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File photo of PM Narendra Modi in Gujarat | PIB

This election, Modi has pitched himself as India’s real-life, terror-fighting Sunny Deol

Modi has made his stand: Vote me in if you want a safe and secure India, or for the opposition if you don’t.
Manjul | Firstpost

Maneka Gandhi’s ‘Dyer’ warning for Muslim voters, and varying ‘degrees’ in poll heat

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by the editors at ThePrint.
Sajith Kumar | Deccan Herald

Narendra Modi’s punchbag swings back and Smriti Irani’s art of ‘unlearning’

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by editors at ThePrint.

Pakistan’s guided tour of journalists to Balakot air strike spot is a pointless exercise

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Indian soldiers

Swift & sustained retaliation — what Indian Army is discussing at commanders’ meet

In address to top commanders, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat highlighted the changing threats India faces and his vision to counter them.

Modi raises Balakot again, and again bares his utter contempt for poll code

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An F-16 fighter jet

India rubbishes claim by US magazine that no Pakistani F-16s are missing

Foreign Policy magazine reported that the US has counted Pakistan’s F-16s, and found that all of them are ‘present and accounted for’.

NaMo TV’s launch without licence shows clear collusion between party & govt

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Asif Ghafoor

An adversary India has paid little attention to: Pakistan army’s public relations wing

Facebook’s action against Pakistan-based pages spreading disinformation in India show its army’s PR wing headed by Asif Ghafoor is more lethal than ISI.

On Camera

Sri Lanka terror attack: Did the world let its guard down on ISIS?

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the serial suicide bombings in Sri Lanka, which have killed more than 300 people till last count.


Indian Coast Guard

Indian Coast Guard increases maritime surveillance following Sri Lanka blasts

More ships and aircraft have been deployed to ensure India faces no security threat after a series of blasts killed 290 in Colombo, a Coast Guard official said.
Graphic by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi & Shah have turned India into ‘Jingostan’ & are out to conquer the paranoid country

The Modi-Shah BJP has resurrected dangers & the enemy from the past, and built a scary jingoism. It’s a great diversionary tactic, but it never ends well.