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Illustration: Soham Sen | ThePrint
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Bengaluru: When cases of coronavirus, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people in China, were first reported in India, the AYUSH Ministry advised citizens to use homoeopathy to prevent infection.

A system of alternative medicine, homoeopathy courts deep popularity in India, so much so that many are known to believe that it’s an Indian system. According to the government, it’s the second most popular form of medicine in the country with as much as 10 per cent of the population relying on it.

It claims to treat diseases for which allopathy, or Western medicine, currently offers no cure — from diabetes and psoriasis to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). 

Among followers, it is seen as a form of natural therapy, invoking a sense of Eastern mysticism with its promise of painless treatment.

However, homoeopathy is neither all-natural, nor Indian. It’s not even Eastern — it was created in 1796 by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann, who reportedly coined the term “allopathy” as a pejorative for modern medicine.

One of the two basic tenets of the system is “like cures like” — that is, if something causes acidity, the same thing will also ease it. 

The other is the law of minimum dosage — Taking a core ingredient and diluting it to such an extent that there isn’t even a single molecule of the original substance left.

Despite its popularity, the system remains controversial. Most health experts — from the World Health Organisation (WHO), to the US Department of Health and Human Services and Britain’s National Health Service — cite research and express scepticism. They discourage its use as an alternative to conventional medicine for life-threatening diseases, and see it as a harmless placebo at best and a purveyor of potentially lethal concoctions at worst. 

Several countries like Britain and France do not allow government funding in the field, while Australia conducted a thorough review and declared it pseudoscience. Spain has proposed banning it for being dangerous.

Even so, there is no dearth of people who testify to its potential as a cure for a laundry list of conditions. In India, it’s the subject of a degree course that allows students to become registered practitioners and is overseen by a dedicated government department.  

This contradiction is precisely the reason why the AYUSH Ministry’s coronavirus advisory seemed to set the cat among the pigeons, leading several people to question the “unproven advice” in the face of a health crisis. But backers of the system were equally vocal. 


So, what does a layperson make of it?

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What is homoeopathy? 

Hahnemann, the homoeopathy creator, believed there were only three kinds of illnesses, syphilis, psychosis (or fig-wart disease), and the itch (where the skin itches), which he thought were symptomatic of other diseases like cancer, deafness and epilepsy.

This theory is contentious even within homoeopathic communities today.

Hahnemann’s basic premise rejects the theory that a disease or infection is through an outside cause and states that every illness is from within one’s own body.

The homoeopathic premise of “like cures like” derives from an experiment Hahnemann conducted where he reportedly ingested large amounts of cinchona bark (it contains quinine, used to treat malaria even today). Hahnemann is believed to have concluded that the symptoms produced by overconsumption mirrored those for malaria, and thus the bark could treat the disease.

While it’s often believed to be plant-based and natural, the core ingredients involved in homoeopathic remedies can be animal- or plant-based, mineral or synthetic, designated with Latin or Latin-sounding names.  

The creation of remedies involves diluting the core ingredient to such an extent with water, alcohol or sugar that there isn’t even a single molecule of the original substance left.

Arsenic oxide, known as arsenicum album in homoeopathy, was what the AYUSH Ministry prescribed for coronavirus prevention. It has traditionally been used by homoeopaths as treatment for conditions such as digestive disorders, allergies and even anxiety and insomnia. 

Other core ingredients include natrum muriaticum (sodium chloride or common salt), the poisonous belladonna flower, opium, and even products from a diseased person, like blood, urine, faeces, pus and mucus discharge.

Some preparations use “captured” ingredients such as x-rays and sunlight. “Sol” or sunlight is particularly common, and is “obtained” by exposing lactose (natural sugar occurring in milk) to the Sun. 

To reduce the effects of radiation therapy, alcohol exposed to x-rays is used (which isn’t “natural”). Often, insoluble substances like granite are ground to pieces with lactose and then diluted. For example, it was reported last year that a British homoeopath, who also caters to the royal family, was offering a remedy devised from pieces of the Berlin Wall as a “cure” for depression and asthma.

The dilution takes place in a form of logarithmic scales (where each step is a multiple of the previous one). The two used most commonly are X potency, where each scale represents a dilution by a factor of 10, and centesimal (C), by a factor of 100.

A 2X (unit of potency) scale would mean that a substance is diluted one part in 9, and then one part of the resulting solution again diluted in 9 parts of the solvent. 

 For example, one millilitre of a core ingredient first diluted in 9 millilitres of water, and one part of the resulting solution again diluted in 9 millilitres of water.

So, a 10X potency would repeat the process 10 times, and a 15X, 15 times.

This is the same for C, but by a factor of 100: One part diluted with 99 parts.

Common potencies used are 30X or 300C, but beyond 12C or 24X, there is no presence of even a single molecule of the core substance.

Homoeopathy believes that the more diluted a remedy is, the more potent it is. A potency of 100X, for example, is considered to be higher than 10X — a fact chemists see as counterintuitive.

This is based on the controversial notion that water has “memory” and retains information about the substances it comes in contact with (and thus cures the body). 

The final solution is poured over sugar tablets and left to evaporate. 

Homoeopathic remedies are thus as good as harmless to the human body, but only when mixed correctly. There have been cases of arsenic poisoning in India because of poorly concocted homoeopathic remedies.

Evolution and spread of homoeopathy

Homoeopathy was widely adopted in the 1800s as modern medicine was just evolving and included several painful practices. New diseases were infecting the human population, and medical science hadn’t caught up yet.

Homoeopathy held the promise of painless “treatment” and gained popularity.

Homoeopathic schools opened in the US and Europe throughout the late 19th century, spurred by ineffective treatments for outbreaks like cholera, which killed hundreds of thousands of people at the time.

Medical practitioners investigated the system for assessing efficacy, and this is thought to have encouraged rigour in modern medicine as well.

However, leading homoeopaths rapidly started abandoning the practice in the mid-20th century as modern medicine showed real results. The last homoeopathic school in the US was shut down in 1920.

Later, Nazi interest in homoeopathy led to its resurgence in public consciousness in the 1930s and 40s — but they abandoned the system quickly too.

It then gained favour with the New Age Movement, a Western phenomenon that spawned a variety of spiritual and religious beliefs in the 70s, and incorporated “natural” remedies for the mind, body, and spirit as their central tenet for health.

The movement has been known to adopt pseudoscientific beliefs such as astrology as a reaction against institutional establishment structures, and is credited with the rising popularity of homoeopathy today.

In India, homoeopathy was introduced in the early 19th century and was quickly adopted across the country, via Bengal.

The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College, the first Indian homoeopathic institute, was established in 1881.

In 1973, the Union government recognised homoeopathy as one of the national systems of medicine and set up the Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH, now overseen by AYUSH Ministry) to regulate its education and practice.

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Scientific consensus

Homoeopathic training involves a number of beliefs that run counter to well-established science. The system rejects germ theory, believing that all illnesses come from within. Future practitioners are reportedly taught that vaccines are poisonous and antibiotics a sham.

Right from the time it took hold, homoeopathy has been criticised by physicians. Evidence for its efficacy is said to have been established by Hahnemann by having patients simply write down their symptoms in detail after consumption of a remedy, a process that lacked rigour.

Scientific studies into homoeopathy have consistently shown it to be ineffective in treating illnesses or their symptoms — or occasionally just as effective as placebos. 

Analyses of existing studies show that research suggesting positive results was either not conducted as rigorously as necessary or was backed by insufficient evidence.  

A 2002 study conducted by a British researcher — a systematic review of other systematic reviews on homoeopathy — found that no study was able to determine positive outcomes. It concluded that  the “best clinical evidence for homoeopathy available to date does not warrant positive recommendations for its use in clinical practice”. 

Many other such studies have followed in the two decades since.

Most recently, an extensive 2015 study in Australia, conducted by the country’s top funding body for medical research, the National Health and Medical Research Council, assessed over 1,800 other studies and the results yet again weren’t in favour of homoeopathy. 

The basic foundation of homoeopathy, that water holds the memory of substances it has been in contact with, has been widely discredited but remains controversial.

Following large-scale denunciations of homoeopathy by scientists, many medical bodies and health services have conducted independent research and issued advisories against the use of homoeopathy.

The health agencies of the US and Britain — the Department of Health and Human Services and Britain’s National Health Service, respectively — both state clearly on their websites that the purported effectiveness of homoeopathy is not backed by research. The WHO has discouraged its use for treatment of serious diseases, and called for quality control and regulation of homoeopathy to avoid lethal consequences.

National medical and health bodies in Russia, Australia, and Europe have warned against homoeopathy. Countries like Britain and France have forbidden reimbursement for homoeopathic treatments, while Spain is pushing for a ban on the entire system for being dangerous and unethical.

“Many countries have conducted comprehensive research and have ultimately decided that it doesn’t work,” said Amalorpavanathan Joseph, a vascular surgeon at Chennai’s Vijaya Hospital.

Speaking about the recent government advisory against coronavirus, he added, “Even if it was issued as a preventive measure to build up immunity and not a cure, it can’t work. Building up immunity takes years, it can’t happen in a matter of a few days.”

‘A cure for everything’

Supporters of homoeopathy claim it can cure almost anything, including conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), psoriasis and diabetes that Western medicine is yet to find a cure for.

“Homoeopathy has medicines for everything, including thyroid, PCOD, psoriasis, diabetes, hair-fall, osteoarthritis, and even cancer,” said Josy Joy, a homoeopath practising at the Bengaluru-based Care N Cure Health Clinic.

According to Joy, his patients have seen improvements in all these illnesses without modern medicine.

Asked about the criticism directed at the medicine system, he said, “Western science looks for material content in homoeopathic medicines, but homoeopathy acts in a dynamic way. If the medicines are used, results can be seen.

“Our patients have seen their goiters dissolve through homoeopathy but allopathy has only surgery for most of these.”

Medical experts disagree.

“Any claims made should be backed by data and evidence. There has been no documented evidence that homoeopathy works and can cure people of illnesses,” said Joseph of Chennai’s Vijaya Hospital.

“If there’s evidence that homoeopathy works, doctors would be the first to adopt it. We want our patients to be cured and healthy after all.”

Sumaiya Shaikh, a Sweden-based neuroscientist who serves as science editor of the fact-checking portal Alt News, has done extensive research on homoeopathy and academic homeopathic publications as a part of her reportage. 

“The studies (that prove homoeopathy to be effective) have faulty statistics at the outset,” she said. 

“A mechanical explanation of the drug dynamics is never attempted in the discussion, even as a hypothesis, as the authors never know how exactly they think the drug is working. Often the conclusions are far-fetched in the abstract but when the study is carefully examined, the data doesn’t reflect the assertion of the conclusions,” Shaikh added.

Additionally, critics claim, processes that induce scientific rigour, such as blinding, are rarely used. Blinding is when the patient doesn’t know if they’re being given a homoeopathic medicine or an allopathic one. A similar system is double-blinding, when doctors themselves don’t know either. 

Such systems are important to establish the effectiveness of a treatment without bias. 

Shaikh explained how ‘citation value’ of research — a measure of credibility — is enhanced by the authors or other homoeopaths by repeatedly citing faulty studies that discard other variables. 

Backers, however, are quick to reject the argument about the lack of credible research, saying it was consequence of the West’s indifference towards the alternative medicine system.

“The accessibility of homoeopathic system is very limited in the Western world and did not receive much attention in development as compared to allopathy,” said Dr Anil Khurana, director general at the Central Council For Research in Homoeopathy, an institute under the AYUSH Ministry.

“Because of the low cost of medicines, it did not get investment from sponsors either. Even governments in Western countries did not invest funds in alternative medicine, including homoeopathy,” he added. “Their support towards allopathy has prevented them from investing in further research and studies to prove the efficacy of homoeopathy.”

“However, there are countries like Brazil, Cuba and Mexico where the government supports this system of medicine… The therapy has started growing in the US, where seven states have allowed legal practice of homoeopathy. In Europe, acceptance is at an all-time high in most countries, including Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland.”

While as much as 60 per cent of the French population reportedly uses homoeopathy, come 2021, the government will end public support for medicines under the system. In Switzerland, meanwhile, homoeopathy has been given the same status as conventional medicine. 

According to Khurana, students seeking training in homoeopathy are subjected to a rigorous 5.5-year curriculum, which includes a year-long internship and “is equivalent to MBBS where lessons don’t only deal with homoeopathy but also other subjects, as happens at allopathic medical colleges”.

“India has the largest infrastructure of homoeopathy because of increased demand from the public who have experienced the benefits of homoeopathy,” he said.

There are nearly 3 lakh registered homoeopaths in India today. An estimated 32,000 students enrol each year in AYUSH colleges, of which over 13,000 students opt for homoeopathy.

But this curriculum has a potentially dark underbelly.

“Homoeopathy degrees are an easy gateway into medical practice for students who didn’t obtain good enough scores to enter an MBBS programme,” said Shantanu Abhyankar, a trained homoeopath who switched to modern medicine after “being convinced that homeopathy is humbug”.

Abhyankar himself did the same — entered a homeopathy course as he couldn’t score well enough for MBBS.

But during the course of his training, he realised that they were just taught theory, and research papers published in the field offered no proof that homoeopathy worked.

“Homoeopaths are legitimised by the prefix ‘Dr’ against their name, and thus set up a practice,” he said.

Abhyankar eventually went back and obtained an MBBS degree, and has been a practising gynaecologist for 20 years now.

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How placebos work

There are many reasons why critics believe homoeopathy seems to work for people.

Primary among these is called “regression to the mean”.

Nearly every illness has a natural growth curve before it tapers and dies (or kills). Typically, the moment illness sets in, patients go to doctors. Antibiotics or other modern drugs are prescribed — and might not always work. A homoeopath then prescribes a long course of remedies. So, just as the patient consumes them, the disease in its natural course starts to decline, and eventually the patient is cured.

The regression to the mean has been cited as a factor behind faulty results in placebo experiments on multiple occasions. This is also believed to be the reason why many patients who have survived dangerous illnesses like cancer report feeling better when they follow up medical treatment with a trip to the homoeopath.

“We have treated many cancer patients who have suffered from all kinds of cancer such as lung cancer and breast cancer,” said homoeopath Joy.

“Homoeopathy prolongs life. With chemotherapy, the problem is that there is increased chances of cancer recurrence [there is no proof for this claim], but people still always go to chemotherapy and then come to homoeopathy. We have successfully avoided recurrence for many kinds of cancers.”

“Different patients have different needs, so we use different remedies made of arsenic, belladonna etc.,” he added.

He did, however, concede that he hadn’t seen cancer patients who came to homoeopathy directly before chemotherapy.

A similar effect as regression to the mean is also seen in unassisted natural healing, where the body’s system builds up immunity over time to fight off an illness, and this often coincides with a homoeopathic course.

It is also possible that the patient feels better on account of a completely different aspect of their life that is inducing a pharmacological change in the body and treating the illness, such as a new meditation practice.

Patients also often use homoeopathy as a complementary treatment to a medicine course.

There is also the therapeutic effect of physician consultation. A homeopathic consultation could typically last for two hours, and a 2010 study published in the peer-reviewed British journal Rheumatology attributed to clinical benefits in homoeopathy patients could be attributed to the consultations.

Homoeopathy is also considered a placebo — it works because the people who take it think it does. But this requires strong belief and doesn’t hold true for all consumers. The placebo effect is a subject of active research, especially in light of the knowledge that patients respond even when they’re aware they might have been given a placebo.

But placebo effects are mostly known to work for symptoms of illnesses and pain management, not the actual disease. For a cancerous tumour, for example, someone under the placebo effect can feel less pain, but the tumour still eats away at the body.

Khurana, however, said it was a myth that homoeopathy worked as a placebo.

“The top research institutes of India for modern medicine, including AIIMS, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, and Bose Institute, Kolkata and others have conducted pre-clinical trials (those preceding clinical trials on humans) to dispel the myth that these medicines are mere placebo,” he said.

“Such trials have been adequately documented to validate the claims. The studies have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.”

Some of the studies, however, seem to say nothing about the efficacy of homeopathy. Instead, a study by West Bengal researchers, including from Bose Institute, spoke about “vibrational and electric properties” of the medicines.

ThePrint reached the heads of AIIMS and the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for comment but they did not respond.

“Homoeopathy treats symptoms while modern medicine treats causes,” said Abhyankar. “Modern medicine can even predict and prevent (a disease). But homoeopathy can only treat symptoms after they manifest.”

Homoeopathic remedies might seem like a harmless placebo, but they cause significant indirect harm, said Edzard Ernst, a German academic physician who is considered an authority on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

“If a severely ill person is treated with ineffective homoeopathy and thus forfeits effective treatments, her illness will not be adequately treated and thus (she will be caused) unnecessary suffering,” he added. “If a homoeopath advises a patient against vaccinations — as many homoeopaths do — he endangers public health. If a homoeopath charges for useless treatments, he causes harm to his patient’s finances.”

Homoeopaths, however, fulfil a key role in India’s healthcare pyramid — informal community care. 

“We have nurses, super speciality nurses, ward officers, doctors, but very few physiotherapists or trained counsellors,” said Abhyankar. “Because they (homoeopaths) are considered doctors, they often end up fulfilling this need.”

Under the AYUSH Ministry, homoeopathy is the second most highly funded system of medicine after ayurveda, but Ernst said it didn’t warrant such attention.

“Homoeopathy is both biologically implausible and, according to the best available evidence, not clinically effective. Therefore, funding research into homoeopathy should not be on the agenda of reputable funding organisations, let alone governments,” he added.

“Research funds are notoriously scarce. Therefore, governments and other funding bodies have an ethical, moral and legal duty to spend them on projects with a high prior probability of generating a productive result,” he said.

“Alternative medicine should be open to scrutiny and peer review by everyone and should be subjected to the same principles of research as evidence-based medicine,” added Shaikh. “By the sheer exclusivity and inability to bite bitter bullets, alternative medicine has become what it has become. There could be immense value in finding mechanisms and biochemical pathways at which the anti-inflammatory herbs are targeted but the research is always focused on quick translation and marketing before due research, as the belief takes over its evidence.”

With inputs from Himani Chandna in New Delhi

Edited by Sunanda Ranjan

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  1. Apple was used to fall on ground before the discovery of LAW OF GRAVITATION by Sir Isaac Newton, the fact was not false before the discovery. The fact is true that Homeopathy heals the disease. How it heals, the law will be discovered in future by any one of the future scientists.

    • Homeopathic apples in fact do not fall. In fact homeopathic apples do not even exist. Homeopaths like you just convince people they have in fact eaten apples.

      It was conclusively proven in every major study that Homeopathy does not “heal”. It is well known that patients think they are healed by homeopathy. This was found to be entirely due to the body’s natural healing with time, with Homeopathy not contributing in any way whatsoever.

      How did they know this? x people who take homeopathy sugar pills say they got cured. That makes it sound like it does something, until it was shown that also x people who take sugar pills without homeo water also say they got cured because of the pills, thus proving that it is pure placebo effect. This happens every time.

      They don’t teach you homeopaths basics of science? or do you guys just pretend to not know? This is why it is a farce to call you “doctors”.

  2. Why should once science question the other one. World over there are different type of treatments and for some no treatment for what may come. There are groups which believe that body generate immune system and fight against every diseases. This group doesn’t take any medication whatsoever. And there are groups following herbal, Ayurvedic, nutraceutical, homeopathic, siddha, unani and natural therapies. Why vested interest allopathic group question the other groups and say they are not science? I do like the writer’s other presentation, but I am unable to understand the need for this article.

  3. In 2003, I was diagnosed by Vellore doctors of a colon blockage and there were growths of flesh both inside and outside. the doctors suggested surgery which would cost 1.5 lakhs. I did nothing and relied on homeopathy. It took me almost a year by the time the pain was completely gone and so did the blockage. i am not bothered whether there is any science in homeopathy or not but it helps me a lot.

  4. I have survived my whole life on homeopathic medicine and I have seen the various areas in which it works. It has cured me from simple things such a cold or a fever to serious things like pneumonia( for which I had no other sort of medical care other than homeopathic medicines). There have been incidents in my life where allopathic doctors told me I have to get a surgery done immediately to stop a growth and because we were not willing to go under the knife just yet, we tried homeopathy and within 2 weeks, this growth that doctors told me needed to be surgically removed, vanished without a trace. I suffered from alopecia and within a week of taking homeopathy I saw my hair growing back strong and I’ve never suffered from it ever again. The list goes on and on and on. There have been sooo many incidents in my life and in those around me who took homeopathy that it’s just impossible for me to say that it’s just a placebo. It has worked miraculously in the lives of so many people around me. People are just too judgmental to try it out.
    And no it’s not just water. It might not agree with your thinking but homeopathy is part of science and it most definitely works

    • A lot of people think like this in India and think this is logical. It is not. It is highly unlikely that you had pneumonia, just a mild lower respiratory infection. 30% of people used to die for actual pneumonia without antibiotics. Now it is 1%. No homeopath treats pneumonia. He will give up in a hurry and shift you to an actual clinic. You or a homeopath are not qualified to diagnose anything.

      People think exactly like this and think that prayers are being answered and astrology is true.

      The thinking goes like this: So many of my wishes came true after a prayer, so many of my astrologer’s prediction came true. How can you tell me those things are not real or scientific. I am telling you from personal experience that all this is true.

      Do you think scientists who evaluate Homeopathy are unaware of all these testimonies and anecdotes. Why do you think there is a need to do studies, if all it takes is personal judgement like this.

      Don’t you get it? You are judging using faulty logic based on personal experience. The scientists aren’t. You are the judgmental one, not scientists.

      • Sitting remote you can judge how a other person was cured, but a person visiting his homeopath doctor for one year and got cured has nothing for you. That way I can write that every medicine have 80% placebo effect and 20% adverse effect. Placebo cures the disease and a portion of adverse effect kills the patient. Your percentage logic is explained.

        • If you say you can fly, I can sit here and judge that you are delusional. Homeopathy is like that.

          If you wait for one year, then it is obvious that it wasn’t homoepathy that cured it, but just time.

          I am not giving my opinion, which does not matter. I am telling you the results of scientific study of homeopathy that you are unable to understand. See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post. Everyone knows that homeopaths only play for time and take credit.

          As for as your 80% placebo effect, every real medicine gets tested exactly for that and only gets released after it has been scientifically confirmed that it is not just a placebo. They also get tested as much as possible for side effects and only released if benefits are more than risks. These quack medicines neither test for safety nor effectiveness. They just loudly claim to cure everything to cash from gullible people like you and people like you don’t even suspect when waiting for a whole year.

      • You know what about science. If something have not any scientific proven that not mean there are no science at all. There are so many things yet to proven as a science. Where science end logic starts. That not mean logic have no science. It is yet to prove. Homoeopathy medicine acts on susceptibility of the patient to a certain remedy. U can’t understand. Because it should be read thoroughly and understand the organon of medicine.

  5. I loss few hairs(A patch of hair) due to allopesia , allopathy doctor gave some oral medicine and told I may be going temporarily bald, I didn’t even buy his medicine and a homeopathy dr gave me treatment for 6 months, the patch went ….

    With this experience , I went to same homiopath with a old problem of skin ratches which I used to get even prior to my alopecia, but once in a month or fortnight and every time I used to get better only after one or two dosage of Allegra , a allopathic medicine.

    After having 3 months treatment for this skin allergy , I have not had a single Allegra since last 8 years.

    • It looks like Homeopaths often solve hair loss problems with Minoxidil without calling it that.
      Ayurvedics are known to prescribe corticosteroids for allergy problems like rashes without disclosing that.

      Sometimes people lose hair temporarily, temporary loss is usually very rapid. This is may be due to nutritional deficiency, allergy, infection or reaction to infection. Of course a doctor is going to try a few oral medicines, one after another, to try to stop it earlier. But even if you don’t, if you fix your diet or just wait, it will gradually come back if not hereditary. You didn’t even try medicine and yet you compare.

      • I am failing to understand why is this discussion happening in first place ….

        Why is a proven expensive allopathic treatment afraid of cheap small sugar pills and centuries old Indian tradition medicine named Ayurveda….???

        Allopathic treatment always talk about clinical evidences which are done in test tubes and then few 100 human trails ….but always questions live human trials which are happening since ages.

        And surprisingly 50- 60% of drugs in allopathy are plant based ….that is allopathy has derived the chemical compotants of it? Then why blame Aurveda or homeopathy which is 100% plant based ??

        • See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post.
          There actually need not be any discussion.
          It is very clear it does not work.

          Gullible people using quack medicine is not “live human trials which are happening since ages”. Why does a person who can write a foreign language need to be explained that?

          Do you understand why RCTs are done?
          Do you understand why Controlled matters?
          Why do you think studies are Randomized?
          Why do you think scientists dismiss testimonies and insist on controlled trials, that too blinded and randomized?
          Go on, take some time, look it up and answer.

        • It is not a question of whether science is “afraid” of quackery. There is a duty to inform people exactly how crazy homeopathy is.

          Homeopathy is 100% sugar + a little water or alcohol. There is no plant product in it.

          You seem to not know what homeopathic dilutions are. There isn’t even a single molecule of any plant product in Homeopathy.

  6. Dear sir or madam, since last 12 years I am practicing Homoeopathy, I have cured many patients with recurrent Migraine for which there is not a single medicine to cure in allopathy. allopathy give painkiller which acts temporary…

    Let take example of arthritis, joint pains, what are medicines for it in allopathy? Painkiller, antacids are given along with it as painkillers induces acidity which is side effect of it and a calcium or vit supplements. What is outcome? Again it acts temporary. By Homoeopathy not only pain stops permanently but it can also cures deviation in joints without any other vitamins supplements.

    There are so many diseases in which Homoeopathy proves better than allopathy.

    Why don’t you discuss side effects of allopathic medicines. It’s effects on kidneys?

    I think the print should study first Homoeopathy before posting such shameful article.

  7. Chay!

    My comment is just to appreciate your efforts to take them all single handedly. The nuance of your arguments are lost on these practitioners who have no clue about what – verifiability and fali-fiability.

    They have made a joke of science by droppping words like life energy and what not. Sadly, science the purest form of human knowledge is lost to a common man and vulnerable patient.

    Please keep up the spirit and drive down these imbecile arguments down the ground.

    • Thank you.

      There will always be people who are stupid about science who will try to lecture as if they are masters of science and they are too good for it because they don’t understand how little they know. They throw in words like nano, quantum, life force, consciousness and think they are being smart.

      But my surprise is how the government officially supports this idiot system.
      Is this the fault of politicians or science advisers? Who are the biggest idiots here? The whole world knows, but they are in denial.

      How many thousands of crores did they spend on these sugar pills that they could used for public health? Now they are telling homeopaths to go make hand sanitizers for Covid-19, because that is all these frauds are good for. Good! But they still won’t admit that it is fake.

      Mind boggling!!!

      PM wants evidence based alternative medicine!!! But he won’t drop it even when evidence clearly shows it does not and cannot work. That’s not evidence-based at all. It is trying to use science to rationalize beliefs with file drawer effect. Same with funding cow dung studies. This is painting science colors on stupidity.

  8. The author is totally ignorant and quarrelsome. please forgive him. HOMEOPATHY ROCKS. Allopathy sometimes saves life but treatment with Allopathic Medicines ( Many of which have grave side effects that no doctor tells the patient) may lead to several other diseases in the long run.

    • Doctors in India don’t talk much about side effects to patients because it is very rushed in India. They do explain in scientific countries. You get a full list of every possible side effects on paper also.

      Homeopathy has no side effects only because there actually is no medicine in it. Homeopaths NEVER TELL YOU THAT!!!, unless you ask them. If you ask, they will say, water has memory. It has no side effects because it has no effects at all.

      Homeopaths just tell you to wait, meanwhile you get better on your own, then Homeopath says it was because of his pill and you believe it.
      If you have been fooled to think that Homeopathy works, then you also DON’T ROCK!!. So Sad!

      • Science is science fiction until we all agree it isn’t.

        If it works for him, good for him. Why are you being judgmental? Since it causes no harm, it’s a good thing.

        Sometimes it’s the care that counts. In these advanced countries, that care is expensive and limited. It’s good that India has affordable alternative care that works for people, even if it is placebo.

        Rather have it than not. So yes, it rocks. Maybe some future study will prove it to be true.

        It’s a fallacy to assume that the current science is all valid and accurate. Especially with something as complex as the Human body which we don’t completely understand. Take gravity for example, Newtonian mechanics was the absolute truth until it was superseded by Quantum mechanics and so on and so forth. Dismissed theories sometimes are revisited (deep learning for example was approached first in 1999 and then laughed at it 2010) I could go on.

        The thing is, it benefits India and its population and as long as its regulated and it also advances, it’s fine.

        • Science is what scientists do to figure out facts and reality.
          Science Fiction is writers write to create fantasy to entertain.
          Science is not based on voting or popularity of belief.

          This isn’t some temporary rash to pretend it worked, placebos in a pandemic will end up killing millions.

          If you don’t know the difference, I can see how you think Homeopathy is medicine.

  9. Dear Homeo Lobby, here is the science on Homeopathy, all major national health institutes.

    1. ‘The principles of homeopathy contradict known chemical, physical and biological laws and persuasive scientific trials proving its effectiveness are not available.’
    Russian Academy of Sciences

    2. ‘Homeopathy should not be used to treat health conditions that are chronic, serious, or could become serious. People who choose homeopathy may put their health at risk if they reject or delay treatments for which there is good evidence for safety and effectiveness.’
    National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia

    3. ‘These products are not supported by scientific evidence.’
    Health Canada

    4 “Homeopathic remedies don’t meet the criteria of evidence based medicine.”
    Hungarian Academy of Sciences

    5. ‘The incorporation of anthroposophical and homeopathic products in the Swedish directive on medicinal products would run counter to several of the fundamental principles regarding medicinal products and evidence-based medicine.’
    Swedish Academy of Sciences

    6. ‘We recommend parents and caregivers not give homeopathic teething tablets and gels to children and seek advice from their healthcare professional for safe alternatives.’
    US Food and Drug Administration

    7. ‘There is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific condition.’
    National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health, US

    8. ‘There is no good-quality evidence that homeopathy is effective as a treatment for any health condition.’
    National Health Service, UK

    9. ‘Homeopathic remedies perform no better than placebos, and the principles on which homeopathy is based are scientifically implausible.’
    House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, UK

    10. ‘Homeopathy has not definitively proven its efficacy in any specific indication or clinical situation.’
    Ministry of Health, Spain

    11. ‘There is a constant increase in the quantity of evidence and the conviction of the scientific community in medicine, that homeopathy should be treated as one of the unscientific methods of so-called “alternative medicine”, which proposes worthless products without scientifically proven efficacy.’
    National Medical Council, Poland

    12. ‘From a purely clinical perspective, the fact remains that there is no valid empirical proof
 of the efficacy of homeopathy (evidence-based medicine) beyond the placebo effect.’
    Federaal Kenniscentrum voor de Gezondheidszorg, Belgium

    • Also add that care for the most basic of medical care in these countries are extremely expensive.

      The question is, is Homeopathy helping our poor populations who have limited health care get some medical access?

      Maybe it is placebo, but I wouldn’t take western double blind studies at face value. As someone who has an autoimmune condition and who has experienced care in western countries as well as India including alternative medicine, all I know is, I personally feel better after I visit my Homeopath in India rather than the debilitating fear of life for taking my medication and depression I get after visiting my doctors and seeing my bills here. 😉

      • That is what you got out of that extensive scientific conclusions?!!? You guys are unbelievable.

        Care isn’t expensive in Canada, Russia etc.

        You would rather take a Homeopath absurd dilution and proving concepts at face value along with denial of placebo effect, but have difficulty taking double blind trials at face value? What a strange lot of people you are!!!

        You feel better after going to a temple too. Doesn’t mean going to a temple is an actual alternative to medicine for disease.

  10. Please before writing any article check what is fact.. Do not spread fake news ..
    I think you should study homoepathy first, then come and write the article.

  11. Homeopathy cured me of my sinusitis after taking it for about 2 years continuously. It has a slow but permanent effect. Ayurvedic made my asthma come under control that alopathy inhalers and tablets were failing to do. Obviously homeopathy is not an option for corona virus or any other form of illness that require urgent cure but it definitely works on chronic ailments like sinusitis/asthma. You are reading this first hand from someone who experienced its curing effect. Bottomline is that homeopathy is not a total trash as claimed by this ignorant author.

    • Sinusitis does not go forever, even without treatment.
      Asthma can be seasonal. If the allergen in the environment goes away for whatever reason, it gets better and Homeopath takes credit.
      This is why Homeopaths only claim to work on “chronic” conditions. They wait until they get better, sometimes even an year or two. You keep focusing on that pill that contains nothing and think that is the only thing that made the difference while the cause is somewhere else. So it is easy to fool you.

      That is why science does placebo controlled trials. People who got sugar pills even without idiotic homeo water also report “cures” at the same rate.

  12. If anyone believes or not, it does not matter. HOMOEOPATHY does work in all illnesses. It just depends on the curer how he takes the case, handle it, and use right medicine with right potency and right time, and how to repeat it. Hundreds of years have passed, homoeopathy has been facing such false critical analysis, but it is still going on, and millions of people are getting benefits out of it. I am a Homoeopathic physician. Believe me, I have seen MIRACLES happened in front of me by using homoeopathic medicines, even I could not imagine that how fast it has worked!

    This is a matter of belief. If someone has no belief, it does not mean that it does not work. But it WORKS. So, we dont mind if someone try to create wrong picture of homoeopathy in front of others, rather he is Afraid of Homoeopathy.
    Be happy and enjoy the benefits of homoeopathy in any type of situation.

  13. Homeopathy is scientific; and it cures for real; its not mythology, its not religious and its not Placebo. This article and the highly funded research articles it quotes – all of this beat around the bush, and they are ALL clearly biased against homeopathy.
    Good for Homeopathy, the more the criticism, the better the knowledge of people and better acceptance based on real facts.
    PS – I belief Homeopathy because it worked all the time for me and my family. But I don’t believe Quacks, or Big Corporate who want to make a quick buck

    • Homeopathy is pure pseudoscience and quackery.
      Everyone who uses quack medicine believes that he or she is using non-quack, real medicine. Nobody says, I think I will try quack medicine.

      There isn’t a single thing in Homeopathy that can be called a science.
      If you think Homeopathy is a science, it is plain as day, you have no clue what science is.

      • @Chay Much appreciation to you for having taken the time and effort to respond logically to almost every near-hysterical comment here from the proponents of homeopathy. While they are screaming about the pharma lobby, it appears from the strident protests here that there is actually a homeopathy lobby in India, and justifiably so, given that it is the world’s LARGEST market for this non-treatment.

        I guess saying things like “individualized therapeutic system so any clinical trials of double blind or multiple blind wud hardly ever gonna work” or “Life Energy is can not be tested with chemicals and meterial theories” or some mumbo-jumbo about “vital force” are supposed to be potent ‘explanations’ but like the treatment, there appears to be no molecule of sense in any of these ‘excuses’.

        There is a reason India DOES NOT CERTIFY homeopathic medicines, even basic content ingredients, not even the Ayush Ministry. There have never been ANY CLINICAL TRIALS that have proved 1:1 disease:cure relationship of homeopathy across any sort of test audience – even ONE INDIVIDUAL CASE OF DIRECT CAUSATION : RESOLUTION, documented objectively and not anecdotally from end-to-end. The indefinite tenure of treatment basically counts on the natural immune system AND/OR the fact that no one ONLY does homeopathy to cure any REAL and NOT-CURABLE-BY-OWN-IMMUNE-SYSTEM-OVER-TIME illness.

        People are talking of curing stiff necks – WHAT. What sort of stiff neck was it, caused by what, was it just as stiff every time, can someone else’s stiff neck be cured by this? Or should this be hidden under ‘it is so incredibly individualised it cannot ever be standardised’. Homeopathy has to work in a lab under test conditions. Else its just faith healing and a personal choice, not a medical option. “It worked for ME” is not valid scientific proof.

        • Thanks.
          I didn’t realize AYUSH didn’t even certify Homeo “meds”. I thought AYUSH was just doing bad studies that will give different result elsewhere.
          I would reword “has to work in a lab” to “has to work in a trial “since a trial is on real patients, except with careful monitoring and counting.

          • Nobody would have read a bigger trash than the author’s cock-eyed article and your equally cock-eyed comment against Homeopathy. When anybody testifies it has worked for me, and my family that is the maximum one can extend their support to the medicine system. Allopathy clinical test results are for the gutter when they cannot cure many of the diseases which Homeopathy, and Ayurveda can cure. Finally, a human or an animal has to be cured, who cares about the worthless clinical test results. I will enlighten you people in lay man terms. The US film industry, better known as Hollywood churns out movies where the hero fights a virus, dynasour, and even saves the planet from the most severest dangers . Finally, in the fight against Coronavirus the US has the most infected people and is moving up in the deseaced count also, so who cares about the clinical test results when the same junk medicines of allopathy cannot cure when it matters to the patient? Allopathy doctors, pharma companies, and hospital chains are a team they are all hand in the glove. Expecting Allopathy, the third rate medical system people to accept superior medical systems is impossible.

          • Henry, you can lecture later.
            First learn what anecdotal evidence is why “it has worked for me” is a deeply ignorant argument.
            Also, Ayurveda is Allopathy, not scientific medicine. It is Ayurveda that uses dissimilars etc.
            Give it a little more time, we will soon beat US in number of cases, just as US beat China, but only if we can actually count, that is.

  14. Life Energy is can not be tested with chemicals and meterial theories. First you people understand the science behind this creation. Then you understand the life energy and its patterns and its abilities to create species. Donot call yours as science which is just material science. You donot have healing science with you. Healing happens in the context of life energy. Birth, Death, Healing, Disease happen in the context of life energy.. If you can’t understand You please study, meditate and come back.

    One who want to undergo path of realization, want to purify themselves ready for meditation come to homeopathy. Homoepathic learning is not for every one.
    Dr. Hussain,

    • Homeopathy is not everyone.
      It is just for people who wanted to be doctors but could not neither pass medical entrance test nor understand basic science.

  15. When a person doesn’t believe in Homoeopathy he is ignorant.when a person says that Homoeopathy doesn’t work he is mischieveous.He is jealous,not ignorant so he cannot be convinced. I challenge any authority in the world to come see my patients records. I have cured all types of so called incurable diseases. Let them try me with their own patients.

    • When a person “believes” in Homeopathy, he has a faith based position.
      Science does not require faith. The data and analyses speak for themselves.

      It is only witchcrafts like homeopathy that require “belief” and thrive only on backward countries like India.

        • Current India is quite a backward country.
          Hardly any major discoveries.
          Pseudoscience is rampant. Even government promotes it and ratifies quacks as doctors.
          Nobody understands science basics.
          Even Professors talk about Vimanas as if they were scientific facts than myths.
          If it was not backwards, we would not have this discussion. Go to any major newspaper in a non-backwards country and read comments. Want me to list some for you?
          We only recently managed to somewhat limit not using streets as toilets. No non-backwards country does that.

  16. When a person doesn’t believe in Homoeopathy he is ignorant.when a person says that Homoeopathy doesn’t work he is mischieveous.He is jealous,not ignorant so he cannot be convinced. I challenge any authority in the world to come see my patients records. I have cured all types of so called incurable diseases. Let them try me with their own patients.

  17. There is no money in homeopathy, and Or curing chronic disease.
    You asked for evidence, research, studies then you take them off the internet when the search engines like google are bought by big Pharma.
    Here’s a Plain simple fact -stop listening to a 300 year old argument and just try it for yourself.
    Then when you look back over the years and realise you’ve stopped your meds, Gp visits and are more productive and happier in your life you might actually get why there’s such a hate for this incredible simple effective system of medicine that’s with stood time surpassing modern medicine itself.

    Links ;

  18. You should study homeopathy first. Without knowing the pathy clearly no one can make such criticisms. At least we can try by integrating all systems of medicines because each of the pathy has its advantages and disadvantages. I have seen many difficult and incurable cases curing with homeopathy, ayurveda, and when there is a need for allopathy then it is to be used. But the thing is we don’t have a cure for this situation. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann used homeopathy at the time of epidemics then why can’t government allow every pathy to at least try out a solution for coronovirus. Unity can make a difference. Many surgical cases has been treated with homeopathy without the need of surgery. We don’t know what may happen. Homeopathy can help in this biological and economical crisis as well.

    • There is nothing to integrate in Homeopathy or even Ayurveda.

      Both are based on ignorant mystic energy theories that belong in the trash heap of science.

      In Samuel Hahnemann’s time, there was no real medicine. All medicine then was quack medicine, including primitive Western Medicine at the time. Hahnemann just invented his own quack medicine by thinking for a few minutes.

      • The biggest laughing stock is you, the people here are supporting Homeopathy in large numbers. By being stubborn with your ant-sized brains you are quarreling, we do not care about your filthy allopathy medicines. You can overdose yourselves to test. We wish you late recovery. 😉

  19. Same here. I was admitted to Allopathic hospital for Jaundice but the doctors there just have Be-cosules Capsules and nothing else. They told me to take rest, they also told that they didn’t have and cure for Jaundice. My dad, then consulted a famous homeopath who have Chelidonium tincture. Just 15 dro s of this tincture 4 times a day bought back my appetite in 3 days and I was discharged. The same doctors who admitted me diagnosing the disease as Jaundice discharged telling that I had a severe case of gastro-enteritis. HOMEOPATHY WORKS. PERIOD.

    • Becosules were given to you as placebo in case you didn’t know.
      Homeopath also gave you a placebo because all homeo pill are purely placebos, unless they forgot to dilute properly, in which case, they can be lethal.
      Doctors won’t tell you you have a severe case of gastro-enteritis and then discharge you. Your story has holes. Your doctors (real ones, not “famous homeopath”) know the real story.

  20. I think you need to do some study on homeopathy ,next time you, your friends, neighbour’s have fever , flu
    Try these medicines
    Fever- aconitum 30 , 5 drops in half cup 3 times a day
    Flu- R88 ,take 10 drops in half cup.

    I have tried these medicines on myself,wife,parents and they work 100%
    Not taken any paracetamol from last 5 years.
    Why don’t you try or have you tried once ? Let me know please.

    • Great. We will just ask Nitin whenever we need to test a drug.
      No need for all those pesky clinical trials and analyses.
      Nitin assured us that his anecdotal evidence is all that is needed.

  21. I have been using only homeopathy alongwith my family members since my childhood. It has got cure for any disease. Once my cousin got a dog bite and the dog died the next day. We didn’t take the costly injections of allopathy. His father is a homeo doctor and he got cured by homeo medicine only. Allopathy doctors and pharma companies are scared of the popularity of homeopathy and therefore running a campaign against it. But even they are using homeo medicines for their family. They are using allopathy for making money. I have many doctor friends working in big hospitals in Kerala and they admit that they always use homeopathy for their families as they are well aware of the side effects of allopathy. Actually Dr Samuel Hanuman invented homeopathy after realising the bad effects of allopathy. May be after 10 or 20 years only homeopathy will be in the world as everyone understood the qualities of that great science

    • Exactly….writer is showing stupidity beyond all limits, being herself illogical how can they question logoc of homoepathy….

    • Homeo studies are all bunkum studies. Nobody in science trusts anything Homeopaths write or anything else that comes out of a Homeopath’s mouth.
      All you guys do is act like you do studies. When real scientists check your studies they 100% flop.
      Homeopaths are not real doctors, they are just a bunch of idiotic science deniers making money out of the ignorance of people who don’t understand anecdotes and placebo effect.

  22. I don’t doubt that ThePrint is tied up with allopathy lobby. Neither is it playing into the hands of anyone who has a long standing grudge against Homeopathy. Its just that this creepy portal has a huge dearth of informed, intelligent and privileged editor who has the capacity of writing a proper article when he or she knows that the world’s scientific community has divided views on Homeopathy. My sympathies to Sandhya.

    • “the world’s scientific community has” a COMPLETELY UNIFIED VIEW of Homeopathy.

      That view is:
      It has no science whatsoever.
      Everything it says (like cures like, potentiation, provings) is false.
      Every claim it makes about cure is also completely false.
      There is not even a SINGLE disease that can be cured, ever, by Homeopathy. Never was done, never will be done, not even accidentally, because it is only water and sugar.

      This is not my opinion. See my “Dear Homeo Lobby Post”.
      I listed 12 top national health organizations (not “greedy” US pharma industry like you prefer to pretend) in the world who noted that Homeopathy is complete nonsense after extensively verifying scientific evidence. It is their opinion.

      Author is he or she? You did not even bother to read a single word from it, did you? Just jumped straight to comments? Wonderful!

  23. Let those obscurantism people fall. So many cases of successful cases in homeopathy and they all said is anecdotal. People try all the ways possible to get better and placebo doesn’t work… when they are desperate and try homeopathy … the placebo decides to work!! Those studies ( sponsor by pharmaceuticals) show efficiency not efficacy. Middle age mans who want to stop the medicine of 21century. Homeopathy.

  24. The article written by fraudsters whose job is to make fool of people and earn money by frightening them. All these homeopathy medicines are pure natural & 100% compatible not only to humans ,animals but plants also. I am witness to it n no. Of times. Only fraudsters and fools follow allopathy systems which is nothing but 100% synthetic chemicals which is not meant for humans. FDA along with big pharma companies have only one goal that us to earn money nothing else for them humans have no value

  25. Homeopathy is from what you call Gora countries. The founder was German, it had full fledged schools in Europe and the US. As modern medicine progressed, homeopathy was rejected by the ‘Gora’s’. The Goras had more invested in maintaining homeopathy than we do. Their doctors, clinics and pharmaceutical companies made money from homeopathy. They advertised homeopathic drugs much like proper medicinal drugs are today. They realised that it did not work. There was no ego involved, no false clinging to untested claims.

    The founders of homeopathy gave up on it. When will we see it for the fraud it is?

    • Homeopathy has been around for a very long time for a reason. It works. It can never and will never be proven as fraud because it works. People who are not knowledgeable about homeopathy and have never experienced its amazing healing properties should zip it because you expose your ignorance when you criticize something you’re obviously clueless about.

      • Homeopathy will be around as long as gullible people will be around.
        Homeopathy will be around as long as India remains a failed country, science education wise.
        As long as we have AYUSH which says Cow Urine cures Cancer and Tulsi prevents COVID-19, we will have Homeopathy for the primitive thinking people.

  26. Many years ago, the BBC presented a series on alternative medicines. In the case of Homeopathy, they too the case if Udder Disease which effects milch cows in the UK during summers. Cows were chosen in order to dispel the placebo effect and Udder disease was chosen since the only way known at that time was to cure it with antibiotics which meant that the milk was wasted while the cows ingested the antibiotics. They took ahead of cows and split them into two groups and fenced the ranch into two parts. To the control group, no medicine was given while the other group got the prescribed homeopathy medicine fed through their drinking water. After a fortnight, the results were phenomenal. While only a couple of cows which ingested the medicine developed the disease, a large number of the control group was effected by it. I’m sure this video series can be found in the BBC archives. Don’t just dismiss this post but give some logic. I’ve had some personal experiences wirh homeopathic treatment too.

  27. What I learned from these comments is that Indian educational system is so completely useless, that if it disappears, no one will notice a difference.
    Most of these people write decent English. They have no thinking capacity at all.
    Either that or Homeopaths are running an online cell to attack every single Homeopathy article for stating simple scientific facts.

    • Most comments are full of anectodal claims from people.

      Unfortunately, while science is taught in schools, scientific reasoning is not taught adequately.

      Anectodal claims, of fevers, boils, eczema , gallstones getting cured are not relevant to scientific enquiry. Fevers get better on there own as the body resolves infection. Paracetamol merely controls the temperature and pains and aches. Many times even without paracetamol a fever resolves in a few hours if the infection is mild.

      Boils will get better once the boild pops in most cases. Again, antibiotics are not necessary in most cases as they won’t work on a boil. They may work to prevent more boils or spreading of infection in immunocompromised patients.

      For eczema patients, you have no idea of knowing if the homeopath was adulterating with steroidal medicines. Even otherwise, eczema follows a relapsing pattern in some patients.

      Please spare us your personal anecdotes people. They prove nothing. There is a reason why only a minuscule percentage of drugs are actually cleared by the FDA. This is despite many patients and doctors genuinely believing they worked but statistics showed it was not effective enough. Many drugs are rejected at the last stage of trials when billions have been spent and the medical community is waiting for new treatments. Going by anectodal evidence, you would have had countless new treatments every year for diseases from alzheimers to AIDS. Read doctors blogs and medical journals. See articles titlted as case studies. There are so many cases where doctors feel a drug worked and it may be a cure but after rigorous trials it is found to be merely a placebo or fortunate occurance.

      Hospitals are flourishing not because of advertisements, pharmaceutical companies or government support. It is because patients see that medicine works. The fraudulent systems of medicine were the norm. They have been been replaced by modern medicine over decades. Tell me, why would patients go to proper medicinal systems when they had access to the fraudulent systems of medicine since ancient times?

      Why do so many of the people who promote fraudulent systems to medicine themselves go to the West to get treatment?

      Can the regulatory authorities of USA, UK, Australia, Spain all be in the pockets of big pharma? All countries seek to lower healthcare expenditure. Do you really think they will stop support to homeopathy if they saw it worked and saved public money?

  28. What is this behaviour print? That’s the only reason why you’ve got more no. Of haters you always have to write something to criticize be it govt or a pathy. Who kind of media you are? And are yall doctors too? Apparently it seems like you’ve got multiple degrees.

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      Whats-app : + 41715880844

      • This is how alternative quacks are. They straight up lie. LIARS, the whole lot of you.
        Obviously, CDC and WHO are not endorsing any individual doctor or quack.

        All the Homeo squad members here trying to shout out the author with their drama are also dishonest.
        The author is exactly right. See my “Dear Homeo Lobby” post. The science is complete on Homeopathy. It does not work!
        The whole world, except India, knows that Homeo is total fake.

        Why? Because we Indians don’t understand anecdotes and placebos overall, with rare exceptions. So we don’t understand how science proves it does not work. For us Cow urine cures Cancer and Tulsi cures Corona. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  29. This article is so defensive and leaves no place for diplomacy or acceptance and you are talking about medicinal chemistry. You seriously need to read up on the basics of medicinal chemistry to understand allopathy and homeopathy.

    • If it is defensive, it is only because it is not calling homeopathy an outright scam and a fraud.

      Homeopathy denies every aspect of even basic chemistry and biology because it was written during a foolish age when no biology or proper chemistry was understood. Every single claim homeopathy can be debunked by a 12th grade chemistry student. Unfortunately even our so called graduates lack that level of minimal understanding.

      Pathetic state of education in India.

      • Seems like you existed in those times and knew well that the people had no science then. The very science that you have built on — seems to be no science today!

        • Do you understand the concept of history? Do you know that people wrote books when Homeopathy was written. I don’t need to have lived in the time of Hahnemann to know bad science of disease was then. There is history of science. Have you ever read any book on history of medicine of science other than reading this or that from Internet? Learn.

          Hahnemann’s book is completely stupid to anyone who knows any science. Nothing in it is true. No science was built on anything he wrote.

  30. This is a heavily biased article, supporting big pharma, and is written to destroy the well established medicine system, that has worked as preventive medicine as well as internal medicine. I have a personal case of my dad, who developed a tumour (not malignant) in the neck. Being aged, he declined surgery, as specially in the neck region, one runs a big risk. So we had no alternative but to turn to homeopathy. A reputed doctor in Delhi, put him on treatment and within six months, the tumour reduced in size by 3 times. It is nearly gone now, and he problem of pain during swallowing of food is addressed beautifully. Knowing the right medicines is critical to learning how to administer those medicines. In fact similar medicines are existing in allopathy, which the writer has not even discussed. In another case, tumour in the breast, suspected to be cancerous, disappeared within 3 months, after an allopathic doctor referred a patient to a homeopath. Such general articles decrying a well established system of medicine, are generally pure bullshit.

    • Please learn why anecdotal evidence is useless in medicine.
      You can start on Wikipedia for the basics.
      Testimonies are useless. Even witchcraft will have testimonies and stories like you have.
      Homeopathy is basically witchcraft. It has no medicine in it. Belief in it is same as religious belief. No scientific test will work. Then homeopaths will attack science wholesale.

      • Seems like you would not believe in anything without evidence. Many things are so called scientific today and they are fake. Please go into the scientific community and find out how many scientists are truly researching. Many scientists have questioned themselves. The credibility of these researches is itself a question. You should know basics. Just because a hypothesis is verified using statistics – which is biased, its not authentic. It is biased. This says that all so-called scientific things proposed today are all witchcraft! Right! If you are objective, you will get an insight and not be biased to think that so-called modern science is always true!

        • I know Science quite well thank you. I work in it. Do you? Or are you just an armchair critic? Sounds like it. Science works quite well. Being wrong every now and then is how science works.

          That a few scientific findings today may be incorrect tomorrow says nothing about Homeopathy garbage.

          Homeopathy is pure witchcraft without a since valid statement in it.

      • Define scientific work! Is it that some tests using hypothesis (which is biased) is scientific? It’s foolish to even propose that any modern science methodology today is science! Its also anecdotal science only. Do they use something else? Seems interesting that some controlled tests are scientific and a common man getting cured in natural environment using alternative medicine is not! What double standards you apply!!! Be objective!!!!

        • Rahul, everything you wrote proves you have absolutely no idea why clinical trials are done or have even the most basic understanding of science.

          Modern science methodology is not science?
          Science is always anecdotal?
          It is double standards to not consider a testimony or an anecdote at the same level as when done in a controlled setting?

          I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Where did you learn this nonsense? What books did you study on research methodology? Please list.

  31. If Homeopathy is widespread then world’s biggest money making profession “Allopathy” will suffer. Think about the poor mwdicines companies selling Allopathic medicines by hiking the medicine cost by 70-80%.
    Example:- I had a stiff neck. I went to the doctor, gave a refrence. He charged 200 INR & asked me to take 3 injections (= Rs 100). I was cured within 3 days. Next time I got stiff neck, I went to the same doctor but didn’t gave any refrence. He charged 200 INR & prescribed medicines worth 500 INR. I was cured within same 3 days. Next time I got stiff neck, I rubbed Voveran gel (INR 50). I was cured within 3 days. Next time I got stiff neck I took a homeopathic medicine “Dioscoria 30”, just 1 drop @night. I was cured in the next day, within 12 hrs. After that I cured myself & a few people with stiff neck using same homeopathic medicine.
    Conclusion:- It took 3 days & 100 – 700 INR to cure 1 person’s stiff neck. But we can cure at least 500 people’s stiff neck within 1 day with 10 ml of homeopathic medicine worth 30 INR.

    Same goes for many other diseases. Once of my relative had eczema. He spent lakhs in allopathy. But only 2 years of homeopathy cured it with monthly 400 INR as doctor’s fee + medicine.
    My uncle was declared a fucked up vegetable due to paralysis by Allopathic doctors after his “stroke”. My homeopathic doctor cured him within 3 weeks.
    I challenge all allopathic doctors. Hit 100 people on their ankles to create a sprain. Treat 50 peoples & let me (yes me, not even any homeopathic doctor) treat remaining 50. If you can cure your 50 people faster than me then I will forever be your slave.

    • They already did those tests. Actually, they did even better tests than that.
      They are called Randomized Double Blind Trials.
      Homeopathy failed every single one of them.
      That is why every advanced country considers it fake.

      • In homeopathy every person gets different medicine for the same problem. In one person has migraine, there are 100+ migraine medicine available in homeopathy, but every individual gets different medicine for migraine based on their suffering. It’s is NOT like allopathy, paracemtal is THE MEDICINE for all fevers. Everyone FORGOT about the SIDE EFFECT caused by allopathy medicine.

        No body try to understand the HOMEOPATHY PRINCIPLES. Whatever world knows today is NOT SCIENCE.
        When you today science community knows is NOT ONLY THE SCIENCE, whatever today scientific community don’t know or don’t know the EVIDENCE as per TODAY SCIENCE terminology, it does not mean TRUTH CAN BECOME FALSE.

        Tell me, everyone knows the difference between Living body and dead body, that is the VITAL OR PRANA energy, if this VITAL FORCE whe leaves or disappears from living body considered to dead. What today scientific say about this unseen VITAL FORCE or energy, did they can give MATRIRAL EVIDENCE or proof from today scientific knowledge. If you cannot provide DID YOU SAY, THE STATEMENT IS FALSE.

        The homeopathy is based on principle of VITAL FORCE, yes today NO BODY knows what’s exactly is VITAL FORCE, but everyone knows it EXITS, without that we are DEAD.

        I don’t understand the PSORIC ITCH of allopathy against the HOMEOPTHAY.

        • You don’t understand what I said.
          You can do exactly what you said and still do double blind trial.
          Homeopathy still fails.

          Homeopathy is garbage for idiots who never really understood science.

          There is no “VITAL FORCE”. It is a belief for idiots who don’t understand physiology.

  32. I don’t understand why this word PLACEBO is attributed to Homeopathy only. Why can’t there be a placebo effect in Ayurveda, Unani or for that matter even in Allopathy. Every time they want to challenge Homeopathy, they come up with this ridiculous theory!!! There is ample evidence of people being cured by Homeopathy. Patients themselves are testimony to it’s efficacy. And is Placebo so powerful, that it can cure deep seated chronic diseases. Stupid, egoistic, senseless people thinking only on one track. If you want proof of Homeopathy, first prove Placebo. If Placebo can’t be proven, then Homeopathy too can’t be proven the way you want it. It can only be experienced through cure.
    PS : I am no homeopathic doctor. Just a patient whose life has changed, after suffering pathetically at the hands of allopathy.

    • Placebo is used in every clinical trial. Otherwise it is not a trial.
      All modern medicines are tested against placebos and have to show that they are much better.
      Only homeopathy pills consistently fail to show they are better than placebos.
      That is the main reason why homeopathy is said to be fake.

  33. Any disease can be cured and controlled by homeopathy..It’s a pure science….And it’s my challenge …..Research properly before writing…

    • There is no science behind homeopathy, not even 200C of it.
      If you don’t know what 200C dilution means, Google it.

      Homeopathy is not supported by any fact of physics, chemistry or biology.
      It is a pure pseudoscience.

      • I am a 73 year old man. I practise homeopathy for myself. Yes, I had to be hospitalized when I had a clot in my artery. Another time I went to a hospital was to remove my appendix. Apart from these two occasions I had not used even paracetamol for my medical problems for the last ten years.

        • None of that has anything to do with whether Homeopathy works.
          People can live to 73, without modern medicine or a placebo like Homeopathy. Some others won’t.

          Do you understand how silly 200C is?
          Do you have even minimal understanding of Chemistry?

          You certainly don’t understand why anecdotal evidence has no value. So you have no science fundas.

  34. Another modern pharmaceutical company funded article against homoeopathy. Can’t stop its growth that way. The healing system which works on humans shall definitely propagate in spite of these ignorant bloggers.

    • Mostly countries that are considered ignorant currently have heavy use of Homeopathy.
      Everywhere else it is a crank medicine.
      Only Indian government which thinks Cow Crap is medicine promotes it.

  35. You don’t elicit gravity of moon by taking norm’s of earth.To estimate moon’s gravity one has to conside the condition prevails there.
    Same goes for Homoeopathy which from the very outset says that It is Individualized therapeutic system so any clinical trials of double blind or multiple blind wud hardly ever gonna work.
    If these ignorants or so called” skeptical and rational scientific lobby “really want to testify or refute Homoeopathy then do it by protocols laid down in Hahnemann’s literature.
    Stop this gibberish of calling Homoeopathy pseudo science

    • All of Hahnemann’s literature is gibberish.
      Making baseless claims is not laying down protocols.

      Homeopathy can be tested in trials while still keeping it “individualized”, by just switching with placebo in half the cases while dispensing.
      Homeopathy also failed these trials. Same number say both placebo and homeopathy work, meaning no difference.

      • The criticisms of homeopathy here are totally useless. Animals respond to homeopathy. They don’t have a human mind and do not respond to placebos. Science and allopathic medicine don’t have all the answers. You can’t say something does not work because it doesn’t hold up under certain tests. If something clearly works, it works. Wake up!

        • Animals don’t respond to homeopathy.
          Homeopaths just suck at doing studies.

          Science and modern medicine may not have ALL the answers.
          But Homeopathy is guaranteed to have NO ANSWERS. It is just a fraud.

  36. What an ignorance! Virus is a subtle thing, homeopathy is also is subtle. Hence only homeopathy can cure all sorts of viral infection. your Allopathy is a gross thing.
    I have cured myself of Gallbladder stone (18mm and 11 mm), by taking self chosen homeopathic medicines. I am curing lot of other complex diseases by homeopathy only.
    Please dont talk about something that you dont know. And dont consider our India as inferior to other countries as far as wisdom and knowledge is concerned.

    • These comments supporting homeopathy are all that take to prove how ignorant India is when it comes to science.

      Virus is real. Homeopathy is imaginary.

  37. Absolutely disgraceful piece of article disguised as an informative piece. Although the writer would have gotten the answer from the previous comments, I would like to point out that it is more of taking out the enmity in the form of words towards something that is pure, could be for any personal or pharma industry’s benefit. From the language of the article, it is more like spitting out the venom rather than sharing the opinions. Kindly refrain from such posts promoting personal agendas or the agenda of allies in the name of Welfare and Education of the Society. The disgust of the language and no researched facts have attracted the disgust from the people in the comments.

  38. I just want to say one thing only, there is no medicine related to specific disease; if the symptoms of that particular disease is same with the proven medicine then according to the principles of Homoeopathy, the medicine can be administered.

  39. @theprint, I unsubscribed you from my interest list due to these kind on inexperienced, less educated and time waste articles. Sir please focus your strategy on right news.

    Sandhya, start thinking and writing on what helps people than that do not help kile parrot doing probability etc.. please mam.

  40. homeopathy is a individualised treatment methord . in simple two patients are not treated with same condition with same medicines. so to know the efficiency of homeopathy medicines . new method of clnical trials has to be formulated . modern medicine clinical trials will not suite in homeopathy

  41. The opinions on the article has been severely critical of the author simple because they have to defend something indefensible!In every society, the world over, there are irrational minds who consistently think they are right and the majority are either conspiring or looting people.
    Majority of Homeopathy supportes love Homeopathy out of Anger towards Allopathy because of cost and commercial aspects which has nothing to do with science. Many love Homeopathy because they read few books here and there and enjoy recommanding treatment to others. Many Homeopathy Doctors actually know it’s a fake sceience but continue to call themselves as Doctor after obtaining Homeopathic degree.
    As regards self experience, I myself suffered from typhoid at the age of 17 and underwent Homeopathy treatment at the insistance of my father who was an ardent supporter of Homeopathy. When my health deterioted badly, I was admitted to an allopathy hospital ( Mure Memorial hospital, was a charity hospital so no fleecing etc) Dr Chatterji, then saved my life by allopathy medicine.
    It’s important to note that none of the opinions have refuted the “mean” theory. Most of those who call them cured due to homeopathy fall in this category.

  42. You forgot to include proper disclosure that you are working for the drug industry (whether directly or indirectly, I don’t care) by working to smear modes of healing that it views as its competition.
    Homeopathy as a system is respected, time-honored, and would not be as widespread as it is were it ineffective.

    The British royal family has used it for over a century. I don’t think that’s for no reason.
    Double-blinded studies have shown immunomodulatory effects from certain homeopathic treatments

    Homeopathy even offers emergency treatments, e.g., for shock.
    No, I’m not going to provide you the links. You’re the supposed journalist — I do this in my spare time, for free!

  43. what an incompetent content writer !!!
    The typical GORA Syndrome many Indians have…..Anything American, Europeans say is Ultimate Truth !!!

    How do you explain placebo in a 1-2 year old child ?

    I was diagnosed with a kidney stone and all the allotaphy Senior urologists suggested was a “Painless” operation…which could obviously be covered by Insurance……this came from Three TOP Urologists in Delhi……who proved theoretically that it was impossible for the stone to pass out … fact scared the hell out of me that it cud be very dangerous if i dont get it done asap

    I consulted a homeopath and within a week the stone came out….without any pain

    Pharma industries will never make billions if these alternative medicines are allowed to flourish..hence the bans

    I have been to US and Europe and have seen a sorry state of affairs for common man to get proper medical care

    • Homeopathy is GORA pseudoscience.

      Small kidney stones do come out on their own. Homeopaths take credit for your body’s natural process.

      I don’t think any doctor “proves” that a stone won’t come out. They probably meant it is not likely. Likely is an estimate, not a guarantee. People don’t wait for perfect proofs and wait for things to get worse in medicine.

      also, Indian doctors, are not very well trained. Europe care is very much available to common man – socialized medicine, government hospitals are not trying to make a profit.

  44. The Author has no knowledge and no idea about Homeopathy. Homeopathy cures a lot of diseases with efficiency and from the roots. It does not have any harmful side effects and is comparatively cheaper than allopathy. The authors are completely ignorant and non knowledgeable person. The article is totally non sense

  45. Absolutely a mis informative article upon Homoeopathy. Author of this article was informed all negative incidents happening around Homoeopathy and nicely inserted in this article. Probably the negative propaganda about it’s efficacy is the objective of this article.
    Homoeopathy works undoubtedly. One need to follow the orders informed by it’s founder to see the wonderful results of This great science.
    I disagree with this article.
    It’s only objective is to criticize Homoeopathy.
    May God bless them not to have any diseases .

  46. Wish the author had put together a piece that didn’t draw all its info from the first three Google results and tweets.
    I agree with the reports that find homoeopathy unsubstantiated by studies but the same reports also don’t mention the cost of these studies and how big pharma will never fund it.
    The efficacy to me is without doubt proven when using it for our babies and pets. I may be psychologically cured but how do I explain the “placebo” effect for babies and animals.
    Also, I wish Ms. Ramesh had the sense to present the flip side of the argument when she is obviously not a subject matter expert.

    • There is no need to present “flip side of the argument” when dealing with quackery against which there is a total scientific decision against. This silly idea that journalists have to present 50% of everything is totally wrong. That homeopathy is quackery is fully scientifically established. It is not an opinion. It is a fact fully supported by so many strong studies.

      As for your animal effects

      You were not blinded to the medicine. So you are an unreliable judge.

      Now if you had a large number of animals and you administered homeopathy and placebo without knowing which one is which, then you can say placebo effect is ruled out. But when you only administer homeo water or know which is which, then you will be a victim of expectancy bias.

      Scientists know about all these. They think of these things many times over. Please don’t imagine that only you can come up with arguments with a few minutes of thinking.

  47. If the truth about Homoeopathy as a science is not acceptable then prove it as false and discard from each and every platform but until that period please don’t waste your time by writing wrong things about Homoeopathy..
    And science will always remain as science..

  48. Homeopathy has saved the life of my wife (52 yrs). She was detected with a case of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and the remedy suggested was no other than liver transplant. Her bilirubin shoots to 32 and INR 17!! There after, with homeopathy treatment, after 6 months bilirubin came down to 0.6 and INR 11. Now after two years of continuous medication, her USG report has come normal. I do not want to argue whether it was placebo or not. But I am a witness in person to the miracle!!

  49. It is very much unfortunate that such ridiculous news is being flashed questioning the efficacy of Homoeopathy.
    The persons who are questioning this well established and well proven system of Medicine,should ask themselves first that how much do they know about it.
    They are so called literate people but even don’t have the minimum courtesy and guts of holding standard and rational survey and experiments regarding any subject.

    Homoeopathy-is a scientific system of medicine and if it was to be a placebo then the guaranteed cures with it was not possible.

    Actually,these wrong,unethical controversial points have been funded by the billion and trillion dollar allopathic pharmaceutical market that does understand only money even at the stake of people’s health and thus they want to eclipse the truth of the fact that due to the permanent,cheap,fast and effective cure in Homoeopathy,their million dollars’ market is getting ruined.

    Hope this simple point will be well understood by people from all sections of the society across the world…

    Thank you.

  50. Please read the below article, wherein the Australian Report of 2015 has been questioned as well – and the current NHMRC CEO, Prof Anne Kelso has accepted that the 2015 Australian report debunking Homoeopathy had evidence of serious procedural and scientific misconduct.
    In-fact an earlier report of 2012 was not made public till August 2019 by the same Australian authorities, in which there “was encouraging evidence for the effectiveness of homoeopathy”.

    Please keep your biases aside – do not pass one-sided judgement, especially by those who have not even experienced Homoeopathy.

  51. As a homeopath I can say that their is a cure for CORONA or any other diseases.
    If writer think that it is pseudoscience than it is her/his lack of knowledge,it’s like talk about a book without reading it.
    If writer have no trust in this pathy then who cares,
    But if he/she have a open mind than do an experiment buy Lachesis 200 (scientifically have no molecule in it )in globules and take 4-4-4 pills thrice a day for 6-7 days
    If you get particular dreams of any animal or you got some relief in your disease if you are a Lachesis patient, then write a new review,
    Please do not Google Lachesis ,
    Than you become prejudice, please take it and if you find anything than its your duty to aware people about homeopathy
    Please do not continue for more than 7 days
    This above writing is for those who don’t have faith in homoeopathy

  52. I have seen the efficacy of homeopathy even in cancer cases,, it works miraculous without any CT n RT ,,, reduction of tumor is seen in MRI itself. There is need of every medical system at it own place u can’t deny.
    Results itself speak.. Not any foolish article like this can change the results.

  53. I have used homeopathy, ayurveda and alopathy medicine. But i dont believe corona can be cured with homeo or ayuverda. Arsenic album as i know it cannot fight with virus but material medica shows very close resemblence corona symtoms. I hope Allopathoic medicine may be deveoped soon for its resistance.

    For my bakbone treatment ayurveda shows best result and homeopathic medicine for many other problem. Im very much happy with homeopathic results. Homeopathy can do wonders in longterm diseases/hieridity diseases but sudden result[ sudden death disease allopathy is best, i used when i got typhoid]

    Author does not have much experience with homeo brach he/she just vomited what he got from online.


  55. I would like to correct your knowledge…
    Like cures like means similar things cures not the ‘same’
    Yes it do cure PCOS and other diseases where modern medicine don’t.
    First you try homeopathy and then write about it…
    People who use homeopathy are not fools..!

  56. I have been using only homeopathy alongwith my family members since my childhood. It has got cure for any disease. Once my cousin got a dog bite and the dog died the next day. We didn’t take the costly injections of allopathy. His father is a homeo doctor and he got cured by homeo medicine only. Allopathy doctors and pharma companies are scared of the popularity of homeopathy and therefore running a campaign against it. But even they are using homeo medicines for their family. They are using allopathy for making money. I have many doctor friends working in big hospitals in Kerala and they admit that they always use homeopathy for their families as they are well aware of the side effects of allopathy. Actually Dr Samuel Hanuman invented homeopathy after realising the bad effects of allopathy. May be after 10 or 20 years only homeopathy will be in the world as everyone understood the qualities of that great science

    • Why alone homeopathy people claim prevention of post bite rabies with jhad phoonk ,peeping in well . Poorly trained homeopaths do not understand that only 15% people are susceptible to rabies post bite . 85% enjoy a natural resistance . Who knows the son of learned homeopath might be one among
      85% ! Further was dog a confirmed case of rabies ?

  57. Homoeopathy hasn’t ever claimed to cure the covid-19 disease caused by corona virus. It has always said to help in preventing the disease.
    And dont worry homoeopathy dont bother with such articles, it have patients to cure.

  58. This article is pack of lies. Homoeopathy is a well established science invented by a Allopath Hanemann. I personally know patient cured of younge cancer with only one dose of homoeo medicine. I myself was cured of cervical spondalytis with 3 week course of Strychninum30, a homoeo remedy and in turn saw hundreds of patients cured like me. The treatment of Coronavirus through Arsenic a d flu through Influenzinum is perfect an d possible.

    • You are absolutely right- homoepathy is very scientific & very specific in its treatment approach & efficacy. It is so specific that there is a different medicine for Left Shoulder pain & different medicine for Right Shoulder pain. People, cities & countries who are ignorant about effectiveness & genuineness of homoepathy would give irresponsible statements about it.

  59. I beg to disagree from personal experience. I have had chronic shoulder pain, tried all the “scientific” approaches (physiotherapy mainly) without any cure. The problem persisted for more than 2 years …I had even considered giving up my programming job that required lot of typing. Thats when I tried homeopathy ..I had to take medicine for 6 months ..Now I am pain-free, continuing my work blisfully. Without homeopathy, my career would have stopped.

    • Time cured your shoulder pain, not medicine.
      This is true in every case of so called Homeopathy “cure”.
      There is no medicine in homeopathy pills, only sugar. It is not imprinted with anything either.
      All this is proven fully.

  60. The allopathic system of medicine does not want any competition from any other form of medicine and hence tries to murder any other form of medicine than allopathy. They try to do this by bribing doctors and colluding with the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies involved in drug approvals.

  61. OUR FAMILY GOT CURED OF : children reoccurring cough and cold , wife’s migraine (cured 20yearsback,no relapse) , my scietica type pains,tongue ulcers,foot corns ,bp control among others-BY HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENTS be it a psudoscience or placibo effect IT WORKS (if it doesn’t,change the doctor not “…..path” also give doctor at least four chances to modify potencies or prescription and six months too)

    • Sir why did you not go to Wuhan , the epicenter of covid19 ? Do not make tall claims go and face the challenge .May be nominated for next noble prize in medicine !

      • poor china , they should have used homoeopathy initially instead of modern science….I didnt expected that china was too much poor that they cant afford homoeopathy….

  62. This article is BS, as it downgrades the efficacy of homeo medicines in general. Being successfully treated by homeo medicines on several occasions, I have full faith in their efficacy. And Ayush never said it prevents coronavirus, but it helps increase immunity.

  63. Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) Prevention And Treatment.
    Formulated and Dispensed by Dr. Sirkhot. Recommend to take 20 Drops Three times a day in a sip of luke warm water for 3 days, As a preventive. If Symptomatic continue for 7 days.
    These medicines boost the immune system and reduce the virulence of the infection.

    • If someone is not able to accept the truth about the science of Homoeopathy, then try to prove it false and discard from each and every platform but don’t write until you prove it false..

    • Such claims make homeopathy a pseudo science .Is it based on your bed side treatment ? Please publish your data in lancet and oblige the medical community .

      • I myself is a proof..
        I had fever, took some antibiotic, which caused diarrhoea, was given another antibiotic to stop diarrhoea. Next day it caused some constipation & fissure, which was so much painful as if a big knife is constantly poking all the time. Applied lot of creams & painkillers, without ant relief. I was injected Tramadol many times but only temporarily relief of few hours. Pain was so severe that I was crying, moaning & pain was too much severe. No relief in 10 days. Surgeon asked for operation. I took homoeopathic medicines from 2 doctors but without any relief. I noticed that my pain gets worse by application of heat. Then after asking some of my mental symptoms, one renowned homoeopath from Calcutta told me to take one drop of a homoeopathic medicine in half glass of water, make its 9 parts, 3 parts daily.
        Within 2 hours my pain subsided & within three days no pain & no fissure.
        Now 2 months have been passed I am having no problem.

        Now my question to you is this if it was only due to placebo effect then why so many allopathic medicines couldn’t cure me in 10 days..?

        If you will say that it was due to my belief on homoeopathy then why other 2 homoeopaths couldn’t cure me..??

        Sir, I was cured only when I got right homoeopathic medicine.

        5 years back I had one big Carbuncle ( abcess) on my thigh. It was much painful & I had 103°f fever. I took treatment from one surgeon for 7 days without any effect. He recommended operation under anaesthesia for my carbuncle. Then I took one homeopathic medicine only 3 doses. Next day I had no fever & reduced pain. After 2-3 days all pus oozed out & I was well within a week without any operation.

        Was this due to placebo effect..??


        In homoeopathy for one disease there are a number of medicines, which act only if a patient gets that particular medicine which exactly matches his symptoms. Until one doesn’t get that particular medicine he can’t be cured by homoeopathic medicine. For getting right medicine first patient has to observe carefully his symptoms & then his homoeopathic doctor should also give him medicine after considering his all particular symptoms. If one says homoeopathy failed in that case its not the failure of homoeopathy rather failure of that particular doctor.
        This happens in allopathy too..
        If it works in every case then why there is so much crowd in big hospitals…why patients are not getting cured by local doctors…??
        If homoeopathy works on placebo basis, then patients who reache big hospitals after taking so many allopathic medicines, then why all those medicines did not caused any placebo effect..??

        Sir..most of the patients who take homoeopathy in India are those who first take allopathic medicines from many doctors, then from various ayurvedic doctors, then other places & at last they go to homoeopaths. & then they get cured of there diseases…

        You mean then they get well only from placebo effect…???

        Sir, please ponder..
        Without being biased…

        To new borns & infants, who don’t know what are medicines are also cured by homoeopathic medicines….

        You mean that is due to placebo effect…

        When homoeopathic medicines are not working its only because one didn’t get the right exact medicine for him..
        To find the exact medicine in homoeopathy it needs hard effort…

        Studies which are done on large scale but not on invidual basis which is most essential for homoeopathic cure.

        There are lot of cures by homoeopathic medicines which you can get directly from patients….

        • Sonika , perfectly said , let me tell all in simple words the so called Modern medicine & the Allopathy is nothing but a nexus between these Doctors & pharma companies to earn money , they dont care about the health of patients they want only money. If u ask any Allopathic dr. To administer Chemotherapy or radiotherapy on their family members suffering from cancer I bet 99% of them will refuse first hand.. I have since my childhood on homeopathy treatment and sometimes Ayurvedic slso even for all problems & not short period but around 40 years , I have seen lots and lots of Allopaths taking self or family members treatment from either homeopaths or Ayurvedic doctors. The only reason people go to them is because they want immediate results but they dont understand that the side effects of such medications are cancer, heart problem, diabetes and what not u name them.

          I dont say all allopaths are like that & all homeopathy dr. Are very generous but still the ratio is very wide.

          U can see An example of World renowned Dr.B.M. Hedge & Dr.Bisawroop Roy Chowdhry..

        • Sonika , perfectly said , let me tell all in simple words the so called Modern medicine & the Allopathy is nothing but a nexus between these Doctors & pharma companies to earn money , they dont care about the health of patients they want only money. If u ask any Allopathic dr. To administer Chemotherapy or radiotherapy on their family members suffering from cancer I bet 99% of them will refuse first hand.. I have since my childhood on homeopathy treatment and sometimes Ayurvedic slso even for all problems & not short period but around 40 years , I have seen lots and lots of Allopaths taking self or family members treatment from either homeopaths or Ayurvedic doctors. The only reason people go to them is because they want immediate results but they dont understand that the side effects of such medications are cancer, heart problem, diabetes and what not u name them.

          I dont say all allopaths are like that & all homeopathy dr. Are very generous but still the ratio is very wide.

          U can see An example of World renowned Dr.B.M. Hedge & Dr.Bisawroop Roy Chowdhry..

        • If the infant has a tummy ache, it will go away with or without Homeopathy.

          “When homoeopathic medicines are not working its only because one didn’t get the right exact medicine for him..
          To find the exact medicine in homoeopathy it needs hard effort…”

          This is just a tactic for homeopaths to buy time. If you wait long enough all these diseases that homeopaths claim to treat, will be cured on their own.

          You are right on one thing. In case of modern medicine (which is not “Allopathy”), there is also placebo effect. Sometimes the doctor prescribes the wrong treatment and the disease goes away. How to tell then that it was because of medicine?

          That is the whole reason why science does clinical trials, because doctors and patients cannot tell the difference between a working medicine and placebo easily. People are easy to fool, but numbers in a properly controlled study don’t lie. Homeo sugar pills perform exactly the same as sugar pill without homeo water. That is what being same as a placebo means.

  64. Homeopathy has its own importance and Allopathy has done miracles in surgery and medication. Both are supreme in their own fields. Homeopathy is a symptoms based pathy which not only cures one problem of the patient but also cures his both the physical as well as mental health of the patient as per it’s Material Medica. Major guiding symptoms select the medicine. Like cures the like.

  65. Well, I could not read the whole thing as it has started with mis-information. Samuel Hahnemann, did not start the practice, he only popularised the idea.

  66. If the author thinks that homeopathy is a placebo I would challenge him/her to take Sulphur 200c tds for 15 days and then report back. Not sure if this comment will be read or not if you do please mail me back. This is an open challenge. From your perspective it is placebo so you need not bother. The remedy can be purchased from the pharmacy of ur choice.

  67. Father Muller opened a Homoeopathic Medical College.
    To understand Homoeopathy it’s not a common brains cup of tea, you have to be distinguised.

  68. Please be informed that “like cures like” does NOT mean that the “same” thing will cure it. Moreover, if it is really a pseudo-science, then why are scientific people in IITs researching on it? I also have a question. Does allopathy/modern therapeutics have any medicine against Coronavirus?? Also, please do visit The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital and see for yourself in it’s OPDs if PCOS can be cured or not. Or may be, Laboratories all over Bengal are biased.

  69. Now a days every second person is expert in everything, just like this article author. I want to LOL.
    Even he can also explain a lot of thing about automobile including the aerodynamics lol.
    He himself seems under a placebo effect…..

  70. Never underestimate the power of the placebo. If it not effective, then why do some of the biggest pharma companies want it removed from the testing process of new drugs.

  71. Print is blind and dangerous opponent of Modi government. It can go to any extent to oppose Modiji’s policies.I can say it’s definitely an antinational media portal.

  72. Very disgusting and propagenda type post. How one can think sidedly. This post proves that world is dominated by propagandists.Shame.

  73. Hello,

    My request to you is – Please go to a good homoeopath when you get indisposed…
    Cold, cough, fever or anything… Experience it, then choose to believe or disbelieve.

    You are the science expert on the Print..
    Kindly tell me if you have any idea of Quantum physics…among others
    – collapse of wave functions
    – Bose einstein condensate
    – quantum entanglement…

    Most of the scientists themselves do not understand the latest science – quantum science.

    What Man knows about science is a Morsels worth…There is so much to know that we haven’t
    even explored 0.1 % of “what is to be known”.
    In such a situation, if you cannot explain something…will you debunk it ?
    Can you debunk Qunatum physics…?

    Please understand, that the essence of Science is reproducibility…not how it works..
    Else, quantum mechanics would not have come into existence…

    Homeopathy is pure science, much more than Allopathy, but to understand this
    You should first understand Science…

    But you do that already …you are an Print science expert …Isnt it ?

    Let us refrain from commenting about things we dont understand…
    Human Mind doesnt understand many things…Homoeopathy is one such thing.

    Experience it to know that it works…
    How it works …would have to wait…until our understanding of Science advances further.

    Regards Prashanth

    • Please google Quantum Bullshit.
      Homeopaths are medical school rejects.
      Even Indian medical school graduates are not experts in science, homeopathy graduates are completely useless in understanding any science.
      Quantum Science is so many levels beyond your capacity to understand. Don’t just watch youtube and think you get it.

  74. You want to get the cure or expert certificate… Millions of people moving for homeopathy only since they got some cure… I spend huge amount to dissolve my kidney stones and got nothing in return. Homeopathy cured it without any complex procedures…

    • Renal calculous got operated once ,twice thrice,kept on recurring patient took Homoeopathic medicines no recurrence the patient is alive and ready to show all the details right from surgery till his cure.
      Please don’t be a prejudiced.
      A Physician should be a unprejudiced.

  75. Sir … first of all know the principles of homoeopathy then criticise.Homoeopathy is science and purely based on scientific evidences.Read the books of Predictive Homoeopathy written by Dr prafull vijaykar and check their results then dare to criticise any system.

  76. Sir… first of all study the principles of homoeopathy then criticise.Also read the books of predictive homoeopathy written by Dr.prafull vijaykar and see their results And then dare to criticise homoeopathy

  77. Every coin has two sides. It’s just the matter of perception.
    Homoepaths always believed in actions more than words and hence people see the results themselves.
    No advertisement. No Defence. Just Results.
    Keep posting your knowledgeable posts it’s kind of motivating.
    People are just qualified they need to be educated as well.
    Good Day.

  78. Please Stop posting this type of non sense,
    Corona is just a business of fear to sell the upcoming diagnostic toolkits and medicines

  79. Every day a new side effect advisory comes about a widely used so called life saving drugs. Pharma companies just use patients as Guinea pigs . And fund such articles to discredit less harmful medicines and paint them as Shamanics and placebo. These same countries destroyed the traditional medicines systems of the countries they made their colonies and now when these indigenous medicines systems are coming back again since they are more natural and less side effects causing these countries which are now under the influence of pharma mafia are trying once again to prove them as unscientific . The print is one of the most fraudulent new source of this time.

    • Today’s research on so called modern medicine becomes childish play of tomorrow,for instance Penicillin was supposed to be a wonder drug of its time but see the fate of penicillin, this is a very small example to the writer.

  80. Yes homoeopathy is water only and also placebo…
    Who has seen god..?? but many of them believe and have faith in him…
    Let alone people decide whether they want homoeopathy or not… your peer reviewed journals… the double blind or triple or quadruplet blind research is all just big-pharma companies game…
    U want to test homoeopathy than must be tested in homoeopathic guidelines not in your multi-millionaire pharma way…
    Its like making fish to fly…
    H’pathy has its own logic , science, laws , principles dont just make mockery of it… u ppl really know ur future by making 1st line antibiotics 2nd line and infinite line so on….
    One-day u all know that the ray of hope for homoeopathy will shine brighter than all of ur multi-talented branch of science which relies on pharma companies…

    Testing on animals and making drugs than giving to innocent people… does it make sense human being anatomy ,physiology is same as of rats ,guinea pigs and etc etc animals…. how come just these type of basic things u dnt understand and you ready to criticize CAM for its true ,genuine , effective treatment…. u all critics just deny to accept the CAM….

    If u all really want well-being of people around us come together and treat everyone by criticising nothing will happen…

  81. This article is so flawed and unintelligent that any attempt to give an explanation or counterargument will just be a self – mockery.

      • Yes, even in silly Hahnemann’s time, people found out it was fake.

        Google for
        Homeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions: Two Lectures Delivered Before the Boston Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (1842) by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

        Even before scientific medicine, intelligent people understood that homeopathy did not have any sense.

        First paragraph:

        “When a physician attempts to convince a person who has fallen into the Homoeopathic delusion, of the emptiness of its pretensions, he is often answered by a statement of cases in which its practitioners are thought to have effected wonderful cures. The main object of the first of these Lectures, is to show by abundant facts, that such statements, made by persons unacquainted with the fluctuations of disease and the fallacies of observation, are to be considered in general as of little or no value in establishing the truth of a medical doctrine, or the utility of a method of practice.”

        This was written in 1842. The same tactic is being used even today in 2020, 178 years later. Even today, Homeopaths refuse to acknowledge “fluctuations of disease and the fallacies of observation” and insist it was all the work of their sugar pills.

  82. Extract of natural stevia is one of the answer for Corona asper the research published in 2009. To read the report type ‘stevia corona research pdf’ in the google search. In a way stevia is the only one in the universe to detoxify the entire inside the body. There by almost disease free life.

    • Detox is a fake concept believed by people who don’t understand basic biology.

      Stevia is just a sweetener, not a magic medicine.

      If you are so sure, take your Stevia and we will send you to Cornona wards and Ebola villages.

      Also, extract of anything not homeopathy. Homeopathy is whatever diluted to nothingness. It is just water and sugar.

  83. Only homoeopath can lead the curative action of any remedy . He knows the proving histry on human only not on mere lower animals. It is a science ,which correlates the action and obstacles of any other science. Who can deny the dynamic power of any components? Homoeopathy deals the natural and dynamic curative power on human being and also in on any animals.
    Where homoeopath honours the other sciences and correlates the curative factors without any hazards ,the others ,who are dealing in (?)sciences have least courage to share the opinion on wellness of human beings.

    It is astonishing that correlation and coordination can only help evolving best results any time anywhere.

    Be a good partner of healthy globe with integrity amongst the sciences dealing the diseases.

    • Very true…..

      They want fish to fly by testing h’pathy medicines in double,triple,quadruplet blind trials… which is not possible they even know… its all game of big-pharma companies…

      No money no show

      More money biggest show…

      H’pathy is economical to everyone….

      No homoeopath will charge according to diagnosis or diseases but this people make markets
      Genral medicine $$
      General surgeon $$$$
      Orthosurgeon $$$$$$
      Obstetrician $$$$$$$$
      Neurosurgeon $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      Shame on such medicos after taking a hippo oath…

      ” Integrated system of medicine is the only solution to the well-being of all on this planet “

      • There is no “triple,quadruplet blind trials”, just double – patient should not know and doctor should not know, whether what is given is placebo or medicine. But you can run your interview drama all you like and “individualize” as you like. If you don’t do that, expectancy bias sets in. There is no medical test if those two are not covered. Any psychologist will tell you that, not doctors.

        Homeopathy is actually very expensive. It is the most expensive water drops that contain absolutely nothing else. It is a very expensive consultation at any cost above zero, because these are not doctors, but quacks with 18th century “vital energy” beliefs who don’t understand science basics even in 21st century.

        Doctors don’t charge by diagnosis either. The charges differ by specialty. What neurosurgeon? Do you have any idea what that takes? Homeopaths are generally people who could not qualify to become dentists or veterinary doctors (those are real scientific professions, not a fake acting degree like Homeopathy). Homeopaths give the exact same sugar pills with nothing in them for everything. No one will notice the difference if labels are changed on bottles.

  84. One of the most nonsense post by the most idiots. These idiots saves swines by propagating against hens, birds, bats etc. as to be the main cause of corona. These outfits always try to save other pathies by disgracing homeopathy. Their filthy motive is stick to the instantly enormous profit from the global market to the cost of human health and hygiene. Nonsense post.

  85. If anyone wants proof do go to the concerned physician itself rather than just mechanically backing selected few who have a fixed mindset against other systems of medicine

  86. Blind belief and blind opposition both are equally harmful. Homeopathy works or not can be experienced by any body if he does an experiment:
    If I take tayiphodium 200 one dose today and then take regular vaccination for tayiphoid then I will not get any fever next day but in regular vaccination fever is must next day.
    Moreover if homeopathy is used on animals even then it works and I think placebos do not work on animals.
    We must not reject any thing blindly.
    More over before Dr Haneman of Germany this principal was mentioned in Purana as ” vish vishisht aoushdham “

  87. Homeopathy or for that matter Gau mutra is a matter of faith, science can’t dislodge faith. Faith gives you which arguments can’t.

    • Exactly. When people lack science fundamentals, telling them scientific facts is useless. They prefer to live in fantasies.

  88. Homeopathy may be rubbish according to some, but at late night when body temperature raises to very high in fever, a drop of aconite 30 works wonders for me and my family till medical help can be accessed.

    • According to the AIIMS ICMR and more critics of h’pathy

      U are taking placebo bro just water nothing else and ur body is decreasing the temperature by itself… its only placebo effect bro… only paracetamol in the universe has the effect to decrease the temperature because they documented in trails on lower animals…

      U are mentally satisfied when u take some drops of aconite 30 as homeopathy has not documented according to their trials that means it is placebo nothing else… better u must call reticulo-endothelial system super super specialist to treat ur fever okay…

      • If u don’t know the effect , better don’t talk or comment. Behave like sensible person.
        Everything in this universe don’t need your biased opinion.

  89. This is the result when people with half knowledge and zero experience, like this author write on something they don’t understand. The only evidence against homeopathy, offered by the author is bans and discouragement of homeopathy by some countries. Countries themselves who have huge pharmaceutical lobbies that are partial towards allopathy.

    • In homeopathy every person gets different medicine for the same problem. In one person has migraine, there are 100+ migraine medicine available in homeopathy, but every individual gets different medicine for migraine based on their suffering. It’s is NOT like allopathy, paracemtal is THE MEDICINE for all fevers. Everyone FORGOT about the SIDE EFFECT caused by allopathy medicine.

      No body try to understand the HOMEOPATHY PRINCIPLES. Whatever world knows today is NOT SCIENCE.
      When you today science community knows is NOT ONLY THE SCIENCE, whatever today scientific community don’t know or don’t know the EVIDENCE as per TODAY SCIENCE terminology, it does not mean TRUTH CAN BECOME FALSE.

      Tell me, everyone knows the difference between Living body and dead body, that is the VITAL OR PRANA energy, if this VITAL FORCE whe leaves or disappears from living body considered to dead. What today scientific say about this unseen VITAL FORCE or energy, did they can give MATRIRAL EVIDENCE or proof from today scientific knowledge. If you cannot provide DID YOU SAY, THE STATEMENT IS FALSE.

      The homeopathy is based on principle of VITAL FORCE, yes today NO BODY knows what’s exactly is VITAL FORCE, but everyone knows it EXITS, without that we are DEAD.

      I don’t understand the PSORIC ITCH of allopathy against the HOMEOPTHAY.


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