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Ramdev’s Patanjali submits a herbs+hydroxychloroquine plan to treat Covid-19

Patanjali Ayurveda has also submitted a research paper to a medical journal claiming ashwagandha herb stops entry of coronavirus into human body.

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New Delhi: Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda has submitted a proposal to the Modi government for the “treatment and prevention” of Covid-19 using medicinal herbs along with allopathic medicine hydroxychloroquine, which is an anti-malarial drug

The proposal, prepared by Haridwar-based Patanjali Research Institute (PRI) that functions under the Patanjali Ayurveda, stated that phytochemicals in ashwagandha, giloy and tulsi have the potential to fight Covid-19.

Phytochemicals are chemicals produced by plants.

An official from the Ministry of AYUSH told ThePrint the proposal has been submitted this week. 

In a separate move, the company has submitted a research paper for peer review to a medical journal, Virology, which stated that ashwagandha herb stops the entry of the highly infectious novel coronavirus into human body. 

The pre-print version of the research, which was led by Patanjali Ayurveda CEO Acharya Balkrishna, is available on website Research Square.

Pre-print versions are preliminary reports that have not undergone peer-review, meaning they should not be considered conclusive. 

“Our data, for the first time, show that natural phytochemicals could well be the viable options for controlling Covid-19 entry into host cells, and ‘ashwagandha’ may be the first choice of herbs in these directions to curb the Covid-19 infection,” stated the research.

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‘100 scientists working to find cure’ 

Balkrishna told ThePrint for the last two months, a team of 100 scientists has been working to find a cure for Covid-19.

“These findings will be useful in prevention as well as for cure along with the allopathic treatment regimen,” he said. 

“Like China has used the combination of traditional medicine and modern medicine, we have submitted a treatment protocol (to the government) using ayurveda, which can be used along with ICMR-prescribed allopathic treatment for treating Covid-19 patients,” Balkrishna added.

Patanjali proposal to government 

The research proposal submitted to the government stated: “To combat Covid-19 virus with ayurveda, we have screened close to 1,000 phytochemicals from more than 100 medicinal plants.”  

Titled ‘Indian Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment Regime For Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19’, the 29-page proposal accessed by ThePrint further stated: “We looked for the binding affinities of phytochemicals to Covid-19 essential proteins and host protein interactions. We have discovered that natural phytochemicals in ashwagandha, giloy and tulsi indeed have potential to combat Covid-19 and its pathogenicity.

“The proposed treatment regimen is designed to add efficacy and potency of ayurvedic medicines in treating Covid-19 infection in combination with ICMR-approved hydroxychloroquine,” it added.

Balkrishna told ThePrint: “This regimen is meticulously designed with clinical relevance for the ayurvedic intervention therapy on war-footing to cope with Covid-19 infections.” 

‘Ashwagandha’ prevents coronavirus

The virus, SARS-CoV-2, has been shown to engage the host cells in the human body called ACE2 through its spike protein receptor-binding domain (RBD), according to the research submitted to Virology

The research stated the natural phytochemical from the medicinal herb withania somnifera or ashwagandha has distinct effects on the binding of virus within the human body. 

Ashwagandha, which is known as a “master” herb in ayurvedic medicine, is an evergreen shrub that grows in India. Its roots and orange-red fruit is used in the preparation of several herbal medicines.

“We have developed a strategy that may be utilised to block or weaken the viral infections like Covid-19, via disruption of the electrostatic interaction of the interacting viral protein with the ACE2 receptor,” the research said. 

In this regard, phytochemicals present in Indian medicinal herb ashwagandha were screened by molecular docking — a scientific method that predicts the preferred orientation of one molecule to a second. 

“This study highlights the importance of natural origin phytochemicals in controlling Covid-19 entry into host cells, and provides an attractive and alternative means for the management of Covid-19 infection,” according to the research. 

“Withania somnifera or ashwagandha could well be the first choice of medicinal herbs in these direction to control the Covid-19 infectivity,” it said.

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  1. I’m recommending Dr Uromi to everyone who have herpes simplex virus to get the cure from him. I was diagnose of genital herpes in 2019 and i have been searching and asking questions to see if i could get something to cure the disease because i did not believe what the doctors say that no cure is found yet. I came across a comment on Youtube and the person testify how she was cured from herpes and hpv after using Dr Uromi herbal medicine. I quickly contact Dr Uromi and explain my problem to him and he prepare the herbs and send it to me through UPS and gave me instructions on how to use it and tell me to go for checkup after usage which i did after two weeks of taken the herbal medicine and my result was NEGATIVE. I waited another month and retested the result was still NEGATIVE and my doctor told me that am completely free from herpes. Am so happy and grateful to Dr Uromi for what he has done for me and i will continue to share this for people out there to know that there is cure for herpes. You can contact Dr Uromi on email and WhatsApp to get the cure from him. Email:Druromiherbalhome@gmail.com  and WhatsApp  +2349021374574    .     

  2. Efficacy of Herbal extract for testing may vary when separated from its coenzimes.Most of the herbs are safe with no side effects.Research over all traditional medicines are complete and codified already in the ancient texts.Competent qualified traditional prfessionals can handle Ayur or Siddha treatment successfully. It is all proved over the ages.Only chemical drugs require testing for all types of impacts and results.Water can not be blamed for mirage. But mirage also proves existence of water.Not knowing doesn’t substantiate absence of a matter.Discrimination against traditional medicines and Professionals is now playing Havoc.Nation can’t afford to lose precious time or lives any more at this critical juncture especially when modern science is short of suitable drugs.

  3. Some 355 allopathic drugs prescribed over the years are in banned list.What become of their earlier validation.Modern science is not beyond nature.Established systems require no validation.Proof of pudding is in eating not in lab test.How people eat Indian vegetables without testing.Believers get the benefits.Non believers cannot stall.There are around four lakhs Registered competent doctors in alternative systems and crores of following.Impostos are there in every ssphere.Patients should know available cures and freedom of choice.

  4. I fully agree with people supporting Patanjali and Ramdev ji. He says don’t take medicines only do pranayaam. Person posting by the name Chay is surely a pharmacist who is feeling threatened . Ramdev ji says stop the disease by a healthy life style . There is no nonsense in what Ramdev ji says this entire overdosing in allopathy is nonsense

  5. Now they are claiming they have a “cure”.
    There is exactly 0% chance that this will turn out to be real. They never ever produced any cure for anything.
    They say 80% got cured in 5-11 days or something like that, in some baby study.
    80% COVID-19 positive cases get cured in 5-11 days even without treatment.
    Actually it is only the 8-10% that get hospitalized that are the issue. Many, even in these cases will get cured by themselves, not medicines. Of the rest, some survive because of hospital care and others die.

    Patanjali does not know how to do research. They are just trying to fool people.

    • You can’t said that without trying or see results if some medical institute say that they discover any medicine which can fight against covid-19 and 100% results they found then why you not trying ..every medicine found something like that, see past

      • All numbers I stated are from research from real “medical institutes”, not fake ones like Patanjali.

        Patanjali is not a “medical institute”. They just capitalize on superstitions and blind beliefs of people like you. They never ever discovered anything. They are obviously lying. When did they ever not lie? They always lie that they almost discovered something, get you excited and hope you forget to check later. It never turns out to be true.

        Sure, see past. Which past medicines are proven to work? Where is the research that proves them? Why are no scientists recommending them as cures?

    • LOL! Now even the quack medicine supporting AYUSH is questioning Patanjali and ordered them to not advertise until proof is presented.

  6. Think how would we have servived thousands of years without any modern medicines. Yet today there are village and villagers where there are no modern doctors and medicines but they still survive. How ?
    Tell me how a monkey survives ? Who takes care of a monkey when he is ill ? Only herbs.

    Human being got the knowledge of medicinal herbs from our ancestors at the time of evolution. From monkey to man.

    • What do you think was the average lifespan for thousands of years? Look it up.
      What fertility rate do you think was necessary to maintain even that?

      What do you think was infant mortality until recently?

      How long do you think monkeys live in the wild vs. with medicines?

  7. Well so called science and their research and protocols haven’t even been able to find cure for Common cold so far, and for that matter no disease has ever been CURED by science. They just suppress or treat symptoms not the disease. Operate, Amputate, Supress , Radiate , Chemo , stent, By-paas, life long BP and Sugar medicines.. but none CURE in absolute term.
    Think about this.. this may sound like exaggeration.

    I have in extended family one heart patient with 3 heart attacks and only surviving on herbal medicines with heart capacity of about 40% only, almost 60% cells dead now, main stream scientific treatments failed and one of the best heart surgeon said no chance of survival, ,3 sugar patients taking medicines for last 20 yrs , no cure , 2 BP, patients with 20 yrs or so medication , no cure, one canceled patient( expired) with mainstream treatment, one gallbladder stones and infection to liver, had to operate and remove gallbladder and now suffering lifetime IBS, one more breast cancer patient, main stream treatment raised their hands and the patient is currently on death bed.

    You see all around , no CURE for smallest to biggest ailment .science has not ever been able find cure to common cold to cancer or AIDS.. infact is hat they do is play with body’s immune system.. instead of raise my body’s natural immunity and let the Intelligent body find its own cure, we cannot fact vaccinate , reduce immunity, use antibiotics, suppress reduce and kill our immunity , so that we can be on the modern scientific medicine and treatment trap all our life and they can mint money at the cost of our health.
    I am not against science in general , but it has become a money minting trap to keep people ill and keep them ever in medication.

    Don’t believe everything in the name is scientific literature, experiments, pier reviews, protocols.
    Present day scientific medicines and treatments are merely trying to treat stem proms not the cause of any disease. Whereas the body’s own immunity can actually heal provided if we can give it proper support . That the science will never do, otherwise their business model will collapse , no illness no medicine no money making.

    • What nonsense.

      Leprosy is cured by science.
      Malaria is cured by science.
      TB is cured by science.
      Most infections are cured by science.
      Many cancers are cured by science when treated early.
      Quite a few diseases are cured by science. Several more are well controlled by it and a few are honestly categorized as remaining challenges.
      AIDS, Diabetes and Blood Pressure patients are all extended in life by science.

      Name one disease cured by Ayurveda that studies show is best managed by Ayurveda, not by your manufactured stories.

      When Ayurveda lacks even the concept of virus, bacteria, cancer, blood pressure, what will it cure?

      Idiot quacks such as yourself pretend to be patients and promote anti-scientific propaganda to fill their pockets are a disease to India.

      Even insane homeopathy laughs at your ancient herbals and called it Allopathy. It calls your primitive treatments worse than the disease. Maybe you didn’t know that.

      • Brother , most of the books of the Ayurveda was destroy by the mughals and many more invaders , therefore we lost most of the knowledge which was present there .
        Baba ramdeva don’t discover Ayurveda , he just study it which was remaining .
        Can you give any example which show that any person die due to any disease before 800 in any of the book ?
        After Muslims invasion most of the knowledge and books destroy , and most important gurukal system destroy , so don’t talks like fool.

        • You are talking like a proper fool. Baba ramdev is just fooling you.

          That is all bhakt fake news. Where is your proof? Which historian said that was the case? Why do you believe this? Mughals never even ruled all of India at any time. How is this even possible?

          Oh I see, so according to you before 800 (AD?), no one died of any disease? How stupid does one have to be to believe that? Did you know how easily people died before penicillin and other antibiotics? Prick a finger, get infected, die. Diarrhea? Die. Fever? Die.

          Of course, not every prick, fever and diarrhea kills you, most won’t. So say it is all thanks to herbs, which we now know did nothing.

        • Perhaps brother, you meant, no one got any disease before 80. That is even dumber.
          So you think every one lived until 90-100 until recently. It was maybe like 5 people in a village.
          Do you know what the life expectancy of India was before vaccines and antibiotics? Obviously not. Look it up.
          Do you know what a population pyramid is? How do you think that would have looked like if your delusions were true?

          Bottom line is this. You are all uneducated fools eagerly swallowing bhakt propaganda and are being made into donkeys. Reality was very different. Get off facebook and whatsapp and get some education.

  8. To give an example of lack of common sense in Ayurveda, both in texts as well as so called experts, who really don’t have basic science knowledge and should not be called “experts”. They are actually priests of Ayurveda.


    If you have even little common sense and basic school education, you know that gender is determined at the time of conception itself and no decoction of any kind can change that anytime in pregnancy because the chromosomes have already combined.

    Even with today’s clear knowledge on gender science, these people won’t admit that Charaka was wrong. If you can’t admit that your beliefs are wrong on a topic, it is not a science, it is a faith. It is not a medical text, but scripture. So this is religion, politics and so on but not real medicine. Having seminars, syllabus, pharmacopeias, degrees, conferences, papers, pre-prints make it sound modern, but the entire mentality is all anti-modern pseudoscience.

  9. I hope people use their common sense. Ayurveda is right now being promoted as ancient wisdom for political purposes. This is simply not true. You can read Ayurveda yourself. It is freely available online.

    Ayurveda was written when people had no concept of not just viruses, but a lot of things that even kids know today. So they thought most infectious diseases were caused by bad smelling air called miasma. Now we know that is not true at all. Actually, they missed even things that could be seen, like details of blood circulation. You will know more than an Ayurvedic many times more if you even read just Wikipedia carefully.

    Coronavirus causes some immune reactions leading to acute respiratory distress. Ayurveda also has no concept of these things. The whole allergy concept is put under “Vaata” and nothing is discussed further on it. Sorry to hurt anyone’s feelings, but Ayurveda is really primitive compared to modern biology. Crazy things are said all over in Ayurveda. Read modern science text and Ayurveda side by side and differences are massive.

    There really are no science concepts in Ayurveda. All these papers are just to make Ayurveda look modern so that you are fooled to thinking it is almost equivalent, it isn’t. There is no Ayurveda medicine that is recommended anywhere outside India as a preferred drug. Unless tomorrow the whole world agrees that an Ayurveda drug in effective (like China’s malaria drug), don’t let your political feelings effect you in seeking treatment. You may be putting yourself and more importantly, others at risk if you think these drugs boost immunity etc and go about.

  10. Smashed scorpion in octopus shit with eels blood, garnished with bat droppings and snakes intestine mixed together is 100% cure(This is how chinese medicine looks like)

    • Ayurveda also looks like that: Burn snake, use ash, use rooster droppings etc. Need we mention Gomutra and Gobar? All traditional medicine looks like that.

      That is why Chinese used real medicine to manage Corona, not traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is only good for politics when you have foolish, easily manipulated masses, not to handle any real disease crisis.

      The world is asking India to export Hydroxychloroquine, not Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Gomutra and Gobar. No surprise here.

      • You might not believe in Ayurveda and I was no different a couple of years back. My father was diagnosed with 4th stage metastatic cancer and first line therapy failed in 6 months. Doctor gave him second and last line therapy and told us that please try other alternative medicines if you like. With no option left we went to Patanjali near Haridwar and met SK Mishra one of the senior specialists .. he gave medicines including gomutra and ashwagandha.. a lot others as well and told to keep having allopathic as well. Just 6 months back we had a total pet scan done of the body and doctor saw the cancer was now localised and could be killed with radiation. There was no cancer in any other part of the body which before had gone till bones. He said this is a miracle and my father now is cancer free .. still taking medicines for no recurrence though.
        I am also a futuristic modern science loving person .. but first handed seen the power of Ayurveda .. I would believe in Patanjali for a cure if they say so.

        • The people against Ayurveda seems to the part of conspiracy wherefrom the Virus originated. Now it is well known fact and histry says that Pharma companies , Doctors and So called big business houses are the generators of such viruses from time to time and have looted a lot to general public. As Ayurveda has stopped their marketing to much extent , they are now indulging in such practices and trying to under estimate Ayurveda.

          Yes the treatment is based on faith which comes from positive approach given by Ayurveda where Allopathic treatment is bases of Fear and negative approach being created and fed in the mind of patient.

          • Yes, I am sure US pharma is inventing viruses, making US lose trillions of dollars due to shutdowns and 50 thousand dead so far just to make a point against Ayurveda.

            I completely support you using only Ayurveda.

            Don’t ever use a single tablet of evil western modern science and evil pharma. Also, please don’t use evil English and evil western computers. Only transmit messages by meditation. I bet you are also a patriotic Indian using only palm leaves and not that evil western paper and print.

        • Yes the treatment is based on faith which comes from positive approach given by Ayurveda where Allopathic treatment is bases of Fear and negative approach being created and fed in the mind of patient.
          Most of Pharma cos , Doctors Just engaged in looting profession. This virus also gift of all these fellows

        • @Rahul, your father was taking scientific medicines.
          What makes you think cow urine and ashwagandha have anything to do with any improvements achieved by second line treatment?

          All the effects would have been due to proper medicine, which also only slows progress at best in stage 4. There may be some miracles imagined though when doctors sometimes make errors in diagnosis.

          Survival rate for metastatic cancer will be significantly worse Ayurveda only treatment, to the point that it would be criminal to try that.
          There isn’t the slightest evidence that Cow urine and ashwagandha cure cancer or even slow progress.
          There is nothing about metastatic cancer in Ayurveda. It was not known back then.

          Sometimes doctors tell you to try whatever you want, for your own mental peace, not because they actually think any of that works. Note that you were not even told which specific alternative treatment to take, just whatever you want. This is just managing psychology of patients with beliefs.

          As for me, I don’t believe posts on the Internet for medical accounts. They need to be published in good journals with proof before consideration because anyone can make anything up on Internet.

  11. hydroxychloroquine with chips will also work :)…good luck
    hydroxychloroquine with panipuri will also work

    • This is a very insightful comment.

      Hydroxychloroquine (if it works at all, not clear at this point) will do all the work and Patanjali will claim the herbs are responsible for part of the effect.

      This is the same trick used in crosspathies.

      They are just trying to stay relevant by confusing everyone.

  12. It is tested and we have experienced the effect of Giloy and Ashwagandha on our body’s immune system and strength. It surely gives positive effect on our body, but Indians have habit to look west and ignore efforts of Indian knowledge. Don’t know whether China has submitted such report or not before they started treatment on their patients ( combination of ancient and modern medicine), but still they are right and we are wrong.

    • U r right. We will suffer definitely until we value our researchs. Some allopaths also leg pulling.always leg pulling.never welcome any research because will have a direct impact on business of medicines maybe.

  13. “All The Best” Patanjali Team. If this Herbs medicine work out for the patients of Covid-19. Whole World wide Patanjali Medicine of India will be Thankful for your whole team effort for the fight against the deadly viral war. Let’s eliminate this from our Global.

  14. Patanjali has no record of producing any useful science. They can however write papers that look sophisticated to make their products appear scientific.
    The Print should not make news of Pre-Prints.
    A paper only gets its value once it has passed the peer review of a difficult journal.
    Simply submitting does not mean anything.

    • Dear Sir & also my fellow citizens, ,

      1. Have you searched all the papers produced by Patanjali ? Acharya Balakrishna is a co-author of several papers related to both Yoga (including Pranayama) and Herbal medicines. His H – index is a decent 25 (equal to or better than most reserachers in ICMR/NIV Pune etc.) . Please have a look through all his papers in Google Scholar .

      2. Patanjali Research Foundation is Headed by Dr. Shirley Telles (an MBBS graduate + PhD in Neurophysiology from the prestigious NIMHANS, Bangalore). Her profile is given below.
      She is also one of the most extensively cited reaserchers in Yoga along with Prof. Sat Bir Khalsa (of Harvard).

      3. Moreover this particular herb (Ashvagandha or Withania somnifera) has also been studied by several other researchers for diffrent applications. It is also listed by the Indian Pharmacopeia Commision (IPC, Ghaziabad) under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which is the official body for listing Pharmacopeia in the country.

      4. Any cure/preventive medicine has to follow typically the following path : (i) In-silico study (ii) In-vitro study (iii) In-vivo / animal study (iv) Clinical Trial(s).
      This is the first step of In-silico study (Computational study) . What is wrong with it ?

      5. My fellow Indians, check yourself and find out the truth. I rest my case.



      • H-index isn’t everything. Alternative medicine quacks cite each other a lot.

        For example, Homeopathy authors cite each other a lot, so some will have high h-index, but it is well known that all Homeopathic literature is junk.

        And your Harvard man published in Journal of Science & Healing, which is one of the most notorious journals of pseudoscience. Most of his publications read like ads for Yoga.

        Science is more than counting citations.

      • Here is the wiki entry for Journal of Science & Healing

        I would consider anyone who has any association with it as flaky because they failed science journal standards so frequently and so horribly. It is as if they attract only cranks.

        AYUSH has always been about pseudoscience, but Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is also a political entity now. Nothing becomes science because they included it in a Pharmacopeia.

        Does the whole world think it works? Then it is science. Does only India think it is science, then it isn’t science.

        There is nothing wrong with an “In-silico” study, which is basically doing something on your laptop without any real biology experiment. These just aren’t news items, even when they are published, let alone when they are mere pre-prints. Only a tiny fraction of them end up showing any result in a proper study. After that we can discuss publication worthiness in general news.

    • Even the condition of modern medicine is same in this condition.so don’t underestimate anything.

      • There is nothing to compare. There are no two medical systems.

        Alternative medicine is by definition medicine that has no proof and is taken on faith. The moment it has proof, it becomes medicine, modern and scientific.

        Medicine will come up with a vaccine in an year or so. This is basically guaranteed. Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy will not come up with anything. This is for all practical purposes, also guaranteed. They are belief systems, not sciences.

  15. I am also thankful to all patanjali doctors and researcher who made cure of this virus possible.

  16. Thanks to all team Patanjali. Being Bharatiya I am proud to say that we will find remedy by our own and definitely win in this viral war very soon.

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