a simple thing Quran has to be invoked.Just goes to show these worthies will not listen to anything.For them saving life of citizens from Corona is not important.It will be done only if Quran says so.

    • The message from the officers is so humble and clear asking their fellow few muslims to open their eyes. And u some hindu people are so narrow minded, jst like the few muslims these officers are poining to, that u seem over reactive and over critical. Dont be so. Dont over interprete things. Keep things simple as it appears, dont over judge.

      • Realy Mr Swra.We must at any cost shun the hatred for the prosperity of our country.Some people on behest of narrow minded politians are spreading venom which will have its longer repurcussions if not stopped..Lets spread communal harmony & brotherhood among all; leaving aside who is who after all we r citizens of a GREAT NATION KNOWN AS INDIA💟💟💟

        • Doctors are doing a great job all over the word. But so are the farmers. If they stopped work where will the people go to get food? Doctors also perhaps are indebted to the farmers for their share of the food. Many NGOs are helping out the poor voluntarily because no medical cure is there for hunger. So as well as the doctors we must be thankful to these others also.

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