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New Delhi: As the Modi government and the BJP attempt to appropriate Mahatma Gandhi, one of the party’s own MPs Sunday stoked a controversy over Gandhi’s death.   

In a tweet that has gone viral on microblogging site Twitter, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy called for the probe into Gandhi’s death to be reopened, alluding that it could not be fully established that the father of the nation was shot by Nathuram Godse.   

“1st question: Why no post mortem or autopsy on Gandhiji’s body? 2nd : Why Abha and Manu as direct eyewitnesses not questioned in court? 3rd: How many empty chambers in Godse’s revolver? Italian revolver “untraceable”!! Why? We need to re-open the case,” Swamy tweeted. 


SC petition

The Supreme Court had dismissed a petition seeking an inquiry into Gandhi’s assassination in 2019. It was filed by an I-T professional, Dr Pankaj Kumudchandra Phadnis, in October 2017. 

The petition had stated that the assassination needed to be probed as there was some ambiguity over whether the fourth bullet was fired by Nathuram Godse, Gandhi’s assassin.

The petition also stated that the two alleged conspirators — Godse and Narayan Dattatraya Apte — were hanged on 15 November 1949, 71 days before the Supreme Court of India came into existence on 26 January, 1950. This meant that the conspirators or their families did not get a chance to challenge the verdict of the High Court of East Punjab.

Thus, petitioner claimed that “Gandhi murder trial has not yet attained legal finality”. 

In 1966, the Kapur Commission was set up to probe the assassination of Gandhi. In a book on the assassination, author and activist Teesta Setalvad stated that the commission’s three-volume report has been absent from the public domain. The report, the book claims, contains evidence like intelligence reports, oral and documentary evidence. 

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  1. Someone needs to please tell Dr Swamy that Godse shot Mahatma Gandhi with a Model 1934 Beretta semiautomatic pistol, not a “revolver.” This is loaded with a 7 round magazine through the grip, and does not have “chambers” like revolvers do. Going by aural recollections after shots are fired, is never a good idea. The heat of the moment, the horror of seeing someone shot, and the realization that it was as monumental a leader as the Mahatma who had been targeted could have shocked those around him into a state of confusion. Even seasoned soldiers and police officers who have seen battle are sometimes left with incomplete / flawed memories of what they saw in the thick of battle. You cannot expect a congregation at a prayer meeting to remember what happened in detail. Godse was not a seasoned shooter as well, and he may have pulled the trigger any number of times without recalling exactly what he did. He meant to shoot and kill the Mahatma and he accomplished this. As far as the autopsy is concerned, we do not know why one was not carried out, but the announcement of death by API could easily mean that an official announcement was made only 35 minutes later. It could have taken that long for a doctor / medical officer to be brought to the Birla House to examine the Mahatma, and nothing more.

    We live in a time when conspiracy theories about any and everything are a popular pastime for television chatterati. It is sad when a reputably brilliant economist and a longtime fighter for individual freedoms in India like Dr Subramaniam Swamy chooses to indulge in activity that is most often resorted to by people at the other end of the intellectual spectrum from himself. He should know better. There are better battles to be fought.

    • It’s an Italian revolver you fool
      What you wrote all Congress words
      Soon Truth will be out
      Go & buy Burnol for you & Italy Congress.

  2. I have so much respect and affection for the daughter, can never bring myself to post anything uncomplimentary for the father. Not FM material.

  3. Obviously the man is bored, having nothing else to do. Congress is out of power, courts takes too long to proceed and he has to have a cause to file yet another case. Too much time on hand!!!


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