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The tweet with misleading caption shared by BJP MLA Delhi Manjinder Singh Sirsa
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Akali Dal MLA from Delhi questions Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s religion based on a fake image that has been widely shared on social media.

New Delhi: An image of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his wife and former Congress president Sonia Gandhi has gone viral on social media, claiming that the couple got married according to Christian customs.

Delhi’s Rajouri Garden MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa tweeted the image Monday with a misleading caption.

Apart from the false claims about the couple’s wedding, Sirsa, a Shiromani Akali Dal leader, also questioned Congress chief Rahul Gandhi over his religion.

Sirsa’s tweet was retweeted by over 1,900 users. However, the image that the MLA shared is not from the Rajiv-Sonia wedding.

Archival footage from 1968 shows that the Gandhis got married according to Hindu customs. In the footage by newsreel archive British Movietone, Sonia and Rajiv can also be seen with his mother and late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Marriage ceremony of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi happening as per Hindu customs | screengrab from British Movietone's video of their marriage
Marriage ceremony of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi happening as per Hindu customs | screengrab from British Movietone’s video of their marriage

Online users, however, did bust the fake news shared by Sirsa. South Delhi Municipal Councillor Yasmin Kidwai, a Congress leader, pointed out that the image wasn’t from the said wedding. Congress leader Abhishek Dutt also shared images of the actual wedding to prove Sirsa wrong.

Earlier, a Facebook page called ‘Yogi Adityanath True Indian’, with over a million followers, shared the same fake image on 27 September. The post received over 1,300 reactions and was shared by over 1,700 Facebook users.

The actual event where the couple met the priest as shown in the viral picture couldn’t be verified.

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  1. True. Unless this photograph is properly explained it cannot simply be washed away. Can we say with conviction that this is NOT their wedding registration? We see so many marriages taking place in both customs. Ultimately where and how it is registered is what matters. You media people should be able to trace the priest in the photo to corroborate the story – if you want to.

  2. Since the elections are approaching fast , the anti – national elements indulge in all sorts of disinformation and innuendoes to tarnish the image of the Congress party. When there is fire in the belly of the peoples , such false propaganda have no effect on the poor and hungry . They will only backfire on the BJP .

  3. In today’s bizarre politics of vote pursuit, nothing is left out. Today’s Congress may even say feroz Gandhi or feroz khan, husband of Indira priyadarshini, daughter of Nehru, is a brahmin and even Mohandas karamchand Gandhi a brahmin. Don’t take these things seriously. Everything goes in Indian politics today. Just laugh off

  4. This controversy will continue until you clarify regarding the image with the Christian priest….Did they undergo through the ritualsa Christian marriage too? This question still haunts many.


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