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New Delhi: The Ministry of AYUSH has once again reiterated the use of alternative medicines such as homoeopathy and ayurveda to ward off coronavirus, and also recommended sipping water boiled with tulsi, ginger and turmeric to fight the infection.

The ministry had advised the use of homeopathy for the prevention of COVID-19 infection and “symptomatic management” using Unani medicines in an advisory issued in January this year also. The advisory courted controversy and received a lot of criticism.

The latest advisory was sent to the chief secretaries of all states and union territories on 6 March. 

This time, however, the ministry has attached a separate annexure with the advisory, which contains supporting evidence in the form of 33 research studies.

“These interventions from different AYUSH systems of medicines are supported with evidence for promotion of immunity and help in improving the respiratory symptoms in similar diseases,” wrote Rajesh Kotecha, secretary, Ministry of AYUSH, in the letter.

“In this regard, a separate list of references is also enclosed in annexure II for your ready reference.”

The advisory, accessed by ThePrint, suggested the consumption of “Arsenicum album 30” and stated that “Arsenic album is a common prescription in the cases of respiratory infections in day to day practice”.

Arsenicum album 30 is a homeopathy pill.

The old advisory had also recommended a course of Arsenicum album 30.

The Ministry of AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homoeopathy. 

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Sip boiled water with tulsi, ginger, turmeric

Apart from medicines, the new advisory suggested frequent sipping of water boiled with tulsi leaves, crushed ginger and turmeric.

“Appropriate rest and timely sleep are advisable. The practice of yogasana and pranayama under the guidance of qualified yoga instructors is recommended,” it said.  

In the letter, Kotecha wrote, “Even though there is no panic response warranted, AYUSH being one of the important ministry equipped for providing appropriate response to the circumstances that arose due to this public health challenge, it is worthwhile to associate with stakeholders in eliciting AYUSH based public health response considering the strength and evidences of these systems.

“In the past also, interventions under AYUSH systems had been varyingly used for making an effective public health response in similar situations faced in many states, union territories.” 

Different prescriptions

The four-page long advisory divided under four heads — prevention, symptom management of COVID-like illness, add on interventions to the conventional care and general preventive measures — stresses the importance of ayurveda, homeopathy, Unani and siddha.

“The preventive aspect of homoeopathy is well-known, and historically, homoeopathy has reportedly been used for prevention during the epidemics of cholera, spanish influenza, yellow fever, scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid etc,” the letter stated.

It suggests the use of ayurveda medicine “Samshamani Vati” twice a day with warm water.

Under siddha, it advises “Nilavembu Kudineer decoction” twice a day and in Unani, it suggests preparation of “decoction by boiling Behidana, Unnab, Sapistan in water.

“The drugs used in the preparation of this decoction have been reported to have antioxidant activity, immuno-modulatory, antiallergic, smooth muscle relaxant activity and anti-influenza activity. This decoction may be taken twice a day for 14 days,” the letter stated.

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  1. You have a headche. You visit a homoeopath. He gives u some dilutions. Your headache is gone next morning or within half n hour even. Here, allopaths say that it is just placebo effect or it is so because the body’s natural defense system makes it fit & u think that homoeopathy works!
    Instead, if u take allopathic medicines and ur headache vanishes the next day, allopaths are always there to take the credit! Then, they don’t talk about the body’s natural defense system!

    Here lies the problem. Homoeopathy has cured crores of patients. If u think that homoeopathy doesn’t work, just take a dose of Silicea CM/ Natrum Mur. CM/ etc. & still remain fit & healthy! If u die or ur condition becomes serious, don’t blame me. I challenge u, fucking allopaths will not be able to save u from the effects of Silicea CM! According to allopaths, CM has not got a single atom of the actual medicine. So, take it in & die in peace!

    Allopathy has a Trillion Trillion Trillion Dollars of market & business. Obviously, they will never wan’t it to collapse!

    Go hell with ur fucking science if it cannot prove the working methodology of Homoeopathy. People recover by using homoeopathy & that is sufficient!

    • You have no clue how clinical trials work, do you?

      All modern medicines (which have nothing to do with “allopathy”) are tested against a placebo.
      That is what Controlled in Randomized Controlled Trials means.

      Don’t analyze without minimum knowledge.

    • Tapas Mukherjee, you seem to have no idea what Controlled in Randomized Controlled Trial means.
      Every real medicine is tested against placebo.
      Science does exactly what you think it does not do.

      Silicea CM/ Natrum Mur. CM, when diluted beyond 30C are absolutely safe because they are only sugar pills and not medicine.
      Homeopathy protesters to take ‘mass overdose’ outside Boots
      Skeptics have done exactly what you have challenged, a long time ago too. Please keep up.

      FYI, Hell is also not real, just like Homeopathy. Nothing you believe is true. You live in fantasy.

  2. the problem in here is they always try to fusion with allopathy instead of dealing with a patient with their only ayush med,so which saved the patient , also there are conditions which resolve spontaneously with conservative treatments alone !(placebo comes in play here too) its funny they would say adjuvant effects !! also we cant give away a patient to ayush to trials at this stage as human lives cant be played with.. so this game of ego and fake medicines and claim will never end. the truth.

  3. We are the most idiotic major country in the entire world when it comes to medicine or science.
    We think Homeopathy, cow dung and cow urine are medicine. No matter how many times scientists say, they are not, we don’t listen.
    When govt declared Janata (voluntary) curfew to promote social distancing, people partied on street banging metal plates. Ultimately, they needed to be thrashed to get the message.
    The mere existence of AYUSH proves that we are the dumbest country in the world. The comments below show how dumb we are too.

    • Dont act like a superhuman.dont think that science answers all your questions. dont hold a concept that all western or white men theories are ultimate. dont act like a paid writer to pharma industry.

      • I am not acting like anything.
        I am giving you knowledge about what the whole world knows because you are very ignorant about science.
        See my post on below giving 12 major country health organizations reporting on Homeopathy.
        We are the only dumb country.

        Also, homeopathy is exactly a western or white men theory that Homeopaths think is ultimate. Your cognitive dissonance is spectacular. How ironical.

  4. May I know what is the problem if we do a RCT on Coronavirus disease with Homoeopathy? Yes its true that CCRH recommented ARS ALB as preventive even without trying in actual cases is WRONG. Actually what is to be done is the try Homoeopathic medicine in hundrends of patients with COVID and see which medicine is indicated in maximum number of cases and with good result then the probability of is high, if we give the medicine in the beginning itself it, will not progress further.Also epidemiological research in one of the hospitals of COVID 19 cases where patients could be assigned at random to two different groups, one for conventional treatment and to the other group will be added the homeopathic treatment, (treating each patient individually) and after treating a sample of at least 200 cases from each group to evaluate the results and to find out if the homeopathic group has a superior outcome in survival, viral load and general conditions, can provide evidence. Only thing is that we dont have big multinational drug companies to fund for research. In this research paper done by a Italian Haematologist, Bellavite P, Signorini A, Marzotto M, Moratti E, Bonafini C, Olioso D. Cell sensitivity, non-linearity and inverse effects.Homeopathy. 2015 Apr; 104(2):139-60.there is some proof that Ars Alb has some effects on immune system.Here is the statement “Arsenic album as one of the constituents in a formulation has been shown to affect HT29 cells and human macrophages. Also, it showed ↓NF-κB hyperactivity (reduced expression of reporter gene GFP in transfect HT29 cells), ↓TNF-α release in macrophages.” But its effects on Corona virus disease and ACE2 receptor is yet to be proved.Even the pharmacological action of chloroquine on corona virus disease is also not known and it is prescribed for the same on basis on clinical trials only, then what is the wrong in doing clinical trials with Homoeopathic medicine. All countries are doing the trial and error method in the expense of human life. Research in integrated treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine find good result. If Homoeopathy is accepted to do integrative research with mordern medicine we can find the truth. If scientific community consider Homoeopathy as placebo then allow us to give Homoeopathic medicine instead of placebo in one arm of RCT and see the result. Without even trying and criticising is not wise. And if you do not have any treatment experience with Homoeopathy and also don’t have any knowledge in immunology then better don’t write any article related to that and leave this work for experts.

    • Thousands of RCTs have been already done conclusively proving that Homeopathy is completely fake.

      All these statements below are based on RCTs. All are major national healthcare organization. Only India is the dumb country here. Sad!!

      1. ‘The principles of homeopathy contradict known chemical, physical and biological laws and persuasive scientific trials proving its effectiveness are not available.’
      Russian Academy of Sciences

      2. ‘Homeopathy should not be used to treat health conditions that are chronic, serious, or could become serious. People who choose homeopathy may put their health at risk if they reject or delay treatments for which there is good evidence for safety and effectiveness.’
      National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia

      3. ‘These products are not supported by scientific evidence.’
      Health Canada

      4 “Homeopathic remedies don’t meet the criteria of evidence based medicine.”
      Hungarian Academy of Sciences

      5. ‘The incorporation of anthroposophical and homeopathic products in the Swedish directive on medicinal products would run counter to several of the fundamental principles regarding medicinal products and evidence-based medicine.’
      Swedish Academy of Sciences

      6. ‘We recommend parents and caregivers not give homeopathic teething tablets and gels to children and seek advice from their healthcare professional for safe alternatives.’
      US Food and Drug Administration

      7. ‘There is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific condition.’
      National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health, US

      8. ‘There is no good-quality evidence that homeopathy is effective as a treatment for any health condition.’
      National Health Service, UK

      9. ‘Homeopathic remedies perform no better than placebos, and the principles on which homeopathy is based are scientifically implausible.’
      House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, UK

      10. ‘Homeopathy has not definitively proven its efficacy in any specific indication or clinical situation.’
      Ministry of Health, Spain

      11. ‘There is a constant increase in the quantity of evidence and the conviction of the scientific community in medicine, that homeopathy should be treated as one of the unscientific methods of so-called “alternative medicine”, which proposes worthless products without scientifically proven efficacy.’
      National Medical Council, Poland

      12. ‘From a purely clinical perspective, the fact remains that there is no valid empirical proof
 of the efficacy of homeopathy (evidence-based medicine) beyond the placebo effect.’
      Federaal Kenniscentrum voor de Gezondheidszorg, Belgium

      • Apart from the articles you mentioned, have you gone through what studies have been conducted by CCRH and how would you explain the results shown in these studies? Please be sure to do a thorough search before comparing homoeopathy with cow urine. Be a person who is wise and open to new concepts, there are huge numbers of homoeopathic doctors practicing throughout the country and giving wonderful results, I would love to hear on how you reason those results on scientific basis 🙂

        • CCRH is not considered a real scientific organization by any scientists anywhere.
          It exists only to create fake studies that make it sound like Homeopathy works.
          None of CCRH’s studies when tested by scientists give same result.
          It is a marketing agency, not science agency. The whole science performance of India is quite pathetic actually.

          India is the only ignorant country which manufactures homeopaths because it cannot train real doctors. All scientific countries rejected it. You are still in denial with all the reports I mentioned because that would mean you have to face the fact that you are a quack and not a real doctor.

  5. Don’t forget my Indian friends there was d days when all world laugh on Indian traditions n habits but today after the long decades ago now whole world is stick and follow our culture n habits so we all need to understand that the old medicine system which is natural n mild is the most powerful system for healing corona or any viral affection if any one not believing on us give us a chance to treat A corona patient it is possible to make cure by Homoeopathic medicines

  6. About 10 days ago, I had sore throat 3 days, got scared and rushed to allopathy for antibiotics and syrup… making me drowsy and no improvement. Then i braved it all, and thought my grandma never had tablets but lived till 95, so switched to warm milk pepper turmeric ginger, ginger pepper turmeric honey and thulasi leaves boiled in water. My cough, cold and headache cured after 3 days. For sore throat i took Sasvara lehyam from Kottakkil, and in 2 days i was back to normal. Hurrah to natural remedies anytime, whatever follish blokes may comment against it.

    • Your grandma had covid-19?? Are you stupid man.. Stay home and die, please don’t go out and kill others. Primitive idiots.

      • Your own stupidity and ignorance have no rival. It is you who think COVID-19 is a big deal simply because of the failure of western pharmaceutical drugs to combat it. In natural medicine COVID-19 is a child’s play. I am a Pharmacist but I practice homeopathy. I have cured so many diseases considered incurable by orthodox doctors including cancer. History has also confirmed that homeopathy is more effective than pharmaceutical pills in epidemics. The deliberate ignorance of the western world baffles me. No one is more idiot than you. Why don;t you try it first and then publish the failure. There are so many researches confirming the efficacy of homeopathy. WHO recognises homeopathy as the second fastest growing medical system in the world.

  7. As per symptoms Its not Arsenic Alb but Bryonia 200. However nobody has ever tested to come out as proving everything is mere speculative.

  8. Politics apart. we don’t have time to prove the efficacy of said treatment by AYUSH and there is no other treatment in any of the western science till date. But one thing is sure, the said treatment doesn’t have any side effects. Maximum what happens if it not works, we will be in the same situation as the remaining world. If it works, then it can do wonders. Nothing wrong in following the guidelines set by AYUSH

  9. Om Namo Baghvate, Vasudevaya, Dhanvatraya, amrutha kalasa hasthaya, sarva vinasaya, thriloka nadhaya, Sree Maha Vishnuvay Namaha. One should chant 12 times morning and evening to keep away desease. 🙏. Don’t know whether ministry would prescribe this sloka

  10. Homoeopathy medicine.
    Aconite N 200 is the suitable medicine for covid 19.The Department of Homeopathy requested to prove it and advise to govt of India in the interest of public.

    • India have been in the forefront of medicine, oh not your greedy western type, but the types of charaka and shushrusha. Nature can cure all your illness, probided you embrace nature. We dont need Darwin award, in fact he may want to plead an award from India. Dont underestimate India’s power as a medical stronghouse, again not your chemical pills and syrups but natural. Ask your great grandma how many times she visited doctors?

      • You retard my great grandma didn’t have to face covid-19 also the quality of food, air and water was much better back then. And they did everything manually they did not have so many machines like us that have made us less active than them. STOP TALKING LIKE AN IDIOT. YOU ARE A TRUE FOOL!!

      • There is nothing useful in Charaka or Sushruta texts that we can use – Hindutva types are delusional with regards to what is actually in these texts.

        This is right up there with we invented airplanes nonsense.

  11. Don’t show your stupidity openly. Tulsi, Ginger & Turmeric are traditional home remedy for Seasonal Cough,Common Cold & Change.
    It improves your Immunity against Cough & Cold. Ayush has not prescribed it for the remedy of Covid 19

  12. Hatred for RSS and hatred for Ayurveda go together .i.e. if you hate RSS, you are likely to hate Ayurveda. Reasons for hatred for both are also similar. I have observed RSS and Ayurveda haters have preset minds. The mind setting is done by Meculey education system that has promoted western thinking and ridiculed the thousands years old indian knowledge. I have seen it in TV debates and here in comments. Even though allopathy talks about role of immune system for fighting infection diseases but they shy way accepting the Ayurveda prescriptions for improving immune system in humans. In one TV debate four allopathy doctors used all tricks to demean the sole Ayurveda doctor views to strengthen the human immune system through Ayurveda prescriptions. . It was disgusting and made me rethink about the benefits of Ayurveda medicines irrespective of what the closed minds of allopathy doctors.

    • Can’t even spell Macaulay- chala aaya comment marne. Evidence based medicine is the only option in a crisis like this. But Bhakts with their closed minds will never learn. And mark my words – when they are themselves affected- they will consult “allopathic” doctors they are so fond of abusing. Bunch of hypocrites.

      • Anonymous , gadhe name kyun nahi dala.
        And forget macaulay country’s pappu can’t spell out vishveshvaraya. Chala aya gyan dene.
        Ayurvedic medicines are evidence based and researched with experience for thousands of years unlike the trial and error methods of today’s allopathy

      • Maculay or gadda all same! The one who destroyed India’s advanced system of family and gurukul learning. You dont know the benefits but you rush to fill forms at international boarding schools. These are western extracts of India’s own Gurukul system.

    • Ak dev.
      You know what the problem is? Evidence. Do you know how to get evidence. To get evidence you have to do research. And to do research you have to ask questions. But in indian system of medicine not only in medicine but all aspects of life it is prohibited. So our medicine still in its infant age. After thousands of year it did not even reach toddler age. Just because we did not question.
      On the other hand modern medicine is open to critical examination. All the evidence and research and their pros and cons are available in public domain to exam them. And that purify and sophisticate them. And some times they are dropped after successfully using many of years. Because of their counter effect.
      And the one who believe that there is no side effects is completely ignorant about medicine. Every kinds of medicine has some counter effects.
      So criticism doesn’t qualify hatred. Particularly in practice of medicine. It should be open to all and welcomed.
      Now this is the time where you have to believe v in evidence based as therapy. And for prevention do what government has advised.

  13. As an Indian I know and i have felt the health benefits of Turmeric, Ginger and Tulsi. we all consume and gargle with salt and lukewarm water when we get cold and cough. I don’t get why some stupids don’t understand the benefits of Ayurveda, they just thik allopathy is cure for all diseases. but Allopathy cures one disease and causes more.

  14. Human life has no value for these idiots. Their sick ego is paramount for them. Why don’t they send a team of dedicated “believers” with their hot water bottles and tulsi leaves to the midst of COVID – 19 infected people, and see if they come back alive to tell heroic tales?


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