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Indian soldiers at LAC have go-ahead to open fire in self-defence, India tells China

With no signs of disengagement on the ground in Ladakh, where India and China have been locked in a stand-off since April, both sides will stay dug in during the region’s bitter winter too.

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New Delhi: India has made it clear to China that its soldiers will open fire to defend themselves, and Chinese tactics of “using mass” — or seeking to outnumber Indian soldiers, like in the 15 June Galwan Valley clash — will not be tolerated, top government sources said.

With no signs of disengagement on the ground in Ladakh, where India and China have been locked in a stand-off since April, both sides will stay dug in during the region’s bitter winter too, the sources added. The Chinese, they added, have deployed around 50,000 soldiers and equipment, including missile systems, tanks and artillery, at the border.

The sources’ comments come as the ground situation in Ladakh remains the same despite the Chinese seemingly adopting a reconciliatory approach during different levels of dialogue. They suggest that India has changed its rules of engagement for the Line of Actual Control (LAC), where firing of shots was thus far barred under a bilateral agreement, since the 15 June Galwan Valley clash. 

The clash had resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers, including a commanding officer, and many Chinese troops.

“We have told our soldiers that they can open fire if there is a fear of their own safety. They can fire for self-defence,” a source said, adding that China has been told the same.

According to the sources, there is no question of believing Chinese words of peace unless their deeds on the ground match up. The sources also said China has given them a number for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers killed in the Galwan Valley clash — a number Beijing has yet to publicly acknowledge.

The Chinese, sources said, have told the Indian side that five of their soldiers, including a commanding officer, had died in the clash. “If the Chinese are saying five, we can easily double it if not triple it,” a top South Block officer said.

Chinese soldiers far outnumbered Indian troops during the Galwan Valley clash, which took place after a disengagement effort went awry.

“The Chinese tactic was to come in large numbers with clubs and crude weapons and surround Indians, who followed the laid-down protocols and moved in a much lesser manner,” one of the sources quoted above said.

“According to the agreement, both sides are supposed to have a 15-20-member-strong patrol team. Over the last few years (since Doklam), the Chinese started increasing numbers,” the source added..

Sources said since the intervening night of 29-30 August, when Indian soldiers moved in to capture several heights near the southern bank of the Pangong Tso, there has been a number of occasions when shots were fired in the air.

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‘Both sides preparing for winter deployment’

Both sides, sources said, are likely to stay deployed in the forward areas of Ladakh through the winter, with China insisting on disengaging from the southern bank of the Pangong Tso first while India has been clear that it has to happen in in all areas simultaneously.

“India is also of the opinion that since it was the Chinese who initiated the aggression, they should be the first one to start disengaging,” a source added.

The sources admitted that while India has been seeking complete disengagement and status quo ante (return to positions before the stand-off began, following Chinese incursions in April), the current positions will continue to be held for some time, as reported by ThePrint earlier this week.

“I can’t put a time-frame on when the disengagement will happen. The position stays as it is,” one of the above-mentioned sources said.

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‘Depsang issue predates current tensions’

Talking about Depsang Plains, one of the flashpoints in Ladakh, the sources said the issue there predates the current tensions between India and China. Without getting into a timeline, the sources said there are no Chinese soldiers camping at the Bottleneck, also known as Y-Junction.

“We go by foot beyond Bottleneck as vehicles cannot cross that area. The Chinese observe our movement and they have deployed two vehicles that come and block our path well before Patrol Point 10. But we have been reaching our patrolling points using other routes,” a source said.

“But since the tensions began, we have avoided pushing ahead so as not to create fresh escalation,” the source added, saying both sides have built up in depth areas. 

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  1. Soldiers are trained to shoot to kill, not show banners, or give warnings.. If someone crossing the border clearly shows hostile intent, soldiers ought to shoot. Why did this brake government forbid the soldiers from doing their duty?

  2. India’s economic recession (COVID-19) is severe. China has gradually recovered from the epidemic. Use your head to think about who needs war to shift conflicts

  3. China people and the communist party and it’s president cannot be trusted nor yheyrevercan be honest in dealing or in bilateral agreement
    They are danger not only to India bit danger to the world
    Communist party won’t mind sacrificing their millions of Chinese
    To gain control of other regions and control of navigation in the Indian
    Ocean in my opinion they will risk the war rather than sit qiet without
    Expanding their borders and their territories their aim to have greater China that include Tibet and part of India .To subjugate the Asia under their power This madness is unlikely to end
    British have offered advance air craft to manufacture jointly by India and British
    Hope India realized .this will be end of India’s independence
    Even now in2020 British intelligence agents have influenced the hospital in India not to treat me not to give correct diagnosis
    Of which not only the High Commission of India in London knows complete details and history
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  4. There is cost of the present stand-off between India and China. The one who loses in negotiation, who not wnat to bear the cost or no money to bear the cost.

  5. I have a strong gut feeling, when the winter will be at its peak, Indian Army will surge ahead & capture Chinese occupied Indian land, that won’t be attacking China, but teaching Chinese policy makers, a very hard lesson, not to mess with PM Modi & India. India will be applauded worldover & Chinese will have to keep “no reaction, no retaliation” & then there will be offer to come to negotiating table. They will have a fear of losing Tibet. Indian might will be reinforced once & for all, centuries to come. Other countries in Chinese neighbourhood will get a solid adrenaline boost.

  6. What is actually happening in whole of Ladakh border, nobody knows, even no news house/media. Whatever news general public are getting all are fabricated based on assumptions. My request is please allow our great army to do their job and also request all media houses not to spread fear psychosis among general Indian public. We have every faith on our army. They are cutting heads of Pakistani terrorists and now they will cut off the throats of yellow dragons. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

    • India said Pakistani terrorists apparently struck in Pulwama and killed 59. They will be still doing it in J & K, but now you have no news.

      In Galwan, the yellow dragons threw 20 of the brown slumdogs into the river and the army could not do anything and the PM kept quiet. The advantage seems to be with the yellow dragons.

  7. It is not good for both the countries (Indo China). Unfortunately and gradually , actions & precautions by Indo China on LAC , are taking the region(South Asia) , towards a big clash .
    Exactly , not good for this region and ultimately , a very bad situation is emerging. which can take the world to , worse & fatal outcome.
    Must be taken care of immediately , by every civilized country on the globe.

  8. Indian government should accept that Chinese have occupied our territory and it doesn’t have guts to get it vocated.

  9. That’s Neat Honest Journalism.
    Would love to pay More. Let financial conditions improve.
    Don’t mind Good Clean Logical mind vibrating ads. if they ring the bell

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