File photo of Gupteshwar Pandey | Facebook
File photo of Gupteshwar Pandey | Facebook
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New Delhi: The newly-appointed Bihar director general of police (DGP), Gupteshwar Pandey, was examined by the CBI in 2014 in a high-profile abduction case that remains unsolved.

Five years before that, he left the Indian Police Service (IPS) to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but was controversially reinstated by the Bihar government less than nine months later.

Pandey, a 1987-Batch IPS officer, took charge as DGP on 31 January, chosen from a list of three officers shortlisted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to head Bihar Police.

In 2014, Pandey and two Bihar police personnel were examined by the CBI in the now Supreme-Court-monitored Navaruna case, which centres on the abduction of a 12-year-old girl, Navaruna Chakravarty, from her Muzaffarpur home in 2012.
Pandey was the inspector general of police, Muzaffarpur, at the time.

In September 2012, Navaruna, then a Class VIII student, was abducted from inside her bedroom. Her family alleges the abduction was part of a land-mafia ploy to purchase the plot on which the Bengali family of four was living.

“I had accused Gupteshwar Pandey of being involved in the abduction of my daughter, yet he has gone on to become the DGP,” said Atulya Chakravarty, Navaruna’s father. “What hope is left for us?”

“Police was involved from start to finish in the case… So the entire IPS lobby got together to save each other,” her father Atulya added.

Pandey could not be reached for a comment despite several attempts.

A month after Navaruna’s abduction, a skeleton was found from a drain close to their residence. While a DNA test proved that the skeleton was indeed Navaruna’s, her family is still hopeful that their daughter will come back.

The case is yet to be closed, even though it was transferred to the CBI five years ago.

A few years before that, Pandey had sought voluntary retirement from the service to contest the Lok Sabha polls on a BJP ticket. Nine months later, the Nitish Kumar administration reinstated him, after he didn’t get a ticket.

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‘Didn’t know details’

The UPSC has been asked by the Supreme Court to shortlist three officers for the post of DGP in every state, after which the state government can pick one officer from the list.

The initiative seeks to minimise political influence in appointments to the crucial post, and ensure that officers with clean records are considered for the post.

An IPS officer from Bihar said the “UPSC should not have shortlisted an officer like him [Pandey] in the first place”.

“But now that they have,” said the officer, “Nobody will say anything because the UPSC is such a reputed agency”.

Approached for comment, a senior UPSC official said on the condition of anonymity that the panel was not aware of these details when it shortlisted Pandey.

“We go by the records given to us by the state and central government, and the committee considers only those records,” the official added. “But I cannot comment on this since I do not know any of these details.”

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  1. Actually what’s going on in our prestigious land,CM, Administration and Baba ,yaar it’s a too much.all environment are being dirty.

    And I Know the cause and solution also.
    It’s all of gifted by our education system.
    I am also completed my high school in Kolkata from where teacher talked about Sex and other matter,and quit up when student see bad video at school.
    It’s all products of our education system and teachers only.
    We need to add a law in government sector service to continue on the basis of their practical performance activity and their results not theoretical data only

    Jay Hind !Jay Bharat.

  2. Undoubtedly Nitish bhai has the cleanest image in Bihar. I wonder why he is upset with Lalu and the Congress? Maybe he was paid an enormous sum of money to do the switch. Maybe election time and time to stifle the opposition. Amazing politicians – Amazing Bihar – Amazing India

  3. In UPSC all forward people are sitting they save their caste there fore all corruption are done by them . NOw 10 % extra people will be there no body will stop whatever they want .

  4. It is ridiculous that UPSC is going through the records only. UPSC should have examined throughout the records before recommending his name for DGP.


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