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This is probably how Pakistan is explaining that its F-16 fighter jet inventory is intact

Pakistan had said it purchased 12 F-16As and 1 F-16B from Jordan, but in a 2014 image released by its military’s publicity wing ISPR, 2 F-16Bs can be seen.

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A recent article in Foreign Policy magazine has claimed that a US count under the end-user licence agreement has found that none of the Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) F-16 fighter aircraft are missing.

However, this is not unexpected, given that the US may not accept that one of its cutting-edge F-16s was brought down by a vintage Russian MiG-21 Bison of the Indian Air Force. India has also maintained that it has enough evidence to confirm that an F-16 was indeed shot down.

But there is another aspect to the story that has not been highlighted: Pakistan’s own manipulation of the F-16 inventory. ThePrint tries to throw some light on this.

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The RJAF deal

In February 2014, Pakistan had signed a deal with Jordan to purchase 13 F-16 aircraft, of which 12 were ‘A’ models and one was the ‘B’ model.

When the first batch of aircraft from Jordan was delivered to the PAF at Mushaf Air Base in Sargodha on 27 April 2014, a photograph of the ceremony was released to the press.

The picture showed five F-16 aircraft, but the models were not as per the inventory quoted by the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations, the Pakistani military’s publicity wing and the entire Pakistani media. In fact, there were three F-16 As and two F-16 Bs.

The difference between the A and B variants is that the A is a single-seater while the B is a twin-seater. The F-16 A has a bubble canopy which reduces the RCS (radar cross section) by 15 per cent overall. The F-16 B has a canopy with bracing which increases the RCS.

The picture of 27 April 2014 at Sargodha shows clearly visible elongated canopy and braces on two F-16 aircraft parked behind the dignitaries.

The actual deal, reports say, was for 14 aircraft, with two ‘B’ models and 12 ‘A’ models.

Thus, the PAF had an additional F-16B, received from RJAF, in its inventory. That’s why today, it would be possible for Pakistan to claim that all its F-16 aircraft are accounted for.

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Pakistan tried to leverage Jordan deal with US, but was blocked

The Pakistan government had requested the US government for the sale of F-16 Block 52 aircraft, which was approved by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency two years after the deal with Jordan, in February 2016.

The agency indicated that eight aircraft would be sold to Pakistan — two ‘C’ models and six ‘D’ models.

However, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State at the time, called off the deal, expressing concerns that Pakistan was “insufficiently targeting militant groups hostile to the United States, specifically the Haqqani Network”.

Pakistan’s defence secretary Lt Gen. (retd) Muhammad Alam Khattak defiantly told the Senate’s standing committees on defence and foreign affairs that the country would buy the aircraft from the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF).

Pakistan was trying to put pressure on the US government by citing the earlier F-16 deal with RJAF. However, there was no further news of either deal.

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  1. Oh poor Indians…. Writing long articles won’t save u from humiliation u recieved that day… Keep on weeping. 😜🤣

    • Honestly to it doesn’t matter whether f-16 was downed. All that matters is that to keep Porkistan in check. Any misadventure of Porkis, they shouldn’t underestimate India’s move to enter Pakistani Air Space and keep them tamed. Pakis are busy in flesh trading to please the Chinese, don’t know when the Porkis will stop running out of stuff to pimp and sell

  2. Lol. All dimmi pseudo indian and Pakistani muzies . USA denied any report of asset counting. Hahaha

  3. Take a peek at the 3rd PAF pilot in the rear row (bearded taller fighter jock) – he seems to be the now very-familiar Wg.Cdr.Shahbaz Ali, CO of PAF 19 Squadron, aka “Sherdils”.

  4. Kapil, you are also up to supporting a fallacious capaign against the govtaimed at only smearing the image of the country. What sort of proof do you require to authenticate the strike? Can you cite a single example when after a battle or an airstrike dead bodies were counted.?I disagree that govt politicised the attack Far from it.When the revenge strike is meant to give an appropriate answer to enemy’s such an hideous,aggressive action wherein 40 lives are lost and which understandably generated so much anger in the people, it becomes incumbant on the govt to share the revenge action and it’s results with them to mollify them.The controversy erupted when opposition challenged and distrusted the information giiven by
    the govt. The govt naturally had to defend itself.

  5. PAF bought 13 planes, 9 F16A and 4 F16B. Yes 4 F16B so this story is complete lie and nonsense, it is based off a misreporting by

    Pakistan received 4 F16B and 9 F16A. That is total 13 planes, all accounted for. Do your research. Stop fooling your public. Here are all the 13 planes info, as you’ll see page 10-13 show the F16B (if you click on detail on each you’ll see RJAF in history from whom they bought). Please correct this false story.

  6. Colonel, judging by the comments from ISPR trolls making its way to this article, you are quite famous in ISPR circles!! But doubt anyone in Pakistan is able to understand you. Birdbrains!!

  7. Another thing I want to add. The caption of one of the pictures (screen grab from F16 website) says dignitaries and PILOTS are shown. Judging by the uniform, seven people in the back row are the pilots. SEVEN, 3 for 3 A model aircrafts and 4 for 2 B model aircrafts.

    I am sure Pakistanis fudge and cook all their books and records. They don’t want all details to go to the Americas during audits.

  8. Stop politicising everything ..and fucking assuming shits and writing to media ..this is what is killing our country

  9. This article only suggests that either the Americans are stupid and have no way of verifying a PAF F16, or the Indians are that dumb that they believe that the Americans made a mistake and counted the Jordanian jets as a PAF jet. I can understand the indians frustration of loosing the aircraft’s like sitting ducks, but it’s not the IAF pilots fault as this happens when you mess with the best in business.

  10. It’s totally a Bull shit story endorsed by BJP Government. ” The Print ” is & always was a paid media endorsed by BJP. DON’T RELY ON THEM.

  11. I agree with Col even Americans has denied the physical or any documented counting of F 16 bcs they know what will be the real outcome.

  12. Read us defence has denied any physical counting of f1 jets has taken place. Pak is very eager to cover up its big loss.
    Cheers to you for putting up a series of lies… A nation with nothing but terrorist and lies

  13. Who is interested in this lie. We did Balakot, we drowned F16. That’s it. How you can ever imagine USA to accept that MIG21 brought down a F16? What about the market?

  14. I honestly dont care if India shot down anything or not. what i have issue with is the goverment politicising everything and manipulating people’s emotions. And those who ask for proof are tagged ‘nation traitors’ by this Modi government and their ‘aggressive’ Hindu followers. Such a shame.

  15. Pakistan is just like leash in the hand of a donkey , we don’t even care about.
    A looser getting defeated even sitting in Ferrari by a safari hahhahahahahahah
    Salute to Abhinandan

  16. Has there been any Official announcement by USA…only some undisclosed sources have confirmed…are we really that stupid to believe such information..

  17. Some idiots in comment section are willing to believe statements of rogue terrorist nations propaganda wing called ISPR and some third rated publication whose sources are always dubious than an ex serviceman whose theory is certainly worth looking into.

  18. INDIAN DNA IS CONFIGURED ON LIES HISTORICALLY AND ENDURES LIKE A WEAPING WOUND. BUT THERE ARE A FEW HONEST INTELLECTUALLY CANDID ABOUT IAF VS PAF. Read books of air wars by Pushpinder Singh, Ravi Rakhye, PVS Jagan Mohan and Samir Chopra. War diaries of Gen. Khshwant Singh, Jogindar Singh, Lachlan Singh and EVEN COL, DESMOND HYDE OF 3JAT during 65 war. History repeats and shall keep repeating and truth the only thing will prevail finally.

    • How bout when old vampire jets decimated pak sabre jets, just like mig 21 vs f16. History repeating itself. Go through historic journals.

  19. Col I think you are deliberately misleading the country. F16s brought from Jordan are also covered under US conditions if use.

  20. That’s a normal BS considering PAF bought 13 jets from RJAF and not 14 as wrongly mentioned. Need to visit DSCA site before writing another lie.

  21. Yeah you are right Col , the mightiest Military power on earth is a sisi that can be fooled by few cols across the border

  22. The more you scratch it, the more messy and bloody it gets for the lies to be exposed. Just move on, and prepare for a strike for its military value next time, rather than political grandstanding.

  23. Col. Bhat, yaar I was not expecting this from you, such a loose article.
    To cover a couple of lie, now you guys are manipulating and lie every day.
    Good thing is, right now, it is Pakistan who is rubbishy your claims but entire world & international media. Not a single country & international media have accepted India claims (Balakot raids destroyed the madrasa to downing F16).
    Ask your GoI and IAF brings some solid evidences but wishy washy 2 parachutes, Signatur, etc.
    BTW, ISPR show all the missile seeker heads intact… lol…lol… now think some other story…lol…hahahaha….Hahahahah…

    • Are you an idiot, showing the image of the missiles when making your claim. The R-73 propellant is missing, showing very CLEARLY it was fired. Next time please consult missile experts before using the MiG-21 AAM pictures to spread your fake news.

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