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Not much has changed for IAF a year after it was outgunned by Pakistan

India has made some progress in moving to acquire fighters, tech and equipment but it is yet to get its hands on any.

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New Delhi: A year after Pakistan outgunned and outnumbered the Indian Air Force on 27 February through “Ops Swift Retort”, not much has changed on the ground.

Pakistan was armed with better fighter planes, Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missiles like AMRAAMs and backed by state-of-the-art SAAB airborne warning and control systems (AWACS), and left the Indian Air Force wanting in many places.

From limitations of the Su 30 MKI radar to pick up enemy fighters properly to the technical issue faced by the Mirage 2000 aircraft over firing their Mica air-to-air missile, the list of the shortcomings that the IAF experienced is long.

If Pakistan were to repeat the “Swift Retort” today, the situation doesn’t look great even a year later.

There is, however, a silver lining — the Rafale fighter jets, to be equipped with better weapons package, especially the Meteor air-to-air missile that tilts the scales in India’s favour against both Pakistan and China, will start arriving May onwards.

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Neither Pakistan nor China at present has a missile to counter the Meteor, which has a range of nearly 150 km — it’s much higher than the American AMRAAM that had outgunned the Sukhois with a range of over 70 km.

This means that a Rafale would be able to take out an enemy aircraft 150 km away in air without even having to cross the Indian air space.

But it will take at least a year for the first four Rafales to be completely operationalised with their weapons system.

Also, the much-needed Software Defined Radios (SDR) have finally been ordered from Israel which will help secure communication without fear of jamming.

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was shot down after he failed to hear command to retreat given by the ground-based command centre because of jamming carried out by the Pakistan Air Force.

India is also in the process of clearing the acquisition of two more PHALCON AWACS, which will help the IAF have round-the-clock eye in the sky.

The lack of more AWACS was felt during the 27 February aerial dual when Pakistan, which operates about 10 such systems, took advantage of the changeover of the IAF’s eye in the sky.

The only actual change that has taken place on the ground is that the MiG 29 has been replaced with the Su 30 MKI as the additional fighter at the Srinagar base that houses the 51 Squadron of the MiG 21 Bisons.

However, plans to permanently base the Su 30 MKI cannot be implemented immediately because the hangars in Srinagar can’t accommodate the giant Russian fighters, defence sources told ThePrint.

This means that the Sukhois will have to fly in from other bases in case of yet another skirmish.

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How Pakistan retaliated for Balakot

Around 8:45 am on 27 February, the first signs of a possible attack emerged as Pakistan shut down its civilian airspace and stopped all commercial flights.

About half-an-hour later, multiple Pakistan fighter jets, perfectly timed with the changeover of IAF AWACS, started taking off from different bases.

At that particular moment, only two Su 30 MKI in the south of the Pir Panjal and two upgraded Mirage 2000, north of the mountains, were doing the Combat Air Patrol (CAP).

The Pakistani package of 25 fighters, including the F 16s and the Mirages, made their way towards the LoC but did not cross the mutually agreed 10 km cut-off point for fighters.

A few Pakistani fighters took off in the direction of the international border with Rajasthan in a bid to trick India, just like India had done the previous day.

Leading the Pakistan strike package was the F-16s armed with the AMRAAMs.

The American-built fighters moved towards the south of the Pir Panjal while the Mirages moved towards where the other two Indian fighters were flying.

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What went wrong

Sources said the Indian fighters were simply outnumbered.

The Sukhois with their R-77 missiles, which have a range that’s shorter than the AMRAAMs, were no match for the F-16s that had better air-to-air weapons.

Sources said one Sukhoi was fired upon by the F-16s and had to take high-speed maneouvres to outgun the AMRAAMs.

The second Sukhoi too took tactical action keeping in mind that they were told by the Barnala-based Integrated Air Command and Control System (IACCS) that AMRAAMs were being fired.

The second Sukhoi had also failed to properly pick up the enemy fighters through its radars.

On the northern side of the Pir Panjal, the upgraded Mirages on CAP duty were outnumbered completely. They had also faced a technical glitch because of which they could not engage Pakistan Air Force (PAF) with the MICA air-to-air missiles that have a better range than the ones used by PAF in that sector.

Panicked PAF pilots break into Punjabi

Realising that the Indian fighters were outgunned and outnumbered, the Barnala-based IACCS ordered the scrambling of six MiG-21s.

Since the MiGs climbed in the shadow of the Pir Panjal range, Pakistan’s AWAC failed to detect them. The sudden appearance of the MiGs proved to be a blessing for India, as the Pakistani fighters were taken aback.

Panicked Pakistani pilots, who broke into Punjabi rather than sticking to the military codes, fired about 11 H-4 glide-bombs, weighing 1,000 kg each, at Indian military installations, none of which hit the target.

The MiG pilots were then asked to “go hot”, meaning they had to go in for a missile lock on enemy aircraft. But the MiGs soon came within the firing range of the F-16s, and they were asked to “turn cold”, meaning they were to retreat.

However, Wing Commander Varthaman, who had gone too close to the LoC, could not hear the command as Pakistan had jammed radio frequencies.

In his pursuit of locking on to a Pakistani fighter, Varthaman crossed the LoC and was within the firing range of Pakistani fighters.

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  1. Hahahahaha Indians are crying,after being show the mirror, Indian air force was totally out gunned , su 30 shot down other one ran away , the mirage 2000i on duty called bingo low fuel, they send their useless mig 21, the same aircraft that was shot down by f 86sabre in 1971 war, to fight the modern air force jet, and came to same result of getting killed,it is just sad the level of shamelessness these Indians have , after all there is a reason why Bollywood is in India, these imbecile Indians and their fantasies are protrayed by their films

    • Oo chacha please check stats and then speak. It’s utter reality that F16 was shot down by Mig 21 bison but you guys will not accept it though we have already shared you enough proof of the same weather it’s radar signatures or debris of AAMRAM missle which only be fired from F16. Also you were also talking about 1971 war where you guys lost half of your Navy, one third of your airforce and quarter of army. Also we are proud of our bollywood that is the reason why you guys come here and work with us and when your government bans it you watch it on pirated copies. Last but not the least please care of your karachi first which is flooded even after a week after the rains.

  2. Absolute whitewash of an article, doesn’t show basic facts and mostly ignores the number of radars and EW measures on ground on the Indian side. Doesn’t write the basic fact a F-16 was also shot down, which was also verified from Radio intercepts on the ground. IAF has superior equipment than PAF any day of the week (apart from the Bison), less AWACS than PAF does not mean its worse, the Indian flanker has a top class Israeli and French EW suite. Going hot and cold is normal in BVR BFM. In the IAF the mirage is more of a Air to ground weapons platform than Air to Air. The simple facts that this article ignores, highlights the utter incompetence of the website as well as the journalist. The PAF went back with the tail between their legs and couldn’t land a single bomb on target and lost a F 16 and lost to simply lesser number of aircraft speaks volumes of the IAFs professionalism and mission readiness. What this article is, is a complete narrative from our western neighbours perspective, all the while completely ignoring facts. The Jugnoo Jernails self-serving in our western neighbours so called Army always hide facts, years later they write books which uncover the truth. This article is akin to an Arsenal fan praising Tottenham even though Arsenal won 4-0. Absolutely shambolic, and from an incompetent team.

    • It also says that F16 outgunned Sukhoi. what the hell. The aircrafts which were shot down was Indian mirage and pak f16.

      • Bro it is true zee news and other news channel has made us fool.
        Most of the IAF jets are ageing.
        36 Rafael is very less for IAF we need nearly 250 Rafael to outgun both china and Pakistan.

    • the writer is not a writer. He has not quoted anybody from either papistan or India. he has sat in his arm chair and has written this. He is a molest of Journalism. If the editor of this apology of a news portal has any qualities of journalist is left in him he should sack this guy and take down the article.

    • Please come out of the dream bubble you guys are in. No F16 was shot down. No one in the world, I repeat no one in the world believes India’s narrative of shooting down a PAF F16 to date, because India hasn’t to this day provided any credible evidence to prove it. The Radar Images were refuted internationally as for them to prove anything IAF needed to show the complete video of the radars with the blip vanishing permanently and not just few picked images. because that’s how Dopplers work. On the other hand Foreign Policiy Magazine confirmed no PAF F16 were missing after US DOD did a count and confirmed the same.
      Now let me tell you what really happened and what the world saw and accepts. PAF Shot down IAF Mig21 after his radios were jammed by our EW aircraft (IAF Jets did not have Software Defined Radios and your Air Force accepted this and hence the radio of Abhinandans jet was jammed). Your Su30s were outgunned and running away from incoming AMRAAMS as mentioned in this article and that’s precisely they could not fire a single missile of their own (have u ever asked yourselves why they couldn’t fire any missiles?) One Su30 was shot down in the process.
      Now the third casualty was your IAF shooting down its own Search and Rescue Helicopter that was searching for the SU30 Wreckage.
      This is the reality and how unprofessional IAF is if you leave aside the Indian Bollywood inspired stories and events that never happened and have never been proven or accepted by anyone.

      • OK my friend where the second pilot, hope his treatment is complete as said by your puppet Prime Minister and defense spokesman and initial media reports, at least trust your Prime Minister yaar. So where is the second aircrash happened? My dear your lifetime job is is talk from back .. SAUDI has kicked you out,,China debt trap, now you are heading to Nigeria, Somalia for your country survival With begging bowl. Even PCB is begging to pay fees for crickets.. Your army is Chinese army’s toilet cleaners and luggage carrier , so stop it .. Have some self respect by human

      • Yes, as a Indian, I accept “ true and only true” F16’s count was complete none missing was reading article in USA magazine ..the reason to lose one M21 is not the smartness or bravery “ it was the better missile being used”. Our leader or military might was unable to procure proper equipment for this fight .” Corruption “

  3. We as a nation are divided… We exaggerate things and there are weaknesess in our systen. We can see our jawans weeping on border. They cant fight.

  4. On both sides of the border, we should get our acts straight. Work for the poor and see through the corrupt politicians. There are never any winners in a war as the Europeans have realized. If and when we agree to live in peace , the subcontinent can be a bigger power than any of those superpowers. We have the drive, the brains and the manpower. People at the grassroot just want to live with honor and respect. Live and let live. My best wishes to all.

    • I think people of this region (sub continent) are not that smart like europeans or americans. 2ndly all the big powers dont want this area to be stabled. They want either india vs pakistan or india vs china. In this way all the western objectives can be achieved.

    • Wow
      70%people are not having even 1 big hot meal a day in this area. I think people of this region (sub continent) are not that smart like europeans or americans. 2ndly all the big powers dont want this area to be stabled. They want either india vs pakistan or india vs china. In this way all the western objectives can be achieved.

    • I think people of this region (sub continent) are not that smart like europeans or americans. 2ndly all the big powers dont want this area to be stabled. They want either india vs pakistan or india vs china. In this way all the western objectives can be achieved.

  5. I do not understand the logic of the people who get offended by this article.

    Hypthetical scenario: let’s say, your sister has Corona, and the doctor diagnosed this and gives you the report.

    Option 1: You will call the doctor a chinese agent and accuse him of being insensitive? Walk off the hospital with your sister and tell everyone that the doctor is anti national as he is increasing the Covid19 overall count in India and is making India look bad in front of the world. You really don’t give a damn if your sister dies of Covid as accepting the truth and solving problems is beyond your mental capacity.

    Option 2: You will accept the fact that your sister is I’ll and take action to solve the problem by admiting her in the hospital and get her cured and save her. By doing this you save her life but the overall Covid count is increased by one.

    • Good, but let’s say if your sister is healthy but has a minor fever and the doctor for the sake of earning some good money diagnoses it as corona and starts giving her wrong treatment. Your sister’s health deteriorates due to wrong medicines being given to her and it also burns a hole in your pocket. What will you call that doctor then ?

      Same is happening in case of this article. Yes IAF’s aging Mig-21 fleet is a problem for us, if we had procured Rafale much earlier, Wing Cdr Abhinandan wouldn’t have lost his aircraft. But this article is not only quoting everythingg wrong by showing Pakistani airforce superior in every aspect but is also spreading malice and misinformation in the society to not only belittle the armed forces but trying to paint that present govt’s move of bombing terrorist camps was a wrong decision.

      We shot their F-16 down by our vintage Mig-21. PAF wanted to bomb our army’s naushera brigade headquarters but due to early intercepting and quick response made them miss their target and lose their F-16 plane. Finally Wing Cdr lost his Mig-21 to the Pakistani defence because he had crossed LOC and entered Pakistani airspace where he was shot down by Pakistani air-defence.

      But this article mentions none of that. All that is written is a total utter lie in the face of honest journalism. Won’t people feel offended from such an article that is tellingf false story just to praise Pakistan and show Indian defence forces in bad light.

      And then there are people like you who fake profiles to fight comment wars under the article’s comment section. Mr. Surya, won’t you tell your real name to all of us….?

    • The only Shame here is that everyone seems more interested in who won more than the lives that the PAF and IAF could have lost that day. Be human and think of your fellow human beings, not politics.

  6. You mentioned evrything a bird brain can imagine pl also investigate why Azhar Masood & co is not to be seen after that ..where is the “extra “pilot as mentioned by gooffy gafoora..The mission of uprooting terror factory has been achieved thats all matters..

      • No my friend this article is totally Biased towards an enemy airforce and seems like made by a Traitor, these Traitor will hollow out the country and should be punished really hard worse than the Hell so everyone should see what is a result of traitor and no one will try to even thing to make mistake like this in the future.

        • Not everything goes according to plan. If IAF Failed, it failed, there’s not always a happy ending and they won’t sugarcoat it for your years.

  7. For all the critics in the comment section, If they are pointing out the lapses it’s better for the nation, tagging all those stands with truth as anti-national has become custom in India. IAF clearly trails behind our enemies when comes to equipment and structure. We need more aircraft and better-trained men. Many here are ignorant of the facts, which clearly makes them the real anti-national if something is wrong to have the courage to stand up, make the country grow, shame on these people who lives in fools paradise

  8. It seems that the writers, the journalists and the owners of this online newspaper have a communist mindset who are funded by China and other communist nations to denounce the IAF and our country in general. This article is nothing but biased story-telling to bring shame to the glorious deeds of our military forces.

    • Yes, you have identified them correctly, they just want to show that IAF is like poor guy and PAF is supper power… Fuck this paper and his editor.

    • Do you cry if our team loses to enemy team in cricket as well? If IAF failed, it did. Nobody will be sugar coating reality for you and in a way its pleasing to you. Tough luck.

  9. Even the staunch Anti Pakistani Christine Fair in Milifest proved that India did not shoot down any F 16. Do check the video before commenting.

  10. I thaught i was reading THE Print of pakistan.
    Its alright you hate Bjp , Rss, modi, shah etc etc but you falling to such low levels of journalism having no respect for our Air force.
    God save this country from so much hate.
    Love your country please.

    • Paaji, if you fail in exams, should you be given a participation certificate to keep you cheered up? Reality is, our Air Force isn’t in a great shape. Take pride in being a reasonable person and acknowledge it. If you won’t or any of us won’t criticize our own force, we will have a force with outdated technology and inefficiency in their work.

  11. The Author has gone too much overboard. I’m from IAF. I’m telling you, the author knows nothing what happened during the dog fight. Half knowledge.

    Snehesh Alex Philip, better STOP using the word
    “Outgunned” in your article. You are just a civilian with wikipedia/twitter knowledge barking here.

    Shameful knowledge of yours. Pull-up young man.

    • Respected sir, enjoy them. They are doing jobs for pakis within India. BJP’S position clearly uncovering the faces of anti-national forces. They are all Librandu – Urban-naxals and jehadi gangs working together. They are on mission of their bosses.
      I personally never seen minds like they have. They are training us silently how to tackle Anti-India movement..Let them be what they are.
      We proud on you sir… Jaihind.

    • I am from IAF and I can assure you, this post reflects on the truth. Don’t try to sugar coat our failure.

    • Who lost?? I knew pakis were permanent loosers in war in economy in science and development in sports in any field you name… yes you are winners in spreading terror ..hahaha

    • Look whose talking. You lose in cricket, hockey, tennis, you lose all wars, your economy is dead. And you have the audacity to call us losers. Shame on you.

  12. How much you get for writing all this shit. In your filthy dream literature, there is no mention of
    a. Why Balakot strike was carried out.
    b. What was the objective of airstrike.
    c. PAF inability to counter IAF jets during Balakot strike.
    d. PAF F-16 shot down by IAF.

    The moment I read this article, it speaks lot about your grades in journalism.

  13. The technical/air combat termilogy used in this article indicates the writer has full contact with Pak Air Force; unless an Air Force guy tells this a normal reporter can’t bring out such things. Secondly the narrative is more of fiction then reality. It speaks Pakistan’s language. There may be real time chaos but, IAF never been out numbered or out dated. This type of story is a propaganda, in other terms psychological warfare made by paid by own, hired, sympathisers or anti Govt agents. Please use your prudence and have confidence on your own Force where enemy within is strategically, relentlessly trying to demoralise and diminish own forces.

  14. Even in 1971, India fought with inferior aircrafts when compared to Sabre jets and Mirage of PAF. Our planes the good old Gnat and MIGs. Still we won the War.

  15. IAF lacks nothing in terms of superiorities of men and materials they have. It proved its might when they bombed Balakot and came back unscathed achieving its Objectives. That is matters. What happened next is immaterial.
    Now, the Prestitutes taking up the matter just to repay their gratitude for being Bribed to write this shit.

    • What your formation of mirage and su30s hit was our trees and a crow and we dont like others destroying our trees so we selected 6 of your brigade headquarters in which were your generals and high command…go check out on youtube, the real missile footage that proves that missile locked the target and was moved by pilot as per orders few hundred metres away. Your IAF never knew what hit them.

  16. Pakistan Airforce can outgun Indian Airforce is a blatant lie. And even if it is true the current government is not responsible for it. Anti-national congress didn’t do much for our country and brought shame to us due to fake Rafale controversy. I have seen your channel where most of the commenters are paid coz in few videos which were in pure hindi had 99 % comments in advance english. Even your journalists beat around the bush in advance english without proving any point.

  17. IAF shot down an f16??? F-16!! am i joke to you 😂😂 anyway for all those who think this article lack reality go and check the ( tashreef ) of your (abhi not done) there might be something still sticking to has tashreef. The truth is bitter adage perfectly fits to all such people who can’t accept the truth. We Pakistani are well known for hospitality; putted down a pilot from a flying aeroplane, served tea ( shrrroop)) which was fantastic According to him.

  18. If I were a pakistani, it would be a treat for me to read. Perfectly fitting the fake narrative of pakistan. You guys are one of the worst & most insane humans ever walked this earth. Do you have children’s, I don’t know what teaching they might be getting. Worried about there dark future under such lunatic guidence. I think for hald-bred & pathetic people like you only it has been rightly said.
    दुर्जन: परिहर्तव्यो विद्ययालंकृतोपि सन्।
    मणिना भूषित: सर्प: किमसौ न भयंकर:।।-भर्तृहरि नीतिशतक
    One should not deal with the wicked even when he is knowledgeable. Isn’t a snake ornamented with a gem terrible?

    • The author is more biased towards India… Knows nothing about the reality….. Such authors should be stopped from making such statements….

  19. Looks like the guy who wrote this article was actually present in the air fight.

    How come no mention of the Paki F16 that was shot down by our outdated Mig.
    If Pakis had an upper hand they would not have let Major Abhnandhan go so easily.

    This is an utterly one sided armchair opinion.
    India bashing at it’s best.

    • I belive someone from inside provided the facts.
      Realizing of the politvid attribute to psychological warfare, or the opinion I’ll present below.
      1 on 1 and in an extended conflict, India will probably thrash Pakistan. This talks to bigger material quantity difference vs a small technological difference.
      I don’t think any nation can claim vastly superior training methods this day and age other than ability to afford unlimited training hours.
      In this war, I gather Pakistan was able to swiftly deploy a bigger force for a quick hit and run for the specific window period and I get the impression the Pakistani realized that hence the panicked dropping of bombs.
      India may have more jets but they are stretched, it’s apparent Islamabad & New Delhi were both aware of this, however New Delhi did a poor job of factoring impact of Islamabad moving swiftly during the window period of the satellite change over.if I was Indian what I’d like to know is:
      1. Has the satellite change over matter been addressed?
      2. Given it has and if Pakistan were to attack anyways, could we scramble a larger force then they can in time to force them back?
      3. If what is the resolution of my satellite, and what would happen if Pakistan attacked is smaller numbers below our resolution?
      4. Are my spies able to secure Intel in progress of my peers so I am not left far behind?
      5. My ability to close leaks as is apparent in Pakistan ability to know exact details in the changeover.
      6. Lastly, do I have officers who are not affected by blind loyalty. This is very key for an army, ypu might want to ask Hittler of the importance of this point.

  20. This now looks officially a Pakistani newspaper! You can count on this media house to twist any story as anti India!

      • You ediot, clouds do not mask the aircraft, but dense CB clouds paint on radar and we knew that fool Pakistani radar operators would not be able to distinguish between the cloud’s and aircraft’s blip and it went perfectly on 26 Feb.

  21. Ha ha ha, beggar pakistan nation doesnt even have ammo for a week. Its economy is in shambles. To survive it needs to hope for china or us to help.

  22. Paf outgunned and outnumbered IAF. Totally fake news. No one will buy this shit. I thought “The Print” is a good media platform, but it’s my mistake.
    Just another presstitute.

  23. Writing Anti- national articles always, The print should be in Pakistan. With sub-standard writings, the print is bringing bad name to the nation. The editor and the owner should be thrown behind bars for a life time or sent you Pakistan.

    • IN the 20 years preceding World war 2, Winston CHurchill spent most of his time warning his nation that they were under armed and under prepared against Germany. No one listened to him and he was mocked by almost everyone. he was proved right in 1939 when Germany captured most of Europe. No said he was anti national. It is good to take a realistic and even pessimistic view of our selves , so that we can be better prepared. The anti national word is coined by the BJP just to cover up their own and our nation’s shortcomings.

  24. Most of your narrative will go for toss if you have noticed how Pak DJ Disco ISPR goofy gafoora kept changing his comments Three pilots became two and two pilots became one ..other pilot is still missing no clarification on it till now…the tree called Azhar Mehmood is still missing… it took 45 days for them to clear the debries…most importantly gafoora has been sacked to be DG ISPR

    • Every Pakistani is proud of its DG ISPR, India fails to prove that if they hit any compound in Balakot, first version killed 250-300 militants then said we are not sure of the numbers of casualties. Same in case of F 16 the engine part which shown on Indian media was later proved to be not of F 16. The fact is that Pakistan has shown the wreckage of Indian jet and also rescued Indian pilot from the charged crowed and later as guestur of peace released him. But India never brought him on the media.

  25. hahahaha
    Ironically this is a news article
    writtem by someone who haven’t read any news in last one year! Funny Article

  26. Whatever man – at the end of the day a Mig 21 shot down an F 16 – and that is all that matters. The huge technology chasm between the Mig and the F16 didn’t matter when it came down to the wire. So whatever you write is irrelevant and redundant.

    • Dil ko khush rakhne Kay liye arnab ki fake news kafi hai ,,, F 16 … my foot ,,, read international news papers about F 16 ,,, then spit on urself

  27. The army is only as good as the arms we supply them. You can’t expect us to win by fighting with bare hands while the enemy is sitting in niche places with sniper rifles. Before questioning the Army question what the government who spends way too much on defence, has given to its soldiers. Its a shame that soldiers are dying of frostbites in Siachin Leh and Ladhak outposts. Most of our Aircrafts are so outdated in terms of technology they can never match the advanced tech that enemy may acquire. Instead of eating billions of tax payer’s money in the name of upgrading the existing flying coffin boxes, the government should buy new advanced aircrafts. Only then you have the right to say I’m proud of my Army. All the past governments failed our Defences and present government isn’t doing anything good either.

    • Pappu and party is responsible for not updating the army and at same time playing spoil sport when Modi tried to acquire Rafale…things would have much different ..the writer also doesnt mention goofy gafooras two pilots theory which was enough to prove their defeat…

      • See I’m not a congress bhakt. In fact I voted for BJP looking at Modi and the big picture of our nation even though the candidate I was voting for in my state was an absolute a**hole. You can’t blame one party or one person for the entire mismanagement. In every regime every party has attempted to reform and improve Defenses at the same time used it for their own selfish needs. If what you say was right then it seems we never had a good working Army before Modi came to power. We saw what previous governments did and we expected better but its just the same thing repeating. They spend 0.7% GDP on research and innovation and you expect quality research in this meager funding? What about healthcare? For a nation so populated we spend hardly 4% . Individual countries of European Union spend more in health care than we the biggest democracy in the world. (Data from 2018). We rank third after US China and Saudi Arabia to spend on military and Canada spends 1/3rd of us. Even Russia spends less than us on Military yet our Army is so ill-equipped its laughable. (Data on expenditure is from 2019). Open your eyes. There are bigger corrupt animals sitting in Bureaucracy. Whatever the political party comes into power they are there always, changing their affiliations and support. Look at how spectacularly they failed Demonetization. They did it in Congress rule. They are doing it in present Modi rule and they will do it when an XYZ party comes to power in future. Until they are in power no amount of bravery shown by an Army Jawan is gonna win us a war and no amount of brightest engineer’s innovation will make us technological superpower.

    • Yes sir correct there is lack of political will and the army is being used for vote bank politics we the certain genre of shameless political class can stoop so low they good no morale these kind of politicians should be ordered to spend a month or two in loc to understand the hardship army undergoes to save mother india

    • Greetings from Pakistan.
      Like you I am a patriot too. Let us hope that the two countries do not engage other than on a sports field. India can start a war whenever she wants but I am sure you realise that its consequences will be beyond control for anyone. For those Indians who are blinded by Bollywood mindset, thinking of Pakistan as a begger state is something which is expected from a narrow mind which is responsible for the creation of Pakistan in the first place. Now if they believe we can be undone, give it your best try. Your mighty armed forces would have done it if they could. This whole saga was designed to earn electoral victory for BJP and some brave Indian soldiers paid the price. Wing commander Abhinandan Vermathan has fallen in the line of duty, respected enemy and was seen off with the dignity and honour he deserves. Just to set the record straight, all PAF F 16s were accounted for as confirmed by neutral sources and all 4 missiles on the Bison of WC Vermathan were found in the wreckage of his jet.

      • I hope you do realize the fact that India as a country has never invaded any other country in its entire history!!
        1. Nobody wants war other than the people who benefit from war.
        2. In any conflict there are good people on both sides and there are crooks on both sides.
        3. Media is just a tool to manipulate public opinion, just like religion. Does one really need religion to connect to God?
        At the end of the day, the common man has few “NEEDS” – Food, Shelter, Good health and safety for self and loved ones. Everything else is “WANT”.

  28. It is vital that we don’t fool ourselves. We were clearly outgunned and outmaouvered by PAF. We were in such disarray that we shot or own helicopter down. Of course our pilots were brave and skilled. That’s why we got away with so few losses against the Pakistani forces with far superior weapons. The simple fact is that the Pakistani response post Balakot firmly laid to rest the myth of India’s superiority in conventional warfare. Let’s face it, our Navy with its dud scorpene subs is inferior to the Pakistani Navy. Our Airforce is pathetically ill equipped compared to Pakistan and it is doubtful if the situation in our army is any better. By the way the T80 tanks with Pakistan are considered to be superior to our T90s. As things stand today Pakistan can outgun us in both conventional and nuclear warfare. The blame this situation lies squarely on successive greedy, corrupt and incompetent Congress Govts starting with Rajiv Gandhi who was the Most corrupt and incompetent PM India ever had. It only the size of our economy and the bravery of our men at arms that has saved the day for India in the recent past. We cannot hope this alone will save us in future.

    • Did u work in any defence organisation of India
      …I mean u sounds in such a way that even india army generals would not dare to assess such things ……you are saying scorpenes are nothing in front of Pakistan’s navy might ??? Sir you are seriously ill informed or u r desperately trying to dis inform people !!

      • You are completely missing the bigger picture. Yes we have some amount of superiority over other nation but thats not enough to win the war should the all-out war happen. You have certainly missed the Chinese intervention. The New Age silk road project that passes through the Pakistan is an important factor. Should a conflict arises in this region The Chinese army is obligated to take action to protect its assets and what a better opportunity for Dragon to subdue India than this! Not to mention the string of pearls China has set up around us in Indian Ocean. Pakistan is not our primary concern China is. The mighty US is hesitating to cut off the ties with China what makes you think India will survive a trade war between China and India? Times have changed. You can hiss at your enemy to give warning. You can’t afford to bite.

      • Scorpenes are indeed duds. Very expensive duds. Almost every critical acoustic frequency has been made available in the infamous leak of over twenty two thousand pages of detailed design information of the scorpene submarine. The moment it leaves an Indian base it’s movements can probably be tracked in Pakistan. There can be little doubt that corruption at the highest b levels is the cause of the leak . Some middle man must have been short changed by Indians. In all likelihood the leak is an act of revenge. I will be only too happy if all that I have said is wrong.

  29. As usual, the same anti India stand. Always siding the enemies of India. If pakistan had better equipment, radars, missiles, then why did they have to take a hasty retreat after the Balakot air strike. They even tried to enter Indian airspace the day after the strike, but again they were red faced. Having the state of the art equipment does not mean they are superior, they need brains to use the same.

    • True, judging by the comments here it appears our countrymen would rather live in denial than admit the shortcomings and fix them so that no such opportunity is given to Pak to gloat, ever. Facts are quite embarrassing admittedly, to have lost the battle of perception and have been found wanting by a supposedly inferior opponent. I mean the Mig-21 was lost because the communication was jammed with the pilot, come on..

  30. This article is misinformation,and targeted towards print audience ie.,Pakistanis and our psuedoseculars and psuedoliberals….
    Yes we were out numbered bit not out gunned

  31. This article is misinformation,and targeted towards print audience ie.,Pakistanis and our psuedoseculars and psuedoliberals….

  32. Very demotivating and kind of anti- nationalist why u vote for congress then which in 2004 to 2014 didn’t do a single fighter jet acquisition pro congress channel

    • So according to you whoever criticizes the present government’s short comings has voted to Congress in the past. Right? What a jaundiced view.! Grow up kid.

  33. Print are you talking in favor of PAF or criticising IAF . what I sense from this article is instead of telling the Truth that with limited resources we have shot F16 you are blaming them . Even US got schoked on how come Indians beat F16. You don’t notice that ..If you want to blame govt that’s fine but not by degrading our defense.. I feel pity and shame on your media

  34. First of all dont portray the brownie game as a war… it wasnt even near a war.. today’s war is a missile war.. countries with missiles having brains win wars… if we had ageing fleet of migs even then the credit goes to the iaf pilot who made a paki f16 lick the dust.. with our indegenous weaponry, tejas, tedbf, amca and airborne missiles and adequate awacs numbers we will win more brownies but God forbid if the brainless army and leaders of our western enemies ever try a war, it will be guaranteed to go into history.. brownie games will always be a little plus and a little minus from time to time.. giving food to trolls

    • You haven’t grown up from 90s times. Today nobody not even the US wants a physical war. The war in today’s times are waged on Cyber and economic fronts. Yes the innovation of Indian Defense is improving but its nowhere a match to Russia, China and the US. These countries my have cordial relations with India now but when the time comes they may not hesitate to sell their prized innovations to whoever pays them better. We have seen the Chinese and US making U-turn to previously agreed upon understandings. If an all-out war breaks out today India with its fragile economy and industrial capability will lose more than it lost to the British. Grow up.

  35. Dear Publisher of this article of print…i want to tell you. When you were in your mother’s womb, while having sex one night, your father accidentally hit you because of this, you are not able to handle the facts properly.

    • I’m not this writer’s supporter but if you don’t have anything to add to the argument then stop commenting crap here. Have some decency. If I had to make you understand in your way of thinking then I’d say, your comment shows what kind of culture your parents taught you. Comment from your head not your heart. (In case you are too illiterate to understand that euphemism, what it means is, “comment rationally not emotionally”).

      • In your case, it’s certain your father accidentally hit you in the eye (one eye!). That accounts for why you are blind to The Print mollycoddling Pakistan. Maybe The Print reporter got struck by his father in the tongue!

      • In your case, it’s certain your father accidentally hit you in the eye (one eye!). That accounts for why you are blind to The Print mollycoddling Pakistan. Maybe The Print reporter got struck by his father in the tip of his tongue; therefore all the lying!

  36. First of all dont portray the brownie game as a war… it wasnt even near a war.. today’s war is a missile war.. countries with missiles having brains win wars… if we had ageing fleet of migs even then the credit goes to the iaf pilot who made a paki f16 lick the dust.. with our indegenous weaponry, tejas, tedbf, amca and airborne missiles and adequate awacs numbers we will win more brownies but God forbid if the brainless army and leaders of our western enemies ever try a war, it will be guaranteed to go into history.. brownie games will always be a little plus and a little minus from time to time.. giving food to trolls

  37. Does this newsletter belong to Pakistan?
    Look at the headline. Shame on you traitor, because of IAF only, you are safe and alive to write this article. Spineless, porki leftist.

  38. I am not expecting it from The Print to write an incomplete article. What happened after when Abhinandan enter POK and shot down F16.
    Who’s going to mention that?????😑

  39. What the hell it has been published by the print..
    It seems totally illogical to have such articles where reality everyone knows. Pakistan matching india……!!!!!!!

  40. Pakistan may be equipped with state of the art defence armoured, radars and fighter aircrafts, which are given by China and other country(s), just as bread is given to begger. But India is also not behind especially indigenous making defence fighting equipment. Further, officers and jawans our three forces are most capable for fighting under adverse environmental vagaries and accept challenges with great courage and boldness. Jai Hind.

    • India’s indigenous innovations are next to useless. This is niot because we lack innovative minds or intelligent engineers. Its because defence sector gets more money with Imports than developing indigenous machinery, not to mention the corrupt bureaucracy who doesn’t allow setting up manufacturing units easily. Of 20 innovations sent for approval hardly 1 gets nod from committees. That is only to showcase on the Museums. Most of whatever we have are inspirations(cheap copycats) of already proven ammunition. Ypu can’t win a war with sheer bravery of few soldiers. You win a war with an army equipped with better facilities and ammunition. Even bravest soldier on foot is a sitting duck to a sniper on building.

        • hahaha
          You are talking about Agni and LCA Tejas? The project to innovate and manufacture indegenious aircraft was started in 1969 and the design was almost completed by 1975. Its the France’s Aviation Consultancy that helped us conceptualize and make a solid plan for Tejas and that was in 1988. The Agni development is whole another story.
          I know developing an Aircraft and a missile isn’t childs play but three decades? Really? You call this an Innovation?
          Its a shame how Indians who head so many big Corporate companys throughout the world achieved so little in our own homeland. The fastest Computer processor we could manufacture : ‘Shakti’ is worse than Mediatek processors of last decade and we produce largest amount of engineers every year in the whole world. Grow up.!

  41. May be Pakistan is equipped with state of the art defence armoured, radars and fighter aircrafts, which are given by China and other country(s), just as bread is given to begger. But India is also not behind especially indigenous making defence fighting equipment. Further, officers and jawans our three forces are most capable for fighting under adverse environmental vagaries and accept challenges with great courage and boldness. Jai Hind.

  42. This on news portals is created to damage this country in every sense.the proprietar to all the journalist affiliated to this paper are specially trained,bribed and provided with services of prostitutes . this paper is not alone there are many more like wire,scroll,syasat et el.

  43. 1. Whether the author or the ‘Print’ is pro – pak or not is another point of is always better to have your critic as your neighbour…

    2. However if there is even 50 % truth in this story , then it’s an eye opener … & indicates scope of improvement in our defence system..

    3. Whether Shastri ji, Indira ji or Modiji , all have contributed to strengthen this nation …

    4. Truth, many times, is bitter …

    • Finally someone is wise enough to learn from something negative instead of bashing the agency and the Journalist. I’m a nationalist and support our Army but that doesn’t mean I should ignore the mistakes and failures.

  44. What? IAF outgunned by porkistani air force? Thats why india’s mig 21 took down f16. Even our old fighter planes are beating porkistani’s ass. We have su- 30, rafale, prithvi air defence system. ‘The Print’ shame on you.

  45. I am expecting a unbiased and neutral reporting from a group of intelligent journalists..
    When you all started I thought we had finally arrived at one..
    But over and over again you people disappointed me on every possible front…
    Your background check, situation analysis and the thought for the good if the country seems to be lacking…
    You are all absolutely competent lot to fall short of the above mentioned aspects if journalism… And this is even more bothersome..
    I come to doubt the journey very intent if coming out with THE PRINT….

    It would make me very sad to loose this venture if it falls into filthy journalism category that prevails in the country today…

    As of now you are no better than any if them… Get more responsible call spade a spade… Don’t peddle substandard write ups that harms the nation more than it helps.

  46. Pls don’t use your dirty forum to propagate fake propaganda. Its high time our government should take action against these media houses and their editors who encourage these kind of fakery. They are nothing more than the lapdogs of Pakistani and western media. A background check on there funding needs to be done. Good for you, that it is published in India with a tolerant government at the centre. Shame!! Shame!!

  47. Mera Bharat Mahaan. Salute to all para military 👮 who risk their life at border to keep us safely.
    Now come to the point, I don’t think he insult our heroes, he point his finger☝ to the govt of India for failed to update our defence base coz this was also true one year back from now our enemies outnumbered our defence, they shot down our fighter mig2000 and captured wing com AbhiJi.
    Did we retaliate? I don’t think so.
    We saw many news channel reporting about killings of more than 200s JAM cadet but all of them from non reliable source.
    Govt of India should be take serious step to upgrade our defence system as soon as possible. Once again
    Mera Bharat Mahaan
    Jai Hind🇮🇳

  48. In the world history…never 90000 soldiers surrendered to the opponent.
    Never 110 tanks were trapped in a single battle.
    …any war veteran of 1971 can recollect the proud achievements of our Forces.
    Also one should not forget the famous Battle of Longoval…where 150 Indian soldiers outnumbered and defeated the enemy forces consisting of a tank regiment of 2500 soldiers…
    Please read the war history by many neutral authors.
    Youngsters who are born later , can write anything bullshit.
    Let us excuse them for their ignorance..
    …posted by War veteran of 1965 and 1971.

  49. Lol…the writer clearly has no f*** idea what happened that day. PAF outnumbered IAF fighter jets – is she crazy or in a lala land? Btw, the official version is no F16 were used then how come the writer is saying the opposite.

    Clearly a biased article to please Islamabad – maybe to get a citizenship???

  50. Who is the writer of this report ..find that bloody anti national …east or west IAF is the best..jai hind

  51. Dear editor,
    I kindly request u to go back and complete the…grade in which.u probably would have failed in school…ur work show total lack of wit,and lack of research in what are u writing..firstly taking about the su 30 mki indian sukhoi have unmached capacities ..fitted with ols optical detection indian sukhoi’s are upgraded with isreali and u.k tech…instead of cheap…chineese tech…sukhoi radars were able to detect the chinese stealth fighters during dolkam standoff…i hope by this info…u would learn something and do a proper research…before working on an article..and not to drool over and write

  52. The article is being shared with public so that the coming Rafaels get a smooth entry into India, without further public cries for investigation into high costs, misuse of public money. Ha ha. Nice innovative approaches.

  53. Only one question..if IAF out gun and out numbered..then why not PAF done their work of bombing indian territory.with perfection with so called advanced equipment…as per you they are so perfect them..why they run away….

  54. There is no mention of shot down F-16.
    Is the article given to you by Pakistan.
    You are eating Indian salt and representing Pakis. Shame on you fellows.

    Vardhaman really enjoyed his tea after shooting F-16.


    • bruh do you mean what is a sukhoi 30 mki?….go search in Google bruh don’t comment without proper research….also check global fire power rankings

  56. That’s what happens to any country, when you don’t have your own indigenously developed infrastructure/intelligently built weapons or other types of sophisticated vehicles, let it be land, water and air based.
    We heavily depend on foreign technologies from a paper clip to a rocket part, then what do you expect from any defense system relying heavily on foreign infrastructure. Do you think they will help you out with their latest and top of the line products. They are all piece of junks, not want to scrap and make profits by selling to the dumb nations world wide. And these junkies feel high and contest against each other and bring pride to their respective lands high in patriotism due to some kind of fanaticism present overwhelming everywhere.
    Think about the international (global) competitors, compete with each other in the name of arms race, outperforming each other as the world’s best managers or chief executive officer’s to sell those substandard products selling to the dumb nations and to increase the hype on those unreliable pieces of junk.
    Think this way, how many of those products , do the international arms race dealers buy, sell and distribute the products amongst themselves. Like how many products do USA sells to Russia, Europe Union, UK, Australia, etc., also vice versa. In that range how many were sold or bought from a under developed, developing and developed countries like India and it’s sub continent neighbours.
    Then how do you think, they all will sell you their top of the line products or can you race with them to procure in thousands of their respective arms to compete with their own respective machines.
    Then why day in and day out brag or boast about you are becoming or already joined the rank and file of the stature of super power.
    All these illusions are due to high consumption of weed, narcotics, opiates, alcoholism etc.,
    Also particularly if one is grown to the international level by hook or crook, like working in their industry with a minimal roles to play, feels and entertain the masses, they are capable of taking their respective land(s) to the heights of so called super power(s) and can dictate the world in that position. Actually, they were not in a position even to make a tissue paper or a baby’s diaper to compete in an international (global) markets and fetch forex reserves to their economy.
    Even in a recent visit of another chief executive officer of marketing degree from Harvard business school to India, stayed in a President’s suite in Hotel Maurya Chanukya in New Delhi, showed how the suite looks like, observed that there are no tissue paper rolls, next to the pot hole(s).
    That’s the thinking and standards they compete with in terms of globalisation (international) standards, though it is a negligible thing for the local customers, think about global customers, it is a part of their standard of living.

    • Well said.
      Fortunately enough, we seem to have woken up and are trying to make some progress towards self sufficiency in Defense technologies.
      It may also be noted that defense technologies are the key to development. As time passes, many of the innovation in DefTech start getting used for civilians and thus benefit the larger society.

  57. The Print, what spit shower you got. Will you drown along with your Shekhars and other sleepers cell jobs. Shamelessness will keep you afloat, I am sure

  58. Finally found the lines that rhymes with –

    The TEA is FANTASTIC, sir.

    The PRINT is PSYCHOTIC, sir.

    The IAF is FUTURISTIC, sir.

  59. You write like this when your mother takes money and your father takes alcohol to convert.
    Your name confused between original and converted but we have no confusion on your leftism.

  60. Alex Philip is the author of this Anti-Indian article, the handy work of Christian missionary in India funded by Vatican…keep writing these kinds of shit stories….people like you make us more patriotic. You are a shame & should lick the boots of the great Abhinandan Vardhaman.

  61. I am an Indian and I completely support the prints view on this one. Pakis screwed us bad in this occasion. We even lost our own forces due to friendly fire.

    Anyways, we should always be ready to accept our shortcomings and work on them so that there is never a next time.

  62. So indians doesn’t want to hear the truth … try once in ur miserable life be a human and face the truth otherwise arrogance will doom you …. as u were doomed by mughals and Britishers for 1000 years …. it is good time to make india great again by changing india or changing urself

  63. If this is indeed true then high time our top bosses in government and defence tighten their belts and focus on modernization. It’s true that Congress rule has destroyed our defence capabilities. They were just busy modernizing their flats.. However I am quite surprised how they got hands on such classified information

  64. I get confused when someone saya PRINT is against BJP …the way this article is published shows that PRINT is just against India …not any party …👎👎

  65. Is this a Indian news agency or isi funded media house. IAF bad the whole country celebration and the print have it’s own toxic version. Shame on you the print. Unsubscribe bye

  66. We want to fight a war with Pak emotionally………without understanding the reality on ground. Pakistan night have a smaller defence budget but remember it is not burdened by the beuraucracy like India which keeps on delaying things. It is a stupid to consider any neemt as weak.

  67. We are short of AWACs and PAF which was caught unaware during Balakot is now on its toes. We need atleast 72 Rafael’s immediately 36 each for China and Pakistan.

  68. Can anyone suggest me how to ban “the print, the wire, alt news,NDTV news,,Mumbai mirror ” kind of e news agencies in my google news feed??

  69. Indians don’t want to listen to reality. IAF was outnumbered and outgunned for sure. We believe in cold rheotoric and close eyes to reality. Till date we have no match for F 16s our MIGs keep crashing on monthly basis. Russian technology is inferior to American tech. F 16s will continue to be headache for India till we have 2 proper squadrons of Rafael.

    • They don’t. It’s deep agent like masood (yes, he seems like indian agent) who play politics of hate. He may have a child here in India. That’s how deep agents work.

      Though many indians genuinely hate Pakistani.

  70. The reporter’s dads (yeah I meant DADS) must be from Porkistan to say that IAF was outnumbered by d sleeping paf 🤣🤣🤣

  71. I just want to say The Print that before giving the biased information and news just remember one thing, ur cowardice propaganda cannot make my IAF’s image blur. I strongly oppose ur propaganda.

  72. Show This article in parliament and get 272 Rafale sanctioned, which is by the way need of the hour.

    Apart from that this article contains every details not told by IAF. And I will believe a senior rank officer to the print article.

    This article comes from propaganda Pak media, who lost w PAF pilots, 1 F16, PAF self image, and we lost our bison but earned two more skulls on Abhinandan s helmet

    Sach BATA author, Tu mehsus Kar Gaya na, ek aur thappar

  73. 12th paragraph, I think it should have been ‘Aerial Duel’ instead of ‘Aerial Dual.’

    Do correct me if I am wrong!

    • Exactly, why don’t you finish by saying Abhinandan shit down a Pakistani F-16, which was not supposed to be used against India, as per the agreement with Americans. Pakistani’s didn’t even had the guts to accept this. Shame on them.
      Even with limited resources, IAF handled this Challenge exceptionally well. Not like PAF which failed to protect its own Airspace from Intruding Indian fighters.

    • It’s a very informative article. Keep burying your head in the sand. It’s a well known fact that we have lost our air advantage that we had when we defeated Pak in Kargil. We need to admit that first and change it ASAP.

    • Why shame? It is vital that we don’t fool ourselves. We were clearly outgunned and outmaouvered by PAF. We were in such disarray that we shot or own helicopter down. Of course our pilots were brave and skilled. That’s why we got away with so few losses against the Pakistani forces with far superior weapons. The simple fact is that the Pakistani response post Balakot firmly laid to rest the myth of India’s superiority in conventional warfare. Let’s face it, our Navy with its dud scorpene subs is inferior to the Pakistani Navy. Our Airforce is pathetically ill equipped compared to Pakistan and it is doubtful if the situation in our army is any better. By the way the T80 tanks with Pakistan are considered to be superior to our T90s. As things stand today Pakistan can outgun us in both conventional and nuclear warfare. The blame this situation lies squarely on successive greedy, corrupt and incompetent Congress Govts starting with Rajiv Gandhi who was the Most corrupt and incompetent PM India ever had. It only the size of our economy and the bravery of our men at arms that has saved the day for India in the recent past. We cannot hope this alone will save us in future.

  74. The print= the porkis
    Plz look at the difference between annual defense budget between the 2 countries. Iaf is feared of those junk so called jf17 😆😆😆
    They all are talking about the capebility of f16.
    But the f16 has been shot down by a mig 21 a 3rd generation aircraft. So plz don’t talk this bullshit @the print. Ur rubbish story is good for this porkis

    • Haha day dreaming, u guyz just like chiwala..
      When u asked him where is the pics any evidence so he say
      Loo kerlo baat ab ya hum say evidence mangtatay hain Haha

  75. Kindly stop supplying highly subsidized alcohol to our Defence Forces and Para Military forces through Highly Subsidized Defence Canteens and Rank based Quota system. This rum, whisky, gin, brandy monthly subsidized quota has ruined the skills, capabilities and performance of our Army, Navy and Air Force. Why nobody in Services is taking about the utter failure of IPKF Forces against a small bunch of guerilla LTTE fighters of Sri Lanka ? Again, alcohol was the root cause of failure . Kargil War was only a BOFORS GUN firing war, with more shells falling on OCCUPIED Pakistan side .
    The British Raj were the first to introduce LIQUOR SUPPLY to Indian Armymen, to tame and control them. This habit has ruined our forces. Our Father of the Nation was totally against ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION . Indian Defence will improve only when LIQUOR is totally BANNED in INDIAN ARMY, NAVY and AIRFORCE and all PARA MILITARY FORCES .

    • First you civilians try to improve yourself.
      The Indian armed forces are working perfectly.
      You are safe at your home and writing all this .
      Many of our soldiers sitting at the borders are not having the comfortable Life that you are having

    • When you have limited knowledge stop blabbering. Do you even know how it is to serve in minus 50 degrees or face enemy bullets. It is because of people like you that Indian Armed forces are seen in bad light.
      A proud veteran like me does not need your Advice. Shut Up

    • Can you imagine yourself in mountains without liquor above 3000 mtrs sea level. Stop rubbish. Join your son in Military and talk.

  76. Print is Leftist media supporting Pakistan. In India leftist media like Rndtv, print, quint, the wire always support the anti India or pro Pakistan/ pro Muslim propaganda as after independence the Jinnah’s lobby turn into leftist with their hidden anti India agenda.

    • Nonsense! In fact, only NDTV, Print, Quint etc are the only credible news channels in India Today. Rest are all completely sold out channels involved in Governmental/ruling party propoganda. Either they have a been sold out or bullied into submission.

    • You lucky, he built IAF through Mig 21 in the later part of the article. Otherwise you would be more upset.
      Even the part on Meteor capabilities and its range is overstated. To say Pakistan and China has nothing of that range is wrong.
      Why PL 15 is not mentioned!! Not to say the development of PL 21.
      Fact is China and Pakistan already have access to missiles which could potentially hit targets over 300 km.

      I agree that writer was on weed. How PAF would be scared from Mig 21 when they had run the mighty SU 30s ragged!!
      Don’t you forget IAF has officially awarded its pilots medal for successfully avoiding AMRAMs.

      Secondly, the capabilities of denial of communication, radar and avionics denial etc to IAF were way superior to the Indians.
      They had full mastery of the skies on 27th Feb 2019. The entered the theatre with confidence, in broad day light with all guns blazing and leave the theatre with two IAF jets and a heli down. Live with it.

      And if you guys still believe in downing of F 16, which even this writer shied away from mentioning, than you are seriously deluded.

  77. Hey Hey everyone has sung so many praises for the writer that there’s nothing to add.. haha.. I hope RAW and IB take note of this intellectual

  78. IAF was outgunned ??? Really !!! You people don’t have the right to insult our armed forces. Posting & writing anything for money. Your Reporter must be high on weed before presenting such reports. Also No information on F-16 which downed by our brave Abhinandan ji. Shame on you !!!

  79. You are such a disgrace to our nation ‘The Print’. Media’s work is to deliver true news, but the understatement is to keeping the harmony in the society. First of all, ‘your sources’ AREN’T reliable. They themselves lack proper information of some matters. Secondly, what do you wish to achieve with this false article? Making our own people look down upon our armed forces? They are the PRIDE of our great nation. WE ALL OUR PROUD OF OUR ARMED FORCES. Everything they’ve done for this nation is priceless. Risking your life for your motherland isn’t a joke. Don’t spread hate. And yes, RESPECT OUR ARMED FORCES who are giving off their luxurious lives for you. It’s easy for you to just sit in your AC room and spread hate, against our real heroes. Think twice.

  80. This is a concerning report, given it’s revelations. I had never known about such numerous IAF failures on that day. But still I have to ask how do you know all such operational matters are the actual fact? The people of India have all along been told that IAF Sukhois are far superior to PAF F-16s but this report exposes the lies in such claims. The Mirage Mica missile failures on not one but all the aircrafts is disastrous. They show the lack of combat readiness of the IAF. One can only conclude that the IAF lacks anything to mount a credible defense against either PAF or Chinese air attacks. I also find it perplexing that Indian ground to air missiles never responded to the presence of PAF jets on the LoC. Despite claims that the Sukhois carry Brahmos hypersonic cruise missiles with 300km range, even these weren’t used. Under what circumstances will such equipment ever be used? I think Indians are lucky that it’s neighbours are not hostile enough towards them, or else hundreds of millions will perish if neighboring militaries mounted serious offensive action.

    • After defeating Pakistan for three times we Indians are still feared of them. Hahaha I can’t even control my laughing. So much to say about F16 ( which Pak can’t use in offensive roles ) and JF 16 ( a 3rd generation fighter jet ). 😂😂

    • Really , we should be thankful that our neighbors are not hostile , never read any international news or were born yesterday

  81. Very dispassionate account and underscores the fact that we need to be less jingoistic,build capacities, order two more Rafale squadrons and acquire half a dozen AEW’s

  82. From all the western media and intelligence reports, Pakistanis had an upper hand. They lost no aircraft and certainly didn’t panic. Who is more likely to panic, an airforce with adequate experience in aerial combat during War on Terror on America’s side for over a decade, or our airforce that has never had a “hot pursuit” situation with an adversary since Kargil? Even then, Pakistan shot down our pilot and we had to lobby to get him back.
    We live in a fantasy world created by our hyperbhakta media and infinitely confident military brass seeking political slots.
    Reality is very different. You don’t win a battle with a pliant military, huffin-puffin ready-in-three-hours army of khaki chaddi, and a mindless, almost cannibal vote bank.
    You win wars with the backing from the entire nation.

    • People like you are dumb, Pakistan lost f16 this is a fact with two pilots ejecting. Didn’t panic, do you even they closed their airspace

    • Have u or ur Father ever experienced life of a soldier? Then Shut ur mouth and stop vomiting. Guts hai toh aaja.. Dikhate hai combat skills.. The more u sweat in peace, the less you bleed in War. U win War by killing and not sacrificing ur life. India is the 3rd biggest Military force in the world. In all combined drills, the capacity of an Indian soldier to survive the toughest conditions and hit enemy is unparallel. Machines are important but the man behind the machine is more important. So shut ur gutter and this print needs a good litigation in the court to stop publishing such deceiving and stupid articles. Get ready, I take strong objection to this article and I m filing a petition to shut ur shop.

  83. Iaf was outgunned and outnumbered? What kind of clickbait bs is this? Iaf has 600 fighter jets, Paf has 400. Iaf has 200+ sukhois (4.5g) while Paf has some odd 100 jf-17 (4g). Compared just these as these are the most abundant on each side. PS not to mention the fact that the American F-16s are kept in leash by America, especially after last year’s incidents, where, mind you, Iaf’s pilot was returned to India within 72 hours of capture, and had they not done so, India would without a shred of worry been able to climb the escalation ladder, which pak wouldn’t have been able to sustain for a month. Amazed by the journalism here.

    • So, let’s look at it this way:
      What type of fighters makes that numerical advantage? What is the size of the theater of war and positioning of units?
      If it’s old twin blade mostly does the size matter? If they are half way across the land and the enemy is attacking the other side of the border does that combined superiority matter?
      Also, I think the key here is temporary advantage.
      If India has more fighters but are spread thin and the distance is such that Pakistan can send a big number to one point before other bases in India can get there then your numbers will mean nothing for that window period.
      It’s clear here, Pakistan exploited Intel, ambush, temporary numerical advantage plus technological advantage.
      India could have better planes but if they were far from the point of action at the right time then that means nothing.

  84. This piece is a real example and an arrow which points towards the source of The Print funding both ideological and economical.

    At one part of the story it mentioned

    Sources said the Indian fighters were simply outnumbered

    what sources? And the source reside inside the boundaries of which nation?

  85. The print is partial, Where were PAF when IAF jammed Paki radar and gone deep inside Paki’s occupied Kashmir . And when PAF attack then why pak H-4 glide-bomb missed all targets and how IAF Jammed all AMMRAM missiles which failed , you know very well F-16 were outdated in technology where anti-radition and defense system are more powerful in India.

  86. “The Print” — What are you searching or trying to figure out your numbers???
    Be where you are, don’t try to be “the print media of India”

    • If there is a news that confirmed by them f16 crash because of a mig 21 a 3rd gen if it’s real a big news and it is huge loss for usa than pakistan because they are sell f16 to many countries if those countries know that this 3 gen fighter could take down a f16 no one will buy f16 that’s really huge problem for usa

    • Quantity doesn’t matter for Pakistan Air Force, it is only courage and domination. IAF can never entre in Pakistan terrotory, if India will repeat it the result would be more unforgettable for dirty India.

  87. Wow…. So all this secret information of the whole incident is shared with this genius writer. Either he is living in a dream or it is shared by his Pok friends… Lol
    Article is good for a story book, but too far from practicality and truth.

  88. You guys are such arrogant fools for such headlines
    What comparison have you done in terms of count and firepower of both air forces?
    To demean a party, you guys will demean a force and government too, stopped so low that now you want to suck on enemy country.

  89. The IAF was outnumbered but the IAF pilots with the 2nd generation Mig 21s were too good for the PAF pilots armed with advanced fourth generation F-16s who could not even execute the mission they were assigned.
    Kindly respect our brave men and do not defame them with your rubbish writings.

    • Thia is just a cover up to ensure smooth induction of Rafaels coming to India shortly, without any public outcry for investigations for not following purchase protocol and misuse of public funds. Ha Ha. Innovative approach.

  90. What kind of clowns write articles for Print? This joker expects things to change in a year when procurement related decisions were not made for more than a decade!
    Print get some professionals to vet articles don’t PRINT such crap.

  91. FRom this account it appears that in case this is true, we had less aircraft than Pakistan and every one of our models had some technical glitch or the other. Yet we hear from our politicians endless poking of fun at Pak and one even said we will deal with them in ten days !! It does not look as if we are dealing with a struggling nation , economically in chaos and riven with internal strife. The sooner we get to understand Pak’s true strengths , the better , and let us not be misguided by our BJP politicians’ hype.

  92. How much you paid by the IAF to write this bullshit article!!!

    Firstly correct your misleading information about the PAF fighters engaged on that day, the PAF JF-17 Thunder fighters were engaged not F-16 Falcon fighters on that day.

    Secondly Pakistani JF-17 Thunder deliberately fired the missiles near the Indian Army installations just to gave warning to them that PAF could also hit the target but has given another chance to Indian Armed forces to restrain from any such misadventure / cowardly action in the future.

    Thirdly and Lastly the Pakistan Armed forces are far ahead of Indian Armed forces in each and every aspect and department, so advise to Indian Armed forces “never play with the fire” .

    • Patriotic frog in well will believe that it is the most powerful creature on earth, it has no idea what a lion is. Release your brain from bank locker by paying dues.
      Coming to your crazy belief
      As per military power rankings
      World believes that
      Pakistan believes that
      1.Pakistan 2.Turkey 3.Asif gafoor with his horse 4.Mr.bajwa with his sword. 5. Patriotic pakistani
      Being patriotic doesnt change facts.

      No offense, i dont hate pakistan or any other country, being a human, living in humanity, i hate terrorism where ever it is acting from

      You guys know better , where the most sacred human osama bin laden is hiding in when he was shot dead.

      • What do you care about OBL? You have your own Hindu Nazis in charge of your country with much more bloodshed on your hands. Plus you lost to Pak in dogfight when it mattered!

    • Remember the name
      And wait for the moment India procures S400
      And then you patriotic people should hide behind your shadows

    • Far ahead, you champus surrendered to us in 1971 and that too when you were backed by US and it’s weapons. Jf17 is crap, yes glide bomb of South African will miss target like it hapoened, all proves your failure.

    • I am an Indian and my father was in air force. I have to admit that Pakistan outputs indian air force at least.

      Here is why:
      – it has more and modern awac – not only it is eye in the sky but it supplements fighter radar that is not powerful enough to guide missiles. India would loose heavily in air combat if there is any such war.

      – Pakistan weak point is its economy. Northern indian economy is same but southern India saves entire india. Note that states like Gujarat, UP and bihar almost takes three times the money it gives to center. Southern states take less than half. Note the Gujarat here. So much for “shining” .

      – indian armed forces rely on weak minded people who will not mind doing boot polish etc. You cannot expect lot from such culture.

      – too much cheap alcohol and fake British officer mess culture.

      Also, you forgot to mention helicopter that was shot down. So much unprofessionalism.!

      Also, second plane mystery is still not solved. Usa controls pakistan by the **** and imran is mi6 agent and thus cia agent as well.

      I love Bulleya and every indian and pakistani should listen to all sufi music. That is only thing that can bring sanity on both sides.

      • haha the fact is Indian air force comes in tier 2 along with China,Britain etc…..Pakistani airforce is nothing compared to Indian af….just hate on the government and not the army pls….tell now come a country with more defence budget be inferior to a country with far lesser defence budget….Just to defame the government you are defaming our country and our army….You must be high….lol how is this even possible when Pakistani defence budget to so low compared to that of India’s

      • lol India would lose heavily in the air combat?….man what a insulting statement for every Indian….it can’t get more insulting…..You should go and see the reports where they have a list of best air forces in the world….how the fuck India will lose heavily?….have you gone mad… you even know what it means to lose heavily

      • And all this was told by an Israeli air force official….Pakistani has more and better modern awacs?….one of best jokes I have heard in his year ….you should also say that Pakistan has more fighter planes compared to India….would be a much better joke

    • hmmm Pakistani armed forces are better than Indian armed forces in every aspect?…..😂….bruh are you brainwashed?….don’t become a terrorist later on

    • Han. Mujhe bhi aisa hi laga article padh kar. Lakh kami ho hamari Indian Airforce mein, Lekin hamein uska saath dena chahiye. Har maa apne bacche ko laal ho kahti hai.

      • lakh kami nhi bhai….our air force is considered top 6 in the world… baat Israel ke airforce official ne boli thi….usne bola tha ki if America,Russia,Isreal and France comes in tier 1 air force then India,China,Great Britain comes in tier 2….

  93. Full of misinformation and lies. First, package comprised of F-16, JF17 and mirages as informed by IAF during it’s press conference. 2nd, Muarhea dropped 2 H4, not 11 and JF 17s dropped 4 1000 lbs REKs from 20km inside the border. So going Helter skelter doesn’t make any sense. 3rd, F-16 fired 2 AMRAAM and not multiple as suggested. H 4 video released by PAF has clearly shown that PAF pilot steered away H 4 after putting croos hair on IA ammo Depot.

  94. …this narrative is so different to reports even mentioned by Pakistan….what u smoking…so Pakistan aircraft just came in to show strength…and waltz back without dropping anything…they could have easily blown ayleast oil depot if they could have….just to prove a point.. gimme a break spin master

  95. Dear Print…. It appears you are working on behalf of ISI and Pakistan. Please don’t hide behind fake names and reveal your true identity. If only written English could win wars/cross border operations then your work would have given you complete Jammu and Kashmir… Keep doing what you are good at and let the Indian Armed Forces do what they are good at…

  96. Lots of technical misdocumentation in this article. Sukhois spoofed 4-5 Amraam Missiles! The then variant of R77 had range of 80km compared to the latest RVVSD variant of 110km. The situation is better with the procurement of R27Er and Et boasting range of 130km. India’s indigenous Astra can reach Mach 4.5 with a maximum range of 110km. Besides, as Air Force chief R.K. Bhaduria has asserted a repetition of operation Swift Retort will be inflicted with massive attrition this time. India has deployed heavier SAM Akash at LOC along with Bramhos. Last but not least, you should have done some research about the power of Sukhois’ radar. Though we will upgrade them with AESA Radar, the present radar can detect targets from 400km away. Sukhois are able to detect Chinese J20 flying over Tibet and u r writing shit about the poor radar. Our Air defence system challenged them and intercepted their fighter jets unlike their radars that were caught napping in the pre Dawn hour.

  97. No where you have mentioned about the f16 shot down by Sir abhinandan Vardhaman and the amraam missiles jamed by advance avionics electronic Warfare suite installed in sukoi 30 mki clearly showing your anti India motives/intents, please let me know how much money do you get paid from Pak agents to post these kind of articles which are divorced of ground reality.

    • Your TV is not reality 🙂

      Author is actually restricted in mentioning full carnage.! Check cia sponsored website that actually proves that it was two migs that got shot down.! And finally govt has accepted that the third was its own helicopter.

      Awac is the key to win aerial wars and Pakistan has clear edge here.

  98. PAF learn lesson in year 1999 Kargil war that fighters don’t have beyond visual range capability. As Mig 29 locks F 16 during air cover to attacking Mirage 2000, F 16 disengage and flown back. First they acquire chineese BVR missiles then US Amram 120 D. When this long range missiles where acquired , IAF thin tank underestimated saying such long range missiles not required fo IAF. This was mistake. Second mistake not inducted more small early warning planes like SAAB eye. It was eminent that PAF will attack either night or AWAC change time.

  99. There is a lot, that has changed, if you close your eyes and say it’s night, you are a fool, not the world.
    Now let me tell you what has changed,

    Pakistan, who used to come out with a nuclear bomb threat everytime, has started to talk of peace.
    No terrorist attacks on Any major cities of India.
    Pakistan has gone down on the knees for talking to India, same Pakistan, used to say they will not talk untill the Faction of J&K (so called Separatists are also involved.

    And most important, Pakistan does not dare to attack India, after revoking article 370. They were the same people who initially spoke that there would be violence and war of Mr Modi did not that.

    I don’t blame you, you are a sold Media. Who is always Biased in your views against Indian might.
    Jai Hind

  100. This e-paper is doing job of his master, Pakistan as paid by them. So there is no question of factual reporting by The print.

  101. Mr Snehesh, are you a spokesperson of the Pakistani Airforce?? Why do you want to belittle your own country’s defence forces by saying that we were “outgunned” ?

  102. Dear Writer, If 4 of our jet forced 25 of enemy’s jet to turn back and we successfully shut 1 of them then in no way we were outgunned by Pakistan. It was pakistan which was outgunned by just 4 jets of india.

  103. India being such big country, require to acquire atleast 10 times more in number of sophisticated fighter planes of latest technology. Air Force must be strengthened to depend North,east west borders . Present government must take seriously. We require atleast 50 lacks of force in defence as central government first time taking lot of actions to better our country and some of other countries who donot want this in India to protect their vested interest

    • Dumb.!!!

      10 times more means three times that of US Air Force.!

      Northern India needs to calm down and stop using working people money to make some noise. Sick.

  104. If IAF lacks enough armaments and vehicles, whom to beblamed. Even body bags were not available. All the things said and done, shame on you to praise Imran. You can have political difference with Modi and that does not qualify you tobelittle our army andpraise pak army. If pak airforce have F16s, people like you are responsible, you were staunch supporters of then USSR and wants to make all deals with them. Pak took maximum advantage and aligned witht US and aquired all advanved weapons. For you Isreal and US is an anathema that is why India suffered as you said, if true

  105. Now everything coming to mind. When congress government was in power you were sleeping with oil in naval. We understand the print journalists. Idiots

  106. Stop this hatred against india you bloody pighole communist. If they are so much brave and why they were unable to strike on international borders.insted they together with you traitors cried here and there in un, to china with their begging katora. No body …i repeat no body can stop pakistan to be destroyed. Lets wait and till then enjoy and spread hatre agnst india

  107. From what I have heard from all the air Force personnel, this story is completely opposite. This looks like a lot is made up and not true at all. Rubbish.

  108. This article is backed by US defence industry to show greatness of F16 fighter, whereas the fact is that India’s Mig 21 fighter, which is a Russian junk of 60s, shot down an F16 made in USA which is an embarrassment to US defence establishment. If PAF is more capable than IAF, why they have unable to stop Balakote air attack. Why they lost one F16, while India also lost a MIG21.

  109. F16 and mirage were 25 in numbers and there were only 4 planes on India side that too 2 sukois and 2 migw 21 still Pakistani pilots get panicked hahahah..that shows it’s man not machine …which can the result of a war…by the ways urs a biased report….lutyen media

  110. The jihadi protective and prasing media outlets should be banned from this country. You see our biggest weakness is never been pakistan, its always will be snakes like you

  111. Why the hell did IAF go for this fiasco when they were lagging PAF in so many aspects?? Previous IAF chief should have been sacked for bending to political dictates !!!!

  112. You mean to say that Congress had made childish decisions by not purchasing fire power at the right time.

  113. Stupid anti establishment person how much are paid to speak against your forces? Why tf do you forget that if a mug 21 was downed then even a f16 was crashed. So now you believe what pakis say? Stupid.

  114. Speak something good about India at least sometimes.
    You are simply doubting the capability of our armed forces and the sacrifices they made.
    All you know what happened that night is through Pakistani media possibly.
    Get your facts corrected folks…..

  115. Seriously I think it’s the sheer class and skill of our pilots we have been overcome the serious fragile quality of our aircrafts .
    We seriously need some good quality and advanced 4 ++ generation and if possible 5th generation fighters .

    • lol what is sukhoi then?….it is one of the best 4++ aircraft in the world….wtf are you talking about….

  116. Not a word mentioned about abhinandhan vardhaman shotdown F-16.The print is a true anti Indian publication.Good Luck.

  117. Thanks for factual reporting and not hiding under false bravado which we call ‘Nationalism’. The fact that IAF was woefully prepared is amplified by the response as it failed to inflict substantial damage to PAF. For once Pakistan PM Imran Khan was right ‘ PAF acted with restraint’.

    • factual reporting?… come f16 is better than sukhoi?…..have you ever read about their specs….and second you hypocrites always complain when media compares with Pakistan and say that why are we comparing with Pakistan? Pakistan isn’t even comparable with us….and when your favourite channels or reporters do the same and rather say that India was outgunned….which is such a delusional statement….you guys are agreeing and saying it factual reporting….pls just once check the specs of f16 and sukhoi and see the ranges of missiles they can have…..defame the government that’s ok no problem with that but they have crossed their limits….do you know what it means to have outgunned?….are you saying that Pakistan with 1/4 or maybe even less millitary budget has better planes and better defence systems?…..lmao I can’t laugh more… come a country with far lesser defence budget have better equipments?

  118. We gave a bloody nose to Pakistan and their F16. Till date you are not even acknowledging that your best pilot and the best bird was shot down by our brave wing commander abhinandan on his mig21

  119. An eye opener for every Indian. Also a classic example of lethargy by previous congress government leading to such a helpless situation for Indian Airforce.
    Must say bad planning/ failure to anticipate the Pakistan response.

    • eye opening?….lmao they are literally supporting Pakistan with false facts….well we can’t call these facts at all….do they even know about sukhoi?….sukhoi is far better compared to f 16….go and read about their capabilities….This report is literally defaming and insulting India…..they said sukhoi stood no chance against f16….lol what type of statement is this?….very funny

  120. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha
    Chor jab chori karta ha tu kya manta ha. Indian so called humans wese tu insaaniyat tum logon ki Mar gai ha Pakistan zindabaad jab tum logon ka hi banda Pakistan ko itna support Kar Raha ha tu fault tum logo mn ha ham mn nahi. And Han Pakistan great nation ha yeh tu tum logon ko Trump ne hi bta diya tha aur yeh news tum Indian k channel se suni ha mene.

    • lol I have listened far more from Pakistani news channels….This guy is just a delusional….compare the defence budget my brother…..also do you know why those f16 are given to you?….

    • also why India is considered the 4th most powerful country in the world?….why Indian budget is far more compare to Pakistani budget….talk about facts….

  121. Outdated equipment, aircraft derided as flying coffins, a navy with meagre submarine strength, a rising pension budget, a man power intensive army, no operational synergy, a complete lack of a rational procurement policy with a puny defence manufacturing base and a complete lack of strategic culture cannot be made up for by bravado and thrash talk. In such a scenario, it is wise to keep your mouth shut and pray for a miracle.

    • lol that’s why Indian airforce comes in top 6 of the world as said by a Israeli air force official…..and that’s why India had 4th most powerful millitary in the world….

  122. This PAF of outmaneuvering of IAF on Feb 27th is purely bad planning at air headquarters . This retaliation was not unexpected. PAF was bound to retaliate. Even a layman would expect that. How the IAF top brass did not expect that and worst of all did not prepare for that cannot be explained? The air Headquarter has been busy trying to explain the bravery of one pilot in an old MIG -21 shooting down a F-16, and get laurels for that. That is beside the point, – not anticipating a retaliatory attack and not preparing for that is the biggest error the IAF made. Now the history books will record PAF’s retaliatory attack as a victory for them.

  123. In India, most of the PMs, except Indira Gandhi and Modi did not have head for security and defence matters. Generally, these were left to God Almighty to take care of. A reading about 1965 war shows that only the grit and determination of army stopped Pakistan at Kashmir and entered in to West Punjab instead of letting Pakistanis entering India. IAF played a miserable and worthless role in the beginnings of 1965 war. Anyway, man behind the weapon matters more than weapons themselves. Inspite of having Beyond visual range missiles, PAF could not inflict any damage in India.

    • In 1965, the Pak tanks were close to capturing our only access to Jammu , in the Chhamb sector. IN an emergency meeting, the defence minister Chavan, gave the go ahead for IAF to attack the tanks with Mystere and HUnter fighters. It was the IAF that saved the day and broke up the Pak armoured attack in Chhamb. PLease read reliable books on the subject .In fact give credit to Shastri and Chavan who took bold decisions in 1965. They stand as tall as Indira gandhi in their own way.

    • Indira Gandhi yes, but not Modi who is not even equal to the little toe of Lal Bahadur Shastri, who didn’t back down against Pakistan. Modi has no clue about defence, security or armed forces.

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