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Mahatma Gandhi’s glasses found in UK auctioneer’s letterbox, could fetch over Rs 14 lakh

The pair of glasses had been handed down from generation to generation in the owner's family that had come to possess it after someone met Gandhi in South Africa during 1920s.

Defacement of Gandhi statue a disgrace, says Donald Trump

The statue, located across the road from the Indian Embassy, was vandalised on the intervening night of 2-3 June during the protests against George Floyd's death.

‘Our sincere apologies’ — US ambassador after Gandhi statue vandalised in Washington DC

The statue outside Indian embassy in Washington D.C. was desecrated with spray paint amid the ongoing protests against the killing of George Floyd.
Migrant labourers in line to board a bus in Mumbai's Dharavi to railway station Tuesday | PTI

Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s mock migrant debate, Rakesh Sood says India-Nepal relations need reset

Today's political, economic & strategic punditry from MV Rajeev Gowda, Indira Rajaraman, Nishikant Dubey & more.
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar | Savarkar.org

Gandhi admired Hindutva icon Savarkar as ‘lover of truth’, addressed him as bhai 

Thursday marks the 137th birth anniversary of V.D. Savarkar, one of the most prominent ideologues of Hindutva in the 20th century. 
People stand in a queue to take free essential commodities during the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, in Prayagraj on 8 April | ANI

Gopalkrishna Gandhi on Mahatma Gandhi during crises, Manu Joseph unhappy with essential goods

Today’s political, economic & strategic punditry from Aruna Sundararajan, Suyash Rai, Rahul Verma and many more.

Shaheen Bagh couldn’t get CAA revoked. But Gandhi’s satyagraha didn’t meet its goal either

Neither the Salt March nor Bardoli satyagraha achieved their stated goals, but Gandhi found them to be successful. He might have approved of Shaheen Bagh too.
Mahatma Gandhi

On 90th anniversary of Dandi March, Congress to take out ‘Gandhi Sandesh Yatra’

The 27-day yatra will begin at Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram on 12 March. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are set to be part of it.
Vallabhbhai Patel

When Delhi rioted, Sardar Patel busted fake news and wanted a Hindu newspaper banned

During the post-Partition communal riots in Delhi, it became Sardar Patel's job to quell rumours and take the Delhi Police to task.
Mahatma Gandhi

Stop ‘prabhat pheris’, the British told Gandhi. It’s a vulgar nuisance, threatens civic order

In 'Singing Gandhi's India', Lakshmi Subramanian writes about why Gandhi insisted on supporting musical processions despite the controversy over them in 1930s.

On Camera

File photo of PM Narendra Modi and former PM Manmohan Singh | PTI

Modi govt was handed weak data institutions by Congress, but it ruined them further

The BJP’s 2014 manifesto promised ‘real-time data’. Now, the Modi government has no data on migrant workers’ deaths during Covid pandemic.
A man holds a Rs 2000 banknote | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Are people holding on to cash after lockdown? New RBI data seems to suggest so

Data shows a sharp increase in cash holding after the lockdown was imposed in March. The demand for Rs 2,000 notes has surged, say bankers.


Indian Navy warships | Representational image | Twitter | @indiannavy

China, India signal each other on might in Indian Ocean Region, amid tensions on land

A PLA Navy task force is understood to have entered Indian Ocean Region as China seeks to project its dominance. India is keeping a close watch on waters around the country.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Why India’s triple crisis needs Modi to de-escalate & disengage from divisive politics at home

Covid, China and economy are intense, intertwined crises that need political space and confidence. Responsibility to create them doesn’t lie with opposition.