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Baba Ramdev addresses the media during the launch of Corolin tablet for Coronavirus, in Haridwar on 23 June 2020 | ANI

Breathe new life into public health. Far too many Indians rely on Baba Ramdev, Akshay Kumar

A marginal patient opts for private healthcare over govt services the moment it becomes affordable, despite the distrust. The goal should be to reverse this.
Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan releases the AYUSH ministry's Covid treatment protocol on 6 October 2020 | Twitter | @drharshvardhan

Turmeric milk, kadha, yoga — AYUSH ministry’s protocol for mild, asymptomatic Covid cases

The govt advocated use of ashwagandha, guduchi, pippali, Ayush 64 tablets and yoga to prevent Covid, treat mild symptoms and for post-Covid self-care.
Representational image for Ayurveda | Photo: piqsels.com

Need more studies to test Ayurveda on severe Covid patients, AYUSH staff say in new paper

Published in peer-reviewed Journal of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, the paper flags the fact that only 2 clinical trials studying Covid treatment by Ayurveda include severe patients.
Representational image of patients meditating in a hospital ward | Photo: Praveen Jain | ThePrint

Govt wants to merge allopathy, homoeopathy, Ayurveda into one health system, plans 2030 launch

The idea — ‘One Nation, One Health System’ — has already appeared in Modi govt’s new health and education policies, and a committee has been formed to study its implementation.
Dr Bhushan Patwardhan, chairman of interdisciplinary AYUSH Research and Development Task Force on Covid-19 | ThePrint team

Incorrect to call Ayurveda, homoeopathy alternative medicine for Covid — top AYUSH official

Dr Bhushan Patwardhan, chairman of AYUSH R&D Task Force on Covid-19, advocates integrating measures from Ayurveda & Yoga in the standard of care to prevent & treat Covid.

Tulasi milk, ashwagandha milk, ginger milk — Karnataka gets new drinks to ‘boost immunity’

The Karnataka Milk Federation has launched five new milk products using different herbs. They are priced at Rs 25 per bottle.
A sweet shop employee places a sign in front of their 'Immunity Sandesh', in Kolkata in June | ANI

Mishti, immunity kick or gimmick? Kolkata doesn’t care as ‘anti-Corona’ sweets are the rage

Sweet makers claim Covid-themed sweets are selling like hot cakes. Customers say they eat sweets just as sweets and don’t expect them to work as medicine.
Illustration by Ramandeep Kaur

Why India needs to regulate Ayurveda to win the world market for natural remedies

If India can put in a proper regulatory system, it stands to gain enormously as a producer and exporter of traditional herbal medicines.
Representational image for Ayurveda | Photo: piqsels.com

Gomutra pills, turmeric extract, spice-mix — the Ayurvedic concoctions under trial for Covid

Curcumin (a turmeric compound) and black pepper tablets to panchgavya, a mixture of five cow products, at least 19 ayurvedic combinations have received approval for clinical trials.
Representational image for Ayurveda | Photo: piqsels.com

Tulsi drops, amla & flaxseeds to Chyawanprash, immunity boosters are flavour of the season

Wellness product companies are cashing in on this demand with increased production of old favourites as well as a host of new products.

On Camera

Indian origin Senator Kamala Harris

What’s in a name? A lot, if it’s Kamala Harris

Senator David Purdue's mal-pronunciation of Harris's name is emblematic of the struggle minorities have faced while fighting for their rights in US's history.

India at the doorstep of economic revival, says RBI governor Shaktikanta Das

Speaking at a book launch, Das said India followed the fiscal expansion path to deal with Covid-related challenges and govt will have to spell out a fiscal roadmap post-Covid.


File photo of INS Kavaratti | Indian Navy

Navy to commission INS Kavaratti, an indigenously-built warfare stealth corvette tomorrow

Like its predecessors, the new corvette does not have air defence systems than the close-in weapons deployed on board and the Navy is looking at getting new Short Range Air Defence System.
Illustration by Soham Sen

NDA is sacrificial horse as Modi-Shah complete their Ashwamedha & redefine Indian politics

You like Modi-Shah’s new plan, good for you. If you don’t, you will need more than viral tweets to challenge this Ashwamedha.