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Five IAF Spice 2000 bombs hit JeM camps in Balakot, govt satellite images show

High-resolution images procured by India show two JeM structures were hit by IAF in Balakot on 26 February.

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New Delhi: Five Mirage 2000 fighter jets of the Indian Air Force (IAF) dropped as many Spice 2000 precision-guided bunker-busting bombs when India struck camps of the terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on 26 February, according to new official information shared with ThePrint.

And two of the three intended targets, including the main training centre of the JeM, were conclusively hit, high-resolution images procured by India from its own satellites as well as those of friendly nations show.

The view of the third, a guest house suspected to have housed trainers and JeM chief Masood Azhar’s brother-in-law Yusuf Azhar alias Ustad Ghauri, was blocked by the heavy tree cover on the hilltop where the camps stood.

Contrary to reports that bad weather conditions on the day of the strike prevented clear pictures, top defence sources said that India has managed to get multiple high-resolution pictures of the structures, including those of repairs being carried out on the roof of one after the attack.

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Weeks after India struck camps of the Pakistan-based JeM to foil future attacks by the terror group responsible for the 14 February Pulwama strike, which killed 40 CRPF personnel, questions have been raised over the exact impact of the hit.

Satellite images in possession of the government, and seen by ThePrint, clearly show that the Israeli Spice 2000 bombs, each of them weighing 900 kg with 95 kg of explosives, did drop on at least two targets.

The images show small black holes in the roof of two of the targeted buildings that appear to be the entry points of the bombs, which are meant to take out heavily-fortified and underground command and control centres.

“The Spice 2000 is meant to take out underground command and control centres of the enemy,” a top source in the government told ThePrint.

“These centres are built with heavy concrete structures on top to prevent any damage from traditional bombs,” the source added.

Explaining how the Israeli bombs work, the source said their weight and velocity were directed at penetrating concrete structures and releasing shrapnel from their steel casing. The actual explosive in each bomb only weighs 95 kg, about a tenth of the total weight.

“The main velocity of the explosives is used to break through the 900 kg of steel casing. This steel breaks into small pieces and acts as shrapnel,” said the source.

The IAF went in for the Spice 2000 missiles with the intent of causing maximum damage to residents of the three structures. Six bombs were meant to be fired from the Mirage 2000 fighters, but because of a technical issue, only five could be.

According to the source, questions about the damage inflicted by the bombs betrayed a lack of understanding about their functioning.

“Everybody is looking at the commercially-available satellite images and arguing that the structures are standing, without understanding how these precision bombs actually work,” the source added.

Since satellite images only show the top of the structures, it’s difficult to analyse the exact extent of damage.

“Only ground pictures will show the extent of damage, but, sadly, the satellite pictures will not be able to capture that,” the source said. “What it shows is that the bombs did hit the targets. And when a bomb hits the target, it causes the damage that it is meant to cause.”

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The targets

There are six structures at the attack site, including a large mosque, but the IAF was tasked with targeting three.

A two-storey building that housed most of the cadres, including suicide bombers in training, was the primary target, and was hit by three bombs, sources said.

The three Spice 2000 that hit this building came with timers — configured on the basis of the structure’s make and the material used — that enabled them to go off only after reaching the ground floor.

The other two were the guest house and a single-storey building believed to house new recruits.

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said after the 26 February IAF strike that it eliminated “a very large number of JeM terrorists, trainers, senior commanders and groups of jihadis who were being trained for fidayeen action”, but the exact toll is not available as yet.

According to information generated through technological means and human intelligence, the structures housed as many as 300 terrorists, sources have said.

The numbers are said to have swelled in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack, as the JeM pulled back cadres from the border amid fears of a 2016-like surgical strike, when the Indian Army’s special forces crossed the Line of Control (LoC) to destroy terrorist launch pads.

The Pakistani military has thrown open the Balakot area where the camps were located for the media, and organised trips to a site in the forest where they claim the bombs fell but is suspected to be a ground for explosives training.

But the JeM camp being run under the cover of a madrassa remains out of bounds.

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  1. Indian Government – we want to see these images in Public domain .. not for our sake but for the sake of Parents of those 45 killed CRPF soldiers..
    BJP – Shame on you for trying to get the political mileage …even if its done ..we want to see something …

  2. “That we have crossed their boundary and achieved our goal” is great enough at present, to balance against their attack ! They are warned, much more could be done by us !

  3. Those who say that all these are fake or proof needed, for them.
    Do you think that India will spend crores of rupees and send few fighter planes with risk of crossing international border at night time with bombs and will just target trees and destroy forests and come back ??

    When Our Indian Government planned something, they execute it with excellence nowadays .

  4. This comment for those for who asked for proof…these people have doubt on thier own birth tat to whome and wid whose they born…
    Such People are more lovers of porkistan..
    If u dont beilieve in ur own country people ..u wil be a problem or threate to country in any day.bcoz u such people nees always proof…

  5. So we have made one thing clear that many peoples residing in Pakistan or — know the fact that there is/was an terrorist training camp at balakot of Pakistan which is not a terrorist country and they are happy that IAF could had done nothing by targeting them….

  6. Accepting Israeli bombs were of special nature to bore a hole in roof top, enter the structure and exploding in side and destroy every thing and kill humans inside, I believe the bomb blast followed Pascals law and equally its pressure effect spread on all directions , upward also, destroying the roof top from below and throwing it away exposing inner side and casualties in side , in which case the roof intact with punctured holes due to entry of bombs themselves can not be expected to be photographed even by Indian satellites. If you believe government’s story, please explain the bombardment story of entering inside the concrete roof and exploding thereafter

  7. Now the picture of mirraz is shoot from ground as lower part of aircraft seen. If it settalite image then upper part of aircraft seen

  8. Another report quoting sources who, like coy brides, hide behind the ‘purdah’ of anonymity. This has gone on for far too long for the credibility of everyone involved in the game that began right on day one, with inspired plants by helpful reporters.

  9. Anyone with an interest in military aviation can tell how bunker busting bombs work. Hollywood/Bollywood has has ruined our perception that if there is a bomb there will be a big fireball and stuff flying everywhere. The splice 2000 is just like the JDAM( joint direct attack munition) used by the US. It is not a bomb, but a module that is fitted onto the actual bomb (mk 83, mk84). These modules have fins and a computer that can track laser (emitted by plane or ground infantry) or fall on specific GPS coordinates. The bombs (mk 83, mk 84) themselves have instantaneous or delayed fusing and when put on delayed, the warhead will dig certain depth into the target (pre-determined by ground crew) and then trigger their payload. This same technology was used by the US vs Taliban in Afgan caves back in 2003. Nobody seemed to doubt that. I myself am not a fan of how poorly the IAF is being maintained but am positive of the mission’s success.

  10. For all the intellectual people who are asking for proof….u have to understand the mechanics of spice bombs…pls understand that these are bunker buster bombs and the 1000kg is for penetration, only 86 kg explosives are there. it penetrates reinforced structures and does heavy damage without actually destroying the structures mostly. And how do u obtain proof in enemy territory? Take news channels with u? all damage verification is done by ground intelligence. If u are given govt intelligence reports, still u will scream “whats the proof”. Morever as far as this being an election issue is concerned, when army created bangladesh, Indira gandhi took credit. So if Modi has the political will to conduct strikes, he should not be given credit…isnt it? What hypocricy…As far as the porkis here commenting is concerned, obviously they will say nothing happened…only porki establishment knows how badly there ass is torn…AND ONE MORE THING…I WONDER WHY REUTERS AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL NEWS AGENCIES WERE DENIED ACCESS TO JABA TOP (FOR 15 DAYS) AFTER THE STRIKES…TILL NOW THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THE ACTUAL SITE…..THE CLEANUP OPERATIONS ARE NOT FINISHED YET😁😁😁. IT MUST BE MASSIVE DAMAGE….

  11. Most of the guys here posting negative remarks haven’t either read the article or understand basic English. The article clearly mentions about how Spice bombs work. I presume many of them are from Pakistan who has more affection towards blasting everything want to see building crumbled to pieces. Those questioning the attack – please answer my questions
    1. Why the Reuters which reported no damage to the buildings weren’t allowed to the site? What is the necessity to have heavy army contingent guarding the way to these buildings?
    2. If India didn’t strike the targets, why 200+ mobile signals active till then went suddenly poof right after the strike? These terrorists definitely won’t switch off their mobiles before sleep especially knowing the Pakistanis affection for goat and pig porn.
    3. If Indian jets hit empty forest area, why Pakistan resort to a retaliation using prohibited F-16s? They could have simply shown the pieces of bomb shells to International media like how India did for Amraam missile fired by F-16! That would’ve got Pakistan brownie points internationally as a peace loving country. Now don’t say pakistan doesn’t like theatrics. We all saw how soon Abhinandan videos came to Social media. Pakistan could’ve released similar videos for dropped bombs in empty areas.

    Whether you want to believe or not, PM Modi has guts to take the bull by horn than earlier PM who resorted to writing love letters to Pakistan. Even if IAF strike killed one terrorist, thats okay since workd is short by one pig. Jai Hind.

  12. The reason propaganda warfare is successful on the internet is because a bunch if idiots who have never been near a fighter jet let alone a surface to air missle, who have never looked at a military grade satellite photo can leave authorotative comments on this forum.

  13. For God sake stop fooling around with people anymore. All international satallites and media has stated there is no damage from airstrike, just a few trees destroyed and a damaged local villager’s house and nothing else.

  14. If this were true the most laughable thing is that the “Indian Government’s so called satellite” was perhaps located somewhere in Balakot and on the ground 😄

  15. When one party try to encase the achievement of the security forces for political and electoral gains the other party asks for proof. If first party’s action is not condemnatory then how is second party’s question condemn able. The number quoted by the ruling party has been seen by none and without any shadow of doubt there is none, where’s our war planes have come down and pilot martyred and taken to custody and returned to us as proof has been seen by the world.

  16. Isn’t it strange has every thing as proof, from videos to pictures to satellites to logic, meanwhile indiana have just unknown sources who speak in code word “jannab.”

  17. The question arises only when the entire international media stated India’s claim is false. No one wants to be fooled by election gimmicks. Solid proof will make Mr. Modi a real hero in every body’s heart.

  18. What rubbish.Proof is eventually asked to subtiate the controversy that follows.The nation is filled with high intellects and thinkers.Opened the link to see actuall images.Stop beating around the bush.Let truth alone perish.
    Not against the Government.Not against the ruling.Let truth alone perish.

  19. We should appreciate the capability of our Air force without raising any doubts. Pakistan got isolated on World map. Countries should ban Pakistan and stop doing business.

  20. I mean seriously…. 900kg bomb only create small holes? ThePrint you people need to get more mature. By the way 900kg meant a big area to cover by dropped bomb.
    This is just a drama for the election nothing else….

  21. I am a professional PI. The news that IAF destroyed Terror hideouts and killed 300 is hogwash. Photos put out by a private US site of Balakot attack show no damage. This is reported by Reuters. Check it out Please check.lots of misinformation.

  22. I think the government is compelled to keep this going at least until the elections are over because they knew well that India never fought elections based on issues but only emotions. We Indians could be easily changed if someone strikes our emotions and Modi is a master is doing it.

  23. Funny….why are all going after satellite images? As per Pakistan, if there is no damage and it’s only barren land and forests then media people from all nations should be allowed to visit the spots to assess actual damage…but Pakistan invariably finds an excuse to cordon off the whole area citing security reasons.

  24. Its a false and face saving story . Infact india lost his Su and Migs in the combat. All international media houses have confirmed that indian strike was nothing more than an effort for political gain in upcoming elections. Only few trees were down by expensive spice 2000 bombs. IAF is on very week footing since then.

    India should behave sensibly and like a mature nation. A single Modi is a cause of shame for millions of indians

  25. A Cowardly Attack Is a Cowardly Act by any terrorist or a Terrorist Organisation it is an Act of An “Eunuch”.. Salute to the Martyrs of Our Great Country and Condolonces and Support to the Families of Our Great Great Jawans who Met Martyrdom in Pulwama.. but yes it was Politicised by the Ruling Party BJP and No Doubt Mr Modi and all the BJP’ians took the Advantage as the Retaliation Came out to be the Stunt and Gains for their Political Benefits which is Wrong, as We have Faced Many Cowardly Terrorist Attacks and Jawans at Many Front on many occasions apart from Pulwama I think 26/11 was One of the Shameful Deadliest attack by the Terrorists for Which We were having Enough Evidence to Wage a Full Fledged War against Pakistan without any Compromise Was Pulwama a Big Incident or 26/11 ? Our Martyrs Martyred their Lives in Pulwama for their/Our Country O Dirty Politicians of My Country they Didn’t Posed their Pictures for Your Political Gains Remember this.. None of You Politicians have Ever Lost their Near and Dear Ones for this Country apart from Few True Leaders
    So Stop Using the Images of the Great Soldiers in Your Cheap Dirty Politics and Stop Using the Pictures of Our Military Action for Your Dirty Political Marketings..

  26. Asking Govt to give proof of punitive military actions taken in enemy territory is ignorance. Calling it an election stunt is much lower. The armed forces have officially announced the strikes . Some arm chair tigers want 4k digital footage of sensitive classified info . they must join these elite forces and be in the front lines and participate in this . And there are countries where there are no elections . They can migrate there too .

  27. Likewise every country Pakistan is one of the most peace loving country. No one want war here. We are a nation fighting with terrorirism since many decade. Blaming everything to Pakistan like the internal issues of India, is not correct way to behave. Our jawans are fighting with continuous terrorirism and martyrs their precious lives for the sovereignty of the country. You can see what happening in eygpt, syria and neighbour countries. When one nation is not stable it will directly effect the other neighbour countries too. So our Nation what peace. The news of this stupid airstrike is just a used toilet paper. No truth behind this.
    A message from simple Citizen of Worlds Greatest Peace loving Country Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

  28. The penetrator variant has a microphone that counts the number of concrete floors breached. This being a 2 storey structure with a tin roof, the microphone probably did not count the tin roof (and programmed for 2 floor breaches before explosion,) and so the explosion happened after cratering the ground storey floor, limiting structural damage to the walls but killing personnel nevertheless.

  29. Come On Guys !
    Use some common sense.
    Does anybody here has proff that the land in the pictures are of Pakistan’s ?

  30. No proofs required..mere entering deep 70 kms is sufficient enough to show our courage & strength and demonstrate our might, capabilities and will…
    A heart job well done

  31. LoL….hahahaha…
    There was nothing, no damage, other than few trees & a crow.. that’s what IAF hit with expensive missiles.
    You can fool your follow Indian country men but not the others, whole world is saying nothing happens.
    In social media era, you can’t hide dead of 100s of people, if there was and dead, there was no way that Pakistan or Pakistan army can hide it, is is simply impossible.
    And here are all 4 missiles of Abi ;-). Proved again wrong, that Abi fire one missile to down one F-16, before going down himself.

    • PK Army can hide… they are master of it.. that’s why till date No domestic or International media is allowed to the site so how can International media make any claims ….if its only trees .. why not let press see the exact location …. Childish and immature country PK .. whole world know the truth .. when you deny the access to the media… is more than acceptance that it happened and out of shame and humiliation PK lying and not allowing..
      Another PK F16 pilot was killed by PK Army knowingly not thinking that he was Indian…. so your coward , thug Army can go to this extent ..More than 300 dead . some in the grave dug on the ground , some bodies in the river and rest cremated..

  32. Kindly stop the supply of cheap subsidised alcohol like rum, whisky, brandy, beer etc to Indian Defense force, like Indian Army, Navy, Air force and paramilitary organisations like CRPF, BSF, Assam Rifles etc. This alcohol supply was commenced during British Raj to subdue and mind control our forces. This habit has ruined our Defense skills and their families leading to hysteria and hyper-reaction in their actions. Do not make our soldiers, alcohol addicts and drunkards.

  33. The truth of Balakot attacks are as same as the truth of our Ramayan and Mahabharata epics. All are for the interest of people of world . We must accept the truth of our military action done against Pakistan.

  34. Kudos to The Print for sharing the proof of the extent of damage done to JeM terror HQ at Balakot done by IAF surgical attack, the proof of which was shared earlier by Indian government and the IAF. Thanks also for sharing the information about the effectiveness Spice missiles in destroying such structures to withstand traditional bombs.

    Shame of the commentators above about doubting the integrity of Indian government and the IAF, and for raising such stupid questions such as it all being premeditated yada yada!

    Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Jai Jawan!

  35. If any of you indians want to visit the sight please take gps coordinates from your military and govt and come at wahga boarder i will pay for your trip within Pakistan side so you can see

    How stupid your govt and army really is

  36. It is painful to read these comments, not because they are from skepticals or Modi-haters but because of their poor language skills.

  37. The strikes have been carried out by IAF and so the result or the effects should be published by IAF as per military protocol only to the extent permissable and politicising the issue for election purpose is really uncalled for specially at this juncture when election is at doorstep. The IAF, Navy, Army is for the country and is not of any political party. No political party in power should force defence wings under compulsions to carry out operations for the political gains in election. Whatever damage has been done before EC s declaration can’t be reversed. Now EC should take over to stop these. The actions on media for airing such news should come under perview of EC.

  38. You won’t date enter
    Your girlfriend’s house when her dad or bro is in there right it takes guys , so as to enter the enemy’s air space just think About it, and am sure you can only imagine that

  39. Please clap for Modi ji. Neither Army nor IAF has claimed anything and we firmly stand behind them.
    The five years of brazen lies force us to ask for evidences and no-one any evidence from IAF!
    We need proof from ruling party who has made mockery of Armed Forces twice for cheap politics!

    • Khurshid sabeb, $5000 is enough to purchase such newspaper reporters.
      Pakistan is not a fool state who took the discourse with 24 jets in Indian borders after Balakot.
      My dear friend, think rational

  40. I am from balakot pakistan.
    I didnt seen any damage nor any dead body.
    I am shocked that such a big nation believes what their government told them.
    Indian are educated and big nation they should question their army Nd government why they create such circumstances by spreading false statement.
    Its the era of technology if some ones bike is puncture he upload his image on facebook where is 300 bodies and danages picture

    • India govt wanted to be silent.. and pk was the first one to break out the news…. Indian govt tried to hide it
      Answer is very simple.. till date PK Army has allowed any local or foreign media to visit the site ..Why?

  41. Indian Armed Force news on defeats or victory has been always exaggerated since many many years all over media including newspapers, TV, etc. May be it is already in the systems to tell tall tale. And sadly, it is something that everyone has make to listen it whether to believe it or not to believe it. And 51% of the whole nation will automatically believe it and this is our democracy that majority take home the trophy and the truth buried. And we are proud to be Indian where wisdom is a flies without strength.

  42. Cut the BS. Either you show us the photos for proof or I don’t want to see another word about it.

  43. Some ppl commenting here are so hypocrites. Lol…like Pakis they are always in denial mode. Shame on you. IAF always had the penetrating capabilities no doubt about that but our military functions unlike pakistani under civilian leadership. And to alter that nuclear red line will power of the civilian authority was vital. So why the Govt. won’t be allowed of its share of credits??? Why??? Do you want the Govt. to take permission from dalals?? Shame on you.

  44. Starwalts commenting here sitting in arm chairs..looks have been paid by congress and Pak as well. Q: can you do what PM did? You guys will run away. PM did the right thing. As a responsible Indian citizen I feel we did the right thing and sent a strong message to terrorists and Pak ..yee they are totally shaken up.

  45. All weapons,bombs, aircrafts once inside India are”make in India’.Why this government releasing these information’s slowly & one after another can be guessed by anyone.This56″ doesn’t have the guts to fight the elections on level ground at all.Shame.

  46. So what exactly is this article want to convey during elections.? Propaganda for a particular party.? Look it’s for the Army to tell.

    • All pak army and pti it cell guys with english names cant digest that theier butt burned by the truth of neutral world media outlets

  47. Its very sad that people are asking proofs of airforce operation. These kinds operations are done or carried out with great confidential way. We as country people must not ask about details or proofs from our own jawans. They die protecting our country and we dont value their work and ask for proofs!
    Just because few anti constitutional are asking, doesn’t mean we too must get trapped in their asking trail. Please use your own senses and escape being in this limbo. If our jawans say, they killed few terrorists near border, does it mean they should carry terroriests corpse back or start videoing their act and show the countrymen about their brave work.
    Dear All, what happened to you all? If our jawans are claiming they have carried out a strike, pls believe them.

  48. Those all are the idiots n worshipper of FENKURRUPT who thinks right that if u have killed 300 PAKI Terrorists & they will let ABHINANDAN return back w/o scratch !! U forgot our army officer kaliya whose body was returned with scattered by Pakistan ?

  49. Good part is that nobody believe this government and sad part is that they themselves set the trend of telling lies. However they use 100 odd RSS organization or thump their 56 inch chest , finally they are lists. Trouble is the next government may carry the stigma. But then who cares ?

  50. It ‘s a matter of CONCERN that 60 years MIG – 21 of Wg Cdr Abhinandan was Downed by Chinese made JF – 17. What’s the UTILITY of IAF s 200 Number MIG – 21 if only 36 Rafales are purchased by Modi instead of 126 Rafael Fighter Jets by Dr Manmohan Singh Ph D Economics.

    • Pak didn’t use JF 17 but F 16 were used which downed MIG 21. Pak also lost F 16 and it’s pilot Wg Cdr Shahzaz bailed out but lynched in Pak Naushera by locals mistakenly as Indian pilot. A Pak journalist who knew the family of pilot is son of retd Air Marshall claimed he got it doubly verified posted the story on Facebook. A very few know about the missile which Pierce’s the concrete and then explodes. This is the reason walls are standing and roofs gone. Around 200 terrorists died which was admitted by Pak Senior officer on video on internet consoling families of terrorists in Balakot. What more proofs are required which are readily available on net. The best part is that India gave strong message to Pakistan that it will cross the border and strike.

  51. no images on plain words. international media reports are reliable source to such claims . anybody who doubts that are just giving ruling party vision

  52. Govt could have easily released the geographic coordinates, which can be verified by the journos who were allowed entry by Pak.

  53. Seriously what are you late comers covering?this all known.Please be one step’s Modi Era.

  54. When they give the news why don’t you ask for the pictures. Everyone knows this piece of shit for a long long time so there is no need for you write again and again instead hunt for the f***king proof and pictures. It’s not that I want to see the pictures but we are so tired of seeing such kind of report, It’s becoming monotonous and absurd so for God’s sake please stop it 👍

  55. Hi now a days it’s a general tendency to give a comment on sensitive issues of regarding defence and foreign policy ,a very bad mentality please for god sake avoid this make a swacch samarpit samridh samridh Sindhu

  56. The intention of Indian Government reaction is not only inflicting damages to the enemy but to show another nuclear capable enemy that this Government would not be a mute spectator to the enemy’s attack. This action now will show the enemy about the changed mindset of the Government. Under the pretext of nuclear threat, the enemy can not blackmail India. UPA was not showing such deterrent retaliation during their regime.

  57. I have full faith in dedication and capabilities of Indian armed forces.but most unfortunately the present government has misused the achievement of forces and exposed them to make political comments.

  58. I feel proud for our Forces and the govt. alike. People are just missing the most important point here.. more than how many killed in Balakot and where are the images.. Its about telling Pakistan’s Army backing these terrorist groups that any such attack will get a response from India .. so now before organising such terror attacks Pakistan will already give it a second thought as to if it is prepared to get into such a big hassle .. being subjected to questions on international forums… sudden army expenditure .. fear of losing face. Unlike till now.. they used to just plan attacks and cause the intended harm to India, it’s people and it’s economy. So yes the government did something great. That’s what we need to praise them for n not ask them “pictures Kahan Hain”..

  59. For people who instead of being happy about the success of the strike, is crying foul on govt taking political advantage of the strikes, I would say the NDA govt and Modi have all the rights to do so for showing the political spine to conduct this measure. What if the strikes had gone wrong? Wouldn’t the Opposition use that to govt’s disadvantage? It’s a high risk high gain situation. And if Modi gains from it, he fully deserves it. Think, why dint UPA take such a measure for 26/11?????

  60. These cannot be satellite imagery because if they are so , then how are they taken from ground… This image is taken from the ground.. someone… Please explain… These are just fake images and cheers to india… And everyone for the great strike .. jai hind

  61. Pak Took the media next day where some trees and a crow was made zero. Reuters next day showed real time images seconding Pak statement. Now India making images in lab as it had surgical strike one in war room. We shall believe international media. Washington Post nytimes print Al-Jazeera Reuter CNN BBC all back Pak claims and contest indian.

    • We are least concerned whether you believe it or not? better not believe it . Because then then next time you yourself end up losing life and your ghost won’t believe you are dead. So we can make a movie about you.

  62. It is another drama to import weapons.
    It may have been fired by IAF but I am not proud it is developed and manufactured in someother country. Including mirage 2000 flight, weapons, fuel, electronics and training is all imported. Nagarka nagatka

    • This is why terrorism is being sponsored. Pakistan plays major role in weapon industry mafia.
      Security and weapon industries are in business because of the terrorism.
      Even malls in our cities has to deploy security checks.
      Sounds cruel but it’s a truth.
      And yes. If India starts making it’s own weapons maybe the sponsorship for terrorism will stop.

  63. I had opened this article hoping to see actual images but just like any other website it says that “govt HAS images” but no one has really seen them

  64. If PM has addressed the nation both after Pulwama and then counter attack inside Pakistan instead he immediately used it in political platforms. If had set an example those who sought proof could have taken to task and even punished. PM deliberately let it loose and made Shah to reel out figure to trap opposition.

      • I don’t see any harm in demanding Images. In this era of High resolution Satellite images, the public has a right to know about the actions taken by Military and be proud of that. Also, why add fuel to speculation by withholding images and proof.

        Or else, simply keep silent about the Action taken. You can’t have it both ways. Military actions should remain secret no need to publicise at all and use in Election agenda !!

  65. Govt must put forward conclusive proofs in the public domain. NYT is no way a propaganda paper,if it was reporting no damage,then this claim must be wronged. Pakistani establishment is claiming victory in post pulwama skirmish on every front. A befitting reply can only be given through conclusive proof.

  66. No need of giving proofs. Even entering enemy’s house requires lits skill and courage. Who do not believe in Indian Defense forces words are big idiots

    • Indian Armed Force news on defeats or victory has been always exaggerated since many many years all over media including newspapers, TV, etc. May be it is already in the systems to tell tall tale. And sadly, it is something that everyone has make to listen it whether to believe it or not to believe it. And 51% of the whole nation will automatically believe it and this is our democracy that majority take home the trophy and the truth buried. And we are proud to be Indian where wisdom is a flies without strength.

  67. Some serious damage should have been suffered by AZHAR MAHMOODS orgainisation that is why he is slowed down other wise he should have kept his TALE HIGH in the sky.

  68. The biased international media and their patrons speak the language of Pakistan while doubt the Indian Government and it’s air force who have taken the fight against terrorism to the next level by targeting the nursery of terrorism.

    • Why don’t our govt investigate and get the proof of about 200kilo rdx brought into our country even after high security our Honorable PM itself says that he is chowkidar of our nation which is very good thing for us but even after having such a strong chowkidar with us, chor entered into our nation and killed our brave soldiers.this is a big concern.first of all our govt should find out the culprit which is inside our country so called gaddar of our nation.gaddars are more dangerous than the open enemy.

    • But I didn’t understand why the families of the so called dead terrorists did not not flock to Balakot to pick up the bodies? it raises a doubt if AIF killed them.

      • Because the families dont know where they are and who would go to a terrorist camp to visit their friends. Unless the mom wants to sleep with all the terorists

  69. As expected the sources would leak them as the election begins from 11 April as it won’t come under EC radar and would be freely used by ruling party to target opposition. Never in the history of Indian democracy armed forces actions were blatantly used including image of dead CRPF jawans. First PM who has not addressed the nation in order to use both Pulwama and Balakot in election rallies. What is more surprising is the main stream media print and electronic remained mute.

    • It is crystal clear the BJP has got 44 of our poor but brave hearts murdered by their lust for power. Any right thinking Indian will shun these murderers during elections.

  70. Wonderful ! Authentic information, including satellite imagery, should be released officially, brought into the public domain, leaving no scope for hurtful speculation.

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