RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat speaks at the book release of 'Gandhi Ko Samajhney Ka Yahi Samay' in New Delhi on 17 February 2020 | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat speaks at the book release of 'Gandhi Ko Samajhney Ka Yahi Samay' in New Delhi on 17 February 2020 | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint
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New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi was a hardcore Hindu and not apologetic about his religious identity, said RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat Monday at the release of the book Gandhi Ko Samajhney Ka Yahi Samay written by former NCERT director J.S. Rajput.

Speaking at the event, Bhagwat said there is a need to understand Gandhi’s views in today’s time and replicate them, but stressed on understanding them first and making it a part of our lives before indulging in creating a “carbon copy”.

Unko apne Hindu hone ki kabhi lajja nahi hui. Unhone kai baar kahan ki main kattar Sanatani Hindu hu. Par ye bhi kahan ki kattar Sanatani Hindu hu, isliye puja ke bhed mai nahi maanta. Mai ye maanta hu… ki apni shraddha mai pakke raho aur doosro ki shraddhao ka samaan karo aur mil jul ke raho (Gandhi was never apologetic about his Hindu identity. He said he was a hardcore Hindu Sanatani a number of times, because of which he didn’t differentiate between different religious practices. He said he followed his own religion and respected the religion of the other),” Bhagwat said.

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The RSS chief said Gandhi had undertaken many experiments, and even if some of them went wrong, Gandhi took responsibility for it and atoned for them.

In contrast, in today’s time, no one takes responsibility for their actions even if a protest leads to a law and order situation, said Bhagwat. The organiser merely wins or losses, but it is the common public, who become part of that protest, that suffers, he added.

The fact is that only when one is fearless can one can get to the truth and for this one will have to give up the desire for popularity, Bhagwat went on to say, and added that he was confident circumstances would change, and the entire nation would unite as one.

His remarks come in the backdrop of violence during protests against the amended citizenship law in several parts of the country.

According to an RSS functionary, this was the first time an RSS chief delivered a talk at Gandhi Smriti, the place where Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi.

The book’s author Rajput is credited with introducing a ‘nationalistic’ curriculum in schools through the NCERT textbooks.

‘Central Vista against Gandhi’s principles’

Former secretary-general of the Lok Sabha and noted Constitutional expert, Subhash Kashyap said while corruption has definitely come down at the highest levels, for the common people it has only increased.

Commenting on the proposal to rebuild the Parliament, he said: “Plans are afoot to rebuild New Delhi after spending crores. The same money can be used to better the lives of people. It can be used to create lakhs of houses for the poor. Our Parliament building is in great shape, why are we trying to please the people by rebuilding Parliament, the new north and south block. This is against what the Mahatma preached.”

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  1. No one even now as any “lajaa” (shame) on being a Hindu katar or otherwise. We Hindus feel Sharm ( ashamed) when we see our religion getting communalised by RSS and BJP when they intimidate others by shouting Jai Shri Ram, Bajrang Bali etc.

  2. I have nothing but contempt for this man. He should read Gandhi’s biographies, not just the official ones. Gandhi was fully in love with Christianity. While in South Africa, he even seriously considered converting to Christianity. His love for Muslims was boundless. Though he called them bullys, he opined that he would want the Hindus to face them with non-violence. He called the killer of Swami Shraddhananda as his brother. He called Moplah rioters as misguided people and he wanted the Hindus to “bravely” face them. His brand of non-violence was not drawn from Hindu scriptures but was of christian varieties – “turn the other cheek”. Because of Gandhi’s non-violence, tens of thousands of people were mercilessly beaten up by the police. But, he himself remained safe. This imbecile Mohan Bhagwat calls such a person “hardcore Hindu”. I wonder when did he last read any book on Gandhi?


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