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Forget coronavirus, homoeopathy can’t cure anything. It’s a placebo, at best

Homoeopathy may be very popular in India but global experts dismiss its efficacy. An Australian review found it ineffective, and Spain is considering a ban on it.

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Bengaluru: When cases of coronavirus, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people in China, were first reported in India, the AYUSH Ministry advised citizens to use homoeopathy to prevent infection.

A system of alternative medicine, homoeopathy courts deep popularity in India, so much so that many are known to believe that it’s an Indian system. According to the government, it’s the second most popular form of medicine in the country with as much as 10 per cent of the population relying on it.

It claims to treat diseases for which allopathy, or Western medicine, currently offers no cure — from diabetes and psoriasis to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). 

Among followers, it is seen as a form of natural therapy, invoking a sense of Eastern mysticism with its promise of painless treatment.

However, homoeopathy is neither all-natural, nor Indian. It’s not even Eastern — it was created in 1796 by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann, who reportedly coined the term “allopathy” as a pejorative for modern medicine.

One of the two basic tenets of the system is “like cures like” — that is, if something causes acidity, the same thing will also ease it. 

The other is the law of minimum dosage — Taking a core ingredient and diluting it to such an extent that there isn’t even a single molecule of the original substance left.

Despite its popularity, the system remains controversial. Most health experts — from the World Health Organisation (WHO), to the US Department of Health and Human Services and Britain’s National Health Service — cite research and express scepticism. They discourage its use as an alternative to conventional medicine for life-threatening diseases, and see it as a harmless placebo at best and a purveyor of potentially lethal concoctions at worst. 

Several countries like Britain and France do not allow government funding in the field, while Australia conducted a thorough review and declared it pseudoscience. Spain has proposed banning it for being dangerous.

Even so, there is no dearth of people who testify to its potential as a cure for a laundry list of conditions. In India, it’s the subject of a degree course that allows students to become registered practitioners and is overseen by a dedicated government department.  

This contradiction is precisely the reason why the AYUSH Ministry’s coronavirus advisory seemed to set the cat among the pigeons, leading several people to question the “unproven advice” in the face of a health crisis. But backers of the system were equally vocal. 


So, what does a layperson make of it?

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What is homoeopathy? 

Hahnemann, the homoeopathy creator, believed there were only three kinds of illnesses, syphilis, psychosis (or fig-wart disease), and the itch (where the skin itches), which he thought were symptomatic of other diseases like cancer, deafness and epilepsy.

This theory is contentious even within homoeopathic communities today.

Hahnemann’s basic premise rejects the theory that a disease or infection is through an outside cause and states that every illness is from within one’s own body.

The homoeopathic premise of “like cures like” derives from an experiment Hahnemann conducted where he reportedly ingested large amounts of cinchona bark (it contains quinine, used to treat malaria even today). Hahnemann is believed to have concluded that the symptoms produced by overconsumption mirrored those for malaria, and thus the bark could treat the disease.

While it’s often believed to be plant-based and natural, the core ingredients involved in homoeopathic remedies can be animal- or plant-based, mineral or synthetic, designated with Latin or Latin-sounding names.  

The creation of remedies involves diluting the core ingredient to such an extent with water, alcohol or sugar that there isn’t even a single molecule of the original substance left.

Arsenic oxide, known as arsenicum album in homoeopathy, was what the AYUSH Ministry prescribed for coronavirus prevention. It has traditionally been used by homoeopaths as treatment for conditions such as digestive disorders, allergies and even anxiety and insomnia. 

Other core ingredients include natrum muriaticum (sodium chloride or common salt), the poisonous belladonna flower, opium, and even products from a diseased person, like blood, urine, faeces, pus and mucus discharge.

Some preparations use “captured” ingredients such as x-rays and sunlight. “Sol” or sunlight is particularly common, and is “obtained” by exposing lactose (natural sugar occurring in milk) to the Sun. 

To reduce the effects of radiation therapy, alcohol exposed to x-rays is used (which isn’t “natural”). Often, insoluble substances like granite are ground to pieces with lactose and then diluted. For example, it was reported last year that a British homoeopath, who also caters to the royal family, was offering a remedy devised from pieces of the Berlin Wall as a “cure” for depression and asthma.

The dilution takes place in a form of logarithmic scales (where each step is a multiple of the previous one). The two used most commonly are X potency, where each scale represents a dilution by a factor of 10, and centesimal (C), by a factor of 100.

A 2X (unit of potency) scale would mean that a substance is diluted one part in 9, and then one part of the resulting solution again diluted in 9 parts of the solvent. 

 For example, one millilitre of a core ingredient first diluted in 9 millilitres of water, and one part of the resulting solution again diluted in 9 millilitres of water.

So, a 10X potency would repeat the process 10 times, and a 15X, 15 times.

This is the same for C, but by a factor of 100: One part diluted with 99 parts.

Common potencies used are 30X or 300C, but beyond 12C or 24X, there is no presence of even a single molecule of the core substance.

Homoeopathy believes that the more diluted a remedy is, the more potent it is. A potency of 100X, for example, is considered to be higher than 10X — a fact chemists see as counterintuitive.

This is based on the controversial notion that water has “memory” and retains information about the substances it comes in contact with (and thus cures the body). 

The final solution is poured over sugar tablets and left to evaporate. 

Homoeopathic remedies are thus as good as harmless to the human body, but only when mixed correctly. There have been cases of arsenic poisoning in India because of poorly concocted homoeopathic remedies.

Evolution and spread of homoeopathy

Homoeopathy was widely adopted in the 1800s as modern medicine was just evolving and included several painful practices. New diseases were infecting the human population, and medical science hadn’t caught up yet.

Homoeopathy held the promise of painless “treatment” and gained popularity.

Homoeopathic schools opened in the US and Europe throughout the late 19th century, spurred by ineffective treatments for outbreaks like cholera, which killed hundreds of thousands of people at the time.

Medical practitioners investigated the system for assessing efficacy, and this is thought to have encouraged rigour in modern medicine as well.

However, leading homoeopaths rapidly started abandoning the practice in the mid-20th century as modern medicine showed real results. The last homoeopathic school in the US was shut down in 1920.

Later, Nazi interest in homoeopathy led to its resurgence in public consciousness in the 1930s and 40s — but they abandoned the system quickly too.

It then gained favour with the New Age Movement, a Western phenomenon that spawned a variety of spiritual and religious beliefs in the 70s, and incorporated “natural” remedies for the mind, body, and spirit as their central tenet for health.

The movement has been known to adopt pseudoscientific beliefs such as astrology as a reaction against institutional establishment structures, and is credited with the rising popularity of homoeopathy today.

In India, homoeopathy was introduced in the early 19th century and was quickly adopted across the country, via Bengal.

The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College, the first Indian homoeopathic institute, was established in 1881.

In 1973, the Union government recognised homoeopathy as one of the national systems of medicine and set up the Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH, now overseen by AYUSH Ministry) to regulate its education and practice.

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Scientific consensus

Homoeopathic training involves a number of beliefs that run counter to well-established science. The system rejects germ theory, believing that all illnesses come from within. Future practitioners are reportedly taught that vaccines are poisonous and antibiotics a sham.

Right from the time it took hold, homoeopathy has been criticised by physicians. Evidence for its efficacy is said to have been established by Hahnemann by having patients simply write down their symptoms in detail after consumption of a remedy, a process that lacked rigour.

Scientific studies into homoeopathy have consistently shown it to be ineffective in treating illnesses or their symptoms — or occasionally just as effective as placebos. 

Analyses of existing studies show that research suggesting positive results was either not conducted as rigorously as necessary or was backed by insufficient evidence.  

A 2002 study conducted by a British researcher — a systematic review of other systematic reviews on homoeopathy — found that no study was able to determine positive outcomes. It concluded that  the “best clinical evidence for homoeopathy available to date does not warrant positive recommendations for its use in clinical practice”. 

Many other such studies have followed in the two decades since.

Most recently, an extensive 2015 study in Australia, conducted by the country’s top funding body for medical research, the National Health and Medical Research Council, assessed over 1,800 other studies and the results yet again weren’t in favour of homoeopathy. 

The basic foundation of homoeopathy, that water holds the memory of substances it has been in contact with, has been widely discredited but remains controversial.

Following large-scale denunciations of homoeopathy by scientists, many medical bodies and health services have conducted independent research and issued advisories against the use of homoeopathy.

The health agencies of the US and Britain — the Department of Health and Human Services and Britain’s National Health Service, respectively — both state clearly on their websites that the purported effectiveness of homoeopathy is not backed by research. The WHO has discouraged its use for treatment of serious diseases, and called for quality control and regulation of homoeopathy to avoid lethal consequences.

National medical and health bodies in Russia, Australia, and Europe have warned against homoeopathy. Countries like Britain and France have forbidden reimbursement for homoeopathic treatments, while Spain is pushing for a ban on the entire system for being dangerous and unethical.

“Many countries have conducted comprehensive research and have ultimately decided that it doesn’t work,” said Amalorpavanathan Joseph, a vascular surgeon at Chennai’s Vijaya Hospital.

Speaking about the recent government advisory against coronavirus, he added, “Even if it was issued as a preventive measure to build up immunity and not a cure, it can’t work. Building up immunity takes years, it can’t happen in a matter of a few days.”

‘A cure for everything’

Supporters of homoeopathy claim it can cure almost anything, including conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), psoriasis and diabetes that Western medicine is yet to find a cure for.

“Homoeopathy has medicines for everything, including thyroid, PCOD, psoriasis, diabetes, hair-fall, osteoarthritis, and even cancer,” said Josy Joy, a homoeopath practising at the Bengaluru-based Care N Cure Health Clinic.

According to Joy, his patients have seen improvements in all these illnesses without modern medicine.

Asked about the criticism directed at the medicine system, he said, “Western science looks for material content in homoeopathic medicines, but homoeopathy acts in a dynamic way. If the medicines are used, results can be seen.

“Our patients have seen their goiters dissolve through homoeopathy but allopathy has only surgery for most of these.”

Medical experts disagree.

“Any claims made should be backed by data and evidence. There has been no documented evidence that homoeopathy works and can cure people of illnesses,” said Joseph of Chennai’s Vijaya Hospital.

“If there’s evidence that homoeopathy works, doctors would be the first to adopt it. We want our patients to be cured and healthy after all.”

Sumaiya Shaikh, a Sweden-based neuroscientist who serves as science editor of the fact-checking portal Alt News, has done extensive research on homoeopathy and academic homeopathic publications as a part of her reportage. 

“The studies (that prove homoeopathy to be effective) have faulty statistics at the outset,” she said. 

“A mechanical explanation of the drug dynamics is never attempted in the discussion, even as a hypothesis, as the authors never know how exactly they think the drug is working. Often the conclusions are far-fetched in the abstract but when the study is carefully examined, the data doesn’t reflect the assertion of the conclusions,” Shaikh added.

Additionally, critics claim, processes that induce scientific rigour, such as blinding, are rarely used. Blinding is when the patient doesn’t know if they’re being given a homoeopathic medicine or an allopathic one. A similar system is double-blinding, when doctors themselves don’t know either. 

Such systems are important to establish the effectiveness of a treatment without bias. 

Shaikh explained how ‘citation value’ of research — a measure of credibility — is enhanced by the authors or other homoeopaths by repeatedly citing faulty studies that discard other variables. 

Backers, however, are quick to reject the argument about the lack of credible research, saying it was consequence of the West’s indifference towards the alternative medicine system.

“The accessibility of homoeopathic system is very limited in the Western world and did not receive much attention in development as compared to allopathy,” said Dr Anil Khurana, director general at the Central Council For Research in Homoeopathy, an institute under the AYUSH Ministry.

“Because of the low cost of medicines, it did not get investment from sponsors either. Even governments in Western countries did not invest funds in alternative medicine, including homoeopathy,” he added. “Their support towards allopathy has prevented them from investing in further research and studies to prove the efficacy of homoeopathy.”

“However, there are countries like Brazil, Cuba and Mexico where the government supports this system of medicine… The therapy has started growing in the US, where seven states have allowed legal practice of homoeopathy. In Europe, acceptance is at an all-time high in most countries, including Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland.”

While as much as 60 per cent of the French population reportedly uses homoeopathy, come 2021, the government will end public support for medicines under the system. In Switzerland, meanwhile, homoeopathy has been given the same status as conventional medicine. 

According to Khurana, students seeking training in homoeopathy are subjected to a rigorous 5.5-year curriculum, which includes a year-long internship and “is equivalent to MBBS where lessons don’t only deal with homoeopathy but also other subjects, as happens at allopathic medical colleges”.

“India has the largest infrastructure of homoeopathy because of increased demand from the public who have experienced the benefits of homoeopathy,” he said.

There are nearly 3 lakh registered homoeopaths in India today. An estimated 32,000 students enrol each year in AYUSH colleges, of which over 13,000 students opt for homoeopathy.

But this curriculum has a potentially dark underbelly.

“Homoeopathy degrees are an easy gateway into medical practice for students who didn’t obtain good enough scores to enter an MBBS programme,” said Shantanu Abhyankar, a trained homoeopath who switched to modern medicine after “being convinced that homeopathy is humbug”.

Abhyankar himself did the same — entered a homeopathy course as he couldn’t score well enough for MBBS.

But during the course of his training, he realised that they were just taught theory, and research papers published in the field offered no proof that homoeopathy worked.

“Homoeopaths are legitimised by the prefix ‘Dr’ against their name, and thus set up a practice,” he said.

Abhyankar eventually went back and obtained an MBBS degree, and has been a practising gynaecologist for 20 years now.

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How placebos work

There are many reasons why critics believe homoeopathy seems to work for people.

Primary among these is called “regression to the mean”.

Nearly every illness has a natural growth curve before it tapers and dies (or kills). Typically, the moment illness sets in, patients go to doctors. Antibiotics or other modern drugs are prescribed — and might not always work. A homoeopath then prescribes a long course of remedies. So, just as the patient consumes them, the disease in its natural course starts to decline, and eventually the patient is cured.

The regression to the mean has been cited as a factor behind faulty results in placebo experiments on multiple occasions. This is also believed to be the reason why many patients who have survived dangerous illnesses like cancer report feeling better when they follow up medical treatment with a trip to the homoeopath.

“We have treated many cancer patients who have suffered from all kinds of cancer such as lung cancer and breast cancer,” said homoeopath Joy.

“Homoeopathy prolongs life. With chemotherapy, the problem is that there is increased chances of cancer recurrence [there is no proof for this claim], but people still always go to chemotherapy and then come to homoeopathy. We have successfully avoided recurrence for many kinds of cancers.”

“Different patients have different needs, so we use different remedies made of arsenic, belladonna etc.,” he added.

He did, however, concede that he hadn’t seen cancer patients who came to homoeopathy directly before chemotherapy.

A similar effect as regression to the mean is also seen in unassisted natural healing, where the body’s system builds up immunity over time to fight off an illness, and this often coincides with a homoeopathic course.

It is also possible that the patient feels better on account of a completely different aspect of their life that is inducing a pharmacological change in the body and treating the illness, such as a new meditation practice.

Patients also often use homoeopathy as a complementary treatment to a medicine course.

There is also the therapeutic effect of physician consultation. A homeopathic consultation could typically last for two hours, and a 2010 study published in the peer-reviewed British journal Rheumatology attributed to clinical benefits in homoeopathy patients could be attributed to the consultations.

Homoeopathy is also considered a placebo — it works because the people who take it think it does. But this requires strong belief and doesn’t hold true for all consumers. The placebo effect is a subject of active research, especially in light of the knowledge that patients respond even when they’re aware they might have been given a placebo.

But placebo effects are mostly known to work for symptoms of illnesses and pain management, not the actual disease. For a cancerous tumour, for example, someone under the placebo effect can feel less pain, but the tumour still eats away at the body.

Khurana, however, said it was a myth that homoeopathy worked as a placebo.

“The top research institutes of India for modern medicine, including AIIMS, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, and Bose Institute, Kolkata and others have conducted pre-clinical trials (those preceding clinical trials on humans) to dispel the myth that these medicines are mere placebo,” he said.

“Such trials have been adequately documented to validate the claims. The studies have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.”

Some of the studies, however, seem to say nothing about the efficacy of homeopathy. Instead, a study by West Bengal researchers, including from Bose Institute, spoke about “vibrational and electric properties” of the medicines.

ThePrint reached the heads of AIIMS and the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for comment but they did not respond.

“Homoeopathy treats symptoms while modern medicine treats causes,” said Abhyankar. “Modern medicine can even predict and prevent (a disease). But homoeopathy can only treat symptoms after they manifest.”

Homoeopathic remedies might seem like a harmless placebo, but they cause significant indirect harm, said Edzard Ernst, a German academic physician who is considered an authority on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

“If a severely ill person is treated with ineffective homoeopathy and thus forfeits effective treatments, her illness will not be adequately treated and thus (she will be caused) unnecessary suffering,” he added. “If a homoeopath advises a patient against vaccinations — as many homoeopaths do — he endangers public health. If a homoeopath charges for useless treatments, he causes harm to his patient’s finances.”

Homoeopaths, however, fulfil a key role in India’s healthcare pyramid — informal community care. 

“We have nurses, super speciality nurses, ward officers, doctors, but very few physiotherapists or trained counsellors,” said Abhyankar. “Because they (homoeopaths) are considered doctors, they often end up fulfilling this need.”

Under the AYUSH Ministry, homoeopathy is the second most highly funded system of medicine after ayurveda, but Ernst said it didn’t warrant such attention.

“Homoeopathy is both biologically implausible and, according to the best available evidence, not clinically effective. Therefore, funding research into homoeopathy should not be on the agenda of reputable funding organisations, let alone governments,” he added.

“Research funds are notoriously scarce. Therefore, governments and other funding bodies have an ethical, moral and legal duty to spend them on projects with a high prior probability of generating a productive result,” he said.

“Alternative medicine should be open to scrutiny and peer review by everyone and should be subjected to the same principles of research as evidence-based medicine,” added Shaikh. “By the sheer exclusivity and inability to bite bitter bullets, alternative medicine has become what it has become. There could be immense value in finding mechanisms and biochemical pathways at which the anti-inflammatory herbs are targeted but the research is always focused on quick translation and marketing before due research, as the belief takes over its evidence.”

With inputs from Himani Chandna in New Delhi

Edited by Sunanda Ranjan

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  1. The tsunami of Covid that public health experts have been warning us about, has hit India now.
    Did we listen to real scientists? No.
    Because the first wave did not hit us hard, we ignored public health experts who warned us that there will be bigger 2nd and 3rd waves. All first waves were not bad in thin countries, but other waves were waiting like coiled snakes.

    Instead of speeding up vaccine production, producing more oxygen while we still had time, and continuing to wear masks, we sat around pretending stupid decoctions and fake arsenic will protect us. We went completely insane with political rallies and festivals, completely forgetting Coronavirus. We were like cats drinking milk with closed eyes.

    Now we are paying the price. You can only lie to yourself for so long till reality comes crashing down.
    Forwarding herbal and homeopathic fake cures a billion times on whatsapp does not make it true.
    How many oxygen production units could have been built for the money wasted on this AYUSH bullshit?
    No amount of Turmeric Milk, Amla, Chawanprash, Kadha decoctions, Coronil, Arsenica Alba, Goumutra will save even O-N-E life.

    Only vaccines, masks and oxygen make any difference. Do you think AYUSH quack hospitals are of any help at all now?
    Don’t sabotage science for foolish beliefs.

    • Chay going after every homeopathy supporter like a headless chicken 😂
      Awwww Chay is sooo upset people don’t wanna believe him.
      “Believe me” Chay shouts.
      “No, we have our own thought process” People say
      “Well you don’t have brains to think for yourself if you can’t believe what I am saying” Chay cribs

      • With the dead cremated in parks, if you aren’t upset, you have no humanity.
        They are not dying for lack of Arsenicum Alba 30C. They are dying because they didn’t get vaccines and oxygen.
        Of course, none of you homeopaths have brains.

  2. looks like a paid writer supported by mega pharma companies.
    Shame we are living in an environment where money can buy anything.
    I myself an example for it’s credits.yes, since 1998 I’m free from my Prostatitis after start taking homeopathy medicine after having spent lakes in allopathy without an iota of relief.
    Finally,if you don’t know about something,better keep your m…h shut

    • “if you don’t know about something,better keep your m…h shut”

      That’s a great advice for you.

      Uneducated people think their “experience” is the ultimate proof, for them its the only thing that matters. They can’t understand studies and shout they are all fraud if they don’t not agree with their beliefs. Have you considered that you might be s.t.u.p.i.d?

      Have you considered that diseases often end when the body automatically fixes them with time and what magic pill you took at the time is irrelevant?

      Homeopaths and their believers are forever claiming anecdotes. If such simpleton stories were proof then every quack medicine works and every pseudoscience is true.

      Yet, there is not a SINGLE homeopathy remedy that has been proven to work, obviously, because there isn’t anything in them.

      • Paid and sold out Pharma lobby evil morons like you don’t care about nature.
        You better shut your gorakh dhandha online.

        • To learn about nature, you need to study science of nature – Biology.
          Medical science is fully based on biological sciences.
          Simply screaming nature, nature, natural, natural is for uneducated morons like you.
          Reading serious science and thinking with intelligence is completely beyond your capacity.
          Keep quiet and stick to reading whatsapp forwards. That is at your mental level.

          • What is your problem Chay ? If you are promoting a system of medicine that should have by now produced a drug to control any virus leave alone Covid-19, I can understand your so called scientific temperament. Where there is no such thing why you are braying like a spoiled ass degrading other systems of medicine that have been in vogue for thousands of years in this world. Better check your gray matter. Possibly you seem to carry a lump of clay in your skull.

          • Richy,
            Hahnemann made his name “braying” against and “degrading other systems of medicine that have been in vogue for thousands of years”. What do you think is “Allopathy”? It is “other systems of medicine that have been in vogue for thousands of years”. The whole religion of Homeopathy was “braying” against “degrading other systems of medicine that have been in vogue for thousands of years” and calling them Allopathy.

            Get a scan. They will find just a lump of clay in your head, a small one.

  3. It is a shame for science that those who wrote this article call themselves scientists. His lack of knowledge on the subject is evident and even so he dares to emit his wrong concepts. They are unaware of the WHO’s recognition of homeopathic science, they are unaware that in more than 96 countries including the USA, England, Canada, Germany, it is part of official medicine. It seems that they only replicate individual words that they heard in the wind like parrots. What irresponsibility!

    • Don’t just shamelessly lie. Homeopathy is not considered a science by WHO. WHO simply acknowledges that people use this unscientific thing and is only concerned about safety. WHO knows that homeopathy does not actually do anything.

      “Our evidence-based WHO TB treatment/management guidelines, as well as the International Standards of Tuberculosis Care (ISTC) do not recommend use of homeopathy.” — Dr Mario Raviglione, Director, Stop TB Department, WHO

      “WHO’s evidence-based guidelines on treatment of tuberculosis…have no place for homeopathic medicines.” — Dr Mukund Uplekar, TB Strategy and Health Systems, WHO

      “We have found no evidence to date that homeopathy would bring any benefit to the treatment of diarrhoea in children…Homeopathy does not focus on the treatment and prevention of dehydration – in total contradiction with the scientific basis and our recommendations for the management of diarrhoea.” — Joe Martines, on behalf of Dr Elizabeth Mason, Director, Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development, WHO

      Homeopathy is not considered a science by any scientific organization including those in USA, England, Canada, Germany.
      I already gave a long list of every major scientific organization in the world that officially calls it quackery.

  4. Some used to believe in this pseudo science but now there is a government to back them up.Also explains why government officials were promoting coronil 💰💰.Btw I don’t think that the young generation will believe this all and who is this chay?

  5. Ofcourse it is pseudo science .But the fact that government is promoting this all doesn’t sends a good signal. Banning it also is a problem as a lot of people will lose their jobs.
    Btw who is this chay ??

  6. Please don’t comment on this article. She (Writer) is an paid artist (puppy) specially allotted for defaming.

    Request to Writer, Please go ahead… Write another article. Paid idiot !

  7. Whosoever has written this article , I pray God forbid this person if he/she or his/her family needs any homeopathic medicine later in life and has to eat the humble pie. Placebo !!!!!!! You should know why the mortality and morbidity rates were much lower compared to the world. and preventive medicines like ars. or influz. were out of stock in the whole of India trying to meet the demand – supply. When these so called editors run out of topics and come to sacred and noble science like Homoeopathy to write something !

    • Something is called sacred only when it is not a science. No science is ever sacred. Doing science is getting out of sacred thinking. Homeopathy is not a science, its a religion, so homeopaths think it is sacred.

      With 1 year experience, mortality rates were low due to young and slim population (bad healthcare and poor food security).

      Almost every country where people do not live long and were not fat did much better under Covid since Age and Obesity were major risk factors for Covid death.

      Our police were thrashing people like cattle for breaking lockdown, it never happened in another country.

      Its not because of the stupid arsenic which isn’t even there in those pills.

  8. Dear writer ,this is Manish Shukla here ,look I am going to be civil here and as the writer of this article and you unfortunately suffer from a lot of Ignorance regarding homeopathy.I have treated several Covid patients in US with just 1-3 homeopathy doses and lets compare modern medicine which has failed and resulted in 280k deaths in USA and 100k + deaths in India and 1.4 million deaths overall and you spend your energy criticizing homeopathy .I encourage my patient to go for treatment what feels natural to them ,whether its allopathic ,acupuncture, ayurveda or homeopathy and it should make there immunity better in the end so that even when they caught covid kids of virus ,there body treats like a normal flu .I will try to give you some serious advice here but again it depends on how much you are willing to absorb in a positive way.Look when this kind of pandemic attacks humanity, the nature is giving signs that the way we grown our food ,eat & liive our life is against laws of nature and only when you recognize ,you can have solution to problem .Having a vaccine will not solve this problem or attacking homeopathy will not give you solution so please don’t drain your energy and try to help people who are in need.God bless you all and I request you all to not be overly critical with people who don’t agree with you here.

    • This is how the entire scam of homeopathy works.

      About 7 crore people were diagnosed with Coronavirus so far. Out of those 4.5 crore recovered. About 0.15 crore have died.

      Of the 4.5 crore recovered across the world, most have gone to real doctors. Some have gone to quacks like homeopaths.

      A real doctor or anyone with even a little intelligence actually, knows the difference between recovery and cure. Homeopaths don’t or at least pretend like they don’t.

      Homeopaths would like patients to think anyone who has come to them and recovered should be thought of as cured by them. Every case that every homeopath has ever claimed was cured, not just coronavirus, is in fact a fake cure and is just a natural recovery. Scientists disagree that even o-n-e case of any disease in the last 220 years was ever “cured” by homeopathy.

      A person with basic intelligence knows that almost none of the coronavirus recoveries were cured by real medicine, but just automatically. A few were cured by very advanced treatments that cannot be widely distributed and doctors certainly prevented many, many deaths with intensive care (and sometimes probably caused them) until the disease ran though the normal course. Real doctors reduced death rates in serious cases. They also found out who was at risk and what real precautions to take to prevent spread. By this, not with pills, they probably saves many crores of lives and would have saved more if people actually followed advice of social distancing properly.

      And finally, homeopathy is completely against the laws of nature. It follows “homeopathy laws”, not natural laws. They aren’t laws, but stupid dogma because they were already proven to be bullshit.

      Finally, homeopaths are a menace to society because they attack vaccines at this crucial time. They always had, even when governments ordered them to not do this. They often do this privately.

      • Hi Chay ,I see you very soon having the need to visit a real doctor based of toxic venom that you have been able to carry over since a year you wrote this article .As other have pointed before me ,you need help .Real doctors in India and US based of Chay are doing an amazing job on handling the coif since you last wrote this article.Action speaks louder than words .Good luck on your toxic journey and hope lord give you sadbhuddhi either in this life or next .

        • “Real doctors in India and US based of Chay are doing an amazing job on handling the coif”

          You are not even making any sense. Who are “real doctors” “based of Chay”? What’s “coif”? I didn’t write the article. Stop imagining things.

          India just approved 4567 crore rupees to real vaccine production, not your quack nosodes. Homeopaths aren’t “real doctors”.

          Actions do speak louder than words. No public health intervention anywhere is based on silly homeopathy. It is all vaccines, vaccines and more vaccines. Homeopaths like you are just afraid the public will realize how useless you really are.

          Keep quiet quack, and stand in line for your vaccine.

  9. Please tell my severely epileptic Australian Shepherd that homeopathy doesn’t work and it’s all in his imagination that a dose of Aconite stops his seizures when nothing else can. Or my Dachshund with disk disease who didn’t get better with the pred & Gabapentin that were destroying her liver. She went from crying & shivering in pain, refusing to move, with zero other options, to up and running and 100% back to normal after doses of Nux Vomica & Hypericum. Or my horse with a severe case of hives the vet said required steroids. We dosed him with Apis while waiting for her & the hives were almost gone before she even got here. We’ve dealt with thousands of dogs & other animals through our rescue and have dozens of these stories. It’s not like I woke up one day and decided that I wanted to believe homeopathy works. One day we tried it. It worked. And that happened over & over again. Like allopathic medicine, homeopathy can’t cure everything. But when it does it’s like magic & there are no side effects. Many times homeopathy hasn’t even been our first choice & we didn’t try it until nothing allopathic helped. Lots of other times it saved us from needing to go to the vet in the first place. It makes me violently ill to think that homeopathy may be taken from us merely because it cuts a teeny bit into the massive profits of big pharma. Losing access to these remedies will kill two of my dogs. This is serious for us. I could give a rip why it works. It just does. And it saves lives.
    (And yes, we do use remedies for our own health issues & swear by them for us, too.)

  10. According to Dr Manish Agarwala, the homeopathic drug arsenicum album 200c is the perfect vaccine available now as a preventive and curative for COVID19 pandemic.. See Ramaswami Ashok Kumar. 2020. PERFECT DESIGNS: The basis of all plans of Niti Aayog must be Public Interest Science. BlogSpot. It is astounding how wild man is wreaking havoc through modern civilization, a society of specialists. The panacea is to have Public Interest Science as the basis of all policies.

    • Manish Agarwala is just another homeopathic quack.
      What he thinks is “perfect” is irrelevant because homeopaths are idiots.

      • Chay this is Manish Shukla here ,look I am going to be civil here and say that the writer of this article and your knowledge stems from lot of Ignorance regarding homeopathy.I have treated several Covid patients in US with 1-3 homeopathy doses and lets compare modern medicine which has failed resulted in 280k deaths in USA and 100k + deaths in India and 1.4 million deaths overall and you spend your energy criticizing homeopathy .I encourage my patient to go for treatment what feels natural to them either allopathic ,acupuncture,ayurveda or homeopathy and it should make there immunity better .I will try to give you some serious advice here but again it depends on how much you are willing to absorb in a positive way.Look when this kind of pandemic attacks humanity, the nature is giving signs that the way we grown our food ,eat & liive our life is against laws of nature and only when you recognize ,you can have solution to problem .Having a vaccine will not solve this problem or attacking homeopathy will not give you solution so please don’t drain your energy and try to help people who are in need.God bless you all and I request you all to not be overly critical with people who don’t agree with you here.

        • Quacks always want patients to go for what “feels natural” to uninformed patients. That’s because the science does not back you up in any way and calls your quackery a pseudoscience. So all you guys can go for is “feels” and “natural”.

          How can you give “serious” advice? You have no serious education. Vaccine, social distancing and masking are the only things that will solve the problem, not your silly sugar pills. Don’t mislead public about vaccines.

  11. Today Pfizer announced a positive trial for a vaccine and the whole stock market shook, even though testing is not complete.
    Airline stocks went up by 15% at opening.
    What happened when Homeopaths screamed nosodes, arsenia 30 and camphora 1M?
    They were told to keep quiet and not make baseless claims.

    Except the scientifically ignorant Rajiv Bajaj, did anyone in the market bat their eye?
    Never mind scientists, everyone with common sense knows what Homeopathy’s place in the world is.
    Almost anyone with proper education knows what science is and what quackery is, what the value of a scientific study is, and what the value behind homeopaths shouting is.

    Science is science. Bullshit is bullshit.

  12. If there existed even one disease in which homeopaths can consistently show these miracles they claim against a placebo using any remedy, science would embrace homeopathy with open arms. No need to explain mechanism. No need for all this water memory, quantum and nano particle bullshit. Just one disease. No explanations. Just one disease through any remedy where scientists say, whatever it may be, that’s not a placebo.

    But 220 years later, homeopaths can’t name even a single disease like that.

  13. How can it be a placebo effect on 1 year child was used to develop blisters on the whole body.. allopathic doctor gave medicine for relieved the problem as long as the medicine remained in the body..this happened many times..then I tried homeopathy and only for 2 days doses, it never occurred again even after years.

    • Do you think that toddlers who get blisters all over the body will continue to get blisters throughout their whole life?
      No, at some point they stop, even without treatment. Toddler immune system is constantly adapting to the world.
      If you happened to be given homeopathy during the last episode, your parents think its a miracle, because they don’t understand how to think scientifically. Its a placebo for them, not you.

      If it was not a coincidence, then if we do a study against a placebo, the treatment group will all have your instant miracles cures, while the placebo group won’t. But this never happens. Like ever. Not even in one study are homeopathic miracles observed. Homeopaths don’t even claim to expect any miracles in studies. They just lie like that to clients.

      What actually happens is in both treatment and placebo groups, a few babies will no longer have any episodes, immediately following pills. Rest will have some more episodes before getting better. IN BOTH GROUPS.

      THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY STUDY IN WHICH HOMEOPATHY PRODUCED ANY MIRACLES. Homeopaths are only arguing that in some of the badly done studies conducted by them, their pills seemed to slightly work better than a placebo. Slightly. When real researchers come and supervise, not even that shows up.

  14. Just look at the homeopath comparing Curare, the actual thing with Homeopathic nonsense.

    Curare molecule is thoroughly understood. Its molecular structure, what receptors it interacts with and why it interacts with it – all are understood. All the symptoms it produces are due to blocking the very specific actions of the receptors it interacts with. This is very definitive science. It is a very well studied molecule, for more than a 100 years.

    Homeopathic provings are just idiotic. Most of them have been done with no blinding, either not blinded to subject who would have known of curare (it was well known in pre-scientific medicine) or the homeopath summarizing notes is not blinded, allowing him to pick convenient symptoms.

    In homeopathic dilutions which contain no molecules of curare, it would be an insult to chemistry and molecular biology to suggest any interaction. So homeopaths resort to imaginary magic energies (vitalism) to stupidly suggest interactions to explain imaginary effects.

    Fact is, if I give a no molecule dilution of Curare to any homeopath, he or she won’t be able to identify it. They will insist they can, but they never proved it to anyone.

    And look at these ridiculous challenges. Don’t prove it to me. Prove it to all those national science academies I listed. I will accept their judgment. These are highly respected agencies in science.

    When all of you L-A-K-H-S of homeopaths are worthless to prove one fact about homeopathy scientifically in 200+ years, it says all one needs to know about your superstition and your mental capacity. Learning to say “quark” isn’t going to fool any body.

    • When I typed curare in Google Scholar, I got 1 lakh 77 thousand research papers, articles, books etc. That is how well studied curare is.

      Curare molecule is too large to be absorbed. It is orally ineffective. It is too large to even enter the body when ingested, it will just be passed out unchanged. It has to be injected.

      So understand how ridiculous it is to suggest curare in homeopathy sugar pills, that too curare that has been diluted to the point of non-existence and claiming it somehow causes effects similar to injected effects. You can’t tell fairy tales of how a huge curare molecule somehow imprints on a tiny water molecule or how it contains some mysterious energy (vitalism) when every effect of the molecule is fully explainable. Homeopaths get a big fat zero in chemistry and biology. They never understood any subjects, which is why they could not become real doctors and instead became fake doctors.

      Homeopathy just lacks common sense to anyone who knows science. Homeopaths don’t understand any science. They just use science words to trick people who also don’t know science.

    • This is also the reason why Homeopaths must never be given a Bridge Course to practice Modern Medicine.
      They will make modern medicine very dangerous because they don’t understand any science.

      These people don’t understand simple chemistry and they have a very poor understanding of biology. Simply teaching modern pharmacology won’t fix anything.

      At most, they can work in medical records room of a real hospital, where they can fetch paperwork.

  15. Dear Mr. Chay……

    I want to tell you that one can not judge anything before experiencing the phenomenon. If you can’t see the electrons with your naked eyes that doesn’t mean they aren’t present in the world. The ancient person were not aware of those electrons because there vision was limited upto solid matter. Just like that, if today we don’t able to see beyond that quarks particles that doesn’t mean that there is nothing beyond it. We will never able to find the most micro and initiative particles and most large form of matter that exists in the universe.

    And today also there are many M.D. Doctors who have adapted homoeopathy after experiencing in their hospital only. They were also, once, not believing in the homoeopathy but still after experiencing they accepted it.

    And the for your arguement that these are only pills, sugar pills. Just try to take it on your own. Will you dare it?

    Juts check the physiopathology of of the medicines like curare and pilocarpine ( jaborandi name in homoeopathy) and lots other also and compare it with the symptoms of homoeopathy. You will definitely find the pathological relation.

    And in the book of pharmacology, it have been written multiple times that some medicines are working differently and in opposite manner when they are introduced in different doses, in large doses and in small doses.

    So,,,, I request you to follow the above mentioned things….

    • What is wrong with people like you? How are you passing out of schools?
      Are you all completely useless when it comes to science?

      What the hell does “experience” have to do with anything?

      Does a male/childless obstetrician know more or does the woman who had a baby know more about child birth?

      Are you going to listen to Stephen Hawking on black holes or are you going to insist that he first “experience” it first?

      Does a cancer patient know more about cancer or an oncologist? Do you think if you survived cancer, it makes you an expert?

      All of you have no mental capacity to understand what a research study is.

      Every time an idiotic homeopath gets cornered, he starts blabbering about quantum physics and nano particles. You guys are in homeopathy because you were useless in understanding basic Newtonian Physics.

      Refer to the 12 Science Agency post I made. Do you realize that there are actual Quantum Physicists and Nano technology experts, in fact the top most international experts in these national science academies who all collectively declared that Homeopathy is complete nonsense?

      What medicines are working in opposite manner? Which book of pharmacology? Paste exact text.

  16. There is no cure for Dementia caused due to Alzheimer’s Disease, in the modern medicine, whereas Homeopathy has a medicine for it. If it’s just a placebo, how does it work then..?

    • Homeopaths say they have a medicine for every disease. There is almost no disease where some homeopath hasn’t said they there is a medicine. Homeopaths just don’t care about facts and proof. Since their customers are very foolish, stories are enough for them.

      They even say they have medicines for congenital diseases and irreversible diseases like Rabies in hydrophobia. When you ask for proof, they never have any studies. They just have some stories that can never be verified.

      Alzheimer’s Disease is irreversible. Read at least the Wikipedia page on Alzheimer’s Disease to understand what it is.

      Homeopathy has no treatment for anything, just lies. There was never any truth in anything Homeopathy ever said about any disease. 220 years and they completely failed to prove anything, which is obvious because those pills don’t actually contain anything.

      • Dear sir,
        Next to God I believe in homeopathy just hoping to the readers if you are on the verge of giving up on your ailments at least give it a try .Now I am not giving examples of other people but I myself have experienced good results though I have not done any course in homeopathy but I am trying to prove that homeopathy heals. We all know we are what we eat the creator has created everything on the earth usefull to something on this earth in short everything is useful to something just as humans are social beings and depend on each other we can include plants and minerals also in the society so homeopathic medicine also is made of plants and their extracts and most of the desease we face are either due to lack of something or excess of something .Allopathy directly tried to cover the imbalance but it cures one decease only to generate a new desease and again cure the new desease to face another desease.homeopathy has a way to regulate the body it has regulatory effect hence very few side effects

        • Belief in homeopathy and belief in god are similar. They are beliefs.
          No science. No proof. Just belief. But not medicine.

          Thank you for not bothering with “examples”. “Examples” are not proof for science.

          How do we “know” that a creator created everything? We don’t. We believe. There is a difference in knowing and believing. Unfortunately, we are too uneducated a country to know the difference and people who can’t even spell disease want to have a say about medicine.

  17. Homeopathy Scam Excuses – playing for time.

    Patient: The medicine is not working.
    Homeopath: You just need to wait. It works slowly, on root cause.

    Patient: I seem to have this side effect.
    Homeopath: It’s actually part of the disease. Homeopathy is purging it out. Don’t blame the pill……. ever.

    Patient: It is still not working.
    Homeopath: Well, here are 100 things you should not have eaten or done. you probably did some of it. So it’s all your fault. Wait some more.

    Patient: It’s been 6 months and my corn has dropped off.
    Homeopath: See, it’s all because of homeopathy.

  18. So, what’s the deal with homeopathy? – Popular science magazine

    Excerpt from
    The SAWBONES Book: the Horrifying, Hilarious Road to Modern Medicine

    (In US) By 1900, there were 111 homeopathic hospitals and 22 medical schools focused on the practice of homeopathy, but the discipline’s fall was as sudden as its rise. With improved understanding of the science of medicine, homeopathy quickly fell out of fashion and by 1923 only two schools in the US were still teaching it.

    There is zero evidence to support the use of homeopathy. Homeopathy can be dangerous, in that it keeps people from seeking out actual medicine, and it’s also a rip-off. The fact that homeopathic cures are sold alongside actual medicine is one of the dumbest things that happens on Earth, and we’re writing this in 2018, so let’s just say it’s a heated competition.

    So US realized homeopathy is dumb almost exactly 100 years ago and started using science for medicine. I wonder in which year India will realize it is dumb. Then it will also fall quickly here. But we are very slow, so maybe it will fall only slowly. I mean we still think bullshit and cow urine are medicines. What a backwards country we are.

  19. This is the stupid “science” of homeopathy.

    Berlin Wall – Berlin wall caused problems for Germany. These donkeys literally thought there is emotional magic in berlin wall that causes depression. So they “diluted” insoluble concrete from the wall and sold it as cure for depression and asthma. How stupid does one have to be to think like this?

    Homeopathic Quacks Believe in the Healing Power of Drinking the Berlin Wall – Popular Mechanics

    Let’s get this out of the way: homeopathy is total crap. There is zero (accredited, peer reviewed) science behind homeopathy, and it’s misguided at best and snakeoil at worse. But here’s a concept in homeopathy that doubles down on its path to the cuckoos nest: there are people that believe that drinking a diluted bit of concrete from the Berlin Wall can cure asthma. – written in Popular Mechanics

    This is why homeopathic “proving” is stupid. It calls random feelings as proof.

  20. Dear the writer or editor of this post.

    Have you studied homoeopathic? Or just publishing for the sake of modern medicine. In my opinion there must be some personal or financial interest to write this post.
    Okay, let me tell One thing, has modern medicine got any cure or vaccine for the same? Why they are prescribing only vitamins? No medicine? You will argue that remdesivir is there, has it been proven effective in covid? Has trial results you have with you? If not you must not criticise any pathy keeping biased opinion in your mind. It’s your moral responsibility as I think. Rest, if there is financial interests, keep writing so as you will get more money. After all many media and media persons are corrupted and working for money.
    May god give you intelligent brain.

    Good luck for next article.

    • This is why I call homeopathic quacks donkey brains. Here are the same questions these idiots repeat. The questions are

      1. Have you studied my quackery?
      2. Are you paid by some pharma company?
      3. Do you know that nothing in “allopathy” can cure?

      Your quackery has been scientifically studied a few thousand times by scientists. That is what the whole article is about. For you, studying means have you been brainwashed by it? It’s like a religious fellow saying, but have you tried fully believing my silly religion first, when you tell him that his beliefs are obviously impossible.

      I have read your homeopathic texts. Bullshit in every page. Every single page. None of the authors know how to think. The homeopathy authors you think are the best and smartest are also stupid. Its just that they are smarter than you, which is not a big deal.

      There is no “pathy”, except your quackery and the straw-man allopathy you quacks invented, neither of which are medicine. Yes, obviously modern medicine has cures and vaccines for most of the common diseases so much so that diseases that were once common and life-threatening are now uncommon or minor inconveniences. Did Chloroquin work for malaria? Did you take Polio, BCG and MMR? Only 50% of kids lived to adulthood before modern medicine. Do you think we are chlorinating water to kill germs or for “miasma”?

      What basis do you have to accuse anyone that they are paid by a pharma company to write? Nothing. Just throw an allegation and hope you have sown a doubt.

      Other common questions are

      1. So many people believe it, how can so many people be wrong?
      2. How can something that is not true to believed for so long?
      3. I believe it is true. I say I have seen it work. So how can it be false?

      So you think that anything that is wrong is only believed by a small amount of people, for a very short period of time and you never believe anything wrongly. So you don’t know history. And you obviously think you are the most reasonable person in the world who is never fooled.

    • Now, let’s look at your statement: “May god give you intelligent brain.” …..”so as you will get more money”. Just look at the audacity of this homeopath donkey, Kiran Kulkarni!!!

      The author is already intelligent. She wrote an article summarizing science on homeopathy showing that it is just a superstition that all scientists in the world will agree with, while a donkey brain like you has no capacity to understand even one science paper.

      Kiran Kulkarni, it is you who is the brainless donkey here with no hope of ever being intelligent. It is you who still thinks diseases are caused by miasma and life energy, you education-less ignorant fool.

      You are also the one making money by prescribing empty sugar pills and charging tens of thousands of rupees for just acting like you are treating asthma, with one paisa of sugar and nothing else. The rest is profit for homeo pharma and you.

      You fake doctor scammers sell 16 billion dollars of fake medicine per year. And you have the audacity of falsely charging that a writer for a free web site is making money falsely and unethically?

      • Lol, you use allopathy and see how mentally unbalanced you are. Taking this fight personally, the most pathetic comment i have seen in this tab. I hope your mental sickness gets cured via homeopathy one day. And please read your own comment and tell me, does that look like a mentally balanced person has spoken about his observations and views.

        • True, arguing to lunatics like you mostly can hurt my brain. This is public service. I am sacrificing some of my mental comfort for the country. See how patriotic I am 🙂 .

          Apparently, I am one of the few sane people among a mob of lunatics. Almost anywhere outside India, I would be a simple normal person with a scientifically educated viewpoint. But here in this lunatic asylum of the homeopaths and other quacks, it is “mentally unbalanced” to say that cow dung and urine aren’t medicine and that pills that literally have nothing in them have obviously and already proven to be placebos.

          If you read my comments and instead of reacting to me, actually understand the arguments and follow the links I provided, for that matter, the links the author has provided, you will be less likely to be classified as mentally retarded.

  21. I know that many of you t-h-i-n-k you are smart, or at least better than average intelligence people. But let me tell you that you are nothing of that type.

    After all the information I provided, if you people are unable to understand how stupid homeopathy really is because you t-h-i-n-k you saw it work, you neither have good education nor do you know how to think and analyze by looking up research.

    I provided studies, scientist explanations, statements from all major scientific institutions, gave references to government reports, cited reputable newspapers and world class scientific journals and I even gave psychology explanations by professors in major universities to explain how you got fooled into thinking it is working when it isn’t.

    None of you would even touch any of the points presented.

    If you still are unable to understand any of this, I am wondering how low your intelligence and education must be. People with average intelligence (90+ IQ) should be able to understand all this.

    I am trying to understand where you are on this scale. Are you dull, deficient or feeble-minded? Or is this just pure, 100% ignorance from useless education?

    Levine and Marks IQ classification
    80–90 Dullness
    70–80 Border-line deficiency, sometimes classifiable as dullness, often as feeble-mindedness
    < 70 Definite feeble-mindedness

    An average college graduate should understand basic things like correlation, causation, basic understanding of what studies are. You all obviously don't.

    • I mean, seriously, who but someone with the brain of a donkey thinks in 2020 that diseases are caused by miasma and thinks solutions can be infinitely diluted? Who but idiots who never read one page of biology or chemistry? That was stupid even in 1920.

      If you are stupid enough to say that homeopathy is real, your degree needs to be taken and burnt. Whatever college said that they educated you need to be shut down.

      Your intelligence and education is only good enough to sweep the streets or clean toilets, not anything more than that. Your education is like that Bihar state topper from 4 years ago who said she studied “prodigal” science instead of political science and thought it was about cooking. Your chemistry and biology knowledge is like that. The only thing you homeopaths need to be doing is being really ashamed of yourself, apologizing and returning people’s money for giving fake treatments. That is if you have any honesty or integrity, which you don’t.

      You spent how many years of education and still are dumb enough to think that miasma cause disease and not even understand dilution?

      • Mental helpline number : 1860 266 2345 (Delhi)
        You really need it, Mr. Chay. Making personal comments and you don’t even know how to debate, i bet you didnt even considered any of the opinion. That’s like a blinded fool who’s brainwashed against homeopathy. Best of luck for your future, cause I’m worried about your mental health. Take a look at your own comments, and think again about the symptoms of insecurity you are actually showing. Good luck for your future. 👍

  22. I have read a lot of bullshit from so called mr chay. He must be critic and a nonsense person in his life . He does not know about homeopathy and only he is barking and barking . I request all the viewers not to read this type of comments by these type of bullshit people. And at last i don’t condem any pathy because all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of diseases which could only be cured by homeopathy and on other side there are also many diseases which could be cured by allopathy only . So there is no point of condemning a pathy . Both should go hand by hand.

    • No my dear. Unlike you, I am an educated person, well-informed of exactly what the science is saying about homeopathy and how they proved it as pure bullshit.

      You on the other hand, are a proper i d i o t. Everything homeopaths say is bullshit. Everything. There are no miasms or vital energy. Those are ignorant beliefs. They teach you the history of these ignorant ideas even in school and you guys seem to have no real education.

      Nobody has to believe what I say. They just have to look what the whole world is saying. You liars constantly pretend that I am the only critic. I have already proven with reports that I am merely saying what all real governments and all real scientists all over the world are saying. You can’t address the fact that all scientists in the world are saying homeopathy is bullshit.

      This is what the reality is:

      Homeopathy Is Not an Effective Treatment, Experts Say – Time
      Homeopathy not effective for treating any condition, Australian report finds – Guardian
      Homeopathy effective for 0 out of 68 illnesses, study – Independent
      Homeopathy is not an effective treatment for any health condition, report concludes – British Medical Journal
      The debate about homeopathy is over. These verdicts prove it – Spectator

      Bireswar Saran, a little down in the board, said Samuel Hahnemann is the father of Allopathy, not just Homeopathy. That’s exactly correct. Allopathy is a lie invented by homeopaths. Neither Homeopathy nor Allopathy can cure anything.

      What actual doctors practice is not Allopathy. It is science based medicine. You need to get good marks in science to study Medicine. People who get bad marks in science go to homeopathy and get a degree in bullshit. No one who got good marks in science goes to Homeopathy.

  23. ********************
    Quack arguments

    I borrowed this from a wiki on bullshit. These are the same tactics are quacks use. All of this is true for homeo bullshit.

    1. Anecdotal evidence: Prefers to use testimonials over actual studies. (it worked for me, so I can ignore all scientific evidence)
    2. Panacea: Is a simple idea that purports to be the one answer to many problems (often including many diseases). (like cures like)
    3. Pseudoscience: Has a “scientific-sounding” reason for how it works, but little to no actual science behind it; especially:
    1. Science woo: Uses words that sound scientific but make no sense in their context (nano particles)
    2. Quote-mined studies that, if bent properly, appear to support the woo.
    3. Appeal to authority: Claims that a scientific authority supports the woo; this is usually combined with a quote mine.
    4. Studies from different, unrelated fields.
    5. Disdain for objective, randomized experimental controls, especially double-blind testing (which is kind of what makes epidemiology actually, y’know, work.
    4. A supernatural and/or paranormal involvement; failing that, the preternatural (life force)
    5. Persecution complex: Claims to be persecuted, usually perpetrated by the government, “Big Pharma”, or the entire worldwide scientific community (see Galileo gambit). Usually accompanied by a claim that the public and/or scientists are blind to the discovery, despite attempts to alert them.
    6. A hypothesis that remains virtually unchanged for years or decades, despite changes in the evidence for the woo. This is sometimes presented as a strength. (homeo “laws”)

  24. Good work done by the Print science writers. Thanks to the Print management team for sponsoring science articles and keeping science journalists on it’s payroll.

    Please keep educating the Indian public on the scientific method. most of our country men do not know how science arrives at conclusions.

    • So true.
      Nobody in our Indian public knows what science is.
      But everybody is ready to start a clueless lecture on limitations on science.

      For them, all blind beliefs are true, it’s science that is not smart enough to understand how their crazy beliefs are actually true. Just give it unlimited time.
      Our terrible press loves writing stories about how some questionable study proved some indirect benefit of an old belief, but does not write how a thousand beliefs were debunked or more importantly, h-o-w they were debunked.

  25. One answer to all the nonsense about your homeopathy is that if the homeopathic treatment is wrong:
    How are millions of people in the world still being healed by homeopathic remedies?
    You should only be a part of this mafia which is making money by fooling the people

    • There are exactly Z-E-R-O people that were ever healed by homeopathy. Exactly z-e-r-o. Not even o-n-e.

      The millions who took homeopathy were healed by their own body over time, with no help whatsoever from homeopathy.

      This is the conclusion after a *few thousand studies* that proved that homeopathy had no effect over a placebo.

      If it is a self-healing disease, most are, you will be healed with or without homeopathy, purely because of your natural healing abilities. Homeopathy does not assist them in any way.

      Learn science or be fooled by quacks!

      • Homoeopathy cures , and cures completely. Modern medicine never cures, it only suppresses .This is the difference .The founder of homoeopathy,Samuel Hahnemann left Allopathic practice ( he was also the father of Allopathy )as he was disgusted with its unscientific ,unethical and ineffective results.He was driven out a no. of times due to the opposition of allopathic doctors ( for their business interest ).But finally ,the whole world accepted him .Homoeopathy is based on a natural law of cure unlike the so called modern medicine .

        • Homeopathy does not do anything. There is no medicine of any kind in those sugar pills. It is total fake. It was scientifically proven to do nothing.

          Both homeopathy and allopathy exist only according to Homeopaths. Samuel Hahnemann was using primitive, non-scientific medicine at first. He was unhappy and made his own non-scientific medicine.

          Medicine today has no relation to the completely stupid medicine that Hahnemann learned and labeled as Allopathy.

          Suppresses, suppresses is stupid parrot talk by homeopaths to mislabel scientific management of diseases. If you think you can “cure” diabetes “completely” with sugar pills, you are a fool.

          Whole world is calling homeopathy bullshit, except India. But India literally thinks even bullshit is medicine. See all the scientist findings I presented below. Every reputable scientific organization finds homeopathy to be total fake.

          Just type into Google – homeopathy bullshit

          There is no natural law in homeopathy, not even one. No one outside homeopathy accepts any of those idiot laws. Homeopathy only has imaginary laws that only education-less idiots can believe because they don’t have a concept of proof. Problem is in India, even post-graduates can be fools because all they learned is to repeat things, not actually understand anything.

        • Since your education completely failed you, at least read some Wikipedia. These are facts, not anyone’s opinion.

          Homeopathy or homoeopathy is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine.

          All relevant scientific knowledge about physics, chemistry, biochemistry and biology gained since at least the mid-19th century confirms that homeopathic remedies have no active content. They are biochemically inert, and have no effect on any known disease. Hahnemann’s theory of disease, centered around principles he termed miasms, is inconsistent with subsequent identification of viruses and bacteria as causes of disease. Clinical trials have been conducted, and generally demonstrated no objective effect from homeopathic preparations. The fundamental implausibility of homeopathy as well as a lack of demonstrable effectiveness has led to it being characterized within the scientific and medical communities as quackery and nonsense.

          After assessments of homeopathy, national and international bodies have recommended the withdrawal of government funding. Australia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France, as well as the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council, and the Commission on Pseudoscience and Research Fraud of Russian Academy of Sciences each concluded that homeopathy is ineffective, and recommended against the practice receiving any further funding. Notably, France and England, where homeopathy was formerly prevalent, are in the process of removing all public funding. The National Health Service in England ceased funding homeopathic remedies in November 2017 and asked the Department of Health in the UK to add homeopathic remedies to the blacklist of forbidden prescription items, and France will remove funding by 2021. In November 2018, Spain also announced moves to ban homeopathy and other pseudotherapies.

          Outside of the alternative medicine community, scientists have long considered homeopathy a sham or a pseudoscience, and the mainstream medical community regards it as quackery. There is an overall absence of sound statistical evidence of therapeutic efficacy, which is consistent with the lack of any biologically plausible pharmacological agent or mechanism.

  26. Dear un-educatable homeo believers, Homeopathy is ok if your senile uncle prescribes it and you buy some sugar pills for Rs. 10 or Rs. 20 for things that never really needed any medicine in the first place because the body can take care of it mostly.

    But to consider these stupid quacks doctors is embarrassing. Most of them don’t have 12th class level intelligence.

    And neither do you. Learn statistics. Learn why it is not so simple to say if something worked, especially if it is supposed to be working 2 months from starting to use it. The primitiveness of your thinking is just pathetic. Learn why research is done this way. You don’t become modern by buying a Rs. 20,000 smart phone. At least use it to get some basic education.

    Don’t just come up with stupid excuses for why you don’t have to study science or math. Think for a while why every scientist in the world says this is fake. Learn why they are saying the proof against it is so strong that it is a waste to even to 1 more study on it. Learn what proof is, it isn’t what you think it is. Homeopathy’s proving is really dumb nonsense, not proof.

    Everyone likes to think they are smart. No one likes to think of themselves as below average intelligence because it is difficult to imagine that. But all of you are definitely well below average intelligence. In 2020, if you walking around with no basic understanding of biology, physics, chemistry, statistics, why a study is done, what did they teach you in all those years? You are an embarrassment to yourself, the schools and silly colleges that passed you and even the country.

    Don’t think like an 18th century fellow who thinks body is operated by vital energy or prana. Read about cells, how they work and what happens in diseases. Read reputable science sources, not whatever mindless junk that pops up on your phone from some facebook post or whatsapp message.

    • Learn how not to think like an uneducated fellow. Learn how the brain makes us believe in stupid things.
      By Psychology Professor Ben Ambridge, University of Liverpool

      The first is the failure to take into account a phenomenon known as “regression to the mean” (which simply means “going back to the average”). Suppose you throw darts at a dartboard blindfolded. If you get a very low score with your first dart (say a 2), it is almost certain that the score on your next throw will be higher, simply because 18 of the 20 slices (and the bull’s-eye) give a score that is greater than two. Similarly, because most illnesses come and go of their own accord, then if you feel at your absolute worst on Monday, you’ll almost certainly feel a lot better by Friday, whether or not you take a homeopathic remedy on Tuesday. But if you do, you’ll probably credit the improvement to the pill.

      Now go learn how research studies counter these thought defects.

  27. Hai frnds…and my dear homeopathic friends….
    Just leave and ignore the bloody shits and false perception of homoepathy by unprofessional uneducated and mindless fellows….

    Lets treat the patient wholely and let them gi e cure through our homeo medicines…

    They were just saying its a placebo..and asking about the proofs ..but where is the proof that they were sugar pills…does any one prooved that they r only sugar pills..

    If anyone came to proove then give them cantharis in high potency or many we had lets see what happen….as they were sugar pills ..i think they shouldn’t get prooved by the remedies….

    Just chill and lets be a true homeopath

    • “where is the proof that they were sugar pills…does any one prooved that they r only sugar pills?”

      Yes, fake doctor. Researchers proved it a FEW THOUSAND times that it is nothing but a placebo. But you education-less quacks obviously are incapable in understanding scientific proof, when you can’t even spell “proved”. The article above that you didn’t read provided links to some of that research.

      This is why every scientific organization, not just doctors, but all scientists and every major health department has declared that Homeopathy is total fake. There is absolutely nothing medical in it. That is the ONLY REASON why it has no side effects, because it is not a medicine in the first place. You just do drama with patients and wait until things normally get better (regression to mean, which none of you understand). You lie to them it is slow acting when it is non-acting.

  28. When I was 17 , developed 5 corns under my right foot. Those were so painful and doctor advised me to remove them by surgery. I got afraid of sugery and the doctor told me, then you go for a good Homoeopath. I visited one Homoeopath and he prescribed me Calcarea fuorica 6x . 2 tablets twice daily for 3 months. Even after 2 months, there was no signs of improvement. One day when I got up in morning, suddenly I discovered that there was not a single corn under my foot and the healing was from inside to out side.
    I can challenge anybody, who claims that Homoeopathy doesn’t work…. Come to me…. I will show you how it works.

    • Corns/warts are one of the things quacks easily trick science-uneducated people like you with placebos because they go away on their own. You can’t understand statistics. Your surgeon probably knew homeopathy is just a placebo. If you are willing to wait for 2 months or some long time like that, they will eventually drop off, even with no treatment. Surgery is only if you don’t want to wait. He should have given you salicylic acid pads though. He probably tried that and in some cases, it might not work. In that case, just wait.

      If you wait, most simple diseases will go away on their own. This is what is meant by “Regression to Mean”. You can bring the horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink. You are impossible to educate.

      What will you do if anybody “comes to you”? You don’t have any intelligence. You will just say, it works… it works. That is called ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE. Look it up. Also look up why it is not considered as proof.

      Google this: Wishing Away Warts
      I already posted it at 12 June, 2020 at 3:10 am

  29. Let’s have a practical experiment for those who have not believe in homeopathy.The real knowledge is comes after experiencing something,if you says mango and honey is sweet how you differentiate it ,just by taste them not by reading some literature.
    So my dear just experience anything than come to any opinion.
    Let’s buy medicine LACHESIS 200 and swallow those 4 tiny little pills daily for a week if you got any animal dream then go through Lachesis literature may god break your prejudice gogles.

    • What you are saying is they basically don’t teach even the tiniest bit of what research is before telling you to use a “doctor” title in your quack homeo colleges.

      Anyone who knows the slightest bit of research will laugh at the sheer ignorance in your proposal. Homeopaths are ill-educated fools.

      I will give you even better and equally silly proposals.

      Sneak into a homeo medicine shop and change labels on all homeo bottles. No one will ever know the difference. Or replace them sugar pills wet with simple tap water. No one can tell the difference between them.

      Or give you 29 tap water sugar pill bottles and 1 with LACHESIS 200, without telling you which one is LACHESIS 200. Take a different one every day and tell me by your animal dreams, which day was LACHESIS 200 day, after a month.

      Homeopaths are so dumb that they did not do this obvious test that anyone who is even slightly educated would have suggested. So they think proving is real.

    • OK Homeopaths, doctor-actors, school time for you.

      If I tell you that this special pill (LACHESIS 200) causes snake dreams and tell you to take it, there will be increased chance that you will actually have snake dreams. This is because of the way our mind works. You great master, Samuel Hahnemann, did not really understand this and no one after him as well.

      Did the pill cause snake dreams? Did you prove it that it did? No, not until you tested against a fake special pill that looks, smells exactly like your special pill.

      Next, the important part is randomization. You must collect some people and randomly divide them into 2 groups. You cannot take homeo-believers in one group, who may be more prone to imagining whatever they are told and put others in the second group. You have to randomly divide them. Use a computer or a coin.

      Next, they should not know which group they are in. And the person who gives them the pills must also not know which group they are in and whether he is giving them special pill or fake special pill. This is called double-blinding. Otherwise, they will pick up slight clues and behave accordingly.

      Now you will always find that maybe 5 out of 20 people say yes, they had a snake dream in test group. But the control group will also around 5 or so people saying the same thing. So your special pill is not special at all. But what if 6 people in test and 4 in control do, then did you prove it. No. You have to show a bigger difference. To understand how much, you must learn statistics and without that, explaining is useless. All this is very basic knowledge.

      All homeo proving is fake and stupid. They don’t randomize, they don’t double-blind. They don’t use statistics. So nobody with a brain cares. Only uneducated and dumb homeopaths think it means proof.

      Not even one homeopathy proving was ever proven scientifically. Nothing in homeopathy was ever proven. It is all fake. It is ignorant to not know this. But it is very foolish to not understand even after all this is explained. There seem to not be even average intelligence people in homeopathy, or they just act like they don’t understand.

  30. arsenic has been recommended for covid but public also wants corelated reference data.homeopathy is symptom oriented science zero science if treated blindly without individual symptoms.seyedaghanoor sadeghi iranian homeopath is international expert,read article about arsenic published in medwinpublishers dot com where he treated leukemic diarrhea with arsenic.he gives all references,imp is picked up from materia medica by dr kn mathur mbbs indian army doctor served worldwar11 patients,turned to homeopathy.arsenic symptom is feel financial insecurity feel robbers may loot wants company same time keep watch on them checks locks intact all day worried about bank balance,is prone to gastro intestinal problems like diarrhea,pale yellow face prostrated lac can remedy is extra sensitive forgetful buys at shop gives money goes out shopkeeper runs after him take your saman.allopath doctor will not explain anything to patient as he has stamp of all authorities.alternative medicines practitioners have to be salesman also to convince public.if media wants to realy serve public let journalists go to field take staements cured uncured patients by alternative medicine system,table chit chats do not serve purpose is only chai pakoda timepass.

  31. Chay sir
    If you are a doctor what will you do
    Do western science cures every disease
    Show me the research papers that if there is complete cure
    Well if so why you meditate in morning
    That is also not a part of treatment
    It belong to ayurved
    We indians are not fool to have a faith
    On homeopathy and ayurved
    We are broad mind people we think every work differently we are the boss and we are the worker of our own
    We don’t believe on others
    We believe what we can do |
    I would suggest you to research thoroughly
    On research
    Quality of life is given in ayurved
    And homeopathy only

    • We Indians are certainly fools (SS Hari being a perfect example), not open minded.

      If you are open minded, you will read the science and change your mind even if you don’t want to.
      What you are is ignorant. Don’t think that is open minded.
      You don’t have a basic concept of what science is or what research is.

      Homeopathy is a very dumb idea that every international scientist, science academy and government has criticized. See the information I posted below. It was proven hundreds of times to be fake.

      Medicine is not a matter of faith. Saying something is faith is admitting it is fake.

      • I hope you know little bit of science before saying all this.
        If you have, i guess you would know that the science available today doesn’t actually explain anything (pick almost any topic and go deep into it, you will know). For example, as scientist, we don’t even know what is light.
        In the efforts of understanding and researching , one day, the logic behind these things (namely working of homeopathy) will be discovered upto a level that will get recognised by some people who just read something somewhere and doesn’t even know basics of science and are incapable of observing the truth.

        • This why I wrote, “Don’t just come up with stupid excuses for why you don’t have to study science or math.”. Unlike you, I know science. Science knows what light is, you don’t. Do you think smart people are able to build things like your phone screen without knowing what light is?

          Science proved beyond any doubt that homeopathy is a total scam and homeopaths repeatedly prove themselves to be total fools when it comes to understanding science. None of you should have passed high school. All of you are just too dumb to understand how science easily disproved homeopathy.

          The “logic” of homeopathy is irrelevant when it has already proven to not work. Logic of how things work is for things already proven to work.

          Learn what regression to mean and placebo effect are. If I give you plain sugar pills and lie to you they are homeo pills, they have the same “cure rates”. This is because these are just body taking care of the disease irrespective of any pills. Homeo diluted water does nothing.

          Prove to me you are not dumb. Explain regression to mean and post hoc ergo propter hoc in medicine. You can Google and then explain your understanding.

  32. if we read all comments no head tail can be made,as good as casting a vote to congress or experienced homeopath has shared view modrrn time thinking let things take own shape.let any lady suffering from menstrual irregularity say there are no other cocomitant symptoms headache sleep disturb pelvic pains cysts etc,homeopathy recognises root cause establishes flow health is restored,try senecio with cosultation of even street homeopath.let any male with business status on decline say not suffering from depressed mood blood pressure negative thinking,homeopath catches root cause,clears many problems say by aurum sided flat views do not serve any purpose.olden times coins were of silver it had money value plus some attachment value present coins have show me your left hand then only i will show my right hand mentality..such a large democracy such a large media network,none has tried a combined conference of top grade allopaths homeopaths ayurveds naturopaths and disseminated views to public.most of comments on all media articles on any subject are from timepass retired in life persons chala hooa kartoos category.

    • Of all the comments here, only your comments lack head or tail because you seem to have not discovered the concept of paragraphs.

      Terrible spelling, no grammar, no spacing, no coherent points and just rambling aimlessly about things you don’t have a clue about.

      The homeopaths who were desperately trying to ignore all the studies I presented were not writing as pathetically as you.

  33. those who are in doubt about homeopathy,first go through 335 page pdf homeopathy great medicine or dangerous pseudo-science by steven novella dt 22 mar 2013 at homeopathy dot ca then comment as one sided views only confuse imp issues.those who want explanation in modern research way go through article acute respiratory infections by najanin vassighi nd and michael lehman nd at site ndnr dot com has listed three very imp remedies arsenic rhustox merc sol.dr ajit kulkarni has also explained in deatail about all pneumonia covid remedies.public gets confused reading various articles by various doctors.ayush has to create one platform and issue detailed guidelines,chronic patients these days are half doctors want minute details.being a non professional part of public side view is homeopathy is best but need for competent doctors in homeopathy,employ few but employ top grade by selection as upsc does.

    • In that talk, Saine predicted that thanks to new technology, Homeopathy will soon be proven.
      Exactly the opposite has happened. Now every scientific academy in the world has come out and said Homeopathy is quack. Oops.

      Back in 2012 (as per McGill University channel, its 2012 talk, not 2013), only a few scientists were bothering to talk about how homeopathy is quack. Now in 2020, every scientist says it. Do try to understand why.

      AYUSH just needs to stop lying to the public about the science on Homeopathy.

      Saine’s great final argument, well India and Brazil think its true and officially promote it.
      Yeah, Brazil isn’t smarter than India (their government’s COVID-19 response is the worst in the world due to their insane, macho president) and India thinks cow urine is magic medicine and officially promotes it.

    • I love how homeo-deluded like you reject anything that tells you the real Truth. You think Truth is Fake and Fake is Truth.

      Print isn’t giving you an opinion that Homeopathy is fake. It is reporting that all scientists are telling you that Homeopathy is fake. You can look up this yourself. Every scientific academy says that Homeopathy is fake (placebo) and its ideas are stupid.

      Now why didn’t you know this already? It was well known for quite some time. Everyone who is knowledgeable about science knows this. It is because real news is rare in India. Most news is fake news. Most journalists don’t know anything apart from holding a mike or arguing politics. A 100 news channels on TV and all they talk is garbage. Very few news outlets expose pseudoscience. They are the only ones worth anyone’s time. Rest are bad entertainment or propaganda.

      The problem is people who study science don’t become journalists usually. So Indian journalists don’t know the difference between fake science and real science. For them and you, a dumb homeopath and a top medical researcher, both have equally valued opinion. That is very stupid.

    • I agree with Shun, your whole article Chay is a lie. Big Pharma must have paid you to write it. I personally only use homeopathy with great success. Where big pharma failed me completely, homeopathy helped me. The problem is big pharma can’t make money off of homeopathy, they like to keep people sick so they can keep taking your money. More and more people are waking up to this fact, we are all tired of watching our loved ones suffer and die under the hands of big pharma. I say yay to big pharma going down!!

      • You agree with Shun because you lack intelligence and education Denise.

        Homeo Pharma is a $15,000,000,000 market. Of course, homeo pharma mints money. They have no cost of production, no research costs. The raw material is just sugar or alcohol.

        You are another homeo shill, paid or not, who is trying to distract from the fact that it is the scientists everywhere that are criticizing the homeo scam, not just this article.

        I don’t know whether you have mental retardation or are paid Denise, but I pointed to every government and every science academy and thousands of public studies that expose homeopathy as full fake. And you say, I am basing this on just this article. What is wrong with you?

        See “Dear Homeo Lobby” post and 29 Science Academy post.

        Google: Homeopathic remedies are ‘nonsense and risk significant harm’ say 29 European scientific bodies

        Those are not big pharma Denise. Those are all public scientists.

  34. thank you for sharing an informative article.
    If do you have any health-related problems like bone problem, tissue problem, and any stretch mark problem so I recommend to you use DR. RECKEWEG CALCAREA FLUORICUM 6X (20G) medicine for better results.

    • CALCAREA FLUORICUM is just calcium fluoride from bone and then diluted to nothing.
      All homeopathic drugs are diluted to nothing. They are nothing. They are all the same.
      None work for anything.

      Anything can be said to work for anything when you can take advantage of people who don’t understand science and scientific testing.
      Calcium fluoride is insoluble. Even talking about dilutions for insoluble things is dumb. Dumb never stopped Homeopathy.

      Dr. Reckeweg is making fools of people.

  35. Albert Einstein on Homeopathy

    “If one were to lock up 10 very clever people in a room and told them they were only allowed out once they had come up with the most stupid idea conceivable, they would soon come up with homeopathy.”

  36. Dear respected chay , I want to know only one thing . Do you think thàt since 1796 all homeopath doctors are making fool of all people (human being ),is it possible? and today homeopathy is the second largest followérs in medical science of the world.think àbout it. You will get all the answers,.

    • Complicated answer. Some of homeopaths are genuine fools themselves and really think they are doctors. I don’t think Hahnemann was fooling anyone deliberately. I think he was genuinely fooled by his own faulty doctrines. Others know they are fooling patients, but they don’t know how to earn a living in any other way except by fooling people.

      Yes, most people are just lemmings, like you know, Y-O-U.
      Homeopathy is as real as horoscopes. Horoscopes have a huge following. What to do? Most people aren’t really as educated as they like to think. Many are even fools with post-graduate degrees. Any scientist will tell you in detail why horoscopes aren’t true. But if you lack the basic intelligence, none of those explanations will sink in and you will keep arguing that it came true for you. Same with homeopathy.

  37. Hello chay,
    You told most of the research institutes reject homoeopathy as placebo..thats true
    Scientist in 2020s can only research on objects that are 10 power 9, molecules in homoeo dilutions are 10 power 30. LoL

    • Ramz, not most, all of them, everyone of them.
      Name one good research institute that says homeopathy is not a placebo.

      Basically, only people like you without much intelligence think it is not a placebo because they find “regression to mean” to be a difficult concept to understand even when explained. They just cannot grasp the concept of matched controls and blank doses to compare against. This is apparently well beyond your capacity,

    • And LOL RAMZ, 30C, the most popular homeo dilution, isn’t 10 power 30, it is 10 power 60.
      Google: Homeopathic dilutions, to learn why this is very, very stupid.

  38. Rajiv Bajaj (uneducated about science): “3 lakh people in Pune took Camphora 1M, and not one of them has come to us saying they have symptoms of COVID-19”

    IIT-Bombay: We also hear things like “a thousand people were given this medicine and then 95% did not get the disease, so it works”. This is not what a trial is and these ‘experiments’ are worthless unless compared with 1,000 people who are given placebos (i.e. blank doses).

    From: A Homeopathic Defence Against COVID-19 Is No Defence at All
    By: IIT-Bombay professors and head of dept. All scientists in the world agree with this.

    See the difference between science educated and science uneducated? Science uneducated don’t understand the concept of matched controls.

  39. Rajiv Bajaj is an ignorant man who believes in stupid things. He arrogantly thinks that even though he never studied science, he knows better than all researchers in immunology. Too many Yes Men around you does that to you.

    He thought that the camphor you burn for pooja is somehow magic medicine for corona when it is diluted to 1M. That is 1 in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 parts water.

    He made all his employees take it and come to work. Now we have reports that 200 employees in his plant have Corona and 4 died. This is what happens when dumb people in power don’t understand their ignorance and don’t realize how stupid their beliefs are. Below below them pay the price. Imaginary camphor does not boost immunity. Only when one has no concept of immunity and knows nothing about it except recite the word immunity, immunity, can one be stupid enough to think all sorts of things are immunity boosters. Lazy ignorant and arrogant people who won’t bother studying even basics but will come to argue against world’s experts.

    I read a few statements he made. It is very obvious he generally has no concept of science or research but has to open his mouth all the time about topics he never studied.

    • I am surprised at the way people with not the slightest knowledge of homeopathy take it upon themselves to condemn this most wonderful science. Allopathy trying to evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathy is like criticising a foreign language of which you have but a rudimentary knowledge. Placebos don’t work on millions of people, most of whom are highly educated. Most of the brilliant homeopathic writers and researchers, such as Hahnemann, Kent, Herring, E-BOOK Nash, were themselves highly qualified allopathy who took to homeopathy after discovering its merits and effectiveness. As far as cure of COVID 19 is concerned, the world is suffering because of its arrogance and dogged refusal to accept that anything but orthodox medicine could cure it. If at all any system of medicine can cure this disease, it is homeopathy. This is because it does not have to rush out in search of a new vaccine each time a new virus is discovered. Homeopathy cures the patient, not the disease, and certainly not by directly attempting to kill the virus causing it. In the case of an epidemic, the aim should be to identify homeopathic medicines whose symptoms most closely correspond to that produced by the epidemic in the majority of patients. The Ministry of Ayush blundered by hastily suggesting Arsenic Alb as the medicine for COVID -19. This is obviously wrong as Arsenic Alb anifests it’s symptoms mostly in cold wet weather. But COVID 19 is spreading even in hot weather. The homeopathic remedy most accurately indicated is BRYONIA. for the following reasons. Firstly, it’s symptoms develop very slowly, as in the case of COVID 19. Secondly, the BRYONIA influenza can develop in both cold and hot weather, as is happening in the case of that produced by Corona. Thirdly, BRYONIA corresponds to dryness of the mucous membranes. This is what is seen in the case of COVID -19 in the form of dry cold, dry cough, dr Ron Haiti’s and dry pneumonia. BRYONIA can also correspond to inflammation of the mucous membranes, and also a very severe form of pneumonia, as is happening in COVID 19. BRYONIA can also be helpful in high temperature, general weakness and lethargy, all of which are seen in the disease under colder consideration. The homeopathic remedy GLYCERINUM, in 30th and higher potencies, can also be curative in the case of influenzas pneumonia, such as that caused by the Corona virus. So too can the homeopathic remedy PULSATILLA be useful in the case of patients suffering from influenza aggravated in hot weather and in evenings. The Pulsatilla patient can suffer from severe respiratory problems and from loss of the sense of smell and taste, as is observed in the case of Corona patients. There could be a tendency for diarrhoea.

      • As usual, as an uneducatable homeopathy believer, you are ignorant of basic facts.

        1. Allopathy is what Hahnemann called traditional medicine. Scientific medicine came much later after he was long dead.

        2. Modern medicine does not have any special research methods. It uses the same scientific methods as other sciences. So all scientists agree with them.

        3. All homeo remedies are completely fake. One is no different from another. This is the standard fraud strategy of homeopaths to keep finding excuses when their fake medicine pills obviously don’t work. They normally do this to buy time until normal disease process results in remission in most cases and this is exposed by placebo studies.

        Homeopathic remedies symptoms do not correspond to anything. All homeo provings are a big delusional lie. There are no brilliant homeopaths. Everyone one of them is an idiot who cannot grasp how stupid the so called proving process is. Any scientist or researcher call tell you why it is totally stupid, never mind whatever magic theories homeopaths believe in.

      • further,

        “people with not the slightest knowledge of homeopathy” – scientists have a thorough knowledge of what homeopathy is and all scientists in the world are of one opinion, that homeopathy a very, very stupid quack belief system. It is a fact that it has been utterly, thoroughly debunked.

        Google: Australia dismisses homeopathy and the JOKE is on its “less is more” principle.

        “this most wonderful science” – homeopathy is a pseudoscience in every possible way. There is no science of any kind in it. It denies all sciences. It never proved anything. It failed in every scientific test. All of its doctrines are false. This is known everywhere except in the stupid world of homeopaths.

        “Placebos don’t work on millions of people” – Yes they do. They even fool billions. They fool all of us, even well-educated doctors, which is why double blinding is used in research. You know nothing about placebos even though that is all you sell. In the same way, scientists understand your homeopathy scam far better than you do.

        “most of whom are highly educated” – most of so called highly educated people in our country don’t understand science basics and placebos fool all humans, not just uneducated people.

        “Hahnemann, Kent, Herring, E-BOOK Nash, were themselves highly qualified allopathy” – all of these are traditional medicine people, not scientific doctors. Homeopathy says traditional medicine is Allopathy. Modern medicine is not Allopathy.

        “The Ministry of Ayush blundered by hastily suggesting Arsenic Alb” – Good luck AYUSH, now homeopaths are saying it is all your fault, not them, even though all of them were tweeting all over social media that stupidly diluted Arsenic is the magic cure or protection until it became obvious even to them that it does not work. I did not hear any of this in the early days. They will come next for all foolish local govts that distributed these quack pills, when they start getting more cases. You see, it is never the fault of homeopathy, it is always the fault of imperfect application or misinterpretation. Normally, they will play this game until the epidemic either ends in herd immunity or everyone gets vaccine.

        Google: When homeopathy is pure BUNKUM, why do people still believe it works?

        “Homeopathy is a joke that shames medicine. Its practitioners earn billions of dollars every year by peddling pure nonsense. The case against it is incredibly easy to make.”

  40. DICLAIMER; It’s Afternoon but I am very sleepy and I have made a HUGE paragraph. But please read it. And I have made many typos, so please pardon me for that.

    Hello Chay! What is your opinion about Ayurveda? I am not talking about Rasa Shastra. It is pure alchemy garbage, and was actually never part of Ayurveda. Rasa Shasta has tried to get itself included into Ayurveda since Medieval Times, but true Ayurvedic Doctors completely discredit Rasa Shastra. I am asking about the real Ayurveda. My own relatives are Ayurvedic doctors. There is an organisation, ‘Herbzalive’ founded in Chennai. It is run by Dr. Vijeypal (we know him personally). The medecines have all ingredient herbs clearly mentioned. The Herbzalive doctors completely accept and support hospital tests, scans, blood reports etc. And all other things which ‘Quack doctors discredit’. He also openly admits that there are some health problems for which Ayurveda hasn’t been able to find a cure, but for the things in which Ayurveda has established a cure, aleast you can refer Ayurveda for those ones. Herbzalive which is a complete team with many clinics in Chennai and Singapore. My mother had developed a small lump in her left breast which could become a tumour if left untreated(I don’t know the exact medical term., as my parents were not very open with me about this).My mother was referred to actual hospitals, all those tests, screening.. Shehad a treatment which lasted for 2 years which actualy got stretched because my mother and me live in Delhi, while my father was posted in Chennai for 7 years. So we used to visit him in almost twice a year, when I had school holidays, so she could get her treatment done too. When we left for Delhi, my father would send the medecines by courier (don’t worry, a female doctor used to do the check-ups and all other ‘ that kind of’ conversations to the patient) and now the lump has been eradicated. Similarly my father gets his lipid profiles etc check ups done from the pathology labs, the locally present ones, like Dr. Lal pathlabs, Dhanwantri etc(all are reputed) and shares his reports with Dr. Vijeypal on Whatsapp(and used to visit him too, till the time my father was posted in Chennai(for work). It’s just that he prescribes plant based medecines.. He cured my father’s hernia too. And I want to know about the large Ayurvedic doctor presence in Himachal Pradesh(Dharamshala town etc). What is your opinion on them?

    I would like if you answer calmly, I am just asking a question. And the above incidents I said about my mother and father are 100% true. I am a 16 years old(going to be 17 in some moths) , and the above ‘losely woven’ things are actually whatever I could grasp and recall(it’s been 4 years to this). Because you know, parents aren’t very open about these things to kids till it becomes very serious(and the fact that I was 11 -13 years old at that time). A lot of the above is what I ‘overheard’ because my parents were not that much secretive too! I guess they would have discussed everything with my elder sister(7 years elder).

    • Nice name Nematoda. I hope that is from Biology.

      Here is my calm answer. It is whatever the studies say it is. Not AYUSH studies that no one believes, but large international studies. It looks like it mostly does not work. First Ayurveda people claim they have solution for everything and everything is “promising”. Then it gets scrutiny and it all turns out to be bad studies and well designed studies mostly show no effect.

      We are now seeing this play out once again with Baba Ramdev and Patanjali’s “Coronil”. It has always been like that. No one learns anything and we repeat this nonsense again and again. We are not a smart country. Smart countries learn from mistakes. We don’t.

      I really don’t care about what your (or anyone else’s) personal opinions are. What do you want me to say about your mother story, your childhood story and so on? Your ability to make proper observations and judge things is very much questionable (second hand information, overheard, you were a child, appear to have no understanding of diseases – I am just stating what you said, I am not being mean). I cannot verify anything.

      Most quack doctors do order blood tests, have half-baked knowledge of pathology, but then talk irrelevant things that go against those same things. No one is tasting urine for diabetes or leaving it to ants (if diabetes is that bad, it is a very late diagnosis anyway) like Ayurveda suggested. They all order blood tests.

      “openly admits that there are some health problems for which Ayurveda hasn’t been able to find a cure” – funny how he puts it, because it is very questionable if Ayurveda has cure for even some things, not just reverse. This is primitive herbal stuff that people made do when we lacked understanding of germs. What has Ayurveda established itself as a cure in a way that scientists agree? Please make a list, then we’ll see. No conspiracies or oh no, science can’t understand it.. arguments please.

      Most breast lumps are benign. Sometimes they go away on their own. It might have just been a lymph node, nothing more. What do you want me to say about something even you can’t state well? Just know that it is very complicated to know if something works. It is not as simple as you think. Scientists check for a lot of delusions of imagining things work when they don’t. There is no evidence that Ayurveda (that scientists everywhere can agree) can cure breast lumps of any sort.

      Hernia is an anatomical problem. It cannot be cured by medicines. There will never be a pill for it. But small hernias can resolve themselves or can be treated by just pushing them back. Surgery is used in serious cases. Suggesting medicines as cure, herbal or not, is to not understand how they happen.

      These quacks always take credit for self-resolving conditions.

      Saying there is a herb for hernia is like Ayurveda and Ramdev saying there is a medicine for male child. Sure Ayurveda says that. But it is because people who wrote it were clueless about conception and chromosomes. It is just not how things work. 50% of the time, there will be a male child. Just advertise those as success and never mention the girl births. Easy. So anecdotes like yours are considered worthless. Proper data collection is a must, not stories.

  41. It’s a very good article. But it’s length itself is a deterrent for an ignorant supporter of homeopathy who, by default, is against reading anything lengthier than his/her mobile-screen.
    Moreover, incessant advertisements keep the screen moving up and down as you are reading.
    Worth a read, but not worth a headache.

  42. Previously someone wrote that IIT Bombay backs homeopathy because some silly adjunct (loosely affiliated with IIT) did a pathetic uncontrolled study and published in the trash journal of homeopathy.

    Here is what IIT Bombay faculty wrote in The Wire today. They are telling you the same thing that every scientist in the world has been saying. That Homeopathy DOES NOT WORK and that Arsenica Alba of course does not protect against COVID-19 (they call it a FALSE SHIELD). These are not “allopaths” (the term you don’t understand which actually refers to traditional medicine). These are no paid pharma (your no proof conspiracy answer to all criticism).

    There goes the last straw you were grasping at.

    – – – – –

    A Homeopathic Defence Against COVID-19 Is No Defence at All

    Starting with a “mother tincture” that has 200 grams of arsenic trioxide in 1 litre of liquid, the 30C potency medicine has one molecule of the active material present in a volume equivalent to that of 1 million Suns. In terms of the active material, an individual is consuming zero molecules.

    Most popular narratives on homeopathy consist of anecdotes and scientific-sounding terms like “vital force” or “biphasic actions”. Hahnemann himself “explained” that homeopathy worked through a “dematerialised spiritual force”.

    We also hear things like “a thousand people were given this medicine and then 95% did not get the disease, so it works”. This is not what a trial is and these ‘experiments’ are worthless unless compared with 1,000 people who are given placebos (i.e. blank doses).

    The fact that homeopathy thrives is not proof of its efficacy – just like the existence of tarot readers and astrologers does not prove that these practices have any scientific basis.

  43. Madhya Pradesh: Aslam Baba who treated coronavirus by kissing peoples’ hand, dies; 24 contacts test positive

    Nodal officer Dr Pramod Prajapati also admitted that 24 people have been found infected who were in contact with the ”baba”. The district currently has 46 active patients. So far four people have died.

    The baba himself succumbed to coronavirus on June 4. After his death, some others were quarantined in contact tracing. In the report received on June 7, six more people tested positive for the virus. Even after the administration conducted awareness, the local people used to go to Aslam Baba for treatment.

    Out of a total of 85 patients in the area, 19 people have contracted COVID-19 from Aslam Baba.

    What does this have to do with Homeopathy? Well, like homeo pills, kissing hands does not cure anything. But obviously many people were very convinced that it does.

    You have a fever. You go to the baba. Baba kisses your hand. The fever goes away and you think it was his holy power that cured you. You think it was a miracle. This is what is meant by post hoc propter hoc. You think people who tell you this is impossible, haven’t seen it themselves. You tell them you have seen it and tell them to try it themselves. Replace baba kiss with homeo pill and you have the same silly situation.

    Post hoc propter hoc: Just because something follows another does not mean it was caused by it.
    This is why scientific studies are done. Just because people say they believe something, they have seen it themselves, does not mean it is true.

    This defective thinking that makes people think holy men can cure disease is the same defective thinking that homeopathic placebo pills can do anything.

    You may think you know science, but you are basically illiterate about it. Please listen when every National Science Academy warns you that Homeopathy is fake. Don’t be stubborn after their awareness efforts and still go to holy babas or homeopaths for “cures”. If you are an adult, attended college and still think homeopathy is real, you are definitely not smart. And if your news sources never made you aware that every scientist in every country agrees that homeopathy is fake, you need new news sources. Your current sources are just making you stupid.

  44. It is said that alternative medicine system like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani etc., are not evidence based. It would not have undergone the clinical trials but you can’t dismiss them as completely ineffective I myself have tried some Homeopathic medicines for warts & allergic ailments and some other ailments for which allopathy takes long time to cure. I really got fantastic results. But at the same time I didn’t get good results for some. I think the system needs thorough reading/ research . It is a different system of medicine and it’s method of curing is different.

    • Pseudoscience is not a different system. It is a fake system.
      Your reading should first start with the research papers that examine these things thoroughly.
      Clearly, none of you have bothered to ever even look at them, let alone study them. You are totally ignorant of science. So it is easy to make a fool of you.
      Your “fantastic results” are simply natural remissions that occur when their time comes that have nothing to do with Homeopathy.
      This is not clear at single patient level, but becomes very clear when examined in a study.

      According to Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Unani are poisons. Homeopathy was based on disgust with procedures such as venesection that Ayurveda (Rakta Moksha) and Unani (Faşd) had and were killing people needlessly. Now homeopaths lie to you that they were never criticizing ancient medicine and they were actually criticizing scientific medicine which didn’t even exist when the founder lived.

    • I should also add, there is no “cure” for allergies. Anyone who tells you there is, is lying to you.
      Only people who don’t understand the immune mechanism can be fooled with these fake cures.
      Your body’s immune system gets programmed to respond to some substances over time.

      The correct way to manage an allergy is to first find what is causing it specifically. Then you avoid contact with it. If you can’t avoid it, temporary medicines are used.

      What quacks hope is whatever is causing the allergy won’t be in the environment forever (like pollen of a seasonal flower) and when it goes away, they say it is because of the fake pill.

      With warts, there are so many causes. They also come and go.

      Google: Wishing Away Warts

      Every doctor has wart stories. Here are some of mine (author’s).

      A patient made an appointment to see me because he had a wart, but when he tried to show me his wart he discovered that it had vanished! Apparently, just making the appointment cured it.

      Another patient did have obvious warts and I prescribed the “wart medicine” that our pharmacy tech compounded, based on salicylic acid. He was out of one of the ingredients and had to ask my patient to return in a week. When she returned, her warts were already gone. The wart medicine apparently
      worked so well that you didn’t even have to use it!

      I worked with a dermatologist who used a colorful laminated card with a picture of a toad to stroke children’s warts, telling them it was a wart remover. In his experience, this would frequently make the wart vanish over the next few days. Was this ethical? Was he lying and deliberately deceiving patients, or could this be excused as playing make-believe to distract the child and improve his attitude about the wart?

      Warts provide a fertile field for CAM. Various CAM modalities (chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, energy medicine, etc.) have been claimed to cure warts. Acupuncturists have claimed a 90% success rate in only 1-3 weeks. PubMed lists a recent article about treatment with “sparrow-pecking” moxibustion that sounds intriguing, but no abstract is available. When warts follow their natural history and resolve, CAM is happy to take the credit. When they fail to resolve, CAM can continue treatments and continue to generate income. It’s a cash cow and ideal CAM fodder. Since warts are so common, potential clients are plentiful.

      Homeopathy believers are like little kids who think rubbing a toad (frog) photo on a wart is medicine. Same placebo belief, same gullible minds. But it is sad when adults think like kids.

    • “Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani etc., are not evidence based. It would not have undergone the clinical trials”

      The truth is the opposite. They have undergone extensive clinical trials, thousands in fact. Science has already disproved homeopathy thoroughly. It failed every test. That is why every National Science Academy in the world is reporting to governments to not allow Homeopaths mislead the people. They are all saying it is nonsense. They are saying there is nothing more left to research. Every bit of it is fake.

      This whole article is about that science. My comments are about that science disproving it. Yet homeopaths keep acting, oh the proof is not here yet, but we know it works.

  45. The 29 countries list of Academy of Sciences did not include Russia (but remember that Germany, where Homeopathy comes from, is included in this list) since it was all from EU. So here are Russian scientists on Homeopathy. US and EU may disagree on a lot of things with Russia. But they all agree that Homeopathy is P-S-E-U-D-O-S-C-I-E-N-C-E and homeopaths M-I-S-L-E-A-D people. Only countries today that don’t discover anything because they don’t understand science believe in a quackery like Homeopathy.

    The Russian Academy of Sciences has become the latest body to declare homeopathy has “no scientific basis” and endangers people who believe it to be effective.

    A memorandum issued by the the Commission Against Pseudoscience and Falsification of Scientific Research described the “treatments” as pseudoscientific, saying that attempts to verify their success had failed for over 200 years.

    “Homeopathy is not innocuous: patients spend heavily on non-performing drugs and neglected means of treatment with proven effectiveness,” a statement said.

    “This can lead to adverse outcomes, including death of the patient.”

    “Homeopathy originated in an era when the most important principles of the chemistry and biology of the molecule properties and existence of microbes had not yet been accepted,” they said.

    “[We call on the media] to present homeopathy as a pseudoscience on a par with magic, healing and psychic practices.”

    The memorandum said homeopathy should not have a place in Russia’s national health system, making recommendations to the ministry of health and other bodies to introduce mandatory labelling stating homeopathy is not proven to work and “protect citizens from misleading advertising”.

  46. I keep saying that all scientists know that Homeopathy is a scam. Homeopaths here are desperately trying to pretend that it is me and only me criticizing it. No one can wake a person only pretending to be asleep.

    Independent Newspaper (UK): Homeopathic remedies are ‘nonsense and risk significant harm’ say 29 European scientific bodies

    The statement was made by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC), an umbrella organisation representing 29 national academies in Europe, including the Royal Society in the UK.

    The council did not mince its words in its condemnation of homeopathy, which works on the principles that “like cures like” and that water can have memory.

    In a 12-page statement, the group summarised extensive scientific research and concluded that homeopathy is scientifically implausible and produces nothing more than a placebo effect in patients.

    The body recommended that EU states set up regulations to quash what it claims are misleading advertisements by homeopaths, remove homeopathic treatments from public health provision, and require that homeopathic product labels clearly identify ingredients and their amounts.

    Report Name: Homeopathic products and practices: assessing the evidence and ensuring consistency in regulating medical claims in the EU

    • Here are the 29 national science academies that agree with me that published the above report. These are not “Allopaths”. These effectively represent all scientists in these countries. All scientists that matter are saying that homeopathy is N-O-N-S-E-N-S-E and that homeopaths M-I-S-L-E-A-D people.

      The Austrian Academy of Sciences
      The Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium
      The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
      The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
      The Czech Academy of Sciences
      The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
      The Estonian Academy of Sciences
      The Council of Finnish Academies
      The Académie des sciences (France)
      The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
      The Academy of Athens
      The Hungarian Academy of Sciences
      The Royal Irish Academy
      The Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (Italy)
      The Latvian Academy of Sciences
      The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
      The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
      The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
      The Polish Academy of Sciences
      The Academy of Sciences of Lisbon
      The Romanian Academy
      The Slovak Academy of Sciences
      The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
      The Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences
      The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
      The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
      The Royal Society (United Kingdom)
      Academia Europaea
      All European Academies (ALLEA)

      Now go ahead with your desperate lies homeopaths, that it is only Chay who criticizes homeopathy.

    • Mr Chay
      Please learn the language of HOMOEOPATHY.
      We very well understand your language because we have been trained with it.
      Please try following & then answer your questions.
      Bring one small size scorpion and get its slight sting. Feel the pain.
      Then TAKE LEDUM PAL 200 / 1 drop of liquid from purchased 5 or 10 ml pack a from a trusted Homoeopathic PHARMA
      REPEAT 21 DROP WITH A SPOON OF WATER in every 15 to 30 minutes. You can also take
      someone as variable without any medicine

      KEEP OTHER MODERN MEDICINES AS A PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE. I am talking of my locality. Yours may differ.
      Better allow some doctors to help you on case my medicine fails. THI IS A RISKY EXPERIMENT.
      Next have 3 medicines.
      1 HEPAR SULPH 200
      2. CHAMOMILLA 200
      3. MERC SOL 200
      Now try to use one of above for dental neuralgia (clinically client complaints of Gum Pain or Dental pain)
      Use HS for the client whose complaint is better by Warm
      Use CHAM for the client whose pain is better by cold application.

      Use MS not relieved by warm or col
      Dose 4-6 globules in every 30 minutes’.

      Next for corns of sole use Anton cr 200/ 4 dose
      twice a day not allowing anything to eat or drink before & up to 30 minutes of taking the medicine.
      Observe the condition after a week. You can contact me over following email Id.

      • Homeopaths like you do not understand the language of science.
        They think they understand, but they don’t.
        They lack basic understanding of the importance of controls, double blinding, placebo effect, regression to mean and posthoc effect.

        You have got to be kidding me. How stupid do you think I am to listen to a homeopathic quack and get stung by a scorpion, however small? Get your own mini sting. Why? No reason, perhaps you deserve one.

        Homeopathy DOES NOT WORK. Read the damn studies. All scientists agree, scientists from every field agree, not just medical research, that it is just a trick.

        Modern research methodology is fully compatible with testing homeopathy stupidity. It is that homeopaths don’t like it because it exposes it as a placebo.

        Your so-called experiment descriptions tell me you have no understanding of having controls in research. It is quite clear from what you wrote that you have no basic concept of research other than uttering Chi-square or ANOVA (did not even spell it right). Your so-called education is just learning a few words and not understanding what they mean. If you do a lot of hocus pocus for one patient and do nothing for another, obviously the hocus pocus victim will say it got better. That is what placebo effect is. More hocus pocus, more likely is the patient to say subjective things got better. Given more time, many things will heal. Without controls, proving a cure is impossible in such things.

        You do this experiment. Take 10 30C Homeo tinctures. Give them to any homeo prover and tell them to guess what they are. They can’t, because your lists don’t mean anything. Matching Like vs. Like, if you can’t do this, is absurd.

        Here is another experiment. Mix up all your meds. Throw in some sugar pills and make them smell like medicine with alcohol. Patients will still say they work because of placebo effect. Given enough time, matching crazy feelings adds nothing.

        Homeopathy’s doctrines (basics as you call them) are pure nonsense. All have been fully debunked. Everyone with an education knows that. Homeopathy is a butt of many jokes.

        You need an education!!! Right from the very basics!!! What is worse than being uneducated is being uneducated while thinking you are educated. To be a homeopath, you need to deny all education.

        You can’t name one thing from Homeopathy that scientists agree is true, NOT ONE THING. Why is your record so pathetic? Because it isn’t real. That is what lacking basics means.

        Don’t bother convincing me. Convince any of the 29 Science Academies I listed above that said that homeopathy is N-O-N-S-E-N-S-E and that homeopaths M-I-S-L-E-A-D people.

      • People do not understand Homeopathy. My family has been treated by Homeopathy and a great Homeopath. I am 65 years old and since my early 40’s, I have not seen a Medical Doctor. I have no disease that many people younger than I already have.

        • You would have been healthy even if you did not take Homeopathy. That is the point.
          You would not have had those diseases even if you did not see a Homeopath.

          I know lots of people who don’t need to go to doctors (or quacks). I am healthy myself and have no diseases.

          There aren’t any “great homeopaths”, only “great scammers”. You have been getting scammed for a long time because you don’t understand basic science.

  47. Chay, you’re a blind person, not physically ut mentally, I have nothing more to say, it isn’t wise to get involved in discussion with a person like you.
    I was trying to get a ‘report’ option for your post but there’s not one. U guys are just too bad for society.

    • Of course you were trying to “report”. That is the only thing left for you when you don’t have any arguments.
      I’d bet when you were a kid, you were looking to kick the board every time when you lost a game.

      You are intellectually blind. Not just you, but all homeopaths in this board. The article gave lots of resources. I have taken time, presented lots of science, psychology, government reports and homeo facts disproving all its blind beliefs. All of you put together had no answer. Impotently looking for a report button is all you can do.

      I am surprised at your charges. You use words like “uneducated” and “mentally blind” without even a second of self-reflection. Most of adjectives you frustrated fellows used are perfect descriptors for yourself.

      Google: Homeopathy pseudoscience. Now go looking for report button for all the results.

      Here is one.

      Homeopathy is “bunk” and it could be putting people’s lives at risk, the American Chemical Society (ACS) has claimed.
      ACS said the complementary medicine was based on outdated ideas developed by its founder Dr Samuel Hahnemann, who was born in 1755
      “So maybe he couldn’t know that you could dilute something until it was effectively gone. Today we know that full well.
      “But homeopaths still insist the dilution principle is still sound. They also claim that water can somehow remember what is dissolved in it and pass the effects of those absent molecules onto a patient.
      “But to date there hasn’t been repeatable, convincing evidence of this phenomenon … the fundamental ideas of homeopathy are bunk.”
      The ACS said that homeopathic remedies were “a harmless waste of money” at best. (basically what this article said about being a placebo at best)

      Go click “report”. Go find it. Get busy.

      Uneducated Phay below, go discuss your education with ACS.

  48. Homeopathy is based on a delusion that Like Cures Like. It is not scientific at all. Homeopaths can’t prove it. But all of their belief is based on this fantasy.

    Believing Like Cures Like is like Chinese believing that because Gorilla is powerful, you will also become strong if you eat a little Gorilla soup.

    It is all pseudoscience. Moreover, the word “Like” refers to symptoms reported by provers in Homeopathy. The other Like refers to feelings stated by clients. Proving is a very stupid process. The things that people report have nothing to do with what is taken or with disease. They are all random feelings not connected to homeo or disease.

    If you give homeo tinctures to homeopaths **without telling them what they are**, they can’t identify them. If they can’t figure that out, how can they possibly match anything? Like cures Like is the first stupid doctrine of homeopathy.

    Homeopaths have a book of long stupid lists of non-specific feelings. When patients say something similar, homeopath says “Aha”. Except, it is Haha.

    If you have a book of a bazillion irrelevant feelings, you can always feel you found something matching. But it is total nonsense.

  49. Hi Chay,

    Who are you man? You are an uneducated human on this universe. Or may be you are a cheap employee of a corporate shark pharma company.

    • Phay, why don’t you try and explain to me what education supports homeopathy, any subject?
      Name one and I will show how experts on that subject think it is stupid.
      All major subjects disprove homeopathy.
      If you think homeopathy is real, you are effectively uneducated, probably just partied at college and crammed for exams.

  50. If you do a study using 3 groups in fixed time (however long, you can have as long as homeopaths want).

    Group 1: Most reputed homeopaths
    Group 2: Homeopaths who read Organon in 2 days and have no experience
    Group 3: Most reputed homeopath consultations, but secretly switch to sugar pills (placebo).

    All 3 groups will perform identically.

    In real world though, Group 1 will have more patients and success stories because experience and reputation in homeopathy is completely based on how long you can keep the gullible patient with you longer on your “treatment” because that will have a greater chance of time taking care of the disease. Talent in homeopathy is just about winning patient’s trust with empathetic talk (that a real doctor is usually too busy to provide) and keeping him trapped longer. Group 2 won’t be able to keep their customers as long.

    It has nothing to do with the pill, which is just a prop and a distraction.

  51. Homeo believers. Do yourself a favor and read about the psychology of pseudoscience belief.

    Why do millions think gem stones heal?
    Why do millions still think the earth is flat?

    Nobody likes to admit that they have been fooled. But it is better to know the truth than lie to yourself that you are not clueless. Because admitting is the first step to fixing it. Homeopaths would rather feed you conspiracy theories about everything than admit that the whole of science disproves them. They are anti-social elements who would rather burn truth, because it hurts their income, than be honest about facts.

    In other countries homeopaths publicly admit that they have no evidence, and support vaccines. They only say that it is OK for patients to try unproven (actually, homeopathy is disproven, not unproven) harmless medicines. But they privately lie to their patients about evidence and tell them not to take vaccines to sell them their fake vaccines called nosodes.

    It is not “Allopaths” who disagree with Homeopathy. Homeopaths are lying about even that word. They actually meant Allopathy is all your precious herbal medicine. Their founder was very clear, all ancient medical doctrines are foolish.

    It is not “western doctors” who dismiss homeopathy. It is all scientists in every field. Scientists all know that millions believe still this and just feel sad for you. You don’t need to add one more story. It just says you are one more clueless person, that you never understood anything at school and just crammed for exams. Homeopaths want you to mentally live in 1796, not 2020, just for profit from their German pseudoscience and you agree. That’s self-inflicted colonialism of the mind.

    • Hi Chay,

      This seems to be a common thought process:, first you discredit the mainstream media by saying that it is in the employ of Big Pharma, while offering no proofs whatsoever. Once you up-end trust on mainstream channels, your target is like clay in your hands. You can get them to believe absolutely anything; homeopathy, flat earth, neo-Nazis, you name it.

      I heard an interesting podcast called Rabbit Hole by the New York Times. The podcast talked about how Youtube is used by fringe groups to inflict their crazy world view to the millions, and how that is slowly changing the actual beliefs of a population at large, and not just a bunch of crazies who are addicted to Youtube. The fact that people buy it without questioning fuels its rapid spread even further. You should check it out.


      • Hi Anees,
        Well, so far they accused the author, press, me, all general scientists, all medical researchers, all major governments and even all major universities of being Big Pharma people. Atheists, socialists and communists also thrown in for a good measure.

        If you state one fact against homeopathy, it can only be big pharma, big pharma, big pharma. I guess it really hurts to hear that homeo has no facts to speak of, only fantasies. This is the only way they can live without compromising their precious delusion.

        And yes, discredit journalists as leftists and discredit science as always changing it’s mind – so don’t worry whatever crazy thing you believe, science-will-support-me-tomorrow crazy mindset, so that any fantasy and any fact-free and compassion-free political position can be defended as “patriotic”.

        The main problem is, except maybe a few, Indian colleges are terrible. A college graduate with no capacity to read research (and know enough to avoid junk research in predatory journals etc) is not a college graduate. People come out with no fundamentals at all and think they are educated. Then they believe any fake news from social media they hear 10 times. Social media algorithms from Google and Facebook bear a good part of the blame for creating echo chambers of ideas.

        I haven’t tried the Rabbit Hole podcast. Thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out.

  52. Any studies and research to prove anything that doesn’t work in contributing to Capitalism, which is the root and funding of WHO , Harvard, Standford researches or studies! We invented the Zero which was the basis of Mathematics, analytics, and research for the world! The rest can take a hike! We’re not forcing the world to use Homeopathy, or Ayurveda or anything Natural. The Brit’s stole half our natural cure inventions, so did the germans and the chinese. Chay….. you can take a hike, none of us really care two hoots about your personal views. Thanks

    • Homeopathy is not Indian, it is German. It severely criticizes all herbal medicine. Indian Ayurveda is a part of that. Ayurveda is labelled as Allopathy by Homeopathy. You foolishly think they are on the same side.

      Zero is the amount of medicine in Homeo pills.
      Zero is the effect it has on the body.
      Indian Zero is much more real than German fake Homeopathy and its very capitalist fake pharma.

      Karthik, nobody cares about your views either. All scientists and even minimally scientifically educated people agree with me, not you. So you can take a hike with your quack beliefs.

      Also, don’t read bhakt pseudoscience literature so much. Thanks.

    • And there is lots of research “that doesn’t work in contributing to Capitalism”.

      Research tells us that walking, bicycling are healthy, not cars or motorbikes.
      Research tells us we should eat more vegetables, not processed foods.
      Research tells us that all these fake supplements are useless and you should not waste money on them.
      Research also tells us that capitalistic homeo Boiron and Helios fake sugar pills don’t do anything.

      “Brit’s stole half our natural cure inventions” – what steal? you know you can’t steal knowledge right? If you know something, and another person learns it from you, it does not disappear from you. Even saying they copied is also a lie. You can’t name what they copied. What “natural cure inventions” did they copy? Quacks lie a lot and hope you won’t check.

  53. Homoeopathy is world 2nd largest system ….Govt.should give permission in india……Agr yeh work ker rhi h prove ker rhi httoh please yhan rajniti mat chalao sv .

    • Yes, Homeopathy is No. 1 quack medicine in the world. The Indian government and almost only Indian government in the world, not only gives permission, but also promotes this pseudoscience. It probably is doing that mainly for rajniti (politics), but also possibly because it has no idea what is true and what isn’t. I mean we have a government that has already decided that cow urine and cow dung are special urine and dung for political and religious reasons and is spending thousands of crores to try and somehow show that it is. So for them medical research is politics.

      And homeopaths tried, tried and tried with homeopathy to prove it. 1800 studies in 220 years tested in 68 conditions. Complete and absolute failure to show anything working in any condition. Complete failure to show that homeopathy has any effect of any kind on anything (except for making money for homeopaths).

      • hello, i usually never leave reply to such articles as i find it futile to argue with people who have not studied and done their homework properly before writing such articles.
        i have seen that you have done extensive research doesnt matter if from internet or from actual books, u actually tried and i appreciate that.
        i would like to tell you that i am a homoeopathic graduate and am practising the system too
        if i knew this system was a quack one i would never have chose this system as my occupation… well that’s the personal side of it,
        i agree that many graduates do shift to modern medicine, but i dont think its because the system is faulty, as a medical care giver if the patient is not genuinely getting better the doctor does get disheartened and will switch, but while talking about that we should also keep in mind the way of selecting the medicine in homoeopathy is not the same as in modern medicine, we dont have just one medicine for a disease and we depend on the symptom availability in the case, if you carefully see all the people having acidity will not have the same set of symptoms, we can that the individuality and the physician who is able to identify that correctly can only choose the correct remedy for the case which takes a lot of practice and dedication,
        also would like to specify that the founder of the system was himself a practitioner of modern system who got tired of the practices at that era which were very brutal ( venesection being one of them).
        also just as there are people who switch from homeopathy to modern system there are lot many people who switch from modern to homoeopathy.
        i know whatever i say will be of no use because you are going to defend your article just as i will defend my system of medicine.
        i just wanted to state the lesser known facts…
        because the modern system has a kind of straight forward method to treat all the physicians who practice will get results but in our system you need to master the system to treat which is why many newbies switch because they fail to do so.. so the system should not be blamed
        and also there are results shown in the patients i.e, positive results … that is why many still practice the system too, atleast that is why i do…
        if you like to do some more reading on the subject please do…

        the thing about water memory was found later on, when the system was founded all it mattered was to find a better way to cure which was not harmful to the patients, ( the practice during that time was pretty brutal ) that was when the modern techniques and medicines were not even completely found. that was the situation then… and it did not matter how it worked they just saw that the remedies worked.. so it was left upon the future gen to find out how it worked.

        just saying that there might be a possibility that science has yet to develop how it works… because science is always evolving day by day… just a possibility…
        also about learning part of the system.. as the doctor said there are many colleges who just teach the theory part of the system which may be because of many reasons… but as far as i am concerned i graduated from a college where i got practical experience too we were equally trained in homoeopathic and non homoeopathic subjects too, we got to assist in surgeries, deliveries, and all sorts of things… just as they do in the modern medical colleges… so again the same thing do not judge the whole system by one college or doctor. and also people are not so ignorant or superstitious as before, if they do not get benefits from the treatment they wont continue so its upto the patients.. if they are better that’s all that matters
        i get that you are not a medical professional and have tried to explain the things as simple as possible…

        again i know telling all this is not gonna achieve anything as you are going to defend your article just as i will defend my system.

        if at all you wanna read more about the system please feel free to read the books of our system… just saying as you have read all the things written by all the researchers…. then why not books from the system too

        have a good day.

        • 1/2

          “if i knew this system was a quack one i would never have chose this system as my occupation.”

          Obviously you did not know it was a quack one and you still don’t.

          “we should also keep in mind the way of selecting the medicine in homoeopathy is not the same as in modern medicine”

          Boss, I know exactly what your system is. You don’t need to explain it to me. It is not complicated idea, just a wrong one. Your provings method is completely wrong. They don’t mean anything.

          Matching symptoms is just a confused exercise. Whether knowingly or unknowlingly, all you are doing is passing time until time takes care of the disease.

          “the founder of the system was himself a practitioner of modern system” – your founder was a herbal medicine practitioner. It was modern then. It is stupid now. It wasn’t based on any science.

          venesection is an Ayurvedic practice called rakta mokshan. It is a pseudoscience ancient medical practice, not a modern one. Yes, it was very brutal and the founder was correct in criticizing it, but to call it modern is lying.

          “because you are going to defend your article” – not my article.

          “in our system you need to master the system” – your system is a fantasy. You can bring your best homeopaths into a study and they will still do no better than placebo.

          “there are results shown in the patients i.e, positive results” – and you bury negative results. When both are counted, results are same as placebo.

          “if you like to do some more reading on the subject” – you lack basic understanding of science. First get that. Learn how pseudoscience beliefs work.

          “the thing about water memory was found later on” – water memory is pseudoscience.

          “was founded all it mattered was to find a better way to cure which was not harmful to the patients” – except homeopathy is not a cure for anything. It just does not harm because it is just sugar. No effect, no side effect.

          “just saying that there might be a possibility that science has yet to develop how it works” – none whatsoever. It is completely proven now that homeopathy is fake and has no effects. The question of “how it works” is irrelevant when it is proven that it doesn’t work in the first place.

        • 2/2

          “so again the same thing do not judge the whole system by one college or doctor”

          I am not judging boss. There are thousands of studies and major reviews. Stop ignoring them. All scientists agree that homeopathy is a scam and has no effect on health or disease. Stop pretending again and again that this is just my opinion and judgment. The entire educated world agrees on this and you want to act like I am the only one here.

          “also people are not so ignorant or superstitious as before”

          Yes they are. Only words and superstitions changed. Nothing changed after people got degrees. They still think in the same uneducated way for most part. Nobody understands basic things like placebo effect, regression to mean and post hoc ergo propter hoc. Like you, they also seen unable to understand even when explained (or maybe they are just acting).

          “then why not books from the system too”

          I read books from your system and noted that they were all written by fools. Only fools can find them intelligent.

          Educate yourself. You don’t have the standard of a 12th standard student in science. Stop thinking of yourself as a doctor and think you are educated. You are just a legal quack.

  54. Haters gonna hate homeopathy, but homeopathy the most gentle form of cure will always emerge with it’s efficacy and actions.. you guys please continue with the critics… We need it.. as these critics give us more confidence over our science which not every outsider understand without reading alot of literature and nature’s laws of cure 😉

    • Yes, homeopathy is the most gentle form of cure, like unicorns are the most gentle mode of transportation.

      nature’s laws = some german guy’s 1796 silly beliefs that we shall never ever question.

      • Yes militant atheist,unicorn and spagetti monster comes in ur dream but u don’t believe in this dream.your communism is failed,and then u give 24 excuse.your atheism will not make you citizen of west,allopathy always gives side effects,and patents was always been created by was quinine from which malaria drug is creates,u still have to rely on bacteria to create antibiotic,humans can never create the system like human body.

        • I am not a militant atheist Zafar. I am a peaceful scientific atheist who naturally does not believe in unicorns like you, your unicorn being homeopathy effects. Neither am I a communist. I am glad it failed. Atheism wasn’t invented by the West. It was probably invented by India too.

          Scientific medicine is about whether something works, not where it comes from. Quack medicine is medicine which continues to be promoted even after being fully disproven. That is what homeopathy is.

    • Ha Ha. Please stop entertaining this troll. He quotes wikipedia and is trying to establish that Homeopathy does not work. The entire article is paid for by pharma lobby. I have personal experience of my uncle being revived by Arnica after a severe road accident which caused blood clot in temporal region. Doctors at the hospitals had given up and said nothing can be done. Arnica saved him.This was in 1992. He lived good 20 years more after that incident.

      • Haha, no.

        First, the author gave you guys a large number of very credible links to reports and articles, probably more than any article I ever read in news. You guys ignored all of them and proceeded to sprew conspiracy allegations.

        I gave you a large collection of comprehensive government reports, 12 in fact (“see Dear Homeo Lobby” post), multiple times, and you guys ignored them.

        I pointed you to a Lancet (a top medical journal) report, you guys ignored it.

        I pointed you to do a search in the prestigious Nature. You guys ignored it.

        I challenged you to do a search in any international newspaper, if Nature is too much for you, you guys ignored it.

        I gave you psychology articles explaining the mechanism by which people get tricked, you guys ignored them.

        I gave a link explaining the uselessness of anecdotal evidence, you guys ignored it.

        I gave referred you to a book that explains quack medicine, you guys ignored it.

        I pointed you to common comedies having a laugh at how ridiculous homeopathy is, you guys were silent.

        I gave you a classic debunking article from 1842 (typo earlier), you guys ignored it.

        Did I forget anything? probably, because that is not even the full list.

        I finally gave you a wiki summary of the classic article hoping that at least that reading level is in your capacity to read (the original article is way above your vocabulary). Now all you read is the word “Wiki” and say oh he quoted wiki, say pharma lobby, once again and post yet another useless anecdote and say you can ignore me.

        You didn’t need any reason to ignore me. Don’t worry about looking for reasons now.

  55. A book recommendation for people who don’t understand why scientists regard these so called alternative medicines as fake.

    They are not really alternative treatments, they just trick you into thinking they are treatments. The book describes how.

    Trick or Treatment by Simon Singh PhD

    The author is a theoretical and particle physicist who is a very well known author on many complex topics over many years.

    1 How Do You Determine the Truth?
    2 The Truth About Acupuncture
    3 The Truth About Homeopathy
    4 The Truth About Chiropractic Therapy
    5 The Truth About Herbal Medicine

    Chiropractors took him to court for just speaking the truth. The attempt backfired badly and chiropractors lost credibility so much that UK updated its laws to specifically protect freedom for criticism for people like Simon Singh.

    Whenever anyone speaks the truth against alternative medicine scams, quacks come out in full force and try to silence the author. They are an organized gang.

  56. Homeopaths, you should really read Homeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions.

    Here is the short summary for you from the Wiki. Homeopathy and its provings have been debunked in 1854, but you guys try very hard to pretend to sleep.

    Homeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions is composed of two parts. In the first, Holmes explains how the placebo effect can produce false positives, and describes numerous forms of popular but ineffective quackery (including the royal touch, the tractors of Elisha Perkins, and the powder of sympathy), to demonstrate that positive anecdotal evidence is not necessarily indicative of an effective medical therapy. He also describes how Perkins claimed the healing powers of the tractors were due to their being made of a special alloy, but how they declined in popularity after it was discovered that the tractors had the same effect no matter what they were made of. In the second, he criticizes the basis of homeopathy itself, such as its theory of dilutions. Another issue is that of homeopathic provings (the practice of taking a substance to see what symptoms it causes). Holmes claims that during provings, subjects consider even the slightest discomfort (such as itching) to be the result of the substance, and that this method does not demonstrate symptom causality.

    In the work Holmes also expressed a belief that “real advances were made only after years of work by highly trained men who cared little for fame and money”.

    Homeopaths are fake trained people who only care for fame and money. They never made any advance in over 220 years because they only live in delusions. They have always been anti-truth and anti-science (except fictional future science which they are sure will prove them right).

    Read this line carefully “Holmes claims that during provings, subjects consider even the slightest discomfort (such as itching) to be the result of the substance, and that this method does not demonstrate symptom causality.”

    All smart people have always known that all your provings are a delusion. You guys don’t because none of you are smart or you only act like this because your livelihood depend on believing this delusion.

    Every dream, feeling, emotions, sensation you get after taking something is not automatically because of it. This mistaken belief that it is, is what is called post hoc ergo propter hoc. You wrote entire books on these completely irrelevant feelings and pretend you are diagnosing things like matching palm lines to future events like palmists.

    I want to tell you every test disproves palmistry, but what is the use? You guys have no intelligence, so you guys probably mostly think palmistry is all true as well and you will all come with a long list of “positive anecdotal evidence” for that as well. Sorry, but such stories are proof only for people with no logical minds, weak education and poor intelligence. But fortunately for you, India is mostly this today. I feel sad about this, but for you, it is JACKPOT.

  57. Hey Chay,

    Thought you would be interested to know… Rajiv Bajaj (CEO of Bajaj Auto) is a big proponent of homeopathy, and he has been freely distributing Camphora 1M to all the people he can, including his employees, cops, corporation workers and so on. He’s now collecting feedback which has the following questions:

    Name, sex, age, phone number
    Have you suffered from any illness in the past 28 days? Y/N
    What symptoms are you suffering from?
    Since when are you experiencing these symptoms?
    Do you have any travel history outside of your district in the past 28 days?
    Are you currently on any medication?
    Are you following social distancing? Y/N/Part of essential services
    Date of taking first dose of Camphora?
    Were the doses taken as advised? Y/N
    Who supplied you with the remedy?
    Do you give your permission for the data collected to be used for research purposes?
    Do you give your permission to be contacted if needed?

    The survey is clearly trying to get data to measure the efficacy of the medicine. Since it is not a double blind test, I wonder whether it can really prove anything?
    If a statistically insignificant number of people end up taking it, it won’t actually create any data worth talking about, because it is likely that all these people were lucky enough to not be infected anyway.
    But if Covid-19 does go on to infect 50-60% of the population (as some say), then it is quite likely that even a small bunch of people who do take the medicine are exposed, and will go on to be infected. Either way you look at it, it will be interesting to see the results of this so-called trial. And if the results are never reported, well, you know what happened! 😉

    Great writing by the way. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments more than the actual article now! This is also a great writing exercise: find an article criticising a subject, and write a 200 word comment everyday to all the bhakts on the comment board! What is amazing is that there is interest from both sides – well, lots of bhakts and just you on the other side. So here’s giving you some solidarity on this board!

    • Thanks Anees. Pseudoscience is always the popular position in our country in most boards. Sorry state of affairs.

      Yes, surveys like this are useless. Who would be honest, especially in India, when your boss enrolls you in a survey where there is clearly an outcome that the CEO is strongly interested in? The likely response would be, this does not interest me, I will just give what the CEO wants to hear and be done with it.

      Without a proper blinding and cohorts (proper randomization), these surveys are weak and useless, even when conducted with large samples. One can’t call this a “trial”, it is just an silly exercise by someone who is unqualified for conducting proper science. The methodology is childish. Homeo’s pseudo studies are full of junk science like this. Their thinking never seems to have progressed from 1796.

      These surveys are not considered by scientists but their real purpose is not to convince scientists but Indian public which does not know how to separate junk studies from good studies. And yeah, they conveniently bury even these studies when they don’t say what they want to hear. Homeo studies like this are like dentist surveys we see in TV ads – 8 out 10 dentists use our toothpaste. They are meant to influence consumers, not researchers who question everything.

      When the Australian Government Review went through some 1800 studies, they found only 220 or so studies that even met the basic criteria. Out of this, they concluded that Homeopathy was not effective in any of the 68 conditions they evaluated.

      • What I find amazing is that an industrialist like Mr. Bajaj, who has made his wealth based on cold, well-reasoned arguments, considers homeopathy as something to expend his time and money on. Contrast that with his arguments on opening up the economy, and how the lockdown is hurting more than it is helping a fragile country like ours, which make sense for the most part. He doesn’t talk about how social distancing will be hard to practise for a majority of his workers who live in tiny spaces, for example, but that seems to be par for the course for people like him who come from a place of privilege.
        Sadly, when someone who seems to be very logical and shrewd when it comes to running his business gets behind pseudoscience, it only helps it propagate faster. The only thing remaining is for the King Khans and Sachin Tendulkar to advertise this on national media.

        PS: What is the concentration in 1M? Is it just one part in 1 thousand? Or is it one in 1 thousand repeated 1 thousand times, so therefore 1 part in a million?

        • I don’t think Bajaj junior is much of a brain. His only qualification is being born to a rich dad. “Some” education and inheriting a company with good managers will automatically follow that. But I don’t pay attention to him, so I can’t say if he is smart on other topics. I just think that non-scientists opinions on matters of science are just as irrelevant as scientists opinions on how to run a scooter business.

          His arguments are not original of course. The whole world is currently debating the cost of lockdown and publishing non-covid deaths attributable to the lockdown and so on. This is effecting even rich countries and everyone is debating on how to strike a balance. He probably just read a few of those articles and stated those views as his own gyan. I doubt he has any original ideas on epidemiology and complex economic issues.

          1M is 1000C.
          It is 1 in 100 dilution (1C) repeated a 1000 times. So 100 to the power of 1000.
          That is 1 followed by 2000 zeros. 1 part in a million is just 3C.
          We are talking heights of stupidity here.

          That’s 1 in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

          Feel free to correct my number homeopaths.

          • The key here is, everything is power based, not multiplication.
            1000C looks like 1000 x C (100), which is just 1 lakh. But 1M really is 100 raised to the power of 1000.

        • Still not clear news (said to be corroborated, but anonymous sources), but it looks like Bajaj junior is denying, at least the Aurangabad plant shutdown

          Covid-19: Over 200 employees test positive at Bajaj Auto’s Waluj plant

          More than 200 employees have tested positive and four have succumbed to Covid-19 as on Friday at Bajaj Auto’s factory at Waluj in Aurangabad, three people aware of the development told Mint.

          “About 165 workers were identified as Covid-19 positive cases until 3 days ago. This number is now more than 200,” the first person aware of the developing matter said, requesting anonymity.

          If this is true, obviously his dear Arsenica Alba 30C prevention embarrassingly failed (necessarily). He is literally the only major CEO to risk his employee lives on Homeopathy.

          • Just leaving this here. A mail from someone high up in the bajaj hierarchy praising camphora 1m and recommending increasing the dosage

            Dear All,

            As we are aware, COVID is all around us. Pune & Mumbai were in particular badly hit. It is impossible to run away from this or to hermetically seal oneself from it. The only way we can overcome it is by improving our immunity so as to resist it & to follow the basic hygiene like sanitising our hands/ social distancing etc.

            At XXX we have provided the homeopathic remedy Camphora 1M to build up our immunity. We have been tracking the infections on a daily basis, identifying the primary contacts, home quarantining them & providing every one of our infected team members as well as their families the medical advise from Dr. Sankaran (world renowned Homeopathic doctor). Doctors from his clinic have worked incessantly to provide the fastest way to recover in these cases.

            The remedy Camphora has worked brilliantly for us. Barring once case, all our infected people have recovered or are in the process of recovering with either no symptoms or with mild symptoms. For a team that is over 1200 strong, this is fantastic, considering that we have people from all age groups & coming from all over Pune. And XXX has been working from 7th of May unlike other teams at Akurdi. We have fared quite well. without any pandemonium & keeping the work going unstopped. I would like to compliment all of you for this.

            When the infection rate had suddenly started going up in XXX three weeks back, Dr. Sankaran advised us to increase the frequency of the Camphora dose. He suggested double dose (4 pills in morning & 4 pills in evening) to be taken per day for 14 days. (would like to reiterate that we should have nothing other than water, 30 mins before or after taking the medicine. This is most important for its full effectiveness).

            I am very happy to share that we have seen a drastic reduction in the infection rates since we stated the double dose. 53% of our people who had tested positive have re-joined work after full recovery. Others are recovering fast too. All this is due to the personal attention that was being given to us by Dr. Sankaran & his associates, based on request from our MD.

            Tomorrow will be the last day of the 14 day course of double dose/ day. Looking the data of how XXX is faring, Dr Sankaran has advised us to continue with double dose/ day for another14 days more starting from 27th. I am organising the necessary quantity of medicine for our teams. YY will coordinate the distribution from tomorrow morning.

            I would urge you to follow the dosage & have the medicine in a disciplined manner as per the procedure mentioned above. Pl ensure that your family staying with you is taking the medicine too. We need to beat this infection or else our XXX function will be impaired.

            While all this is being done, I would like to remind you that you need to follow the discipline of social distancing at work, tea breaks & lunch breaks. I have noticed many times at work place, lunch breaks & team breaks that people tend to cluster together closely. This is not a responsible behaviour. we need to do our bit in keeping a min distance of 1 to 1.5 m under these circumstances. Also use virtual meeting as much as possible. It is important that we are all at work consistently & meeting one another whenever necessary. But we should use technology as much as possible to prevent crowding so that we can work uninterrupted.

            Let us take the next course of medicine in a disciplined manner & maintain the social distancing norms. Wishing you all good health.


          • This Sankaran is a youtube quack. His talks appeal to gullible fools who don’t understand Biology.

            He describes himself as “internationally renowned thinker”. There are no thinkers of any kind in homeopathy. Every single one of them is a badly educated fool. He still thinks miasms are not imaginary. He talks bullshit about “Sensation method” he just made up.


            From just Wikipedia

            The miasma theory (also called the miasmatic theory) is an obsolete medical theory that held that diseases—such as cholera, chlamydia, or the Black Death—were caused by a miasma (μίασμα, ancient Greek: “pollution”), a noxious form of “bad air”, also known as night air. The theory held that epidemics were caused by miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter. Though miasma theory is typically associated with the spread of contagious diseases, some academics in the early nineteenth century suggested that the theory extended to other conditions as well, e.g. one could become obese by inhaling the odor of food.

            The miasma theory was accepted from ancient times in Europe and China. The theory was eventually given up by scientists and physicians after 1880, replaced by the germ theory of disease: specific germs, not miasma, caused specific diseases.


            It is unbelievable that even after discovering all the microbes that cause diseases, these morons still think it is because of “miasma”. Back then, no microscope, so some stupid theory was invented to explain the mystery of why diseases occur. Even after 140 years, homeopaths still can’t catch up to the reality of microbiology.

  58. Such an outdated notion to dismiss Homeopathy. Most of these articles are by paid pharma trolls. Allopathy has literally nothing to offer ,and people are dying needlessly. Meanwhile in India with a population ten times the size of the US and borders China where the government encourages it’s use along with Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicines we see less cases of the virus and a 50% recovery rate. I am confident as a board certified Homeopath in practice eighteen years, that we have much to offer. There are plenty of successful research studies showing the science of Homeopathy. And more importantly cured cases of this virus using this modality. While you discredit in favour of allopathy you miss a great opportunity to have another choice in the treatment. No one is saying it’s an either or. Sometimes allopathy is needed and very important in heal care options. But to completely discredit a science and medicines based n this is irresponsible, and ignorant. May all be healthy. may all have options fo their health.

    • Quacks always, always lie like this.

      There has never been an Ayurvedic treatment (which is herbal medicine, which was called allopathy by homeo founder) that improved any viral recovery rate, let alone by 50%.

      I don’t think I have to repeat that there has never been any proper study that proved that homeopathy ever reduced recovery rate (not just viral, ayurveda may work in other non-viral cases to some extent) in any disease in any way. It always performs exactly as placebo.

      So, there are obviously no working homeopathic pills for any ailment and also no ayurvedic herbs for any viral ailment.

      Quacks always do manipulative studies where the result has already been decided by them to fool people who don’t understand studies. They are frauds. These “studies” don’t get published in scientific journals, only in quack journals. Upon inspection by others, these always turn out to be false. When disproved, they just bury that and move to tell the next lies.

  59. The hypocrisy of homeopaths

    Homeopaths: Modern medicines are bad. Pharma is Evil. They contain “chemicals”. They have “side effects”. Try our sugar pills instead, no side effects, no chemicals (no anything actually). They are so much better than everything else. Scientific Medicines are a “A BIG ZERO” (Roni).

    Also Homeopaths: If you don’t permit us from taking a bridge course and qualify us to prescribe these same scientific medicines we hate, all 1000 of us are going to starve ourselves to death right here.

    “Mumbai: Homeopathy Doctors on Indefinite Hunger Strike Over Scrapping of Bridge Course”

    1000 homeopathy practitioners across the country have staged an indefinite hunger strike at Azad Maidan and are sleeping at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminals (CSMT) station at night since two days. The doctors said this strike is against the National Medical Council bill’s amendment to scrap bridging course for AYUSH doctors to practice allopathy.

    Given half a chance, every BHMS will eagerly tear up his fake medicine degree in homeopathy, in exchange for an MBBS. But until then, he will say every vile thing against it.

    When did anyone ever go into BHMS, declining an MBBS? Any one with a brain knows your situation homeopaths: Sour Grapes.

    You know the truth, deep down as well, as you pretend to sleep against the pseudoscience that you are terrified will get exposed (which is why you were here as a mob, to shout it down quickly and paint it as weird article) and effect your livelihood.

    When people go into BHMS, declining MBBS seats at good medical colleges, then we will listen to you, maybe. Until then, please spare us your drama.

  60. Hi,
    I just have a quick question with alopathy. Any medicine for hives(chronic urticaria)?? Mostly preferred by an allopath is antihistamine even the prescribing doctor will not hope in prescribing it. But it works with homeopathy.

    • Urticaria occurs when mast cells in the skin release their granules. They are meant to fire in response to external threats, but sometimes misfire to things like temperature changes, stress and exercise.

      Sometimes an allergen or trigger can be identified. Other times that is difficult or unavoidable and it becomes chronic. Indian government not doing quality controls on labs instead of pushing quack medicines does not help either. But even with good labs, triggers can be difficult to identify because you can’t typically lock patients up in a lab for days, they go home and get exposed to unspecified number of things and give poor accounts. Anti-histamines can help as a general solution, especially if the cause happens to be an unidentified allergen.

      Our hot, humid, dusty, polluted cities with little help from government with guidance on pollution and allergens are likely the key culprit. In nearly every case I hear about, when the person takes an overseas trip to a clean city, they get instantly better, but it returns when they come back. So it is usually environmental for Indians. But it is not a new disease. It was mentioned in the oldest medical texts.

      Urticaria of unknown causes, usually auto-resolves in a few years, without treatment, the body better adjusting itself to the environment. During this time, if the patient happens to be on homeo placebos, he becomes convinced that homeo placebos did wonders. Homeopaths love urticaria for this reason. They will almost always eventually resolve if you somehow keep the patient with you for a long time. This is achieved by bonding with the patient by long (and useless) interviews. Then they can milk their cow. It is also very common. 1 in 5 have it at some point. So it is a cash cow for them.

      But in placebo controlled studies, homeo placebos perform no better than simple placebos. The mean duration to remission is the same whether the sugar pill is homeo or non-homeo. Any immunologist will laugh at the idea of homeopathy having any effect on anything.

  61. A homeopath is like a jilted lover.

    Guy falls in love with a girl (modern medicine), but only for her looks (medical salary) and not for who she genuinely is (scientific).

    Guy woos her, tells everyone she is his destiny and proposes to the girl (takes entrance exam). Girl says the guy does not understand her (science) and turns him down.

    Guy now either has an imaginary girlfriend (self-taught homeopathy) or marries another girl he has no passion in (BHMS) and now cannot stop telling everyone how his imaginary or backup girlfriend is so much better than the one he ardently pursued in his youth and how he is so much better off now than he would have been if she accepted him.

    Guy lives in bitterness and keeps making up rumors (starts calling her allopathy, same name he called some little girl (ancient, herbal medicine) he hated when he was a kid) about the girl who rejected him for the rest of his life. He calls his dream girl, high-maintenance (side-effects) and that his new one is beautiful on the inside (will be validated in some impossible future) and keeps coming up with crazy rationalizations (quantum physics, string theory, nano-technology, even God).

    But deep down, he knows the truth, he wasn’t good enough, he didn’t genuinely try to understand her and he will always hate himself for it.

    The end.

    What? Too real? I am the only one who truly understands you, better than yourselves :-).

  62. Dear Homeopaths, Just leave the bay. Let the so called modern doctors shout as much as they can. They may need Aconite 30c to make them calm. When Science brings GOD into graphs, numbers and equations, the mystery of Homeopathy drugs will be revealed. The drug is in Dynamic form and not in material form. We need to go beyond the latest string theory in physics. Till date science has developed to harvest energy from Atom, Air, Water, Heat and Light. Very shortly we are going to harvest energy from Space. That’s the eternal. What is outer than 10 billion light years ahead is equal to what is inside within 1 femtometer. Science will develop shortly to discover it. Evolution of man kind is yet not complete. Homeopathy will be the order of the day in future. With regard to Covid-19 if the invisible virus can scare you, then the invisible God which is more powerful than it also has the power to save you, that’s Arsenicum Album 30c. Stay clam. Live with Prosperity.

    • Listen to Prakash homeopaths. You came here just to shout when the article was written. That is not going to work. The more you talk, the more facts about homeopathy will come out.

      As for quack Prakash and his ignorance.

      “When Science brings GOD into graphs, numbers and equations” – No, it doesn’t. What do you know about equations, numbers and graphs? When did you write your last equation? Middle school? I can bet you can’t write even those now.

      “the mystery of Homeopathy drugs will be revealed” – This is what all quacks say. In the future, when we are all dead and we had already used all the money we defrauded from you, we will prove correct. So don’t ask questions today, just let us make money.

      “The drug is in Dynamic form and not in material form” – The drug is in imaginary form, not dynamic form. Science has no problem with dynamic things. They are quite easy to prove. Magnetism is dynamic. Electricity is dynamic. Light is dynamic. All are easy to detect. Homeo magic energy and miasmas are imaginary. Give a bunch of different homeo pills and some plain sugar pills, no homeopath can tell any difference between them because your “provings” are pure fantasies.

      “We need to go beyond the latest string theory” – Homeo quacks don’t even understand Newton and Periodic Table. You just stay in 1796. String theory is beyond all your collective intelligence. You guys don’t even understand molecules and cells.

      “Very shortly we are going to harvest energy from Space” – No, we are not (unless you mean solar, which you don’t because we already do. So you mean space as a dimension). Where did you read this junk from? Facebook? Another quack web site?

      “Evolution of man kind is yet not complete” – there is no concept of “complete” in evolution. This is why people say you don’t understand basic biology.

      “Homeopathy will be the order of the day in future.” – Sure, in the future, when pigs will be able to fly.

      “then the invisible God which is more powerful than it also has the power to save you, that’s Arsenicum Album 30c.” – Homeopathy is religion. All beliefs, no proofs, just testimonies, exactly like religion.

      “Live with Prosperity” – by defrauding patients with imaginary medicines but charging non-imaginary money. Why don’t we have patients to also pay you back with dynamic energy. Just let them send good thoughts to you, not material money. That’s more powerful, right? Patients can take some water, send prosperity thoughts into it and give it to you. Its only fair. If that’s not enough, you can dilute that “mother tincture” some more.

      • Dear the so called Dr.Chay my comment is not addressed to you. hence you are a wrong number to reply. Apple fall due to gravitational pull of earth is itself a misnomer. How much do you know about me ? I shall derive all the physical equations any time with explanations wherever you are in doubt. Even I can answer to your comment word by word. Let’s have a debate on this issue. We know a little allopathy. Similarly we also would advice you to know a little of homeopathy before we start the discussion. A book on organon & The science of homeopathy by Dr. George vithoulkas may help you. Thank you for your valuable time.

        • Dear quack Prakash, I didn’t care that it was not addressed to me. I thought that was obvious.

          FYI, I never called myself Dr. Only you quacks called yourself Drs.

          “Apple fall due to gravitational pull of earth is itself a misnomer.” – Oh, really? Please cite where you got this from. I will see how scientific you are and what quality web sites you read.

          “How much do you know about me ?” – I know that you think imaginary homeo is “dynamic” and that evolution has “completion” and have no idea that Hahnemann was calling herbal medicine Allopathy, not scientific medicine. That’s enough to know the size of your intellect. Who is talking about “Allopathy”? I am talking about scientific medicine. None of you quacks even know what Hahnemann’s meant by Allopathy.

          Your “maestro” vithoulkas is also just a quack like the rest of you. I have seen your quack’s new millennium book. It is nothing but pseudoscience explanations and is only worth laughing at. That you think this is “science” tells me you know nothing about science. Pick an explanation and I will educate you how your maestro obviously knows nothing about science.

          What do you know about biology? How many quack medical beliefs do you know? Let’s discuss what post-hoc-ergo propter-hoc is, word by word. Go on, google. After that, let’s discuss regression to mean and statistical theory.

          You don’t know science. You believe in homeopathy like religion. You become a fundamentalist when you know only your religion. Learn about other religions and you get some sense. Same situation with quack medicine. Learn about many quack beliefs and understand why they are considered pseudoscience. That will open your eyes about your pseudoscience beliefs.

        • So I looked at your dynamic nonsense in Vithoulkas book

          “it is not the microbes or the virus or the bacteria, nor even their virulent poisons on the biochemical level that cause disease, but rather their intimate nature, their vital force, their very ‘soul’. And that is something dynamic.”

          You don’t realize this is pure garbage? This sounded like an intelligent person talking to you? Souls of bacteria and viruses? You are going to debate with his stupid arguments? No one except unintelligent homeopaths are amused by this nonsense.

          Google Vitalism first.

          • Ok carry on Chay. You are right. Your replies are excellent. For your information Iam not a doctor. Your perception is wrong. About Newton it is not taken from any website. If possible search, search…. I can understand your indepth knowledge by replying to all messages. Thank you for your time.

          • Dear Chay, I am not a doctor, I am not a homeopath. And that is all what you know about me. Thank you for your timely reply. It shows your in depth interest to save the nation. Good, Keep it up. Find the vaccine at your earliest. About Newton I didn’t took it from any website / facebook, etc. If you are interested search on the net as you did for Vithoulkas.

          • Prakash, oh, you are a self-taught, amateur homeopath. One thing I can say is self-taught homeopaths really believe all this. They are not in it for the money. They are true, passionate believers because they usually don’t know or remember any biology. So disease being caused by virus soul interactions and such really sound like good explanations for them. BHMS homeopaths know some biology and know deep down it’s not even sensible.

            “If possible search, search” – but that is the problem, isn’t it? if you “search search”, you can basically find pseudoscience explanations for any belief. Moms can convince themselves that vaccines caused autism, conspiracy prone people can convince themselves that Bill Gates is out to “depopulate” earth and believers in flat earth can form clubs and grow in size and confidence in even what is obviously a completely nutty position. On the Internet, there are far more pseudoscience blogs than science blogs. There are more pseudoscience books sold than real science books.

          • Chay, thanks for a reply again. Thanks for your enlightenment. Your responses are wonderful. Keep it up. Your appraise for the same is awesome. Your interest to save the community from the quacks in highly welcome. Keep probing.

          • No problem man, I will keep probing homeopaths. In the meantime, you can keep probing on brilliant things such as how to put “GOD into graphs, numbers and equations”.

          • With your blessings, I am working on it Chay, Thank you.

            A physicist work is to find it. I am so.

            Physics goes in search of the so called GOD.

            Gravity initially devised by Newton. Though Gravity was the first known force, it is yet the least understood.

            Newtonian Mechanics considered gravity to be an attribute of mass.

            Modifying Newton, Einstein had a different Idea about gravity; he asserted that gravity arises due to a particle’s effect on the space surrounding it.

            Any other particle within the ambit of that distorted Space gets affected accordingly.

            Previous to this, Space had been considered as a passive background when particles move; Einstein was he first to realize and declare the dynamic and active nature of Space.

            Modifying Einstein further, Our model (under study by our group) asserts that gravity is solely due to the constant, surrounding force exerted by space on the particles. The force exerted by the space tends to decrease the distance between any two given particles.

            Science is subject to change, because it searches the so called GOD, when Gravity is redefined with equations, numerals and graphs obviously GOD has the same.

            I mean the Gravity as God.
            This is just FYI. Thanks again.

          • “Our model (under study by our group) asserts that gravity is solely due to the constant, surrounding force exerted by space on the particles” – for your sake, I hope you are not a friend of Kannan Jegathala Krishnan and that your “group” is not the Vethathiri cult 🙂

          • Maybe you know them as World Community Service Center. It seems to consist of sub-standard engineers around Chennai who fantasize being theoretical physicists and cosmologists even though they do not have basic qualifications on those subjects. They also have homeo beliefs as part of their cult since their basically uneducated founder was a homeopath.

            I was joking with “GOD into graphs, numbers and equations”. It wasn’t a compliment. I meant you missed the whole point of numbers and equations. I am not trying to insult you personally, just laughing at the silliness of the idea.

          • No, laughter is an appropriate and deserving response to quacks and pseudoscience believers. Talking science to people without even fundamentals, but with Napoleonic complexes, is not useful.

          • The whole world laughed at India when the representative of the uneducated Vethathiri homeopath’s cult (Kannan Jegathala Krishnan, a delusional electrical engineer from Chennai) declared that gravitational waves will soon be renamed as Narendra Modi waves and that the gravitational lensing effect will become known as the Harsh Vardhan effect, all while presenting no science of any kind. He babbled the same vithoulkas level low-class garbage on stage, very similar to what you wrote above and was considered a “Gorilla” by national science advisor.

            Indian scientists cried though.

            Proper donkeys, these people. You definitely would condemn the utter stupidity of such fools right? You would never misrepresent your association with these pathetic losers, correct? Unlike him, you would not call yourself a physicist without first getting a proper physics degree. Correct? You know the difference between a theoretical physicist and low quality engineers that India is currently overflowing with. Right?

        • For your info, we are in no way connected with Kannan Jegathala Krishnan. Please do not type just with the knowledge what you have gained from the very first click on net. If you have time, check the below link and read. If you still need further info, please drop your mail ID so as to send the Technical papers being published on various national and international journals. The one mentioned below is the recent.

          Vethathiri cult have represented them in the Journal of Modern Physics, USA. Its open to the public – free.

          • Journal of Modern Physics is an online scam journal. No one with self-respect publishes in pay-to-publish journals like that. The whole publisher (SCIRP – Scientific Research Publishing) that hosts it is a Chinese (also not US like you say) junk science mill. No one trusts peer review from low grade journals like this. Publishing in places like this is actually something to be ASHAMED OF, not be proud of.

            Understanding science is beyond the capacity of anyone in Vethathiri cult.

            You seem to be trying to distance yourself from Kannan Jegathala Krishnan. Are you saying you are not connected to “The World Community Service Centre” where he claims he is/was the Principal Scientist (haha).

            Vethathiri is a homeopath. That basically sums up his intelligence and the Dunning-Kruger mindset of both him and his blind followers. That this foolish and uneducated man thought he was a philosopher and scientist is joke.

          • Some more…

            Fake chinese products are like this. Nike shoes get faked as Nikke. Same trick here. There is a real publisher called Scientific Reports that people would have heard of. This chinese scam company is trying to confuse people with that by calling themselves scirp.

            Here is an article explaining what kind of a junk gets published in that chinese publishing company. This explanation is similar to your silly gravity and space explanation.

            Google: ‘Universe is Like Space Ship’ — and the problem with ‘predatory’ science journals

            The article, called Universe is Like Space Ship, was published in the American Journal of Engineering Research, which isn’t American at all, and is also dicey on the engineering aspect.

            It’s part of Science Research Publishing, or SCIRP, a publisher in China. SCIRP prints what real science journals likely wouldn’t, giving young or under-qualified scientists a chance to publish and boost their careers, for a fee.

            – – – –

            This is the kind of junk our desi scientists pay money to publish in this fake chinese web site, faking to put out american journals. They just register with an american address to fool people.

            Authors M. Arulmani and V. R. Hema Latha also say humans came from Mars, including Adam and Eve. They had three chromosomes back then, could fly, became extinct and came back, the authors contend.

            It turns out that these Martians were really smart — and today we can learn business techniques from them.

            “The human population lived in MARS planet in prehistoric time shall be called as SUPER MANAGERS with super wisdom,” Arulmani and Latha write in another SCIRP journal, called American Journal of Industrial and Business Management.

            – – – – –

            Arulmani and Hema Latha are also crazy people who fantasize being astrophyscists. One is an engineer, other is MSc Biology. What does that have anything to do with Astrophysics? They are too ignorant to understand how ignorant they are – Dunning Kruger types, same type as you and everyone else in Vethathiri cult – no education on topics, just big, big egos.

            So don’t ever brag about a publication on some china journal even lying about where it is publishing from. You are supposed to be embarrassed about it and hide it.

          • It looks like all that your fake “scientists” ever published in are fake (predatory) journals.

            What are the qualifications of Keith Fitzcharles alias Uma who is writing with Alagar Ramanujam? Let me guess, no science education at all for her? What was her career in US? What jobs did she hold there?

            They wrote another one in – International Journal of Trend in Research and Development, which is also a predatory journal.

            Put one Myanmar guy in editorial board and call it “International journal”. No wonder Vithoulkas sounds smart for you guys.

          • The point of a journal publication is peer review. There is none at scirp because the editors are generally quite stupid themselves.

            Publishing in scirp journal is such a J-O-K-E that a professor submitted a complete nonsense paper generated by a computer program and they accepted it.

            “Math journal accepts computer-generated nonsense paper”
            They just wanted money, they didn’t care what was in it.

            Google: “Independent, negative, canonically Turing arrows of equations and problems in applied formal PDE”

            They only didn’t publish it because the professor refused to pay $500. How much did you guys pay for publication?

            Just throw some equations there and bring your credit card and nobody will bother to check what anything means. If anyone publishes in scirp it usually means they are a pseudoscientists because scirp is notorious for fake science.

          • Kannan is no way connected with my discussion dear. Vethathiri was not a Homeopath. Dr. Alagar has a Doctorate in Relativity and Quantum mechanics. The rest of your comments doesn’t bother me. For Further study check with the references. Anyway you want to end the discussion of every comment in this blog, so go ahead even with this. Thanks

          • Kannan is connected to the discussion dear.

            Nobody knew about your little cult until your “principle scientist” embarrassed the whole country.
            Because I heard Kannan’s stupid talk previously was how I easily identified that you are in Vethathiri’s cult, with just one sentence from you, despite your staunch denials.

            Vethathiri was a “certified practitioner (of) Homeopathy” as per his profile. He was also “certified” in Ayurveda and Siddha apparently. No discussion about exactly what that certification was. I doubt he did 4 year degrees in any of them. You can buy certificates easily.

            You seem to be deep in denials. You still deny that Kannan is not connected to you since he was disgraced by his talk. You denied that Vethathiri was a homeopath. You also denied that you were associated with Vethathiri’s cult at first. So excuse me if I don’t find you honest on your words.

            And dear, maybe you didn’t know, but there is a huge difference in quality within PhD. Your Kannan also has a PhD, so do most of the people who post in this Chinese SCIRP. PhD or any other degree by itself does not say much. These days you can buy a fake one online, just like publishing in fake journals. All I need to know about the PhD quality is that the person chooses to publish in junk like SCIRP. You might as well publish on blogspot – not disreputable, no money charged and no fake peer review.

            Why don’t you tell me the science qualifications of Keith Fitzcharles alias Uma? Thanks.

          • Vethathiri (1911 – 2006) just studied 3rd standard. He is known to about 8 crore people across the globe. Kannan may be one among. Again to be frank / honest he is not at all connected with me, to my discussion and the quoted papers. He was a common man’s philosopher, That’s it. He learned medicine on his own interest not for treatment / certification.

            We have paid INR 70,000 /- for journal publication to make it viewed by the public. Thank you for your ideas to make a blogspot.

            You often use the word fake, fraud, quack, so on…. I request you to check the same before quoting. Cool. I don’t need to prove it. If you are further interested contact the centre.

            I don’t need to proceed with this discussion any more, as your idea is just to deny and type as you wish pinning with one. If you could raise any potential technical query, it would be interesting to answer.

            Multidisciplinary minds are invited as it is a study of origin, evolution of life.. Even you too. Exclusion and withdrawal depends on experience / knowledge.

            Rest Google.
            Advance thanks for your interest and support extended throughout the discussion. Rest google.

          • Of course I know Vethathiri is uneducated boss. His views are uneducated and ill-informed. 3rd class sounds about right. He is neither a philosopher, nor a scientist, like he would like to brag as. He is just a man with foolish beliefs. Unfortunately, people like that become big babas in India like Nityananda.

            It is a typical cult. Cults always brag they have special understanding of universe and that they are scientifically true and advanced and they have this or that quack study to prove it. They never are.

            Vethathiri didn’t learn medicine. He just claimed to. He said he was certified, not me. Why bother to say if you don’t care? If you say you are certified, people expect to know what that certificate is.

            I don’t need to contact the center. I don’t need to hear their weasel word explanations. The lack of basic intelligence is quite obvious from publications.

            Kannan declared himself to be the Principal Scientist of WCSC in India’s largest science conference and still puts it on his profile. If it is not true, then WCSC has to issue a statement denying it.

            To me, it looks like WCSC was associated with Kannan, but no longer gets along with him and expelled him, and does not want to say it, perhaps because it will draw attention to things they would rather not discuss. Cults never like outside scrutiny.

            I do use words like fake, fraud and quack. Homeopathy is quack (Google it). SCIRP is a fake and fraud (Google it). Scientists refer to both as such, although the preferred words are pseudoscience and predatory. I already explained why.

            WCSC is just another yoga cult (Google it), it has nothing to do with science and is irrelevant to it. As for your 8 crore following, none of the journalists seemed to know what WCSC was when Kannan did that childish talk. Nityananda also claimed that his new country already has 12 lakh applicants for citizenship. He can’t show 12. This is just crazed baba talk.

            I did Google. Your Keith Fitzcharles does not state her credentials. And it looks like Alagar got his “PhD” from some irrelevant college in Jharkhand according to his profile page. If not, he should correct it. The only thing Newton like about him is his hair, not what is underneath. He never produced any quality research in his whole life. You guys just formed an alternate fantasy world and lecture to small rooms of semi-illiterate uncles and aunties who just blankly stare at you and you think you are secret geniuses whom the world will recognize only later. This is quite a common delusion.

            You are not “multidisciplinary minds”. It is quite questionable if anyone there has even unidescipline minds. None of you are researchers. What you are doing is not “study”. You just constructed private realities where you are very enlightened people when you are most definitively not.

            You paid almost $1000?!! That is expensive by predatory journal standards. $500 seems to be the going rate for them. All top journals are free, in case you didn’t know. There are some paid, non-fake OpenAccess journals but SCIRP isn’t one.

            You didn’t pay Rs. 70,000 for publishing. You paid that to avoid critical peer review, a proper peer review is what makes a journal publication respectable. Since you didn’t have one, nobody will care.

  63. I had a sinus issue and after trying allopathy for 15 years, I turned to homeopathy after my relatives recommendation. My sinus was cured within 1.5 years of homeopathic medicines. Placebo or pesudo science, patients do not really care about the theory behind medicines. They want results. I don’t know why placebo didn’t work when I was taking allopathic medicines. Something is not proven, it doesn’t mean that it’s unscientific. Writer has lost it. Do not write such useless biased articles.

    • Waiting for 1.5 years is basically what regression to mean means.
      Doctors typically do a surgery to improve clearance in long cases, not manage with medicines.

      Because homeopathy never works in any proper study. Learn why anecdotal evidence has no value.

      See 5-reasons-why-anecdotes-are-totally-worthless link below.

      “Personal anecdotes are often the primary ammunition of those who deny science. If you ask anyone in the alternative medicine or anti-vaccine movements for their evidence, you will almost certainly get flooded with anecdotes. A quick internet search will reveal countless people who are insisting that totally worthless treatments like homeopathy work because they took them and then felt better. These accounts are often accompanied by emotional stories about how they “tried everything but only [insert nonsense miracle cure] worked.”

      And how do we know you are not just a homeopath concocting stories? Any one can claim anything in an anonymous online post. You might just be Prashant Mohan for all we know.

  64. I think he is mongrel of Pharma Companies, if u get any disease which cannot be cured by your doctor, Please contact me Or any good homoeopathic Physican in any part of the world, hope he will change your perception about homoeopathy by giving you lots and lots of Placebo to eat otherwise take any homoeopathy medicine tds and Take it for at least one month , you will get to know what it can do to you.

    • I never got any money or gifts or employment from any pharma company.

      But can you say you are not a mongrel of Boiron and Helios fake pharma who make BILLIONS from selling nothing but tiny amounts of sugar millions of times its cost?

      If the world, all of a sudden, shuts down these pharma companies that you love to ignorantly hate, millions will die from infections alone – TB, Leprosy, Tetanus, Rabies, Malaria, Measles, Mumps, Polio, various diarrheas and countless others will sweep the world like they did in the past. Most of you homeopaths would not have even been born in a world without antibiotics and high infant mortality controlled by microbial understanding of disease (not because of your garbage miasma fantasies). Surgeries will be impossible too. Have fun with your dental extraction without anesthesia. And here you are, as thankless fools with no education running your mouth.

      If we shutdown Boiron and Helios and all quacks, no one will notice any difference in health of population.

      As for your just 1 month, see above post of a homeopathy fan of why 1 month becomes 18 months, or whenever until normal remission

  65. Hello, This is to Sandya…the author of this article.

    Mam, I don’t feel it’s fair to abruptly deny something which has been in the medical field for decades.

    If yu feel it’s just a placebo effect, please let me know how a renal stone which was believed by even top alopathy doctors can be removed ONLY through surgery was broken into pieces n came out naturally only with the homeopathy medicine. Till date,all the alopathy doctors I meet refuse to accept that it’s not there anymore.

    If yu feel a field of medicine which is believed by lakhs n lakhs of people all over the world and have cured billions of people is fake…I guess it’s time to give it a thought. Ayurveda was considered a bul**** by Indians before 5 years n now gaining so much popularity as the westerners started raving about it now. We need someone to validate and rave about something to accept it wholeheartedly ?

    It is not great to post such a controversy which abruptly says a particular degree itself is waste 🙂

    • Well, she already answered that with anecdotal evidence. Please read about it.

      “If yu feel a field of medicine which is believed by lakhs n lakhs of people all over the world and have cured billions of people is fake…I guess it’s time to give it a thought”

      Scientists agree that not even a single person was ever cured by homeopathy, which has no effect on human body, except on beliefs. Against not even 1, you are coolly talking about billions. Do you see the disconnect between your thinking and that of scientists? Scientists know that millions strongly believe in these things. Did you think they didn’t know that? But they also know a hundred things about the way you wrongly believe that you don’t.

      Google: Argumentum Ad Populum
      An Argumentum Ad Populum (Latin for “appeal to the people”) is a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition must be true because many or most people believe it, often concisely encapsulated as: “If many believe so, it is so”.

      Uses an appeal to the beliefs, tastes, or values of a group of people, stating that because a certain opinion or attitude is held by a majority, it is therefore correct.

      I hope you read the above and meditate on it. Truth is never a popularity contest. If it was, why even bother with science? Just take an opinion poll. Cheap. Quick. But we all know how useless they are.

      For your opinion to matter, you must first have proper knowledge and you must test with a proper process. If you have no idea what diseases are or how your body works, nobody cares for your opinion. There may be billions of you, but your opinion does not matter without knowledge. Same for personal observations. They must be examined properly, which is what happens in studies. In anecdotes, there is cherry-picking. “Apparent success” is highlighted, failure is buried. That is not honest examination.

      “please let me know how a renal stone which was believed by even top alopathy doctors can be removed ONLY through surgery was broken into pieces n came out naturally only with the homeopathy medicine”

      Medical opinion is imperfect, usually based on incomplete information. Doctors rarely ever say anything is 100%. Even the top doctors make mistakes in their practice. You are mistaken to think they don’t. You can only get most probable diagnosis. That means in a small fraction, something else happens than what was expected.

      If homeopathy works the way you think, pick up 50 impossible cases, with proper randomization, in a study center, enroll 25 of them in a proper treatment group and try your homeo treatments to your heart’s content. Don’t give any treatment to other 25. Define how long you will allow before giving up ahead of time instead of trying forever and putting the patient at risk.

      What happens in these kinds of studies is 1 or 2 people in homeo group do pass the stone, even though the doctors thought they were unpassable. But the same also happens in no treatment group as well. 1 or 2 there also pass the stone. If the difference is for example, 5 in treatment and 1 in no treatment, then researchers will suddenly become interested. They will want to try it again to check if that was a fluke or if there is really something going on here. If it keeps happening that way, them homeopathy is declared as a real treatment.

      Quacks always tell you stories of how many cases they cured. Every quack has hundreds of stories. Can you even imagine a quack that has no success stories? They never talk about how many they didn’t cure and how many would have gotten cured without treatment. So an average person who does not understand these patterns is easily fooled by these stories.

      This was known even in 1842, before people started doing correct studies.

      Read this: Homeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions: Two Lectures Delivered Before the Boston Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (1842) by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

      “It is not great to post such a controversy which abruptly says a particular degree itself is waste”

      Only Indians think this is a controversy. We need to be educated and informed. It is completely uncontroversial among all universities and scientists. Everyone knows how crazy it is, just not people like you. Only telling you what you want to believe is not news, it is called pandering to beliefs, which is what most of Indian press does. So kudos to the author for speaking the scientific truth to stubborn people.

      All scientists agree that Homeopathy degree is a complete waste and is harmful. It is just like giving a degree in black magic or palmistry or “gem healing”.

      Many have written about it. Here is Financial Times article – “Is a degree in homeopathy a sick joke?”

      No top line university ever gives a degree in homeopathy. If any misinformed non-scientist administrator of a university accidentally considers that scientists contact and immediately let them know how stupid the idea is.

      India is the only crazy country which manufactures degrees in Homeopathy. No scientific country does (which India is not, it is very backwards in science).

      It is actually considered very embarrassing for India to still believe in things like Homeopathy and Cow dung, urine medicines. Nobody believes any of our research or that we know any original science because we still keep living in 1796.

    • “Ayurveda was considered a bul**** by Indians before 5 years n now gaining so much popularity as the westerners started raving about it now.”

      No western scientists (actually scientists in general, scientists don’t think of themselves as western or eastern) are raving about it. Some low-educated quack following westerners maybe. The scientists are not the least interested in it.

      Don’t agree? OK, show me. Which western universities are doing this raving? Where are you getting your news from? Facebook?

      I can tell you one group of people who completely hated ancient medicine and now are completely fine with it.
      That’s Homeopaths.
      The word Allopathy was originally created to criticize ancient medicine as cure worse than the disease. Homeopaths wanted to be scientific.

      But now you won’t find even one Homeopath who remembers that. They think Allopathy is about scientific medicine.

      But because it has now been proved that nothing about Homeopathy is actually scientific, they now hate science instead.

  66. There are 2 possible scenarios:

    1.) Science has not caught up with you when it considers homeo is completely implausible. Chemists are missing something when they call it absurd. Cell Biologists are being unreasonable when they tell you that there is no special “vital energy”. Microbiologists are wrong to focus on bacteria and viruses, instead of miasma, whatever it is. Physicists don’t know what they are talking about when they dismiss succusions. All the scientists in the world are wrong when they consider it a pseudoscience. All the world’s government with all their multi-year scientific reports have made a mistake. Wikipedia is wrong in calling you a pseudo-scientific system of alternative medicine. All major journalists and newspaper are wrong. All medical companies are evil. All doctors are greedy. Psychologists invented placebo effect, posthoc effect and regression to mean, just to trick you. Researchers invented double blind trials only to prevent homeopathy from rising. Everyone is conspiring against homeo. The group of medical entrance failures who scored badly in botany, zoology, physics and chemistry and those who only read 1796 organon and nothing else are the wisest people on the planet who know the real truth. Only you know what is a science and pseudoscience.

    2.) You guys are idiots who have no concept of a molecule, cell, receptor, binding sites or research concepts but want to act like doctors (because you like money). Even in 2020, you have not mentally grown beyond 1796 beliefs of vital energies. The whole science is a mystery to you, even kid science. You are so foolish that you think Allopathy was all against scientific medicine, not ancient herbal medicine. You don’t even know the history of your own homeopathy. Not a single homeopath ever did any useful research. You can’t prove even your best (what is it anyway?) “remedy” against a placebo but will delusionally talk about how the whole system is superior.

    Which do you think is more likely?

  67. Why is this Idiot CHAY replying to every comment made in favour of homeopathy, what are his intentions? Is he been hired by some company to criticize, all plz think on this

      • Only real medicines can have effects and side effects, not imaginary medicines with nothing in them.
        You need actual molecules for that, not just magic energy beliefs.

        Arguing that homeopathy has no side effects is like saying that you never had an accident with your unicorn, so its better than a car.

        • Look what I said he proved it himself , no more facts required to prove my earlier statement

          • When did a homeopath ever need any facts? Homeopathy is a fact-free system just as it is a molecule-free system and a common sense-free system.

            Do I answer all misinformation here? Yes, because there isn’t anyone else. What does that have to do with your fantasy company conspiracies?

            As a homeopath, you have no concept of people having genuine respect for science and disgust for quacks and pseudoscience. For a homeopath, all motivation is only about money, money, money.

            It is because there aren’t enough people who have a passion for science and truth, you quacks have been running from pillar to post so far in our society, defrauding people.

  68. Homeopaths desperately pretend to never understand science and pretend to sleep against all scientific arguments. But to explain for homeo-fooled people who still don’t get why you need to to clinical trials when you have so many stories, anecdotes and testimonies, it is because of how the mind works. When people are given anything – pill, potion or procedure, about a third automatically think it is doing something. You may think you are above this, no you are not.

    People think wearing gem stones heals or protects. Give them plastic or glass beads and tell them they are rare healing gems, they will still say they are healing too.
    They think pranic healing, reiki and other nutty hand movements are working. Bring an actor, they will agree at same level.
    They think acupuncture works, even when poked in completely random places.

    People are easy to trick, but scientists know these tricks and delusions well and have studied them a lot. The modern clinical trial is designed to circumvent all these tricks and needs to be done in a way that no one knows until the very end, who is getting the treatment vs sham treatment or placebo. This is done with individualized treatments too. When homeopaths mostly do uncontrolled trials, it seems to work but no good journal usually publishes these because educated people know how useless these are. So they just publish in their quack journals which no scientist bothers with. When good trials are done, they always come up negative.

    Homeopaths say they are all about detailed interview (the interview questions are very stupid to anyone who knows physiology and psychology). But then they go and say it is all OK to never do any of that for animals, because hey, there is money to be made here and nobody is making animals talk.

    They claim it still works without the interview and they argue, well the animal does not know, how can it imagine cure? But the homeopath sure can when writing down the result. This is why in proper trials, the doctors and even attendants are not told either. This is what is meant by double blinding. The person conducting the study typically wants to see a positive effect and therefore cannot be trusted. The assignments to treatment vs. placebo are sealed in advance. Many modern drugs also don’t pass this test and are rejected. When trials are done this way, the homeo veterinary trials come up with the same negative result. And here, homeopaths can’t even complain about not having a chance to individualize since the animals aren’t telling you about dreams, feelings etc anyway.

    You can look all this up. This is all basic science approach used in every subject, not just medical research. None of it my own opinion.

    Now the quacks like Ulhas Triratne would like an excuse for not knowing science. He says they are just “physicians” (no, you guys just are quacks, you are so far removed from being educated, let alone physicians), not scientists. You don’t need to have a lot of research experience to become a doctor, but today in 2020, if you don’t even know basic physics, chemistry and research method, you are just an uneducated fool. If you don’t understand research methodology and go around spewing conspiracy theories, you certainly should not have a “Dr.” title. If I have to teach all these homeopaths what any college degree person should know, they are little more than a tribal guy selling magic charms (not even the tribal guy selling herbs). At least that guy is not delusional enough to be calling himself a doctor.

    Self-taught homeopaths are extra crazy, but BMHS graduates (your doctor title is also a joke), you studied a little bit of physiology and biochemistry, enough to know everything in Organon is a stupid delusion. I don’t know how you lie to yourself everyday that you are “doctors”. You only have a license to give the same exact sugar pills to everyone. One pill is the same as any other.

  69. A dog will always bark… Let it be..
    Only Mr Chay… Will bark here…
    Wat if we say science is a failure to prove homoeopathy… as we knows sceince based on experiment and random trials..
    Wat if… Science is still lagging behind to prove..
    My dear Chay there is lot of things in this world were science still to prove lots…
    Have ur time oneday your grandson will know how homoeopathy will work… Hhhaaahha.

    • Foolish homeopath, go back to school and learn the difference between

      Science proved that homeopathy is a failure vs. “science is a failure to prove homoeopathy”
      Randomized trials that scientists do vs “random trials”, which is what foolish homeopaths do.

      It is quite clear who is doing all the barking. See my post to the quack ulhas below to see a short list of your barks from just Day 1.

    • As for your grandson fantasy, there is a nice video of how it would look like if Homeopathy and a few other quackeries, were considered real by the world.

      Look on Youtube.
      That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E

  70. Homeopathy reads like a Witchcraft Manual.

    Luna – Water or lactose put in moonlight for 4 hours (and then of course diluted like mad).
    For Homeo believers, “moon rays”, which are just reflected sun rays, have special medical properties.

    At least they don’t think you will become a werewolf or something due to moonlight.

    Moon-Sponge treatment

    Cut slices of sponge of the size of a finger.
    Grill them at a candle flame till they are brittle at the center but sill elastic at the borders.
    Triturate the whole and put 7 or 8 grams into half a litre of rain-water or river-water.
    The bottling must be done three days before the new moon.
    Close the bottle and put it in a cellar, shake once a day.
    Three days before the full moon the patient commences to take a tablespoonful night and morning.
    The greater part of the bottle will be finished during the waning moon.

    A homeo brain will not worry about the chemical structure of water or of lactose, what moon light is, what sun light really is. They just put something in their mouth, fantasize some random feelings and call it “science” and never question it again.

    What does it matter anyway, it is all going to be diluted to just water in the end.

  71. I don’t understand why people are talking to such a fool, named himself ‘Chay’. There are so many mad fellows like him, whom we should not even need to talk. Let them bark, we have to keep walking our way. We homeopaths are giving results, people are getting cured everyday, so they are believing. There is science in everything which is around us. If homeopathy is giving results, there is science. If scientists are not able to find out what is mode of action of homeopathic medicines, then they have to work more on it, govt should allot more funds for research. We are not interested in how it works (it is the work for scientists) , but how can we treat incurable diseases with homeopathy.
    Mind it, we are not advocates, scientists but we are homeopathic physicians..

    • The author wrote a completely factual article that was extensively referenced and contained no opinion of her own. All scientists agree with the viewpoints expressed in the article. So do any not-foolish governments (ours not included) and all major news papers. Everyone agrees that homeopathy is a perfect instance of quackery and pseudoscience.

      What was the response of homeopaths – insults and personal attacks. You tried to mob the article, because in India few understand science, and you tried to take advantage of that.

      Let’s review some of the attacks from the beginning.

      “half knowledge”, “zero experience”, “better don’t talk or comment”, “most nonsense post by the most idiots”, “These idiots saves swines”, “filthy motive”, “instantly enormous profit”, “Nonsense post”, “all game of big-pharma companies”, “so flawed and unintelligent”, “self – mockery”, “pharma mafia”, “most fraudulent new source of this time”, “Stop posting this type of non sense”, “business of fear”, “they need to be educated”, “first understand Science”, “Very disgusting and propagenda type post”, “think sidedly”, “post proves that world is dominated by propagandists”, “blind and dangerous opponent of Modi government”.

      These are not responses addressed to me. This was only some of the filth and nonsense thrown at the article author in the FIRST DAY ALONE. The author did not defend herself and was outnumbered by your mob. Now I enter, many days later and start addressing the nonsense, post by post, because they are lies, propaganda, baseless attacks and delusions. I address it with science.

      Now you cry that I am posting too much. Well, I would need to post if you guys weren’t attempting to dominate by posting lies and anectodatal thinking over and over again. Someone needs to speak the truth. If no one will, I will.

      Now you know you cannot answer back to my references, you say you are not “advocates”. No you quack, you guys are much worse. You are a low grade mob. I was being way too polite by calling you frauds a “Homeo Lobby”.

    • Homeopaths: We are not scientists. We should not be expected to know science. We just know how to write fake theses that only look and sound like science, like “Homoeopathic treatment of osteoarthritis with constitutional medicine” and use “Dr.” title.

      Now hold our alcohol, I mean…. mother tincture, while we declare that scientific medicine is bad for you and you should try our sugar pills instead. Don’t try scientific vaccines for your pandemics, they are baaaad for you. Try our “nosodes” instead.

      “There is science in everything which is around us.”

      Yes, except there is nothing but sugar in a homeo sugar pill.

      “If homeopathy is giving results, there is science.”

      Except that homeopathy is not giving results in any proper study. So there is no science in homeopathy.

      I can also get myself made-up quack PG degrees in crystal healing from a quack gang.

  72. Just how stupid is homeopathy?

    1. Point telescope at Black Hole (in space).
    2. Place alcohol before eye-piece.
    3. Dilute it like maniacs.
    4. Write some delusions as “Proving”
    5. Sell as medicine for Profit!!!!

  73. Dear All,

    It was not easy to cover the whole discussion.
    But, after reading a major part….
    1.Someone is arguing for science and research as if thats the only solution ti the mankind.
    2.Research is funded by MNCs so the medicine is a commodity, its well known, and you don’t have to die for it.
    3. All herbal or natural as they say, medicine is having an effect on human irrespective of the solid research papers. The so called sugar water and salt pills had made a huge impact on generations in India and still doing the same.
    4. It may be a placebo or genuine, its showing the results anyway.
    5.Ayurveda is an Indian tradition and a real massage will take you to another level where a modern medicine is yet to find a way.
    5. Take a tour on the quality of scientific research publications in India and their simple waste of time and energy, probably you may understand how a simple village mbbs old dude is still treating the poor patients.
    6. Its not the science.. its the way you handle a patient.. sir.

    • Here is a far better summary in one line: Homeopathy is a tax on idiots who don’t really need any medicine but won’t listen.

      Unlike quack medicine, government closely monitors medical research. Company cannot say whatever it wants. It is forced to list every possible side effect in every advertisement. It is expected to report every problem after release. Every care is taken to make medicines as safe as possible because these are real medicines, not fake sugar scam pills. It takes 2600 crore rupees of research cost and 12 years of testing to develop an average medicine while idiot homeopath says, I proved a new one yesterday afternoon because I say so, I will charge almost the same for not even 1 paisa of sugar now.

      Of course people should think scientifically and not think like idiots. Some confused guy wrote some silly book more than 200 years ago, let’s make a religion about it.. is not an intelligent way to do things. Denying basic facts about chemistry and cell biology taught at school level to protect disproved beliefs is being stupid.

      Do you know what the only thing that Samuel Hahnemann was right about? It was that traditional medicine was dangerous. It was more harm than good. Ayurveda and all your AYUSH quack medicine is included in that category. He spent all his time criticizing traditional and herbal medicine. He called it Allopathy. He said only medicine with studies is real medicine. So far so good. But problem was he was only good for recognizing a problem but had no solution. His solution was just as stupid.


      Now homeopaths are low IQ idiots. They took that word allopathy and made it against medicine based on studies and made the medicine he hated with absolute passion, a great thing. Do you know how stupid you need to be to reverse everything so completely?

      You have the same confusion about placebo as everyone. Placebos don’t cure with some mysterious placebo effect. Placebos make you think that when disease ended for natural reasons, the placebo was what made it go away. You only think placebo worked due to “regression to mean” and “post-hoc ergo propter hoc”. Not enough IQ to understand any of the logic articles I posted? Didn’t even read the article above?

      Solution to not enough doctors and bad doctors is not more of even worse idiot quacks.

      A real doctor can treat the patient just as nicely and many do. In India, doctors rush through patients because there aren’t enough of them. But niceness never cures the disease. When your foot is infected, it is only the antibiotic that will save you, not kind words, not massage. Polio drops will prevent polio, not tulsi, turmeric or fake salt water.

      Homeopath. noun. A person who is too stupid to understand the concept of a molecule but wants to be a doctor.

  74. Homeopath. noun. A person who is too stupid to understand the concept of a molecule but wants to be a doctor.

    • Best results coming from Kerela,MP, UP & many other states where it has been started , critical patients are cured by 50 to 80% in 24 hrs , it’s not my news it’s a national tv news from Agra hospital where same no
      of patients were given homeopathy and others with other mode of treatment .Homeopathy patients recovered by 50 to 80% in 24 hrs .that’s the power of homeopathy.

      • Hahahahaha.
        There is exactly 100% chance that this is fake news.
        And you know it, which is why you have provided no reference.
        If this turns out true, I will never post here again.
        If you can’t prove it, let’s all accept that homeopaths are stupid liars spreading fake news.
        To be called a proof, it has to be accepted by scientists, not an unnamed TV channel.

  75. After giving permission to use homoe preventive medicine in Kerala for Covid-19 reports of cases have been reduced, by flattening the curve speedly.I don’t know whether these things have any connection. Anyhow it is a fact.I heard that on the request of Mumbai police Covid-19 preventive medicines have been send by homoepathics of Kerala to Mumbai Police. For years I have approached homoe doctors for many ailments of mine and family,I believe that homoe medicines helps me to control medical expenses.

    • We should all give credit to homoe doctors.
      But let’s not forget the contributions of hetero doctors.

    • Coronavirus | Man from Ambur arrested for claiming to have a homeopathic cure

      In the message, the accused claimed that a practitioner from Ranipet demonstrated the cure to officials and that it will be distributed in Ambur.

      Ambur Taluk police arrested Rafeeque, 35, of Ambur, for posting messages about a cure for COVID-19 in the name of a homeopathy practitioner from Melvisharam in Ranipet district.

      In the message, the accused claimed that the homeopathy practitioner Mohamed Adnan developed a medicinal cure for the novel coronavirus and this was demonstrated to Tirupattur Superintendent of Police P. Vijaykumar and health officials of Ambur. The medicine would be distributed with the approval of the Jamaat in Ambur, the message claimed.

      Based on a complaint from Ambur village administrative officer, the police conducted an inquiry and arrested Rafeeque on Sunday. Mohammed Adnan was still at large, they said. Investigations are on.

  76. Homoeopathy definitely works. We have given arsenic album 30 for 3 days followed by influenzinum 200 for the next 3 days for corona prevention. They are effective.

    • Person 1 – Why are you wearing that silly hat?
      Person 2 – It is a magic hat. It keeps lions away.
      Person 1 – There are no lions in our city.
      Person 2 – Obviously. The hat is working.

  77. “When nuclear power was discovered, homeopaths claimed that it explains homeopathy; when quantum physics came to the fore, they believed to have found the mechanism of action; when nanoparticles became fashionable, they said these were the clue. In truth, the mode of action of highly diluted homeopathic remedies is not just unexplained, but science can explain that no plausible mechanism can exist.”

    “Homeopaths nevertheless love to argue that the proof of the pudding is in the eating: homeopathy works because many patients experience benefit from it. Today about 300 clinical studies testing homeopathy have been published. The totality of this evidence fails to confirm that homeopathy works better than a placebo”

    “only cherry-picked, homeopathy-sponsored evaluations arrive at different conclusions”

  78. h) are truth seekers who are not biased and not blinded by profit making .
    i) believe that truth is greater than what is not proved in lab
    j) know that science is greater than “scientific community “which is biased and profit oriented
    k) are not afraid of being called a fool by a group of people who have deliberately kept their eyes and ears closed because they know they are on right track.

    • h.) Truth haters who deny all science in every subject, purely blinded by profiteering from selling sugar at medicine costs.
      i.) Pseudoscience belief, not science. Keep pushing same faulty experiments as great proof even after they have been fully debunked. Completely failed to prove even a single sentence from their system in 200 years. Pretend that it is just lab science when clinical trials in real patients also show it is just a placebo in every single case.
      j.) Anti-science. Vaccine haters. Dangerous to public health especially in times of epidemics. Keep claiming that all scientists are conspiring against us because they keep mentioning facts and asking for proof that is not anecdotal and repeatable – the cornerstone of science. Close their eyes and ears to science because they make too much money from scamming with sugar and cannot go back to any honest profession. Pure greed and dishonesty.
      k.) Foolish people who could not learn enough physics, chemistry and biology to get into medical college. For them, as long as the money keeps coming from scammed public, they are on the right track.

  79. Totally a paid article.. people know and truth is bigger than your “scientific community and methods” who are partial to things that profit them..either you are too impaired to see the truth or you don’t want to.. ultimately you can’t stop homoeopathy because it’s ultimate truth and far ahead of any of modern medicines..

    • This is a perfect example of your baseless beliefs. You have as much proof that this is a paid article as you have that even a single one of your scam sugar pills works. If you say it and a few others say it, it must be true.

      None of you have addressed even a single one of the scientific facts and conclusions I put in front of you or those the author wrote. This is the only thing left for you when you have no arguments, accuse others of getting paid. No one is paying me to waste my time responding to anti-science bigots.

      This is why educated people like me must not stay silent to quacks mobbing science articles.

      Pseudoscience and COVID-19 — we’ve had enough already
      The scientific community must take up cudgels in the battle against bunk.

      • Only One book ORGANON OF MEDICINE is sufficient for you to make a PHYSCIAN if you understood this book.
        But this book needs good intellect…
        May be you will find the lession from this book,your mind will be lighted by science. Remember try to study not only read.

        • This is the whole problem with Homeopathy.

          Homeopaths are quite low intelligence people who believe that only reading O N E confused and debunked book that you anyone can finish in about 2 days makes them a doctor.

          For them “properly understand” means foolishly and blindly believe without questioning.

          You must have very low intellect to not laugh at this book, its foolish dilutions, its magical energy doctrines, childish understanding of research, uneducated understanding of proof.

          You must have very poor quality education and have no understanding of physics, chemistry or biology and never have understood any scientific subject. This must be the only book you will keep reading and brainlessly believe, like a Veda, Bible or Quran, constantly praising it, never having any doubt.

          You must believe in ORGANON like you believe in a religious text and its writer like a prophet. It must never be questioned like how science encourages you to with quality experiments and change it. If you question it, you are an infidel.

          Like a foolish religious fundamentalist , you must deny all science, criticize all scientific knowledge as inferior to this book that could not present one new discovery and was proven wrong every time it tried. Homeopathy is not a science, it is an absurd theology.

          • Homeopathy requires highest intellectual capability to understand and open mind to perceive the truth.when our level of understanding grows , the boundaries of science grows .every thing is science in this universe to the extent we perceive and understand,if we don’t , it is to understand how homeopathy works,our science is far beyond,but we can experience it’s working .so let’s enjoy the fruits of is evidence based medicinal more thing it requires best brains to flourish further.

          • M srini, jumped straight to comments without reading anything I see.

            Evidence based? LOL. The extremely thorough Australian government’s report reviewed all evidence and concluded that Homeopathy has no evidence that it works in any condition. Every major country said the same thing.

            Homeopathy is a quack religion. Homeopaths believe that all science that was discovered since Homeopathy is irrelevant because it disproves it. Homeopaths don’t understand even basic science.

            Homeopath. noun. A person who is too stupid to understand the concept of a molecule but wants to be a doctor.

    • Totally a paid article by all means…
      Clearly no proper research done!
      A big time “thumbs down”

      • Another homeopath scared that Indian press is finally reporting the truth about homeopathy?
        Can’t you people come up with any retort other than “no proper research”?
        The article is full of links to research. Have you seen any article in Indian press with even more research links?

        Just for your sake, I posted even more research for you. See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” and “29 national science academies” (plus Russia) posts. Not enough for you? Need more? I can go look.

  80. What remedy or cure or prevention you have in allopathy “A BIG ZERO” , U Financed by Bill Gates, replying to every comment people r making in favor of homeopathy. Idiot , dont think we r fools

    • But you are fools.

      If you think modern medicine has no cures or prevention, you are an uneducated fool. It is full of them. Isn’t penicillin a cure? Isn’t Polio vaccine a prevention. There are so many more.

      But you are in a way you don’t understand, correct. Ayurveda is actually Allopathy and it does not have any cures or prevention. I challenge you to name any cure or prevention from Ayurveda.

  81. I have been visiting this site for quite a time now , and I am 100% sure that this CHAY is not a single person but a group of people who are responding to every comment in favour of homeopathy, once a comment is made u should not keep on replying to everyone comments made here , u can understand who all people are behind this , one who doesn’t want homeopathy and Ayurveda to be tested and used , they want and think if homeopathy becomes successful none is going to give them weighted as they get now , but they dont understand modern medicine is also far ahead in many things .

    • Sad thing for you is one of me is more than all of your quack mob can handle because I looked at how you homeopaths argue before and I figured out how your wacko pseudoscience reasoning works. I already know all your uneducated arguments and I know you cannot answer even one of my questions about your sugar scam fake system. I know your posts before you even post them. You guys are that predictable.

  82. I think you have read the homoeopathy too much but not understand a little,
    This system of medicine is very fine, latest understanding of diseases in light of science,
    Here nothing is IDIOPATHIC.
    Alopathy was modern before the discovery of homoeopathy, you need to understand the homoeopathy.
    You are workohlic so I hope you will try to understand and found not stop only after reading

    • Homeopathy is IDIOT PATHIC.

      “Alopathy” (which is just a Homeopathic doctrinal term for old herbal medicine like Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha) was junk science. Homeopathy is also junk science. They are belief systems, not sciences.

      Science and Scientific medicine have nothing to do with “Alopathy”.

    • Mind is an aspect of the body, not separate from it. You can’t have a mind without the body.
      They don’t bother teaching much about the brain or the mind in Homeopathy colleges?

      What do you think will happen to your mind if I remove your frontal lobe or mess with your limbic system?

      It is because homeopaths lack any understanding of the brain and the mind, they keep getting fooled by all these mind biases ad infinitum.

      Learn how mind biases effect thinking. It is why people get fooled into thinking a sugar pill is doing something when it clearly isn’t.

      The reason the mind works this way is because of the way the brain evolved.

      Homeopaths make money by exploiting the faulty way the mind works (without knowing the faults themselves) because our poor quality colleges don’t alert students on how to avoid this faulty thinking.

  83. I am surviving due to homeopathy. Allopathy having some advantages but homeopathy is versatile. It starts working beyond limit of allopathy, So many times in my life i was cured by homeopathy. Thanks a lot to homeopathic doctors.

  84. dont fear homeopathy it is ur best friend. my no 8763084635 if u connect me CHAY all ur doubts will go

    • The only thing you guys need to connect with is proper education so that you learn that the plural of anecdote is not data.

      Don’t fear science. Scientific medicine is not a poison like Homeopaths constantly frame it as and pre-scientific doctrines of Homeopathy are man-made doctrines, not natural. It is only science that is natural.

  85. Whoever u r …u should stop writing until u have proper knowledge regarding the topic u write… U have incomplete knowledge of this pathy….so don’t give false information n stop misguiding Ur readers

    • Oh man of complete homeopathic knowledge, Umesh Chauhan, why don’t you tell me what is incomplete about what I wrote? Start with the Natrum Muriaticum 30C below. Tell me the difference between doctrine and law, according to you and why tell me how homeopathy isn’t purely doctrinal unlike ancient medicine. Why don’t you tell me why homeopaths cunningly don’t criticize Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha anymore? Why don’t you explain why all major government health organizations say it is quack medicine, why scientists say it is pseudoscience. None of you homeopaths said anything so far because you can’t. Homeopaths have no specific answers other than “why don’t you try yourself”, “many people believe it”, “its a conspiracy” and so on.

  86. Let’s talk how stupid homeopathic remedies are.

    Take Natrum Muriaticum 30C, a popular Homeopathic remedy. What a scientific sounding name!! What is it? Salt. At what dilution? It is not even the equivalent of putting one grain of salt in the whole river Ganga.

    30C dilution would “would require giving two billion doses per second to six billion people for 4 billion years to deliver a single molecule of the original material to any patient”

    Homeopathic pharma will sell you a bottle for $30 for 1 ounce…. for once upon a time salt water, for salt that is not even there. Why? On what basis is it charged that much for?

    According to Hahnemann, medical power is “hidden in the invisible interior of medicines”. What interior? Salt is a simple molecule. One atom of Sodium. One atom of Chlorine. You can assemble it, you can break it.

    Hahnemann was born in 1755 and had no idea what a molecule was, what an atom was, what a cell was, what a transport channel is etc. So he could say things we now obviously know to be stupid without anyone laughing at him. He could invent any “doctrine” and call them laws, the very “doctrines” he criticized others for making.

    Well, science does not make “doctrines” like that. We now know what happens to salt in the body. We know medicines are different by the molecules they contain and molecules are various combinations of atoms. Hahnemann didn’t know that. But today, only a person who never understood chemistry or cell biology can be so stupid today to believe in phrases like “dynamic spiritual power”. Please define “spiritual power”. What is dynamic and what is static about it? How can you test? “Spiritual Power” is a quasi-religious doctrine, yes a man-made doctrine. Hahnemann did not follow his own preachings. If he says it, it is a law, if others say it, it is doctrine – hypocrite much? There is pompous “vanity” for you.

    I don’t know what degrees you all have, but none of you deserve high school diplomas. Degreed uneducateds, the whole lot of you are. And then you diplorables come and talk about how “diplorable” it is for you that educated people are criticizing you like this.

  87. People who think science should be dismissed because it “hasn’t discovered everything” (See Dara O’Briain video reference below) and that traditional medicine is very wise (looking at you, charcoal guy) should understand that Homeopathy was fantasized by a person who hated traditional medicine with a passion. He felt that it was a poison. What do you think he was calling “Allopathy”? Scientific Medicine? Modern Medicine? No, that did not even exist back then. He was criticizing your favorite ancient traditional herbal medicine.

    It is quite strange for people to lump Homeopathy and Ayurveda/Siddha/Unani together.

    All these are quotes from a homeo web site.
    Hahnemann’s View of Allopathy
    As Seen in the Prefaces and Introduction to the Organon.
    by Peter Morrell

    “Hahnemann clearly describes how he came by his views and why he so thoroughly denounced the ancient allopathic medical art.”

    “Hahnemann declares that the true actions of medicines reside in their “dynamic spiritual power of altering man’s health.” [Organon, xv] Such is a power “hidden in the invisible interior of medicines,” [Organon, xv] which cannot be reliably plumbed or discerned from considering any aspects of their external appearances—an ancient approach [doctrine of signatures] that he very roundly condemns.”

    “Being unnatural, so the doctrines of ancient medicine were human, that is constructed—made and not found.”

    “According to Hahnemann, ancient physicians were far too easily “led astray by their vanity…[and] sought by reasoning and guessing to excogitate the mode of furnishing,” [Organon, 1] an effective mode of treatment.”

    “It is very interesting to consider what Hahnemann chooses to condemn in ancient medicine, and why. He condemns it fundamentally for having no sound rationale founded in experiments and observational studies, and for being significantly based upon opinions and traditional authorities: it was made rather than found. ”

    Unfortunately, his system was also “made rather than found”, just like everything he was criticizing. Just like them, he was also “led astray by their vanity”.

    All the critics of Homeopathy are doing exactly what Hahnemann was against, or at least thought what he was against, which is: “He condemns it fundamentally for having no sound rationale founded in experiments and observational studies, and for being significantly based upon opinions and traditional authorities”

    Now we have come full cycle. Homeopaths believe in Hahnemann as an authority and only take his opinion. They dismiss experiments and pretend to sleep when pointed out that its dilutions or “like cures like” have “no sound rationale founded in experiments and observational studies”.

    Oh, the irony! But I can bet that Homeopaths have no clue what irony is.

  88. Mr / Mrs Chay please try homoeopathy medicine once for yourself and then you will believe what science it is …people or the founder of homoeopathy “The Organon Of homoeopathic medicine ” are not fools or not paid by skilled homoeopaths to say the miraculous result of the system…think before you act.

    • Shailaja, if you got a real doctor training, you would have learned how foolish this “try once for yourself” thinking is. That is what I mean being uneducated is.

      Why do you think researchers do expensive trials that take a long time? Why can’t they just ask a couple of people if they got better? So cheap and quick.
      Do you understand why research is done the way it is done? Of course not.

      Why don’t you first go to a real college and take a research course and get some real education. Right now, you (and all homeopaths) barely qualify for a high school diploma with your understanding of research.

      Do you even understand what a p-value is? Why do you think p-values even need to be computed?
      Why is double blinding considered critical in medical research?

      Why don’t you think before you type?

      Get educated. Your worthless degree is laughable.

      Google this
      Why do we believe in homeopathy? Ten tricks the brain plays on us
      By Ben Ambridge in Telegraph
      Ben Ambridge is the Professor of Psychology at the University of Liverpool. You don’t need a big university professor, any decent psychologist can explain this to you, this is not some “Allopath” conspiracy.
      Do you think a Professor of Psychology at the University of Liverpool knows what he is talking about? Why don’t you think before you type?
      Why don’t you search for Homeopathy in that newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. It is a 164 year old newspaper. Do you want me to list results for you?
      Everybody knows how foolish Homeopathy is.

      Of course, you are being foolish. You never had a chance in those Homeopathy colleges that don’t deserve to be called colleges. Our brains are naturally quite foolish. Education helps us understand that foolishness. You never got that education.

      “The Organon of Homoeopathic Medicine” is an entirely foolish book. All its laws are foolish. This has been fully established. Any one who knows any science will laugh at them. Its author lived in a time when basic chemistry was not well established. So he said things that were obviously impossible. There is no useful knowledge in that book. His thinking process is laughably immature and it only appeals to only unintelligent people. People figured that out even before psychology was a thing. Today, you absolutely have to be a fool to believe in that nonsense.

    • I think they r not made for each other , if GOD will wish then they will try , their job is to criticize homeopathy, I think they are related to Pharma companies directly or indirectly

      • I am a homeo critic. Where can I collect this money? Is it a lot? Which pharma company should I go to?

        This is called making non-falsifiable claims, a concept that homeopaths don’t understand at all.

        This is like if I said homeopaths and their followers have a defective “vital force” which make them immune to logic and facts.
        Can you disprove that? How will you test for “vital force”? How will you know if it is defective or not? Don’t ask me to prove it. I will just make charges like you without proof.

        Claiming any criticism is a conspiracy is the only thing left for homeopaths because they cannot address any scientific criticism.

        Let’s take the words of Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, who won the Nobel Prize in 2009 from UK.

        “They (homoeopaths) take arsenic compounds and dilute it to such an extent that just a molecule is left. It will not make any effect on you. Your tap water has more arsenic. No one in chemistry believes in homoeopathy. It works because of placebo effect.”

        Which pharma is paying him according to you? What does the sentence “No one in chemistry believes in homoeopathy” tell you?

        “In the last century alone, life expectancy has doubled. It is because medicine has become scientific and evidence based. There is better understanding of physiology and biochemistry and many diseases have been eradicated.”

        “India-born Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan has refused to attend the Indian Science Congress ever in future”(because our biggest science conference became the biggest joke in the world).

  89. Mr Chay
    Better to stay in dillusion.I know my father and my grandfather case which were very serious and suggestes for surgery .But homeopathy treatment makes them fit.I also like you who didn’t believe in homeopathy at all.But that instance open my eyes .you know a few things our ancestors has mentioned which you might think is not scientific .Earlier people used burn charcoals as a tooth paste.colgete told people that this is not good for your teeth .Now these same colget guys now created a new product where they are advertising to have charcoal as an ingredient which is healthy for your teeth. Homeopathy is far superior than your modern medicine . I am not saying allopathy is bad or useless.people need to wisely choose when and what they need to use . If you are having a heart attack or leg crack by accident definitely homeopathy would not be wise ,but a few chronic case are very well treated with homeopathy and even clinical evidence is in there .Every year I suffered from Thorat congestion and infection in my nose .I used to visit allopathy doctor and every time they suggest Azithromycin .For last few years I stopped visiting allopathy and used homeopathy medicine after visting a sr doctor .Just HCS 30 for 3 -4 days relieve me very well as like as your Azithromycin with no side effects .
    Now you tell me should I go by your pseudo science theory or the practical experience ??? keep your pseudo science theory with you and try not to be one eyed tunnel vision and show respect to other practice as well .
    You know a couple of doctors who are having allopathy degree also practicing homeopathy.I heard one in Kolkata which was a eminent allopathy doctor , something suggested to use homeopathy medicine as well based on case. As well another doctor ..

    Jaswant Patil
    Ex-Lect. G S Medical College,K E M Hospital, Mumbai
    Website :

    • Who is in delusion? Me or you who cannot even write delusion?
      You guys keep pretending to sleep claiming it is only me who does not “believe” Homeopathy.
      It is long past beliefs. There is direct, strong scientific evidence, as accepted by all scientists in the world, that Homeopathy is quackery. That it is only sugar.
      This is not Homeopaths vs. Chay. It is Homeopaths delusional fight against all science and education. See the videos I posted below. See the “Dear Homeo Lobby” post I had below. Maybe I need to post it once more.
      Every aspect of homeopathy is pseudoscience, according to any scientist, not just Chay.
      Don’t worry about “far superior”, just produce scientific proof that it works in any one case and convince scientists because evidence says it fails in every single case when tested scientifically.
      When you can’t produce a single proof, but talk about “far superior”, that is the pinnacle of delusion.

      The proof is in the doctor link you posted. I want to believe that this is a fake profile created by homeopaths, because he wrote like an idiot who has absolutely no sense of science and research. It is all about “my experience”, “my belief”. His web sites reads like one written by a scientifically uneducated man. He has a place called “Life Force”, which says a lot about his understanding of physiology.

      His bio: “After practicing allopathy for 12 years with my own nursing home of 20 beds and three bed ICU, I was facing lot of side-effects & allergic reaction, to which, I had to face embarrassing situations and feel sorry for no mistake of mine, even though working hard and sincerely.”

      I don’t know how they qualified him with an MD. He can’t even write proper English. This guy qualified as a doctor, studying for 8 years in medical universities in English? I can completely understand how this man faced many embarrassing situations in his practice and they would be completely his faults. I have no idea how many died, but in the hands of someone with his intelligence, sugar pills are definitely safer. Modern medicine requires actual education and scientific understanding, which this man clearly lacks. Despite that he does quack research too, which no one other than a quack journal would publish.

      His talk of cancer is beyond embarrassing. Quacks like this are a threat to patients. This is why we are a backwards country. We qualify people with MD without teaching anything about science and research.

      His question: “Medical researchers find link between Carcinogens and Cancer. There’s a good chance you’ve seen, read or heard on TV, newspaper or social media that antiperspirants, cell phones, hair dyes, pesticides, plastic bottles etc. are also a few causes of cancer these days apart from various other causes. But which ones do you really need to worry about ? Some of them ? All of them ? Or there is any other cause also which is more worrisome than all of the other mentioned.”

      His words on cancer: “Our body fights cancer cells everyday, however precarious disease like cancer not just occur due to physical ailments but also due to emotional disturbance.”

      This is a doctor?

      I am sure you know a couple of crazy, third class doctors. I also know a couple of people crazy people who went crazy as they became older and talk like this.

    • Ignore science on homeopathy because charcoal is OK to brush with. Wonderful reasoning!!

      Colgate will sell you whatever appeals to your mindset. Same with soaps. They are not backed up by any great studies, just consumer focus groups.
      If a lot of people believe turmeric is great for skin, they will put a little turmeric in soap and advertise. Do you think that golden skinned model who is glowing actually became like that from using the advertised soap?
      If you believe clove oil will solve all dental problems, they will make toothpaste smell like clove oil.

      You actually think Colgate is a scientific representative? Colgate will tell you to buy Colgate and Kelloggs will tell you to eat its unhealthy sugar cereal junk food instead of real food. Since when did these companies become scientists? Because they showed you a fake lab with fake scientists in white aprons in their ad? Great thinking. You make a great sucker.

      Homeopaths and advertisers can quack as they please because the public can’t think.

      Also, according to homeopathy mindset, don’t use charcoal.
      Sugar spoils teeth. So put some sugar in water, dilute it like mad and brush your teeth with that water. Makes sense?

  90. To believe in Homeopathy, one has to forget everything taught in school and college and think like an completely uneducated person.

    To believe in Homeopathy, one has to completely reject science. Not one thing in homeopathy is supported by any science to the slightest bit. It is basically like witchcraft. According to homeopaths, everyone is against them. But the fact is, they are against all facts, logic and science.

    It is beyond belief that these poorly educated quacks come and lecture that the educated of us are being biased. What am I saying that is against what is taught in school or college? Nothing. Everything a homeopath says is against all education and they have the arrogance to say education is biased and a vested interest?

    Since hardly anyone in India seems to know science, maybe these simple Youtube videos will help. I added channel name for some. Just copy paste each into Youtube search,

    Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud?
    What Is Homeopathy And Is It Real Science?
    Does Homeopathy Work? Reactions
    What Is Homeopathy And Does It Work? Smart by Design
    Homeopathy Exposed (2017) Dani Dögenigt
    James Randi’s Challenge to Homeopathy Manufacturers and Retail Pharmacies
    Science-based Medicine Lecture 5 : Homeopathy
    Homeopathy, quackery and fraud | James Randi
    James Randi Lecture @ Caltech – Homeopathy
    Homeopathy Explained Georg Rockall-Schmidt

    Comedians on Homeopathy
    Dara O’Briain on Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, etc.
    That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E
    Dear Homoeopaths | Stand Up Comedy By Aakash Mehta

    Homeopaths want everyone to ignore science and rely on their flawed interpretations of experience. You can live for 85 years, see the sun every day and think that it is sun god going about in his chariot. You can see every eclipse and believe that you have seen a demon swallow the sun. Claiming that faulty interpretation of personal experience is superior to science is thinking like this. What you think you see reflects beliefs, not facts.

    When people lift the veil of faulty thinking and look at the data and analyze, truth always turns out to be quite different. In India, since we are mentally quite backwards still, we haven’t still learnt science or thinking. Even after passing a science exam in college, like the animal doctor below, we still think in a completely uneducated way in many things. Belief in Homeopathy will continue as long as people believe in other silly things like Palmistry and Astrology.

    In the meanwhile, remember that while Homeopaths are claiming to be magicians who treat cases that real doctors can’t, and that real medicine has side-effects, while their magic sugar pills don’t, don’t forget that it is they who beg to be allowed to prescribe real medicines and are doing dharnas and hunger strikes. They want bridge courses to become real doctors. That hypocrisy shows the reality. Every BHMS would rather be an MBBS, but they just didn’t understand their Biology, Physics and Chemistry classes well enough to get to qualify for a real medical school. No wonder they think their insane dilutions make sense.

  91. it is deplorable to have a statement like this on homeopathy from supposed to be educated. Most of the statements against homeopathy is from skeptics and vested interested people just because a group of vested interest people is afraid of the development of homeopathy.. Most of them refer a statement from Australia ,which is proven to be biased ,I request them to ascertain the present status of that postings.
    I humbly request all the skeptics fro what ever corner hast may be first to realize every system has got its own merits and limitations. and before criticizing try to understand the system concerned and to have a proof in what way one thinks or see is like a jaundiced patient see everything yellow. .It is easy to waken a man who is sleep, but it is very difficult to arouse a man pretends to be sleeping. .There is no meaning in arguing with atheists to prove there is god.i am not an homeopath but a veterinarian treating most species of animals and though basically an allopathic trained man applies homeopathy whenever the modern medicine are inadequate are not helpful for the past 50 years. Not here say.. People like me are promoting HOLISTIC approach. Our aim is gentle economic cure of the patient at the earliest.
    Thanking you,
    Dr ramankutty.P Kewrala PLaakkad India +919447062736,

    • It is deplorable when someone who claims to have an education says homeopathy works. Saying homeopathy basically proves that you have little education. None of your education can be used to explain anything in homeopathy. Try it.

      It means you forgot all your education and simply reverted to your uneducated self. It means you think without using any education you received, but still want to be called educated. It is only the critics here that are using their education.

      The Australian study was not biased. Homeopaths always respond to every study that shows that their fake, fantasy sugar pills don’t actually do anything by saying that studies and critics are biased, that they have vested interests and allege conspiracy. They always play the victim card. The only vested interests here are homeopathic quacks and their own big pharma which mints money by selling cheap sugar at medical costs.

      Homeopaths are the ones pretending to be asleep when it is clearly shown that it has no medical molecules or effects and when not a single claim in their pathy book has any scientific proof. They pretend to sleep so that they can fake a debate when it is long over.

      Pretending to sleep is conveniently calling critics as just atheists and skeptics when the fact it all scientists (who also often tend to be atheists and skeptical thinkers) consider it fake. These homeopathic frauds are difficult to arouse to accept this. According to them, every rational person, every scientist, every major health organization, all major newspapers, all major science journals and even Wikipedia are all just atheists and skeptics who are conspiring against them. They don’t want to admit that they are only in it because they were not smart enough to actually get a medical college admission in any way.

      Just because a stupid system is written down by some fellow somewhere does not mean it has value. Homeopathy has no merits because it contains nothing. The only merit is for homeopaths who know nothing about body, disease or medicine to loot common man who does not understand science. You are the frauds with vested interests. Anyone can invent a magic system and say it should not be scientifically tested by saying it is all based on imaginary things.

      Homeopathy is not holistic. Homeopathy is just an insane fantasy imagined symptoms and feeling matching that ends with sugar pills that fools the patient that all these crazy questions actually mean anything and the homeopath is doing something sophisticated. The homeopathic interview is smoke and mirrors like crystal ball gazing.

      People go to Homeopathy when a doctor tells a patient that they don’t need medicine, that the body will heal itself and that the patient does not need to come again and again and pay him. That is honesty. But the patient does not understand all that and wants something else to be done. Homeopaths come here and take advantage of the patient and feed off by extracting fees for just sugar pills with different labels, until the time comes for the disease to naturally go away.

      Homeopath’s only aim is to take money. They don’t even know what cure or disease mean. Anyone who is educated about physiology or biochemistry will laugh at their insane concept of disease.

      I don’t know what place gave you a degree, but no real doctor considers himself an “Allopath”. There is no Allopathic system. There are no allopathy principles. Homeopaths called old western traditional pre-scientific medicine as allopathy and the name stuck for common man. Homeopaths goal is to say we are same-same. They like to say, see they are Allopaths, we are Homeopaths, we are just different pathies. That is nonsense.

      There is no textbook of allopathy. There is no university of allopathy. There are no journals of allopathy. There is no degree in allopathy.

      There are no 2 different physiologies, 2 different anatomies, 2 different biochemistries or 2 different medicines. There is always only 1 (which is everything for which there is proof) and the rest is fake (no proof, just beliefs).

  92. Believing in homeopathy is like believing in palmistry.

    Will you find unlimited stories about how a palmist gave surprisingly correct predictions? Yes.
    Is it plausible that a palmist can tell when you will get married or have money problems or get rich from palm lines? No.
    But when you try it, does it sound true? Yes.
    So why isn’t it true? Even other people’s prediction will sound true for your life.
    Do such stories become evidence? Of course not.
    Is there badly done research that claims it works? Yes.
    Does it actually work for predicting social problems when properly scientifically tested? Never.
    So why do people think it works? Ignorance of science, evidence and faulty thinking.

    Will people have unlimited stories about homeopathy miraculously cured them? Yes.
    Is homeopathy plausible at its dilutions? No.
    But when you try it, does it feel like it is healing? Yes.
    So why isn’t it true? You will imagine even a placebo is healing you when reassuringly told it is actually medicine. You will now confuse normal healing with time and coincidence as proof.
    Do such cure testimonies and anecdotes become evidence? Of course not.
    Is there badly done research that claims it works? Yes.
    Is there any scientific evidence it works? Never.
    So why do people think it works? Ignorance of science, evidence and faulty thinking.

    Homeopathy, like palmistry, is an irrational, pseudo-scientific belief that non-critical thinking believers emotionally invest in and it later becomes like a passionate position like a religion. It is no longer about logic, truth, facts and evidence. But such belief is dangerous and is exploited. Society should try to move from delusions. Governments should not promote delusions.

  93. Looked at that so called research from Bose institute. The author, Tara Shankar Bhattacharya, is just a B.Sc graduate. He does not have any further degrees and is still a graduate student there. So he does not have any research qualifications yet. This is his first paper and he walked right into pseudoscience.

    Bhattacharya, Tara Shankar, et al. “Investigation of the origin of voltage generation in potentized homeopathic medicine through Raman Spectroscopy.” Homeopathy 108.02 (2019): 121-127.

    This is the kind of research that Anil Khurana, director general at the Central Council For Research in Homoeopathy is proud of. Some nonsense written by a 22 year old student as his first paper and this is the kind of research the “top” Homeo journal publishes. Homeopaths always hide behind the latest junk science paper. Papers like this are designed to be smoke and mirrors.

    The paper is junk science and will not get published anywhere except in a Homeopathy journal. Homeopathy journal often publishes research without controls because this is the only way they can pretend there are effects. Effects disappear as soon as controls are introduced.

    Junk science like this will run any Bose Institute’s reputation to the ground because it shows they don’t teach how to do research properly. I wonder who his adviser there is who bears responsibility. Perhaps they hide behind students so that their own name is not muddied.

  94. Chay
    If you believe that Homeopathy is fake and there is no so called sicense then why are you wasting your energy unnecessary ? If those who have belief and getting cured with Homeopathy let them get cured and enjoy the healty life. Do you have any problem with that? Human body itself is a full of complicated sicense which modern world sicense has not fully understood yet . All pathys has it own course while treating the patient . If surgery is required then it is required .Neither of pathy can avoid that. But for pre and post pathys can compliment each other . There are people who do Naadi Pariksha and tell what the issue is . I met one Aureveda Doctor Who did my Naadi Pariksha and told me that I have slipped disk problem .Even those people are fake from your perspective . It’s OK. You can even believe that the deaths happened in the world due to illness are because they did homeopathy treatment ..Your choice. If it is just sugar pill and making wonder for people like sugar coated words do then let it be. If you think that only Alopathy has science and homeopathy is fake then why you are so scared and defending Alopathy so much here for fake things ? When person is hungry he/she Needs to eat and when ill getting cured is the ultimate goal.You live with your Alopathy and let live others who believe and experienced , with Homeopathy .

    • Amol, unlike you, I don’t just believe stories and flawed interpretations of personal experiences, I look up quality research from reputed science journals.

      I am not telling you my beliefs. I am telling you what A-L-L scientists, not scientifically illiterate governments and their health departments agree on. Homeopathy is just sugar and is only a placebo. Whether modern medicine is a science or not or if Homeopathy is a pseudoscience or not is not a matter of opinion, yours or mine, it is a matter of research evidence, evidence you don’t understand at all.

      No one is getting cured by homeopathy from anything. They are only getting tricked to pay a lot of money, Rs. 30,000 upfront paid “courses” in my area for doing nothing except waiting for seasonal allergies etc to go away on their own. It is an expensive scam. They are sugar pill dakus. Homeopaths have no real education in anything and cannot be considered “doctors”. They do not understand the most basic sciences.

      Look, if you can’t even spell science, maybe you should just keep quiet and look up my references to Science and Nature rather than tell me what science is?

      Nadi Pariksha is also a pseudoscience. The government would love to prove it, but it can’t no matter how hard they try. Of course it is fake. You are resorting to personal anecdotes again because you don’t understand science. At one time people thought they were getting cured by blood letting, both doctors and patients, for thousands of years. You can’t know things like this. Well controlled studies are a must. People like you who don’t know basic science are so easy to fool, trick and extract money from.

      Of course there are documented deaths due to homeopathy, not because homeopathy did anything to your body, it doesn’t (unless not actually diluted as claimed), but usually because people don’t seek real medicine when they should and use homeopathy instead. There are several such cases. Google Homeopathy; whats the harm?.

      My question is why are homeopaths afraid when I am merely pointing people to read research from reputed journals and not their fictitious quack journals that never made any verified findings of any kind?

      My question is why do most homeopathy users kept in the dark about the fact about its insane dilutions? Most Indian users don’t know.

      My question is why do Homeopaths lie when confronted with the fact that there is no evidence for any aspect of homeopathy and it is a mere belief system? Why do they hide behind obviously fake and absurd quantum, nano pseudoscience?

      I just want people to know that it is a well-identified pseudoscience belief system, that there is no science whatsoever in it. It was established that it was not effective in even one condition.

      I am not holding your hand from consuming fake medicine sugar pills. I just want you to know that there is universal scientific consensus that they are fake and after that you don’t need to tell me whether you continued your belief in them or not. But you personal anecdotes as proofs are non sequitur.

      I want you to understand that your flawed interpretations of experience do not supersede studies, far from it, are usually debunked by studies.

      • Chay now I got that you have some mental problems .So keep writing against Homeopathty we don’t care.

        • But you do care and you guys will keep coming and I will be here. Watch.

          Mental Problems – Not understanding what 200C is, even when explained.

    • No Surgery journal recommends homeopathy pre or post.

      Maybe you have an unverifiable anecdote you invented about that surgeon friend who does, but no respectable surgery council recommends homeopathy in any shape or form, pre or post included.

      You should not be in the dark about that.

  95. This Corona virus has now proved beyond any doubt that it is germs that cause disease not otherwise as believed by homeopaths and a basic idea of homeopathy

  96. Homeo medicine is used as preventive medicine . The above article is utterly false .. Tre alopothey mafia works behind it .. Today People are litered about alternative medicine and its effect .. so why cry dear alopothy bro…ududuuducififi

    • It has been absolutely and scientifically proven that Homeopathy is completely useless, in both prevention and cure.
      And no, homeopathy claims to be curative, but isn’t. It says it cures after symptoms appeared. It can’t anymore than a placebo.

      The question is why people are crying about this fact, unable to accept it?

      There is no medicine in it. All its theory and laws are completely wrong. All of them are pseudoscience. Not one has been proven. No cure was ever shown as effective scientifically. Only useless anecdotes that no one with intelligence considers. Witchcraft also has anecdotes. Every quackery has anecdotes and stories.

      It isn’t “Allopaths” who disagree. It is every scientist.
      Go to any top journal, top news paper, any reputed government health department, wikipedia, everyone knows how ridiculous it is.

      Only in backwards India where cow urine is cancer cure and tulsi is corona aid are people so ignorant about this fact.
      We don’t have enough intelligence or education to understand placebo effect or regression to mean.
      People support Homeopathy out of emotion and ignorance. If they used intelligence, facts, science and logic, they will see it for what it is, a scam.
      Our people cry about it being true like they do about religion. We as a country can’t understand science.

  97. Homeopathy is only option what makes one healthy and ensure cure of deseases. To get long term effect one can understand the value and life style changes. Conventional medicine only make you feel good and control chemically. No cure no health issues important. I can challenge to make one understand the quick recovery and complete cure except diabetics and some cancer.

    • Every lifestyle change recommended for Diabetes and Cancer comes from scientific medicine, not Homeopathy.

      No homeopathic formulation has ever proven itself in even a minuscule way in the treatment of any disease and that any includes diabetes and cancer.

      To make a lifestyle change recommendation, it is important to know why the disease occurs. Only the scientific investigations reveal the cause of disease.

      Homeopathy is based on ignorance of 18th century beliefs which were not based on any proper scientific study and homeopaths are completely unscientific, dishonest and refuse to admit they were wrong.

      Homeopaths do not do any useful studies. They only do fake studies that try to look like science studies in order have the appearance of also being scientific. It is for advertisement purposes only and no actual discovery has ever been made.

      No homeopath has ever contributed to any knowledge about any disease. Homeopathy is universally understood by all scientists, not just in medicine, as a pseudoscience. Everything about it is FAKE.

      In India, people such as yourself, believe in it because you are intellectually immature, think like children and believe in stories rather than try to understand research.

  98. Arguing that Homeopathy is real from personal experience, while ignoring the fact that there is total and complete scientific consensus that everything about it is fake, from the entire scientific community and all major national health departments, is like arguing that

    because you have never personally seen any evolution from one species to another, you deny the fact of (not theory homeopaths, scientific theories are undisputed findings in science, unlike your fake laws in Homeopathy) biological evolution, DNA evidence and the fossil record.

    because you have never seen the curvature of the earth with your own eyes, you deny all scientific data that earth is a sphere.

    The science on homeopathy is so clear at this point that we definitively know that all its cure claims are imagined and that people are awful at telling the difference between what is cure from medicine and what is automatic healing of the body, on its own, without medical assistance.

    When not even one single fact is present in Homeopathy’s text and everything in it is just fantasy medical philosophy that completely failed empirical tests, when all homeopathic fake science literature has failed to be validated without exception, attesting to homeopathy is a sure-fire way to ensuring to everyone that you lack any understanding of science, that you never check evidence and scientific literature like an educated person and instead rely on feelings and stories instead.

    Belief in homeopathy is of the same thoughtless type as believing in magic, witchcraft and astrology. A lot of Indians believe in all of them (and some, even in developed countries) because we are a really backward country when it comes to intellect. But like everyone, we like to think we are smart even when believing in antiquated ideas about life force, impossible dilutions, testimonies and have no concept of chemistry or understand how cells work.

    If you never heard of “regression to mean” before, rest assured, you are unfit to talk about science. You should not have received a college degree, but you did, because our colleges are also quite bad.

  99. Homeopathy is highly efficacious. The various studies showing it to be placebo are all biased. There may not be any molecules in the dilutions but matter is not the active ingredient in homeopathic remedies. There is information of the dissolved substance in the dilutions. Information can’t be deleted as per the “law of conservation of information ”
    This information triggers the cure. The cure is not a scalar effect, rather it is a transformation. This transformation takes the form of orthogonal vector rotations in a hilbert space such that the dot product of vectors representing any two remedies is always cos 90.
    Remedy relationship chart clarifies this point. For example belladonna has dread of drinking while one of its follow up remedy, Arsenic alb has love of drinking ( liquids ). Hence there is a parity inversion between the two. Like that any two remedies have one symptom with such parity inversion. This facilitate the orthogonal vector rotations, if you know what that means. So plausible mechanism is definitely present. Isn’t this why there’s such bias against the efficacy?
    I can also answer every question raised against the efficacy.

    • “Information can’t be deleted as per the “law of conservation of information ”
      This information triggers the cure. The cure is not a scalar effect, rather it is a transformation. This transformation takes the form of orthogonal vector rotations in a hilbert space such that the dot product of vectors representing any two remedies is always cos 90.”

      All that is called BULLSHIT. Homeopathy is full of it, in fact entirely made out of it.

      Tossing in a few science terminology does not make science.

      If I give you 200C homeo pills of belladonna and Arsenic alb, in randomly numbered packets, you cannot detect which is which. Go ahead, try and look for feelings of dread and love of drinking. It only works if you know which is which. Otherwise, you will have about 50% error rate as probability theory predicts because it is just sugar/water/alcohol and has none of the effects you claim. But as a thoughtless homeopath, you will just count the 50% times you will get right due to chance and claim proof.

      All that homeopaths have to do, is do this trial in a proper way. Then all scientists will listen.

    • As for your “law of conservation of information”, it is like homeopathy laws, a pseudoscience belief proposed as law, by a creationist to deny the fact of biological evolution, because he wanted to believe in the bible, while still making it sound smart like science.

      Pass me your hard disk, I will disprove it for you. I will succuss it well in water and give you a drop of said water. You can then retrieve your indestructible information from that water. We’ll see how that works for you.

      Homeopathy and Creationism – no brains involved.

  100. Dear Fecu chi chui, you don’t have any scientific knowledge. You are biased person, not believing data of other persons getting cured for various homeopathic medicines. World is now realizing nano technology, first get adequate knowledge. Homeopathy medicine are added on Suger coated piles. There is mother tincture, that can be taken with water. You people are seems to be ethic less marketing people, giving 1000 rs costing stents at around Rs. 1.25 lack. What can we talk such daku business people. 15- 20 rs medicine is curing varios diseases. How you blind will believe. Every pathy has its important. Pl don’t dominate

    • But I do have scientific knowledge, while none of you seem to have any.

      As someone who knows science, I am educating people with foolish ideas about science. I addressing misconceptions with specific answers and references, while all you guys are doing is name-calling, tirelessly pretending anecdotes are proofs and repeatedly charging the author with collusion without any basis, while ignoring the scientific facts presented.

      Don’t take medicine if you think it is overpriced. Don’t get that expensive surgery. That is your choice. But that still does not make fake sugar pill fantasy, scientific. Homeopaths and their pharma are dakus.

      These sugar pills have nothing but sugar, but they charge almost half price of medical tablets in most markets. That is tricking consumers. Why don’t you homeopaths come clean and tell consumers that there are no actual active ingredients in the pill. Most consumers don’t know that. That makes it a fraud.

      What homeopaths add on sugar pills is homeo water.
      200C of Oscillococcinum water is
      1 in 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dilution of duck liver. And there isn’t even any such thing as Oscillococcinum. Even that water has dried up. It is only sugar pills made wet and dry with water. This is fraud.

      There are no multiple “pathies”. Scientific medicine debunked homeopathy and its miasma just has modern physics debunked old ideas of ether. Now you can’t say ether still has value. Homeopathy has no importance of any kind. It has been proven that homeopathy has never cured any disease because it only sugar. It is simply consumer fraud.

      Chikramane’s attempt to claim that homeo is nano medicine has already been debunked as nothing but industrial contamination. Do you want references? Look, I did my research, unlike you, maybe even more than the author.

  101. I am treating animals exclusively with homeopathy since 1995 . Do animals have placebo effect ? There is not a single peer reviewed study which confirms this phenomenon in animals ! If somebody knows please let me know . Further i request the writer to kindly visit my clinic and see what Homeopathy to particularly those sick animals who are brought to my clinic without undergoing any treatment .This will dispel hypothesis of regression to mean ! More than 40% of my cases are those which do not respond to conventional treatment . Further dear writer do not forget to bring with you that learned professor of CAM with you .Further i must make you that it was HAHNEMANN who first proposed germs to cause Asiatic Cholera in 1831 , without a microscope 50 years ahead of Koch !
    So please confirm your arrival .
    Thankfully yours

    • Yes non-animal-doctor, placebo studies are important even in animals, due to regression to mean.

      Here, I will kindly let you know.

      Veterinary science journals did meta-analysis of homeo trials and concluded that there is no proof that homeo works and also that homeo trials are of terrible scientific quality. No body cares about your personal testimonies, the studies and data are clear and veterinary science rejected it.

      Also, you don’t understand what “regression to mean” means. You can only eliminate it by a parallel control group selected by random. Most homeopaths and users seem to be confused by the thinking that if you treat after conventional medicine and if symptoms go away, you have proved it works. Nope, you still have not ruled out regression to mean. Do you need me to explain further?

      And no, Hahnemann did not propose early germ theory. He was just parroting ideas of animalcules by Anthony van Leeuwenhock (1676). He was a miasma believer, which is now fully debunked.

  102. It is utter foolishness to consider homoeopathic medicines are useless. If you don’t know the basic principles of this system of medicine it is wise to keep silence. There are lakhs of people in our country who have taken benefit of homoeopathy. I am such a person. After taking the full course of medicine I was suffering from the loss of energy and was feeling always tired. I consulted the chest specialist and what he advised was that once affected by tuberculosis it is not easy to regain the health as it was early and he prescribed a tonic for me. But that didn’t help me any way. It was at this time that I consulted a homoeopathic physician. He gave me medicines and I could regain the lost energy and health. From that time onwards mostly I and my family members resort to homoeopathic treatment. I am sure that homoeopathic system is very effective. If you don’t understand how this medicine works please try to learn about it and please don’t be carried away by multinational medical companies. But I don’t hesitate to state that many of the homoeopathic doctors are not efficient as they go for homoeopathy course when denied admission for modern medicine. They are not satisfied with this system but however complete the course and come out with a degree but lack a confidence or interest. Unlike modern medicine it is not easy to prescribe a suitable medicine for a particular disease. It needs thorough knowledge of the medicines. But that is often lacking in the case of many hoeopaths. It is therefore necessary that only those who are really interested in this system must join homoeopathic courses. Also please note that homoeopathic medicines cannot be tested in a laboratory as in the case of allopathic medicines

    • What is utter foolishness is that your own life was clearly saved bv modern medicine. Without real medical treatment for your TB, you would likely have been dead by now and not typing this. And yet, here you are, completely brainwashed by homeopathy propaganda.

      The tonic was mostly placebo as were homeo’s sugar pills. It was time that was going to cure your weakness after the cure, as your lungs take time to heal after real medicine removed the germ.

      Homeopathy can be tested in labs. Homeopaths actually keep publishing lab studies they claim prove they work, soon after which scientists easily point out that their experimental design is quite faulty (homeopaths don’t understand science at all) and homeopaths move to trying next faulty lab study.

      Homeopathic pills can be tested in lab. They reliably give the scientifically expected result, which is that they are simply sugar. Homeopaths don’t like factual results, so they say they say they are above science and stick to promoting anecdotes. Anecdotes, rather than studies, don’t convince intelligent people, but fool common man very well.

      Double blinded clinical trials clearly show that homeo pills, individualized or not, do not give any sense of improvement beyond placebo pills. Placebo pills also make patients report miracles. Quacks pretend that does not happen.

      • Again we see over here, our dear Mr. Chay doing all talk with no work. Don’t be a quack.

        “Homeopathy can be tested in labs. Homeopaths actually keep publishing lab studies they claim prove they work, soon after which scientists easily point out that their experimental design is quite faulty (homeopaths don’t understand science at all) and homeopaths move to trying next faulty lab study.”

        Scientists like you should show us how their experimental design is faulty. Please make your published reviews available to us.

        • What quack? I am not offering you any treatment. Don’t call name just for the sake of it, have some sense.

          Google “homeopathy and nanoparticles” by Hall.
          The clueless homeo “researcher” who wrote homeo nano nonsense paper, contacted her himself and got upset when she easily found holes in his research design.

          Google: Peer-reviewed homeopathy study sparks uproar in Italy
          Article is from Nature.
          Indian homeopaths copy-pasted data to fabricate data and got caught, but only after publication.

  103. The author has written the article based on an articles: ; which itself have no reference and does not cite any proper research materiasl and thus, cannot be said to be valid. Also, the articles are more than five years old. Can Author cite a real research article for the facts that have been claimed in this particular forum?

    • That Australian government study you casually dismissed went through 1800 Homeopathy studies and you are coolly asking for even one real research reference.

    • Mr Chay
      Better to stay in dillusion.I know my father and my grandfather case which were very serious and suggestes for surgery .But homeopathy treatment makes them fit.I also like you who didn’t believe in homeopathy at all.But that instance open my eyes .you know a few things our ancestors has mentioned which you might think is not scientific .Earlier people used burn charcoals as a tooth paste.colgete told people that this is not good for your teeth .Now these same colget guys now created a new product where they are advertising to have charcoal as an ingredient which is healthy for your teeth. Homeopathy is far superior than your modern medicine . I am not saying allopathy is bad or useless.people need to wisely choose when and what they need to use . If you are having a heart attack or leg crack by accident definitely homeopathy would not be wise ,but a few chronic case are very well treated with homeopathy and even clinical evidence is in there .Every year I suffered from Thorat congestion and infection in my nose .I used to visit allopathy doctor and every time they suggest Azithromycin .For last few years I stopped visiting allopathy and used homeopathy medicine after visting a sr doctor .Just HCS 30 for 3 -4 days relieve me very well as like as your Azithromycin with no side effects .
      Now you tell me should I go by your pseudo science theory or the practical experience ??? keep your pseudo science theory with you and try not to be one eyed tunnel vision and show respect to other practice as well .
      You know a couple of doctors who are having allopathy degree also practicing homeopathy.I heard one in Kolkata which was a eminent allopathy doctor , something suggested to use homeopathy medicine as well based on case. As well another doctor ..

      Jaswant Patil
      Ex-Lect. G S Medical College,K E M Hospital, Mumbai
      Website :

    • Mr Chay
      Better to stay in dillusion.I know my father and my grandfather case which were very serious and suggestes for surgery .But homeopathy treatment makes them fit.I also like you who didn’t believe in homeopathy at all.But that instance open my eyes .you know a few things our ancestors has mentioned which you might think is not scientific .Earlier people used burn charcoals as a tooth paste.colgete told people that this is not good for your teeth .Now these same colget guys now created a new product where they are advertising to have charcoal as an ingredient which is healthy for your teeth. Homeopathy is far superior than your modern medicine . I am not saying allopathy is bad or useless.people need to wisely choose when and what they need to use . If you are having a heart attack or leg crack by accident definitely homeopathy would not be wise ,but a few chronic case are very well treated with homeopathy and even clinical evidence is in there .Every year I suffered from Thorat congestion and infection in my nose .I used to visit allopathy doctor and every time they suggest Azithromycin .For last few years I stopped visiting allopathy and used homeopathy medicine after visting a sr doctor .Just HCS 30 for 3 -4 days relieve me very well as like as your Azithromycin with no side effects .
      Now you tell me should I go by your pseudo science theory or the practical experience ??? keep your pseudo science theory with you and try not to be one eyed tunnel vision and show respect to other practice as well .
      You know a couple of doctors who are having allopathy degree also practicing homeopathy.I heard one in Kolkata which was a eminent allopathy doctor , something suggested to use homeopathy medicine as well based on case. As well another doctor ..

      Jaswant Patil
      Ex-Lect. G S Medical College,K E M Hospital, Mumbai
      Website :

    • Mr Chay
      Better to stay in dillusion.I know my father and my grandfather case which were very serious and suggestes for surgery .But homeopathy treatment makes them fit.I also like you who didn’t believe in homeopathy at all.But that instance open my eyes .you know a few things our ancestors has mentioned which you might think is not scientific .Earlier people used burn charcoals as a tooth paste.colgete told people that this is not good for your teeth .Now these same colget guys now created a new product where they are advertising to have charcoal as an ingredient which is healthy for your teeth. Homeopathy is far superior than your modern medicine . I am not saying allopathy is bad or useless.people need to wisely choose when and what they need to use . If you are having a heart attack or leg crack by accident definitely homeopathy would not be wise ,but a few chronic case are very well treated with homeopathy and even clinical evidence is in there .Every year I suffered from Thorat congestion and infection in my nose .I used to visit allopathy doctor and every time they suggest Azithromycin .For last few years I stopped visiting allopathy and used homeopathy medicine after visting a sr doctor .Just HCS 30 for 3 -4 days relieve me very well as like as your Azithromycin with no side effects .
      Now you tell me should I go by your pseudo science theory or the practical experience ??? keep your pseudo science theory with you and try not to be one eyed tunnel vision and show respect to other practice as well .
      You know a couple of doctors who are having allopathy degree also practicing homeopathy.I heard one in Kolkata which was a eminent allopathy doctor , something suggested to use homeopathy medicine as well based on case. As well another doctor ..

      Jaswant Patil
      Ex-Lect. G S Medical College,K E M Hospital, Mumbai
      Website :

  104. Shut up. Behaving illiterate. You dont evn have simple general knowledge. Trying to misguide people. But people are smart enough. They wont belive you . First study then write on such a big platform . You getting insulted its so shame on you. We and many people who all are on homeopathy do yu think we are getting treated automatically. We proudly get treated by homeopathy and we will continue that only. Your sentences are just discouraging people. Homeopathy works guys. Dont read this post. There are many other posts informative.

  105. Sht up . I always get cure with homeopathy only. Itz bcoz of yu all ppl get disguided. First study concept then come with this all . Yu all dont know basic things . Yu all purposely trying to discourage.We and our ppl get cure with homeopathy. Y do yu have problem. Some uneducate people as usual illiterate. Act sensible .

  106. Homoeopathic Doctors are more dangerous than the Homoeopathic System of medicine. It could have developed as a scientific system of medicine but the homoeopathic doctors themselves opposed the idea of making it scientific.. The government organisations in homoeopathic research in India are centre of politics, the never did any research in homoeopathy. If i am the health Minister or Health secretary of Government of India , I will hand over the system to Allopathic doctors so that they will utilise the system whenever or wherever if needed.

    • There is nothing to find in the system of Homeopathy. It is just sugar pills with a bit of water that contained nothing.

      30C is dilution is 1 in 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

      Due to Avagadros number, 10 power 23, there is nothing left at 13C and above.

      They are opposed to science because they have to admit that it does not and also cannot ever work. So they always say, they are above science (that Avagadros number does not apply to them) despite being completely clueless at basic level science.

      Despite what homeopaths may try to talk their way out of, there is no magic electrical energy that permanently stays behind, no quantum physics mysteries at molecular level or any nano effects are going on here. All their fake studies have already been debunked. This is simple chemistry. There is nothing to act.

      That is the only reason it does not have “side-effects”, because it has no effects in the first place, because there is nothing there in the first place. They just play for time, wait for symptoms to go way on their own and claim that their pills worked.

      If I am the health Minister or Health secretary of Government of India, I will first apologize to the Indian public for letting the scam run so long even after every major country established that it is fake (see my Dear Homeo Lobby post), for establishing useless degrees in what is basically a magical claim, for letting them call themselves “doctors”. Then I will convert these nonsense colleges to real medical ones. That will take real work, which these politicians are too lazy for.

      • @Chay Your comment looks somewhat biased to me. Please provide proper sources and references to validate your comment. Logic seems to be missing in your writings and yet a strong personal emotion seems to be displayed.
        I think you should brush up on your basic concepts of science. Since one should know that science is never-ending and full of questions and cannot be confined to some sets of numbers. Each and every law has its own limitations and is bound by limits you can comprehend. However, it does not imply they are not real or fake. If you comply with the reasoning that a matter which cannot be seen and is beyond my comprehension (beyond my scope of perception) then label it as fake, that cannot be called science. Logic is the must say in this case.

        You are talking like the conventional church folks who always had the intention to reject what went against their ideals.
        When you say it is fake (leaves nothing) since it goes beyond Avogadro’s number, I have a question for you. Can you cent percent prove that nothing exists beyond that number? Then prove with supporting evidences and publish it in a peer-reviewed journal. Or else, don’t make baseless claims of something not being there.
        There is a group of scientists from IIT Bombay who already proved that some Homeopathic medicine is valid in nano scale.
        DOI: 10.1016/j.homp.2015.09.006 ; ; This are the links. Study properly. I think it is your ignorance and stagnancy of mind which has led you to believe that something you cannot see cannot be real. A scientist can never say these things.

        Now coming to the “side effects”. Can you prove your reasoning by any means? Any scientific publication per se.
        I have been treated by many Allopaths in my childhood as well as I’m currently keeping my health checked by following Homeopathic medicine. I have first-handly seen what an antibiotic can do and what Homeopathic medicines deal with.
        It is never ” a play for time” since I have experienced results just in a short period of time (within minutes by after taking Homeopathy medicine). I can understand your ignorance comes from the fact that you have never visited and treated by a proper Homeopath but a quack who has given you loads of medicine for a single ailment. One must be reminded that a single Homeopath prescribes only a single medicine for an ailment after studying the entire constitution of an individual. The medicines have been tested on 1000s and lakhs of patients to review each and every symptom. One must study the Organon of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann thoroughly to know these. Yet, without studying the actual things, here you are, commenting on stuffs without logic like illiterate.
        No one should ever make you the Health Minister, or else we will see more scams engulfing people day by day and humans might soon find the extinction.
        P.S. This comment is intended as an insult for saying baseless things without any proof and logic @ Chay.
        Study hard and try to find the answers and don’t speak nonsense in the public forums with your fake science.

        • Kanishka Bose, you don’t know any science, you don’t need to act like you do. I am not interested in your laughably shallow pseudo-philosophy lecture either.

          You don’t need to try to impress me with these fake studies. I spent some time understanding homeopath’s use of pseudoscience before. Quick summary: No paper published by any homeopath has ever been validated. There is no other group with such a pathetic failure rate. They all turned out to be pseudoscience. Homeopaths are the biggest quacks on the planet.

          As for your nano-dilution, quite a few homeopaths attempted to pretend this by atrocious experimental designs. They are all rejected by the scientific community. It turns out they did not use even basic controls (of which they often have little concept of) and did not adjust for simple industrial contamination. Sanataram Kane, Chikramane, I know the clown parade. “The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” is a low impact journal which publishes a lot of quack papers.

          Don’t talk this gibberish about seeing “first-handed”. I can too, scientists even more so. If you had even a normal awareness of science, you won’t talk, “I have seen it myself”. Nobody is interested in testimonies of scientifically illiterate randos like you on Internet. If you can’t point to references to scientific consensus, and would instead peddle your “experience”, you are a dunce.

          Your quick result testimonies of homeo are rubbish. If they were real, they can be proven easily in studies. But homeopaths can’t prove in even one condition despite trying for hundreds of years. I have no reason to believe you or trust you and neither should you trust me. Bring robust scientific references (not junk journals) or keep quiet.

          Go to the journal, Science or Nature, type homeopathy in search and read the articles. All scientists agree with me. You have foolish and unintelligent positions on elementary science and you are lecturing me on knowing more science and logic. You are just a typical Dunning-Kruger archetype.

          Finally, your Organon of Medicine is book of blind belief at this point, childish compared to an scientific text. Everything in it has been debunked. Yet you cling to it like religion.

          • You may be right that I don’t know the science but the fact that I don’t get biased on any prospect and remain open-minded which seems to be conflicting with your ideals. It is you who have been acting like a typical Dunning-Kruger archetype in this entire forum as if someone has paid you off for promoting nonsense. Well, some people may find the basic logic of science as pseudo/ shallow as they are beyond their comprehension. I do not blame you for that.
            I previously asked you to provide proof for your statement and some proper references in scientific journals. And here you are again, sprouting your nonsense with absolutely no proof what so ever. In addition to that, like a dunce, you question the journals to be of low impact. Well rejecting something should be backed by your own research. If you have the guts you are most welcome to prove your statements right by publishing them to Nature or Science.
            You say you have spent time understanding Homeopath’s use. However, everything looked upon by a biased view can never be validated.

            ………….”Don’t talk this gibberish about seeing “first-handed”. I can too, scientists even more so. If you had even a normal awareness of science, you won’t talk, “I have seen it myself”. Nobody is interested in testimonies of scientifically illiterate randos like you on Internet. If you can’t point to references to scientific consensus, and would instead peddle your “experience”, you are a dunce.”………….

            Well, scientific communities are based on analyses/ experiment and the followup result. I have received the result of cure myself that’s what I have stated. That is my personal observation. And here you are pointing things which describe yourself better than me. I haven’t seen any proper references to your scientific consensus in this forum till now.
            You have talked about this and that all useless blah blah… But you haven’t listed a single proper reference or scientific study which disproves Homeopathy. Also, I challenge you to bring robust scientific references (not junk journals) or keep quiet. Prove me wrong. Bring the results that there nothing in Homeopathy. Also, the research articles you refer should be of your first authorship to authenticate your comments. I look forward to them. I will gladly accept your credibility then.
            Also, have you ever tried reading that book, or is that “grapes are sour” in your speaking?
            Also as a layman, I would expect you to produce at least one medicine for any ailment prevailing on the earth, that too without any side effect and future aggravation or damaging to any other organs. Please cite if you have done any such research. Also, all the people have high hopes from you from inventing the CoVID medicine. Share your results with the people without wasting your time in defaming some science you consider as pseudo in the internet forum. If it is really a pseudoscience you should not be concerned with that generally and would have proved it in a more scientific way to the community. Well, I guess you have a lot of time to spare like me commenting on each and every reply and defending your arguments scientifically.

          • Kanishka, if you don’t know the science, you are not being open-minded, you are just uninformed. Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out.

            If you keep parroting “my personal experience” and discount scientific reports, you are not educated enough to understand science.

            I already listed 12 statements by all top health ministries in the world, all condemning homeopathy as quackery. See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post below. Google each sentence to find the report. Go read the 2015 Australian and 2010 UK report to the British parliament and they are full of study references.

            Till date not even a single homeopathic claim is accepted by the scientific community, neither in plausibility nor effectiveness. In science, Homeopathy is frequently given as the most illustrative example of pseudoscience and quackery. Don’t think so?, here is my challenge, go find one single homeo “cure” accepted by the scientific community. After that, you can lecture how scientific communities work. But you won’t be able to find one single accepted claim.

            The article is full of mentions of scientific reports and scientist quotes. You ignore them.

            “Also as a layman, I would expect you to produce at least one medicine for any ailment prevailing on the earth”

            That is why laymen like you end up with witchcraft and homeopathy. Scientific medicine is honest and regulated. It clearly states when a treatment is unavailable. Homeopathy is unscientific, dishonest and unregulated. Homeopath and other quacks are unscrupulous. They say they have treatments for everything, even things they have never seen, while scientifically it is nothing but a placebo.

            As a layman, you have no awareness of how scientific communities work. So why are you telling me how they do? You can’t have it both ways. I told you to read Nature and Science and search for Homeopathy. Why didn’t you do that? That gives you a good idea of what scientists think of Homeopathy.

            You want one study example from a reputable journal? Here is one I already listed.

            Shang A, Huwiler-Muntener K, Nartey L, et al. Are the clinical effects of homoeopathy placebo effects? Comparative study of placebocontrolled trials of homoeopathy and allopathy. Lancet 2005; 366: 726-732.

            It analyzes 110 homeo trials, compares them with another 110 matched trials from conventional medicine and concludes that homeopathy is a placebo.

    • It is utter foolishness to consider homoeopathic medicines are useless. If you don’t know the basic principles of this system of medicine it is wise to keep silence. There are lakhs of people in our country who have taken benefit of homoeopathy. I am such a person. After taking the full course of medicine I was suffering from the loss of energy and was feeling always tired. I consulted the chest specialist and what he advised was that once affected by tuberculosis it is not easy to regain the health as it was early and he prescribed a tonic for me. But that didn’t help me any way. It was at this time that I consulted a homoeopathic physician. He gave me medicines and I could regain the lost energy and health. From that time onwards mostly I and my family members resort to homoeopathic treatment. I am sure that homoeopathic system is very effective. If you don’t understand how this medicine works please try to learn about it and please don’t be carried away by multinational medical companies. But I don’t hesitate to state that many of the homoeopathic doctors are not efficient as they go for homoeopathy course when denied admission for modern medicine. They are not satisfied with this system but however complete the course and come out with a degree but lack a confidence or interest. Unlike modern medicine it is not easy to prescribe a suitable medicine for a particular disease. It needs thorough knowledge of the medicines. But that is often lacking in the case of many hoeopaths. It is therefore necessary that only those who are really interested in this system must join homoeopathic courses. Also please note that homoeopathic medicines cannot be tested in a laboratory as in the case of allopathic medicines

  107. If fail to drive that does not mean there there some thing wrong with the Car.
    Fault is your individual skill and capability… If don’t know pathy…. It does mean it do ot work
    There is numerous way One can proved
    Best way is to check people who got Cured of Numberous ailment which are consider I cure able…….. Please consult a qualified homoeopathic phyisican…… There Nothing wrong with pathy it individual skill that matter….

    • There is no car, you are not a driver.

      Kids cannot drive, so they imagine a car. They hold their hands like they are holding a steering wheel, say vroom, vroom, and imagine they are driving.

      A homeopath is just like that. They don’t know science. They don’t understand the body or disease. They imagine vital energy and imagine they are doctors and think they are curing with just sugar pills, just like kids.

      10% of India is using homeopathy. If 10% of India are kids, 13 crore, and they are all running around imagining that they are driving, it still does not change the fact that they are no cars there. Fantasies are fantasies regardless of how many crores believe them.

      Homeopaths are like kids who think they are race car drivers and think they are better than all the drivers on the street. But if they go beyond playing (sugar pills for allergies) and step on the street (COVID-19) fantasizing their car is real, there will be deaths.

      When adults (scientists) tell them their car is not real, they can’t understand (studies) and cry (see comments criticizing a factual article). How does one discipline and teach such children?

      • With Homeopath fantasies, it is worse than kids fantasies.

        Kids will grow up and outgrow their fantasies, even if no one teaches them. A Homeopath will however believe in his fantasies till death.

  108. It is better for all Western countries to understand and apply homoeopathy otherwise 130 crores country can be saved but country with best modern gadgets is not able to save their citizens. We are proud of our PM to make people aware about actual pathy based on laws keep your ego high and keep on disapproving homoeopathy but results speak when countries with half ,1/3 ,1/4 of our population are not able to save citizens with world best modern devices, but are hiding homoeopathy so that big vaccine making companies do not have red balance sheets. It is high time for all world to use ayurveda and homoeopathy otherwise new viruses would leave us no where and rest would be damaged by chemical based tablets and capsules etc.Try to be more aware instead egoistic

  109. It is better for all Western countries to understand and apply homoeopathy otherwise 130 crores country can be saved but country with best modern gadgets is not able to save their citizens. We are proud of our PM to make people aware about actual pathy based on laws keep your ego high and keep on disapproving homoeopathy but results speak when countries with half ,1/3 ,1/4 of our population are not able to save citizens with world best modern devices, but are hiding homoeopathy so that big vaccine making companies do not have red balance sheets. It is high time for all world to use ayurveda and homoeopathy otherwise new viruses would leave us no where and rest would be damaged by chemical based tablets and capsules etc.Try to be more aware instead egoistic

  110. Hats off to Mr/Ms Chay for the many insightful comments here that highlight the importance of the scientific method and the importance of published, peer-reviewed research rather than anecdotal and often exagerrated tall tales of miracle cures due to homeopathy.

    • Thank you.
      I just think whenever the topic of quack medicine comes up, these silly arguments should not go unanswered.

  111. shut up .its works me without any side effects .if its placebo then it’s good than allopathic medicine .treating people without any side effects.homepathic uses real herbs . so stops spread fake knowledge /÷/@%==#÷#×$÷$#÷

    • Mr/Ms Ansh: If something works for you, whatever the hell “works” means, it does not constitute a rigorous clinical trial. It is nothing more than a sample of 1 and any benefit is self-reported, not verified by an independent medical professional. So I strongly suggest that you take a dose of your medicine:

      “stops spread fake knowledgestops spread fake knowledge”

      For purposes of accuracy, I have retained your Excellent English !

  112. The author proves his ignorance when saying Hahnemann created like cures like – it was Hippocrates who said by the similars we are cured – only a couple thousand years BEFORE Hanhnemann. The author should check the medical journal LANCET ( yes, the highly respected British medical journal) dated September 20, 1997. 26 best studies on Homeopathy then to date – 66% more effective than no treatment and statistically better than placebo. Had the author done their research they wouldn’t peddle trash as journalism.

    • Hippocrates was not a homeopath. Just google that sentence for a detailed discussion.
      1997 Lancet study was disowned by the authors themselves. Checkout what Lancet said about Homeopathy in 2005.


    • Hello all-caps enlarged prostate Homeo guy, IGNORANT PARTICIPANT HERE.

      Do you think scientists have not heard stories like yours? Why do you think they they have not become believers from non-believers? Because scientists don’t deal in belief. They do experiments. They look at results. All data shows same number of cases also get cured on their own regardless of treatment against homeo. Yes, even big prostate tumors sometimes collapse automatically without treatment. If you get a bus and collect all advanced prostate cases in your town and give them homeo pills, by day 3, out of 50 guys, no more than 1 guy, or more likely 0 guys will have cure. Your anecdote is not repeatable. That is why people do studies. Anecdotes are occasional lucky stories, not science or medical proof.

      Please understand this concept. Just because you took some treatment and got cured does not necessarily mean it was the treatment that made you better. Your body, given time and no treatment also heals in some cases. You need trials to rule out these cases.

      It is unbelievable that people like you still don’t get the concept of controlled, blinded clinical trials. What kind of non-teaching schools are you guys coming from?

      The reason you don’t have side effects is because in homeo scam they are only giving you sugar, not medicine.

      • Very well said. Mr/Ms Chay !

        The problem is that this fellow above regards his anecdotal experience as the bloody gospel truth and conflates that with a rigorous clininical trial. But then, when the PM of the country believes that ancient Indian surgeons could graft an elephants’s head to a man’s torso, it is not surprising that people believe in such nonsense !

    • Work says of it’s own rather than words…!! I have just wasted time on reading this baseless article!

  114. If homeopathy is placebo then why so many cases of pcod, hypothyroidism,kidney stone,renal stone getting cured with homeopathy??

    • Simple. They aren’t. That is according to studies.

      No disease of any kind is getting cured by Homeopathy. Homeopathy has no effect on the body.
      All claimed cures are natural remissions. They occur in the same rate in the placebo group as in the homeo group.

      Homeopaths want you to think of every remission as occurring due to the homeo sugar pill. Common person does not understand disease patterns. They are easy to fool.

      Please learn about homeopathic dilutions. It is just sugar.

    • Do you have results of such studies in a respectable, peer-reviewed scientific publication? Or are you simply re-circulating and regurgitating some urban myths from your favourite Whatsapp university ?

  115. Another example of baseless, biased, illogical article by Charlatan. I wonder if you really belong to this planet as there are millions of people out there who have been cured or benefited by homeopathic medicine and you think these people are faking it ?

    No wonder why our country is still developing as most of the people has agenda to criticize genuine practitioners. If you are that good enough in reasearch why don’t you chase scientist to get answers on how it’s works to make people aware rather than creating loopholes.

    It’s worth reading newspapers rather than reading such digital nonsense.

    • You are strange. Homeopaths are textbook examples of Charlatans.
      The author is merely stating the scientific consensus. All developed countries reject homeopathy. See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post. The author is not giving her opinion. She is just stating the conclusions of all scientists.

      Millions of people also think their god cured them because they prayed. What people think is not evidence. Studies show that homeopathy does not work. Common sense about homeo dilutions says it can never, ever work because it is only sugar.

      Our country is not developed. We are very backwards in education. We think cow urine is medicine and homeo is medicine. Neither is. We don’t listen to scientists. Even many of our scientists are not smart and think vimanas are real and we had airports thousands of years ago and that they are smarter than Einstein, Newton etc even though they are total failures in science.

      All real scientists concluded that homeopathy is quackery through countless studies. Don’t believe me. Check my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post and verify the statements.

      • I am from Kerala…what is contrast between us and you people now is..our local media both malayalam and English are not propagating any offensive criticism against alternative system but are standing unbiased…In govt homoeopathy colleagues Newspaper media used to come with written applications requesting for preventive medicine for their employees as they cannot skip lockdown and they are saved…In kerala homoeopathy has a seperate cell called REACH to tackle epidemic and Govt colleges has a seperate OPD for Social and Preventive medicine for handling epidemics…during every epidemic mass media people and residences association used to take preventive from them….I think our community is wise and unbiased…As such nobody have full knowledge about Covid 19 and its wise to stand unbiased……you people are propagating biased articles putting yourself and your employees and the readers life in unnecessary risk…If 50 to 67 percent of the population has the immunity then the Ro value will be less and that can contain the epidemic. Unless the 50 percent of the population is not immune even after lockdown second wave will come up….it is risky to get 50 of the population to get infected and get immunized and also vaccines are not yet available. So only way is the Prophylaxis. There are multiple factors that can affect immunity..It is wise to workout all that..Second is USA is best hit by the covid19 and is the center of western medicine….Only one country in the Europe that accept Homoeopathy to be practiced by nondoctors is Germany….Germany has flattened the curve and is one of the top countries that handle covid 19 wisely and there are other countries that accept homoeopathy to be practiced my specialist docters only…they are already working on covid and collecting data for scientific evidence..we had video conference with them..and it’s doing well..last thing is eastern countries are least hit by covid19…those countries that have good support for alternative system like Japan, Russia China Tiwan Singapore also one amoung the best countries that tackle covid19 wisly….yes I do accept the fact that there are multiple factors…but what I mentioned is also a major factor…After all immunity cannot be bulit overnight…it should cultivated as a part of every day life..Perserving good quality microbiota is a big factor and there are lots of articles published…please do go through good quality unbiased resent reserch in immunity, microbiota and systems biology. IT IS WISE TO STAYBACK UNBIASED , CORPORATE AND WORK TOGETHER DURING PANDAMIC INSTEAD OF BLAMING AND FALSE FINDING…ITS GOOD FOR YOU ALSO AND FOR THE SOCIETY..STAY SAFE..STAY UNBIASED

        • If your local Kerala media is “unbiased” about Homeopathy and treats it the same as scientific medicine, then your media is not worth reading or watching. There is no respectable international media that does not note the fact that Homeopathy is fake medicine. Only worthless media does not state this.

          Not letting people know what the quack medicines are in the middle of a pandemic is irresponsible and not at all good for the society.

          Print is respectable and can be trusted because it states the truth despite the fact that many readers don’t like truth. It takes courage to say unpopular facts. That is real journalism. Acting “neutral” to keep everyone happy is not honesty. We do this a lot in India.

          Rest of your comment about scientific medicine is just a distraction from the real point of the article.

        • These are paid articles by pharma companies, these pharma companies also take homeopathy medicine but risks people by giving wrong information and spitting venom against the true homeopathy and Ayurveda which is serving humanity since thousands of years

          • No, you guys are liars who make baseless allegations.

            Anybody who knows pharmacology or just basic biology will only laugh at the delusions of homeopathy, not take it.

            Homeopaths have been on a misinformation campaign against scientific medicine from the beginning because they see it as a threat that exposes their scam of sugar pills and are a danger to the society.

            Before that they ran a campaign against herbal medicine like Ayurveda.

            The spitting of venom is from you.

            First admit to your scam victims that your medicines don’t contain anything and that it is only your belief that it contains magic energy that no one can verify. Most of them are not aware of this in India. Also let them know that all major trials and reviews have shown that it has no effects beyond being a simple sugar pill.

  116. Just another meant to malign paid article.

    Covid19 is just another excuse to demean a system of medicine.There are numerous paid articles and then there are million testimonials and people already know that that can be seen in comment section.Are you saying million people are stupid and you anti homoeopathy are the only smartasses.There are many mbbs doctor’s who advise homoeopathy.But why would you see that when intent is clearly to malign not debate.You keep create good for nothing articles and we will keep producing million more testimonials for people like you.
    Note.I thought journalism was meant to make lives better this is an anti humanity one.
    Please chose topics that makes sense like corruption.
    RIP journalism.

    • Testimonials are good for religion. Testimonials are good for advertising to sell soap. Testimonials mean nothing in science. Only studies matter. Even a million testimonials don’t make a study. Ask anyone with a PG degree from a good university why.

      Yes, people are exactly what you say they are, including MBBS doctors.

      An MBBS graduate knows nothing about science. You can pass MBBS without ever reading a single research paper. In India, research is only taught at MD/MS level, that too only a little. A typical MD knows only basic research method to pass. India is not the standard for medical science.

      Homeopathy is corruption. Journalism is supposed to expose corruption and scams. Homeopathy is a scam that fools people into thinking that sugar pills that have no medicine are medicinal. Homeopaths should be honest and tell their clients what 200C means and that there is no actual medicine in them.

      The only maligning being done here is by Homeopaths who assert that the author is paid. What proof do they have? Exactly the same amount of proof they have that their medicine works. None.

      The article is full of links backing each statement. You cannot address any of those and simple attack the author.

  117. If you don’t have a knowledge about homoeopathy, please don’t criticized it.your knowledge is not reach upto that level,becoz u r not that much intellectual I think.

  118. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Early treatment with BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE RA HERBAL REMEDY was effective. Now is doing an amazing job controlling the disease. No more joints pains, and Dr Joe said my condition will be fully reversed after complete treatment plans (7 weeks). For more information about this remedy visit this webpage: ww w. besthealthherbalcentre .c om

  119. This seems to be a mercenary job. Your main quote is one abhyankar who failed to get into MBBS. What a great authenticity to the source!

    • Now that is your mercenary job on Abhyankar.
      Every BHMS homeopath in India is someone who failed to get into MBBS.
      Shantanu Abhyankar is actually that one homeopath who went back into MBBS because he realized that he was taught pure quackery.

      • There are many who chose homoeopathy because they know and experienced it way more better than know it all like you.
        There are many more mbbs who learn homoeopathy to practice you know why because of toxicity of the drugs.please do your homework well.

        • So many people choose Homeopathy because they are being fooled by Homeopathy scam using placebo effect. Personal experience does not work in determining what works and what does not, only research studies do. All large studies unanimously found that Homeopathy is fake. People only choose homeopathy because they have no concept of science and research. For them it is a faith like god. That is dangerous in medicine.

          My homework is very thorough. It is you who has not done any. See my Dear Homeo Lobby post. Every governmental health agency except India agrees with me and the author. Nearly all scientists agree with me. Homeopaths are quacks.

  120. Hello

    I can provide you details of 2 patients relieved of their symptoms caused by COVID 19. If they approve, will you cover the story?
    One of them is MD[Emergency Medicine], MBBS doctor at a well-known hospital. The other one has tested negative in 15 days and has been discharged from the hospital.

    I’ve messaged the author at her twitter handle as well.
    Please do respond.

    Contact: +919592919191

    • Till date, worldwide, 3 LAKH (301,543) people have tested negative and have been discharged.
      In the coming months, lakhs of people will test positive, get admitted, turn negative and be discharged.
      You mean, it would be interesting news as doctors sacrificing in the line of duty as they expose themselves to the virus?
      Because otherwise, it would be a common occurrence. In India, so far, 468 people have tested positive and then negative.

    • Homeopathy has “laws”.
      They are not really laws because a law in science means always proven true, never false, but these fake laws were shown to be never true when tested by scientists.
      They are actually like Emperor’s New Clothes.

  121. Homeopaths, modern medicine has no treatment for COVID-19, because it is months old. No vaccine. No tablets. No injections. Unlike dishonest alternative medicine, which says it has cure for anything and everything, without even seeing a single case, modern scientific medicine tries its best to be honest, with claims of cure and with disclosing side effects.

    If you are old and have COVID-19, and it is serious enough to need a ventilator, you have only about 50% chance of surviving. Medicine publishes those sad numbers so that you know.

    And even in this bleak time, not even one country is saying, Homeopaths, get your Arsenica Alba ready.

    Nobody thinks you are real doctors (see my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post). They are saying, real doctors (who you call “Allopaths”), please do what you can, try to finish that vaccine, manage whatever you can, and please advice us on social/physical distancing and give us predictions of growth even though they will be imperfect.

    Even the only government that supports you, Indian government, the government which thinks cow dung is medicine, is saying, stuff got real, Homeopaths, sit over there in that corner and don’t get in the way, and if you want to be useful, please make some hand sanitizer, no, no, not Homeopathic 200C hand sanitizer, but the real stuff.

    Do you realize that hand sanitizer can be made by a construction worker, with a day of training? That is what people think of your scientific and medical capacity when it comes to real diseases.

    So please spare us your fake indignation and outrage at this this article that simply states the obvious. Medicine will solve this in time and you can go back to pretending to cure eczema. Just be grateful that you are not being called to expose yourself to the virus like real doctors and risk your lives. You can be alive and make money with your cushy sugar pill scam later. Many real doctors will die through this.

    • Kindly update yourself, do not post article just for the sake of attention or entertainment.

      Before writing such nonsense, stupid and half knowledge article, please get in touch with millions of people out there who have been cured with homeopathic medicines. Do you think these people are liars ??

      Also, would request you to please invest your precious time in developing our country rather than delivering such fake information. Seems you live in another planet altogether.

      Coming to science, why don’t you question scientist to update their mechanism or equipment on how it works. I wonder how much you have been paid to post such illogical article.

      • Kindly update yourself on the science on homeopathy. You can start with the 12 scientific statements I listed in my “Dear Homeo Lobby”. You can Google the reports and studies behind every one of them.

        Patient are victims of homeopaths, not liars. India has really bad education. Nobody understands the placebo effect, including college graduates. This is a shame.

        I don’t live on another planet. I live in this reality. Everything I said is thoroughly backed by science. Google the statements behind my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post.

        You on the other hand live in some alternate universe where science does not exist or can be freely denied. Every scientific statement in the author’s article is also backed by studies and reports. You want to act like those links don’t exist.

        Don’t post merely as a reaction. Read the science first. You can even start on Wikipedia. Everyone knows except homeopathy victims in India.

  122. Apple was used to fall on ground before the discovery of LAW OF GRAVITATION by Sir Isaac Newton, the fact was not false before the discovery. The fact is true that Homeopathy heals the disease. How it heals, the law will be discovered in future by any one of the future scientists.

    • Homeopathic apples in fact do not fall. In fact homeopathic apples do not even exist. Homeopaths like you just convince people they have in fact eaten apples.

      It was conclusively proven in every major study that Homeopathy does not “heal”. It is well known that patients think they are healed by homeopathy. This was found to be entirely due to the body’s natural healing with time, with Homeopathy not contributing in any way whatsoever.

      How did they know this? x people who take homeopathy sugar pills say they got cured. That makes it sound like it does something, until it was shown that also x people who take sugar pills without homeo water also say they got cured because of the pills, thus proving that it is pure placebo effect. This happens every time.

      They don’t teach you homeopaths basics of science? or do you guys just pretend to not know? This is why it is a farce to call you “doctors”.

    • Posted to wrong comment, earlier.

      Homeopathy has “laws”.
      They are not really laws because a law in science means always proven true, never false, but these fake laws were shown to be never true when tested by scientists. You cannot call it law of gravity, if gravity works only if you believe it, on some Mondays, but not other days and also if apples stop falling when scientists look at them.

      How would you like it if a pharma company says, I have no proof my medicine works, approve it first, I am sure some future scientist will present proof.

      And the question of law is when there actually is healing. When healing itself is disproven (see “Dear Homeo Lobby” post below), where is the point of how it heals?

      Homeopathy laws are actually like Emperor’s New Clothes. When the clothes are not even there, it is pointless to argue that someone else will find them beautiful. Everyone that says the clothes are beautiful is lying.

  123. Why should once science question the other one. World over there are different type of treatments and for some no treatment for what may come. There are groups which believe that body generate immune system and fight against every diseases. This group doesn’t take any medication whatsoever. And there are groups following herbal, Ayurvedic, nutraceutical, homeopathic, siddha, unani and natural therapies. Why vested interest allopathic group question the other groups and say they are not science? I do like the writer’s other presentation, but I am unable to understand the need for this article.

    • Why belief? Biology is a science. Immunity is a science. There is no need to believe in it. It is a scientific fact.
      Immunity will fight against infections. It won’t fight against diabetes or hypertension. Immunity won’t solve every health problem.
      Immunity is not always successful and needs to be assisted with medicines. Less people die, when this is done. This is proven.
      Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Naturopathy are based on concepts that have been fully proven to be false and are not based on biology or pathology (scientific study of disease). So they are not science, they are beliefs.
      They are also not science because when tested scientifically, they work the same as a placebo, which means they don’t work.
      Most Indians, yourself clearly included, don’t understand science. They love science bashing because they don’t understand it. They need to be explained these things.

  124. In 2003, I was diagnosed by Vellore doctors of a colon blockage and there were growths of flesh both inside and outside. the doctors suggested surgery which would cost 1.5 lakhs. I did nothing and relied on homeopathy. It took me almost a year by the time the pain was completely gone and so did the blockage. i am not bothered whether there is any science in homeopathy or not but it helps me a lot.

    • What do you think will happen if we get every patient with a growth to follow your advice?

      Your advice is: Just ignore medical advice, and swallow sugar pills on blind faith and hope for the best.

      Out of 1000 benign tumors, lets say 500 will become cancerous, 100 will go away on their own, and 400 will stay further harmlessly, but as an inconvenience.
      Surgeons don’t always know which ones will go which way. They just know that 50% of polyps larger than 2% will turn into cancer and advice based on that.
      By your method, those 500 people will die of cancer, while 100 will scream miracle.

      And how do we know this story is even true? You may well be an unscrupulous homeopath poisoning the well. Advice like this is murder.

  125. I have survived my whole life on homeopathic medicine and I have seen the various areas in which it works. It has cured me from simple things such a cold or a fever to serious things like pneumonia( for which I had no other sort of medical care other than homeopathic medicines). There have been incidents in my life where allopathic doctors told me I have to get a surgery done immediately to stop a growth and because we were not willing to go under the knife just yet, we tried homeopathy and within 2 weeks, this growth that doctors told me needed to be surgically removed, vanished without a trace. I suffered from alopecia and within a week of taking homeopathy I saw my hair growing back strong and I’ve never suffered from it ever again. The list goes on and on and on. There have been sooo many incidents in my life and in those around me who took homeopathy that it’s just impossible for me to say that it’s just a placebo. It has worked miraculously in the lives of so many people around me. People are just too judgmental to try it out.
    And no it’s not just water. It might not agree with your thinking but homeopathy is part of science and it most definitely works

    • A lot of people think like this in India and think this is logical. It is not. It is highly unlikely that you had pneumonia, just a mild lower respiratory infection. 30% of people used to die for actual pneumonia without antibiotics. Now it is 1%. No homeopath treats pneumonia. He will give up in a hurry and shift you to an actual clinic. You or a homeopath are not qualified to diagnose anything.

      People think exactly like this and think that prayers are being answered and astrology is true.

      The thinking goes like this: So many of my wishes came true after a prayer, so many of my astrologer’s prediction came true. How can you tell me those things are not real or scientific. I am telling you from personal experience that all this is true.

      Do you think scientists who evaluate Homeopathy are unaware of all these testimonies and anecdotes. Why do you think there is a need to do studies, if all it takes is personal judgement like this.

      Don’t you get it? You are judging using faulty logic based on personal experience. The scientists aren’t. You are the judgmental one, not scientists.

      • Sitting remote you can judge how a other person was cured, but a person visiting his homeopath doctor for one year and got cured has nothing for you. That way I can write that every medicine have 80% placebo effect and 20% adverse effect. Placebo cures the disease and a portion of adverse effect kills the patient. Your percentage logic is explained.

        • If you say you can fly, I can sit here and judge that you are delusional. Homeopathy is like that.

          If you wait for one year, then it is obvious that it wasn’t homoepathy that cured it, but just time.

          I am not giving my opinion, which does not matter. I am telling you the results of scientific study of homeopathy that you are unable to understand. See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post. Everyone knows that homeopaths only play for time and take credit.

          As for as your 80% placebo effect, every real medicine gets tested exactly for that and only gets released after it has been scientifically confirmed that it is not just a placebo. They also get tested as much as possible for side effects and only released if benefits are more than risks. These quack medicines neither test for safety nor effectiveness. They just loudly claim to cure everything to cash from gullible people like you and people like you don’t even suspect when waiting for a whole year.

      • You know what about science. If something have not any scientific proven that not mean there are no science at all. There are so many things yet to proven as a science. Where science end logic starts. That not mean logic have no science. It is yet to prove. Homoeopathy medicine acts on susceptibility of the patient to a certain remedy. U can’t understand. Because it should be read thoroughly and understand the organon of medicine.

        • There is no medicine in homeo pills. There is no science left to be done.

          Like any homeopathy believer, you neither understand science not logic. Logic does not start when science ends. Science begins when a logical argument is made. Science verifies it.

          Hahnemann made some hypotheses that he felt were logical. They were not. But science was done anyway and they were proved to be completely wrong. Now it is proven that every single thing written in Organon in the name of Homeopathy is not true.

          When a homeopath sells Arsenicum Album, there actually is no Arsenic Trioxide in it and thank goodness for that. It is just Sugar.

          When a homeopath sells Occiloccinium, there not only is there no Occiloccinium in the pill, but there is not even any Occiloccinium in the whole world. It is a made up name.

          If a real drug company says, I have no proof that the medicine I sell works, but who knows, a century later someone may prove it, they will be prosecuted for fraud.

          Same rules should apply to homeopaths. They should be prosecuted for prescribing any fake medicine. Go ahead and do research, prove it first and after that you can sell and expect money? Got it?

          Homeopathy acts on susceptibility the patient to pseudoscience and ignorance to extract money. It is a scam.

  126. I loss few hairs(A patch of hair) due to allopesia , allopathy doctor gave some oral medicine and told I may be going temporarily bald, I didn’t even buy his medicine and a homeopathy dr gave me treatment for 6 months, the patch went ….

    With this experience , I went to same homiopath with a old problem of skin ratches which I used to get even prior to my alopecia, but once in a month or fortnight and every time I used to get better only after one or two dosage of Allegra , a allopathic medicine.

    After having 3 months treatment for this skin allergy , I have not had a single Allegra since last 8 years.

    • It looks like Homeopaths often solve hair loss problems with Minoxidil without calling it that.
      Ayurvedics are known to prescribe corticosteroids for allergy problems like rashes without disclosing that.

      Sometimes people lose hair temporarily, temporary loss is usually very rapid. This is may be due to nutritional deficiency, allergy, infection or reaction to infection. Of course a doctor is going to try a few oral medicines, one after another, to try to stop it earlier. But even if you don’t, if you fix your diet or just wait, it will gradually come back if not hereditary. You didn’t even try medicine and yet you compare.

      • I am failing to understand why is this discussion happening in first place ….

        Why is a proven expensive allopathic treatment afraid of cheap small sugar pills and centuries old Indian tradition medicine named Ayurveda….???

        Allopathic treatment always talk about clinical evidences which are done in test tubes and then few 100 human trails ….but always questions live human trials which are happening since ages.

        And surprisingly 50- 60% of drugs in allopathy are plant based ….that is allopathy has derived the chemical compotants of it? Then why blame Aurveda or homeopathy which is 100% plant based ??

        • See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post.
          There actually need not be any discussion.
          It is very clear it does not work.

          Gullible people using quack medicine is not “live human trials which are happening since ages”. Why does a person who can write a foreign language need to be explained that?

          Do you understand why RCTs are done?
          Do you understand why Controlled matters?
          Why do you think studies are Randomized?
          Why do you think scientists dismiss testimonies a